Tonys Express Restaurant
4471 Columbia Rd, Martinez, GA 30907, United States
Tonys Express Restaurant

Review №1

The seafood boil didn't make it to the photo shoot: maybe me time!THIS HIT THE SPOT!!! My mom and sister had previously ordered from here however, I'm not a meat eater so I decided to pass on tasting their meal although my mom raves about it. I was on my way from the gym (yes, you read that correctly) and my post workout banana did not cut it. I'd seen their menu at the house, noticed some veg options so I decided to stop. Although it was a bit greasy, it was ALOT FILLING and actually quite tasty. I was extra surprised to see the amount of broccoli in the rice. The seafood boil was a bit pricey for imitation crab but in our current environment of too cautious to sit in a restaurant Tony's will likely continue to receive my $15 dollars! See ya next time...

Review №2

I like this establishment because of it's unique set up for this area. First, people automatically know the six foot rule. You then, still on the outside, order you food pay then go back to your car. Once your food is ready they signal and call you. No physical contact at all.The waiting time for your food is not very long at all. The staff gets a 5 star rating for excellent service. Will frequent again and recommend to others.

Review №3

Ordered a the cajun crawfish boil and lo-mein/ fried fish and shrimp combo. Portions were huge, crawfish were very good sized. Lol mein was above average. Shrimp and fish were delicious and well seasoned. Sauces were great, however the tartar sauce was like a mix of tartar and white sauce which worked really well. Definitely will be coming back to get my seafood fix!!

Review №4

Great place in Evans. They have excellent seafood and very solid Chinese food. Great wings too. This has become one of our regular places.Oh and my kids made me mention that they love the seafood fried rice.Nice and clean inside too!

Review №5

It's my 3rd visit. Today I got a lunch special, 4pcs fried fish and rice. Ask for extra tartar sauce and if your like me hot sauce (must have). The food is cooked to order so prepare yourself to wait. But you can call ahead or order online. It is my mission to possibly eat everything on the menu with a few exceptions (alligator and frog legs). Until next, raise your fork in the air and dig in.

Review №6

It was my first time going to this restaurant and it was awesome I got the fried shrimp and wings with shrimp lomein

Review №7

Got the low country shrimp crab leg and crawfishShrimp was mushyCrawfish wasn't the bestCrab legs were goodCorn was nastyPotatoes okSausage could have been betterAnd it was all cold

Review №8

DO NOT USE FOOD DELIVERY WITH THIS RESTAURANT. Wish I could give half a star, they did answer the phone.I placed an order with augusta togo what a cluster f#@k it turned out to be. They skimped on the ham in the ham fried rice i.e rice fried ham //,the beef in the beef and broccoli. I.e broccoli and beef//. Juice running all over the bag and food. Bag packing for delivery truly sucks. When I call the restaurant to tell them I was familiar with their portion size of the ingredients, I was offered to...BRING FOOD..GET MONEY..O.K.? Well I would have only I just had a back procedure. That's why I used food delivery in the first place the real ancient Chinese secret should be...DON'T SKIMP ON MEAT WHEN CUSTOMERS USE FOOD DELIVERY PAPA SON.

Review №9

The low country boil didn't have any seasoning. Definitely not worth the price. The cashier was nice but the Chinese man was rude. First and last time going.

Review №10

The food is delicious and the place itself actually looks really nice, will definitely be back

Review №11

The fish was very flavorful! I had catfish, my coworker had flounder. We were both very pleased! Shrimp was also awesome! Give Tony's a try!

Review №12

The food is very good. I have had the fried fish and my son got the low country boil with crab legs. Friendly staff and quick service. The portions are large. Highly recommended.

Review №13

Owner is rude and a liar we ordered food and spent almost 100 dollars! our wing order was completely wrong as well as one of the combo dinners. when we called back they first argued with us and said we could come back and pick up the right kind of sauce when we told him it wasn't worth my time I just would never go back about 10 minutes later he had someone call back and say he would replace the wings the next time we came and asked for a name we ordered food again yesterday they said yes they remembered on the phone and we ordered family size pan of lo mein but when my son got there to pick up he changed his mind and told him he only said 5.00 off the wings and started to make a big deal about it my son being a teen was embarrassed just paid we will never go back to a place that does not respect their customers and lies to them and does not fix their mistakes

Review №14

The food is season great great tasting food.

Review №15

Highly recommend, I feel like the name speaks for it self

Review №16

Food was mediocre. My husband got the wrong order. He ordered General Tso's chicken and got the equivalent of breaded chicken with hot sauce on it. He called and tried to get it resolved and the person on the phone wanted to argue with him and not offer a resolution. Very disappointing.

Review №17

Enjoyed the meal not going back until the dining room opens back up

Review №18

Literally just finished eating food from here a few minutes ago and this is our new go to place! Seafood was absolutely delicious! We got the 1/2lb crab and 1/2lb shrimp low country boil. We will be back!

Review №19

I always have a good experience at Tony's restaurant. The food is always fresh and delicious.

Review №20

Great food fast service and enough food to feed 2 or 3 people. We order from here at least once a week

Review №21

Food is good. From the outside, I couldn't tell it serves Oriental food. I sat at a table. I noticed no other customers. I picked up our food at the counter. It was served in take-out containers with plastic spoons and forks. Why have tables when serving only take-out food? I rate 3 stars because the food is fresh and decent, but sit-down service is not good.

Review №22

I had the best cooked crab legs that I have ever had from a sit down restaurant. I can't wait to go back

Review №23

Quick but a bit pricey

Review №24

Good Food and fast service.

Review №25

I really like the fact the place was nice and clean which is a must for me. They also was generous with the food amount and the prices aren't too expensive. Those are the reasons why I did give 3 stars. The reason I did not give them the full 5 stars was because when it came down to the actual food my shrimp was not cleaned. The poop was still left inside. It was the most disgusting thing I done seen and my corn tasted like it came right out the fridge and all they did was covered it in season. It's was very disappointing. The seafood sauce was pretty good though.No matter how much for you give, if you don't prepare it correctly then it's a no for

Review №26

Do not go there they are rude and won't fix their mistakes and will argue with youDo NOT GO

Review №27

My first impression of this restaurant was that it was going to be a buffet. I was mistaken, and found that the menu offered similar items that a buffet would have. Only served in large portions in to go plates or pans.I ordered the 50 wings with different flavors and i was surprised at the size of the wings. They were unlike other establishments offering drumsticks that came from a quail.Anyways, the food was cooked and packaged in a timely manner. The proprietor, although a bit difficult to understand, was inviting and accommodating. the food is yummy. I recommend this restaurant to friends, coworkers, friends, and family.

Review №28

The only place that still does true Chinese food. Tony's does the BEST rice. Best I've had in years. I've tried their seafood plates, shrimp, flounder, oysters; all are fresh and delicious. The Honey Chicken is amazing too. The portions very generous. You really get a lot for the price, which is very reasonable. Love, Love, Love, Tony's!

Review №29

Food is decent but they give you alot and the price is great

Review №30

Best feel good food nearby. I love the gator and catfish

Review №31

Great food fast service

Review №32

Great food and great service. The amount of food you get for the money is way more than you can eat . If I could give this place more than 5 stars I would .. very impressed!!

Review №33

One of our favorite spots. We go at least once a week after karate next door. The wings, catfish, shrimp, calamari, and frog legs are surprisingly good!!! And the Chinese food too! Customer service is good and the staff is always welcoming (maybe because we are regulars) and it's clean. The prices are good and they have military discount too.

Review №34

Good service. Nice people. Food taste awesome

Review №35

Would have given more stars if they didn't have their dinning room was closed

Review №36

Sweet and sour was the worst thing I have ever tasted the sauce tasted like it was so old the chicken wing that I ordered had so much grease that I could not finish them and the General Tao's chicken look like you had no sauce on it whatsoever but the taste was there also the lemon chicken was actually the best thing in the world that I ordered

Review №37

They have a good verity of food and it is reasonable prices very friendly staff.

Review №38

Huge portions and fantastic food! The fish and shrimp tasted as fresh as I've had in Florida. I got the H3 and it was more than I could eat in one sitting.

Review №39

Tony feeds you a bunch. Very good and fast

Review №40

Great place, very clean. Delicious food. Can't wait to go back.

Review №41

The food is always hot and fresh. Huge portions, the seafood is wonderful

Review №42

Great amount of food for the price ! And it is high quality too!

Review №43

Great food! Great price!

Review №44

You can order fish or shellfish. Or, you can order Chinese food. Whatever you order, it will be fresh and quick and I don't mean quick as: It's been cooked and has been sitting there. You get a generous portions of side items for your meal (rice, French fries or noodles) and the food is prepared very nicely.The dining area is very clean and bright, there are three wall mounted TVs so that on the weekend you can keep up with your sports. The service is polite and attentive. The restrooms are simple but clean. You can order your food for pickup or dine in. I believe most of the business is takeout. Because the food us served on styrofoam containers with plastic eating utensils. I am sure this simplifies his operation of his restaurant by only having to wash his kitchen items.

Review №45

GREAT food at a GREAT price

Review №46

Poor service by the girl at the front counter, she had a thick accent, was annoyed with my group of friends, and was playing music in her ears. The rice was over cooked and my food was greasy.If you want cheap food served with a poor attitude, this is the place for you.They recently had the fire marshals close them down partially , due to no exit lights, and no smoke detectors.The health department has also come by twice.Not somewhere I'd bring small children, elderly, or family dinners to.

Review №47

Very clean and the food was good.

Review №48

We have eaten here several times and each time was excellent. we took my sister there this evening and i think she will be going back. the rice and shrimp is very good, but tonight i got the low main noodles with shrimp. i will be getting it again. would recommend this restaurant to everyone

Review №49

The price are great and the food is awesome!

Review №50

New management, new menu. Yea lotus wasn't great but this spot it. Great job on everything. Ordered a bunch of different plates and all came out great. Great customer service and very clean. Will be coming back

Review №51

I used the waitr app to order food from them and in the past you could order rice with the dishes, now the sides are either French fries and coleslaw or steamed vegetables. I used to order from them a lot because I really like their rice and their portions used to be a lot bigger and the food would arrive hot and it was actually tasty but now the prices are the same but the portions are smaller and you cant order rice. Disappointed!

Review №52

Ordered two lunch specials. The price included drinks. Order came out quickly and was piping hot. Generous portions, a single lunch special could have been split between the two of us. The flounder was cooked to perfection, and shrimp lo mien was delicious. The staff was very attentive and courteous. Definitely a good choice, going back soon.

Review №53

Always fast and always good. The prices are good too!

Review №54

Love this place. Service is usually great and the menu is broad

Review №55

Really good and really cheap

Review №56

Food was delicious, had seafood and lo mien , iced tea was great. Nice clean friendly place.

Review №57

We liked our food, portion sizes, and price and even got to meet Tony and his wife.

Review №58

Great Food, Great Prices !

Review №59

He is very rude, I came in to pick up an order and I was not greeted at all. Every time I go there, he just throws the food on the counter and walks away. He never says “Have a great day” or “Hello, how are you?” when you walk in and out his restaurant, it is very unpolite!

Review №60

This place is great good food at a good price .

Review №61

Friendly fast service. Food was great. Big portions.

Review №62

Great place. Very clean. Does not smell like fish. Food is good.

Review №63

The fish was good but the general tso's was was soggy and tasted reheated. Lo mein was bland...

Review №64

Freshness every time.

Review №65


Review №66

Best fried rice ever! So good! Orange chicken was the bomb!!!

Review №67

First off I want to say I am a Manager in a establishment who believes customers come first and I will accommodate them to the best of my ability. I got off of work at 7pm and stopped at Tony's restaurant and ordered 2 orders of lomein one house lomein with no seafood. I made it clear that I am allergic and can't eat seafood over and over .The guy said he understood and he will make sure no shrimp is in my food . I make it home with my food and I forgot to mention I had sweet and sour chicken also. So I make it home tired from work I hand my nephew his food in which he's allergic to shrimp also but his have no shrimp mine does . I heads back up to the restaurant and comes in with my wife who wants to order something after assuming they will fix my issue . So as the owner comes up and I explain to him what happened he automatically frowns and starts giving me an attitude as if I did something wrong with a very cocky attitude and I then tell him that I no longer want the house lomein and I would just like some wings and he says to me over talking me and very inappropriate ok I will fix it without the shrimp. I then tell him if it's a problem because I don't want this I would like to get something equally to the value and he takes the food and goes to the back . I sits and wait for my food and when it comes up he hands me a 12 piece wing and nothing else ,mind you I paid for a house lomein and sweet and sour chicken, one I kept because it was made right and my nephew had that one but how is my house lomein and sweet and sour chicken equal to a 12 piece wing ? This is one of the worst services I ever had hands down . I wouldn't recommend a bum off the street to go eat there . These foreigners come here to the states open up Bussiness and treat people the way they want too , and when you go off on them for the way you get treated then every one wants to judge and call the police never again . Just know I can't make this up and god sees all Tony

Review №68

Have eaten here multiple times. Great food. Fast service. Reasonable price

Review №69

Tony's is a great little restaurant it doesn't take long to get your food and it's always delicious and it's reasonably priced I go there every Friday and I will continue to go there every Friday until they close or I probably pass away! LOL

Review №70

This place is great! Huge and tasty portions!!

Review №71

Food is really good. The Asian guy who runs it needs an attitude adjustment!

Review №72

Yay I'm the 1st review! I got the fried oysters, n Chinese donuts. PHENOMENAL. PERFECT. Staff was very helpful n friendly. Oysters were fried perfectly, juicy as all get out, n HUGE. Chinese donuts were awesome. Even got a free large sweet tea! The portions were way more than I expected. 2 thumbs up. I'll be there often. Thank you!!!!

Review №73

I really like the food and their prices. Their shrimp can be over cooked at time but the fish is to die for.

Review №74

I really like their food. The staff is friendly,and prices are good.

Review №75


Review №76

Affordable and the big servings

Review №77

They have the best wings, the best everything.

Review №78

Good food. And fast service

Review №79

Its a reallt great restraunt the place is very clean and the food is really great

Review №80

Great food, good customer service !

Review №81

I love the crab legs and fish, but I didn't like the shrimp fried rice with imitation shrimp WOW! Crab legs are the best ever!!

Review №82

Man the food is excellent and the service is great as well

Review №83

I ordered using the waitr app and the experience was great. We ordered a lot of food such as fried rice, wonton soup, donuts, chicken, steak and shrimp and everything arrived fresh. Everything was very taste. It had good taste and it didn't taste greasy or overloaded in sodium. The only thing that didn't taste that great was the soup. The wontons were overcooked and they fell apart and the taste was not good at all. Other than everything was good and I will definitely order again. As far as the price, all very reasonable.

Review №84

We ordered the family pan with fish and shrimp and some hush puppies. The food was great and we will definitely order again!

Review №85

The shrimp was black and rubbery. Couldn't even eat it.

Review №86

Good food, cheap price

Review №87

Lot of great food at a fair price

Review №88

We ordered 3 lunch special wow very large portion tasty food and very friendly..

Review №89

Our new favorite, beats every Chinese place around!

Review №90

Delicious fried shrimp!

Review №91

I had the Sesame chicken and egg rolls.The plate had enough food for two people and everything was fresh and tastes great. This is my new Chinese food spot for sure.

Review №92

Clean place and food smelled delicious

Review №93

Great food

Review №94

First visit wasnt so good, decided to try it again. Big improvement. I now keep coming back.

Review №95

Store was very clean. Food was good.

Review №96

Ordered the family meal fish and shrimp, was great and at our door in 30 minutes! Will definitely order from here alot!

Review №97

You got to try their shrimp close to the best in town.

Review №98

Great place,, very nice people, good food, LOVE THE FRIED FISH, huge portions, split with someone or plan on having leftovers!

Review №99

Good hot food. Tables had no condiments or napkins (ie: No salt, pepper, or any sauces...).

Review №100

Truly the best Chinese food in area.

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  • Address:4471 Columbia Rd, Martinez, GA 30907, United States
  • Phone:+1 762-222-7484
  • Chinese restaurant
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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