Top China
4497 Columbia Rd suit 10, Martinez, GA 30907, United States

Review №1

This place has been my jam for a long time. I can honestly say within reason they have never disappointed me! Thanks for doing a great job guys!

Review №2

I'm surprised it's really good, taste like authentic chinese restaurants. Because the chinese food places we tried here in Augusta were not good at all.

Review №3

I have ordered from this establishment many times. The food has progressively gotten worse. I don't know what the problem is but I think you need to work on the taste of your food. I used to like your resturant!

Review №4

The reason for the rating isn't because the food was nasty because it was delicious, fresh, and reasonably priced. The rating is because when I ate my chicken and broccoli the next night after being refrigerated (I ordered a lot of food) I split it with my dog and we both ended up with food poisoning. If not for the food poisoning they would have a solid 3.5 stars from me. Their delivery driver's passenger tried to buy my puppy from me which was weird.

Review №5

Food is good l call ordered I still have to wait for 15 minutes to pickup

Review №6

Went to this place for the time during the covid 19 pandemic and they are really taking cautionary and safety measures very seriously. You can only order to go and they meet you outside. They have a walk up door window set up that I was very impressed with. The food is good. I ordered the wonton soup, shrimp fried rice, donuts and chicken with cashew nuts and everything was tasty and delicious. The soup especially had a very tasty flavor with a bit of spiciness. Overall, they are good and affordable. I definitely would recommend this place.

Review №7

Too many vegetables hardly any meat. Menu said spicy, not at all

Review №8

Never visited this location until months after the COVID 19 pandemic began. The measures they take for safety are quite impressive. They have the door sealed so no one can enter the location. While you can order through Grubhub, you also have the option to call the restaurant and pick up your order through a window in a timely manner. The food is delicious and their combination dinners are nicely proportioned. The Garlic Shrimp Combination w/Vegetable Fried Rice is one of my Favorites. Just had it tonight

Review №9

Best Chinese food in the area. Fresh food, dumplings are not typical frozen ones you get other places (Top China in Evans is not the same- this location is best!)They are also doing great with social distancing! Order ahead and pick up at the door.

Review №10

I order food from here at least 4-5 times a month. Every time the food is great. The folks working are very kind and easy to talk to. I have never had my order messed up, never had to wait longer then 15 minutes to pick up my food, nor have I ever had any type of bad experience as long as they have been open.

Review №11

One of my favorite places to eat. fantastic location, always clean, and fantastic service. Highly recommended!

Review №12

Ordering over the phone was a breeze, the no contact service was friendly, and the food oh wow! I was pleasantly surprised. It was fresh, hot, and delicious. Ordered: roast pork egg food young, house special lo mein, beef with brocolli, beef on a stick.

Review №13

The food is fantastic- always hot,fresh,and delicious! People inside have always been nice and their delivery service is always reliable

Review №14

The food was hot and tasted great! Quality of the the food was excellent!

Review №15

Very yummy spot. We ordered the boneless ribs, shredded spicy chicken combo, crab Rangoon, and the vegetable Low main. All was very good with the order. We did place it through door dash by the way. Only thing I wish was that the ribs came with white rice or I could order some on the side with door dash.

Review №16

Since 2009 I have been eating the wonderful food that the same family has been serving to me.In over 10 yrs I have never been disappointed even once.I happily drive the 30+ mile round trip because I know that my mouth and stomach will soon be very happy! Great food+Great people= Happy customer. Now go get some y'all!!

Review №17

Killer wings, they are cooked to order and I have never been disappointed.

Review №18

Great food. The best Crab Rangoons we have ever had.

Review №19

Absolutely love this place! Ive had many American-chinese food around my area and this will always be my favourite! The quality of the food is great and weve never had a problem with them! My favourite things from here are the dumplings, sesame tofu, and the hot and sour soup! Always a treat when we order from here!

Review №20

We ordered chicken wings and fried rice, also General TSO'S chicken and fried rice. Chicken wings were VERY DRY. General TSO'S chicken was ok. Fried rice, tasted very old and it to was very dry.

Review №21

Ordered through door dash, the food was AMAZING! Large quantities, clean food, arrived very fast. If ever in the area again we will definitely order again! YUM

Review №22

Time and time again I come back to this place for some awesome noodles and it just gets better and better. We ordered a large House LoMein and a Shrimp Angel Hair. I'd go to this top China location over any other Chinese restaurant. The staff is friendly and the fortune cookies are great! Make this your new place of choice. It's so worth your money. I can not stress how delicious their food is!

Review №23

Just ordered, was quoted 45-55 minutes, the lady got here in 30. Granted I do live around the corner. The customer service over the phone and in person was amazing. The food, honestly I'm from Charleston, SC and have lived there for a while, and I just recently moved to Augusta and have yet to find a good Chinese food spot. THIS IS IT! I absolutely loved their Sesame Chicken and Chicken Fried rice. They also provided me with of course Fortune Cookies and any and all sauces I'd need without me asking. Will be ordering again! They have 2Liter Coke products as well! A++

Review №24

We take out at least once a week and have always had great food and quick service. Love their pepper chicken.

Review №25

Ordered chicken vegetable soup. Got lots of good vegetables and chicken; but, no soup. Ate the vegetables with the chicken lo mein. The food was good.

Review №26

Fast and delicious!

Review №27

Very kind staff and good food

Review №28

This place should be closed down. I'm going to talk to the owner. I HAVE TO. I ordered food because I live FIVE MIN. Away. I was cleaning around the house. After waiting TWO HOURS I called and they tell me that he is almost there he left a while ago. HE NEVER SHOWED UP!?!?! Do not go there, make sure you tell your friends and family! This place is a waste of time

Review №29

Excellent Wings!!

Review №30

Best Chinese around period always good never an issue best prices too

Review №31

Highly recommend! Ordered delivery. The person who answered could have been a little more friendly. BUT the important parts- quick delivery, the food was packed very nicely with all your necessities. The food was spectacular, best I have had in a long time. Will order from here again.

Review №32

Very sweet staff and food was good as always!!

Review №33

Great little place for takeout. The dinner for two deal is my favorite thing. Has enough food for several solo meals. I would definitely call this a takeout gem, but not an eat in restaurant. Next time you have a craving for takeout Chinese give it a try.

Review №34

My favorite place to go to when in town.

Review №35

Good food ,cool people

Review №36

If you only order one thing from here....let it be the dumplings. Seriously so delicious. I live in SC and still make my way over the bridge to Top China for dumplings!

Review №37

Consistent Quality from a great family.

Review №38

Best place hands down

Review №39

Great Chinese, in house made dumplings are large and awesome. Hot and fresh.

Review №40

Delicious food and good portions for the price

Review №41

It's close and the food is excellent.

Review №42

This place sucks. The lady behind the counter is rude. The food is fine but after dealing with the attitude at the front counter the entire experience was horrific.

Review №43

Great place for Chinese Food.

Review №44

I ordered on door dash the food was fresh and hot the best chicken on the stick I have had in a long time sesame chicken combo was great so was the general tso as well as the vegetable lomein and I asked all members of the family and they all agreed go see them and tell us what you think I also want to say ms Gina from door dash was very pleasant!!!!!

Review №45

This place has been my go-to Chinese place for about 6 months now. The portions are good, the quality is above average when compared to other Chinese places in the area, and they have the best fried dumplings I've ever had from a Chinese take-out.

Review №46

First time trying & will likely be my last. Nice people working there, but the food is not good .The lo mein tasted like the dish it was cooked in (a very metallic taste) & the sauce for the sesame chicken was kind of sour & extremely salty. Very goopy too like whoever made it just opened a jar of sauce & dumped it on the chicken at the last minute. All in all just not to my taste. I'll keep looking for my go to Chinese food takeout.

Review №47

Food is decent. Prices arent too bad. Just don't get the 95% water,5% tea they call sweet tea. I wouldn't give it to my worst enemy. Just save yourself the disappointment and order a drink not made in-house

Review №48

Great choices. Food is absolutely amazing and hot when it reaches my door. Plus the drives have such good manners and always ask how my day as been. They're very prompt and wonder people!

Review №49

Hot food

Review №50

The best egg rolls!! Great food and service!

Review №51

Good food and good prices

Review №52

Overall, not bad. Food arrived hot, portions were healthy, and all had a good taste. The fried dumplings were larger than expected and the wonton soup was different that other places. Again, they had a good taste... just not what I was expecting.

Review №53

I started ordering delivery from to China about a little over month ago and since, we've ordered at least once a week...I always order the sweet and sour chicken and it's the best I've had so far. Food is delicious and delivery is prompt. I'm not an egg roll person usually, but their egg rolls are amazing!

Review №54

Food was great, service great. The wonton soup out of this world. The wings was super

Review №55

I ordered 50 wings and all of them came broken up. Some weren't even whole wings, they were broken up pieces of the wing so it was more of boneless chicken. The food is good but the work is very sloppy. Workers are unprofessional. Most wings all had feathers still attached.

Review №56

Food was good but the place looks a little sketchy which makes me wonder about the cleanliness.

Review №57

Fast service and good food. I can walk there which I like and friendly staff. This will be our local Chinese to-go place for the foreseeable future.

Review №58

Really good food and good perfectly, great service

Review №59

Nearly the best Chinese food in the area. They are my go-to and have a pretty decent location.

Review №60

They have hudelums working for them now, this restaurant was great, has went down hill. Food is overpriced but good so weigh your options! Will never go back, how many times do these rude teenagers who answer the phone get to make orders wrong, must be okay, manager refuses to get on the phone... Good luck to whoever deals with this place.

Review №61

We order from here all the time for delivery and we love it. When we call they already have our address for delivery. Food is great, great price and usually always an extra treat in the bag(free drinks, sugar donuts, cookies, etc. There has only been once the food was later than expected but that was because of new driver and the only one delivering that night because others called in, however, food was hot and fresh. Very much recommended and well worth it.

Review №62

I only arrived to order and pick up once, and it took approximately 25-20 minutes. When I order for delivery, they usually give a time of 45 minutes but they NEVER arrive later than the given time. The delivery personnel are nice but the person answering the phone can sound tired and annoyed from time to time (they have multiple people that answers the phone but one of them sounds glum all the time). Delicious food for an amazing price. I always have to store it for leftovers. I usually get the General Tso combination platter.

Review №63

Great food friendly service

Review №64

Great food and service, worth the visit.

Review №65

We tried top china for the first time tonight.Pros:-Food came as ordered plus they threw in 2 free drinks, 6 cookies and all the condiments.-food was tasty-decent priceCons:-delivery took longer then expected-food came warm (which is weird because we don't live far), by the time it was on our plates at the table it was lukewarm.We'll definitely give them another shot, the delivery and temperature could have been a fluke, its happened with pizza before.

Review №66

I've been ordering from here for about a year and have yet to be disappointed. It's the usual Chinese takeout/delivery but it was surprisingly better than all of the other takeout/delivery I've had. The drivers are always on time, the food is always still hot when I get it, and I haven't had a dish I didn't like.

Review №67

It was ok. Food was hot.

Review №68

Extremely good, love this place!

Review №69

Fresh HOT food. They are fast! The owners are very friendly. I have even had my food delivered at it was fast and hot.

Review №70

Decent but not great

Review №71

Yummy in my tummy

Review №72

Never had a problem with the food. but the customer service needs a LOT of work. Called to place an order and the girl was very rude and hung up on me before I even finished.

Review №73

Always nice. Good is great. Prepared quickly. The only Chinese restaurant I will go to :-)

Review №74

I love there food but there customer service needs a lot of work. Called spoke to two different people both extremely rude will never eat there again.

Review №75

We order 2-3 times per month when we are short on time and it's always great. Delivery is always fast and the food is good.

Review №76

The girl working the phones DID NOT ring up everything we ordered. I called and let them know some of the food was missing and she proceeded to call me a liar. She then sent another delivery driver to our home who had her on speaker phone and she and the delivery driver proceeded to scream and cuss at me and my husband. We refused to accept the food and the delivery driver sat in his vehicle in front of our house and we nearly had to call the cops because he sat out there cussing and refused to leave.

Review №77

Great food great tastes delivery man was happy have new Chinese food place yes !!!!!

Review №78

Great orange chicken and house fried rice. Our favorite Chinese place in town. They can be hard to get ahold of on the phone to call in orders.

Review №79

Good food nice people.

Review №80

You give us too much soy sauce and sauce sauce alone in the food makes me gag

Review №81

Great food excellent service

Review №82

Neat place to sleep at.

Review №83

The chicken in the chicken chow mein seemed to be, unfortunately, the pressed, sliced 'chicken product' that has been showing up in Chinese restaurant dishes the last few years. The egg rolls were crispy, but meatless. The pork in the pork fried rice was real roast pork, but the dish was still fairly tasteless. Delivery was prompt. Portions were decent sized. I'm not likely to order again.

Review №84

Always Great!!

Review №85

Decent Chinese food

Review №86

My order was freshly prepared, was ready very quickly, and nothing was missing. It was also very tasty.

Review №87

Really good food long wait but it's worth it!

Review №88

Great place for Chinese take out. Very economical, great portions, and delicious.

Review №89

I've been a loyal customer for over a year, ordering at least once a week & was just overcharged for my food & delivery fee. I called & explained the issue & manager was rude & disrespectful. I do NOT recommend ordering from here, b/c they charge what they want, not what the menu prices are & it changes every week. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! Not worth the trouble!

Review №90

The food was great, the customer service needs work.

Review №91

Trust me ..this is the best place to eat Chinese food..price are cheap.

Review №92

Good food and awesome people working their.

Review №93

Excellent prices and they deliver, food is always fresh. Love this place, but takes a long time for food.

Review №94

I usually order from here and not bad. But today my food was in their car for 30 mins and I ordered a hour ago. I seriously live in Glendora so a minute away I am. They wouldn't even take money off or anything. So I tried to complain and the person in charge doesn't speak English. Worse people ever to deal with. Young kids working the place and people in charge cannt talk to you about the problem. Don't order from them for delivery. If you really want their food pick up.

Review №95

Great service and we'll recommend to it good Chinese food.

Review №96

Whether hungover or just lazy, Top China is my go-to fast food. Delivery is quick and the food is good.

Review №97

Best delivery Chinese in Augusta. SO delicious. And affordable!

Review №98

You can also order online this is cheap fast good and a big menu 5 stars

Review №99

Had the worst experience with them, today. It took 2 hours to get our order, and when we called after 1.5 hours, the woman on the phone told me, "I ain't gone be trippin' 'bout it." When I asked to speak to a manager, I was told no.All the food was cold, and it looked like someone intentionally poured grease all over my wings. None of us ate the meal that we just paid $40 for.We have never had a problem here before today. We order from here at least once a week.So, now I have ordered $40 more worth of food from another place. That's $80 and 3.5 hours wait for Chinese food. I'll never go back.

Review №100

This place is the best Chinese place around here lol, so fast and so good and all their drivers are so cute

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