Applebees Grill Bar
9616 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Review №1

The food was great! The service was great! Prices were great! Our server Alexis was excellent! We loved Everything about the entire visit.

Review №2

This Applebeez is my favorite one. Especially when Shannon is their she is my favorite one. The first time I had Alexis she is one of my favorites as well Shannon thank you for the great customer service once again please keep up doing your school for hair. Always enjoy when u ladies are their.

Review №3

Pretty impressed with Applebee's. I haven't been to one in more than 10 years. The menu is a but smaller, which is great. There isn't so much to choose from that you can't make a decision and the cooks can execute what is on the menu well. Anytime 2 ppl can eat appetizer and 2 entrees for $30 including the tip, it's a good value.

Review №4

I ordered bourbon chicken and shrimp my chicken taste like it was burnt and mashed potatoes taste like they was from the day before. I ordered chicken tenders the grease had to be old you could barely chew them they was hard. They fries ugh the mozzarella sticks was the best thing we ate yesterday $57 down the drain.

Review №5

Gr8 food, poor seating. We were seated too close to to-go door, got irritated with the sound of slamming doors so left early.

Review №6

Pretty good lunch considering the present circumstances. Will visit again when in town

Review №7

Service is always top-notch super friendly staff great food

Review №8

Good place to go eat. Food is good and great service

Review №9

First visit back after corona shut down. Very friendly and welcoming staff. However, taco chips were a bit on the stale side. Main course was good. A bit difficult understanding what our waiter was saying due to mask muffling his speech. No salt or pepper on the table, disposable menu's, all served to dull the experience. Good to get back to some sense of normalcy, but too much not normal at this time. Wife had to work so figured eating out would give her a rest, which it did.

Review №10

The 8 oz. Steak was delicious. My girlfriend had the homestyle chicken bowl and loved it too. Eli was a awesome server and seemed like a real decent guy. First time to an applebees.

Review №11

Great place to eat! The food was great!

Review №12

Food was good. Did not wait long.

Review №13

Love Applebees, have never been in one I didn't Love!

Review №14

Ribs were real dry. Steaks were not cooked right at all

Review №15

Ribs were excellent, service was great & the Dollar margaritas weren't bad at all Restaurant was nice & clean

Review №16

Best service and steak I've had in awhile.

Review №17

Food good. Service good.

Review №18

The last few times I went yhe fries were cold but other than that theres nothing else I can say id wrong with service

Review №19

MY FOOD WAS WRONG AT FIRST, but Thanks to a Manager who understood what Southern Hospitality is. IT was corrected, my service was good and my food was AMAZING. I will definitely be back. The Pasta Special was AMAZING and I couldn't eat all my food. The Frozen Zombie drink was great also.

Review №20

This place used to be great 3-4 years ago and now it seems like it's going down the drain. Slow service, managers don't seem to take anything serious and portions are significantly smaller than how they used to be especially when it comes to the boneless wings. I'll also add that their boneless wings used to be way better, it seems like they went with some cheaper version of wings since last year.

Review №21

Great service. Jeremy a awesome waiter. Always remembers everything i order even changes. Bartenders are excellent as well. I suggest the ribs and chicken salad oriental

Review №22

Order cancelled when it was supposed to be delivered? No reason. No response. Very poor customer service.

Review №23

We were tired of the same old drive thru places so we went to Applebees on Independence Blvd. I got the 6oz. Sirloin, green beans and fries. Loved the food! Sirloin was cooked perfectly. Only 10-12 minute wait and we ordered from the parking lot. Server was very kind and helpful. We will be back again.

Review №24

Your bartender Danny needs a big raise. I walked in and stood up front for a while waiting to be seated. After a while the bartender Danny noticed and came rushing over to seat me. He proceeded to serve me and run the bar at the same time(and was doing both very well) When the server finally came over to me to take my order Danny had already got my order in. Hard working and was basically serving 3/4 of the place.

Review №25

The waiter was excellent he was very polite and helpful and friendly with a nice smile always. Because he was serving 3 daughter and her daughter which is my granddaughter. We are all grown and we had a good time. I am definitely going back!!!

Review №26

I don't eat Alfredo.. but the chicken and broccoli pasta was INCREDIBLE .. Great customer service.. i think the server name was Savannah.

Review №27

I ate here earlier this week and just wanted to show my appreciation for our waiter, Phil. He did a wonderful job even though he was clearly busy. I just wanted him and the higher ups to know he did good. Thank you :)

Review №28

Easy place to find get into a lot of parking for handicapped and regular parking handicap seating plenty of that Pisces very clean people is very very friendly the food is always delicious and yes I will be by Terry for long had a good time with a friendly help that they have

Review №29

Very good service and the drinks were very good. Will be going back soon.

Review №30

Food was OK, service was great, we were the first customers and the women's bathroom was disgusting.

Review №31

Good food quick service.

Review №32

The $1 margaritas are VERY good and not weak I might add. I ordered 2. I ordered the new firecracker pasta and it was pretty good! I would recommend if you like a bit of heat and a light sauce you will probably like it! This Applebee's always delivers! We will be back!

Review №33

Ordered the steak and shrimp as a Togo and the steak was completely raw. The food was cold in general but the steak was pink and squishy.

Review №34

Server was great! She kept up with our orders and needs as we dined. Atmosphere is always good at this location.

Review №35

Bathrooms were discussing! Urine all over the place. I'm disabled so difficult to you public restrooms as it is needless to say I didn't even use! Riblets were good shrimp was like rubber, but service was great! Just clean please!

Review №36

Service was great and food was spectacular!

Review №37

Dine-in experience not good:Excessive wait time to have order taken (15-minutes+), our wait staff displaying symptoms of overwork or just general dislike for having to work, unfamiliar with menu and electronic systems which were supposed to provide details about menu were either inop or menu items weren't listed (bowls).

Review №38

Placed an order for delivery; order arrived prior to expected time. Food was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! We ordered Fiesta Lime Chicken. Rice tasted old, chips tasted stale, NO salsa/fiesta mix, chicken was Cajun style! HIGHLY disappointed in this location and our food order.

Review №39

Ribs were good however getting them as online deliver to your car is worthless. Waited outside after I let them know I was there. Finally went inside, they said they weren't familiar with my order. Then tried to give me someone else's order. Finally went back to kitchen and my order was sitting on the counter. By this time food was cold. If you are not going to deliver on what is on the web site take it off.

Review №40

Fast service good food

Review №41

We are always underwhelmed here. We try it again once every six months or so, just in case... but yeah, the food is not up to par with other Applebees. It's always bland and simple things (like silverware) is regularly forgotten. We'll probably try again next summer or fall, but--while we like other Applebees--the one closest to our home is just pathetically struggling along. You can get seated quickly on a Saturday night, at least!

Review №42

Bartender (forgot her name) was the only helpful person in the establishment! Me and my family walked in the door and the 2 waiter's that were just standing there just looked at us. Then both walked away. I would never go back to this applebees! I would rather drive across town and receive service than to spend money in this place!

Review №43

Place was busy, but food was good. Our server was amazing. Things could be cleaner,( silver wear, oil & vinegar caddie)

Review №44

Waitress was extremely impatient. Food was not worth the price we paid for it.

Review №45

We we arrived the lady acted as if she she didn't want to seat us. Then we were seated and no one came to take our order. This is my first time in Charlotte and im not impressed. Maybe next time will be better.

Review №46

This Applebees has always been excellent.

Review №47

First I would like to say NEVER AGAIN. Now I normally give anything or any place 2 changes, because I know everywhere has its down days but every single time I have tried to give the benefit of the doubt this restaurant has let me down. For example my food came out cold, not like warm cold but cold because evidently my food had been sitting waiting to be Brought out to the table, mind you it took almost 1 hour 46mins to be exactly truthful about it for a burger and fries to be made. So of course I asked for a manager who ending up sending our waitress back out asking was everything okay... umm now sir if things was okay would we be asking for your present.. I think not. Now this is the waitress coming and going back playing the role of the manger because the man wasn't professional enough to come out and handle the issue, finally he arrive to the table after I had to tell the waitress to tell the man to come out himself and handle the situation. That was the 1st time. The 2nd time was better than the 1st time when it came to food it was fast. But upon arrival we had to wait forever to be seated because there was no host at the front the family's before us had already spoke to someone asking how big there party was and they still was never seated so they left as we was about to leave shortly after they stopped us showing us our table this is unacceptable and understaffed.

Review №48

It was the fastest service we have had in the last few months or so, ( out of all restaurants we went to) especially on a Sunday. Kids food came in so fast, I was relieved as they were super hungry! The server was very nice however, she forgot to bring our drinks for a while; but she simply forgot it because someone distracted her as they were sitting on the server desk full and ready to be served. We arrived a little after 1 pm and our food was on the table in 15 mins. Food was hot and tasted great! Speed definitely matter when you are with four children. My husband and I are pleased.

Review №49

Can't stand the trani that works the bar

Review №50

So happy they had tomato basil soup, had that but did not enjoy the mozzarella on top prefer some parmigiano or i had a burger fries were good

Review №51

Great, friendly service and absolutely delicious food. Had the Bourbon chicken and shrimp with blackberry iced tea with my cousin. Fun times!!

Review №52

I haven't been to Applebees in years! This one had great service and the food was really good too. Really cheap drinks as well. I'll be back soon!

Review №53

I love the menu and the restaurant, but for the first time I haff a racist waiter. I will not be back. I've been at that store longer than he has been there.

Review №54

We hadn't been to an Applebee's in about 10 years but it was convenient.The server was vey good at her job; no complaints about that.My husband's burger was dry and unappetizing and the fries were lukewarm when they arrived at the table, so also dry and unappetizing. Obviously, his meal had been sitting under the heat lamp for quite a while.I ordered the Tuscan Garden Shrimp Salad. I asked for the dressing to be served on the side. It arrived at table with the dressing mixed in. I ate it that way because we were in somewhat of a rush and didn't want to wait for my meal to be remade. The salad was a nice mix of ingredients albeit with too much dressing for my taste.Later on, I went to Applebee's website to get the nutrition facts for the salad for my food diary and was horrified to discover that that salad contains 1850mg of sodium!! Most of that is as a result of the spice mixture used on the shrimp and the dressing. That is an absurd amount of sodium for one salad and well over the recommended daily amount. With heart disease being in the top 3 most common causes of death in this country, I truly don't understand why people aren't as outraged by the amount of added salt as they are by the added sugar in processed and institutional foods.We generally avoid big chain restaurants but again Applebee's was convenient and we were in a hurry. We won't be back.

Review №55

I over Applebee's. Especially the one on Independence. The service is as great as the food!

Review №56

Baby back ribs were awesome! Salad was huge..couldn't eat it all! Service was friendly and fast. Dining room and ladies room were clean. Would go back again if in the area.

Review №57

Brought my 4yo daughter here for a Daddy/Daughter lunch. Staff was very accommodating and friendly. Food was fresh and the choices were perfect for a quick lunch.

Review №58

Not usually a fan of Applebee's but this one was very awesome our waiter was probably the coolest ever we had a 30 minute conversation probably. Apple bees if your listening not sure what his name is but he had black hair and was African America and had a toy he pericing promote this man to manger he deserves it great vibe and good food

Review №59

I went to this Applebee's tonight with my father for the first time in a while and was extremely unimpressed. If I could give them 0 stars I would. We thought we would try out their new all you can eat menu. I ordered the boneless wings to start and my father ordered the riblets. The riblets came out ice cold. The server informed us that they had to defrost them before cooking them. Well they didn't cook them. We sent them back and they came out once again still ice cold. My father then ordered boneless wings for himself and once again those came out cold. We asked to speak with the manager who came out and didn't even apologize for the mistakes his kitchen was making. My dad finally got the wings back out and this time they actually made sure his food was hot. By this time he was overly frustrated and hungry. He was at least able to eat those and the remaining of mine that I was unable to finish. The fries were just as bad. They either came out cold or overcooked. Our server was just as terrible. They were not even that busy to be having these issues in the first place. The server forgot my fathers beer and never checked to refill our waters. We always had to ask for refills.We will not be going back to this establishment.

Review №60

Don't eat here. Manager Chris is nasty. Hang's up on customers and cleanliness of food is horrible. After what the management put me though just because they messed up. I don't care now about turning a blind eye. There servers drink and eat on the line and they stack plates on top of each other. Disgusting. Aviod this place. Customer service is AWFUL! Ate here again year plus later still the same. Horrible. Stay gone your wasting money go to Monroe.

Review №61

Chicken Caesar salad was horrible tonight..smh

Review №62

Food and service was great but they need to teach the bartender how to make a margarita on the rocks. You don't serve it in a shaker with a martini glass.

Review №63

Friendly staff, food was warm, really attentive and doesn't take long. The one on university blvd is horrible. Will come back

Review №64

Walked in and there was a wait on a Sunday afternoon in Charlotte that's not a problem didn't even wait long when we were seated the host gave us menus and pointed us to choose between two tables said which ever go ahead and Christian will serve you once we were seated we were NEVER greeted by Anyone don't even know what the server looks like after sitting for 20 minutes my friend went to look for a manager and could not find one finally he saw the host and had to ask the host to bring us something to drink once management knew we were upset they made no effort at all to come and even talk to our table all we wanted was acknowledging once the host brought us drinks he said his boss was going to come see us. never happened. A few minutes after bringing out drinks the host then reappears with mozzarella sticks saying these are on the house the only good thing that happened super hot and fresh tasted gteat we ate 2 and continued to wait for some kind of service by some one other than the host who even seemed a little confused about bringing us the appetizer in the first place after a total of 45 minutes we got up and left without ever being greeted or acknowledged by a server or manager. We were hungry had not eaten all day and were really excited to eat at this establishment I LOVE the food at Applebees It will continue to be a favorite place of mine to eat however this is by far the worst location I have ever been to and do not plan to Ever return to this location i am appalled and as I walked out I told 3 people walking in do not expect to get service here because we sure did not. But hey if your hungry and want to get something to eat here you may wanna think again because they don't seem to want to serve the customers that come in.

Review №65

Keep hoping that the food will be even moderately better, but nope. 1 liquor drinks are super over-priced!!!!!

Review №66

No staff around waited forever for a to go order and no one came out acknowledged me. I went in and stood there when it was a curbside pickup. Still took a long time

Review №67

The food was delicious and hot. Our waiter Jimmie was amazing. She made us feel as if we was the only one's there.

Review №68

The food was disgusting, steak came “cold” and they took it back to the kitchen to heat it then bought it back to me “dry” and tasting funny. I am not sure if they have heated it in the microwave. This location is bad.

Review №69

Great food! Great service! Thanks Tammy, you rock!

Review №70

Horrible experience! Took 10 minutes to be seated and it wasn't busy and had many open tables and booths. Then took almost 15 minutes for someone to even come take our drink order. Then two more servers came by and said they would be our server for the evening.When we finally ordered our app it took well over 20 minutes to even just get salsa and chips that the server brought us saying that the app still wasn't ready. It was a very simple app. I said to the person I was having dinner with watch our dinner will come out before the rest of the app and that's exactly what happened. They then finally brought us the app 15 minutes into dinner. I asked for the manager who just said sorry and said she would take the app off our bill. No one even asked us for water or came to check on us. Plus, the place was disgusting and the floor was just nasty. Horrible experience!

Review №71

French onion soup was barely warm, not hot. It did taste good. Meal selection was good. Waitress was most attentive & timely.

Review №72

The food and services was wonderful

Review №73

Waiter is friendly, professional, and charismatic. The salsa is just the way I like it; spicy. I got the burger and fries deal at $7.99 with $1 bahama mama.

Review №74

Its October so the decor is quite cool and spooky! Food was delicious and staff was wonderful

Review №75

I had a lunch at 12pm in 05-21-2019 and so far so good. The attendant Danny was very very nice, friendly and helpful.I had a chicken sandwich and onion rings with a cranberry juice.After a while that I left the restaurant I was driving and needed to stop to through up, and it happened twice, besides a diarrhea.By this way I tell you that I will never, ever come back to Apple Bees again!

Review №76

Place is horribly slow. Waited over 30 minutes to pick an order that was made 10-15 minutes prior to an arrival.

Review №77

Nothing to write home about. Pasta was dry had to pay extra for sauce to add

Review №78

Started going back to Applebee's and the food is better and service was good

Review №79

Came in on Veterans Day and they were slammed, they do run good specials for vets! Sat at the crowded bar and had great service despite the large crow and food came out surprisingly quick!

Review №80

Food was good, dranks were light lol

Review №81

I love this place..

Review №82

Good service and great food...

Review №83

Good food and price's

Review №84

Customer service was excellent.

Review №85

..good food..friendly staff..will be back repeatedly

Review №86

I didn't like the service too much because the server didn't seem friendly at all. My daughter ask him to get another server to sing happy BIRTHDAY to me and he claimed it wasn't enough of them but it was at least 6 or 7nof them there. It only took 2 or 3. He never smile or anything. He took too long to check on us. I have a coupon for a free slice of birthday cake but the server said I couldn't use it. No more going there to that Applebees. Talk to your servers to act more friendly. And sing happy BIRTHDAY!!

Review №87

Great food however this restaurant has some shady business going on and will try to get over on you. I recently went and ate in and my dinner came up to $29.33. We left a $5 tip which is alright considering the cost of our meal, the 2 for $20 with the dollar drinks. Well a day later I see the charge from Applebee's of $37.33. So wait we leave a tip and they still decide to tip themselves from our account. We did try to call back and a “manager” was supposed to call me back but of course never heard back. I understand it's not much but stealing is stealing.

Review №88

Really bad service, waited for 44 mins for a sever to greet us, host brought drinks, if you feel like waiting here to eat go, dont go here if you are hungry terrible place, and when you go to complain waiters lie and tell you they are the manager, i had two other people with me to clarify the waiters name and his name was Christian, bad waiter lied to me told me he was a manager... goodluck applebees i will be going to another location cause i still love applebees food and atmosphere. Never will i come to this location again...

Review №89

Food was crisp and fresh and always has to best waiters

Review №90

You ate at one you have eaten at all of them. Only reason I am giving 4 stars is because service was awesome and friendly. Thanks Lanee.

Review №91

The food was ok but the service and awful and once we were seated it took about 10 minutes or more for anyone to even come to our table for a drink order. The kitchen lost the order and drink machines messed up and nothing was done about it. I can understand if there was a rush or it was busy but it wasn't.

Review №92

Service was good. We were seated as soon as we walked in, food came as ordered. I ordered a burger and it was juicy and cooked as asked.

Review №93

Very good food, but very old and dirty insde.

Review №94

Ok so this place has allways been my go too.. Great food people .. the Bar tenders Are very personable..

Review №95

Our waitress was nice and always came back at the right time. I forgot her name.

Review №96

We were waiting a little for the server, then we moved to the bar and the bartender took care of us in an incredible way. She was so sweet and helpful. She is like a diamond and we wish to see more people like her in this restaurant.

Review №97

Allison the manager needs a makeover with her customer service, attitude and most importantly appearance. I order 2 appetizers spinach dip and boneless wings and the chips were old and stale. The bartender Tammy had the nerve to tell me the chips were made this morning, and that's why I'm complaining!! It's 5:00 p.m, and they taste like they were made 2 days ago just heated up. I had this problem previously with old chips here. I know what FRESH food taste like, I eat all the time and I'm a professional cook. Joey was getting dress for work at the bar, gross. I see now why Applebee's are closing around the world. Allison showed 0 empathy and was sarcastically unapologetic. Treat people how you want to be treated BOTTOM LINE. They need to reevaluate their employees especially the managers. She did send Tammy back to remove the spinach dip off the ticket, something she could have done the first time. Thank you

Review №98

Have not been in awhile. I am impressed.

Review №99

The food and service were excellent.

Review №100

Great place, pretty nice bar, great location as well. There's a lady named Tammy that works here sometimes and she is the best waitress I've ever had at any restaurant. There is also a feller Danny that is a bartender here, he is the most entertaining and pleasant bartender I've met.

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3.6 Rating
  • Address:9616 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
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  • Phone:+1 704-845-1599
  • American restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Diner
  • Family restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Steak house
  • Traditional American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11:30AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:11:30AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:11:30AM–11PM
  • Thursday:11:30AM–11PM
  • Friday:11:30AM–11PM
  • Saturday:11:30AM–11PM
  • Sunday:11:30AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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