Captain Ds
9715 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Review №1

Affordable, friendly staff.. the dining area was closed and the wait was 5+ minsFood was freshly cooked and made sure i had sauces for the meal

Review №2

Food cold, french fries old. One fry looked like it had been cooked several times.

Review №3

Drive thru was only option. Placed order and it was only a few minutes wait. They made sure to ask if I needed any sauces twice. I tried to leave a tip on my credit card but they said no. When I got home my order was correct and all food was hot and delicious. Great place to eat.

Review №4

Impressive for a fast food joint. I go inside and order takeout and then wait on it. Fresh and hot that way and they open the box for you to check.Order has always been right so far.

Review №5

The menu is variety, and I like that, 1.99 shrimp,fried green tomatoes among other good things on the value menu.

Review №6

Could not go inside and sit down to eat. When open, the food is good, but the country style fish is usually too salty

Review №7

This was probably the most disgusting place I've ever drove up to! Just driving around the building to get to the fast food window its so gross and dirty.. server was standing out the back door smoking. I had to leave

Review №8

I love the food from here but every time I order there's always something missing (shrimp, fish, hush puppies, chicken strips) very upsetting. And it's not only this location.️

Review №9

This was my first time at Captain D's. The cashier told me I was getting one piece of fish so I paid for additional piece. When my fish came I actually had 3 pieces of fish because my order came with 2 pieces instead of 1 piece, so there was no need to buy additional piece. Cocktail sauce was old and tangy. The fish and shrimp taste like frozen fish from grocery store . Would not recommend this type of seafood restaurant.

Review №10

It was okay. Too much grease and batter. The all you can eat is just to much fried food and no veggies. I know not to do the all you can eat. Better off ordering a dinner plate.over priced all you can eat.

Review №11

The food is good and hot

Review №12

The staff was exceptionally attentive. This is the best group Ive seen at this location.

Review №13

How do they even stay in business. My second trip there. I thought the first was pretty bad so wanted to give them another chance. They claimed not to have the 5 dollar meal I wanted. I got something else an feel sick to my stomach.

Review №14

The food was hot and that was about it, the bread roll that they gave me was old and you could taste it I was REALLLY shocked and surprised. Hot fish but old bread not feeling it

Review №15

Food was Fresh and Hot

Review №16

Great staff. Clean restaurant and a great all you can eat deal in Monday,Tuesday and Friday.

Review №17

I visited Captain Ds on Independence Blvd, Matthews NC today at 1341. They had advertisement in the drive thru stating that the fish and shrimp lunch special between 11-3pm was $4.29, add a tea for $.99. When I approached the window, my total was $11.13. The female cashier said the offer was not valid. I advised that it was posted on the drive thru menu board and showed the picture captured on my phone. A male cashier then approached the window stating "I guess its false advertisement "as he proceeded to slam the drive thru window, and then his arm were wailing, lip poked out, as he appeared to have an attitude as he explained my issue to inside staff. I was unable to hear, however, his body language said it all. The manager, Raquel, then came to the window and I explained my concern, she stated "the sign is still up" as if surprised, and then stated its expired. She then said " what do you want me to do." I proceeded to pay for my $11.13 order, however, I feel it it unfair to the consumer that posted advertising is not honored. I have been a patron of your restaurant several years, I find it unbelieveable that being rude to customers and false advertising is an acceptable standard.

Review №18

Mediocre service, dirty service trays , dirty floor during the slowest part of the day 4:15 on a Sunday. I have been a regular guest here and I have seen the conditions deteriorate. If they are ever able to get employees who will stay there more than a couple of weeks I hope that they will train them on the details of good customer service.

Review №19

I learned they were cooking to order which is not expected but not a bad thing. I was pleased to know my order was fresh.

Review №20

Slow service. Lots of youngsters working.

Review №21

The food is great and the employees are attentive. The Friday fish special is the best!

Review №22

Captain D's was good today, got 2 pieces of fish and 5 fantail shrimp for 6.50 everything was hot and fresh and the employees were friendly. Very happy

Review №23

Enjoyed the food but it was ackward when I walked in. There was 1 person waiting for food and other people were standing there but I wasn't sure who was waiting on customer's. Finally asked. Thankful the food was good

Review №24

I haven't been here in years but it's pretty much exactly how I remembered it, really fried, really greasy and shamefully tasty. The inside of the building definitely needs an update and a little elbow grease but all in all it wasn't bad enough to not eat in. The staff was nice and the tartar sauce was amazing and my kids enjoy something different.

Review №25

Cole Slaw spoiled, men's bathroom dirty and no hand towels. Service was slow. Cashier handled the money and then brought out the food without gloves on. Served food with his thumb over edge of plate touching food.Will not return. Sanitation grade 94.5.

Review №26

Ordered clams, hush puppies and big fish sandwich. Food was pretty good, a good value, but I doubt we will go back. Noone in the kitchen had a hair net on or a hat. One of the guys had hair past his shoulders. Just not sanitary

Review №27

I have no special reason why I love this place I just like going to this place when I want to have peace and quiet it's a good place to go to relax while you eat

Review №28

The food was good but the customer service was horrible. I tried to call in and order and was placed on hold for 18 minutes then was hung up on. They ate very slow.

Review №29

Didn't know at 7:30 the place was closed. Well I take that back, said “hello” maybe about 3 times in the drive thru no response. Checked to see if it was open. Yup employees were there staring at u. I guess they didn't feel like answering or taking orders from anyone.

Review №30

Today was a great day at captain D's ! Fantastic service! Whoever was working on this day all deserve a nice bonus or a raise !

Review №31

Horrible food overcooked in the service was horrible

Review №32

Typical fast food restaurant but staff was friendly

Review №33

Food quantity not worth the money

Review №34

The food is always good.. But its the longest drive thru EVER everytime i go to the drive thru its atleast 20 minutes even when there are no other cars ahead of me

Review №35

A little slow but the food was worth the wait

Review №36

Food was good and hot. They didn't put any tarter sauce with my food. I should have asked for extra.

Review №37

Why would you give me two hush puppies ... when the smallest order is 6...ok

Review №38

The food was very good and the service was the best

Review №39

The food was yummy. We had the all you can eat fish and it was tasty. The server was very attentive and service was quick.

Review №40

Food was good, staff were polite but super long wait for the food. Drive through is a little tight for larger vehicles.

Review №41

Service can be a bit better but I love their fish!

Review №42

Went in at 10:15-20 on Friday, they were closing at 11. The young man taking the order was very nice and polite. But when I ordered the all you can eat fish, a young man in the kitchen started being rude to the order taker, saying he should have put up a sign saying "drive through only" and he also said, "I ain't doin all that, I'ma quit". He made it very clear that he was annoyed at an order almost 40 minutes before closing. The food was good for the price less than $18 for a fried fish meal, with a 5 shrimp add-on, and one extra serving of fish, and a drink. But a kitchen staff expressing disgust at an order out loud through the order window, is a sure recipe for losing my business. The young man who came and asked if we wanted a second helping of fish was also very polite. Front of house...great, back of the house...pretty bad.

Review №43

The actual food here is decent. The service and pricing is not. I was in the drive through for over 20 minutes both times I have gone. Last night there were 2 cars ahead of me and both got their orders promptly. When I pulled up and paid I was given my cheesecake with my receipt. I proceeded to sit and wait while the young man took an order at the counter and the Older lady (Manager?) was busy writing things in a book. I waited 15 minutes, turned off my car, and finally knocked on the window. The lady looked startled and then turned around to pull my now cold to go box out of the window. When I asked for condiments she looked like it was such an imposition! I commented that this was the second time I had been in the drive through for more than 20 minutes, to which she replied, "Oh, well I'm sorry." and shrugged. When I finally arrived in my hotel the requested condiments weren't even in the bag. Terrible experience, I won't go back even though it is literally in the same parking lot as my hotel.

Review №44

Service was very good ... Had a fairly larg order and it came out perfect.

Review №45

Great friendly service and good food!! Will be going back!!

Review №46

Restroom and dining area is clean.Employees are courteous and food taste great

Review №47

Good food a bit pricey for fast food

Review №48

My first time ever going to Captain D's didn't get much help in deciding what is good after I told the manager it was my first time. Received minimal eye contact and while eating I was asked how everything was 1 time after employees kept walking past me and asking everyone was good and hot though but doubt I'll stop by one again.

Review №49

My daughter and I ate at this location (independence Blvd Charlotte NC) last night and there were two women working up front who were the nicest people I have ever met at a fast food restaurant! I mean the food good have been bad (which it wasn't) and it still would have been a great experience. Don't know their names but thanks ladies!I tried to send a message through the captain d's website but under the “contact us” button the link to send an email is messed up. They need to check on that.

Review №50

Good food, okay service

Review №51

The drive through is on the back of the building, hard to maneuver vehicles around small parking lot, drive carefully.

Review №52

Great place to get a very healthy meal.

Review №53

I really like the fish sandwich and the drive-thru service is good

Review №54

I love Captain D's, been eating at their resturaunts since the early 90's. That being said, I was disappointed with the food at this location, the fish and shrimp were both overcooked to the point the breading was very hard.

Review №55

Fast friendly service and the food was great.

Review №56

Grilled fish is always hot and tasty. Steamed veggies are good too.

Review №57

I will get the krabby Patty, I mean, tartar sauce secret formula one day. I'm serious, I know seafood, and this place is still some of the best in my opinion. "But it's a fast food chain" I know, that makes it more impressive. Don't believe me? Get some of that fish, get some tartar sauce, and some vinegar, and Bam. Best seafood.

Review №58

Love there food always fresh

Review №59

I personally think it's the best fish in town for fast food.

Review №60

Best fish n chips this side of the pond.

Review №61

Just fed three hungry people for under $20 and walked out full and completely satisfied. It was near the end of the night and the food was all fresh and hot. Three young men we interacted with were all very pleasant and helpful. No complaints. 5th Star held back for the facility's parking and pedestrian access - unfortunately the building is not sited very well, but that won't keep us from visiting again and again.

Review №62

We go here occasionally, but this last time the service was really slow and at the time we were the only people inside the restaurant.

Review №63

Orderd country style fish and got salt and pepper catfish, good but not what I ordered

Review №64

Always hot. and. fast

Review №65

Great food and customer service. I Ordered the 10 piece battered fish with two sides. Fish was hot and good.

Review №66

Worth the long wait in drive thru...

Review №67

Service was slow, the Cole slaw was soured and once we told them about it they brought us more and it was sour as well and 3 other tables complained about it and they continued to serve it. One of the workers even said it's been that way for a couple weeks!

Review №68

Good fish plate combo plates.

Review №69

Good , clean

Review №70

The food was okay. Ordered one of their crab dinners for 599 got one small crab shell one piece of fish and for shrimp. The corn was cold in the middle and the fried okra was cooked too long and was hard. Service was good the gentleman was friendly at the counter it's okay for a quick bite nothing spectacular

Review №71

Quick service and good seafood. Can't beat Captain D's.

Review №72

The captain D that I go to is a very small restaurant on the side of the road in Charlotte. It's always full, so they got something going for them. What is it? Wait, I know!!! THE FOOD IS ALWAYS AWESOME!

Review №73

Visited today 5/4/19 good food in Charlotte

Review №74

The staff was wonderful, very helpful and attentive but the food was average.

Review №75

Horrible experience. I got the fried shrimp and it had bones in it. They also didn't have blue cheese dressing for the salads.The person taking our order needed to pay attention more and didn't know the menu well.The floor in the dining room was a mess with food everywhere. Tables weren't cleaned off.The restaurants isn't in good condition.

Review №76

Mediocre service at best, food portions are for kids, cleanliness is spotty, like other Captain D's they do not have tartar or hot sauce on the tables, you must ask. My daughter ordered a 3 piece fish dinner, and I ordered a 2 piece fish dinner, our bills were 10.26, & 10.05 only .21 cents apart, the food was ok, but not impressed at all, definitely need new leadership!

Review №77

Stop by there this evening. I ordered a 3pc and 4pc fish dinners. Asked manager and an associate at window for extra tarter. I drove home and realized they gave me 1 small tarter for each dinner. I called back and asked why and the manager said each dinner only comes with one unless you ask. I asked twice. I asked her. They literally would not give me any tarter sauce. Why can't I have but one tarter a dinner? Makes no sense. What Capt D's has anyone been to that they refuse to give you extra tarter based on your meal. 7 pieces of fish usually warrents alittle more sauce.

Review №78

Fish sandwich is good. Service friendly

Review №79

Food hot and fresh along with great customer service. I need Captain Ds to Accept Amex again..

Review №80

Great customer service and food was fresh and delicious

Review №81

The food was fresh! And hot

Review №82

Best fried fish in town!

Review №83

I very much like Captain D's batter-dipped fish. This restaurant is closest to me. I will never again buy the Friday all-you-can-eat batter-dipped fish special priced at $11.99 offered here. I recently got it on Friday night and the teenage boys working, including the apparent shift manager, were goofing around too much to cook and serve food requested after the feeble 2 pieces initially given me. I had to ask and ask for additional food. I was surprised that the older, gray-haired owner/manager was working right along with them in the kitchen. Couldn't he see what was going on? From now on I'll just order the regular plate and be done with it.

Review №84

Great little seafood place

Review №85

Just ok a little pricey for what you get.

Review №86

Food over cooked but hot

Review №87

Long wait but fresh and terribly good junk food

Review №88

It was ok. The shrimp wasn't very hot. The loaded baked potato was hot. The tomatoes in the side salad were not very fresh.

Review №89

Sadness. Been a long time since i been through. Was not worth the wait. Should have gone to long john silver. I believe it was spoiled. It didn't have a fresh smell.

Review №90

Fish taste old

Review №91

I was disappointed. Food was poor, not as the picture showed it and they have a lot of people turnover.

Review №92

Long waiting time, greasy fish, Uncooked shrimp if it wasn't for the cashiers the visit would have been a bust. The cashier very pleasant. The cook should spend more time in the kitchen and less time on the front line.

Review №93

Very long wait time and they constantly forget the extra tartar sauce even when you PAY extra for it.

Review №94

Ordered two kids meal and then found out they had neither cookies OR fun packs to go with them and the manager said they could offer nothing as a substitute. Food was good but too pricey. Not a good value overall. Service was ok at best. Now I remember why we don't usually eat at this chain.

Review №95

The food was hot and fresh

Review №96

My favorite Friday Dinner

Review №97

No different state to state! The the service was pretty good. The store was clean

Review №98

All can eat day. Taste good fish.

Review №99

My wife has been trying to get me to come here for a long time. WORST fast food experience. 5pm and we were the ONLY people in the restaurant. Me, my wife, and 2 kid meals. $40. Fine. But 30 min later and still NO food. Only ppl in restaurant!!!! I went up there to ask if needed to keep waiting and she said no just waiting on bread. W e didn't order any bread. My son and I ordered chicken tenders. No sauces. Only had ranch and tater sauce. This place needs a new manager and owner. If the owner is this obliviously to how bad his staff is he shouldn't be an owner... Worst fast food experience ever!!!!

Review №100

Pathetic customer service. Joe's fingernails were long and dirty!

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:9715 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 704-847-0033
  • American restaurant
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Family restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Fish & chips restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Thursday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Friday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Saturday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Sunday:10:30AM–9PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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