First Watch
1643 Matthews Township Pkwy, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Review №1

I don't usually review often because the food industry can be tough but this experience was awful. Started off by standing by the host table waiting to be seated or even greeted for 5 minutes. Then we were just plopped down in between two other tables during COVID. The whole other side of the place was empty. The waitress came over and got us some coffee. She then returned and took our order. It took 45 minutes to receive our food. During this time the waitress never stopped by to offer refills or anything. It got so bad to where we had to leave to get back to work. Luckily the food came out right as I was going to let them know we had to leave. The farmhouse was pretty good, the cheesy grits were terrible and so was the “million dollar bacon”. And to top it all off this place with terrible service and average food is charging high end luxury prices for a simple brunch. Will never be back and will tell people not to go.

Review №2

Amazing place to enjoy brunch! Definitely we are coming bavk

Review №3

Food is extremely mediocre. Might be the recipes, might be my pickiness. Either way, the price point for this food is unreasonable. I see a lot of people giving this restaurant a good rating “based” on the food. They see the price point and think they're buying top notch and believe it while eating it too. This is not the case at all.Everyone reading this rating should do themselves a favor and save your money. Go to a mom and pops diner.

Review №4

So glad this place opened. It's become a favorite place for my wife and myself. Great food, quality service every single time and a nice atmosphere. Try the millionaire bacon!

Review №5

Very disappointed. Food quality was average, about what you get at IHOP or Denny's. What left us with a negative impression was the service. Our waitress was not interested in serving, never once checked on us, and once the food arrived, hurried us out. One thing was clear, she didn't want to be there. For the prices charged, I would recommend going elsewhere.

Review №6

If you are looking for a great brunch restaurant. Well you've found it here at first watch. Food is great and you won't be disappointed.

Review №7

Food is good hence the 2 stars but dishware, tables, and silverware could be cleaner. The bigger issue however is that I have never been able to actually come in at a time when they've said my reservation would be ready. I've never waited less than 40 min, typically it's been almost an hour wait time, no matter how busy, every time. We got lucky with 40 min this time probably due to less people eating out, but we were told it was a 10 min wait. I'd gladly give more stars because the pancakes are really good, but sometimes it's just not worth the wait.

Review №8

I went to this restaurant with my friend for the first time. The food, service, and overall my time there was great. However, I checked my bank statement a few days later and saw that there was more money taken out than what I had signed for at the restaurant! Fortunately, the manager was very understanding when I talked to him on the phone about it and I got my money back. Just wanted everyone to be aware if you pay with card.

Review №9

"Million dollar bacon" on the menu. What else do you need to know? Fun breakfast/brunch location with fresh and healthy alternatives, plus all the classics. Seasonal menu with items like pumpkin pancakes- recommended!

Review №10

Do not use their delivery service as 2 times now in a month items were missing. They place on others instead making it right.. Not worth the hassle

Review №11

My co-worker and I have ordered lunch with you guys for the past 2 days. The food is ah-mazing! Lewis is our awesome phone buddy who gives us fast, friendly, customer service every single time. TruGuard Construction is happy to be friends with you guys! See you tomorrow, same time!

Review №12

Great food and good portions I had enough for the next day.

Review №13

I really enjoyed their menu and my waiter was awesome. I'm definitely going back again

Review №14

Love this place when I go see my in laws. They make a point for us to go eat there. The food is amazing and the staff is always friendly.

Review №15

Great service, great food! Would recommend this place to anyone searching for a good place to eat!

Review №16

Great food! My family and I enjoy our breakfasts together - never had a bad meal at First Watch. Some very tasty, common and not so common dishes.. we enjoy it everytime.

Review №17

The food offerings here are nothing short of amazing in flavor and portions!

Review №18

We have had multiple cars pinstriped by them and it has been excellent work every time.

Review №19

Place was packed, but table of 4, we were seated within 15 minutes. Have a wide variety of food selection as well as freshly squeezed juices. Service was pretty slow but was good. Farmhouse styled interior and decor. Definately recommend this place.

Review №20

What a great experience. The atmosphere is relaxing. I love the interior of the restaurant. Staff are nice and friendly. Food taste delicious. Definitely come here for breakfast/brunch/lunch if you're in the area.

Review №21

The service was not good for us. We went at about 8am on a Saturday. It wasn't busy, especially due to Covid19. We were seated quickly, but no wait staff came for about ten minutes. They tended to the couple behind us then finally someone said, "Has anyone taken your drink order yet?" We said no and about ten minutes later someone came for our order. She was not friendly, like at all. Once we ordered and got our food, we only saw a waitress to give us the bill. We had to "borrow" the waitress for the table behind us to get service. We will not return. The food was not worth the poor service we received.

Review №22

Great selection of quality food.The kids love it as well. Don't miss the million dollar bacon...

Review №23

Tasty, healthy, good portion sizes! Definitely happy plate maker and habit forming for sure!!

Review №24

First watch has always been my favorite place for brunch. The food, when made the correct way, is phenomenal. It's fresh local ingredients and a great way to start your day. Matthew Township is still fairly new so of course it's still going to have ups and downs as they get adjusted. Just have patience, you will be in for a real treat!!

Review №25

Came in today for brunch and the service was extremely slow, food was mediocre and very overpriced. Waited 25 minutes for food to come out and 10 minutes for our server to greet us. There were about 7-8 other tables. Won't be back.

Review №26

The service was awesome and the food! Food was delivered very quickly. Our plates was full of food and placed very neat on the plates.

Review №27

Wow. This place gets really pack during peak lunch hours. Parking is limited. Car pooling would be nice and recommended. Manager comes out and checks on consumers. Food was awesome. Highly recommends.

Review №28

I love brunching here their breakfast is delicious... breakfast potatoes are off the chain. They also have insanely good fresh juice options, give the ginger one a go

Review №29

I will be back....a lot!This place is awesome. From the decor to the food you can't go wrong. I got the million dollar bacon and the steak and eggs hash.The bacon was definitely million dollar. A lot of flavors going on there from Cayenne to Maple syrup. So delicious and thick cut too!The hash was so good. Flank was cooked great. There were little onions in it that made the flavor really pop. And the sauce on top (hollandaise I think) was delicious.It came with ciabatta which I could have done without. It wasn't all that great.I'd like to return and get their traditional breakfast in order to taste everything separately. Food quality is top notch.Bathrooms are as nice as the dining area. I love the decor in this place. Parking lot can be crowded at time. It is handicap accessible with parking right at the front door.Upon receiving my check I was asked if I wanted a drink to go. Awesome. Also, you pay at the counter here. My server was Lillie and she was so great!I can't stop eating this bacon!!!

Review №30

Always love this place. The staff is great and the food is killer.

Review №31

They told me that the wait is 30 min. I ended up waiting 70min. I understand that it is tricky sometimes with estimating times but waiting in front of their place for so long isn't acceptable. If they would told me it would take an hour or 70 min I could at least left and come back.When I finally sat down I was sitting at a dirty table, I guess they don't take Covid so serious or hygiene. The Food was OK but cold and of course I had to wait another 30 min :-/

Review №32

Absolutely adore this place. Incredible food at a good price, amazing wait staff, and never too crowded. If your driving through town, do yourself a favor and stop to eat here. Their mission statement is noble and they back it up with amazing food.

Review №33

First Watch has a menu with great food options. One thing I liked about First Watch is the healthier selections they offer, which can be difficult to find at various breakfast restaurants. If you go on Sunday expect their to be a wait time, unless you choose to arrive early. With the crowd the staff was great and very friendly. While you wait they had coffee and water in the waiting area.

Review №34

Food is good but very expensive. So expensive that I won't be back unless they go down in price.

Review №35

Cute place! Country appeal, but modernized. So many delicious options. Quick and great service!

Review №36

I visited at around 9AM on a weekday and there were plenty of tables available with no wait. I ordered a seasonal breakfast burrito. Overall it was quite good. No side dishes or extras came with the dish. The waiting area of the restaurant is quite large and I hear it can get busy later in the morning or around lunch.

Review №37

Nice brunch spot. Very nice server and I loved the chicken sausage.

Review №38

The food was good, but I ordered pumpkin pancakes and it did not have a pumpkin taste at all. That was the only disappointing part about the meal.

Review №39

This breakfast visit was a spontaneous treat last Sunday after service! I was completely blown away from the moment I walked in the door! The ambiance of this restaurant is so fun, and the food was so delicious. I was blown away of how accommodating the menu is (keto dieters, vegan, no restrictions, etc.). They offer multiple options for creamers as well for coffee! I ordered the Tri-Athlete for my meal and my fiancé ordered a delightful breakfast sandwich! We started the meal with the Million Dollar Bacon and it was good! When I ordered my coffee, it was made just the way I like it without a word being said (I was SO impressed!). I was also so happy to see Project Sunrise in their services. Thank you, First Watch! We will DEFINITELY be back again soon!!!

Review №40

DELICIOUS food all around. Can't go wrong.

Review №41

This is a casual breakfast and lunch restaurant with fresh ingredients and a unique menu compared to the usual breakfast restaurant. The service was fast and friendly and the food was excellent. When we dined there, it had a great atmosphere.

Review №42

I live about an hour from this location, but it was well worth the drive to meet with friends and enjoy delicious food!

Review №43

We went for brunch with a group of 6 and we all tried different things. Everything was AMAZING. The consensus favorite was the market hash, followed by the superfoods Bowl. This place is worth the wait.

Review №44

Excellant out of towner would come back again

Review №45

Amazing food , fast and friendly service , has became one of my favorites

Review №46

The food was great. I love the customer service. I will definitely be coming back.

Review №47

Food and service was awesome. Million dollar bacon is legit and so are the biscuits and gravy.

Review №48

I just dont understand how this place has been here for over a year and they still have issuse. We came here alot when they first opened and understood they hiccups of a new restaurant, but they still are having issuses. Only 3 people in the restaurant for bkfast and took 30 mins to get our food and the eggs that I ordered, 3 over medium, was delivered to me 2 of them busted and cooked...the amount of money we are paying and the time this place has been open, the food should be on point... I cant believe the cook would even plate this!!

Review №49

Very good food, friendly service, and great atmosphere.

Review №50

I went today for the first time and absolutely loved it. Very nice atmosphere and the food was delicious and fresh. At first I was skeptical about going due to people complaining about the wait and staff but honestly everyone was super friendly and I didn't have to wait at all (go early people!) Definitely will be returning.

Review №51

Amazing food, but the service may leave a bad taste in your mouth.I had the farmhouse hash (pictured), and I really enjoyed it! However, the service was comparable to what you might find in Europe - not rude - but not southern hospitality, somewhere in-between. When we went to pay, I wasn't even offered a smile or thanks for visiting. This could be because they are busy all the time. But for my experience, 5 stars on the food, 2 for service, 3 overall.

Review №52

The food, service, and atmosphere were great. This was our first time at First Watch, but it will not be the last!

Review №53

Had the breakfast tacos with coffee. Tortillas there are delicious!

Review №54

If you like brilliant breakfast and brunch-this is your place. I highly recommend the Belgian Waffles (also their coffee is great).The staff here is so friendly and literally everyone smiles! Each of my servers have been so kind and helpful!

Review №55

The food was good and healthy and the service was good as well. It got a little crowded towards the end of our meal, otherwise we will be back!

Review №56

Great food... excellent attend! I recommend!!

Review №57

Great brunch place...

Review №58

Enjoying amazing meals made from scratch. The potatoes in the menu items sometimes are a bit much but overall I've tasted amazing things here.

Review №59

One of our best go to places for breakfast. Always good. Avocado toast is a bless to humanity. This time it was my son's birthday and we got this. Nice!

Review №60

Finaly a menu that is unlike other breakfast spots! The waffle was light and crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Cage free eggs were very good. Million Dollar Bacon-wasn't sure what to expect. It was tasty but the maple syrup took away the crispness of the bacon.The hostess and server were excellent but upon checking out, the cashier continued her conversation with previous patrons while ringing me up, never asking me how everything was, lacking fundamental customer service skills.Not the best impression to leave with a first time customer.

Review №61

This is a great place to have breakfast or lunch!! ️! Nice variety of food. Yes, they have healthy options as well . Must try pancakes they are very moist. Weekends are very crowded so plan ahead!! Service is always friendly and fast!! Enjoy your visit

Review №62

Wait wasn't bad, Sunday at 930. About 20 min. Took our food about 25 min to come out and it was Ice cold. Got charged for a coffee and I never drank a cup in my life. $40. Put food in to go box and I ll heat it up at home.

Review №63

We were able to come inside to place a to go order. Everyone was super nice and helpful and the food was deliciouuussss. Coffee was great too. We will definetly be going back!

Review №64

DO NOT USE DELIVERY SERVICE!!!! This is the 2nd time back to back in a month that they have missed multiple items in a delivery order. When you call them they point you to door dash instead of fixing the problem and door dash will just hang up. With a $10 tip each time, you would think that someone would take the time to make sure the order was right.

Review №65

Friendly service. Good food. Big downside - Lack of privacy. All the tables are too close together. Not the ideal place for a quiet brunch date. 8/10.

Review №66

Great food and wonderful service.

Review №67

It was pretty good.

Review №68

First Watch is fabulous. Yes- it gets busy at times...because you get great quality food, with friendly staff, at a reasonable price! This is my favorite spot to meet friends to enjoy a healthy meal, enjoy friendly service, and enjoy a relaxes warm experience. I just time it to be when they are less busy! You can also use their app to make reservations or get in line ahead of time... LOVE THIS PLACE!

Review №69

Great quality food! Full of flavor. My wife and I have came here several times, the last time we went it was towards closing time. The restaurant had plenty of people in it still, what turned us off was our empty glasses and all the staff sitting around eating their free meals for the day. Very unprofessional.Edit! Just saw they were rated 87.5 on their sanitation score! YIKESSSS!

Review №70

I just left and couldn't wait to leave some love! By far First Watch is one of the best new restaurant additions to the Matthews community. Everything was fresh, flavorful, fast, and the staff is so friendly. I kind of want to eat their waffle & bacon every day. That butter and berry compote were heavenly. Welcome to the neighborhood First Watch! #matthewsnc #firstwatch

Review №71

This restaurant is not worth of driving. I thought firstwatch supposed to be faster because of their restaurant amendments. Well, I guess it didn't work. We put our name on their waiting list on their system and got a text message saying "when you arrive to the restaurant please see the host and check in" which we did. However, when we get there they said that we're not on their waiting list (not our problem it's firstwatch app problem after all) which is weird because I have a confirmation text in the right location. So they sat us in the community table but waited 45 mins for our server. Our server finally came and got our orders but waited an 1hr yes an 1hr for our food to be delivered to our table. I told to the host if he can bring me the manager and guess what? Till the end of our breakfast I don't see no manager. Also, as you can see in this picture there's something wrong with their Superbowl. The coconut looks bad and my sister in law said that the taste is kinda weird. She's also gluten free and vegan and when she ordered this Superbowl with greens and we told to our server about it and the server didn't do anything about it other than saying sorry. Servers knows better when it comes to customer service. Instead of saying sorry go and make your mistake right and get her greens. My sister in-law ended up not eating her food. I will definitely not coming back to this restaurant again.

Review №72

This has become my favorite restaurant for breakfast. My daughter introduce me to it. We come here together once amonth. She and her friend girls come here once a month also. I had the sausage omelette. I can't think of the type of sausage it was but it was very good. My first time eating it. My server was very nice. All my servers has been great. Price reasonable. great atmosphere. This place is not open after two pm. Serves breakfast and lunch only..check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Review №73

Always good food, and great service.A lot to eat however for a senior!

Review №74

Great service delicious food

Review №75

Absolutely delicious! I enjoyed my chorizo egg white omelet so much that I can hardly wait to come back and have it again. The waitstaff and manager on duty (Jeff) was also wonderful. I saw other dishes that patrons were enjoying so I know I will have some fresh fruit next time too!

Review №76

This place is phenomenal, one of the best places to get breakfast in Charlotte/Matthews

Review №77

Really good breakfast and lunch! A healthy meal, always busy with is not a bad thing. Moderately priced.

Review №78

We ordered six meals to go, so I didn't have too high expectations, because admit it, take out & delivery just are not the same as sitting in the joint. Anyhow, when we were able to eat, all six of us were blown away with how good our meals were! I asked the waitress for a recommendation, and she said the CHICKICHANGA was a popular meal, and I can see why. It was AMAZING! I highly recommend it but it might be a little too spicy for some. And the potatoes were cooked to perfection, a little soft, and a little crunchy. I also recommend getting a coffee as it is very good as well.

Review №79

Delicious food, fresh ingredients. A few friends of ours joined us and ended up eating here again the next day, they enjoyed it so much. The pumpkin pancake was outstanding! The staff was super friendly and the service was great. I'm sure to be back soon!

Review №80

Great Food Great Staff Really Cold AC

Review №81

The food was delicious. I ordered the Belgian waffles with strawberry compote. the compote was nice and hot and the butter had a touch of cinnamon added for taste. I ordered the carrot crush drink which was delicious. They were out of beet juice, so I had to go with the carrot crush. Other than that, it was a great experience.

Review №82

First time I have been there. The food was very good. The environment was really nice. And Artem was a wonderful server. I would recommend this place.

Review №83

Love this place for breakfast. The chickichanga and the go to essential dish. The seasonal baja chicken burrito bowl is my fave. The staff is friendly and quick. It does get busy though so check wait times on their app.

Review №84

LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE. very good customer service and the food is amazing

Review №85

We are giving First Watch two stars instead of zero only because the food is usually fresh and good, but this is our last visit. I just removed the app from my phone as we won't return. It is a constant disappointment because of the slow service. There is always a different excuse. Today, we were seated right away, but sat for 13 minutes without even an acknowledgement. No server even came to the table. It was not busy at all. I suggest you hire more servers. It's actually very rare when we visit and don't wait an exorbitant time for our food. Sadly, we won't return as there are many other options.

Review №86

Fantastic food and perfect service and we can't wait to return!!!!!

Review №87

I have chosen this place as my go-to breakfast/brunch spot. The spacious and bright interior, friendly staff, and wide variety of delicious dishes make this place perfect for an early meal!

Review №88

Visited on a Sunday afternoon with a 45 minute wait. Order french toast and omelette. Food was good. Waitress was nice but busy with other tables.

Review №89

Amazing food! Great staff!!

Review №90

The food is basic. The pancakes taste like IHOPS'. Their saving grace is the friendly manager and their delicious bold coffee.

Review №91

I had never been to First Watch, but let me tell you, I will be going back. I've NEVER said 'oh my god' during a meal so many times. It was DELICIOUS

Review №92

Always fresh and delicious

Review №93

I've been there twice it's really a nice place. The food is pretty good The servers are great it seems like they have it all together. At least that's been my experience. I would highly recommend visiting if you haven't been there yet

Review №94

Be cautious of what you order here especially on specials.. it will say one thing and you will get a completely different thing. And then they'll look at you like you're crazy for asking them what it is that you got to eat. For example vanilla chai pancakes... said nothing about bananas but got bananas in my vanilla chai pancakes that I could taste no vanilla in.

Review №95

If you're looking for a quick and fulfilling breakfast/lunch spot nearby, definitely check out First Watch in Matthews! Wide variety of menu selections, staff always provides excellent hospitality, beautiful decor, great food that's reasonably priced.. Definitely my Go-To place when I have some free time on my hands. The Floridian French Toast, Egg Sandwich, and Honey Pecan Salad are by far my top 3 picks.

Review №96

Nice, open atmosphere, good service and excellent food. Lots of parking. Good place for large groups.

Review №97

3rd time of trying. Service was ok but my breakfast, for the 3rd time was dismal. Omelet was the worst I have ever had. 1 egg, flat, tasteless and over $10! Coffee very strong so I asked to swap it for OJ and got charged for both. This was their last chance.

Review №98

One of my favorite breakfast place ever

Review №99

It's a pretty good breakfast place but it gets crowded so get there early. Everything cost about $9.99 no matter what you get. The breakfast tacos are really good. Try their cold brew coffee it's really good!

Review №100

Brought my family to the Matthews location today. We had a wonderful experience, the food was delicious as always! I have been 2 times in the past, and it is now my favorite place to treat my family to a special meal. It does get super busy, but that just goes to show you how great it is!

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  • Phone:+1 704-745-4016
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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