Genghis Grill
9727 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Review №1

First time here. This place is very nice. Food and service was outstanding. Austin was our server and was very attentive and took time to explain everything to us.I will definitely be returning.

Review №2

Great service, very friendly staff, especially Austin. He makes sure you have the best dining experience possible. Such a nice guy.

Review №3

Wow what a change my wife and I just left here and from the last time we were there they def made some huge changes and this place seems to be on the rise new management new employees super customer service we will def be coming back now !!!!!! I think the food even tasted better

Review №4

This place is amazing! You just grab whatever you want and they grill everything for you and it's delicious. I'm coming back to this one for sure!!

Review №5

We were curious and wanted to experience. The staff is helpful and vegetables are fresh but too much carbs.We're used to Mongolian grill, this is Americanized.

Review №6

Pretty good I liked being able to pick every ingredient in my bowl even down to many sauces and seasoning options.

Review №7

You can now create your own bowls now. So much fun !! If you haven't tried it you really should !!!

Review №8

My husbands food was burned, if fact, charred. The person putting bowls together was playing with her hair with her gloved hand and then touching the food so he wouldn't send the bowl back and do another. There was a spill and they finally put out a wet floor sign but did not mop up the spill. Sitting here waiting for the check though we've obviously been finished for the last 15 minutes. Not a good experience today.

Review №9

I love the varied choices and the final product of my choices. Service was average. Food was delicious and nutritious. Time between making my selection and getting my meal was longer than I expected, but worth the wait, since I had the time.

Review №10

We ate at the Matthews location on consecutive days after having a really good first experience. Only to have the second visit full of inconsistencies and horrible customer service and omitted ingredients. After getting home and opening food, I called the location at 8:20pm to discuss the order and was told "Thank You, Have a goodnight" The night shift is definitely different than the day shift. Great ingredients, tho'!

Review №11

Food was great. They had plenty of seats open. Next time I'll add pictures.

Review №12

I love coming here! Staff is decent and I just love the fact I can customize and put whatever I want in my bowl for no additional costs. Great choice throughout the line and the sauces are beyond tasty. My go-to for after the gym as well

Review №13

Great food, great atmosphere. A little more than what I wanted to spend but its worth it

Review №14

If you like bugs in your drink, this is the place to go. While I have to give this place credit for their friendly service, the atmosphere is dark, gloomy, and NASTY!! First, we saw bugs crawling in the corner, and dust/spider webs in the windows. Then found dead bugs at the bottom of mine and my boyfriends drink. We were absolutely disgusted, we got up to leave and noted the manager that he needed to watch for bugs in the drinks. The manager proceeded to say “ok” as if nothing was wrong, with no apology. Would not recommend this place to anyone, we will not be back.

Review №15

You will not be disappointed. I plan to go back this week.

Review №16

Great Mongolian Barbecue! Friendly staff and excellent beer selections. We will be back!

Review №17

The restuarant was clean and the food was great!! I will be returning

Review №18

We love Genghis Grill, and this location is the closest to us. Service is usually pretty good, but selection on the bar is hit or miss. It's not unusual for 2-3 meats and at least that many veggies to be out at any given time.The food is really good, though. Pick what you want, pick your sauce and your sides and they cook it just for you.

Review №19

My 1st time here. The staff was very nice & friendly. I like the atmosphere of the restaurant. I enjoyed my food(chicken was a little over cooked, but is was good). My boyfriend enjoyed his food. The prices are very reasonable. The chocolate peanut butter dessert stack was different(next time I will try the oreo stack). We will comeback.

Review №20

Loved the food. Price is a bit much but you do get a lot of food.

Review №21

Good food, they are managing their restaurant well during the pandemic. A little pricey, but worth it for something a little different.

Review №22

Good food, mediocre service.UPDATE: This is probably last time I visit. The last few visits, there has been no host/hostess to seat us, leaving us standing in the entrance until someone showed up. Then, when we went to get our food, the area was a mess. If this was a one time occurrence or if they had been busy, I could understand. But we were literally the only people there (mid-afternoon, weekday). It was not a matter of being short staffed either, since we observed at least 6 workers milling about (2 by the grill chit chatting with the cook).The final straw was the food itself. The shrimp has not been properly cleaned and the squid was swirling in murky, slimy water. The vegetables were just as unappetising. Even the "clean" trays were dirty!The only good thing about the visit was our waiter.

Review №23

I love this place and I love the concept they were going for. The first time I went was because of my cousin, and both of our first experiences were perfect. We came every time we could. Except for when I came with my mom, both of our dishes were burnt, but I usually like it slightly burnt and I understand that you're understaffed. Each time we went the food got more burnt. The last time we went, we were really excited about it but when we got our dishes... all of my meat was burnt to a crisp. Every part of my dish was burnt and black. It was soggy too. When we told the waiter, they were very apologetic about our situation. I won't be coming back soon but I will try other locations. Would recommend to a friend, but I will have to warn them about burnt and soggy pepperoni.

Review №24

First time at Genghis Grill was an amazing experience with Keoni. Such a awesome personality and was so willing to go beyond his duties to ensure such an great experience! WE WILL BE BACK Keoni thanks for such great customer service!

Review №25

Keoni aka Kee the Goat!!! Thanks man for your great customer service. This guy really went above and beyond to give us the best experience and exquisite tastes. You're the man! 10/10 Recommend coming to Genghis Grill in Matthews. They are all great.

Review №26

Awesome service and male waiter. Will be back againClean restsurant

Review №27

Their menu or their line of ordering is worst.No one cares to explain and pay attention.

Review №28

Food was amazing, went on a lunch break, huge amount of good food for a good price, just the way you want it

Review №29

Glad to make it out and try this place. I like the concept that you can make your own meal and they will cook it for you. However, the service attention to detail was lacking...several meal add-in options were out, had a hard time finding our waiter to pay the check, bathroom had not been tidied recently, etc. I'd be willing to go back on another day to see if we have a different experience.

Review №30

Food was great. Place was spotless and everyone wore mask

Review №31

My boyfriend and I came in and had a wonderful experience. Keoni was our server/chef, he gave us wonderful recommendations on what to get and packed our plate to the maximum. You can tell he loves his job! Thanks Keoni!!!

Review №32

A great concept, fast service and delicious food in a restaurant that could have been a little bit cleaner.

Review №33

They were taking precautions for the pandemic but did not skimp out on the portion sizing when asked for more meat and were courteous

Review №34

Able to build a bowl with the items that I like.

Review №35

We had 3 ahead of us and 4 came intermittently behind us. Three ahead of us and 4 behind us were served. My son got his bowl as the two ahead of us in line were leaving. The server could care less.Said she didnt control the grill. Well who does? Totally unsatisfactory services and not the slightest apology for the late meal prep. Personally I wont go again. First come, first served if done correctly.

Review №36

Horrible customer service. Would not recommend this place to anyone.

Review №37

I love this place. It is a healthy and cheap option. You can choose the ingredients yourself and then have the chefs cook everything for you. I think it is fresh and there are a lot of options to try. You can subscribe and get discounts and points for your next visit.

Review №38

One of the best places to get the best bang for your buck. You have to learn to stack food. Always start with the lighter things like veggies on bottom and compact with meats on top. Press down to compact and create more room. With a small medium bowl, you can stack so much you'll need two large bowls once cooked. Place is clean, toilets are clean. Great restaurant! Excellent staff!PS. you can add eggs for free ;)

Review №39

Used to be good. Now everything is empty on the line to build your plate. Servers bring the wrong sauces for your order. I stood waiting to build my plate for 20 mins no joke I checked the time. Appetizer was flabby and cold. Like it had been defrosted in a microwave? Definitely not crisp from a grill like it used to be. The wife said it was not hot when brought to the table. I used to come here weekly. I will not be back to this location for some time. I know eventually the turnover will bring in someone who may care more... sigh. Now to ask for my discount on my bill.

Review №40

The food is great , the stuff are very friendly,The place needs to be more clean

Review №41

Really good meal. The 4 stars was because I thought it was pricy for what you get.We had a party of 21 and the server was amazing along with all the staff. Kept our drinks filled. Love the non-alcholholic fruit drinks with unlimited refills. Very friendly. I want to go back with a smaller group.

Review №42

I won't be back got sick on the food .

Review №43

First time experience was awesome!!! VERY UNIQUE!! The staff is friendly and customer service is great! You choose your bowl size of choice and then proceed to choosing your own combination and PORTION of fresh ingredients (proteins, seasonings, veggies, and sauces then a starch) or they have cute little guides to aid you in creating your little masterpiece! Bathrooms are clean and well stocked. The restaurant has a nice ambiance, good top shelf and local spirits, the staff is constantly keeping areas tidy (sanitation score 94.5) and there is a good amount of space. Now.....on to the food!!Pescatarian POV: I chose to get a regular size bowl with shrimp, calamari, garlic lime marinated white fish and crabmeat. The raw food was fresh and had an attendant at all times. There was a cute little seasoning station where I chose, lemon pepper, sea salt, dragon salt, Cajun, and citrus garlic herb. That was followed with cabbage, carrots, broccoli, onions, zucchini, bean sprouts and fresh basil. The sauce collection was fresh and vast (compared to most places) and they even had sampling spoons available. After sampling a few I decided to go with the island teriyaki, honey soy sauce, and khanzu sauce personal mix. Watching the chefs prepare the food was pretty cool, and they were fast yet detailed and added your starches of choice at the end( udon noodles and steamed rice for me).Carnivore POV: My friend chose a regular bowl with Cajun chicken and shrimp. Pepper, dragon salt, curry, Cajun, cayenne, and red pepper flakes (SPICY LIFE! ) spices. Next was fresh broccoli and corn and topped it off with the spicy dragon sauce (SPICY LIFE! ). The next chef was waiting and ready to prepare the food. There were some topping that you could add like wonton strips, peanuts, etc. You can choose as much as you would like that can fit in your bowl! I will definitely be patronizing again and will recommend this place to everyone. You can order online and they even cater! This is a great weekday or weekend spot to visit with friends or family and anyone that enjoys unique dining experiences!!

Review №44

We love this game place. You pick everything that goes in your bowl. You can change it every time you go. The food is always fresh. The restaurant is clean and the staff are always friendly. Wish there was one closer to my house.

Review №45

Horrible service. Employees didn't even acknowledge that we were there.

Review №46

Normally, this is a good little place. It can take a while to get your food sometimes, but it's easy and fun to customize your order down to which sprig of broccoli you want, and they cook it perfectly. Easy parking and access. Tonight was odd. The chicken was sopping wet and gross--I bailed on it to get steak instead, just because it looked sketchy. We ordered an appetizer that arrived AFTER we finished eating our actual meal. The waiter didn't refill drinks well, either. Hopefully tonight was just an one-night!

Review №47

Save yourself the disappointment and just make the drive to go the other location. You'll see the obvious difference in service and quality. It's not even the underage workers fault. And no this was no my first time trying this location to be assured by my opinion.

Review №48

I ordered a big bowl of Mongolian beef and truly enjoyed the crispy wonton strips on top. I also tried their raspberry iced tea while my husband had mango iced tea to go with edamame. It is a decent place with reasonably priced foods and on Tuesday it has 20% off for take out. If I ever find myself in the area again, I would love to try their Sesame Teriyaki signature bowl and their chicken pot stickers. The server was very thorough when explaining the menu and was happy to answer my questions since it was my first time eating there.

Review №49

This is pretty much the only Mongolian style BBQ place around. The food is great. The service is not. They sat us at a table with no silverware, not even chopsticks. We waited a long time for our orders to be completed. The service isn't great, but another Mongolian place with better service would be welcome in Charlotte.Update (11/30/2019): Being here is like watching a slow motion train wreck. We eat here because it is the only stir fry place in Charlotte (that I know of), but the service is some of the most consistently horrible service I have ever seen in any restaurant. I complained once and got some free food and things did appear to improve, but tonight I have watched people sitting without being greeted (us), extremely slow food prep, the wrong bowls given, messy buffet, employees on their cell phones while customers are standing in front of them and just other complete chaos. The food is really good, but the food prep is agonizingly slow. We've been here 45 minutes and still haven't got our food.I don't want free food. I just

Review №50

My rating is this high because I enjoy the food. A wonderful selection with great flavors, and plenty of options. However, I get to pick the food myself, so it better be good. The only thing out of my hands is if it gets burnt or not. Thankfully, it wasn't. The only complaint about the food I have is that my roommate got half the portion of udon noodles she should have.The biggest issue we had was our server. We normally get jovial or bubbly service when we go to GG. But we don't get the chance to go too often, as it can be expensive and the closest location is around 50 minutes away. However during our last trip, the server was quiet and one-note. He didn't smile at any point. He sneered when giving refills. He left a bar drink on the bar for some time (I had seen it sitting there finished upon returning from making my bowl, but it was still quite some time before receiving it). He didn't establish conversation. I don't even think I received his name. It was around 4pm, the place only had like two other tables, so it wasn't busy enough to forget drinks or not be able to converse. And he had no problem making conversation with a table of what I can assume were friends, as he asked when they were free to help him move.When I can get a more pleasant experience from drive-thru employees for $10, why should I accept poor service for a $40 meal?

Review №51

I was not 100 pleased with my visit today, I have visited many other times at the Ballantyne location and I'm always satisfied. I have always chose small and been full, today I chose small and the base portion seemed very small. No where near full, also our food took more than normal to come out. I understand you guys may be understaffed but this shouldn't jeopardize your customer experience. I will say our waiter was very friendly. Lastly I was trying to leave this review on their website but it would not allow me to submit. Feel free to reach out

Review №52

My wife and I feel in love with this place years ago. We're from TN and there used to be one in Knoxville we would go to when we had the chance. This is the closest one and we will usually go out of our way on trips on the east coast to stop here. It's a make it yourself and they'll cook it place. I like my stuff spicy so here is one of the few restaurants I can get it how I like it. The wife loves it as well. Good ingredients to work with.

Review №53

There are cob webs hanging on the signs above the food, the customers have to handle their OWN raw fish in the assembly line (where is the sanitation?), we sat surrounded by dirty tables and glass with finger prints and the place just felt dirty. Our server was nice enough. She was really trying and I know serving is hard to do and she seemed like a hard worker and a very sweet person but the service wasn't very good. It took awhile before we were even greeted. For how casual it is WAY overpriced. All the workers look sad and I assume there is a rule they cannot speak to each other? I almost wish they were speaking to each other so then maybe it would've been more lively in there. There are markings on the wall of things that were once hanging there but are now no more. IDK but it's not looking good in there. Also, I've worked in restaurants for years and have never once in my life wrote a help review. They can be helped! They just need assistance

Review №54

My first time at the Charlotte location. Really good selection for your bowls. Try the potstickers! They are divine!

Review №55

Good fresh food. Good service. A little pricey, but you'll leave full.

Review №56

My recent poor experience was at dinner on September 5th. I came in to the restaurant and waited to be seated. After a brief delay, I was told to follow what appeared to be a dishwasher or bus boy. He was friendly but was quite dirty from working. He seated me at a table that had just been cleared.He was friendly but not what I would want to be the first impression of my establishment. The restaurant did not appear to be too busy, myself and maybe 8 other tables. While I waited for a server, I noticed something new on the menu, an option to order and have it brought to the table without having to go up and get my own food. I had plenty of time to decide, as it was nearly 10 minutes before my server appeared. When she asked what I would like to drink, I told her that I had been waiting for a while and was ready to order. She took my order and went to turn it in. It was close to another 10 minutes before my water arrived. During this time, I got into a conversation with the guests next to me. They were confused at why his margarita came with sugar on the rim, not salt. After another 10 minutes or so, (Now 30 minutes in the restaurant.) my server came by and said that my food should be there at any moment. As I had arrived hungry and had been there a while, I was grateful to hear that. However, that proved not to be the case. I noticed a table that had arrived in the restaurant AFTER I had already ordered, get their food. When my server came by, I brought it to her attention. Then, another table that had been seated AFTER I had ordered, got their food. My server now was not even coming by, but had another server come check on me. When I explained to the other server what was going on, she apologized and moved on. Oh, the apologies came frequently, what did not was my food. When a third table, party of 4, who had been seated AFTER I ordered, got their food, I looked around, made eye contact with my server and motioned her over. I inquired as to what was going on. She had no idea but, of course apologized. I told her enough with the apologies, I am hungry and want my food. By now, I am almost an hour in the establishment and still do not have my food. A few minutes later, my food finally arrives. While I am eating, another guest has paid and is walking out. The woman, judging by her speech, at least a bit tipsy, tells me I should lighten up, the service here is actually very good. She then walks away. Her male companion, who has obviously been over-served in regards to alcohol, walks up and says "Thanks [email protected]#hole, you ruined my f&#king dinner.", to which I replied "Up yours too." He turns back around and slams his fist on my table and puts his finger in my face and cusses me out. I ask him if he wants to go home in his car or a squad car and he turns, flips me off and walks away. This all took place in the middle of the dining room and caused quite a scene. The Manager? Missing in action. The other server, Not mine, comes by to check on me. I tell her what just happened and she says "Yeah, he just gave us all an earful on the way out." After all of this, no visit or apology from the manager. After a nearly violent physical confrontation in the dining room of HER restaurant. Oh, and for the record, I had water with a slice of lemon to drink. I do not drink alcohol while traveling for work. Even though my experience was as bad as it could be, though completely undeserved, I did leave a tip.

Review №57

Great place to build your Combination stir fry ,ingredients,? No problemo-Genghis~•°•✓=Got it covered ,from Your gathering bowl 2 the ,Large circulating cook stone,>into a tilted scarffing bowl where you will scarf enough energy to Conquer , about anything. *>°°>Reason for the 4star = the (G) doesn't Honor AARP>??Staff people are good to keep customer service #1

Review №58

I definitely recommend it, if you are the type of person that eats a lot get the unlimited one if you eat a lot but you dont eat seconds then get the large bowl. The major reason thIs deserves a 5 star review is because of the best waiter ever (Mason), he is amazing, if you ever come to the restaurant then I recommend you to ask for him so you can have the best experience.

Review №59

The premise of the custom stir-fry is excellent and the food is indeed good.I was disappointed however, for how long it took to receive my cooked bowl after building it with the ingredients and presenting it to the guys who cook it on the gigantic flat top. And I was equally disappointed with the fact that my bride's bowl arrived over ten minutes after mine did. The table next to us had the same issue.

Review №60

Service could be better staff seems like they dont want to be there

Review №61

Tasty! You get to pick the ingredients as much as you want as long as it fits the plate they give you and they'll cook it for you. Try the combination of ginger sauce and asian sauce especially if you like it spicy. The asian sauce is very spicy btw. I just used a small plate for this one and it was more than enough for me.

Review №62

When this place opened a few years ago it was great, but it's really gone downhill. Servers and staff didn't seem to care or know what they were doing. We waited 5 minutes to be seated even though there were clearly open tables. My boyfriend ordered a signature bowl and I got the choose your own bowl. I got my bowl in a normal amount of time, but we waited another half hour for his food to come out. While we were waiting we overheard the couple next to us complaining that they had waited an hour for their food. To top it off, my rice was undercooked and my boyfriend's bowl was almost completely tasteless. There was not any sauce in their “signature” Teriyaki bowl and it was missing several ingredients. Never coming back.

Review №63

Horrible service, waited over an hour for the food to be served. The food quality was good and it is a create your own bowl. Sanitation rating (98).

Review №64

Food is great! You get to pick you food out and then they cook it. What more can you ask for!!

Review №65

Love the Mongolian Grill concept, only reason for the 4 star was the staff wasn't as attentive as you would expect. A couple of times we had to request a refill but they were extremely nice. I would recommend & go back to that location again.

Review №66

The food was good, as always, but this was a frustrating and disappointing visit. We waited more than 15 minutes after being seated before we were approached by our server, others that were seated after us were served before us. We got the bottomless bowls, and were informed that even though no documentation could be shown to back it up, no takeout boxes were allowed for bottomless bowls. Finally, my daughter is diabetic and took the appropriate dose of insulin to cover her meal but discovered after taking her insulin that they forgot to put her noodles in her meal. It was rectified, but if she hadn't caught the oversight it could have been very dangerous for her. Manager and server were on their phones, etc. In all a very disappointing experience. We won't be back any time soon.

Review №67

Great place.. What I like about this, is that if you dont like the food, its your own fault.

Review №68

The time of day and the staff depends on the quality of service. Some days the service was awesome. Other days had me questioning why I showed up in the first place.

Review №69

First time there today and it was a wonderful experience. Extremely nice staff, clean facility, great food, good prices. They even had their doors unlocked before opening time, which a rarity in this day and age. Will definitely be going back again soon.

Review №70

First visit, very accommodating manager, friendly, explaining all options. Tasty, fresh, unique.

Review №71

We always enjoy when we go to eat here. The food is pretty good and the idea is somewhat original. I wish the bar area was a little bigger because it can start to feel a little crowded by the front door. The service was good and the staff was friendly.

Review №72

Food was great as always. But our server this time was exceptional.

Review №73

8:30 on a Saturday, very few customers, but still stood for 5-10min waiting to be acknowledged/seated, only to then wait another 10min at the table without being acknowledged. Hostess that sat us had trouble finding a clean table for us. Employees standing around on the phone....we finally just left!! Place seems to need a good clean out.... figuratively, and literally. Good luck!

Review №74

I love the food. Best go to place when I'm in Matthews.

Review №75

I will never return back here again. The management is completely unprofessional the service was slow and the staff are all incredibly rude to all of the guest. I asked for a manager, the manager was incredibly rude and she told me if I didn't like it then I could leave I've never felt so embarrassed and humiliated in my life

Review №76

Service here is horrible! We went last night and took us right at 2 hours to eat and get our checks, mind you we love 2 hours away. Our waiter kept disappearing, had to ask another waitress for refills on our drinks. The staff acted as if they didn't want to be there. No one was stocking up meats and veggies. Or cleaning the area. I had to stand there and wait for them to refill the bins so I could fill my bowl but only after me asking someone to do it. And there was no trays for the bowls. Will not return to eat here again. I'll just eat it when I visit Houston, Tx!

Review №77

My family and I like this place a lot but they could be a little better making sure every item is refilled. The waitresses...not all that great

Review №78

Lucky I gave it a star staff was late "cooks" wore headphones and kept touching their faces while cooking food not worth the price

Review №79

We stood there for a good five minutes just waiting to be seated. No one in line just me and my family. Then someone finally came and seated us. Then we sat there for about ten minutes. Waiting for someone to wait on us. Never did. Truly dissatisfied. Wouldn't even give a star. Poor customer service. Sad

Review №80

Poor Customer service, our waitress seated us and then never came back for 30 mins. Another waitress was getting frustrated because we kept asking her for assistance for water, napkins, etc and only a total of 8 customers dining in including my fiancee and myself. We love Genghis Grill in Little Rock, AR but the experience in Matthews, NC was not an experience I want to repeat.

Review №81

I used to come here so much and I loved it! I went back tonight with my husband and 3 kids after a 30 min drive due to moving further away. I have never seen such horrible service. I guess nobody wanted to deal with our family of 5 because there were multiple people that looked at us!!! I will never go back, hope they know they lost around $80 and a good tip from our service!!!

Review №82

Don't go, at least not on the weekend.Staff doesn't want to be there, minimal service, ridiculously slow despite not being busy.No manager in sight, disgusting floors, and cooked food waiting over 10 minutes for a waiter to care enough to bring it to a table.

Review №83

Restaurant not very clean. Bowls look like they have some kind of film on them. Veggies are always overcooked and some even burnt. I think the grill may be to hot or maybe they are just cooking it to long. But both times I've been it's been the same. Wait staff not attentive at all. It's also freezing in there. We weren't the only table asking for the air to be turned up because it was so cold but it never happened. Someone who I assume was a manger came out of the back at one point yelling across the restaurant at employees for some reason.

Review №84

Love the food! Make it how you want it and friendly staff.

Review №85

The food is delicious! The service is awesome! Good atmosphere. Definitely vegan friendly.

Review №86

I love this food. Great experience for my first time. The employee's at this location are fun and very helpful. Will be returning hopefully next time not by myself

Review №87

This place is awesome

Review №88

This place needs a really good cleaning and the employees need to be taught how to handle and prep food. The health inspector really needs to inspect this place

Review №89

Pick the meats, spices, vegetables and sauce you want, Extremely helpful staff!

Review №90

I love this place! The food is fully customized to your liking. You pick whatever meat, vegetables, and seasonings/sauces you want. Overall I enjoyed my food. It's very flavorful.

Review №91

Fusion cuisine at its best in a great restaurant chain. The unlimited option for either lunch or dinner is the way to go, if you can manage not to stuff your bowl and stomach on the first go round (I advise NOT getting rice/noodles/etc aka filler). Clean place, mostly prompt service, excellent choices. All around great place to eat.

Review №92

Good food and friendly staff

Review №93

Positive: The variety of food, spices, and sauces are fantastic. Service was acceptable, nothing extraordinary but not horrible. The OUTSIDE LOBBY AND BAR appeared clean an bathrooms were clean.Negative: Maybe be they were having a particular bad dish washer day but every dish I touched seemed to be dirty. First TWO bowls had a weird goo in them. Picked up a couple sauce bowls which were were obviously dirty. Went back to the table and random particles we're floating in my water. Paid for everything but won't return to that particular location.

Review №94

Great place to come and eat. You need to come give it a try. Just be careful of what spices you put on it and how much.

Review №95

I love that I can make my own bowl and they cook it FRESH. Great food and great service.

Review №96

Went there for the first time today. The food was great and the staff was real friendly. Overall great place will go again and will recommend.

Review №97

Confusion at its resemblance of order....customers asking way too many questions about how things are done...took forever to get drinks...and bowls for food. Suggest you reorganize and have customers order from a fixed menu...current setup is going to put you out of business.

Review №98

It's a food bar that includes raw meat. Put your selections in your bowl and then have been cook it and bring it to you. Asian ingredients, sauces and starch/bread options. Go hungry. Leave stuffed with the unlimited trips price.

Review №99

Stopped by today since it was walking distance of where we were staying. Place was clean, staff friendly. Tyrion helped us with our take out order as it was our first time. He and the kitchen staff were great and smiling and seemed to enjoy working there. The selection of food at the bar was great and once we finally got to chow down everything was delicious. Wish we had a GG near home.

Review №100

I like the suggested recipe cards. The food was cooked just right.

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3.6 Rating
  • Address:9727 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 704-444-0068
  • Asian restaurant
  • Mongolian barbecue restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Chinese restaurant
  • Pan-Asian restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • South Asian restaurant
  • Vegan restaurant
  • Vegetarian restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–8PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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