Panera Bread
1904 Matthews Township Pkwy, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Review №1

Margherita pizza was great! Being vegetarian it is hard to find things to eat out. Also my daughter loved the broccoli mac and cheese. Keep up the good work Panera.

Review №2

A good place to eat if you'd like something classy or just to relax and enjoy. Their food has been great every time I've came to this location.The only thing they could possibly improve on is keeping the tables clean as well as the floors. Sometimes you do have to wipe off your own table with napkins.

Review №3

The staff were inviting and friendly and the food was amazing. The only place I've ever had a sourdough bread bowl was 15 years ago in California. The only complaint I have is that they didn't have clam chowder. Please consider adding this and I will be happier than I ever have been ^^ I love Panera Bread.

Review №4

Had an excellent experience here. The most professional, friendly employees helped me place an order (it's been a couple of years since I've eaten at a Panera Bread!), plus recover my old Panera account. The cream cheese I got was fresh and cold, the bagels were delicious, altho a bit dry because they were bought at the end of the day. They were redeemed when toasted and spread with butter and cream cheese. Yum. Highly recommend this place. The surrounding area is quaint, as well.

Review №5

Cinnamon Crunch Bagel. Cold and not sliced.

Review №6

I love panera. It was delicious clean n the staff was great. Thank you. Looking forward for my rewards.

Review №7

Vegetarians and people with allergies beware. Not for the first time I found bits if chicken in my said where I requested no chicken. Luckily, I spotted them before eating the salad so threw it away. Really wish your staff would be more careful.

Review №8

My family and I had a great experience here. Would recommend

Review №9

Love it the bread and desert there Is awesome love going there

Review №10

The person taking our order knew the menu well. Food was very good!

Review №11

Over priced.Soup was not hot. Salad was very fesh.We sat outside to eat. Service was quick.

Review №12

Fast and friendly service and the food was great.

Review №13

The bartenders are wonderful that food is very well done Can employees in all great little place go once and you'll definitely go again

Review №14

Dining in may be a fine experience, but the last two delivery orders placed were both incomplete and incorrect. The quality control on delivery orders appears to be lacking.

Review №15

Ask for Tom P! Good guy!

Review №16

Food and service is been awesome I've been their costumer for 2 years

Review №17

Its a Panera not much to say.. you know what to expect. The food is over priced and blah here.

Review №18

We went there for a bagel and coffee this morning. The coffee (light roast) tasted stale. No more seeing when it was brewed, like before. Had to ask for more cream and sugar. We used the kiosk which is definitely NOT intuitive! We will just wait in line, that is if we go back. We may try the new Indian Trail one as soon as it opens! Like most things, it's just not the same as before this virus was sent to us from China.

Review №19

Way overpriced but so good it's worth it

Review №20

I went in this morning to grab some breakfast and Rebekah was so nice and delightful and most of all patient. Thank you Rebekah!

Review №21

Had a wonderful experience today at this location. Tom gave us a free cookie a scones after he overheard a small disconnect with our order and the duty of the food runners. He was very interested in fixing the problem as soon as he overheard us speaking about what had happened. The food was delicious. All employees seemed to be working diligently. The cafe was free of trash and clean for the most part. Thanks for having us! Kudos!

Review №22

I ordered the Chicken Tortellini Alfredo. It's supposed to be hot but came completely cold. I informed the staff and was instructed to go to the lobby and microwave my meal. I then proceeded to sit on the lobby floor by the microwave under the coffee table for 30 seconds to get my meal to an edible temperature. Making a customer heat her own meal (that is supposed to be hot to begin with) in a microwave is unacceptable. I will not be back here and would not recommend this establishment.

Review №23

Lots of choices and they all taste great. The service and safety measure are top notch

Review №24

With panera bread, you almost always get what you expect. That is "fresh" coffee, a variety of breads and cookies/cakes (for those of you who like coffee and cake in the early afternoon). This location was very clean, very efficient with their service (table delivery). It does get very busy around lunch time at this location so seating might be difficult.Their new grain bowls are delicious. No need to say more

Review №25

Ordered a sandwich with pickles mustard and mayo, got the sandwich home to find that there was nothing on it, when I returned they told me they were out of pickles and decided to not place any other toppings on it, management didn't apologize and instead added topping to my now cold sandwich reheated it so the bread is now rock hard. Wish I could give 0 stars for this trash sandwich

Review №26

Extremely disappointed in the sandwich I purchased at this location. I will not patronize this store again.

Review №27

All Panera's pretty much the same. This particular one is my favorite in Charlotte due to their staff and speed. Do recommend.

Review №28

Nice place.

Review №29

Staff was courteous and friendly. Food was delicious! The broccoli soup was amazing as was the Asian sesame salad

Review №30

The order was not right but they fixed it.

Review №31

Rarely gets the order correct; have been out of coffee every morning I go there (approx 15 times in a row). Often out of various breads. Desperately needs new management.

Review №32

Great experience. The manager made rounds several times to greet tables and make sure that the customers were happy. Went during the busy hour, so they were running low on merchandise, but it was still great!

Review №33

Great place for coffee, comfort food and to conduct some business. This location is always clean and the service is first rate.

Review №34

Love this Panera! Everyone is super friendly and it's always a great experience! Also, the food is consistently prepared in regards to quality. Their delivery drivers are awesome too! I frequently have food delivered at work and they are timely, patient, and polite. Two thumbs up!

Review №35

Clean, fast, correct order and they offer the touch pad ordering so there's no need to wait in line. I also really like their new tea options and I'm not a big tea drinker.The location has really bad Verizon mifi/wifi signal (if that's something that you use). My computer ran incredibly slow online. This isn't to knock panera it's just good to know if you're there to get some work done and are relying on a Verizon mifi card over their public wifi.

Review №36

Delicious, nutritious, clean, upscale, cozy environment, organized and the staffing are cordial. Well recommended to the consumers.

Review №37

The good is great but it seems that they cut down the volume of salad and its not worth the price. The salads used to be huge.

Review №38

We order delivery from Panera matthews at least twice a week if not's turkey sandwich with xtra meat was ridiculous. Paid an extra $2 for nothing. A joke of a sandwich.

Review №39

$5.79 for a teensy tiny cup of Mac n cheese, Panera Bread get over yourself!!! Never returning!

Review №40

Met a friend for coffee at Panera's this morning , June 15. We were the first group of customers in the door. None of us could find a clean table. In addition my friends order was incorrect.

Review №41

Nice place for a good meal. Love the fireplace.

Review №42

Love this Panera Bread. Great service and the food is fantastic. A grate place to sit and get some work done as well. Don't like the lines? Come in and grab a table, pop open the Panera Bread app and order straight to your table without ever leaving your seat. Always amazing.

Review №43


Review №44

Broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl. This will bring an end to world hunger and bring about happiness to everyone that eats it.

Review №45

Cant say enough about turkey/apple sandwich. Awesome

Review №46

Yummy food that never disappoints.

Review №47

Friendly staff, fast food service and food was good but too pricey for me

Review №48

I went in for lunch. Asked for a half salad half soup. I did this at the kiosks and requested extra toppings for my salad... Extra onions extra olives. And paid for chicken to be added... Simple right?Nope.I went to the female at the front desk , simply asking for the items I requested to be added.What did I get?? A horrible attitude from the chef that made it "what does she want a whole salad?"I just asked for a refund after that because if you're not willing to give me what I requested and give me an attitude about it then I will not be returning to your business.

Review №49

We absolutely love Panera Bread and looking were foward to our lunch. This location is slipped up! Turkey BLT sandwich was burnt and put a whole avocado half without slicing it. Soup was super condense had to add water to it. My dressing was super bland i had to add some italian dressing from my fridge to add flavor to it. We will not be going to this location anymore i rather take a drive and go to the one in Lake Norman or South Tryon!! This was a to go order Panera Bread has never disappointed me until today!

Review №50

Pretty decent store. Not keen on the location, though the store runs very well. They're efficient and accurate with their orders, and there is plenty of seating both inside and out. Love the soups and sandwiches.

Review №51

Food was very fresh and the cookie (triple chocolate - I think) was awesome. Fast and friendly service.

Review №52

Great Cinnamon crush bagels

Review №53

This Panera is back on top! Late last year the restaurant was really short staffed and the wait time for food was ridiculously long. The last few times I've been there, including today, the service has been great. We got our food literally within minutes and the staff were actually smiling (not the stressed out faces I had grown accustomed to). So happy they are back on top!

Review №54

I love Panera but now they have adding tipping. Not too sure how I feel about that. The food is good but honestly if I'm going to pay $15 a person and tipping is necessary I'll just go to a nice restaurant and get full service.

Review №55

Love this place wonderful variety and excellent food and service

Review №56

Nice place to meet up with a friend and eat.

Review №57

My favorite now, warm, yummy and healthy

Review №58

Hand sanitizer is greatly needed @coffee and beverage stations.

Review №59

As always good

Review №60

It was good food. All 4 ordering kiosks we're inoperable and only one register open made for a long line. They were pushing bread, and I didn't think to ask for the preferred chips. No dark coffee, but the light was good.

Review №61

Used to go here with my girlfriend... it was beautiful... great service, great food, great atmosphere. But, now she's gone... I don't know what to do with my life. Can't stand even looking at this place anymore... too many good memories. 5 stars because... well I miss it.

Review №62

Easy to buy, delicious to eat, good price.

Review №63

It is a good place to eat

Review №64

Salad I got was all wrong, but they corrected it and gave me a free drink. Food was great, once corrected!

Review №65

I don't usually write reviews, but this location needs to get it together. I placed an order online for delivery and after an hour I finally called to check on the status only to be told they didn't have an order for me and that I probably ordered from the wrong location. A minute later the delivery driver pulls up and my sandwich was cold. Panera charges way too much for the poor service they provide.

Review №66

Not good at all. NOT ONE of the 6 kiosk would accept a Panera card. Each was in guest mode only. When I advised the manager he was pretty indifferent about it. I had to wait in a long line to place order, which wasn't accurate. :-(

Review №67

One of my favorite places to go. I have enjoyed the soups, salads and sandwiches. And should I mention the "treat's". Well you know. If you don't, go there, especially during the "chilly weather". The fireplace is on and it's cozy. Take the "little people" they will enjoy themselves.

Review №68

Haven't been to Panera in a while. As always it was guick and good. A pleasant change.

Review №69

Sad that Bears claw is no longer part of the cookie & soda upgrade. It was our favorite. We tried the cookie- it was flat in comparison.We are able to feed the entire family. Broccoli Cheddar Soup for Grandpa ,and Sandwiches and salads for the younger family.

Review №70

Food has been good but only 3 stars I got a signature hot chocolate and it was a hot mess. I never had a bad drink from Panera

Review №71

If you like cinamon rolls.... They have amazing ones!

Review №72

Nice convenience

Review №73

Portions we're great! They also had a cashier that knew both English and Spanish which he helped my mom out! Great service!

Review №74

The cheddar cheese and broccoli soup is good and it comes with bread.

Review №75

The tables were haphazardly cleaned with streaks of spilled drinks still visible. Bread crumbs can be seen on most of the chairs. We had to get some napkins to wipe the table and chairs before we could sit down. The place seems not being managed properly.

Review №76

Panera bread is delicious and has a very cozy atmosphere

Review №77

Always the best! Never have a complaint

Review №78

Extremely delicious. I went with the pick two choices and I went for a salad and half a sandwich. Perfect combination

Review №79

Staff at this location is friendly and I like to set up my laptop to work there but lacking vegan and gluten free options...and everything is always more expensive than it should be. I've also given up on their coffee. I just don't like any of it.

Review №80

Always good food, friendly people

Review №81

Babygirl said Great!! I still want them to bring back the chicken salad.

Review №82

At lunch time the restaurant was busy but they had enough staff to keep the line short. The young ladies behind the counter were smiling, pleasant and efficient. The salads arrived quickly and prepared as requested, both ordered with an ingredient left off. Staff was wiping tables quickly and keeping the drink area clean. A very pleasant experience all the way around.

Review №83

I always enjoy going to Panera Bread but this location is really slipping in their service. We waited in line for longer than we should have with only one person taking orders with the line out the door. Took awhile to get our food and then it was wrong. Ordered a sandwich that included bacon in its description. Sandwich came without bacon and server told us they didn't have any cooked so they just didn't put any on the sandwich. I dearly love the Cinnamon Crunch bagels, bought 2 for our breakfast the next morning and they had to be several several days old. We could not eat them. Waste of money. This place needs some serious management. We will not be back until they get their act together.Side friend's company has quit having this location to cater their lunches/ meetings because the last several times the order has been seriously messed up.

Review №84

Good, fast service! Great coffee!

Review №85

Love the fresh food and the service at Panera. We have lunch there several times a week. I especially like the self-service kiosks. They make it very quick and easy to reorder items that have been ordered before, complete with any modifications equested.

Review №86

My daughter chose the chocolate croissant and loved it. I had the spinach/artichoke souffle and it was divine.

Review №87

The breafld was fresh, taste and smell were very good and the place was super clean

Review №88

Great service, good quality food. A great place to grab a table have meeting, get some work done or read a book whilst having a coffee, a snack, a meal or sweet treat.

Review №89

I ordered a bakers dozen of bagels for pick up only to find them thrown in the bottom of a bag. This location continues to provide poor service.

Review №90

Just the best. It must be something in the water.....

Review №91

Great as usual I wish the souffles would be on the lunch menu all the time. They would be great with a salad.

Review №92

Love Panera, fresh food and quick service, a winning combination.

Review №93

I love Panera but this one is always crowded and the service is very slow. I only have 30 minutes for lunch and already waited 20 for my food to come to the table. They only have one old lady (a very sweet one) bringing food to the tables. They really need more people!

Review №94

Always delicious

Review №95

Food was good. Atmosphere was even better.

Review №96

Food was hot service was friendly. Bathroom was a mess but the dining area was not

Review №97

PANERA BREAD use to be "The place to go" here in Charlotte... but their food has "gone down". I have been to three different locations and they ALL stunk. What has happened??? Their menu use to be so good... I hate to "give up on them."

Review №98

My first breakfast experience at a Panera Bread. I ordered egg and sausage on brioche. It was delish! I have been missing out on good, easy breakfast spot!

Review №99

Good food that is fast without the fast food effects. Healthy and great tasting. I had the turkey chili with half a chipotle avocado turkey sandwich. Nice

Review №100

Great place for lunch or dinner. I love there salads and sandwiches. I also always stop to get a cookie as well.

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  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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