Publix Super Market at McKee Farms
3110 Fincher Farm Rd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Review №1

Such a good experience. Bakery far exceeds Harris Teeter. People are friendly and helpful. Isles are wide. Carts roll smoothly with no sound. Haven't experienced that in some time. You have a HT convert.

Review №2

Really enjoy this Publix store. They carry a fantastic variety of food and always have fully stocked shelves. They have some terrific precooked foods that are absolutely delicious.The staff are extremely welcoming, polite and friendly —quite the contrast to competing grocery stores in the area. Publix feels somewhat overpriced in comparison, though I love how they don't play games with their pricing and annoying loyalty cards.Tons of parking in the lot, cafe inside with an incredible dessert selection, and clean, airy feel to the store. Always a great experience.

Review №3

Frustrating! I spent the summer out of town and needed a quick in and out trip to the store, only to find that the whole store had been rearranged. I had trouble locating every item I was looking for. I understand their strategy, but like, why? Ugh!

Review №4

John did an outstanding job assisting me. John deserves to be noticed for his customer service.

Review №5

This is a very nice Publix. Great produce, very fresh. Nice selection of salty snacks. Very clean store and well maintained. The staff was friendly and helpful. They have many selections if different brands of products.

Review №6

I love this store. Friendly helpful employees, great deli and bakery. The butcher will customize an order for you.

Review №7

My family and I love Publix. I have shopped at Publix for over 40 years since i am from Florida. This Publix is as good as all.

Review №8

Very friendly staff. One young man & a manager/lead tried hard to help me find a hot sauce I was looking for.

Review №9

I would typically score this store higher, but I witnessed a woman who was not wearing a mask after it became mandatory. If rules are implemented for the safety of all shoppers they should be enforced and adhered to. Unfortunately I noticed this woman with three children a couple of times during my visit without anyone from the store management saying anything! Very disappointing!! I don't particularly like wearing masks, myself, but if it is necessary and mandatory we should all live by the same rules!

Review №10

Awesome store, clean, polite workers. Nuff respect to staff and customers.

Review №11

Everyone is always and again I'll say, friendly and courteous!! The store is always clean, well stocked and tidy! My favorite grocery store!!!

Review №12

Great store! Always the freshest produce! Love the staff!!

Review №13

Mary and Kevin the Pharmacist's + the Pharmacy staff are TOP NOTCH! You would think this was a small mom and pop shop the way they take care of their customers. So caring, kind and knowledgeable. Very personalized service! Wouldn't go anywhere else. Posted by: Stephanie and Ross Feldman

Review №14

Staff very nice and helpful.

Review №15

Very clean. Great customer service!

Review №16

Best shopping experience on a regular basis!

Review №17

If you want to be part of this community, I would suggest taking down the Pittsburg Steelers and Atlanta Falcons balloons that are on display all over your store! Not a single Panther balloon! Seems like Business 101 to me? Harris Teeter across the street is always proudly supporting the Black and Blue!

Review №18

I love this Publix.. The shopping is always easy if course.. The thing I love most is the customer service..The manager here is great..He always ask how we are doing. knows us by name and always takes my wife's bags to the car for her...

Review №19

Everyone is always friendly and very helpful.

Review №20

Quick visit and you get shopping done in minutes. Good to visit on Saturday afternoon as the crowd is small. Staff always greet the guests and treat you good. Alternative to Wal-Mart .

Review №21

Publix has always had quality products ar decent prices. What made my trip enjoyable this time was the cashier Ellie. All of the cashiers are pleasant but Ellie stood out. Her pleasant attitude and infectious smile was freely given to every customer. She is just one more reason Publix stands out among the other grocery stores in the area.

Review №22

Nice. Friendly. Clean. Veggies are not always fresh looking or even available. 9 out of 10 times I have to ask for produce from the back...and usually it is still unavailable. Publix can do better. Florida Publix stores are amazing. The 3 I've been to in NC are only slightly above average.

Review №23

Nice looking store. Very clean.

Review №24

This Publix is usually pretty great

Review №25

Variety! Excellent prices! Friendly, courteous employees. Great place to shop!

Review №26

Quality selection of fresh products and other groceries as well as great customer service.

Review №27

Management and customer service at deli has been going down for awhile. Going to boycott for awhile and drive to Ballantyne location.

Review №28

Nice clean store

Review №29

Generally speaking, the store is pretty good. However, this review focuses on the deli department. Over the past 6 months, I have placed 6 different online orders for deli sandwiches, which for some reason require a 30-40 minute pickup time, and only once out of 6 times has my order been ready on time. 2 of the 6 times they hadn't even started working on my order yet. They're either understaffed, not trained properly, or incompetent... all of which are unacceptable. How is it that Subway can make a sub in less than 5 minutes or Jimmy Johns can make and deliver in 15-20 minutes, but Publix needs the better part of an hour to make a sandwich. Highly disappointing.

Review №30

Where shopping is a pleasure... I am a long time Publix Shopper and often recommend people shop at Publix when they're in the vicinity of one. This Publix took its store's motto. Every employee we saw throughout the store greeted us and most offered to help. As we were leaving the young gentleman found our Snickers bar at the bottom of a bag so we could eat it in the car and another gentleman bringing in carts offered to help us and help him as well. I have a high bar when it comes to what I expect from a Publix and this one surpassed even that. Good job, all!

Review №31

The cleanest supermarket ever. Well spaced isles, easy to find the products your looking for. All employees are very friendly and very helpful. Love Publix !

Review №32

Nice, clean, organized store. Good sale prices. Nice and helpful employees.

Review №33

Parking lot is nice, good proximity to other shops. Wine selection is really good, only complaint is they need more sake. Ov

Review №34

Love Publix! Always someone to ask if you can't find something and they will even walk you to the item you are searching for! Great customer service! The baggers will take your groceries to your car and put them in your trunk. Best grocery store in the area!

Review №35

My husband and I shop at Publix at least twice per week. We have always found the service to be exceptional, the food to be fresh in all departments and the prices to be competitive. We enjoy the personalized service we received from the meat department! Kudos to Fred and all in that department!!!!

Review №36

I love this store. But 2 days in the last week they haven't had any bananas. You can't operate a supermarket without bananas. I had to go shop at Harris teeter across the street.

Review №37

Great place to shop in that the people are very friendly. Sometimes too much so for those of us who like to bag our own groceries.

Review №38

The store is clean, well stocked and though busy on a Saturday they kept it moving. The employees are professional and friendly. The deli was super busy but again, they kept it moving. My visit was all I've come to expect when shopping at a Publix.

Review №39

A Publix is a beautiful place. Honestly, the best place I have ever shopped, from the smooth as glass carts to the beautifully arranged produce, it's all a great experience.

Review №40

I literally drive past a new shiny Harris Teeter that is less than a mile from our house (that we are building) to get chicken tenders for the guys that were helping us. It was 830 and the deli was closed I asked a sweet lady if they happened to have any chicken tenders in the back. She had 4 in the warmer to take home for her dinner and she insisted I take them. Very friendly lady still helping me while she was trying to close. The ppl there are amazing. Last week I went to that local HT and had to complain about a woman in the bakery bc of her attitude over a message cookie for my husbands birthday. She said I could just take a Father's day cookie. But he's not my father. She said she would have some tomorrow and I said his birthday isn't tomorrow. Then she said what color do u want it. I walked away. Publix is so worth the trip.

Review №41

Great selection. Great prices. Great employees. Hummus was on sale and that's really all that matters.

Review №42

Everybody was so kind,nice and good. It's good place to visit and shop. Thanks. Merry Christmas.

Review №43

I like Publix because of the wide range of Vegan foods that they offer. Many more vegan options than Harris Teeter.

Review №44

I don't understand how Zack got hired. He is the deli manager. He is the rudest person I have ever encountered.

Review №45

Nice store but not enough sales,promotion and lower pricing too!

Review №46

I have been shopping at Publix for over 30 years. Excellent customer service. Great big sub's made to order. Best bakery in town. Their sweet tea is delicious. Store shelves always fronted and clean. Wide selection of groceries and ethnic food.

Review №47

I now officially hate this place. They have this rude person working there and are perfectly happy having him lie, cheat etc while he works there.

Review №48

I always feel like I'm visiting friends when I shop. What a clean, inviting store with helpful employees and an excellent selection of products! I have found their Publix brand to be as good as the top name-brand items.

Review №49

While the staff is super friendly and helpful and the store is always clean; the hot food ALWAYS seems to be old, under temp, and bland. It would be nice to come in and get a consistent quality of food. Today, they had fried cod, which I love, but it was old, dry, and very over fried.

Review №50

I love Publix. We are visiting our son and family and live in the N E. When we come here I enjoy shopping at your local store. Things are soooo nicely displayed, it's clean and friendly. Wish we had one in Pa.

Review №51

Fantastic Publix. Clean, friendly staff with the great customer service. Rarely any lines at the registers and fully stocked every time we've gone. Publix needs to add more stores like that around South Charlotte.

Review №52

Average grocery store. Not super friendly but not rude either. Not well stocked. While my fault for not looking, i bought out of date cream cheese. I'm sure they will return it since I have the receipt but is a hassle having to drive all the way there to do just that.

Review №53

This store is clean, all items in row are clearly identified. Personnel are helpful - easy shopping experience.

Review №54

Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Twelve employees said "Good morning" to me and they helped me to my car as well.

Review №55

The best customer service!

Review №56

Clean and inviting. I have shopped here several times. They have small buggies for the kids to use. My grandson loves to drive his cart here!

Review №57

Love Publix! People are always so nice and helpful. Always clean and really good bakery and deli. Worth the 10 min drive for me, I pass up several stores because I prefer this one.

Review №58

Well layed out grocery store. Enjoyable shopping.Very clean. reasonable prices.

Review №59

It's a grocery store. You go in and buy groceries. Not much different than any other grocery store. Very clean and good selection.

Review №60

Tried the sushi. Bought the sushi. Ken was extremely helpful. Glad to find this Publix between work and home.

Review №61

Good for groceries and the bakery is better than Harris Teeter's

Review №62

I love this publix, always been given great customer service BUT tonight... I arrived at the Deli department at 9:45pm I seen two young men cleaning. I asked if I was too late to get a pound of corned beef. I was told "Well you would have to wait until we are done cleaning the meat slicer and you have to wait because (points to a couple) they were here first. Harrison and Taylor were working that night. Taylor had a little attitude and i just feel the way he talked to me was unprofessional. Taylor could have just told me nicely that I was not too late anx he would be with me in a moment. After Harrison took care of the couple who were there before me, he stood behind the counter looking at me crazy and as I looked up from my phone he goes "What did you want again." To me it's all about customer service and I will not return to this location. I rather drive the extra 10 mins to the other location in matthews or mint hill

Review №63

I love coming here I have to drive a few miles to get here and I do not mind. Service is great. Place is clean well organized and employees are actually great people. Love the variety of unique products.

Review №64

Very clean and friendly service. But the deli needs help. Always waiting long time for service. Last time the person must not have cleaned the meat slicer from previous usage. When we opened the bologne package the next day it had all these black specs in it. Hopefully, it was the previous meat. Will never get coldcuts there again.

Review №65

Clean store, great fresh prepared foods, prices are VERY high compared to other chains.

Review №66

I am from Gainesville Florida and I love Publix. Such nice people. Great bakery,deli and butcher shop!

Review №67

Clean, well designed, wide aisles, well lit, fun shopping, for the whole family. Excellent prices too!!

Review №68

Great grocery store. Awesome service. Love Publix!

Review №69

This was truly the greatest experience I have ever had. The employees are so grandiloquently incandescent! Literally, I feel like I could eat an entire carrot and digest it in seconds due to the amount of energy I use due to how excited I am from all the BOGO SAVINGS!!!!! REEEEEEEEE!!!!

Review №70

Store is clean, food shelves well-maintained and most importantly employees project a positive, friendly and very helpful attitude.

Review №71

Great customer service! Nice big clean store. Prices are on par with Harris Teeter, but the customer service and friendliness of staff is top notch.

Review №72

The absolute best place to shop. Total customer focused in everything they do. What a pleasure.

Review №73

Stores always clean and employees are always very helpful.

Review №74

Event planning Mary and flourist Barbara really Rock! Good produce.

Review №75

This is a great Publix! It's the closest one to our house. They have everything and some things that other Publix and Harris Teeters don't have. Plenty of parking in front. Plus a Red Bowl and a Midwood BBQ, and a CVS nearby.

Review №76

The people are so polite and willing to help you with anything.

Review №77

Very clean, well organized and the staff helpful. Enjoyed eating at the dining area

Review №78

Was my favorite store to shop until I got fish which had snapper fish parasite. Google it.. I couldn't eat any fish after that.. yuck!! Unapolegetic manager as well when I tried to return it. I am going back to ht.

Review №79

Publix is an amazing store. All of their produce is fresh and the fresh cut fruits are exactly that, "fresh". Not to mention their bakery department. Yummmmm is all I can say and yes again the cake is also fresh. And lastly the deli department is the best because of the fresh chicken they always provide and the wonderful subs and wraps and sandwiches they make. Lol. Can you tell I'm a fan!!

Review №80

Very friendly cashier nice clean and friend place to shop

Review №81

The people there are friendly and helpful great place to shop

Review №82

Very clean store. Employees were so nice and accommodating. Great selection of foods.

Review №83

Great quality food but needs more cashiers!

Review №84

As always a pleasant experience from the courteous friendly staff to the well stocked and groomed shelves.

Review №85

Friendly and very helpful. Their bakery is yummy!!!!

Review №86

Same prices as Harris teeter. Larger than the ht across the street with less samples. It's easier to get out of the publix parking lot

Review №87

Its good shopping here but when your on break they will call your job an try to get you fired DONT SHOP HERE NO MORE!!!!!

Review №88

Always great service and a phenomenal deli!

Review №89

This is by far my most favorite Publix!

Review №90

Employees at Publix are always so gracious. Prices are comparable to Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo with some variation. Glad you don't need a card just to get the discounts unlike other grocery stores. You can also use coupons with their BOGO deals. If they doubled/tripled coupons like Harris Teeter, it would be even better...but most of HT's are generally higher on most items. The store brand items seem to be of higher quality than HT's.

Review №91

The fish department doesn't carry wild caught salmon, unless in their frozen department. Their farm raised that comes from chili is pumped up with extra cholesterol.

Review №92

This is a great store with friendly staff. Much more customer service driven than Harris Teeter.

Review №93

Publix is a bright, clean, and service oriented grocery store.In addition to being a grocery store, this one has a deli for wings/mac&cheese/potatoWedges/etc and bakery.

Review №94

Always well stocked and the staff are always friendly and helpful.

Review №95

Friendly staff

Review №96

Once you shop here Hairless Tweeter will be a distant memory!!!

Review №97

Everyone ALWAYS the friendliest folks with the utmost desire to serve!

Review №98

Always friendly and helpful.

Review №99

Very well in many aspects, still not many low sugar and healthier items, place runs with you integrity

Review №100

Excellent people that provide excellent service. My favorite grocery store, hands down?

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:3110 Fincher Farm Rd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
  • Site:https://www.publix.com/?utm_medium=organic&utm_source=google&utm_term=google_my_business
  • Phone:+1 704-814-6001
  • Bakery
  • Grocery store
  • Beer store
  • Butcher shop
  • Deli
  • Wine store
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Friday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Sunday:6:30AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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