QDOBA Mexican Eats
2233 Matthews Township Pkwy Ste F, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Review №1

I like that your food is made fresh while you custom order it in front of your eyes. The selection of mix-ins to choose from has something for everyone. I find the portion size for the money to be above average. The ambience of the shops and greenery make dining here a relaxing enjoyable treat.

Review №2

This was a first visit for me, I will be back! Very flavorful food! Amazing!

Review №3

Came here for lunch the other day and they were fairly busy ( even during covid). The employees were friendly and got my order correct. That's really all I could ask for :)

Review №4

Nachos were dissapointing when I ordered it from doordash. Not enough cheese at all, the bell peppers were cut in a way that I had to bite them in sections to make them fit my nachos, it was like 80 percent beans, and they didn't even put red salsa on my nachos like I asked for. It was good but I wouldn't order it again personally.

Review №5

Yummy tacos with unlimited topping. Lately my favorite over chipotle. Always have deals on app and flyer in mail. More spacious dining area. Give the place a try.

Review №6

Food was good and had outdoor seating.

Review №7

Terrible. I've here before and it was good. This time the food was terrible, tasted like I bit into a cube of margarine. The employees rushed my order and I didn't get a chance to say what I wanted and when I finally paid, I realized that they messed up my order and the cashier hit my hand away when I pointed to the wrong order. I'm never recommending this margarine factory to anyone ever again.

Review №8

I've always been a fan of Qdoba in Matthews! However, this is the second time I received my to-go order wirh hair in the bowl! No one is wearing hair bonnets and when i called the store to complain, I was hung up on. I ALMOST went to the store, but decided I will NEVER go back there again. My family and I frequent this Qdoba at least 4 times out of a 7 day week. This is very disappointing as I was not rude, nor was I yelling and was hung up on once I got to the purpose of my call. Guess we will be trying Chipotle!To the owner that responded, I am not Kayla and my review was not about me u selection. It was about hair in my food, the employees being rude, and no one wearing hair bonnets. It is disappointing management/owners cannot even read and respond correctly to the customers.

Review №9

Love coming in to grab a quick lunch or dinner. Staff is friendly and the place is generally clean. Just learned they will be offering smaller adult plates in mid March 2020 which is something I am excited about. Love the chicken burrito bowls with chips!!

Review №10

Dont go here at night. Night shift crew has no sense of priority or urgency. They throw your scoops of chicken and rice at your torilla. They finish pick up orders before customers standing in line. You ask for wheat, you get flour. You ask for a small scoop of pico, you get a rounded shovel of a scoop. More tomato than chicken. I come here all the time this was the most disappointing experience.

Review №11

Worst Mexican food I ever had. Items in the IMPOSSIBLE Fajata Bowl had one taste--spicy yuk.

Review №12

Chipotle chicken bowls are way better

Review №13

Very friendly staff here. Food is good too. One girl in particular was wonderful-she worked the register, was very energetic, happy and light hearted. Constantly in motion, wiping tables, picking up trays and bowls for guests, interacting with guests and just in general keeping the mood upbeat. If I knew her name I would compliment her personally. She deserves a raise. She has a genuine quality that can't be faked. I hope she knows what a gift she has, and I Hope life rewards her well for it.

Review №14

Employee was not wearing his mask over his nose or mouth when we went to order. They also aren't asking people to wear masks when entering the restaurant (large groups of teenagers were ignoring the mask order the other week). Will not be eating here in the future.

Review №15

I forgot to hit curbside on the app, but the girl was very nice when I called and brought it out for me anyway!

Review №16

Bought and ate food, had some friends order food from next door and sit with us, we were asked to not eat inside due to limited capacity so we went and ate outside. 7 of 9 tables were available so we sat outdoors, within 2 minutes we were all asked to leave as well. Rude and awful management.

Review №17

This location has the most freshest food and it's also very tasty. I really enjoy the atmosphere and the friendly service . Plus the service is fast and the manager is very kind to me and my family. I defintely recommend this place to anyone

Review №18

The staff at the Matthews location is always friendly, I typically go during the week and love seeing familiar faces. I love their grilled veggies and feel their quality is better then their competition. Dining room always stays clean.

Review №19

Always really good and a friendly staff. My family always loves coming here. If you haven't tried it you need to.

Review №20

Great food and great service. I love this place.

Review №21

My wife and I dined here one evening. She's had bariatric surgery and can't eat large portions of food and commonly asks to eat from the kids menu. We asked to order from the kids menu were informed it had an age limit. We mentioned my wife's surgery, including offering to show an ID card the doctor supplied us for such just an occasion. We were informed again that the kids menu has an age limit, meaning my wife had to order a larger portion which she ate a small piece of, and could not finish. Since she can't eat a full-size meal without risking her health, we'll scratch this place off of our list of places we can eat.

Review №22

This is the BEST qdoba in charlotte!! We've been to many and none are as impressive as this location. The staff are incredibly helpful and friendly and the food is always cooked perfectly!! Highly recommend eating here for lunch or dinner.

Review №23

The food, as always, is absolutely amazing and the service is stellar. I always enjoy eating here and the atmosphere is pleasant. Zak Kinney was so helpful and kind while I ordered today. He was super polite and was constantly cleaning and making sure the store was clean. Truly a great employee.

Review №24

Amazing food, AMAZING customer service! This location is the best, friendly staff, and again .. best food!

Review №25

Always so good! So sad to see the mango salsa go out of season. It was addictingly delicious!

Review №26

Great place. We come here every Sunday night! Great food. Great staff

Review №27

Great food Very polite and courteous staff. Everything is clean and the food is great. Nice outdoor seating area.

Review №28

This place makes the smallest burritos you will ever see. They count the grains of rice individually.

Review №29

Matthew's location has been remodeled and is nice. Food always fresh and made to order. Customer service was on point on last visit.

Review №30

The best option among the design your own burrito places. They are huge with no off flavored items. The beef is tender and well seasoned. Plus they have the mix your own come machine. Missed the specialty tacos that were around for a while.

Review №31

Service here is always the best. Larry really made the experience all the better great personality and service skills....A+++ guys! Keep up the great work, I WILL DEFINITELY be coming back like always

Review №32

Clean and good service.

Review №33

Always good service, nice employees and generous portion sizes

Review №34

This place is legit, prices are great and the food is amazing. Always good and fast service from the staff.

Review №35

Update: After returning to this location. All the problems I had last time were resolved. It was clean, fast, and hot. The back of the store looked good. Thanks for fixing the problems I am very disappointed in this Qdoba. We have gone there for years, but they are going down hill fast! There were only 3 people in front of us in line. After waiting a few minutes we noticed that the hot food holding cabinet was wide open! Also they had a tablet for to go orders in the to-go food trays ! Gross. After another long while the manager went to get some meat out of the holding cabinet and it wasn't hot. She didn't use any protection and it wasn't even steaming!! And she didn't close the door!!! After waiting 15-25 minutes with no order still we decided not to eat here. I don't know it I could ever go back! Management is slipping.

Review №36

It's "fast food," but the employees actually seem to care, are friendly, and prompt. As someone that travels full time, it's my go to for cheap, good, vegetarian friendly meals with a beer and free wifi.

Review №37

Best of all the burrito joints, for their hint of Lime Chips and Queso!!

Review №38

This Qdoba is extremely nice. It's in a nice area and the staff was fantastic. We would definitely go again

Review №39

I really like QDOBA, and generally enjoy eating at this location at least once a month. It's always clean and service is great. I subtracted a star because at times my rice is not cooked thoroughly, and that can be hard to get passed.

Review №40

The rice is never cooked right. Aside from that it's food

Review №41

Ordered from here via Eat24 and they refused to do the order. Claimed they didn't have the time because people were in the restaurant. I was understanding and said I would be more than happy to just pick it up instead, they again- refused. Luckily the Eat24 people had good customer service and refunded. This was my first time having QDOBA and I sure won't be going to this location if I choose to try it in the future!

Review №42

Friendly staff, quick food.

Review №43

Love this place for lunch, I wish we had one near us. We always stop at one when we travel. Absolutely love the fresh ingredients, made to order.

Review №44

Great food and service! always enjoy eating here!

Review №45

Go every Sunday evening and greeted with a smile and with respect

Review №46

Also fresh and good. Also seating inside and outside is amazing. We always come as a group and have a good time.

Review №47

Great spot for fast Mexican food. Newly renovated with a great feel. A go to spot.

Review №48

Best place to eat and have great service!!! Staff is fast and very nice.

Review №49

Food was fairly good but $25 for two not large salads and one drink with only thing extra being guacamole is a bit much. Place is wallowing in mediocrity lately.

Review №50

My n1 place to eat, literally. This place is amazing. Food is always good and the remodeled inside and outside looks amazing.

Review №51

Love Qdoba so much better than the other place more selections and better food over all.

Review №52

Good food! And always friendly workers.

Review №53

Very great place with great food and friendly staff

Review №54

They have remodeled! The staff is friendly and the food is tasting better than before! Love Qdoba!

Review №55

Every time I come here there is an issue with either the food, the customer service or just the cleanliness in the build. I do not recommend this place, at all. Tables are filthy and in the back the food was being ate by the staff right at the bar. Definitely will visit Chipotle next time, make it worth my time

Review №56

Amazing Food! Amazing Service! Amazing Coca- Cola drink machine with over 100 flavors! Amazing Restaurant!

Review №57

Good Hispanic food for the price

Review №58

Qdoba was very clean and food was great. As the General Manager of a restuarant, it's hard to impress me but they did. I will be back soon.

Review №59

You better be ready to tell them what goes on your food. They forgot guac and sour cream on mine, which is a deal breaker for me. Qdoba has system for plating and they dont follow it.

Review №60

It's okay, decent portions average Mexican flavor nothing special

Review №61

This is my husbands all time favorite place to eat!! Food and service is always on point!

Review №62

You can get some healthy eats when you go here.

Review №63

Wow this Qdoba is amazing. Friendly workers. They treat you like family. Will come again very soon. Also the food is better than chipotle and moe's. Truth

Review №64

Delicious food, according to my wife. Nice staff with great service!

Review №65

Fresh, fast, and fantastic! Won't make you sick, like that "other place".

Review №66

Very clean and nice staff :)

Review №67

Good food better than chipotle

Review №68

Food is always great and definitely a go to whenever you want a chicken burrito.

Review №69

Disappointed with the service here. Tried ordering via uber eats. Order was cancelled 15 minutes after I placed it. I called to see what happened and they said their tablets internet wasn't working, she didn't seem to care at all. I asked if I could do a pick up order and she said yes. Then put me on hold for 7 minutes. I finally hung up when I got to the store. It was not busy at all. I ordered my food, and the lady at the cash register was beyond rude to me. I'm guessing it was the same lady on the phone. She even gave me more of an attitude when I asked if she could give me some more chips because she filled up the bag maybe a little less than half the bag. When I finally paid she said “ have a great day” in a sarcastic manner. I feel like every time I come to this location, customer service gets worse!!

Review №70

Food was okay not hot looks like everyone had a attitude. As they serve the food it wasnt enough felt like I ate a snack. The tables were not even clean to sit down at. Probably the last time I would come to this location.

Review №71

Best Qdoba on the East Coast!!!!!! Shout out to all the employees, you Rock!!!

Review №72

Been here for a bowl and the size portions were very very tiny compared with the other q doba locations. I was pretty disappointed very unfriendly staff I don't find it worth coming here...

Review №73

Great staff, great service & friendly staff

Review №74

Service was quick and food was great.

Review №75

Big burritos lots of drink choices at the cocacola freestyle beverage machine and good cholula sauce.

Review №76

Far superior to Moe's, Salsarita's, or Chipotle. Quality ingredients (love the queso) and the rewards program + email coupons is fantastic.

Review №77

Kind of disappointing. Quesadilla was good but burrito was sub par.

Review №78

The manager, a tall african-american lady, was extremely rude and you could see that the morale of her coworkers was suffering. The looks on their faces made me think something was wrong and it made me feel bad for them. She huffed and puffed when i told her the drink machine was out and asked her if she could refill it. She then just brought out a bunch of containers and just dropped them all over a table dramatically making them go everywhere. She didnt even respond to me asking for a refund and her employees were being completely ignored. There is a consistent theme in these reviews where a manager is being really rude.

Review №79

Good food and service for me. Impressed with how they handled a very rude man in front of me. They went above and beyond.

Review №80

Clean, quick and convenient, friendly staff. Food is good but typical.

Review №81

My local Qdoba. I enjoy eating here on a fairly regular basis.

Review №82

Love eating at this location. Great staff and large portions.

Review №83

The MGR takes care of her restaurant and it's customers. She goes above and beyond.

Review №84

The store has been totally renovated and it's so much nicer than before! Food is ok, same as before also.

Review №85

Doba is always on point.

Review №86

Always reliably clean, with good service and well prepared food.

Review №87

So yummy and well priced!

Review №88

They recently remodeled and it looks really nice.

Review №89

It was good. They are cheap on the meat portions

Review №90

Yummy burritos with free guac or queso included.

Review №91

Good food, good comfortable price, and filling. Mmmm!

Review №92

Good food and good deal

Review №93

Friendly people great food relatively fast a little expensive but you get what you pay for

Review №94

Its tasty, but their rice is hard a lot of times

Review №95

Food taste good. Just wish they gave enough meat so I didn't have to pay for extra. Small bowl was over 10

Review №96

Great food, excellent service!

Review №97

I love this Qdoba! It is where I fell in love with Giant Burrito Bowls and the like and after 6 years living in the land of Chipotle I was glad to visit one of my favorite Qdoba locations ever!

Review №98

I eat here alot. The workers are what keeps me coming back. They keep super clean and are very friendly.

Review №99

Food was ok but store needs serious remodeling. Oldest QDOBA store I've ever seen.

Review №100

Great environment, great location, large amount of seating.

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  • Address:2233 Matthews Township Pkwy Ste F, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
  • Site:https://locations.qdoba.com/us/nc/matthews/2233-matthews-township-pkwy.html
  • Phone:+1 704-849-8030
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Box lunch supplier
  • Brunch restaurant
  • Caterer
  • Delivery service
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Tex-Mex restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Friday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11:30AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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