Chipotle Mexican Grill
1909 Matthews Township Pkwy Ste H, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

Review №1

Ate here at this location for 6+ years. Tonight a group of employees including a shift supervisor gathered in a group and harassed my wife and I for not having masks and publicly made remarks “I guess they like quarantine etc” that the whole restaurant could hear. Never eating here again, this is ridiculous.

Review №2

Ive gone to this chipotle a lot of times, and every single time there's always a problem! Today I went in at exactly 7:35, the line was very long but i was very hungry so i waited. 10 minutes gone by still the line hasn't moved until i finally saw a manager that actually was doing something. Bathrooms aren't very clean, i decided to eat at home because the tables were very dirty. My sister did a order pick up and they don't do your order until you get there! Then what's the point of ordering online!! They have okay service but the girl that did my bowl had a attitude, so that made my experience not good.

Review №3

I wish I could have applauded the woman that helped me at this chipotle. The man in front of me refused to wear a mask and she handled the situation like a professional. I am so beyond impressed. I should have said something to her personally but once she was finished helping me there was a line of people waiting. You did a wonderful job!! Keep up the good work.

Review №4

Barely any meat or rice in my burrito.$12 and im still hungry.I would recommend Qdoba thats 3 minutes away and they are consistent with the portions and cheaper priced.I won't spend another dime in any Chipotle....hope you guys go bankrupt.

Review №5

Nothing better than a delicious burrito on a Saturday afternoon

Review №6

I am happy to know that CUSTOMER SERVICE is not DEAD!!! I went to Chipotle (Matthews Festival) and was greeted by a pretty young lady(& yes I can tell even with the mask) named Jazmin. I was a little disappointed because the hard shells were not available(cooking) & I didn't want to wait, so she was very accommodating with offering alternatives & I decided on a Taco Salad with the chips instead!! It was delish! Her customer service was on point! Keep up the good work Jazmin!!Noah (Apprentice) is definitely on the right path to becoming an EXCEPTIONAL MANAGER!! First off let me just say they were in the middle of dinner rush (pretty busy) & this young man did not miss a beat! Not only did he comp my meal for the inconvenience, he was genuine & professional, good eye contact, definitely understands CUSTOMER RETENTION (Business 1:1). Noah I would like to thank you for your great service. BE BLESSED.Sincerely,Genell Shaw - Security Supervisor

Review №7

Good place for fresh and decent quick food.

Review №8

Don't try and use a gift card here- hasn't worked in 2 weeks. Would be fixed same day if credit card processing was down.

Review №9

Do not make a mobile order here. Very disappointed. Didn't even get what I asked for. Was missing vegetables and pico de Gallo.

Review №10

Its Chipotle!!! If you haven't been go if you have you already go back. Nothing to complain about good food great portion size decent price scale

Review №11

Great food, same complaint as all chipotle's , it takes forever

Review №12

Worse place ever during this pandemic placed an order online and picked-up, was not given my correct order and called to inform them the young lady took my information and stated a manager will contact me in regards to my refund.After no call I called back spoke to the manager Steve who said he would contact there IT to check status on my refund and to allow 3-5 days it has been over a week and no one has contacted me nor refunded me back. I also had my hours of work cut I was also affected by this virus yet chipotle wants to take advantage of me and not refund me after my order was totally incorrect. Never ever returning to this location i can take my money to other locations who will have more respect for those of us wanting to give a little help by giving them business on the hard times.

Review №13

Terrible. High priced. Bad service. Checked bag before leaving and didn't see a fork to eaty salad with so I went back the the counter and the young lady behind the register stated that she put the fork in my bag so I assumed I had missed it and apologized. No surprise I get to my destination and there is not a fork to eat my salad with. My destination was my child's piano lesson. Forks aren't available at children's piano lessons. Lastly I'll say that there is no sign on the door stating that you can only order to go and cannot sit down inside although the state allows restaurants to open their dining rooms while practicing social distanceling. It's 95 degrees out. Nobody wants to eat outside. Put a sign on the door so your customers can decide if they want to take their food to go or if they want to eat at Qdoba Mexican Eats which is a much better choice.

Review №14

I requested very little rice & Beans on my Burrito. My Burrito was nothing but Rice & Beans LOL. Manager Ms. Jada was more than accommodating. Thanks Ms. Jada.Love Chipotle!

Review №15

Fast great food just don't let them forget napkins and utensils

Review №16

Tables were dirty and they do not ask their customer to wear a mask.

Review №17

Trash customer service, trash portion sizes, just trash really. Ordered a pickup waited 10 minutes after pickup time and got the coldest food I have ever received. I understand you guys are next to Dairy Queen but no need to compete on food temperatures, clearly you guys are colder.

Review №18

First Timer at Chipotle Was YUM YUM YUMMERS!

Review №19

Great service great food!

Review №20

I just moved to the area in February. I always always get chipotle via DoorDash/postmates delivered where I've lived. No different here. However, this chipotle has gotten my order wrong, 7+ times on deliveries and it's either missing items, or someone else's food entirely. Tonight I got someone else's food entirely. And it's food I can't even eat. I don't know why it's always something wrong with this chipotle. And yes I have complained via my delivery services but this is the final straw for me.

Review №21

Food is always fresh and delicious. I always get the salad with chicken and the fixings which are great. Staff is nice as well.

Review №22

This is the 2nd time since the beginning of the COVID 19 lockdown that we have ordered from Chipotle Matthews, and the order has been missing items. I called and spoke with the “manager” who was indifferent to my complaint. I was basically told “what do you want me to do”. I'm done with Chipotle and will order Qdoba from now on. Don't even try to blame the driver Chipotle! You seal the bag with a sticker!

Review №23

We tried the free delivery today---food came perfectly and the driver (Raphael) was nice. I recommend getting their delivery while we're all quarantined! :)

Review №24

Very few options available, it seems like a lot of the normal veggies were not available at this location.

Review №25

Every single day they serve less food in your plate, you can feel in the air the orders from management to do that. Im not going there any more, friends doing the same, its a topic of conversation already.

Review №26

Each time you have to wait a very long time for your order, Working in Delivery because it serves some out of turn.Just opened a restaurant and served not those who were waiting and was in the forefront. And I looked for my friend's girlfriend checks to close her order leaving 20 pieces of checks.

Review №27

The service was good, workers friendly. Marked down two stars because there wasn't a clean table in the place and the floors were dirty. The line was short so they could have cleaned it. One star down because each time I come in they seem to skimp more and more on the amount of food, especially meat they put in a bowl. This time it was mostly white rice they even skimped on the black beans, half a spoon.

Review №28

Friendly service and great food!

Review №29

Extremely rude check out lady. No greetings or anything. Food was lack luster. What really annoyed me was the check out girl handed me my cup when she saw me try to give her my card. Instead of using words like a normal human, she just shook the cup at me and had a rude expression. Definitely won't go back and will be sure to tell all my coworkers and friends not to go either.

Review №30

The parking can get a little crowded here. But that's a good thing. Tried the new Carne asada they've been advertising and it was absolutely delicious. The staff were all very personable and friendly. All of the ingredients were fresh and fantastically flavored. The restaurant, serving counter and restrooms were all quite clean and well-maintained. Everything was handicap accessible as well. Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian or just enjoy fresh, healthy food; this is a restaurant that I would highly recommend. If you took the time to read this, please take a 1/2 second and click like. Thank you.

Review №31

I have been to chipotle a bunch of times but today's white rice wasn't at it's best. Disappointed. ....

Review №32

The staff here is fantastic - courteous, efficient, and friendly. The food is every bit as good as you'd expect and then some. This is going to be a new go-to spot for us.

Review №33

The best Mexican ever I had in all these years. if you have a pallet for spicy food. I came here twice and their food quality as well as service is impeccable and commendable. Solid place worth stopping in if you are in the area. First this is a chain restaurant so know that going in. Next is the staff our servers have been great every time.Food was great and the price was even better the last meal we had there. The service is fast as always. The store is mostly busy... But the servers make it their point to serve you as fast as possible. Best Mexican food ever I had.

Review №34

I love chipotle Mexican grill and eat there 2-3 times a week but this one Has to be the Filthiest chipotle . in the pass 3 out of 4 times I've been at Matthew's nc location. I'll have to driving out of my way to eat at a different chipotle restaurant.. sadly

Review №35

Always a pleasant experience when I visit this location. Very clean store! The staff is welcoming and extremely flexible. The ingredients are fresh and delicious. Every week, we look forward to our chipotle sundays.

Review №36

Great quality always consistent...

Review №37

Got a lot of bones in my steak so u could say I got boned.

Review №38

HORRIBLE! I HAVE TRIED ORDERING A FEW TIMES TO SEE IF MAYBE I'M JUST CATCHING THEM ON A BAD DAY.They give you a teaspoon of rice each time and its so hard and crunchy. I'm definitely never given my money's worth. This is absolutely the worst location and the food quality is absolute garbage. There's pieces of food in my bowl that I didn't even order. DISGUSTING.THE LAZY STAFF NEEDS TO BE CLEANED

Review №39

Past two app orders were completely wrong. Unmasked employees serving food. Disappointment to say the least!

Review №40

Quality healthy food and a very friendly staff

Review №41

This location is consistently good, quick, and clean. I come here several times a week, and every time the barbacoa is thoroughly shredded and juicy, and the staff properly dunks it make sure I get the full juice and flavor. Other locations just grab a dry chunk and toss it on--not nearly as good. Mine is a less popular choice, and I appreciate them doing it right!

Review №42

The Matthews Township location is amazing! Very great team!! Accommodated all my requests!

Review №43

I don't really get down with Chipotle, but my wife does. She didn't complain, so I guess it was good. They didn't have any guacamole that day

Review №44

That burrito was so good plus the lady behind me paid for it !!!

Review №45

Service was quick and friendly. Though I watched a fly crawl over my food, he nicely remade my entire order no problem.

Review №46

Great experience

Review №47

Loveeeee Chipotle. Food was great, service was good although some people were being worked past their shifts, so they were a little on edge. Another employee stepped up and handled business

Review №48

Great staff. Cant beat this Chipotle. Easily the best one in the area. Food is good and better than the avg Chipotle. Customer service at its finest. I will be back.

Review №49

Cheap! Whatever you are wanting, order twice as much as you think you need. They only fill the salsa cups, burrito bowls, etc. halfway.

Review №50

Chipotle is my favorite chain restaurant to eat at. However, this location is always disappointing. I ordered my bowl online with the gift card I got as a Christmas gift. I get home and my bowl has the wrong protein and is missing 3 toppings I added. The printed label shows everything that should be in the bowl. Will not go to this location again, as I frequently have dealt with this issue.

Review №51

One of the best Mexican places ever!!!

Review №52

This the worst location I've ever been! The portions they serve are extremely small and the staff is super rude! I hope you improve the quality of your service!!

Review №53

Food is great, like always, only a few tables for seating. staff wasn't friendly, could've been better.

Review №54

Chipotle's food is always fresh, delicious and full of flavor. I always get in and out without a problem which is needed (lunch is only 30 mins). If a mistake is made they will easily corrected no questions asked.

Review №55

My food was good but I ordered a chicken burrito but was told there wasn't enough chicken and so the employee asked me if I wanted something else to fulfill the near portion so I said pork or whatever, thinking I was getting that upgrade for price of chicken. Instead I was charged price of pork which is significantly more. I felt baited into an upgrade when I only wanted to pay for the chicken burrito. I should've stood my ground but felt blindsided. Won't happen again, though I may never dine there again as a result.

Review №56

This is by far the worst Chipotle I've ever been to. The employees were just standing around laughing and talking while the line was wrapped around to the dinning area. I've never seen such poor service at Chipotle. I'm referencing the Matthews/ Independence location!

Review №57

Excellent staffing and service from the moment I walked in the door. Very pleasant experience. Well kept establishment.

Review №58

Good location

Review №59

Portions small enough to offend an african child

Review №60

Love coming in to pick up lunch. Always quick.

Review №61

Great service, as always the food was good

Review №62

They ok. food good. 2nd best to an other similar restaurant which i wont name though.

Review №63

1pm on Saturday afternoon. All the tables were dirty. Floors under tables very dirty. Waited in long line to order, just to be told of a 20min wait for brown rice. Waited 10min and got back into longline. Only to be told it would be another 10min wait. Poor management. . Other food items in first orders were not as good as usual either.

Review №64

Staff was super nice and friendly & food was great

Review №65

I went yesterday at about 2 pm. The service was quick and friendly. My portions were very generous without my having to ask for more!The food was fresh and hot. I also took note of the Health rating, which was a 98, so they must be doing most things right from that end, as well. I was really surprised at the bad reviews. My experience was totally different.

Review №66

I really wish every time I go it would be uniform but seems like everytime you go in there is a different person working...chicken was way too spicy could barely eat it...sour cream all over my dish and got in my car because girl was too busy talking at cashier she didn't even offer a bag!

Review №67

I visited for lunch with my grandkids. The service was outstandingThe staff was thoughtful and on point. I have a chicken bowl with black beans and rice. The flavor and seasonings were very good. The location quickly filled up with customers and the indication of a solid local chain restaurant. Give them a try!

Review №68

Always fresh! Customer service is great!

Review №69

Bad customer service. Try Taco Bell on Providence road. Much better ️

Review №70

Good food, husband enjoys the secret menu. This place does it best in my opinion

Review №71

Was a great dish, I also learned to ask for you lettuce to be put on the bottom of the bowl instead of on top, it's much easier to mix everything that way. Pass it on!

Review №72

Love this Chipotle. Very nice employees. It's busy a lot but they keep the line moving and give fair portions. Always hook me up with that sour cream on the side. I'm there like 3 days a week.

Review №73

Great burrito and bowl... Beef a tad bit salty... But may just be my taste buds.

Review №74

So I went here today 6/27 at 3:40 for the first time and I'm amazed by the employees friendliness. Now a days that's so hard to find nothing please keep the smiles and friendliness you guys . I highly recommended this Chipotle to anyone it's also very clean .

Review №75

Good food, reasonable prices

Review №76

This location has greatly improved. Everything was fresh and good.Employees are great as well.

Review №77

I order a chicken burrito with just about everything on there along with guac. When ordering i didn't pay attention that guac was $2.05 to add on to a burrito which is quite pricey. Other than that i have no complaints, my burrito was delicious and very filling. I also like the quality and taste of their queso much better than Moe's, it doesn't get cold and thick super quick like Moe's.

Review №78

The food was good. Was a bit disappointed that there wasn't any steak available. Other than that, everything was good.

Review №79

My granddaughter and I visited because she likes this place.I'm not to familiar with the menu or the pricing. I had a $10.50 barreto and she had a cheese casadilla.with 2 drinks it was $20.Kind of pricey. Big piles of beans, rice, lettuce, tomatos and various blan veggies and sauces stuffed in a huge rubbery soon to be soggy tortilla.You can have it.Ill what til I get back to Cali.

Review №80

They have great tacos there!

Review №81

It was okay. Literally. Just okay. It still doesn't hold a candle to Moe's or even Qudoba. The food is not awful, but nothing to crave. The service is nice. Not much sense of humor though. Kind of awkward.

Review №82

This Chipotle it's not a good one the person that serve me in every time I go there they give you a little baby helping like I'm going to child you have to ask for more rice have to ask for more everything because they gave you not even of spoonful of food and it's ridiculous and your paying $8 for what nothing I will never go there again and a say that every time because that's the only one in my neighborhood but I rather go to the one on the other side of town they don't give you a enough food for your money I'm sorry

Review №83

All I'm going to say is that I have been to other Chipotle's and this is the best one I've visited. Food and service was very good.I would like to show y'all what I had but I couldn't stop eating. Maybe next time, cause I will be going to that one more often.

Review №84

I love Chipotle! I always order the bowl with half steak and chicken. Fresh and delicious!

Review №85

Was horrible gave me the bottom of the barrel and when i wanted more rice scraped the pan. It was horrible serving otherwise crunchy and distasteful.

Review №86

Awesome..Staff don't hesitate to fill your bowl full of

Review №87

Not my favorite location. On a positive note it does not get too busy so it's pretty quick to get in and out of. Still good food and very fast. Employees have always been courteous and respectful to me at least.

Review №88

Great place to eat or just pick up something to take home.

Review №89

This location is very efficient and even have my cilantro on the side that I love.

Review №90

Best one in Charlotte beside the 1 in north lake

Review №91

Fast service, great food

Review №92

Steak is usually not overcooked, which is nice compared to some places I've been to.

Review №93

Thanks Chipotle Matthews for sending out a hand full of chips which was 75% of the standard 4 oz. (3 oz weighed with bag). Also, I'm glad you sent me the chips from yesterday you needed to get rid of to be delivered. I highly doubt you would serve someone present in your establishment the chips you sent me. There is always an issue we have when ordering or visiting this location in Matthews.

Review №94

Normally don't have any problems at Chipotle, but the white rice was very undercooked here. Like, it was still crunchy in the center.

Review №95

Food was good and service was quick and pleasant

Review №96

Had an amazing experience here. Had a missing item on my previous visit, called in and spoke with the Manager Chelsea. She went over the top to make sure I was happy and taken care of. It's a win for me and for Chipotle.Go here for good food and great service

Review №97

Food is ok but they lack on cleaning the tables for others to sit and eat. You have to clean it yourself.

Review №98

This specific store seems to be going downhill in recent months. Tonight our take out order was completely messed up. We will avoid this location until it is under new management.

Review №99

Great take out service!!!!

Review №100

Never gets my order right. Literally gave me tomatoes and cheese for my order. Never been to a more dysfunctional Chipotle

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  • Address:1909 Matthews Township Pkwy Ste H, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
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  • Phone:+1 704-845-9406
  • Caterer
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10:45AM–10PM
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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