Jersey Mikes Subs
2332A Matthews Township Pkwy, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

Review №1

So fresh, juicy and good we went back to back.

Review №2

The food quality is always top notch, but the prices compared to other sub stores is the highest I've seen. My boss loves Jersey Mike's, but I never go by myself. I'm probably just biased though, the food is great and the workers are fantastic

Review №3

Staff is friendly and efficient. Great tasting subs, meats and topping very fresh. I waited on line for 15 minutes while they made several online orders in front of me before starting my sub. No priority for customers in the store.

Review №4

Very good food and service. I usually go on Tuesday for the special otherwise it's a little pricey.

Review №5

Excellent service and good sub sandwiches. This location is busy but not usually crowded. They are always courteous and will make your meal the way you want it. The food is always fresh and I have not had a complaint in the years that I have been going. Best choice for a sandwich from any of the chain stores out there. If you don't see exactly what you want, they will usually make it for you.

Review №6

Very poor service!! Very disappointed!! Placed an order over phone and was told it would be ready in 5min. When I got there... The order was never placed from the guy that took my order. Was looking forward in eat a delicious sandwich but unfortunately I'm going elsewhere for a sandwich. Maybe Jimmy Johns!! They'll take my order right! Thx!!

Review №7

I just had a damn good sandwich and my husband absolutely agreed. The restaurant was very clean and easy to understand the flow. It was being managed by 3 professional, friendly, and patient women: Deidre, Kyanah, and Morelia!! Their smiles alone behind the masks made me feel welcomed ️ And look at how beautifully dressed my sandwich is!!

Review №8

Clean shop. Speedy and friendly service. Subs are okay but that's standard across all jersey Mike's. I just wish they would enforce the mask policy

Review №9

First time visiting this location and was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the store and the professionalism of the employees. They were out of white bread so obviously I went with wheat. I've never had that before but it was good nonetheless. My giant number 7 was made to perfection and with care. I couldn't have been happier with my experience and definitely look forward to my next visit in February. Thank You to the staff for such a wonderful experience.

Review №10

These subs as always are amazing. Love love love the Big Kahuna. The employees were professional and timely while being polite and offering helpful suggestions on what I should get everyone else. Was a great experience.

Review №11

I love their veggies subs!

Review №12

I love Jersey Mike's! Deidre does an amazing job and George was awesome! I'm hardcore about my sandwiches and the way he prepared and packaged everything showed he really cared about the food and what he was doing. Great food and awesome job!!

Review №13

These people were amazing! I drive truck and they were so accommodating.Thank you Dedra!

Review №14

The initial price can be a bit daunting when faced with cheaper alternatives such as Subway, but the subs here are quite a good quality.Would not recommend as a daily lunch break option, but as an occasional treat it works quite nicely! I imagine using the subs as a food platter would also work out quite nicely as well. If you're in the mood for a warm sub or something a bit complex, I'd recommend it. If only using lunch meat or cold cuts, I'd save the extra $ and make one at home

Review №15

Super kind & really quick! We stopped in to pick up a couple of sandwiches. Despite not having preordered the meal, they were more than accommodating to preparing our sandwiches!

Review №16

Good food especially when you get the tuesday special

Review №17

Always great cheese steaks but did the regular size sub just become a mini sub...

Review №18

Great subs. Little pricey but I knew that going in. Quick and fresh.

Review №19

Just love there giant subs

Review №20

Great service and good food

Review №21

Simply stated, this is a really good, go-to, chain for subs. Nothing flashy or elegant but customer service is always really good and their subs are great. Their app makes it easy to order for a quick dash in and out lunch.

Review №22

Can't beat jersey Mike philly steaks

Review №23

A little pricey for a sandwich, but consistently tasty every time.

Review №24

I had a fantastic experience here. I cashier was very friendly and smiled and created a welcoming environment. While she could not immediately take my order she did welcomed me and acknowledged my presence and that she would be with me shortly. Upon taking my order, my meal began being prepared immediately and was made to perfection. The restaurant was clean despite having come in after the noon rush. A great experience all around and look forward to my next visit. There is parking near for those of limited mobility.

Review №25

We ordered a 6 Foot Sub for Supwr Bowl and Deidre and her crew scored a major touchdown! The sandwich was a huge hit and the level of service we received was OUTSTANDING!!!

Review №26

For it being my first time here the food was good. But the staff was extremely rude to one of its employees. She told the fella that “he better come back tomorrow with a better attitude”. That was just very unprofessional and could have been handled differently instead of in front of a crowd. I am a General Manager for a franchise and would not accept that kind of behavior from any employee.

Review №27

Love Jersey Mike's! They cut the meat for each sub when you order and their veggies are always fresh. Don't let the construction fool you, they're open!

Review №28

Employees were dressed unprofessionally and spitting on my food. Avoid if you don't want to get sick.

Review №29

Love those subs. And I get shore points.

Review №30

I had a hard time finding this place using Maps but that's mostly due to me being new to the area and there being construction in the shopping center, but once I found it, I was greeted by two warm employees who were ready to assist and patient in taking my order. I had the chicken cheese steak and my wife had the Veggie sub "Mike's Way" and we were both pleased with our choices. The orders were made precisely the way we requested and the highlight was the bread which was reminiscent of hoagies we have had up North.

Review №31

Great sandwich place one of my favorites as always. There's nothing like a Jersey Mike's

Review №32

Average staff and a "sub above" experience. The staff arent as bored and monotonous as McDonald's, and they prepare your food fast and accurately. Not too shabby, Mike... Not too shabby.

Review №33

Loved this store and the staff is super friendly!

Review №34

Good food done fast. Miss Zee makes everyone smile. I'm glad we stopped by today. I enjoyed my meal but I really enjoyed the way she treated everyone that came in while I was eating. Take care of her she is a special young lady

Review №35

Quick, perfectly cooked. Met expectations of a Jersey Mike's

Review №36

Always good

Review №37

Customer service is always on point at this location. Great subs too!

Review №38

My sandwich was great. The service was great BUT my feet stuck to the floor. I do understand soda machines give off "spray" when your filling your cup but maybe a little extra attention should be given to the floor in that area. I'm not saying it's a dirty store though. Its my personal opinion... I dont like when my feet stick to the floor. I did see one employee handle money then IMMEDIATELY washed her hands before she touched any food!!! Very impressed . Most people dont realize how filthy money is.

Review №39

EXPENSIVE !Small chesesteak combo and two extra sodas. Cost - $17.50 Even the cook / server agreed it is a costly place to eat. Review by a Jersey/Philly guy and his three boys.My one son said the sandwich was good, but to me, for what we got, not worth it.I am a bit surprised not many reviewers that complain, arenot referring to the cost. They all must be flush with cash.

Review №40

Great subs and really fast. I have no real complaints other than they were out of my drink both times I've been there.

Review №41

The best of the "chain" sub shops. Subs taste fresh and the meats and cheeses are cut to order.

Review №42

Always delicious, fast service

Review №43

Nice fasr service.. Parking is small because of construction

Review №44

It's Always Amazing!!!

Review №45

I usually come here about once a week and the service is normally great and fast! Today was an off day for them; slow and they added the peppers I asked to leave off. But normally, much better experience. It is hard to see from the road, but once I realized they are beside Marshall's, I've come regularly and will continue; today was just a one-off!

Review №46

I come here every week and have never had a problem. Until today. I have never experienced customer service so poor in my life by the large black lady with an attitude like I have never seen. I will be visiting another location from now on. Bravo to the lady who would t give me her name. Worst service I have experienced

Review №47

I have been coming to this location for over a year. I ordered online today, I don't know what happened today but it was horrible. My salad was thrown together and saturated with oil and vinegar. The lid was not closed on the salad so it was running out of the bag and dripping on the floor. The sandwiches we ordered were missing toppings. The customer service I witnessed at the register while waiting was just poor. I am going to have to give them a break.

Review №48

Friendly staff and good subs. Gluten free option is a huge plus due to my allergies.

Review №49

Still my favorite sub shop option. Come by on Tuesday for the special.

Review №50

Good subs but a little pricey

Review №51

My favorite

Review №52

Good, but short staffed at lunch rush more often than not.

Review №53

Wonderful staff, friendly and full of energy, they sure helped my evening!

Review №54

I was greeted when I first walked in! Very nice and clean. I enjoy the fact that they cut their meat fresh for your subs, not presliced on paper like other sub places.

Review №55

Young lady and young man working Saturday 10/27/18 around 3ish were wonderful! Had my friend order a 2nd sandwich b4 we left.

Review №56

Great philly steak and cheese and get it with mushrooms

Review №57

A few months back I bought a sandwich. When paying with a CC you must now choose the amount of tip to be included. After choosing no tip (paying 2.5x the price of subway), cashier points to the tip jar. Most recently tried them via Uber Eats. Order received was the complete opposite of what was ordered. Rather than waste time explaining the experience I left it alone. Quality food if you get what you order.

Review №58

My fiance and I came in for lunch. She is a vegetarian and has a gluten allergy. It had taken 5 minutes for me to receive my sub, however when it came time to make my fiance's sub, the server skipped making hers and serviced 6 customers behind us first before cleaning the equipment and finally made my fiance's sub, totalling 35 minutes for the order. Other customers made comments to the server as to when my fiance's order would be completed. Completely unacceptable customer service.

Review №59

Will be on my list

Review №60

Best subs

Review №61

We go here all the time to grab lunch when we're in a hurry but don't want the usual fast food. We love it! No matter how busy they are, they're always so nice and welcoming.

Review №62

The excellent taste of a jersey style sub

Review №63

Great food horrible customer service, there was a young lady there 2-18-17 4:30PM whom I asked what kind of cookies it was they had in the counter, looked me straight in the eye and said "I don't know you can check them" honestly I was lost for words. Will probably never come here again good customer service goes a long way.

Review №64

Wrap was great and the staff was great.

Review №65

Subs are great but a little pricey. Otherwise I would give 5 stars. Of course you get what you pay for any where you go. I wait for a coupon in the Clipper magazine and then go on last Wednesday of the month for double shore points!

Review №66

Had a very good experience here.

Review №67

The service was great, Tiffany has the best customer service skills..... Enjoyed it definitely coming back.

Review №68

This place has great fast service, very good personal, and of course nice food

Review №69

Its all good

Review №70

Excellent sandwiches and while not fast food, only waited a few minutes for our sandwiches to be ready.

Review №71

Best tuna around. Ingredients are very fresh.

Review №72

Expensive, but very good

Review №73

Get it Mike's way...

Review №74

I laugh at Subway.

Review №75

Tuesday isn't the same without a super Tuesday sub from Jose at Jersey Mike's

Review №76

Horrible on the day I went to eat lunch.

Review №77

# 8, all the way please. The best!

Review №78

Awesome sandwich subs

Review №79

Я очень доволен, standard subs...

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