9623 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

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Fast, easy and delicious.

Review №2

Great customer service and very clean

Review №3

Worst subway ever! Nothing is ever right and Sandwich is always crushed

Review №4

This was the WORST Meatball Sub sandwich. The guy there was Ho Hummm. Was so blah. Asked to get my bread toasted. Not toasted and where is the meat. It was so Bad, that we threw it in the trash and headed up to another Subway on Galleria blvd. They was so nice and my Meatball Sub was made just right! With this Virus going on you should be thankful you are working. He should be taken off schedule or seek another job without CUSTOMER SRVS.....

Review №5

Sandwich looked like it was involved in a physical altercation.Bread was ripped and smashed, tomatoes looked like someone had squashed them in their hand when grabbing them and the sandwich kids looked like someone was really mad when they assembled it.I had been ordering from here pretty regularly lately, but if this is the reaction I get when the order is wrong , I won't inconvenience them again.

Review №6

Excellent service, great deal for 4th July for txt subscribers. Got a 6 inch with a drink for free, and gotta say good 98 clean score

Review №7

Refused service because I can't wear a mask due to health conditions.

Review №8

The employee with the “gold nugget earrings” is terribly rude. He was like that on more than one occasion and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I tried to engage him in conversation several times. I shouldn't have had to been the one to ask how he's doing. You would've thought he knew how to greet a customer. But , he let me know without hesitation he was tired. Maybe he should get another job because he's lacking human decency.

Review №9

Ordered 2 sandwiches. One was made correctly and tasty. The other was mismade (not even a sandwich) when I complained, the lady at the counter tried to snatch the mistake away from me. I said I'll keep it since mismade my order. She screeched at me something about not remaking my order if I didn't give it back to her because i "didn't pay for it"One of the worst customer experiences I've had at a restaurant.

Review №10

Always Healthy and Delish !!!

Review №11

This Subway should close down they never have anything to go on your sub in stock always out of things and the ppl working there don't even want to be working there. There attitude of customer service is very poor!!!!

Review №12

The service was friendly and prompt. Parking was a breeze with parking close by for those of limited mobility. My sandwich was made to specification and tasted great.

Review №13

Ran out of wraps at 11:30am. All wraps. Employees were complaining the whole time with each other about online orders. I waited in line for a wrap and watched them use the last of all wraps in front of me for online order. Really bad experience worth a bad review.

Review №14

The employees of this subway act like you are bothering them. I guess because they usually only have one person working doing everything. its usually not that clean and the bread is stale. I would choose another subway if you value being treated like a customer and not a nuisance. I won't be returning. I went one time and was treated super nice by a nice very tall young man. the rest of the visits were just awful.

Review №15

They have healthy food at reasonably prices. The coupons helps a lot. They provide good customer service

Review №16

Worst experience I've ever encountered at a subway. the girl behind the counter was rude. she acted like it was a bother I came into the store. they were out of onions too. I asked for a receipt and she actually slung it at me. place was a mess. floor was unswept and the food bar looked like a food fight had taken place. I should have left and never ordered. I won't be back to this subway.

Review №17

The foot long sub had a lot less meat than it used to. It wasn't toasted long enough either. The staff was super friendly and fast.

Review №18

If you use the customer loyalty card you gain points towards a free sandwich

Review №19

The whole experience was terrible. I had hair in my food and then when they remade it the associate had the nerve to blame the other team member. It's only 2 members working who else could have if it wasn't the person who just made my sub? Anyways. The situation just was horrible because i couldn't have gotten a refund and the only thing theg were able to do was remake the sub and the ingredients didn't look that fresh and the supervisor wasn't on site or available. The worst service I have ever experienced.

Review №20

Worst experience ever at a Subway. My sandwich maker Tori was so rude when I asked her to change her gloves after she coughed. Vegetables weren't fresh and store was not clean. I definitely won't be coming back to this location.

Review №21

I was never a real Subway fan in general however the last couple of times that I went it was really good so I would definitely go back again.

Review №22

This location usually is ok but my last sandwich had a small lump of dirt on my spinach. Wasn't sure if it came from the storage container or if the spinach was not rinsed well.

Review №23

I little busy at times, but an overall great fast food restaurant.

Review №24

So it says they close at 9:30, just saw a family try to go in and the doors are already locked! Either they're closing early or y'all need to update y'all times!!! Thnx.

Review №25

Eat here often food is usually good and fresh but it's never very clean in side

Review №26

Good food, nice service! Clean & well lit.

Review №27

Service was great, the sandwich was ok

Review №28

Ran out of bread! Usually food fresh and tasty , Great location but workers overworked and clearly undertrained . High turn over of staff and they seem overwhelmed Some are cleaner and more pleasant than others but definitely think these are issues management should fix ASAP.

Review №29

Subway is my favorite sandwich shop.

Review №30

Good food quick

Review №31

You cant really beat Subway. Good food, decent prices. I was at this location yesterday and the customer service was terrible. There were 2 women working. One was hustling to take the orders of 3 people while the other woman (Melisa) was just busying herself with other things. She never even acknowledged that customers were standing there while she counted gift cards? She never spoke to anyone or smiled or even made eye contact. Maybe Im just accustomed to a higher level of customer service. There are too many other locations to waste my time going to this one again.

Review №32

I placed an order online and when I came to pick it up I had to wait about 15 minutes while the single employee waited on everyone else. Once the line was empty she asked what I wanted. When I told her it was an online order she said she didn't know how to do that and had to call someone. By the time she found out the pre paid order had timed out. I told her what we ordered but she started waiting on other people before me. When I asked about that she said the oven was warming up. After about 15 more minutes my sandwiches were made and I was on my way. I consider this a training issue and the fact that they should have had more people working on a Sunday. Poor girl was worked to death.

Review №33

I've been here on 5 separate occasions when they've been out of bread because they only cook it in the morning, so by 6pm they are out of most everything. However the same thing also happened to me at lunch time. In addition, the ice machine was putting out ice and chunks of mold and the ice tea had a giant 4 foot puddle on the ground.Update: After an apology from management I tried again. This time they were out of bread and just didn't tell me no, they gave me the wrong bread without saying anything. Then they toasted the sub closed, then the person mopping the whole entire place hit my leg with the mop (I was the only customer...), then I almost slipped and fell because the idiot mopped the whole place while I was checking out instead of waiting until I left AND he laughed and said "be careful". Oh yeah this is a special place...

Review №34

Food was good..service only complaint worker should have had her cap on her head serving people. Glad there was no hair in my food.

Review №35

How is this place still open

Review №36

Just not a fan of their sandwiches. Like Jersey Mike's more.

Review №37

Ordered online.girls were stupid about order.thought online said 6" subs when i added to shopping bag

Review №38

If you eat at subway and complain about it your stupid anyway

Review №39

The only subway i have ever walked out of. I stood here for several minutes watching 1 employee struggle to set the heat tray on top of the stove... then, as a line formed, the same employee began poking and pinching a customers sandwich as if inspecting it for bugs. She looked shocked, but said nothing, i then left.

Review №40

It was about 3 or 4 years ago that I had walked into this particular Subway store to purchase something to eat.The immediate reaction I got from the crew as I entered was one of general apathy and an expression of disdain for the fact that a new customer had walked in. I always try to be pleasant and smile to strangers, and I never gave these folks a hard time before here - but they were just miserable with their jobs and with working. This has been a noticeable trend in many subway stores: employees are not the least bit but the opposite of enthused when customers walk in.I don't want people who find making my food miserable business to be forced to do it, so I simply turned around and left as promptly as I walked in the door. I resolved never to eat subway in that state again. I find the food a bit sub-par but the sheer weight of apathy, misery, and a clear and tangible disdain for the customer reflects that perhaps this isn't uncommon at subway. Perhaps this is a norm. I resolved not to eat there.

Review №41

It's a subway, can't really go wrong with that. Employees here are very friendly.

Review №42

Staff is cold and makes you feel like you are inconvenience them by spending your money.

Review №43

Very good food selection.

Review №44

Order online today and asked for a chopped salad and it was NOTchopped and DID NOT have everything on it I order .

Review №45

Lazy teenagers

Review №46

Terrible under budget Subway. Didn't have most of anything to serve. No jalapeno,no pickle.

Review №47

My go to for a sub

Review №48

Great service!

Review №49

Friendly staff who went the extra mile and gave me what I asked for with a smile

Review №50

Awesome food.

Review №51

Fast service.

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  • Address:9623 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
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  • Phone:+1 704-847-4424
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  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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