Chen-Fu Chinese Fast Food
9623 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Review №1

My wife and I usually get take out from here as our go-to Chinese food. The ladies managing the counter are always very friendly, and we like the food. Normally we get sesame chicken or chicken & broccoli and it's always very good, and fresh. The fried rice is fairly plain, but if you know what to expect we enjoy it with our meals, as well as an egg roll.

Review №2

[7Jul19] Good food. A different flavor profile from other Chinese restaurants. The hot and sour soup was very good.The place could some remodeling, and the long hallway to the bathrooms is ... odd.

Review №3

Best Chinese food I've ever had! I have gotten the chicken and broccoli for years along with an egg roll and I will make the drive here whenever I crave Chinese food & sweet tea! Chicken fried rice is also amazing. Absolute wonderful people!

Review №4

If I could give this place more stars I would! Amazing food! The most consistent Chinese restaurant in Charlotte HANDS DOWN. Food is always good. They are so friendly and the sweet tea is actually sweet tea. The drive to this place is worth it.

Review №5

This place is not a good place for chicken wings was expensive and was nasty the rice was good but not a really place to go eatI will no recommend this place for chicken wings

Review №6

Absolutely amazing. 15 years as a chef- get the black bean curd with beef! The fried pork dumplings are spot on! Portions are super generous as well! I haven't enjoyed a dish this much sense I was in china town in LA. Closest I ever made it to China.

Review №7

I have been going here since I was a baby. It's a family owned and family friendly place. The staff is really nice and the food is my favorite Chinese food.

Review №8

Good food. Huge quantities. Could feed two with one special. Only did take out. Quick and courteous.

Review №9

I ordered the sesame seed chicken. It was really good. It was hot and crunchy and not a lot of gristle on my chicken. I enjoyed it and I will definitely go back.

Review №10

Always excellent serviceGenerous portions. Clean and always friendly. Also excellent vegan dishes. A place where everyone in the family can get a meal to enjoy. I highly recommend

Review №11

Food was ready quick for pick-up and tasted delicious. Portions were generous as well. Only complaint was that no silverware was provided, minor thing. Overall good.

Review №12

I've been eating here since 1993 and have never had a bad experience. The food is always delicious and the staff is great. I wish I could steam broccoli like Tony does. My favorite dishes are Orange Chicken, General's Chicken and their House Special fried rice. All of their dishes have nice defined flavors and there is no overlapping like some places. Each dish taste different than all of the others.The serving sizes are big and the prices are very reasonable. You can dine in or take your order out. They are not a buffet and your order is made fresh. This is my favorite Asian food place in the Matthews and Charlotte area.

Review №13

Great food great customer service very clean

Review №14

Unfortunately our go-to Chinese place is closed due to the virus because this was some of the most tasteless food I've ever tried to eat. I ordered the black pepper steak and I guess the chef doesn't know what pepper is as there was definitely none of it in my dish. And for $11, I was hoping for more than 1 oz of steak and 16 oz of veggies. Lets talk about the “fried” rice, or better described as soggy brownish rice - they should fry the rice as badly as they fried my wife's orange chicken. It was crunchier than the extra crispy at KFC. And again, no taste to it at all. No taste = no return.

Review №15

Just went there for the first time had the wings and fried rice. Food was hot but the rice was tasteless, bland and boring. No veggies no egg and a weird color. BUT the wings were fantastic? Hot, Crispy and cooked well.

Review №16

We picked up Chen-Fu's for dinner last night and it was DELICIOUS! We had the Pepper Steak, General Chicken, Eggs rolls and fried dumplings. The flavor of the food is wonderful and the portions are huge! We can't wait to come back!

Review №17

First time I've been here, wonderful family owned and operated business. Picked up my order to take back and was surprised by the portions. Plenty of food for two people. The food was excellent, cooked to perfection and served quickly. Very family friendly environment, staff is courteous and helpful and an overall pleasant experience. I look forward to returning in the near future.

Review №18

I did a takeout order and the server lady was very friendly and nice. They have a clear window blocking the cashier area and receiving money from its slot hole avoiding for any physical contact. I was able to see the chefs in the kitchen were wearing masks while cooking so I thought that was thoughtful during this time.In terms of food, they were just okay. My boyfriend and I had General Chicken with Lo-mein and Beef with Broccoli in lunch specials as well as House Special Fried Rice.The lo-mein was overcooked and general chicken was soggy as if the sauce was mixed long time ago and the House Special Fried Rice was okay, I think if the rice itself was more fresh then it could've been better. Beef with Broccoli was good compare to other dish we orderd. The lunch specials portion is decent but won't fulfill the hungry beasts - suggest getting a chef's specials.Overall, service was good but food/freshness needs to be improved.

Review №19

They never fail to knock off my socks!

Review №20

Chen Fu is delicious and prices are reasonable. Some of the best Sesame Chicken and Flavorful sauces available and dishes can be customized. I also love the chicken wings here. It is Fast Food but dining in is always a great experience with very good customer service.

Review №21

This is one of my favorite hole in the wall Chinese restaurants. Staff is very friendly and food is decently priced.

Review №22

The food here is always fresh and the service is great. Only thing is I usually order the chicken fried rice, as I dont like the fried rice they serve out of the heated dish.

Review №23

Always great!!!! Recommendations: the hot and sour soup, spicy chicken with broccoli, and shrimp with mixed vegetables.

Review №24

Food is always fresh and Delish !!!

Review №25

Amazing food. It taste fresh and very flavorful Happy and will be returning.

Review №26

The staff here are always kind and welcoming. The food is amazing, and very reasonably priced. The restaurant is clean and well maintained. It's a lovely place to eat

Review №27

Very clean and great food. Best general tso chicken ive ever had.

Review №28

This is by far the best Chinese/Mongolian food in Charlotte. I've been coming here since I was 7 years old.

Review №29

Just left this establishment and they are double charging for stuff. Up charges for plates n over charging for stuff that's on the menu for another price. Will be calling the BBB on them asap

Review №30

Kind of expensive for what they give you. It was okay. Service was good though.

Review №31

An absolutely fantastic takeout Chinese restaurant. They do have tables for eating in. Tony does most all the cooking and man can he cook. The rest of the people that work there are his family and they know how to treat people. Not only is the food great but it's a pleasure to go in and catch up. I've been going there for at least 10 years and love it

Review №32

Generic American version takeout, but done well and good price.

Review №33

Been going here for many years. Love the staff and the food! Each dish is unique to this restaurant and this staff and it's authentic and delicious! My go to place when I have a cold and need soup too! Always makes me feel better.

Review №34

Love this place friendly owner and family run.. Enjoy most of their food

Review №35

Fast friendly service. Great food and you get a lot for the price.

Review №36

Great food & even better service. Shrimp/Chicken w/ broccoli was delicious and my wife's sesame chicken was fresh and crispy. Never been asked if we preferred light or dark meat when ordering! Only complaint is the veg egg rolls were a bit overcooked and tough but wasn't a deal breaker at all. Definitely will be back!

Review №37

Just ordered Shrimp & Broccoli with fried rice and a spring roll. S&B taste great because it has a nice spicy sauce, fried rice could be better is just steam white rice with some brown color sauce added to it, maybe soy sauce? The rice is in a hot bar sitting up front next to the cashier. Fried rice should be fried rice with an egg and a little veggies added like House of Leng in Charlotte. This is plain old rice. Left a dollar tip on my pick up order because it's hot and they carried Pepsi products but there was one can of coke in the mini fridge which the very nice young lady working the cashier added to my bill. Spring roll was blah.

Review №38

Good food! hot and you get a bunch.. great for a party.

Review №39

This place has been here for years and I've ALWAYS LOVED ️ IT!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Review №40

Hit the jackpot coming here!! I really like the dark fried rice they make. Not that yellow fried rice at most places. Have it in my phone as a restaurant I have to stop at again when I'm in town. Been a while since I had food this good and I eat Chinese weekly as I travel all over the US. Love this place.

Review №41

Food customer service is great one of my favorite spots to eat at

Review №42

The spicy beef wasn't as spicy as I anticipated, but it was very good. Top of my list for Chinese Food.

Review №43

I have been coming to this family-owned establishment for 29 years. Never been disappointed or had bad food and service. If I could give a 10+ I would.

Review №44

Food was good. Staff was great

Review №45

Great service

Review №46

We love it, its very awesome Place.

Review №47

Some of the best general tsos chicken I've ever had. The egg roll was kinda bland, but deff gonna start frequenting this place.

Review №48

Great food. Large portions

Review №49

Love this place! Great service and tasty food! I wish I discovered this place years ago. My daughter will not eat from any other place since we have discovered this place

Review №50

Always a lovely place to eat, been going there for about 15 years at this point

Review №51

This was not a good experience for me. O ordered the Garlic Chicken extra spicy and it was extremely mild. The proportion size has smaller than one other Chinese restaurant I've visited in the City. The stir fry mix had more water chestnuts in it then anything. I will not be returning.

Review №52

Another place, my Bestie took me too...They have the best chinese food. Their peanut sauce is the best also..Pho Noodle Soup has good peanut sauce also...Tea, so good. Food A -1, clean, cosy place. Very friendly staff and helpful. Love it! Another favorite place to eat.

Review №53

My go to Chinese restaurant, even on their off days they are better than their rivals.

Review №54

Food is always great here. Been coming here for 20+ years.

Review №55

I have been coming here for fifteen years- ever since I was a kid. The owners and staff are SO friendly and make it a point to get to know their customers.The food is really delicious, different from every other Chinese food spot. I moved to Monroe but anytime my family wants Chinese, we always make the drive out to Matthews to Chen Fu!

Review №56

Great food and great customer service

Review №57

Tasty and well-prepared food. The delicious General Chen's is a variation of the common General Tso's chicken.

Review №58

Their fried rice is so good

Review №59

Really horrible. I'm not a picky eater at all, and I enjoy everything but this...this was gross. The portions were small. I ordered chicken and shrimp. I honestly could not tell what was chicken, and what was shrimp. It looked like they scooped whatever was left on the grill, onto my plate. Very bad.

Review №60

Best fast Chinese food in town!

Review №61

Just got beef fried OMG to damn good

Review №62

Absolutely the worst Chinese food I have ever ate. I am new to North Carolina and seen this place had a decent rating and reviews on Google so I thought I would try it out. The sweet heart behind the counter took my order of the lunch sweet and sour chicken with fried rice and that was the most enjoyable part of this experience. Well she called me up for my food and I took it with some soy sauce back to the hotel. Well I opened it up and was surprised that the meal was small as to the portions. Every Chinese place I have been too has the same white container so I was expecting it to be filled like every other place I have been to but it was not. Only received one scoop of RICE not fried rice as I was expecting; the fried pieces of chicken only filled about half of the main course portion of the container. Well that was not the end of it; when I started to eat the chicken the fried breading was hard like it had been over cooked and there was not any natural flavor so I had to douse it in soy sauce as I did with the rice. Not only that but half the chicken pieces did not even contain any chicken; it was just fried batter. What pieces that actually did have chicken were dry and rubbery. The fried egg roll that was included with the meal was the same overcooked and lacking in flavor. Every other place I have been to I was not hungry after I ate the meal with this one I was. As a result due to the due the the lack of flavor, lack of meal size and overcooked food I have no choice to give this place 1 star and if I could give it a negative rating I would. I guess now it is time to make a trip to McDonalds or Burger King to get some extra food to fill me up. By the way I am not a big guy either only 5 foot 6 about 170 pounds.

Review №63

This is a little hole in the wall Chinese place but their food is amazing and the stats really nice highly recommend it

Review №64

Great foodGreat priceGen. Tso and chicken wings are the best

Review №65

Very tasty.. Fried rice, lomaine, and sesame chicken was excellent.

Review №66

I have been going to Chen fu for about 14 years now, pretty much since I moved to North Carolina. I absolutely love the food, it's fresh, delicious and they are quick to serve you. They are so polite, I can honestly tell you that they treat you like family because every time I go they ask about my children and how they are doing, how I'm doing. One of the owners even comes out from the kitchen just to greet me and my family , that makes me feel very appreciated. Thanks Chen fu for your great food and for your great customer service.

Review №67

We've been coming here since I was a kid. The food is good and the service is great. They're always willing to modify their recipes to work around my family's weird tastes. They know I like Chicken and Mixed Vegetables w/ no vegetables (I said we're weird...) But, sometimes I feel like broccoli, or maybe onions.I always feel welcome at Chen Fu and I always enjoy my meal.(The egg rolls and fried dumplings are excellent. And the egg drop soup.)

Review №68

Easily the best Sesame Chicken in CLT. I have been eating here since high school and now I get to bring my wife and kids.

Review №69

Chen-Fu Chinese Fast Food has the best sesame beef in the area! The service is excellent and the food is amazing, the atmosphere is family friendly and nice, the artwork on the walls is a must see and I recommend this place to anyone who loves good food, excellent service and a friendly, comfortable, clean, pleasant atmosphere. Wow!!

Review №70

This place is anything but fast, they are so slow with no customers, 20 minutes for egg rolls, way over priced and terrible quality, I can get better frozen egg rolls, maybe theirs are frozen, try Chin Chin over by Food Lion way better service price and quality.

Review №71

Food is really fresh and good. Great service as well .

Review №72

Probably best take out in the area.

Review №73

Chen-Fu is always my preferred choice to go to. Always have good experiences here and service is always on point. Very friendly people here

Review №74

Great food and great people! Absolutely would recommend Chen Fu

Review №75

By far our family's favorite Chinese restaurant! We have been going there for 20 plus years. Great family owned restaurant with awesome service and incredible food!

Review №76

Had to wait 20 minutes for an order that was called in. Was told that they forgot my order.

Review №77

Guys. Got this food this afternoon. Truly speaking the worst Chinese food I have ever eaten. The vegetables not fresh 1% dried chicken. Don't waste ur money on this food. And also water doesn't come via fountain. It's in a plastic container. Uh... horrible. Wasted my money on this junk food.

Review №78

Nice attendants and food

Review №79

Local Chinese, been going here for 15 plus years. Not fancy but good and fast.

Review №80

Ok prices and ok food. Fried rice is just brown rice.

Review №81

I love this place. My sister turned me on and I probably eat here three times a month if not more. The customer service is excellent also.

Review №82

We ordered the Orange Chicken. It was probably the worst I've ever tasted since most of it was either over-cooked, and I even had some slightly raw pieces. The flavor of the sauce was also unimpressive.I will give them 3 stars on presentation though since it was better than the typical Chinese takeout.

Review №83

Hands down the best beef and broccoli I've ever had in my entire life. Like to the point where I don't even get beef and broccoli ANYWHERE else ever because if it's not Chen Fu's, it just tastes like disappointment and regret.I lived out of state and for that 4 years, I did not eat beef and broccoli.The brown sauce is straight up additive.I love the family that owns this place... I've been going there since 1999. They remember my name and my order no matter how long it's been since I was last in there. Take my time out of state for example... When moved back after 4 years, I went there and I was greeted as I came through the door with a "Heyyyy, Wes!!! It's been a long time! How have you beren? You want some beef and broccoli?"I will love this place forever.For... ev... ER!

Review №84

Best Chinese food in Charlotte

Review №85

Good. I like it

Review №86

This place has nice atmosphere and good food

Review №87

Always satisfied with the quality of the dishes served at Chen-Fu. My wife and I have been eating there for over 15 years. We always come back.

Review №88

We (3 large men) came in here alone one night and were treated like we were family. I asked for sa-cha chicken extra spicy and they were quick to offer it as spicy as they could make it. Even then the food took less than five minutes to come out and none of us had any complaints. Definitely a great place to go if you want Chinese food and don't want tot be faced with disappointment.

Review №89

Basic American Chinese food. Good value and overall quality though. Nice size portions and fresh.

Review №90

Chinese food has always been hit or miss for me but Chen-Fu is definitely a hit! I love finding places like this. Very small "hole-in-the-wall". Even standing outside I wasn't sure if it was there. Inside isn't much to write home about but I'm more interested in the food than the decor. The food is awesome. The Sweet and Sour Chicken was excellent. I ordered to go and they put the Sweet and Sour sauce in tub so the Chicken didn't get soggy. A simple step that some places I've been to don't do. Portion size was perfect. Regular sized dinner order also came with two very large portions of brown rice. Vegetable Egg Roll was amazing and looked to be made by hand as opposed to the perfectly round cigar shaped or tiny bite-sized ones you find at other Chinese places. Finally the Fried Wontons were indescribable, a definite must get. I will definitely be coming back here when I am in town.

Review №91

I'm sorry but this was some of the worst Chinese I've ever had. I'm baffled at the great reviews. The order we received was wrong, they gave us someone else's food. But that's not the worst part. The chicken was gooey and disgusting, I was able to eat two bites before throwing it all away.

Review №92

Worlds greatest food ever and has amazing dumplings :)-Holden(you know me)

Review №93

My favorite Chinese food place. I used to go all the time when I was younger and every time I return to Charlotte I have to get food from here at least twice!

Review №94

Best vegetarian Chinese dishes in town! These guys know how to cook tofu!!

Review №95

Been eating here for 10 years. Never bad. The best Chinese food I've ever had. They use at least 3xs more meet than any other. Best on east coast!

Review №96

This is a great place to get quick and fast, quality Chinese food. I have never had anything taste bad here. The decor of the restaurant is nothing compared to the food

Review №97

Been coming here for 16 years. I don't even get Chinese anywhere else. The food is on point and they are really nice.

Review №98

Best take out Chinese restaurant in Matthews. Owners are like friends. Food is fresh and delicious.

Review №99

My FAV Chinese Food place for YEARS!!!!! Their food is consistent and great, staff if mostly family and very friendly. The prices are spot on. We have been going to this place since 2000 and 14 years later it is still my and my families favorite Chinese Food restaurant.

Review №100

Older take out style Chinese, food is always top notch, service is prompt and pleasant. Have been coming here for over 15 years off and on and nothing ever change which is a good thing.

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