China Cafe
15080 Idlewild Rd, Matthews, NC 28104, United States
Review №1

I have never tried the food here before. Delicious! Excellent. I tried everything we ordered and loved it deeply. Can't wait to come back soon!

Review №2

I come here for lunch occasionally and this place is great. Always good quality food in a timely fashion. I usually get the sweet and sour chicken and it's awesome. If you're in this area check them out.

Review №3

Great food, great food, affordable prices...can't ask for more. Keep it delicious! It is worth recommending more people to try! !

Review №4

I really like this place. The food is delicious. Something professional. The price is honest. highly recommended.

Review №5

Would definitely recommend trying this new place. Fresh food at reasonable prices. You can book online, recommend here!

Review №6

The food is fresh and delicious. I will recommend this place to friends. Reasonable price, very satisfied.

Review №7

We were hungry for Chinese and stopped to eat here. The food was terrible. Chicken was rubbery. We took two bites and the cashier asked us if everything was okay because of all our food just sitting there and we explained to her what was wrong and she said hold on a minute. She went behind the counter and never came back! She hid and never offered to make it right. Will NEVER go back again. I do not recommend.

Review №8

This place is great. My friend and I came to this place for the first time to order, it was very good and would recommend it to anyone.

Review №9

Awful!!! Wonton soup was like eating paste! And the beef was like eating a sponge, chicken was same odd texture. This place has gone to the dogs!! Literally

Review №10

Very good! Food waiting time is very fast. You must try this place!

Review №11

The food in this place is very fresh. I like to buy here. The packaging is always very clean.

Review №12

We ordered take out for the first time and it will be our last! The food tasted awful! I enjoy good Chinese food but this was terrible. I can't recommend this restaurant.

Review №13

Food was hot, fresh, and tasty, staff was pleasant, location was easy to get in and out. No delivery is my only issue. If your in the mood for American Chinese food then this is your place

Review №14

This used to be one of the best restaurants in town, hands down. And then a few months ago it appears that ownership changed hands. It was obvious when the old owners were standing back supervising the new folks. I was really hoping that the tradition would carry forward but it has not. Over the past couple of months i have watched the quality of the food and its flavor deteriorate to the point that i am forced to find another restaurant to visit. As i type this, i am eating their flavorless BBQ pork spareribs; literally flavorless. I've given up on the main dishes as they taste nothing like they used to. I am traumatized and depressed.

Review №15

We have been eating here for a couple of years and it was the best around- until very recently:/ Their prices went up and the food quality went down. Very disappointed in the business style that they found a way to cut corners during this pandemic. I get it, but it's competitive out there and lots of other take out places to choose from. They should have kept what's always worked and kept my family coming back. Specifically, they stinged on the chicken fried rice. They took out the egg and added a ton of rice. The Orange chicken and general Sao dish is Chicken breaded and fried typically. But last night we found there to be almost NO chicken at all but instead breaded fried balls. What little chicken we found was terribly chewy. The Mongolian beef was so so chewy I chewed it up and spit out every piece. This is so frustrating as this place took us a while to find and we loved their food!Not. Anymore.

Review №16

I've always tried not to be persuaded out of trying a restaurant based solely on reviews. I ordered from this restaurant today and wish this was the one time I had.The food was absolutely horrible and almost stomach turning. I hope the next person checking out this place follows the most recent reviews. Do not waste your money.

Review №17

One of our favorites, food is always important and will come back,

Review №18

Great different dishes are delicious, good choice,

Review №19

Food was terrible and had no taste. Order was taken wrong, didn't even eat the food and was charged for it. Don't waste your time or money

Review №20

They have gotten my order wrong 3 times now and since I have a specific diet, I couldn't eat it. I ordered some vegetarian items but they substituted with meat and I couldn't return or reorder it. Can't say I'll be recommending them

Review №21

Quick service and food is the best!

Review №22

We ordered from Postmates last night and it was still very hot and DELICIOUS! Singapore noodles, sesame chicken and lo mein. This will be our new Chinese spot!

Review №23

Eat here all the tine. ALWAYS fresh food and cooked very quickly. A lot of my friends eat at this Chinese take out, and I recommend it to everyone! Thank you.

Review №24

The service was very friendly. During the outbreak, the price didn't rise ,and I like their black pepper chicken and pepper steak.

Review №25

Food was not good, cold, wings were hard, lo neon was sauce less and spring roll was dry. We will never order again.

Review №26

Always looking for good egg foo yung. Grabbed the lunch portion was super pleased. You can find a simple omelette dish anywhere but it's the gravy that makes it tasty. The place is also very clean and they were prompt w the order. A nice friendly staff was also a bonus. Would advise this spot for a good Chinese take out.

Review №27

Just tried this food for the first time with my son. We both started feeling sick within a few hours. Felts nausea and stomach aches. Will not eat here again

Review №28

Ordered food though door dash and asked for containers of white sauce. When placing I sthe order I selected "contact me if unavailable". The restaurant sent 4 containers of soup without any other sauces. I called to explain to the mistake that they made and they would not make any adjustments or listen to what I had to say. They also kept yelling at me which was completely unnecessary. I don't recommend this establishment to anyone. I spent a lot of money on the food and received no respect. Awful service. Will never order again.

Review №29

Terrific take out! No MSG, but very tasty!

Review №30

We are new to the area and have found this is the best Chinese food we have had in the two years we have lived here. Always hot (delivery) and always fresh!

Review №31

Food is pretty good, quick service, friendly!

Review №32

Terrible... don't waste your hard earned money!

Review №33

Best Chinese in all of NC. Reasonably priced and always fresh... With a sanitation score of 100. You can't go wrong with this place. I love it!

Review №34

Best lo mein. They are very nice even to rude people. So if they were rude to you then that should tell you something about yourself.

Review №35

Got food fast and it was good

Review №36

Well what can u really say with one star, nothing good. I ordered sesame chicken which I absolutely love. All I can say where was the chicken. Also the sauce was very sugary. I can cook better fried rice n the egg roll is what gets the one star....

Review №37

Great take out Chinese food!

Review №38

Great food and great service. They know my name and are very awesome people. Highly recommend their food

Review №39

Came here a while back for some Mongolian Beef, and I found it excellent. Service was good, and no complaints. For Americanized Chinese food (there aren't many Chinese Restaurants in the US that are not Americanized), it is pretty much everything I expect and it does the job very well.

Review №40

Always great food and friendly family

Review №41

Tasty, hot food. Fast service.

Review №42

Great service and great food

Review №43

Going down hill fast.

Review №44

This is the BEST Chinese food around. We live in Albemarle and i will drive 45 mins just to get thier food. Cause the Chinese Resturants here in Albemarle are awful. So as long as China Cafe on Idlewild rd Is in Business, they will always have mine.

Review №45

Best lo mein in the Charlotte area. Friendly service. Great prices and always fresh.

Review №46

Ordered Sesame Chicken dinner combo. Fried rice and an egg roll and it was less than $9. It was also a lot of food. Easily enough for two people. The chicken was hot and well made. The egg roll was crispy and tasty. The fried rice was nothing special, but, it wasn't greasy and was hot and fresh.The lady at the counter (same one who answered the phone) might have been the rudest person I've ever dealt with at any restaurant. So there is that.

Review №47

We order from here quite often. The food is sometimes exceptional and sometimes it's pretty ordinary. Overall I recommend it when others ask where to get good Chinese food around Indian Trail. The girl who works the front of the store and takes the phone calls is great. We love how she always says "Thank you, Bye Bye.....". Give them a try if you are in the area for sure!

Review №48

THE best Chinese take-out on this side of Charlotte.The fried rice in their dishes is actually fried rice! Not brown colored rice sitting in a holding bin until service. May not mean much, but IMO good fried rice makes the dish.The crab rangoons are pretty good also. Light and crispy all the way out to the tip, no hard, chewy points.The white rice, of all things, could be the best thing on the menu. It's really good, it may be jasmine, but a very good alternative to the fried rice.The service is good too. The young lady working the phones and orders is very polite and dare I say sweet, with a bubbly personality.

Review №49

My family loves this place! The food is great. We have eaten there multiple times and they have never messed up our order. The younger woman who manages the counter, has always remembered us. She's positive, asks about my daughter every time we go there, and always remembers our order. It has become one of our favorite places to eat.

Review №50

Best Chinese in Indian trial

Review №51

We are regulars here. You won't find better Chinese food around.

Review №52

I ordered scallop and vegetable, I ask the lady to just give me broccoli and mushroom, garlic sauce and brown rice.I was charged $17.05...?????I got home, No scallop, instead imitation crab leg cut in cylindrical shape. No garlic sauce.And white sauce.Talking about a rip off.

Review №53

The BEST Chinese food ever.

Review №54

This is cheap food and it really shows. Lifeless, flea market food court quality food, extremely rude service. The understated atmosphere actually drew me in, I figured the lack of fancy decor and visible kitchen galley was a sure sign of excellent mom & pop home cooked take-out, but absolutely not. Gooey lo mein, the "fried" rice is yellow, almost like Mexican style rice. The egg rolls were super doughy and definitely from frozen. Safe to say we won't be returning, but if you're a fan of mall food, this place might be for you.

Review №55

Good food. Best Chinese takeout in the area.Surprisingly expensive though.

Review №56

Our all time favorite place to eat . Fast, friendly , best Chinese in union county. Been going here sense the grand opening. The best wonton soup around.

Review №57

There food is good, and super hot always. Prices seem about same as other Chinese take outs.

Review №58

A great place for carry out.

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Review №60

Good food. Nice folks. Give it a try.

Review №61

Not bad for quick take out.

Review №62

I am very picky about my Chinese food. Trust me when I tell you the food here is EXCELLENT! Made to order. Take out food is hot when you get home with it. My new fave!

Review №63

Tried all other Chinese food restaurants in Matthews/Indian Trail & this one is the best. Been eating here for over 4 years. Curious if anyone knows what happened to the girl who used to run the counter. Every time I ask they just tell me it's her day off.

Review №64

The reason I don't give this a 5 is the fried rice was horrible but everything else was bomb good. We will come back for certain!

Review №65

Food is always Hot and Fresh.

Review №66

Best chinesefood around . Typical NY/NJ style. Nothing fancy, but good food!

Review №67

Food tasted ok, HOWEVER , my family will not go back as food items were missing from order, a half egg shell was cooked in one order, and the last time a piece of steel cleaning wool was found in my meal. How disgusting and dangerous.

Review №68

We are regulars here and we LOVE it! The best place to get Chinese food in all of Matthews! They always meet up to my expectations.

Review №69

One of my favorite Chinese takeout spots. The girl at the front counter is super nice, and the order is always right

Review №70

Good food for a good price

Review №71

Food was average. Service sucked. The people that own it act like they're doing you a favor to take your order. Many other, better options in the area for Chinese takeout

Review №72

All I ordered was fried dumplings. Called 15min ahead of time, waited another 20min after arriving at the restaurant. Not very good quality, no great service. Avoid at all costs.

Review №73

The food is outstanding and the service is, too! GREAT little place tucked in next to Harris Teeter at Idlewild Market. My favorite!!

Review №74

It's 5:02am and our kid is throwing up. We used to eat their take out at least once every other week. We will NOT ever go back and definitely report them to the county health department. The chicken is definitely repurposed and since we ordered at 9:00pm the night before, they simply reheated the sweet and sour chicken that they made hours, if not days before. It tasted gamey (spoiled) and we are all sick. This place needs to be shut down.

Review №75

I just really like the combo spicy chicken and mixed vegetables

Review №76

Your standard Chinese fair. Not bad...

Review №77

Can't really give accurate rating, as Google shows they are open on Monday. But when we got there, restaurant has a printed door sign on their door that says, "Closed on Mondays" :(

Review №78

The Lady at the front was very rude said she couldn't take my $5 bill and it had 3 corners she said "I give this to customer customer no want it" and legally you can take a bill as long as it has 3 corners and I would have been fine if she was nice about it but she was very judgmental about it. I told her I had got it from a store the same day. She just kept repeating I can't take this you have more money and when I said that's all I have she just stared at me like are you serious.

Review №79

Very good food and friendly service, only downside is they are always busy busy busy. Also closed on Mondays.

Review №80

They accused me of giving them a fake $100.

Review №81

Good quality food and quick service.

Review №82

Good food cheap. Sichuan beef all day

Review №83

Fantastic food and fantastic service.

Review №84

I won't be back this is not Chinese food. Beef Broccoli was gross and rice was old it's like they repurposed old rice yuck

Review №85

My go to place.

Review №86

Food is excellent but the service is terrible now. I can't stand dealing with the cashier lady

Review №87

Ordered lo mein. The noodles were mushy and the whole thing smelled like a garbage can in the sun. I took two bites and threw it in the garbage. Nog only the worst lo mein I've ever had, but at over $9, it was the most expensive, too.

Review №88

DO NOT EAT HERE I got food poisoning

Review №89

Great place if you want some quick and cheep Chinese food... Not too strong on quality though...

Review №90

Great food!

Review №91


Review №92

Always awesome!

Review №93

The recent comments tell the story this place is now under new ownership and has been going downhill ever since. Prices have risen and quality has dropped.

Review №94

Great food!

Review №95

Solid food, just wish they delivered

Review №96

Called to order n they were closed on Monday?

Review №97

Great place :) it is my favorite!!!

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