China Express
3607 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd #4146, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Review №1

Delicious take-out! No frills just amazing straight forward dishes. The owners and their family are always incredibly nice and welcoming. We leave right around the corner and have been faithful customers for nine years. Not one wrong order or bad meal. Not once! Mei Fun noodles are on point, love the chicken wings, fried rice, house specials, pupu platter, you name it. Food is always hot and fresh no matter the day or time. Highly recommend!!

Review №2

I tried these folks again after changing the usual spot some time ago. The food quality had gone down and wad no longer what was expected. The new usual was closed tonight, so went back to an old standby. Huge improvement! The other half is not as much a fan of Chinese, and even she stopped to say what a big difference. I will try then again next week to be sure it wasn't a fluke, but it seems like the food is back to its former quality.

Review №3

My family has periodically ordered delivery from this location for several years. Absolutely never have we received a delivery that was not hot, delicious and completely accurate. We are a family of five so we order quite a lot as we look forward to leftovers for lunch the following day, so we find it impressive that they always get it right. We usually have the same delivery driver who is delightfully personable and courteous. Shamefully, I have never asked his name and have neglected to post this review for far too long. Especially now, I feel it necessary to express my appreciation for their outstanding service on every level. Highly recommended! (And thank you all so much!)

Review №4

Good food ..they have better rice,not yellow rice,like a lot of others use ugh...beef is tender...and general chicken is best around so far...

Review №5

They brought my food with a bug in it and the hot oil sauce was really old

Review №6

A great small family restaurant with fast service and fantastic food. I would definitely recommend the fried chicken wings. Best Chinese fried chicken wings I have ever had!

Review №7

Not thrilled at all and that's an understatement. We order from here a lot and we tip well. We started our order before 9:30. They made us go to the Internet site rather than call them which we originally did for them to then say it was too late as you can see in the picture. We will never order from them again my son is not going to bed hungry. Way to go Matthews Chinese delivery.

Review №8

Unbelievably great prices!! The food is my favorite by far in the Charlotte area!!!!!

Review №9

No No No......Very nice is not good at all. Fried rice smells and tastes "old". Special chicken fingers are merely the sweet and sour chicken without the sauce. Staff was unorganized and the high school aged children were checking their phones while preparing orders. Why does the honey chicken look just like the sweet and sour chicken? I saw the high schooler throw walnuts on top.. Restaurant is not clean. I had hopes but it is certainly lost. I would not recommend and wont be back

Review №10

I've never had a problem with the food, but the last 3 times I've requested Hot Mustard and again none to be had. I won't give you a fourth try. Good Bye.

Review №11

Not impressed. Food portions were very small and they use lots of fillers. We got General Tso's shrimp extra spicy. The shrimp had a ton of breading, the sauce was sweet and the broccoli was bad. We ordered shrimp toast and eggs rolls and neither were very good. We ordered Happy Family and it was OK. It didn't come with much sauce and about 1/4 of the container was green peppers. We also got Orange chicken and it was decent. Orange chicken and General Tso's chicken were served in the exact same sauce. The final things we ordered was chicken and broccoli and that was probably the best thing we got from here. Needless to say, I have no desire to go back.

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Review №13

They get a 5 when it comes to fast food Chinese. Always busy. Seldom a wait. Always good.

Review №14

Small family owned place serving good food

Review №15

Chicken was undercooked, noodles were overcooked.. called to tell them about my order, lady argued that nothing was wrong with food and that she dont know if I ordered from them... NEVER NEVER ORDER FROM THEM

Review №16

Good food, friendly staff, open late (til 1 AM). Attentive staff who make you want to return

Review №17

Today's experience was disappointing. The kids waited on me. The girl was courteous and pretty much mature. The boy couldn't wait to get back to his computer. In the process he paid little attention to customer service.

Review №18

The food has definitely gone downhill, as well as their Sanitation Grade!!!! Next time try New Asian Cuisine, the food and the restaurant are Great!

Review №19

Good Food, fast delivery.

Review №20

Great food, Great Service Great Price

Review №21

Beware, I ordered online. Online said the order would be ready at 6:12, I arrived at 6:10 and paid. I moved over so they could take another order but I was never told a time. I asked 15 minutes later and they told me another 10 minutes. I think they forgot my order. BUT the food was excellent!

Review №22

Very tasty food...friendly staff. The portions are huge. The dine in area is small but most of the business is take out. We really enjoyed our meal as it was hot and fresh.

Review №23

Been more then an hour and 24mins and we are still waiting for our food which will be all cool by the time it gets here for our kids. Worst customer service.

Review №24

Great food, excellent service, reasonably priced and they DELIVER!

Review №25

We order delivery from them last night and was shocked we the doorbell rang 14 minuets after ordering. They delivery guy stated we called at the perfect time cause they were dead. This was Saturday night so I was surprised but grateful we received our food so fast (should have been a red flag) the fried dumplings were so think with dough and very little meat. The beef in my beef and broccoli was chewy, the broccoli was even more chewy. Just Gross! The sauce was very watery, very little flavor. We only order Chinese once every few months and this place was such a HUGE disappointment! My 13yr old didn't take more than two bites of his honey chicken. It was swimming in straight syrup sauce... so sweet even a teenager didn't want to eat it.... and he loves honey chicken. I could go on about the 2 other items we ordered but it's all the same. No flavor, chewy, gross! It had all very obviously been sitting around and they just trough so sauces on it... and too much sauce. We will stick with New Asian in Mint Hill.#LessonLearned #NotAllChineseisthesame

Review №26

We've ordered delivery from them several times.... the food is ALWAYS excellent and HOT! we've yet to be disappointed by anything we order! Even on the nights it takes 40 minutes to get here... it's piping hot!!

Review №27

The food was amazing. It was hot and fresh. We will order again

Review №28

Service was prompt, food was good, reasonable prices.

Review №29

Chinese food I will leave it at that

Review №30

Good portions and our order tasty. not greasy.

Review №31

Thank you very much for staying open those extra few minutes for my wife and I to order some food. Very polite and we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.

Review №32

Yummy. Affordable. Fast service. I always pick it up to take home.

Review №33

Fast adorable and good food

Review №34

The food was really good

Review №35

It was delivered fast and hot just not the quantity you pay for.... i order usually from another Chinese restaurant and get the same thing but comes with more rice and way bigger egg rolls and the chicken wings come with 8 hand breaded for same price!!!!

Review №36

The food is good, the only thing I don't like is these type of restaurants have too much MSG in their food and you die of thirst all night after you have eaten there!

Review №37

Good food but pricey

Review №38

I have had American Chinese Food at several locations around town. I believe China Express to be one of the better ones.I have never had them deliver my food. I have only called to place my order and then have left within five minutes to pick it up. Their location is about five minutes away. They are usually just taking the food out of the wok when I arrive.It is a family business, and the food is best when cooked by either the mother or father. On one occasion I noticed a new employee and the sauces were overly thickened.I like fermented black beans, and although not on the menu, he manages to always make my request of black beans and broccoli or tofu. My kids love the sesame chicken and vegetable lomein. I especially like that the dishes are not too oily and I get lots of vegetables with all my dishes....snow peas, broccoli, mushrooms, water chestnuts, baby corn, carrots.I suggest you give this place a try!

Review №39

Food. Good over charged slow

Review №40

Fresh and tasty food.

Review №41

Son likes this restaurant!!

Review №42

Good food and fast

Review №43

This has to be one of the worst Chinese take-out and delivery places that I have ever experienced. You will notice that if you go to take-out your meal, there is always a 10 year old little girl who will take your order; more than likely the daughter of the owners; can we say "child labor laws"? The inside of the building is run-down, in need of serious renovation and I dare not even speak of the kitchen.Now let's talk about that nasty crap that they call food. It is old tasting, re-heated and never has a fresh taste! They mix dark meat chicken with their supposed "all white meat" chicken meals to cut food costs of pricier chicken.Their delivery is usually speedy, which is their only bonus, but does nothing to salvage a very poor quality Chinese restaurant. I ordered a meal for my wife and I for delivery and the order was wrong. When I called to request my order be redelivered correctly the young girl asked why I couldn't just eat the meal that I got and was curious if I had allergies or something... Really???In summary, if you want POOR food quality, POOR customer service and YESTERDAYS chicken, then this nasty place is your pick...

Review №44

Great food!

Review №45

If I could give 0 stars I would. I will never recommend his restaurant to anyone. My husband ordered food for delivery over and hour went by and he called to ask about his order where he received a very rude response. They said it was sent out. So we proceeded to wait another 30 minutes to get cold food. So we call back up there and some woman gets on the phone who was very rude as well, yelled at us, and told us our food had just been sent out shortly before we received it which was obviously a lie. Like I said I will never order from here again and don't recommend anyone else does. By the way when we reheated the food it was awful, had to throw it all alway and now we are out of about $40 for nothing.

Review №46

Tasty food and good price.

Review №47

Everything was hard and old . Ordered sweet and sour shrimp and it literally was bricks on rice . Over fried . My son left won ton soup looked a bit off and my bf order was not good at all .. just over fried cold .food.

Review №48

I've been coming here for 10 years and it's just about the best Chinese food is town. Fast delivery too which is great.

Review №49

I have ordered for delivery for a few years form this place. They are ALWAYS very prompt, and friendly. They have never given me the wrong order. I love this place! Any bad reviews are probably just from disgruntled people who are generally negative. Thank you for excellent service!

Review №50

Quick service. Order was waiting.

Review №51

I have been getting food at this place for 3 years, it used to be the best in town, but the food for some reason isn't as good as it used to be. Time to find a new Chinese food restaurant.

Review №52

Great food

Review №53

After ordering everything without egg and substituting rice noodles instead of egg noodles we got our food and it had egg so I asked for it remade without egg because of an allergy and they waited with it in the back for a few minutes and then gave us the exact same dish. Didn't re cook it, just sat it down, waited, and put it right back in our bag. Paid $45 WITH TIP for some tofu and a bunch of food that will make me sick. Disgraceful.

Review №54

Overall...decent for a late night dinner...We ordered:Chicken Chow Mein which was pretty good...General Tso's Shrimp was not that good. It was mushy and the sauce was way too sweet for our taste...Hot and Sour Soup was too sour and oily. If you need a quick Chinese food fix...I guess this place will do. They deliver pretty fast if you live around the Matthews/Mint Hill area.

Review №55

Awesome shrimp egg fu young

Review №56

I've been eating here for years. It isn't gourmet chinese by any means, but it's good food for the price (I can feed three adults for about the same as I could feed just my at a sit down Chinese place) and they are always very polite. One of my go-to take out places.

Review №57

We have ordered delivery from these guys about twice a week for the last year and a half, but after tonight NEVER AGAIN. The food is always just so-so, we get it because it's the only place that delivers. Their prices are very sketchy; order the same thing every time and the price is always different depending on who rings it up. Tonight, we ordered wonton soup, egg drop soup, and cashew chicken. An HOUR after we ordered, I called to check on the food. The lady on the phone was very rude, she said that they had the address and he was on his way. (we live less than a mile away) 30 minutes later the delivery guy finally shows up. Didn't even say hi, just thrust the food into our hands and walked away. When I opened the bag, our soup is upside down leaking all over the place. I called to complain, and the same rude lady HUNG UP ON ME. $23 for 2 soups and a cashew chicken... Soups that are supposed to be $2 each. Thieves....Do not order from these guys. Make the drive a couple miles down Idlewild to China Cafe. Their food is SO MUCH BETTER.

Review №58

Awful. Ordered plain Lo Mein, pork fried rice and spicy chicken. After an hour and fifteen minutes, still nothing was delivered. Finally, they brought us shrimp rice, I don't eat seafood, pork fried rice and spicy chicken. After calling them to let them know the order was wrong and them saying they would bring me my plain Lo Mein, I'm still waiting three hours later. I put them on the never call again list.

Review №59

2 soups and 1 dinner platter took an hour and a half to be delivered. When I called to check the status, the lady I spoke to was rude and never apologized. First and last time this restaurant will have our business.

Review №60

Best!! beef and broccoli and shrimp in town!! Very nice people!!

Review №61

Yummy Asian food

Review №62

Always ordered from here and I love the the sesmi chicken here its always nice n warm

Review №63

This what you call pepper steak. NOT Fit EAt. I would not feed this to my dog. The meat was like I was chewing gum . The vegetables was so hard like they was Blanche. VERY POOR

Review №64

Really good tasting chinese foodAround mattthews area

Review №65

Everything was as I expected. Easy enough to order, delivery within the time stated, food tasted fine.

Review №66

One of my favorite chinese restaurants in all of Charlotte.

Review №67

Great food. Great prices

Review №68

So so at best

Review №69

Good food, portions are great!

Review №70

Love this place

Review №71

Just ok

Review №72

Ordered two dinner combos for delivery, it takes 2 hours to get here and also forgot my two egg rolls , Delivery free? I don't mind you guys charge me the delivery fee , just please be here on time

Review №73

I live on 51 and providence. Got a menu stuck in my door and decided to get delivery. Charged me and extra $2 bc I was out of delivery range.... why stick a menu in my door if you don't deliver here?

Review №74

The person who took my order over the phone was so absurdly rude i just had to hang up.

Review №75

Great service...

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