McAlisters Deli
2217-A Matthews Township Pkwy, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

Review №1

Service was very good. This was my first time. McAlister's has a great menu and I plan to enjoy many more of the items I saw while I was waiting for my order, which did not take too long to prepare. I am a bread lover, and I thought the bread of my sandwich was very good. I would give them 5 stars, but the chicken salad was a little heavy on the mayo and light on pecans.

Review №2

I must start out by saying I LOVE McAllister's Reuben. I ordered the New Yorker today. It was extremely dry but well packed with meat. The side dish was a joke. Tomatoes and Cucumber salad was good but filled less than half a small cup. What a waste when you order a $10 sandwich an overpriced tea. I would prefer no side than a small serving like that. Maybe it's a newbie cook or just this location. Clean and nice service though. Disappointing trip.

Review №3

Prices are higher for a deli but the food is healthier than most places. I always enjoy their chicken salad on croissant or wheat.

Review №4

I had been going McAlister's in Matthews For years. Last Wednesday I placed a mobile order and went and picked it up and when I got home it was wrong. I should've checked it but I was in a hurry to get home to my kids. So I called to speak to a manager and they assured me that next time I come in my spud will be on them. She took down my name and told me that she'll let the other managers know. So I go in there today to place another order and I was told that that wasn't communicated. And that they should have sent me a gift card in the mail. Long story short the manager there today didn't do anything To try and rectify the situation. He had a nasty attitude and a lack of costumer service. Me and my family won't be going back.

Review №5

The food is always amazing and their service is fast and accurate. It's refreshing to have a restaurant that always gets my order right. You really can't beat the sandwich for the money!!!!

Review №6

I nice, busy location for this casual dining chain. They have a large, covered outdoor patio on the side of this location that is right beside an area with grass and trees, so it's nicer than just "dining beside a parking lot". Nice sandwiches, salads and soups. Keep in mind that a large drink is huge, and parking at peak hours can be challenging if you want a space nearby.

Review №7

Always good food and service, plus practicing very safe standards. You can fine inside and they make sure there is proper distancing and tables are cleaned and santized

Review №8

Hiring sign on door. Love of at least five customers. Long wait. All high school kids working it appears. The girl at register the me the eight cents so I didn't have to break a dollar. Too sweet. :) The lettuce didn't seem too fresh on salads. Service good.

Review №9

Savannah and Ian have a bad attitude in the front. Very rude!

Review №10

The food was awesome. First time there. The lemonade was GREAT!!!! I will be back!!!!

Review №11

Sweet Chipotle Chicken was excellent on a very fresh ciabatta.

Review №12

Good place to stop for a quick bite. A varied menu with a lot of good sandwich choices, spuds, salads and soups. Can get a soup and half sandwich or other combos. Decent value for the price.

Review №13

The club sandwich is good.

Review №14

Love McAllisters but please don't be so stingy with butter for the stuffed spuds. Don't get me hem any more for that reason.

Review №15

Maybe a bit on the pricey side, but it's worth it!! The food is very fresh and delicious! Very clean place and good service. No complaints.

Review №16

Not tasty, not hot and 1/2 container mac and cheese. When I see a cup container at the prices I'm paying, I expect it to be FULL.

Review №17

Chicken salad sandwich and soup wonderful

Review №18

Food was great but the service was bad. It was like we were being rushed through time we were there. Just a real awkward vibe. It was dirty in there as well. Tables were sticky and gross. Bathrooms was gross.

Review №19

We used to love McAlister's but it's just not the same as it once was. Food is ok but smaller portions than before and the prices are much to high for what you get. We always liked to go there in the past but don't think we'll be going back. There are to many other, better restaurants in the area.

Review №20

Nice club sandwich and the chicken tortilla soup is bangin!

Review №21

This was my first time visiting a McAlister's while in Charlotte for business. The food was fresh. My salad was delicious. My wrap on the other hand was doused in dressing. The staff were not overly friendly either. I mainly care about the cleanliness and freshness of restaurants, as I generally do not eat out unless away on business so given it was clean and fresh, I would go back.

Review №22

Very good food! Fantastic "you gotta try it" chili! The club was tasty and innovative. Great drink portions. Too pricy, though, for a 5.

Review №23

We paid over $30.00 for our meal and I was totally disappointed. Baked potato and French Onion soup. The potato had congealed cheese and no meat. The soup cam out 1/2 full with no croutons and cheese. Spoke with the manager and she seemed uninterested. Did nothing about it. We won't be back!

Review №24

Good selection of sandwiches with plenty of meat in them.

Review №25

Great food! Love the tea and cookies! Manager, David, was very nice. Noticed his eagerness to help all that came up to counter to be sure they were pleased with their orders. Will definitely be going back.

Review №26

Not up to their usual standard. A longish wait for the food after ordering in a nearly empty restaurant. Lukewarm soup and mac and cheese when delivered. Negligible chicken in the chicken tortilla soup. Same or higher price for a smaller amount of food. The fruit side looked a little aged in spite of the fact that there is a 50 cent upcharge for fruit as a side. I get the economics but, if you are going to charge me more, please keep the quality of the food and service in line with that increased pricing.

Review №27

Always good food. Cool people too. They have printed menus at the front and at counter for those of us with vision problems. Thank you all.

Review №28

Very good, first time eating here

Review №29

We love the potatoes but please bring back the bacon bits. The strips of bacon just aren't as appetizing. Maybe add more cheese to the potatoes as well. Overall a good place

Review №30

Absolutely horrible customer service. So disappointed.

Review №31

Classic deli good fare. Sandwiches-soups-salads- Always safe bet for kids.

Review №32

Love this restaurant! Convenient (most of the time) but service was slow..and OMFG!!! A sweaty dog in the restaurant? No "service dog" vest/markings! I mean, come on people! Qe eat here! And..not a small dog either!**** Tea was stale, eye contact?? Dish collection??

Review №33

Always good food, and good care.

Review №34

The lady talked down to me the whole time saying stuff like it's gonna be that much cuz we have taxes in NC and demeaning things like that. When I asked her questions about the menu she acted like I shld have already known exactly what was on the menu and was overall a bad experience

Review №35

Unfortunately I have a bad review for McAlister's Deli. I have a religion that forbids me to partaking in pork. I personally haven't eaten pork in over 10 years. My wife and I and my daughter and her fiance went out to eat at Mcalister's Deli in Matthews and I decided to get their sandwich with a soup. I asked the young lady at the counter if there was any pork in the soup she said yes I asked her please to take it out if she could and she said she would so I said great. We all got our food and started eating the soup had cheese on it so it was really hard to taste anything else that was not potato and cheese. A waitress came by and I asked her if there was any pork in the soup and she of course said yes well I was very upset of course! She apologized for the mistake and even though I was very upset I understood that she did not make the mistake. Then I'm guessing the manager tried to make light of the situation because of the waitress and mistake of the menu..I explained to him that I have been eating kosher for over ten years and that this was the first time that I have eaten pork and how I did not appreciate him making light of the situation! So another words even though it's a good place to eat the ignorance of the wait staff and the inconsiderable understanding of the management made my time at Mcalister's Deli disagreeable to say the least..

Review №36

Clean, good sandwiches. Friendly and quick. The teas can go down a size. I usually find myself drinking at most half. 9/10

Review №37

This was one of my favorite places for years ago but has been going downhill for years. The last few times I've been here service has been a coin toss. Some times the customer service is great and the food is good. Other times I've gotten cold items (ranging from sandwiches to mac and cheese), servers apparently ask if you need a refill only rhetorically, and missing items for take-out orders.

Review №38

The price was a little heavy but the food was good

Review №39

Usually good. A bit higher price than expected. A drink, while large, is over $2. Best when busy. Off hours get less quality and attention to detail.Most recent visit resulted in a less than appetizing salad.

Review №40

Horrible customer service. I placed an order through doordash. I ordered 2 memphians but for some reason the restaurant only rang up one. When I called to get the other one delivered (I have a newborn so couldn't leave to go pick it up) they told me all they could do was refund me for the meal. It was their mistake, they should have had doordash deliver the other sandwich. I will never give them my business again.

Review №41

Great turkey sandwich with steamed broccoli side. Perfect size and price. Quick service delicious food

Review №42

Great food, their ruben is superb and ice tea just like mama's. Never had a bad meal!

Review №43

Food is good but not worth the price. They should give you more food for the price. We left still some what hungry.

Review №44

Great food, good sanitation rating - 97 and pleasant staff!

Review №45

The food was good but got served without silverware and wrong order.

Review №46

Perfect meal for my Mom and me. Thanks McAllister Deli!

Review №47

Always good. When I dont know what I want this is typically my go-to.

Review №48

Came in to get one of your southwest salads, I did come in a little late. I ended up not buying anything because the gentleman started cursing under his breath as soon as we got to the counter, and no one spoke or greeted me. I usually love McAllister I just won't be coming for dinner again.

Review №49

Understaffed, food took very long Au jus was luke warm, ordered food thru app, wife's salad wrong.

Review №50

Excellent deli sandwiches served by friendly staff.

Review №51

Had the French Dip it was good. My husband got the the potato max with roast beef and gravy on the side. Which was a suggestion by the young lady that took our order. My husband said it was awesome.

Review №52

I asked for a cardboard drink tray and waitress lied and said they didn't have any... plastic bag was better...another waitress stared in shock

Review №53

Great food and service! The staff are truly amazing and the atmosphere really makes you feel like family. We always have an enjoyable experience and if something isn't right, they will make it so. We will definitely be back.

Review №54

Professional, clean, and organized.

Review №55

We love this place. We go twice a month and can't get enough. The Italian with the max spud is my comfort. They have great kids meals for our little ones and very filling.It's a bit pricy, but it is well worth it.

Review №56

I usually like this place. However this locations portions where terrible. My child's chicken wrap had more meat in it than an adult dish. I got the roast beef horseradish, cheddar on chibatta bread. It was supposed to have onions it did not. It said 4ozs of meat it had one thin slice of roast beef on a soggy roll. I asked if it seamed lite on the meat. He said it looked they accidentally put all the meat on one side . They brought me another half w even less meat the second time. Then they proceeded to tell me that's how the sandwich comes. I've been to numerous other locations ordered the same sandwich and it had 3 times the amount of meat on it. We spent 70 dollars on a family of 5 which normally would not be a problem. However when you spend that amount of money you should at least get a portion large enough for an adult. I'll never go back to this location. I asked to speak to a manager and they never even came out to address the situation. Poor portions and even worse customer service! I would avoid this location at all costs

Review №57

Always the best!!

Review №58

Getting the food to go? Make sure you check everything, down to the pickle. They like to screw the Togo and takeout orders.

Review №59

Small portions for the price. It was really surprising to me..grilled chicken club had 2 thin slices of chicken on one layer second layer had one piece of bacon with greens and tomato..

Review №60

New kid's menu is a huge improvement, more, healthier, options that my children loved! Plus, kids eat free on Tuesdays.I was a little disappointed that they took my favorite, grilled chicken spud, off the menu. But they made it for me anyway! Great service, quick and friendly.

Review №61

Was very disappointed today at McAllister‘s I took a friend bragging on this restaurant that had never been there and I was so disappointed today it was so disgusting the food was horrible my sandwich and her sandwich had rotten lettuce on it that turned black and slimy we were there about 2 to 30 and we had to sit outside it was so disgusting because it was so hot inside but outside the trash was all piled up from lunchtime all the tables were for napkins and trash was blowing everywhere it was such a letdown at this McAlister's I will never go back and the food was horrible.

Review №62

I love McAlister's. During my visit, the lemonade was weak, the roast beef sandwich did not have enough roast beef, and the Caesars salad was dry. It gets uncomfortable to have to call someone to the table more than one time. It's uncomfortable to have to explain. All was corrected, but I have had better experiences.

Review №63

One of the favorite places to go for fast lunch or dinner. Excellent sandwiches, especially Spicy Southwest chicken grilled. Yum!! Love their salds too and sweet tea!

Review №64

Where's the beef

Review №65

Pretty good sandwich. Likttle pricey but good.

Review №66

Prices to high. Waiter food not get my order right. Tea was to weak. Baked potato not hot. Food not good for what we ordered .

Review №67

Always great tasting food, and atmosphere

Review №68

I did not have a great experience. The manger was rude and over charged me for Rotel. Then tells me I should have spoke up. No sir u should have asked. That's customer service.. then I get home. 4 minutes away. And begin to eat my food. The eotel was cold and the potato itself was cold. I've always had great experiences here. But today said I won't back for a few months.

Review №69

I hesitated to give one star. Had lunch here today and not only did I have a tasteless salad but had my wallet stolen too. Management could have cared less. Will never go back.

Review №70

Staff completely ignored me as I was picking up a to go order. Another customer told me to check the shelf and I found my order after getin g in line where I continoed to be ignored.

Review №71

Ashley was so very sweet. Took care of us and had our food out fast.

Review №72

Very good food and very friendly people!

Review №73

This McAlister's is the bomb! Jason and the others do a fantastic job of serving us quickly and efficiently, usually with a friendly greeting and a smile! I've not had any problems with either online or in-person orders and they are good to monitor those that eat in with drink refills or anything else that may be needed. Thanks, Jason and everyone, for doing such a great job!

Review №74

I came here yesterday. Food is always delicious and the team is usually great! Past few times haven't been as great as usual. They now serve their food on plates (used to be a tray with a paper liner) which came dirty for my mom and sister with leftover food still on them. The sandwich I ordered also tasted different. Still good and just minor things, though!

Review №75

Mom and I have been going about 1 per week for years. Best health rating I can find. Customer service is spot on.

Review №76

My gf and i foodwas cols with about 4 other customer's very dissatisfied the runner jacob just walked around passing dirty tables not sure if he was on something. Probably would not go back

Review №77

They have reduced their menu over the years and taken away some favorites, but I still come for the New Yorker and veggie chili. Soup for a group should be a legit menu option for takeout

Review №78

I don't usually eat at Mcallisters but from now on I will. Brandon with the beanie took good care of me, my food was out in a few minutes. I love the BLT+A, its so delicious. Everyone is so polite and very professional. Thank You!

Review №79

Good food quick service

Review №80

I love their sandwiches

Review №81

I was so impressed with how polite the employees were here and the service was outstanding! KEEP UP the GREAT work!!!

Review №82

Awesome menu and awesome food. Just wish it was closer to my house. Definitely will be back!

Review №83

Not a bad place to get a salad.

Review №84

Very good place! The manager David is a good person!

Review №85

This location is special to me because I grew up working here. It is nice to see the staff still keep the same polite attitude and ask for refills. It is unfortunate that do many restaurants have come in to this little shopping development because I think they are suffering for it. I remember when lunch meant lines to the door from 1130 to 230 everyday. It is one of our favorites at work so we will keep coming back. Did y'all change the tea ingredients it did not taste the same today? Also it was way to sweet. I know how many cups of sugar is supposed to be in it and the batch we got was straight sugar water.

Review №86

We enjoy the food. We normally get the large sandwich for $2 more. This time it was $5 more. For the extra $3 it would be nice to give extra side or chips

Review №87

Very good! Excellent service! Much better than drive through fast food!

Review №88

This is one of our staple restaurants. Good food served by friendly people in a clean and quiet environment.

Review №89

They don't pay attention to your order. My brother ordered a meal he didn't get it allWhen he complained the manager said he didn't order it and charged him for the parts of the meal he had to reorder.

Review №90

Always a safe bet. Fresh, quality food with a good selection of items.

Review №91

Good Service Polite Staff Great Sandwiches

Review №92

First time enjoyer of McAlister's Deli food. I had the grilled chicken club, it was a delicious meal. A wonderful atmosphere with great music. Somewhat annoying that you couldn't refill your own water, but not too bad. Great food.

Review №93

Very delicious food and great service

Review №94

Clean. Good food. Nothing out of the ordinary. Good place for the kids too. Menu changed recently - more GF options, etc.

Review №95

Great place. The food is good, the selections and the portions are plentyful.

Review №96

Food was great a day service was top notch. Almost no wait time on my to go order a drink the cashier (manager I think) helped me take advantage of a gift card promo they were running that ultimately put $20 in my pocket at the end.

Review №97

Great as always. I really like their menu.

Review №98

(TLDR at bottom)On 2/1/2019 at 9:45 I came in late for a meeting I was having with my friends there. I sat down, talked, then went up to order a bowl of soup. I know that they have the soup premade and just waiting, so that would have been easiest for them to make quickly. But because they were premade, I asked if any of them looked better than the others since it was late, and they were probably sitting for a while.Two workers were trying to place my order (one of them was probably new, so that was fine) while another went back to check on the soup. She came back a little later and said that the broccoli cheddar soup was fresh. In fact, she said they put out a fresh batch recently. I ordered, went back to my friends, and then got it to go before we left. After talking for a little bit in the parking lot, I went home and wanted to share with my family. After I got home and opened I started eating and realized it stank. It was liquidy, stank, and was sour. "New batch." Right. I've been here before, but I might never come back.TLDR: Got served rancid soup after specifically asking the worker to check. If I get food sickness, I'm reporting.EDIT: One of my friend's soup was just as bad.

Review №99

Great service and food.

Review №100

They have great service and great food! I keep coming back, never unsatisfied.

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