Poppyseeds Bagels
1311 Chestnut Ln, Matthews, NC 28104, United States
Review №1

I was born and raised in New York and for someone who knows bagels I wish I could give more than two stars. The food here is always good and reminds me of home, but the service is enough to make you wanna walk right out.I come to this place almost daily on my way into work for a very simple order of a bagel and large coffee. To keep it even more simple I place the order online before I arrive. When I arrived the oder was sitting on the printer and two customers were in line. After alerting the staff that it was my order they asked for a minute to get it ready and I sat down to patiently wait.While waiting a line formed out the door down the sidewalk. As customers in that line started to be served and leave I began to get frustrated. After 20 minutes the girl who was making my order started to help new customers. At this point I am late to work and extremely irritated.Just as I am about to leave without my food I already paid for one of the staff notices a food order sitting on the back counter that has been there for some time. GUESS WHAT! it was my order!I would suggest this place get their staff to operate on a lever that matches the food. Then I would be five stars all day. Maybe next time.

Review №2

This place is amazing!!! Great people and great food! Love their pastries and breakfast bagels. A real live Brooklyn bagel place in your backyard, ran by New Yorkers. Easily the best in the Charlotte area. Support a local business and enjoy!

Review №3

Stopped by for bagels for post Thanksgiving homemade turkey sandwiches. My husband has been under strict quarantine for impending eye surgeries this month and our whole family has complied to ensure he would his pass covid tests. Was very surprised the teenage girl behind the counter was not wearing a mask. When I placed my order and requested she put on a mask she refused and started to explain it was not mandatory for her to do so. In a crucial time (end of Nov) when positive cases in our area keep going up I don't get it...I am not a cuckoo masker, AND I Know how hard this pandemic has been on restaurants to stay afloat...Poppyseed owner's I love to support local business but food safety is very crucial right now. Please consider.

Review №4

I have been there only a handful of times since I don't live out that way. Today I went in and they had nothing but what seemed like teenagers working. I felt I was given such a fake smile and a cold shoulder when I asked questions about the menu. As if I was bothering them or as if I was already suppose to know the menu by heart. I have never experienced this as I have always been served and greater by an older man. Not sure I'll come back unless it's opening time when the guy is usually there

Review №5

I love poppyseed's! Delicious food and really nice staff. It is also open year round. I believe they have two locations now. It can be busy depending on what day or time it is but I definitely recommend it to locals or people traveling through.

Review №6

Always the best. So. Good. Very friendly people working there. Add the ability to tip on a credit card purchase. Those people are working hard during a pandemic and no one is carrying cash right now.

Review №7

Absolutely love this place! The food is incredible and the owner/staff are amazing. I grew up in New York and this is the closest I've found to a good classic breakfast from there.

Review №8

Best bagels in CLT. Fabulous flavors and the house made cream cheeses are the best. Get the french toast bagels they are to die for. Beware there will be a line, but they do order ahead through grubhub now!!

Review №9

Great bagels! Makes feel like I'm back in NY.

Review №10

As good as our favorite upper East side bagel place! Yum!

Review №11

Great bagels! Please be advised at this time: not all employees are able to wear masks due to medical reasons and those employees are preparing food. I would recommend this employee has a different position while empathizing the medical reasons.

Review №12

Great bagels, great pastries. Get there early to beat the crowds

Review №13

Decided not to eat there as the employees cooking food did not wear masks. They had a sign saying certain employees have medical conditions and can not wear mask. After using the google machine I found out that autism is only real reason. I m pretty sure the 2 employees that I seen working there did not autism. During these insanely tough times the world is going through I ask myself why pandemic has not slowed down. Well answer is because of lazy ignorant folks such as employees at this establishment. If your too sick to wear a mask. Stay at home.

Review №14

Ive been all around America, and even in Europe and these are the absolute worst bagels I've ever had. Flavorless, the cream cheese is a joke, they take lain cream cheese and add stuff to it for decoration NOT for flavor! I've tried to give this place a chance on 3 different occasions and every time sucks. Also last time I went they had a sign saying someone on the staff can't wear a mask for health reasons but not a single employee of the 3 i saw had gloves or masks on during COVID 19

Review №15

PAY ATTENTION ....Yes maybe the closest thing to a Long Island New York bagel however the customer service needs to alot of work! I had placed an order this morning for pick up ... The order was repeated to me and it was confirmed it was about $41 paid for it over the phone. Sent one of my employees over there ....we are about 30 minutes away she picked it up only to find that the order is was missing 3 items. I suppose I received someone else's sandwiches:( I called and yes as a customer I was pretty displeased with the attitude from the person on the other end of the line. I was told that if I wanted a refund that I would have to wait up to 3 days... and I really couldn't give me an exact day that I would have to call to get my refund taking care of? Not sure how they're doing all of that but when I have a customer come in and they want a refund I give it to them right there... as easy as I take their money I can give it back to them there's a machine for that! As a fellow new Yorker I did not expect that kind of reaction. It wasn't my fault that the order was screwed up and honestly we were really looking forward to some good bagels the way we like them. Oh well...I won't go back or recommend them anymore to my customers just because of their customer service issues and a refund!

Review №16

Incredibly slow service and two of the employees working the register and handling food were not wearing masks. Will not be returning.

Review №17

Its ok, nothing special. Garlic bagel was burnt.. Do have lot of options

Review №18

Love this place! Great food, great prices, made to order and quickly!

Review №19

So good! Will diffently go again. Also got one first tomorrow.

Review №20

Walked in and walked out. Employees not wearing masks and the only 2 customers that were there not wearing masks.

Review №21

Pretty cool. Friendly place. I can do without the pork. But cool place.

Review №22

Unhappy with the "Check Out Fee". There is a surcharge of 4% for paying with credit card (even on a large ticket check out). Beware. Bagels are alright - not always fresh, and employees are typically rude.

Review №23

Got a breakfast bagel sandwich of bacon, eggs and cheese on a plain bagel, then 6 bagels to go. Their breakfast sandwich was good, hadn't been to this place in 4 years since I'd moved from the area, so bringing the bagels home to Greensboro was a treat. I ate the sandwich while still in the indian trail area and before what I needed to get done before leaving. This place has real bagels. The staff is really friendly and they were busy, but that's a given for a Saturday, morning.

Review №24

Friendly courteous service. Great tasty bagels. Large selection of spreads. Offers breakfast and lunch specials. Adequate parking.

Review №25

Best in town for HUGE sandwiches. We go here for comfort food. And we always take two pieces of crumb cake home (for even more comfort later).

Review №26

Autism is the ONLY reason not to wear a mask. THIS IS JUST IRRESPONSIBLE!!! And NO gloves!!

Review №27

They do more than just bagels!

Review №28

Delicious bagels. Always fresh, and the handmade cream cheese is amazing as well. Four stars only because apparently their operating hours are wrong. Tried to walk in at 4:45p on a Sunday to pick up a bagel and pastry for tomorrow morning out of whatever was left from the day (usually slim pickings, but to be expected so that's no problem), door was locked in the open sign was off, and staff was all gone. Oh well, guess I'll get them next time I'm in town, and remember they close sometime before five(?)

Review №29

Just a quick visit for a late lunch. Happy they had an everything bagel. A smear of cream cheese and a cup of coffee made a very tasty and satisfying meal.I love that I can get crumb cake and cannollis like I used to enjoy when I lived up north.

Review №30

Chicken salad was just ok, maybe if they toasted my bagel like I asked it would've been a better sandwich. Girls behind the counter seem like they don't know what they're doing. Definitely not like a Florida bagel shop

Review №31

Bagels always good no problem with the food. Went to the one in Austin village shopping center The staff had no masks on not following the guidelines I wasn't too happy

Review №32

Most people like it but if they knew the owners I don't think that they would want to continue doing business there. The employees are nice and they do their best to keep needs establishments and the customers happy but I like to go a little bit deeper and know who I'm doing business with. The husband has a huge ego and so does the wife but the way she talks about her employees I think it would really crush them to know how much they're giving to the establishment and how little they're receiving a return but to know what these people are saying about them would probably end their business

Review №33

Closest thing to a NY bagel you'll find around here. Offers a variety of breakfast items, lunch items, baked goods and drinks. Service is very good. Friendly and personable.

Review №34

The bagels are as good as they used to be, but the girls who fix them only put about half the cream cheese that Poppy Seeds used to. Twice in the last couple weeks, I've told them I would pay extra if they would put as much cream cheese on the bagel as the store used to - and I still got the "diet" version.

Review №35

Stop by a simple lunch and was impressed. They had a variety of Bagels, Cream Cheeses and Boar's Head Deli meats. I ordered the Hard Salami sandwich and it was very tasty ! They also a selection of NY Style pastries and cookies as well. The place is immaculate and service is excellent.

Review №36

Wow. Fantastic experience. Being from New Jersey, the bagels reminded me of home - and they had Taylor Ham! The cashier started a conversation with us and helped us decide what to get. Good breakfast and sandwich venue. Definitely stop be if you're in this neck of the woods.

Review №37

Best bagel shop in the Charlotte area. Bagels cooked fresh every morning so they will not keep well if you order a dozen for the week. Order your bagel grilled for the softest bagel feel. Double up on the protein, add an egg and cheese for a divine breakfast sandwich.I get egg everything bagel grilled, double sausage, spicy mustard and feta cheese. Wife gets same same bagel, double Taylor ham, scrambled egg, and American cheese.Add a house made pastry for later.

Review №38

Food is great service is great! Been eating here since it opened and never been disappointed. Try it sometime you won't regret it.

Review №39

The best, and I mean absolute best breakfast you could ever have. The friendliest service. I could live here that's how good the food is. If you ever wonder why people will wait in line just for a bagel, it's because it's absolutely fantastic. And don't even get me started on their desserts. If you have not been here, shame on you.

Review №40

Best "real" bagel in Charlotte

Review №41

Bring cash for the discount. Honest NY style bagel deli. Solid

Review №42

The food was delicious and made possibly the best bagels I have ever had! The reason I had to give it this 3 star rating is because the young man with curly hair I could over hear saying very inappropriate things that I'm just glad I left my son home. Not sure if it's always like that but he just needs to watch what he is saying out loud.

Review №43

This is definitely one of my favorite stops for breakfast. Just tried the hungry man sandwich which was literally incredible, eggs, bacon, cheese, sausage and ham on a sandwich? Yes please! The food is always fresh and I love their egg salad and the homemade cream cheeses. So yum!

Review №44

I love coming here and it's super close to my house which is awesome. BUT this is the 2nd time I've driven here and it's well before your supposed to be closed and the “OPEN” sign is already off and someone is already mopping floors. If your closing earlier that you used too, please change your hours online and on your store front so people don't make the wasted trip!

Review №45

We're from the Philadelphia area, but come here every time we come to Charlotte (whi is about every 3 months). Sadly, it has been declining each visit lately. First thing we noticed was that it was not clean anymore. Tables weren't wiped, and there was trash on the floor. We both usually get the same thing when we come. My husband gets the lox and onion omelette. He saw the lox and decided against it, as it didn't look good. I always get a sesame bagel with whitefish salad. The serving of whitefish has been pretty much cut in half. Third, the Fritos chips were all expired on November 19th...today is December 22. They did take them off the shelf when told about it (and thanked me for telling them), but they shouldn't have been there.For these reasons, we will not be returning here. Very sad, because their bagels are probably the best around down in Charlotte.

Review №46

Great NY bagel place. We go at least once a month and try different specialty bagels. Get there early on the weekends because it gets busy!

Review №47

Stopped in today- delicious bagels, cream cheese, egg sandwiches! Super friendly staff too! So happy they have opened another store... now to get them to come up to Concord area!!

Review №48

Cute little shop with awesome breakfast options, friendly staff, and great prices. Always delicious and makes you want to come back again soon. The coffee is great too -- how could I forget that?!?

Review №49

Food is yummy. Wished the staff would smile more.

Review №50

Massive sandwiches loaded with meat

Review №51

Fantastic bagels at reasonable prices. Plenty on the menu to choose from and pies and cakes available for the Holidays. It gets busy sometimes, especially on the weekends so plan accordingly but it is definitely worth the wait. Reminds me of home. Try the everything bagel with scallion cream cheese. And if you are lucky Willie will make it for you too!!

Review №52

Great New York bagels and bialys down in North Carolina! Great sandwiches too.

Review №53

Bagels are delish! I don't think you could get a better one if you were in NY itself. Prices are good and staff is great! I love this place, just wish it was a little closer. But it makes it a treat when I get one!

Review №54

Quality is awesome prices are reasonable, But they did mess up my Order

Review №55

Best bagel place around here and decent coffee. Not a New York bagel but consistently good. Can be a bit crowded at breakfast. They also have very good baked goods and breakfast specials. Their black and white cookies are great.

Review №56

Probably one of the best bagel shops I've ever tried. The staff was pleasant and everything was delicious. I highly recommend this place of business of you like New York style bagels and pastries.

Review №57

Their bagels taste fresh out of the oven

Review №58

This place was awesome! Busy but the line went quick. Great coffee and amazing bagel options.

Review №59

Outrageous sandwiches. The biggest you'll get anywhere for the $$. We always get the crumb cake for dessert. It's a 20 min ride, but always worth it.

Review №60

Honestly amazing food and even better prices. Their selection of bagels and sweets is great and they all taste even better. All without coming close to breaking the bank.

Review №61

Best Bagels around, ran by Darn Yankees but thanks to them for bringing this down from NY. Bagels are great but the best thing about this place is that they use a flat grill to cook their food not a microwave.

Review №62

Granted a Saturday afternoon on a rainy day might not be their busiest, but we went in and spent about 20 minutes here and not a single other customer was here during this time. The girl working the front did not greet us as we walked in and appeared to be missing sleep or hungover. Remember, there's no other customers. The place is pretty messy too, trash on the floors, tables not wiped. Wouldn't a quiet time with no customers be the perfect time to clean these things up? Even if it was clean, the atmosphere isn't the greatest. Feels something like a cross between a gas station and a McDonald's from 1996. Replace the harsh overhead lighting with warmer toned can lights, paint the walls a darker colors, replace all the ripped seats, there's a lot of potential here to turn this into somewhere you would want to stay a while.It's a shame because the bagels and danishes are quite good although it would have been nice to be toasted or at least offered the option. If they could improve the atmosphere and quality of their employees they could really be a cozy little spot to hangout at it while enjoying their great food.

Review №63

Incredible bagel place! Been going here for years. Awesome customer service although sometimes they get really busy, especially in the morning. Compared to other bagel places, this place is well priced and tastes better. 10/10 recommend! Tasty coffee too!!

Review №64

Hungry man is the way to go for a solid priced and portioned breakfast! Never ordered anything from here that wasn't absolutely delicious. Highly recommended!

Review №65

Fabulous NY Bagels made fresh in house. Family oriented business. Busy place-everyone loves it. Fresh Boars Head cold cuts make great sandwiches & have omelets & French toast too!

Review №66

Great service, great bagels

Review №67

Ok, but kind of small. Sandwich was ok.

Review №68

The food is so good but the employees are not friendly especially this younger girl who took my order this morning. She literally just was staring at me and didn't say anything so i had to ask her if she was trying to take my order and she looked at me like i was stupid. But the woman with all the tattoos was great and really nice. Overall the employees just seem unorganized and scattered. There was not a designated person at the counter taking orders and when i got there there was a line of customers and no one had been helped or even acknowledged yet. Other than that i do love their bagels and cream cheese but also noticed that the eclairs are in the fridge right next to the salmon both uncovered so that's kind of gross.

Review №69

Yummy, I drive like 15 minute to get egg sandwich on bagel

Review №70

Best NY bagels in Charlotte! Staff are awesome......

Review №71

Good place all nice peeps in the am.

Review №72

Good food, good coffee, good people.

Review №73

The family is from New York and I taste a big difference in their bagels. They have flavored cream cheese that they make in house. The Croissants are soooo gooood! I like them better than Manhatten Bagels, and they were my favorite for a long time.

Review №74

This place is awesome!! Brings me back home

Review №75

This place is awesome. I got a buttered everything with taylor ham.

Review №76

Always the best

Review №77

Good food. Reasonably priced.

Review №78

I ate here for the first time today and it was delish! I got the egg white, spinach, and feta omelet with the everything bagel! It was delicious and affordable! I was so surprised at how soft, succulent, and fresh my bagel was! I plan to go again and try one of the bagel sandwiches!

Review №79

Great food, great value and friendly staff

Review №80

Always have great bagels there!

Review №81

So glad I can find a good Taylor ham egg and cheese here! I've missed them for 5 years and now it finally feels like I'm back in my home town in New Jersey

Review №82

I was there this week and was very disappointed. I ordered a Cinnamon raisin bagel to go. I was surprised to see it was just thrown into the bag without as much as a wrapper and napkin. Even more it was very hard and dry. My friend who recommended Poppyseeds said l might have better luck at the Hanfield Village one. I'll give that one a chance but Chestnut was a disappointment!

Review №83

Love this place. Authentic NY bagels, made fresh, handmade cream cheeses, and they even sell real back & white cookies...

Review №84

Buy bagels for my office every week. Everyone loves them.

Review №85

Fast service and delicious bagels. What more can you ask for?

Review №86

Great place for breakfast. Bagels are super fresh and delicious.

Review №87

Only issue is sometimes the wait and lack of seating, but that is a testament to their food.

Review №88

Great bagels, staffed by owners. A great assortment of homemade cream cheeses plus fresh bagels, regular and bagel sandwiches and breakfast food. Good stuff.

Review №89

NY Bagles ! Great.

Review №90

Good food, good price.

Review №91

The only place I'll go for bagels.

Review №92

Never been here before until my friend recommended it but will definitely go again. Really good Bagels!

Review №93

We had been going a bunch. Great bagels and much easier for us to get to than Poppy's. But bagels last couple of visits were sub-par. Chewy, not as good as they had been. Don't know what changed. We have started going back to Poppy's again. Good staff though... Orders delivered quick. We may give another try in the future.

Review №94

They're a little over priced for the quality of food/service. They always leave something out of my order/hear me incorrectly. I've been going there for years and I feel like the service has gone a little downhill.

Review №95

Hands down best bagels and even though there is a wait on weekends, the staff are pushing it as fast as they can. I'll wait for quality.

Review №96

Delicious freshly baked bagels.

Review №97

Great food and great service!

Review №98

Great service, great people, awesome bagels!

Review №99

Great place for breakfast

Review №100

Small breakfast place. Nice place for a bagel and eggs. Open early. Not crazy about no changing station in the bathroom.

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  • Address:1311 Chestnut Ln, Matthews, NC 28104, United States
  • Site:http://poppyseedsbagels.com/
  • Phone:+1 704-234-0247
  • Deli
  • Bagel shop
Working hours
  • Monday:5:30AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:5:30AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:5:30AM–6PM
  • Thursday:5:30AM–5PM
  • Friday:5:30AM–6PM
  • Saturday:5:30AM–6PM
  • Sunday:5:30AM–6PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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