Go-Go Empanadas Inc.
11229 E Independence Blvd suite c, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Review №1

A pleasant surprise!I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of what the quality of empanadas for the price would be. I wasn't disappointed. The filling flavors came through nicely. They were not oversoaked in the oil but rather quite enjoyable.I tried a couple of the corn ones (chicken, beef w/potatoes and a hamburger). All very good.I also tried some of the flour ones (Philly cheese steak, cuban as well as an apple cinnamon).I tend to lean towards the flour version... especially the Philly cheese steak.As I sit here with a full stomach I am contemplating which ones to buy on my next visit.

Review №2

Food was delicious and fast. This was my first time visiting this restaurant and I definitely plan on returning to try more flavors. Ryan was awesome and let me try a small side while I waited for my order. This place has the customer service you want!

Review №3

Heard good things about Go-Go Empanadas and gave it a try. It really is a hidden gem in a random strip mall. You can easily have been driving past this place regularly with it going unnoticed. That would be a mistake. We really enjoyed everything we had. The empanadas with an American twist like cheesesteak, cheeseburger were great. As were vegetarian options like spinach and cheese. Give them a try and tell a friend! Shop small and dine local.

Review №4

Go-Go Empanadas is the bomb! They have so many delicious flavors you'll find something for everyone. I definitely recommend giving them a try.

Review №5

This is the empanada place of your dreams. Authentic colombian influences. 75 flavor choices. Less than $2 per empanada. Doesn't get any better than this.

Review №6

This time they were delicious , now they charge you a fee if you pay with a debit card which I think is cheap cheap.Only Latin owned business come with this creative way to get your money.

Review №7

I went for cheese empanadas and the give me and empanadas with terrible flavor, I think they fried twice the empanadas I wasted my money and my time!! I went before and the place was very good but now I don't recommended.

Review №8

I absolutely love this place. The food is tasty with a menu to satisfy every taste bud. Menu is online. Friendly staff too. I would advise to order ahead because this place is very busy! Bon appetit!

Review №9

If you're Colombian you know this is not authentic Colombian food! I'm not Colombian but I'm from Miami where there's REAL food and authentic foods! The measly empanadas they have are pathetic. They're tiny and barely have anything inside them. They also don't have any CAFE CON LECHE! They have DRIP COFFEE! You cannot be a Colombian bakery and not have a cafetera.

Review №10

Compared to two years ago, the empanadas have deteriorated by the flavor and content of the empanadas. The only ones I recommend are the Hawaiianas. What a shame because before they had better seasoning.

Review №11

Muy muy bien.... so good.. best empanadas in this city. The sauces are amazing

Review №12

I'd never had empanadas before coming here. My fiance ordered ahead, and we picked them up. They were delicious! They were like fancy little hot pockets. Good source of protein, lots of cheese. The shell is crispy!

Review №13

The best empanadas I have ever eaten in America! Super fresh and filling. Great prices and customer service.

Review №14

Nice, casual takeout joint, though there are a few tables. The empanadas are fantastic, fresh made both corn and flour crust, each have their own qualities. We had gotten a few of the Americanized fillings in the past, but decided the regular ground beef was our fav. Pour on a little green sauce too, it's spicy, helps cuts the richness. We ate ours piping hot in the car... a fried food essential. Cheap eats, gotta luv it...

Review №15

Good fresh place, not all the flavors were my cup of tea but everything was hot and fresh and the service was good

Review №16

Highly recommend, very good steak and cheese and spinach and cheese made quickly right in front of us too. Free spicy sauces so good. Very good pricing too. Store runner is a sweetheart. Please check this place out!

Review №17

They do not require customers entering to wear a mask. Because if my health issues I asked theWoman at the register to tell folks coming on to protect their face. She refused. If this is the level of sanitation they provide, I don't think it's safe to order from here. The gal left my order on the counter and expected me to come back in and get it and stared at me through the window. Do not trust this place

Review №18

Can't even post a photo because we ate it too quick! Already planning to go back. We had the beef, chicken, apple delight and chocolate peanut butter. All were amazing. The sauces were delicious. For the price, can not beat. Run. Don't walk.

Review №19

Amazing place to eat, the Empanadas taste better each time. My favorite is the caramel and cheese.

Review №20

Made an order, they skipped me and made other peoples orders, that were relatively big, waited an entire hour, and they left out a couple empanadas

Review №21

We keep going back. Great empinadas. Very inexpensive, and excellent selection. Quick and easy go to dinner when we don't want to cook!

Review №22

My first time visiting and I will be back.I ordered 5 different empanadas and all were very very good. I will be back!

Review №23

Lots of flavors. Every one of them are great.

Review №24

Caramel and Cheese and Cuban were delish and the service was very good. Will definitely make this place a regular stop.

Review №25

This place always has customers, finally stopped to check it out. LOVE IT!! GREAT SERVICE, GREAT FOOD in a very awkward location! A true jewel in the rough.

Review №26

The food is so good. It's authentic and has the best options around! Nothing better than these empanadas and a cold Coke!!

Review №27

Ordered 2 savory (Spinach & Cheese, Omelette) and 3 sweet (Gloria, S'mores & Apple Delight). The Omelette was the better or the savory. Apple Delight was delicious and is followed closely in ranking by Gloria. Service was fast and friendly. Prices are reasonable. I will be returning.

Review №28

The food here is amazingly delicious. We will be back.

Review №29

Empanadas could use a little garlic powder, the chicken empanadas had a few too many potatoes. Overall tasted great.

Review №30

Ditch the American favorites! Authentic Columbian cuisine at a reasonable price! Real food, prepared

Review №31

This place was delicious. Had the breakfast empanada. The crust was crispy and filling was moist and so good. Reasonably priced. You must try this place. Hidden gem.

Review №32

They finally opened! Awesome prices and very delicious. Glad to see them busy too.

Review №33

Amazing food empanadas was delicious and the service was very friendly!!!

Review №34

Oh my goodness! What a delicious variety of empanadas they serve! I highly recommend this place!

Review №35

With over 50 different flavors of empanadas what else could I say?! The fillings are not only delicious but you get a lot of it! And the price and customer service adds to the great ppace this is

Review №36

Empanadas are so good!! Lunch special as well

Review №37

The empanadas were amazing!!

Review №38

A million choices for every taste!!!! Their prices went up significantly in the last 2 weeks (combos and family deals). They must be getting popular!

Review №39

Perfect! This place gets it. Something for everyone,,,heck I even enjoyed trying the ones I did not enjoy. The PBJ is definitely my favorite...for the savory...cant go wrong with the Sausage or Beef

Review №40

Great every time!!! The regular ones are better than the dessert ones but we've ordered multiple times on DoorDash and everything has been great!

Review №41

So much from which to choose! Explore and go wild! Get all the sauces!

Review №42

Oh my goodness. If you have ever had an authentic empanada (or haven't) you need to go here! Originally from Miami, my fiancé and I love a good empanada and have yet to find “our spot” here in CLT. The ham and cheese empanada blew us away and their sauces are also mighty tasty! The garlic & spicy avocado sauces were our favorite. The guy that served us was also extremely attentive and his customer care was above & beyond. 10/10 recommend, don't walk, run! (Wish I could've taken photos but we ate them up way too fast).

Review №43

Great tasting Empanadas. Tryed 5 different ones and they were all very good

Review №44

Food took a little long but the wait was worth it.

Review №45

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Here at least 6 times a month probably more. Great food, great service! Endless options and the grilled steak is a must try!!

Review №46

I love the food here

Review №47

Horrible food!Horrible food!People without ethics!I get very sick!They sell poison food!You better choose other place to eat, other wise you risking your health and your life ‘

Review №48

F'ing awesome. When you go here wear loose pants!! You will want to eat one of everything. You must get one of those frozen fruit drinks, you will not be disappointed.

Review №49

My husband bought me a cheeseburger empanada and it was excellent.

Review №50

Empanadas anyone? This is the place to get them. All different flavors, great maracuya juice and also has couple traditional Colombian meals. Enough for me to keep coming. 2 thumbs up

Review №51

There were so many different fillings to choose from. I ordered 3 different kinds and they look, smell and most importantly taste amazing. I tried each of the sauces and the hot sauce one is my fav. Will definitely go back a few times while I'm working in the area

Review №52

Best empanadas!

Review №53

HIDDEN GEM!!!This place is so good, so many options. Breakfast, lunch or dinner AND dessert empanadas too?!?!!? SO GOOD!! I highly recommend them.

Review №54

I just can't say I loved it.. I feel like the empanadas could be way better. Service was okay.

Review №55

These are the best corn empanadas! I drive across town to go here. Very authentic. Keep doing what you're doing!

Review №56

This place is my new favorite place to grab some delicious colombian empanadas yummy... i couldn't believe all the flavor the have including sweet empanadas best to eat warm at order great costumer service by a cutie at the register.

Review №57

Excellent, cheeseburger is the best

Review №58

Very good and very fresh. They have both corn and flour empanadas. Their sauces are very good as well! You do have to ask for no Styrofoam plates. Everything is served an individual baggies of so I believe the plates are necessary anyway.

Review №59

They have a huge variety and you will want to try all of they. Our favorite is the seafood, but the Cuban, and the spinach and cheese are lovely, too. We've only had the empanadas,. The dessert empanadas are a nice finish.

Review №60

If you want authentic colombian empanadas come here. Food was amazing!

Review №61

Ordered empanadas from here. Definitely one of the best in Charlotte.

Review №62

We decided to try this place after passing by many times. We were not disappointed. All the empanadas were delicious. The staff was extremely helpful and super friendly, especially at helping us make up our minds because there are so many different empanadas to choose from, as well as sides (they have sweet plantains). We ended up trying a variety. Make sure to leave room for a sweet empanada to go with your main choices. I highly recommend this place and will be back.

Review №63

Great food and the service was super. Love it

Review №64

Very good. Friendly service.

Review №65

I only leave reviews if it's really worth it and omg this place is the best! Definitely recommend it and definitely will be back. They have 60 different types of empanadas!

Review №66

They have so many different flavors and they are all good

Review №67

Favorite place to eat out . they have many options and many of them are very good . i especially love the cheese corn empandas!! would definitely recommend

Review №68

One word...Delicious. I've tried 6 different empanadas and they were all so good. Cuban, mexican, mac and cheese, pizza, cheesesteak, and cheeseburger. Packed with flavor and not overly greasy. Next time I go I plan on trying something new again!

Review №69

This place is amazing! The food is good and the price is too!!

Review №70

Excellent food, and a super friendly staff! I'll definitely be going back.

Review №71

Everything tastes good. Everyone was nice. Prices are really good. I will eat there again.

Review №72

Food is great but order was mix

Review №73

This place has mouth watering Empanadas that will make you go humm. Delicious...

Review №74

BESTTTTTT empanada place in Charlotte . Definitely recommend this place , great food and friendly staff . Been going here for lunch ever since they opened up in November .

Review №75

The food here is amazing!! The owner is 1st class and the employees are amazing very nice and professional!!!

Review №76

How is it possible for this place to have such good reviews? It was my first time trying it and they gave me some old food cooked in old oil? I was sick all evening from eating from this place! I will never eat here again. The tostones they gave me were like from yesterday! also the Pork smelled really bad and tasted terrible! like are you trying to kill people? The potatoes, chicken, steak, chorizo was all OLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know we can tell when you leave food out or leave it in the fridge and try to refry it like it's fresh again? People are not dumb !!!! luckily I was at work and I couldn't go back I would of demanded my money back! Please Don't eat here!!!!!

Review №77

The r the best thing I ate from Colombia they have empanadas for everyone from carnavour, vegans n vegetarian taste

Review №78

I was born in panama and every now and then i miss my grandmas homecooking . This was extremely close to it. Great flavor

Review №79

So delicious!!!

Review №80

Went to this place on Sunday, looking for something different. I ordered empanadas, they were fairly good, and also a picada. Don't order the picada, it's a waste of money. Very familiar with Colombian food. This place is only good for ordering empanadas to go. It's far from being a comfort food place if you're Latin American. The green salsa and red salsa are better than the empanadas. Not coming back again, not worth the trip.

Review №81

Fast, Hot empanadas, lots of choices good prices.

Review №82

Best experience ever delicious

Review №83

Wow! Their empanadas are absolutely delicious. I love the creative and classic combinations that they offer. The staff is friendly as well.

Review №84

They are the best empanadas I've ever tried come to gogo empanadas they'll love it

Review №85

Love this place ! The Empandas are delicious and fresh. we order a picada. I t was the right choice! The picada was big and full of chorizo, morzilla, ribs, tostones, papa criollo, all of it was delicious. The staff was friendly and efficient. Highly recommended

Review №86

Nice place I love it

Review №87

Fantastic! So glad I went! The empanadas are delish. I'm from Aruba, we have something similar there called pastechi and this comes really close. I went with the basic carne molida, pollo, jamon i queso and Atun...

Review №88

Great food low prices. Highly recommend...

Review №89

Love it love it

Review №90

Had seafood empanadas....Lunch special was a great deal. Only 5.99 for 2

Review №91

Best empanadas ever!!!

Review №92

Amazing empanadas. Just like the ones you find at home (New York lol)There is not one I do not like. Here are some of my favorites:HawaiianChicken parmColumbianCaramel and CheeseGloriaPolishSmoresPlease go check them out. You will be hooked. And the owners are awesome too. Friendly and down to earth!

Review №93

Nice little joint with many many empanadas

Review №94

There food make me sick and it hurts my head and all they have is Spanish song

Review №95

I love this colombian empanadas place... so delicious I recommend it

Review №96

Just had some empanadas de carne, let me tell you.... packed with meat! price point is ideal. Im from New York also a Colombian and you just can't go wrong. Lets hope they stick to their process. bien hecho

Review №97

Fast and great service. Empanadas so good.

Review №98

Worst customer service. I had to wait for a long time to get empanadas, in the meanwhile I was seating with my family at table. The table was not cleaned so I ask to get it clean, the young guy at the register gave me a towel and spray so I would cleaned it. So I don't care doing it but it is a restaurant and you would assume that it is the restaurants responsibility to keep the place clean.

Review №99

Finally I was waiting for a good Colombian spot in Charlotte. The empanadas de carne where so good. Excellent Price too. I come from NY so finding this spot was awesome.

Review №100

Their empanadas are very good, they are small for the price but they are good.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:11229 E Independence Blvd suite c, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
  • Site:http://www.gogoempanadasinc.com/
  • Phone:+1 980-245-2686
  • Fast food restaurant
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  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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