Krispy Kreme
9301 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

Review №1

The drive thru lady was SO nice!! She truly brightened my day! I wish I had caught her name. She was so kind and so excited to give my pups a "pupcup" of whipped cream.My family and I was here on Sunday 11/8 about 2:00 pm.

Review №2

I get the feeling that the workers were tired this particular day that I visited. The donuts weren't hot, and they were actually running a online promotion of BOGO! I will try again for better results one day.

Review №3

I placed an order online the night before and arrived five minutes early the next day. My order was ready and waiting. The donuts were fresh and the staff was very pleasant. Coworkers are happy! Would definitely be back!!

Review №4

Service received on 09/11/20 at 9:19p was poor. The host listed on the receipt says “Melanie”. I ordered through the drive thru and stated I wanted a dozen box of assorted. She told me the price before I gave her my doughnut selection. (Poor) At the window there was no customer service personality, not even a generic “thank you, come again”. (Poor again) The product consistently is what will keep me coming back. That drive thru chick...not so much.

Review №5

We absolutely love Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. We have to get a hot fresh dozen when we go. There isn't one really close to us so we can't go to often. I heard they were building one right up the street. Must... Show... Restraint. Haha I think I'm going to be in trouble. I'll be thinking of excuses to sneak out to get some. They have alot of different types and flavors but glazed are our favorite. Stop by and grab some, and a coffee while you're at it.

Review №6

The person taking our order was pleasant and when she took the money she was so nice! I gave it 4 stars because I asked for the original chocolate creme filled donut in our order of 4 assorted and was given a vanilla creme filled. We did not look at the donuts til we got home. The receipt showed correctly but the order was not filled correctly. Still good, but I prefer chocolate. Still good service otherwise.

Review №7

I went to this Krispy Kreme location yesterday and my goodness the line was so long. However for my niece and nephew I stuck it out. I'm so glad I did. I had the pleasure of getting service from Nick!. He was super friendly and nice. Since it was buy one get one free (which) I didn't know as I just wanted to use my free certificate. Nick asked me if I just wanted my dozen or the extra free set. Which I replied I didn't think I could do that with the certificate but Nick was so nice and said he would give the free dozen too. Again thank you Nick for being so kind, I truly appreciate it!

Review №8

I love this place, not only because the donuts are good but they have an amazing associate (older Indian woman) I get her every time I come to the store. She is so friendly and amazing!! It's people like her that make businesses strive!!

Review №9

I know when that hot Blinks I'm gonna get some Krispy Kreme! They are excellent, much better then Dunkin!

Review №10

Went for donuts and ended up with ice cream, lol! Of course it was great.

Review №11

The hot light was on and the doughnuts wasn't hot, the young person that waited on us had an attitude also

Review №12

Excellent! Fast friendly service and the hot light was on! New pumpkin spice flavors yummm

Review №13

I do not know what KK did to their coffee, but this was bad. And at both locations. Really bitter brew. Great doughnuts though.

Review №14

Good care, fresh donuts, freshly made, great service

Review №15

Filled me up. The staff was sociable and attentive. It has a great atmosphere.

Review №16

Donuts are always on point, sadly they gave us a hot coffee with ice in it an called it an iced coffee.....somewhat disappointing.

Review №17

Quick, hot, and ready to eat. One of my favorite go to stops for dessert !

Review №18

Good Experience but Cashier was really not there..she could not answer simple questions about you only Sale Doughnuts how can she not know..

Review №19

The donut I always hot and good fast accurate service

Review №20

Great service n awesome customer service

Review №21

Line wraps around the building, sometimes even longer, which is fine but could be waiting over 30 minutes in the drive thru. Great donuts as always tho

Review №22

LEO IS THE BEST! For sure come here! Love the service and the doughnuts are the best!

Review №23

Best variety of donuts around.great tasting.

Review №24

It was good. Donuts was smaller than usual.

Review №25

Great, when they just come off the line!

Review №26

I've always loved Krispy Kreme! Whenever their sign is lit, they don't lie! Good service!

Review №27


Review №28

Today I thought I would try the chocolate dipped glazed along with some glaze. The chocolate doughnuts did not have a taste and tbe chocolate looked and tasted like it had been watered down. I did not get any glazed doighnuts and an hour later when I returned they still did not have any. I chose to get a refund instead of trying another dozen of yucky doughnuts. This is the first time in my life that I experienced nasty doughnuts from KRISPY KREME.

Review №29

If the idea of waiting in line for 15-25 minutes excites you, this is your place. I've been 3 times in the past 2 weeks and waited a combined 50 minutes....and always end up leaving. Their drive through times are a joke.

Review №30

I mean, it's a KK. But, service here is great. The only issue is vey limited parking and a very busy drive thru.

Review №31

Took 30 minutes to get thru the drive thru line. Wasn't even busy either.

Review №32

Krispy Kreme always delivers the goods. Their glazed doughnuts still taste great even when they're not hot. Polite staff at this location.

Review №33

I just can't say enough good sweet things about Krispy Kreme. The donuts are amazing. The service is wonderful. I love the holiday theme donuts even more. My favorite are the Hot glazed donuts from 6-10 am and 6-10 pm. I hope you will enjoy this place as much as I have.

Review №34

Back at it again at krispy kreme

Review №35

Everyone was nice and the facility was clean.

Review №36

Nice staff...great service

Review №37

Delicious doughnuts.

Review №38

Kinda slow considering they only make donuts...not much parking space either in case you thought about going in...

Review №39

Ok like the old 1 better

Review №40

There was a line when we got there but it was moving rather fast and as always the donuts are delicious

Review №41

Always a refreshing feast for the eyes and sweet tooth (despite one's waistline's reaction). Friendly, helpful folks. Despite the distance one may have to travel, always worth the trip.

Review №42

The best hot in the city

Review №43

So good! Can't ever get enough

Review №44

Krispy Kreme has a huge variety of different kinds of donuts. Hands down they are the very best.

Review №45

So so missing that down south flavor . NONTHIN LIKE THIS IN NORTH DAKOTA. Delicious

Review №46

Hot and always.

Review №47

Great doughnuts! A little slow at the drive thru but still really good service!

Review №48

I mean I think this place is way better than Dunkin' Donuts and they make excellent donuts I love it

Review №49

Love the hot original glazed donuts. Had to wait for 20 mins of drive thru:(

Review №50

I bought a dozen glazed donuts and 2 apple fritters, but one of them came like someone had eaten half of it. Is this supposed to be normal, to put in small ones knowing that we can't see you putting it in the bag. that scuks.

Review №51

All time fav the "Hot sign"

Review №52

Fresh donuts, only to GO ORDERS.

Review №53

Kids loved the butterfinger donuts. Friendly staff and quick service. Really nice treat before we went shopping.

Review №54

My favorite place especially when the lights are on... great customer service.

Review №55

Hot and ready! Best time to visit

Review №56

I had the worst experience at this Krispy Kreme. The man taking my order was talking to others while he was taking my order and had me repeat my order 3 times. Then when I pulled up to the window they asked me for my order again. Then the lady held my box for about 1 minute while she was talking to someone. I checked my donuts and noticed they were wrong and she told me they put the wrong ones in because they ran out of the ones I wanted and did not tell me. This was just the worst. They don't even deserve a star.

Review №57

They didn't have anything we wanted

Review №58

I came here today around 1pm for the free doughnuts for healthcare workers. According to the website up to 5 dozen doughnuts maybe be given per healthcare worker. I only asked for two dozen as I work on a hospital unit with more than 12 employees. I was told “only one dozen” then the worker closed the window in my face. When I said “excuse me, it says you can have more than a dozen” I was IMMEDIATELY cut off with “ONLY ONE DOZEN” and had the window closed in my face for a SECOND time. She closed the window and literally turned away to ignore me. I was planning on coming back after the pandemic as a “thank you for supporting us” and was planning on supporting them going forward but if this is the treatment I will take my money elsewhere.

Review №59

Hot and Now sign was on, but they gave me old doughnuts. I had to ask for hot doughnuts, and the employee got upset because I asked.

Review №60

The five stars are for the donuts themselves.... If there is a better donut, I haven't had it yet, especially when the Hot Light is on. It's like their version of the Bat Signal that calls to you. This location is good. The speed of service is... good. I had no issues, and my donuts were still warm as I ate them. I did not make it out of the parking lot of the adjacent Wal-Mart without finishing them. Granted, I only ordered two, but still, it's Krispy Kreme... You can't let a ooey gooey warm donut go cold.

Review №61

On St. Patrick's Day 2020, when all responsible businesses are closing and restaurants are going to pickup only, this location not only wouldn't give out pre-purchased boxes through the drive through, making you come inside, they also took my phone to look at the order number instead of finding my order ticket by my 4-letter last name one of the six times I spelled it.The box of donuts, paid for online yesterday and scheduled for 8:15 am, was not assembled.On top of all that irresponsibility, when I got home and looked in the box, it was NOT AT ALL what was pictured as a “St. Patrick's Day dozen.”They gave me only 3 different kinds of donuts, even though I saw all the other ones that were pictured sitting in their glass counter. You know, since I had to go inside.Will never come here again. Disgusting.

Review №62

You just need to swerve in when the 'Hot Now' sign is on. Pure deliciousness. Though I make myself walk the 1.5 miles there and back home again to keep them from getting habit forming. Their coffee tastes horrible to me but probably potable if you get it glazed flavoured or pumpkin spiced if you don't mind an extra hit of sugar on top of what's in the donuts.

Review №63

They actually close at 11pm. Wasted a trip

Review №64

It's Krispy Kreme! Need I say anymore? If you haven't eaten a fresh, warm Kristy Kreme donut then you have missed one of the small pleasures of life. I haven't found another donut that can compare. Little on the expensive side however unfortunately most good things are.

Review №65

Good doughnuts served at an efficient pace. The glazed are a bit expensive in my opinion, as a machine makes them all but that's more my opinion. You can get a dozen for around 10, and it's perfect to bring into work or school as a treat!

Review №66

Horrible. I ordered frozen iced coffee and they gave me hot coffee watered down disgusting not even iced. Tasted horrible. Lied said they had no cake batter doughnuts and pulled them out infront of us. Ridiculous. Won't be back here ever.

Review №67

Website was showing their hot light hours are 6 p.m. to midnight on a Saturday. I was excited to go experience my first Krispy Kreme hot light glazed donut but their light was not on. That didn't stop me from getting their delicious glazed donuts.

Review №68

Good customer service and fresh warm donuts

Review №69

Very terrible and rude service. Donuts were cold and woman seemed irritated just to have to serve me. Will not return.

Review №70

When the sign comes on and they say it's hot and fresh. It's really hot and fresh. Love love love

Review №71

I love it when the light is on & the donuts are piping hot. The best way to eat them

Review №72

Friendly, quick service, and great quality control of your order.

Review №73

It was busy, but worth the wait.

Review №74

Best place! Good service great donuts!

Review №75

Warm donuts were just amazing!

Review №76

Great Halloween treats

Review №77

So thankful for the free donuts for teachers!

Review №78

Once a week my daughter and I pickup a donut from here - excellent taste. The coffee creations they have are also pretty good as well.

Review №79

Very clean place, fast workers, very nice customer service.

Review №80

I love this place!!! Hot & made with TLC...

Review №81

Krispy Kreme is as good as it has been... Of lately it is a bit expensive.. Also the Matthews location is dead slow. May be i went on a bad day - Friday or 9 am was a bad time of day..

Review №82

Too damn expensive and just gets worse. But the doughnuts are so good. But we can only go once every two months now. Damn.

Review №83

Polite friendly service on a rainy Monday morning. The ladies were in a good mood having a good time when I arrived.

Review №84

Everyone should experience a fresh, glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. Yeast doughnuts are simply better.

Review №85

Such delicious donuts!!!!! They are always so fresh and I love how they add new limited edition flavors it's great to have them shake it it. I can always get in and out super fast even when they are very busy. I drive past about 7 other donut places to come to Krispy Kreme and it's well worth the drive. This location is always very clean including the bathrooms.

Review №86

I had a really bad experience at this location. The workers were really rude and unkind. The manager did reach out personally but it took many emails to get that. He offered free donuts but I told him it wasn't about getting free items, it was the way I felt after the situation. Personally I never felt comfortable enough to go back to that location.

Review №87

Love them! But they have increased their prices since the last time I visited!

Review №88

Hot and heavenly!!! Especially when the light is on!

Review №89

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are the BEST doughnuts in the history of EVER!! Whether you're there for a dozen hot original glazed, or a dozen assorted, you just can't go wrong!! The greatest doughnuts around, hands-down!!

Review №90

Fast and friendly customer service. Fresh donuts!

Review №91

You have to try the original glazed as they come off the conveyor belt. It is it off this world.The kids love to watch the doughnut making process through the huge window in the store!

Review №92

The service here is slow and inconsistent. My last visit has me keeping away for a while. I was very disappointed when I ordered a medium and a large frozen coffee. When I got the cups, there was a difference in size but not enough to justify the upcharge. They appeared to be a small and a medium. The appalling thing was two employees under the conveyor belt on the floor. The floor was dirty and they were sitting there chit chatting. A few moments later the same employees were running the conveyor belt. Two other customers saw this and walked out. There was supposedly no manager available.

Review №93

Can't get enough of these donuts

Review №94

Nothing beats hot and fresh when you're in the mood for donuts. KK always delivers!

Review №95

Good food. Not the best customer service. The coffee needs to be better and hotter.

Review №96

Hot and Fresh Glazed Doughnuts are THE BEST! *Sound of jaws smacking*

Review №97

Cashiers always friendly and donuts always fresh and delicious. Go when the sign is on! Yummm

Review №98

It was fast service

Review №99

No words. If you've never been, you must go!

Review №100

The Best donuts ever, but pass on the coffee Yuk

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