Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
3701 Airport Blvd, Mobile, AL 36608, United States

Review №1

Had Angel Hair Pasta with meatballs and traditional sauce. Was so much to eat we both took half of it home. Also had soup, salad and bread sticks which was a great add on. Our service was excellent during the lunch hour rush. We only had ten minute wait to get our table.

Review №2

This restaurant was extremely elegant, clean and had great atmosphere. Our server was very friendly and made great suggestions for wine, and we had a great experience here.

Review №3

Olive Garden is the Red Lobster of Italian Restaurants, Wait - seriously, it is! They were both started by the same company! And although sometimes neither of them get the respect they deserve, we all know we love it! Come on - the salad, the sauces, the service - it's all good people! So enjoy, and this spot is as good as any of them!!!

Review №4

Food was hot and fresh. Very good. Server was friendly and attentive. Had a great meal. Will be back soon. Love everything.

Review №5

The best waiter we have ever had, the staff there is very nice and customer oriented.....!!! And the food was good and fresh ...Very welcoming restaurant

Review №6

I love Olive Garden! Great food and great service! I did the create your own pasta and I got angel hair with creamy mushroom sauce and grilled chicken. The mushroom pieces were big! Very flavorful! I love the big portions because I always have leftovers to take home! I will definitely order that meal again.

Review №7

Visited on a Sunday evening and the restaurant was not very busy, so finding as table took no time. Staff was friendly, offered suggestions for me and my date, and served us our food with little delay. Will definitely be back again.

Review №8

Stopped for lunch. Salad and bread sticks were the usual - very good. Minestrone soup was flavorful. Service was a little on the slow side, and bread sticks came out last, several minutes AFTER the soup and salad.

Review №9

The food was great but what really blew my mind was Delmarcus B our server. He was on point with our service. He made sure that we got everything that we needed, continued to check back at the table to make sure we didn't need anything else, and was very kind and made you feel at home. If you go to this Olive Garden make sure to ask to sit in his section. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Review №10

Called in Order for curbside pickup. Was told it would be ready at 6:55. I got there at 6:59. Called and said which slot I was in. After 25 Minutes waiting, I went Inside. Told them I had been waiting for 25 Minutes for food and wondered what the problem was. The girl said " is it for glenda", I said yes and she walked right back to the Counter and picked up a bag of food that was sitting there and brought it to me. (Why was my food sitting there and not brought out???) When she handed it to me I said, I hope this has not been sitting there 25 Minutes like I had. She did not say a word. I live about 7-8 Minutes away. Got home and food was cold. Worst experience ever at Olive Garden.

Review №11

The waiter was amazing this most recent visit. I've never been so pleased with dining here. I reccomend going. Their salad is always good and so are the breadsticks.

Review №12

I'm a pasta fanatic. So what better place to dine than Olive Garden? In summary, everything was just perfect. Our waiter was very lively & fun. He was very attentive. The food was soooo good. Best salad I've had. Drinks well made. Not too strong or bland. Great location if you're out shopping & want to take a break for a bite to eat. We'll be back this week. We visited 3.14.19

Review №13

Considering that I have eaten at olive garden before, the service here was on point and the food was very tasty

Review №14

Good bye Olive Garden. I had been wanting Olive Garden for awhile, so we went last night. Worst experience ever. They had removed the chicken Marsala from the menu. Thats what i always got. The salad was horrible. The waiter brought super hot plates for the salad. The overall experience was awful. I will never be going back

Review №15

Ran out of soup and after 20 min of waiting our waitress apologized and offered us complimentary deserts. She was great and wasn't her fault at all but the experience was disappointing to say the least. Will not return!!

Review №16

Let me say Olive Garden is practicing social distancing which is good. Less people more cozy and comfortable. You should download the app to put yourself on the wait list which was no time at all. Beware you cannot wait in lobby for other members of your party to arrive. Trent was our server and he's a delight. Very knowledgeable about the menu. Trent was able to help me decide which entree to choose. The salad was good with Trent cranking up the cheese on top. Trent kept checking on us and kept the ice tea and pink lemonade glasses full. Food was sooo good! Highly recommend Olive Garden for eat in or curbside pickup.

Review №17

The food was absolutely amazing and the servers were helpful and friendly. My daughter had the best time and can't wait to go back.

Review №18

Not bad not great, service was good but there was no music playing which I thought was weird. Usually they have some zesty tunes to satisfy your ear cravings but alas only my taste buds were happy. I mean it's not like I won't be back though...

Review №19

There were three adults and two children in our party. We were sat quickly. Our server took a while to take our drink order. When we were served our drinks, one of them had something stuck to the inside of the glass. The second glass had a crack that ran from the top to bottom of the glass. My friend had to drink from her child's glass because the server took over 10 minutes to bring her a third drink! When the salad was brought out there was a long dark hair in it. I had the cheese ravioli with grilled chicken - there wasn't enough sauce to even coat the raviolis, the raviolis were rubbery and hard on the edges. The eggplant Parmesan was over cooked. All three entrees were cold. None of us got refills on our drinks - we shared drinks among our party.We let the server and the hostess know we were disappointed in our experience. Their apologies did not seem sincere. Terrible experience!!

Review №20

Staff was excellent food was really good. Go and enjoy both.

Review №21

The lunch specials were great. We tried 3 of the 4. Shrimp scampi excellent. Service was excellent. Pricing excellent. Being able to sit down and be waited on safely; excellent!

Review №22

Waiter did great job. He was very attentive and provided good customer service. The food at Olive Garden is like eating Italian food at a fast food restaurant. It is bland and not very tasty anymore.

Review №23

Great tasting food....long 25 min wait...this was around 12:30 pm.. .plenty of places to sit down right inside the door while you waited but yet you are not allowed to and were sent back to your vehicle to wait in the rain..... Super-friendly waitress... The manager was very polite.... Extremely limited single page menu now ...comes out on a printed sheet... A lot of items are no longer. Food became limited the weight became longer and an increase in price on some items.

Review №24

My husband and I love to go here. The food is so good and the staff are always friendly.

Review №25

Olive Garden has always been our Family go to restaurant, for birthdays, anniversaries, and just because. The service started off mediocre, but got better once the issue was resolved. Other than that, the food was excellent, as always, and you can not beat their salad and breadsticks, a favorite. They are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of the diners, and are doing a awesome job. Thanks

Review №26

The service was good, food not so much.

Review №27

Server stephanie was new, kinda slow on getting thing together, an you could tell she was new, she did give it her all though cause she has a spranged wrist. I was traveling an stopped by for a visit for lunch. My experience wasnt as good a I wanted as my food was rushed to me but my drink took 15 mins to arrive at my table. My food came oddly fast too I got my soups 3 mins later my appetizer which I was fine with that but my food came out 2 mins later. I assume the server was struggling with her time management I asked at the end for a wine sample for which I only got 2 wasn't never offered my third. I asked for cavitopii pasta instead of angle hair she told me that yall dont have that type of pasta when its on cyo pasta. The other server that was in the room over was fantastic server he moved elegantly an professionally he always kept checking on his tables an refilling their drinks I believed his name was ronnie I'm not sure. My food was cooked like it should be an I was happy with everything else over all.

Review №28

OG will always be my favorite. Salad and the bread sticks are out of this world!

Review №29

Food was good.The waiter was awesome.Very nice and did a very good job.I wish I could remember his name.

Review №30

They are clean and never disappointed when I feel the need to go

Review №31

Not only is the food delicious but the staff and the manager Michael at the Mobile restaurant are awesome! Thank you for a great OG experience!

Review №32

Slow service, even with limited guests. I've had better experiences in other locations this one just let us down bad. If you plan to eat here just make sure you have 3 to 4 hours of free time. I wouldn't recommend going to dine in it's ridiculous, just order to go & spend time with your loved ones at home where you'll enjoy your company and eat comfortably.

Review №33

I will have to say if I were rating this strictly on my waitress- QueentearriaIt would have been a SOLID 5But I took a star away for the greeter/ seater I dealt with when I first came in ( she has long braids/ black blond)I initially asked if I could sit at the bar, she told me noOn the walk to the table she ended up telling me it was for the to go etc but was very unfriendlyShe then sat me at an 8-top for 1 person / I asked for a smaller table - she then stated there are NO MORE- your server will be right with you -REALLY?There were booths, 4 tops all around the restaurant- I am ok with any message someone delivers as long as it is with care.I went to get up and leave - but Queen greeted me with a smile, gave fantastic service, and thanked me before leaving - she really saved the night.THANK YOU Queentearria- I had a long day and it was nice feeling like you appreciated me coming in

Review №34

Great service and the food was delicious like always. They were busy so it was a little bit of a wait. Well worth it though.

Review №35

My girlfriend and I ate there for her birthday we really enjoyed the atmosphere the food was great and the margaritas were fantastic

Review №36

The food was soo good im only giving 4stars cause my order was wrong ..But they fixed it an it was really good . An the people are nice

Review №37

Great food great prices great staff

Review №38

The atmosphere was peaceful. The spaghetti with meatballs was fulfilling. It left no room for dessert.

Review №39

Great food and social distancing wasn't a problem

Review №40

Needs to be more authentic with food. Tried something different, chicken parmasean. Not enough sauce. All the food tastes like tv dinners.

Review №41

The service was wonderful the food was just ok.

Review №42

We social were seated socially distant. Good was good. Service was fast.

Review №43

We do takeout about once a month. Customer service has really gone down. Every time we call in our order they are very rude. When we get there to pick up they are snippy. We usually order dipping sauce for our bread sticks and they didn't fill the cup. It barely covered the bottom. We ordered two salads and they only gave us enough dressing and croutons for one of the salads. When asked to have enough for the other salad she got very rude. I understand we are living through trying times but the food service industry is suffuring as it is. Don't alienate your customers.

Review №44

I'm in love with the shrimp alfredo. Best out of all the restaurants I've tried and it's been quite a few I might add.

Review №45

The young lady who was outside checking to see who was picking up their order was awesome. Despite the line, she was so friendly and moving as fast as possible. Thank you guys for everything , especially to the young lady who is outside now taking orders.

Review №46

Went there to celebrate son white coat reward. I ordered chicken pom and the chicken was so hard I couldn't eat it. The bread sticks was very hard. Had to ask for fresh bread stick three times. Every time they were over cooked. The server said the they had changed the way they cooked because corporate changed it. My son ordered chicken Marcella and he said it was rubbery and was not cook well. Had to ask server to redo it. It was terrible. Wished I had gone somewhere else. Food was horrible.I have returned to Olive Garden to try the food again. Olive Garden has corrected this problem. I am satisfied that they has handled it. The food was great. ️ ️ ️ ️Thanks to you Olive Gardens

Review №47

Queen did an amazing job serving us. After a long day, it made for a great treat. Store 1055

Review №48

Good food and service. Just a bit overpriced, in my opinion.

Review №49

Stopped by here on the way to Gulf Shores, and as soon as we walked in we got taken to a table. Great and fast service, loved the food.

Review №50

Food is good .... 1time I got over charged for a 10 minute service.... That's not good

Review №51

The quantity and quality of the food is just perfect in each dish. You will never be wrong eating there.

Review №52

We've eaten at Olive Garden multiple times, and we've always find their food very expensive and small portions. Their desserts are ridiculously priced!

Review №53

Great and convenient as always! love the bread sticks and salad

Review №54

Appetizers were super cold, we had the sampler and scampi. The lasagna was dreadful and bland and the eggplant Parmesan was soggy and unappealing. The best experience was from the house salad. I will never waste my money here again!!! This place is really going down!!

Review №55

Clean very friendly food came to table right on time did not have to wait will be going back

Review №56

The food wasn't good like it use to. Greasy and bland. Hey disappointed.

Review №57

They have a good variety on their menu. Prices are comfortable. It does make for an enjoyable lunch or evening ma'am to sit with friends. And they do have some great pasta dishes

Review №58

They had an excellent Director walking the parking lot - take out was very busy. It took more than an hour. They forgot my shrimp, & it was a disappointment because it was a drive too. Food was good.

Review №59

Very nice for lunch, but they were out of soup for the soup and salad.

Review №60

Was at too much onion and croutons in the salad. 3 bowls of salad and 1.5 lbs of onions.

Review №61

Absolutely love this place. The food is always great. Great prices. Good service

Review №62

Good food but could have waitress to be more attentive

Review №63

The shrimp scampi small bowl was very good. Nice quiet setting but the waitress was too overbearing trying to hurry us up.

Review №64

Always a pleasant dining experience. Friendly, helpful staff and delicious food. Your wait for fresh food depends on when you come in during the dining rushes. Even when you have to wait, it's not that long, or the food is extra delicious

Review №65

Our server was named "Queen". We both felt like we were a bother to her. She brought our meals before our appetizer and our salad last. I had to ask for fresh bread sticks because what she brought was cold. Our food was par for Olive garden good but nothing special. We never even got offered refills on on drinks. Needless to say we were very disappointed. It will be awhile before we go back.

Review №66

With covid 19 the menu is limited. I've eaten stuffed chicken marsala for probably 15 years and they aren't carrying anything that requires the oven. So I had the fried shrimp from the appetizer section with a scampy sauce that was very lemony. The server was nice and attentive but I won't return until I can have my usual.

Review №67

Nice place, they treat you like family. Which is why I was surprised when they handed me a bill.

Review №68

So I've never ate here! I'm actually new to the area. I work at Ollie's and I just wanted to say. I had a few of your servers come in tonight and sit at my table!! They were all so sweet and had great manners! I can only imagine how they are with their tables and such! They made my night a whole lot better! Thanks OG Crew!

Review №69

Didn't let me in. I love Olive Garden! Ask anyone I know. It is the truth.

Review №70

Arrianna our waitress was great!!

Review №71

Excellent food. I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and curtious everyone was. My last few experiences at Olive Garden weren't anywhere near as pleasant at last evening. Thank you Darius for all of your hard work. Keep it up.

Review №72

I was very disappointed with them today I ordered lasagna the noodles was very hard but the service was wonderful I probably won't go back sorry olive garden even though I love this place

Review №73

Today is June 4th. My fiancé and I went to the Olive Garden in Mobile. Got put on a waiting list. While my fiancé was using the restroom. I tried to sit down and was told I could not sit in an empty lobby. It was raining outside and she didn't care. I do disagree on the social Distancing. But I will do it. however they have no sign in the lobby saying closed. We have been to other restaurants recently. There lobbies were open but maintained good social distancing. At some point common sense has to be used. I guess that's just to much for the Mobile Olive Garden.

Review №74

Steaks were overcooked. Asked for a medium rare, got medium. And medium, and was given well done. Would've sent it back if it didn't take almost 15 minutes to get the food in the first place. But generous with breadsticks as usual. Also when I have less than 25% of my drink left when I get my food, probably shouldn't give me a refill when I'm finished? Place used to be good.

Review №75

The food was great ...The service needed some work...not with the waiter but with the way the kitchen did up the orders according to our waiter. It was explained to us that waiter and waitresses just pick up the order not taking into account that that one order might not be theirs. Which leaves customers waiting longer then they should for there appetizers. Either that or our waiter never put in our appetizer...but either way we shouldn't of waited as long as we did for an appetizer and our check.

Review №76

The food and service are excellent the employees were friendly and went beyond

Review №77

Friendly wait staff and good food

Review №78

Great experience. The restaurant was clean as we're the bathrooms. Price is typical for the area. Food was hot and fresh. We had the unlimited soup, salad and bread sticks and they were right on point with refills. Pleasant setting and the wait staff were knowledgeable and friendly. Wonderful lunch

Review №79

Almost never disappoints. Our last waitress was particularly great! She was on it! I wish I had remembered her name, but it was a couple weeks ago now. But OG is our staple, go-to place. Can't beat it.

Review №80

I order online and pick up food here on weekend nights. Service is always fast, staff is super friendly and the food has always been great.And they always get the orders right which is a pretty big deal when compared to most other restaurants.

Review №81

Place too cold...dishes come at different we all ate at different times...

Review №82

My favorite place to share a wonderful meal with my husband

Review №83

The hostess needs to take a lesson on how to speak to customers. Outside of that, our waiter was terrific but the salad had very little dressing and the food was bland.

Review №84

They were out of so much stuff that I usually order so I was very disappointed with that and it was so hot, my husband was sweating bullets. Also Our server was mediocre at best. I am usually happy with this restaurant but not tonight. Went last week and would have given 5 stars, loved the food and our waitress! So inconsistent I guess you would say....

Review №85

The service was great. My wife and I had dinner here the other night. I had the Tour of Italy. Which is a serving of Parmesan Chicken, Lasanga and Chicken Alfredo. If you like lasagna then you should try theirs.

Review №86

Ladies night and our waiter was Cody he was fantastic. He made great suggestions for dinner and we all had a great evening with our entertaining and very professional waiter.

Review №87

Delicious food and wonderful service! Will definitely be coming back!!

Review №88

Every single thing about my order was wrong last night. I was served cold coffee. I had to ask for water three times. I had creamer for my coffee brought after two times asking for it once I received coffee at the correct temp. Then, lo and behold, my egg plant Parmesan was brought out with red sauce when the order specifically asked for white. I get my correct order after my family is over half way through their meal. No discount was offered. Blame was readily passed on the cooks. We had six families in one small area when indeed we could have been given space. I am sorely displeased with the service provided.

Review №89

Was very skeptical because of my experience in the past sometimes with Olive Garden my family made reservations because of a death in the family traveled to Alabama from Florida our server was right on top greeted immediately which miles everything was wonderful service was quick nobody complained everybody's food was wonderful right on top of drinks salad soup congratulations wonderful job thank you for taking care of my family and friends

Review №90

Friendly service, good food. It's always a favorite for lunch.

Review №91

Food was good and our waiter was the best quick and funny will be back

Review №92

Update 1/28/2020 - I did receive a call from the Mgr. who reported that the issue was being addressed with staff. I can report that I've been back since this review and the service was top notch and quick. Still one of my fav places to eat.********************************Food was fine, service was too slow for a lunch hr timeline especially when you're ordering from their lunch special. And this was at 130pm after the lunch blitz. Needs a little management correction but otherwise good food

Review №93

The great place to take your special someone out and make them feel special. she had the chicken alfredo and I had the fried ziti. I would give a better rating but our food came out barely warm, and it took a while, the waiter was terrible. My glass came out with lipstick marks on it. Food mediocre at best and the atmosphere is better in a cardboard box under a bridge.

Review №94

The food was EXCELLENT!!! Great service and amazing deals!!! Alcoholic beverages were a nice touch to finish off the meal!

Review №95

No dine in, lame.

Review №96

I love their chicken parmesan

Review №97

Great food.employee r so friendly. The place is clean and the people that eat there i believe they r happy. I was

Review №98

Just had lunch with my mom I had a great service from a nice lady named Toni E. She definitely made are lunch great with fast service.

Review №99

The service is consistently exemplary. The food is always good, but if it doesn't meet your expectations, your server will make sure you are happy. And for a chain, it seems very personal.

Review №100

Everything was great #Arron waiter

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