Valentinos Italian Cusine
396 Azalea Rd, Mobile, AL 36609, United States

Review №1

My family's meal was hot and fresh! The calzones are huge and with plenty of meat and cheese! The eggplant was excellent! Our pasta dishes were packed and tasty! Definitely telling my friends and coworkers we have an authentic Italian restaurant back in mobile finally!!

Review №2

The food is great and really enjoy the convenient location. Sometimes the service is slow because they need more help. They also offer delivery which is convenient.

Review №3

By far the best garlic knots and meat lasagna I've had in a LONG time! We came in late, after the hurricane, place was packed, and still had perfect service!!Lanie, our waitress, was by far the best thing about it! She was amazing!! We will definitely be coming back just because of her! The owners made a great choice by hiring her! HUGE asset to the team!

Review №4

Absolutely delicious. My wife loves Italian food, I do not. This place is my new favorite place to go. The price is right and the food is good. I couldn't finish all my food. I always leave restaurants still hungry. You've got to try them if you've never been here. $30 for 2 people with an appetizer

Review №5

This place is a gem! We've gotten calzones delivered and decided to dine in. Fantastic. They are the real deal

Review №6

First time I've ever been here. I really enjoyed my fully loaded philly. Fries were really good too. Laney the server was a great server. Will definitely be back to try other things on the menu. Thank you. Great dinner!!

Review №7

Sooo first off we ordered sausage knots, I'm expecting some form of sausage in them, nope it's nasty gyro meat, okay still hopefull at this point because the homemade bread was good, then they bring out this salad, I'm including pictures of the salad, at that point I realized we had made a grave choice in coming there. The mains are brought out, i ordered chicken and shrimp pasta, which was fresh out of the microwave, my date had cheese tortellini which also tasted like it was old enough to vote.

Review №8

The wife and I was looking for a good Italian place to eat..saw Valentinos and stopped in.. The service was great..even though our waitress has only been there a week,she did a great job and so friendly..we really liked her..the food was very delicious...james did a great job..Definitely have found our new Italian restaurant..I recommended this place to anyone..

Review №9

This place is the absolute best! I haven't had any Italian food this good in such a long time!! The waitress was superb, atmosphere was nice, and the other employees were excellent as well. Everyone came out to make sure we were okay and enjoying the food. I really hope this restaurant stay around for a very long time to come. I encourage any and everyone to go here and have a nice meal. It will not disappoint!

Review №10

Our mozzarella sticks were Delicious but our pizza was undercooked and management gave us free dessert for the pizza. Very short staffed, possibly needs new management. Our waitress was very sweet. Honestly I wanted to get up and help, I work in a restaurant myself so I understand. I wouldn't mind coming back and trying something else.

Review №11

We had excellent food and an awesome waitress. Everything we had was good. I could have had a few more shrimp in the alfredo but it was delicious. The servings are big and definitely worth what you pay. I was surprised at the amount and size of the garlic knots.

Review №12

Marinara on pasta was tinny in flavor. Alfredo was watery. Mozzarella sticks were still cold. Bread was burnt. Pasta was flavorless. The spicy philly was missing most of the toppings.

Review №13

Great restaurant! Mobile has needed a good Italian spot for a while. Ordered shrimp Alfredos and a cheese pizza to go! All were still hot 30 min later and food was excellent.

Review №14

It's rare to find Italian food in the city. Great taste and definitely a must try. Stop by Valentino's.

Review №15

Mobile, AL's hidden Gem for Italian food. I've had the pizza so far and it's fantastic. The owner takes pride in his service and food quality. Delicious pizza. I'll be back.

Review №16

This is the place to eat!! Amazing food!!! Even my children went on and on about it!! Customer service was awesome!! Cannot wait to go back!!

Review №17

Let me tell you about Valentino's. This was my first time ever trying them. I personally wanted to go into the store and sit down and eat. But my girlfriend did not want me going out so she decided to order it online. I've never been a huge fan of ordering online because you never know how long its actually gonna take. Well we ordered a medium pepperoni pizza and a calzone with broccoli. We made the order at 6:01pm and it did not arrive until 8:40pm. I was not mad, I was just upset that it took that long because on the order website it said my order would arrive at 6:40 - 6:50. My food arrived the delivery girl said she was sorry for being late. I said thats fine. I took in the food and noticed that it was just a cheese pizza with a calzone with no broccoli. So I went back out and told the driver just take back our food its late and its not completely right. While I was talking to the delivery girl my girlfriend was talking with the store owner. The store owner talked with me and said he would do anything to make it right. At first I just wanted my money back since I was really hungry. But he said he wanted to remake my order right and also deliver it himself and he said he would have it to me with in 10 - 15 mins.Let me tell you something. The store owner is the nicest guy I've ever met and not only did he deliver the order himself. The medium pepperoni pizza was nice and hot and the calzone was nice and hot and so was the broccoli. And to top it all off he even gave us a dessert!! I wish I could have given him a tip. Because when I ate my food it was so delicious. My girlfriend said her calzone was so good. She even said well I know what i'll have to get for lunch one day. The pizza by far was the best pizza I had in a long time as well. Now don't get me started on the broccoli. That broccoli was probably some of the best broccoli I ever had. And I've had broccoli everywhere in mobile. I did try the dessert and it was pretty good.Now I will say this. I will definitely be going back to Valentino's. And I will tell all my friends to try them out. The pizza was way better than any other pizza place I've tried. The next time I go into Valentino's I'll make sure to give the owner a nice tip. Thanks again for going above and beyond and taking care of me and my girlfriend. No other place would do this for customers. You need to give them a try for sure if you have not already.

Review №18

I came in today and our server also happened to be a manager I'm guessing and even though he was clearly short staffed, he did AMAZING!!! he was a rockstar & made sure our drinks were full and we were happy. Meal portions were generous and delicious - food was hot, appetizer was delicious. We got the bread with cheese: even the marinara was hot and tasty. I will be back.

Review №19

Cheese garlic knots 10/10. Spicy chicken pasta 10/10. Service 10/10. All around outstanding!

Review №20

Tried for first time. Always looking fot good Italian. Am very fussy I am Italian.Tried meatballs, calzone and seafood pizza. All were delicious! Can't wait to go there. ( we had delivery). Want to try everything on menu! See you soon.

Review №21

Delicious food, attentive service. We will definitely be back!

Review №22

I ordered a spicy philly It was awesome !!! VERY FRESH . I really had doubts but can't judge a book by its cover. I most definitely will be returning. Keep up the good work.

Review №23

Food was FABULOUS! Went there yesterday and back again today. The waitress was excellent. Service was the best I have had in a long time!

Review №24

Boyfriend and I tried Valentino's today and I got the spicy shrimp pasta asked for NO tomatoes but of course they gave me a bunchhhh of them. I expected it to have a good kick obviously but they made it so spicy to the point it was all you could taste and couldn't enjoy it.Gave me tea that was obviously spoiled And smelled horrible to the point I had to immediately spit it out and I was so sad because we waited a week to try This place. Didn't bother getting the order replaced as it had already taken almost a hour to even get our to-go order.

Review №25

This food was delicious we went 2 nights in a row while working in Mobile.

Review №26

Good food and prices. Large portions. Excellent service. I also like the large variety of items on the menu.

Review №27

Received delivery in 45 minutes. Great customer service and the food was exceptional. Definitely would recommend!!

Review №28

Another Italian restaurant is always good news! Staples were good, portions were generous, ser ice was attentive. Will go back to try other menu items.

Review №29

Ordered food from waitr and was so disappointed. I had the lasagna with chicken Parmigiana and spaghetti and it was bland and the chicken was rubbery the meat in the lasagna looked like dog food and tasted terrible. I also ordered a lg sausage pizza it was miscut and not good as well. I will never order from them ever again. The food in the freezer section at the grocery store is 100 times better. Save some money and get a frozen lasagna.

Review №30

Great food and great service. Please don't let this great place disappear. We have been needing a great Italian restaurant in mobile.

Review №31

Ordered online, they completely screwed my order up. Half the toppings are not on the pizza. The fries are old definitely not fresh. I'd suggest this is one business we dont waste our hard earned money at especially right now with so many other restaurants needing our business.

Review №32

Great food! I ordered a pizza delivered, and they accidentally put the wrong sauce on it. They brought me another one even though I told them not to worry about it. The pizza tasted great, and excellent service!

Review №33

Absolutely great atmosphere. You don't have to try and talk over music like most places. The sauce isn't watered down, and food had a fantastic taste. Staff was attentive on updates and offers military discount. This is my new place to eat Italian food. On par/below price to Olive Garden or Carabas, while providing a better experience and flavor.

Review №34

2 1/2 stars. Not as good as my first 5-6 visits. Only 1 server, she did well considering. The special was ravioli stuffed w/shrimp&crab in alfredo. The ravioli was bland, but not as bland as the alfredo sauce. I did bring the 3 left home, seasoned it myself with pepper, garlic powder and parmesan. So much better. My daughter had the lasagna. We realize the ingredients for lasagna are precooked then put together and baked on demand, but the meat was in large clumps, not seasoned well and only in parts of the pasta causing it to be lopsided with the toppings sliding off the lower side. Both salads were too wet causing the dressings to be watered-down. The server did give 10% off, but the total bill afterwards was still just over 40.00. The best part of the meal was the garlic/cheese knots appetizer. The server gets the 2 stars, likely 3 if at a different location. ***.

Review №35

Husband & I tried this place for the first time Saturday & we both thought it was very good. Only complaint would be the spaghetti sauce was filled with tomatoes. The garlic cheese knots were delicious!

Review №36

Quick and wonderful service with surprisingly delicious food. Better than the more pricey italian restaurants in town!

Review №37

Great service but it can get busy. The food is some of the best Italian food in town. The price is right. P.S. chicken pizza fries

Review №38

Everything was fresh hot and really good great tomatoes sauce sooo good

Review №39

The food here was subpar at best. I was really hoping for better. The waitress was nice but didn't seem to know much about the menu. IF we decide to try again I won't be ordering Valentino's mix pasta.

Review №40

This restaurant was an extreme disappointment. My family ate there last night and will without a doubt will never return. They have no changing station for children and I was told to “just take my baby to my car.” Then our orders were messed up and rather than getting them fixed the waiter mouthed the F word over and over. I couldn't even breastfeed my hungry baby WITH A COVER without receiving judgemental looks and attitude from another waitress. if you're looking for a “family friendly” Italian restaurant that offers good food I suggest you look elsewhere.

Review №41

We ordered a take-out Pizza,and it was cooked Perfectly We Enjoyed it,Very Tasty! We were Happy! The best part,It wasn't so Greasy like some other places,Highly Recommend this Place!

Review №42

Best Italian cuisine in town! Great prices and large portions. The staff is wonderful.

Review №43

Great food, big portions, and attentive staff. Buffet is until 2PM.2nd visit: food is still good. Very understaffed for a Saturday night. Never got our garlic knots, still charged for them. Had to wait 15 minutes after we received the check before we could get this corrected. 2 people working 9 tables.

Review №44

Food is always really good and the pizza fries are awesome. BYOB is also convenient, if you know ahead of time!

Review №45

Excellent food. The best and warmest service especially Rebecca who's warm, efficient, and witty. I'll be going back. And not to forget the calm, cosy atmosphere.

Review №46

The garlic knots is the best bread I've ever had in my whole entire life! A MUST TRY️

Review №47

I had the pleasure of experiencing Trivia Night!!! That was so much fun but before you start to inquire about it, it wont be here anymore because the owner was upset about customers only ordering cheese fries and drinks and he didn't want them to win Trivia unless they ordered more food.The food was okay. HUGE portions! I had a gyro (which was a normal size portion) but it was bland. I said no onions and it came out with no vegetables at all. No lettuce, no tomatoes or anything. Service was slow. I asked the first waitress if they had diet dr pepper and she said yes. It comes out and it's not diet. I asked the 2and waitress about the diet drink and she apologized and said the first waitress doesn't speak English. I understand language barriers but dont say yes to something you don't understand. It wasn't a big deal about if its diet or not but for some people it may be. (And no, they dont have diet dr pepper and I was not going to make her change it.) The only customers that were there was for Trivia night. So, as many people say they like the food, they better start showing up because for a Saturday night, it was dead besides the people who only showed up for Trivia. There were only 8 tables.

Review №48

The calazone is huge even the small and the eggplant is delicious plus the lasagna full of cheese and served like no other

Review №49

Family style Italian. Fresh ingredients. Garlic cheese knots, Eggplant Parmesan family favorites

Review №50

The food was pretty good but it seems like they used some cheap ingredients that kinda hurt the overall taste. The wait staff was very attentive and did a fantastic job the only issue was after the bill came they hung around for the check to be signed and the tip to be given which is unusual and a tad uncomfortable. Overall it was a good dinner but unfortunately a few things kept it from being great.

Review №51

Great food.

Review №52

This was terrible im 9 months pregnant and found hair all in my food. I started throwing up then the hostess/waitress made me pay for the drinks and breadsticks. Absolutely disgusting the cook had a full beard.

Review №53

Excellent Italian fare!! HUGE portion sizes!! Try the garlic cheese knots - you won't be disappointed!!

Review №54

The best I've had in a long time

Review №55

Great food and excellent service

Review №56

You can tell this food is cooked by real italians, great taste.Vegan options, out of the oven calzones, fresh pasta in a cool vibe kinda place.

Review №57

The food was super tasty and the wait staff was extremely kind!

Review №58

Great food and the staff is awesome as well. We loved the food.

Review №59

Calzones are Huge here! Pizza is Awesome to!I highly Recommend Valentino's!

Review №60

I hate to put it this way. This was the worste food we have ever eaten in the 10 years we have been in Mobile. Both the pizza and the veal parm were disgusting. The parm was to tough to chew and the pizza was absolutely tasteless. No seasoning on anything. No garlic on the garlic bread, and the sauce was only diced tomatoes.

Review №61

Garlic Sausage Knots are a game changer! We enjoyed Pasta Primavera and a Chicken Gyro as our entrees.

Review №62

The pizza is amazing n the staff is very friendly

Review №63

It was so wonderful! Food great service was wonderful!

Review №64

I've been waiting for a place like this since Gambino's closed. Delicious and not over-priced!

Review №65

Great food but only had 3 servers on a Saturday night and one left to go due deliveries in the middle of the meal causing others to handle all their tables.

Review №66

Was great food and great service

Review №67

Our waitress was nice enough, but it was the Muslim woman in the kitchen that watched us eat that was uncomfortable. The food was bland. The pizza had no sauce on it. That was our first and last time going to Valentino's.

Review №68

Bad service, cheap ingredients, pasta tasted like rubber, fake crab, biting the shrimp felt like biting a plastic Walmart bag, my sprite was flat and the pizza dough wasn't cooked all the way and it was like biting into a cold lump of bread paste

Review №69

Best Pepperoni Pizza in Mobile

Review №70

Great calzones

Review №71

Very good pizzas

Review №72

Good Italian

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  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
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  • High chairs:Yes
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  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
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  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
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