Primo Pizza
1125 Cedar St UNIT 103, Monticello, MN 55362, United States

Review №1

Fantastic pizza! Get the Ruben with jalapenos and Hawaiian with sauerkraut and jalapenos! Both bomb! Girl on phone was super nice even tho working alone while super busy. Delivery driver was also great. They even left us a note welcoming us to the area! Highly recommend!

Review №2

Amazing pizza. Price about the same as similar places. The biggest plus for them has to be how fast the pizza is made. Every time I've ordered its been ready in less than 30 mins. Love the pepperoni under the cheese with the sauce. I recommend getting a pepperoni and sausage pizza, and checking out their specials/deals.

Review №3

You guys Rock thanks for delivering my food hot fresh and on time.

Review №4

The Philly pizza is awesome, I keep getting 2 older delivery drivers they are great

Review №5

Canadian bacon, pineapple, and cheddar. So good!

Review №6

Best pizza I've had in Minnesota and I live in the cities.

Review №7

My family absolutely loved the sandwiches. Smelled and tasted delicious. Highly recommend the cajun chicken

Review №8

Best Pizza around! My family's favorite. Primo has excellent specialty pizzas, so please give these a try! The combinations are incredibly delicious. Pictured is the Mac Pizza(yes, it tastes like a big mac but better). It also comes with a side of shredded lettuce that you can add to the topping. Our usual order includes the Reuben pizza. Fab! I always add jalapenos to half the pizza. They are spicy, so beware.☆Try Primo's hot subs. SUPER yummy!!The dessert bites are really good as well. Add that to your order, too! It's worth it!!

Review №9

Went in and 1 person was wearing a mask that covered their face. Also noticed 2 girls who were chewing something, which looked like eating, right by the pizzas they were making.

Review №10

Would certainly recommend trying this place. Fantastic mood, tasty dishes, awesome customer service. Kudos.

Review №11

This is the kinda pizza u take a bite of and the entire top part of pizza comes with. Cheap cheese , rubbery. You're better of at dominoes

Review №12

Called for pickup and asked how the wings are and they said some of the best I town. I mean we already know the pizza is hands down just to die for but omg the wings are fantastic. And who ever I was speaking to over the phone was super polite and very helpful. When I arrived at the store there were two very good looking gales and just the nicest greeted me with smiles and left feeling like I was treated like a king I love this place.

Review №13

Great prices with the coupons. Every pizza I've had from here has been perfect!!! My go to pizza place!

Review №14

This is absolutely one of the most attractive place to eat in the neighborhood. Every time I come to this place I am so pleased. They manage their high level service and the highest level of food they give. You always win with this place. Warmly recommended.

Review №15

The way pizza should taste, good and with real ingredients. I have ordered pizza from here for a while now and I cant recall any problems with consistency. Unlike big chain brands.I always get the Primo Special with added sauerkraut and a second random pizza for companionship.4 stars so there is wiggle room!

Review №16

Primo Pizza in Monticello is the best pizza our town has to offer. My husband loves the Supreme thin crust with spicy sausage instead of the regular Italian and he asks for it well done. My kids and I love the pepperoni pizza thin crust also well done. It's ALWAYS delicious. Their staff is ALWAYS friendly and kind. We have never had an issue here and we absolutely love eating here about once a week.

Review №17

Best pizza in monticello!!

Review №18

Great pizza and amazing cheese bread

Review №19

First time having Primo tonight, and all I can say is wow. Top to bottom great experience from the happy positive staff to the quality of the ZA. Their cheesie bread sticks are out of this world as well, seasoned with some sort of garlic salt seasoning in addition to the cheese. We'll definitley be ordering again, and I highly recommend this spot if you've never tried it

Review №20

Staying in area for work. Delicious pizza. Wings ok. Will defiantly order again.

Review №21

The only thing nice I have to say is it was quick. 1st pizza came with no sauce. Called and I was told they would remake. It came quick, but this time there was so little sauce that you couldnt even taste it. Wouldn't order again. Couldnt call and complain again because they where closed.

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Review №23

Absolutely the best pizza in the Monticello/BigLake area, and the boneless wings... well I need a napkin before even eating from the drooling

Review №24

This place has some Awesome Pizza, best in town for sure!!

Review №25

Forsure the best pizza place in monticello for the value, without a doubt. Family owned and ran also makes it nice to know where your money is going to!

Review №26

Primo pizza is always amazing every time

Review №27

Soooooo Good! The smell of the pizza when you pick up your carry out order just makes your mouth water!

Review №28

My brother introduced us to this place and they ruined every other pizza place for me, this place is amazing !!!

Review №29

I moved in the area about a year ago and have ordered pies from Primo about a dozen times now. They are the most consistent pizza establishment I've ever ordered from. The pizza is very tasty, delivery is lightning fast and the employees are always very enthusiastic. I feel bad for the competition in the area, because they got nothing on Primo! Keep up the good work guys/gals!

Review №30

Best pizza around. Their garlic cheesy bread is everything you could possibly want in a garlicky cheesy delicious hunk of carbs. Their pizzas are amazing - they use the good cheese. Ya know how with other chain delivery places who shall not be named, the cheese on the pizza just gets kind of greasy-gloppy and weird? Not at this place. The buffalo chicken pizza is top notch. The cheeseburger pizza literally tastes like a McDonald's burger but 10x better, because it's not, ya know...McD's. And to top it all off, ALL of their delivery drivers are so nice! The boyfriend accidentally ordered our pizza for pickup and they called us to ask if we meant to order it as delivery because we've only ever gotten delivery. Pizza and customer service is equally outstanding. And did I mention THE COUPONS!? This place rocks.

Review №31

So, I'm at the high school for a basketball tournament and was looking for something reasonable and quick for lunch. Let me tell you, as I am someone who can eat pizza daily and always can, hands down best pizza I've ever had!!!! Quick turnaround on a carry out order and great carry out specials. So bummed that it's not closer to home for me BUT I can confidently say that it would be worth me driving 30 minutes for pizza (both cuz the quality is there AND cuz even if you add in what I'd pay in gas, the carry out special by far makes it worth it). I will hands down be returning!

Review №32

My grandma had to go to the hospital after my pizza was on the way, I asked them to please ask the driver to return and I would pick it back up later when I could. The lady said no problem! So later my grandma came back and I couldn't leave, I called and asked if they could maybe deliver it again and I told them what was happening and they had no issue. Very kind people here and great service. Thanks!

Review №33

Amazing pizza. Seriously the best

Review №34

Dough, sauce, chicken, sausage, it's all made from scratch and you can seriously taste the quality! Great coupons and deals running all the time. Fast delivery. Love it! Great selection of unique specialty pizzas.

Review №35

Primo pizza is my all time favorite in Monticello! The sauce is savory and loaded with cheese! Always made hot and delicious!!

Review №36

Great pizza. Always delicious. Never lets you down.

Review №37

Pizzas always hot and done to perfection, usually earlier than projected by the friendly staff on the phone.

Review №38

Its not even fair how much better Primo is than the other pizza places in Monti. I travel all over the US for work and still, Primo is the best pizza. The sauce is amazing. The prices are reasonable and the delivery times are phenomenal even during busy hours.

Review №39

Best pizza around

Review №40

Not many toppings on a spendy pizza.

Review №41

Pizza was good...price was fair

Review №42

If you enjoy great pizza, live within the delivery range/live within driving distance, and haven't enjoyed Primo Pizza; you are seriously missing out. Put simply, Primo Pizza conducts business the way it should be conducted. It's clear that Primo is focusing specifically on a quality product, and customer satisfaction. I highly encourage anybody in the area to support a locally owned business, and enjoy the best pizza in the area.

Review №43

Love primo pizza!!! Our favorite local pizza place! Always friendly, never takes to long to get us our food!!!

Review №44

Pizza is great here and the price isn't bad either. The quality of the sauce and produce is perfect. Also has more options then just thin crust which is pretty rare with small business pizza delivery restaurants.

Review №45

I must say, the pizza is very good here.

Review №46

Usually great sauce, some days it is ssssoooo spicy, you should have a choice. Love the toppings. Also, personally I would like my crust even more crispy, just a suggestion, bake the crust before adding the toppings and then bake again. But who am I, a customer who orders the pizza and then bakes it again. Again just a suggestion.

Review №47

This place serves excellent pizza and there very friendly.

Review №48

By far this best Pizza in the area. Friendly service, fast delivery. Try their chzy bread too, we love it.

Review №49

Primo for delivery is excellent! Our family agrees Primo is our choice for delivery pizza in our area. Great Pizza! Not the friendliest staff when I occasionally swing by on my way home from work, but I get a nice pizza.

Review №50

Did not visit primo Pizza just drove by it and Google maps picked up on it.

Review №51

Good pizza! i live in st cloud but whenever i visit buddies i order primo.... their store on ridewood SUCKS. clint is a horrible manager. your store is much cleaner and pizza much better quality. feel free to let them know if their terrible job so i dont have to drive to monti for some decent pizza.... PRIMO ROCKS!

Review №52

We are a devoted and loyal Primo Pizza lovers. If anyone leaves a negative comment on Primo I would question it. We have ordered pizza here for years. Exceptional food and service.

Review №53

We are new to the area and are trying to find our go-to pizza place. Tonight was our first time ordering here and i have to say this was one of the best pizzas we have ever had! We had the philly cheesesteak and a pepperoni pizza. It litterally took about half an hour from the time we ordered it until the time we received it( and on a Friday night during prime dinner hours). We will definitely be ordering again and are so pleased with the service and quality of the pizza! Thank you, Primo Pizza!

Review №54

Delicious pizza and always delivered fast and prompt delivery people are always kind and professional

Review №55

Awesome pizza, best in town. Thanks you guys for the awesome service

Review №56

Typically good food but, this is a first from any place that an order got cencelled because the rain is bad. I just stepped outside and not a drop here. Oh well, good food. Spotty service.

Review №57

Best pizza anywhere!!Highly recommend ordering pizza well done, as with any pizza.

Review №58

Primo Pizza in Monticello is REALLY good when it comes to resolving ANY ISSUES.I called them to let them know that my pizza had under-cooked crust, and they bent over backwards to get me a new pizza, and were EXTREMELY helpful!

Review №59

Great prices and service:)

Review №60

We are new to Monticello, and really enjoy Primo Pizza. The pizzas aredelicious, delivery time is super fast, and they have great coupons!

Review №61

Pizza was delivered hot and delicious. So hot it burnt the roof of my mouth! I don't care tho, it was great!

Review №62

Pizza an wings are fantastic... Definitely my go to

Review №63

Best chicken Pizza

Review №64

Best pizza in town. Best pizza around period. Great service and great deals!

Review №65

Amazingly delicious pizza!!! Great prices too!

Review №66

Get the classic bacon cheeseburger pizza, it's legendary!

Review №67

Having your pizza in the Monyicello area has been substansially changed!I've been a pizza lover since I learned the word, had these kinds and those kinds, but what Primo has done with both service, speed and mostly, the flavor, has raised the bar so highly I doubt the competiotion will ever catch them! I'm also a BBQ lover, and their sauce is beyond any tastes I've experienced there too! Hands down, the BEST - Pizza, Service and price!

Review №68

We're lucky to have some awesome pizza in Monti, homemade, hometown, can't beat it...

Review №69

For the love of God they have Cuban, Enchilada, and Reuben pizzas!

Review №70

First time ordering, it was delish, well be ordering again, thank you

Review №71

Awesome service we're over the road a lot in different towns great pizza great prices ask about daily specials and they deliver

Review №72

Best Pizza in the world!!!! Great owners, amazing staff!

Review №73

Vary affordable, vary good, and just plane awesome.

Review №74

Very good

Review №75

Love the pizza!

Review №76

Best pizza in town

Review №77

Best pizza ever

Review №78

Good pizza!

Review №79

Love primo pizza!

Review №80

Always fresh and yummy

Review №81

Great pizza and wings!!!!

Review №82

Best pizza ever

Review №83

Best Pizza in town

Review №84

Terrible pizza thin as paper when I asked for thick crust, it might be cheap but the cheese doesn't even stay on the pizza.

Review №85

Well priced and always delicious!

Review №86

Awesome pizza

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