In-N-Out Burger
53 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040, United States

Review №1

Quick and professional during orders. Food is consistently good as it should be at an In-N-Out.They appear to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. (At one of the peaks of the pandemic)

Review №2

Get your burger animal style! It's a onion sauce mixture on top that is fantastic. You can also get it on top of your fries with cheese, but I prefer to get regular fries and ask for a side of animal sauce for dipping. Drive thru and takeout only right now.

Review №3

Such a great place. So glad they have opened back up. The complimentary rose is a great touch and the food impeccable. You can just get a simple fries and you feel it's gourmet. The charcuterie boards are amazing! The salmon... perfection. Highly recommend.

Review №4

I don't frequent in and out but it seems the few times I've been, the fries are always cold. And today's seriously tasted like fried cardboard. I've got to learn to skip the fries. I want to look up if they use real milk in the shakes cuz it tasted like some kind of mixture. I only went because my parents wanted to go but you won't catch going if I don't have to

Review №5

Oh boy... In-N-Out serves the best burger in the world!!! Beef patty is always fresh and juicy. The sweet bun and the irresistible sauce with the right amount of onion, tomato, and lettuce.

Review №6

Drive through is convenient, and popular. The line is long but moves pretty fast. Usually it takes you ~15 minutes to get your food.

Review №7

Milpitas location's burgers are better. These were too salty and didn't eat them. Actually think Burger King whoppers are superior - and cheaper!

Review №8

The 5 stars is for the burger and that's it. The Double Cheeseburger is Good. I will return for that burger many times. The fries are barely alright. The strawberry shake was not good... Wouldn't get that again.

Review №9

It's the in n out experience. Friendly staff. Fast drive thru... Even for lunch, even though the line looks long. Food always top notch.

Review №10

The hamburger is delicious (I ordered a "double double"), much better than McDonald's or Burger King. They don't use bacon, which is surprising but didn't stop the burger from tasting awesome. I got the animal-style fries recommended to me, but I gotta say I personally prefer other brands' fries. The chocolate milkshake was "more sweet than chocolate-flavored" and quite filling.

Review №11

I had the 4x4 protein style. Beef was dominated by an overly salty taste and not much else. This is not a great place for burgers.

Review №12

Superb service. Great kids doing the work so very positively in these difficult times. Long drive thru line managed well and cheerfully.

Review №13

I typically hate fast food, but In-N-Out tastes so good. They got my complicated order right and the fries are so good and fresh.

Review №14

Hot n fresh, delicious n satisfying food. Despite how long the line was, service was very punctual and friendly as expected.

Review №15

They serve big portions and for convenient rates. very welcoming employees. Will visit again.

Review №16

As I sit inside waiting for my order, the smell of fragrance from the bathroom area is overwhelming. Although I love the food , now I remember how awful it is inside the dining area due to that smell . What is that ?

Review №17

My food was fresh and delicious. Best part line was long but moved quickly.

Review №18

We were at the drive thru and there was no line close to 4PM on a Monday. Fast and friendly service both at staff personally taking orders and at pickup. Great work!

Review №19

The drive-through line is so long that is is blocking traffic on Camino. This is very dangerous, and I believe this has contributed to some car crashes. Do something about this or I will contact the police.(And the customers who “don't mind” waiting in line for 1 hour and 45 minutes for a cheeseburger and who seem okay with blocking major highway traffic: Can any of you tell me why you're okay with that? Do you care that little about other people's safety? Why am I the only person talking about this, what is wrong with our culture?)

Review №20

It's In'N'Out. It's aaaaalways good, service, food, and speed. Always.

Review №21

Always good. Great friendly staff and affordable yet delicious good quality cheeseburger.

Review №22

First time at In-N-Out and was not disappointed. Service was great and got my order in a timely manner. I got the double burger, animal fired and chocolate milkshake. The double burger was great! Everything was fresh and it wasn't soggy at all. The animal fries were great too but I wouldn't suggest getting them to go as they get soggy quickly but I'm not complaining. The milkshake was great but it was a bit too thick for my liking. Will definitely come back!

Review №23

Great food and excellent service!

Review №24

Good burger for its price. The highlight was the hot cocoa. Excellent hot chocolate.

Review №25

Five stars. It's In-N-Out. If you left any rating lower, you're vegan, named Karen, or hate puppies and small children.

Review №26

As always the food is delicious! The staff are courteous, nice and helpful. This location does not disappoint, the quality is there to experience. In addition to this wonderful establishment the location is great. You have great access to two freeways. Enjoy I know we did!

Review №27

For a fastfood burgers are great. I had double double animal style, and fries. Definitely recommend.

Review №28

A top place for Burgers. Very filling.

Review №29

Best place in the bay I've been since staying out here. Excellent service. Love it!

Review №30

I celebrated my birthday today in this excellent restaurant. Well we enjoyed a fantastic evening and the place was definitely the reason for this fruitful celebration. The waiters collaborated in a pleasant way, the cuisine was appetizing and my guests were very glad. We shall absolutely come back again for more events. thanks very much.

Review №31

The burgers are super good and so are the fries. But u wish that the patties were thicker and the fries should be salty. Other than that. In N Out is SOOOO good!

Review №32

Always on point super fast service in drive through with alot of customers very impressed

Review №33

Good burger place in mountain view.You cannot do wrong with this place. I have seen cleaner in-n-out locations elsewhere. Hence only 4 stars

Review №34

Despite the hype, In-n-Out is on the same par as a Johnny Rockets or other local chain. It has the kitschy 50's diner feel complete with paper hats and red cloth aprons tied with giant safety pins. The menu is limited to burgers, fries, and shakes. Despite the speed at which the employees work (and they are hard working) orders still take awhile to come out, which defeats the purpose of going for fast food. Still, the employees are super friendly and look like they enjoy their jobs. If you're in Cali, a visit seems to be a tourist requirement.

Review №35

Some of the best burgers around. Wait times can be long, but good things come to those that wait.

Review №36

Finally ordered from the SECRET menu. The triple Burger is great.

Review №37

The food at In and Out is simple but good. If you're reading this you probably had it at some point. This location was fine the people were nice and the food was good. I don't think I like the fries but I think that's just the way it is.

Review №38

Definitely one of my all time favorite burger spots. And this review isn't just for this specific location. Every in n out burger I've ever been to has been the exact same experience. Smiling and helpful employees, delicious food made correctly and a clean and tidy dining room. Drive through is very efficient as well. Can't think of another place ran this well. Enjoy the animal style burger and fries!

Review №39

Really good as always. Not so crowded, clean parking lot and great service.

Review №40

My favorite hamburgers. The drive through line was long and moved much faster than I expected.

Review №41

Had the double cheeseburger protein burger. Didn't miss the bread at all. The line moved very quickly.

Review №42

Good seevice and food. Someone walked around and asked if I needed anything.

Review №43

Amazing. Order was perfect. Gal at the register loved her job. She was friendly & happy. Had a double protein grilled whole onion/mustard burger cooked to order. With lots of extra pickles & a side of pickles. Fries were perfect. Bathrooms spotless.

Review №44

Standard in-and-out fare, go for the fries well done. Drive thru access is a pain to get to the first time.

Review №45

Good food and service. Hard to park.

Review №46

Always have to get my fix when visiting California. Wish we had In-N-Out in the Midwest, but maybe someday. Amazing as always. Staff here is nicer than most that I've visited in the past.

Review №47

Great food, but . . . expect crowds. Drive through can be a 15 minute affair during rush hours. Excellent place off hours.

Review №48

The fries are all cooked in sunflower oil so they are halal. Meat is not halal.Really enjoyed the animal style fries made with melted cheese and fried caramely onions. Portion sizes are huge.Service is excellent. Short wait times.

Review №49

Fries had no crispness brought home for takeout less than 1 mile drive home. Burgers and shakes were fine. Nice service even in virus times.

Review №50

The animal cheese burger is good.

Review №51

This spot is my favored. I eat in plenty of restaurants but here I go the most. The crew is very cordial and the cooking they place on your table is so fresh and tasty. I never miss an opportunity to have a good dinner in this restaurant. I highly recommend this place.

Review №52

Cheap, quick and awesome as always

Review №53

Good burgers, fries and positive staff.

Review №54

Excellent staff and service! Grilled onions are a nice touch on your sandwiches

Review №55

I am a fan of in-an-out, but one of the biggest downsides is that you usually have to wait in a long line, and then wait even longer for your food to be prepared. Even though I visited on a Saturday evening, this one was not particularly busy, it had a very short line to wait in and my food was ready in only a few minutes. My burger was custom made the way I like it and the fries are simply to die for. Really enjoyed coming here, will definitely do so again.

Review №56

This is my gotta go Burger when ever I come back to visit Cali...I basically grew up with In-n-out since 87, and have been eating at everywhere of the Southern California daily during the 90's..The burger taste just how it should be and I love my Protein Style Double Double.

Review №57

This is an affordable and really nice place, it surprised me at least! Above my initial expectations and definitely better than Wendy's imho.

Review №58

One of the better fast foods out there, it's so cheap!

Review №59

Highly suggest ordering the cheeseburger animal style if you haven't already (unless you don't like pickles or onions on your food). It was the first time I had, and I will likely only order that again.As always, can't argue with the price. Amazing value and quality.

Review №60

They're back open for ordering inside, but have to eat outside. Awesome burgers and fries!!

Review №61

I have been here for a while it's amazing

Review №62

The best burgers on Earth

Review №63

Poorly wrapped Burger, card board burnt fries,on top of asking for an animal style fry with no cheese extra spread and extra grill onion I got nothing I asked for.disappointing visit

Review №64

Obviously an amazing burger place. I like how this location does the drive thru line when there are a ton of people there. Makes it to where I'm not out on the street waiting to order food.

Review №65

Great service food was nice and fresh

Review №66

How can u not like burgers animal ztyle

Review №67

Food is always fresh and delicious, service was extremely quick!

Review №68

Food was good, but my rating is not about the food neither is about customer service both of those areas done really well. What hit my lowest ever rating was the cleanness of this restaurant. From entering the main entrance you can see windows with handprints on them. Floors appeared dirty and the restroom had a flood of pee on the floor. The tables looked like never been cleaned before I bring my own kleenex wet wipes and after clean what appeared to be clean it turned black from dirt and oil from foods. That's nasty sanitization that I don't take very likely for a restaurant that serves guess instead of livestock Then as I eating the dude comes around dry swiping the floor causing airborne pathogens. The dumpster by the entrance does not add to appetite either.

Review №69

Another classic In-N-Out, though I found this one among my favorites. Service was very quick, the workers were very welcoming and kind, and the food was delicious as always.

Review №70

Simple menu - Really nice burgers, fries and lemonade.

Review №71

WHY IS IT? That no one can follow directions at these burger places? Ask for them to do something as simple as putting ice into a drink and they get it wrong?

Review №72

For a fast food place, the place has extremely fresh ingredients.

Review №73

Good service at the drive-up, at the windows and with the great food.

Review №74

The staff is friendly. Basic menu (3 or 4 choices of burgers) but very good quality.

Review №75

Not like it used to be. It's been 11 years since my last In-N-Out Burger as I moved away from the west coast. When I came back for a visit I made a list of things I wanted to do and In-N-Out Burger was on my list. The fries tasted like cardboard. The burger bun was stale. The meat and ketchup was tasty but the rest of the meal sucked. Very disappointed.

Review №76

Packed almost all day every day but the team hustle is top notch good american food for a good price treated the whole family and knocked out everyones hunger

Review №77

Ana wasn't very welcoming as we would normally expect from an In N Out team member. Burger was wrong, it was promptly refired. Disappointing location experience with the kids. Bummer.

Review №78

Fast service. Drive thru got my order correct and gave me enough napkins and setup my burger so I could eat and drive.

Review №79

Always the first stop when landing at LAX. Never disappoints

Review №80

The food is constantly fresh and flavorful, cashiers hands over awesome customer service. I like how clean it is and character. Will come visit again.

Review №81

First time visiting an in and out burger (east coaster). Menu was super simple but everything tasted great. Line was long (there's a line for everything in california) but they turn out orders quickly. Double double animal style for the win but you natives don't need me to tell you that right?

Review №82

This place is one of my favorites! Good pricing, big portions and the employees are regularly very kind.

Review №83

Quick and efficient service. Burgers are yum!

Review №84

It's been a long time since I had a double double animal style and it's as good as ever!

Review №85

Very popular Burger place good service good food in moderation it is very cool place to go and visit you in your order through post mates to have a deliver to write to you door. Another fine product from MCF recommendations

Review №86

Safe food handling practices plus fresh!

Review №87

First time at an In-N-Out. My west coast colleagues were always saying that In-N-Out is better than Five Guys, so I came in with high expectations. Ordered a double double with grilled onions, lettuce, and the house sauce, with a side of fries. Overall, no contest.The good:* Fries were well-salted without being too salty.* Inner surface of bun of burger was nicely toasted, good crunch.* Grilled onions were well-executed and house sauce (turned out to be sort of sweet-and-sour, reminded me of Heinz 57 crossed with honey mustard) was alright.* Inexpensive. Quite inexpensive, actually. Probably could've gotten two burgers here for the price of one at Five Guys. But I don't need two burgers.The not-so-good:* The fries had a weird dry foam texture, like they had been freeze-dried before frying. I have never seen fries like this before, and I did not find it at all enjoyable.* The burger patties were sort of thin and anemic, but that's both unsurprising and forgivable at this price point, since they are the most expensive part of a burger.* Standard Kraft-type flavorless American cheese.* The menu! I hear people ordering "animal style" this and "protein style" that. I have no idea what those mean, and they're not on the menu board. Neither is the list of vegetables they can put on the burger.

Review №88

First time in California and made sure to stop there. The burgers were great. The fries however tasted like stale cardboard. Still a can't miss place.

Review №89

Ketchup machine didn't work properly when I came, otherwise, it is the standard in-n-out you see anywhere in CA.

Review №90

Just a great place for a good burger at a decent price!

Review №91

Good burgers, good service. Very consistent. I dont love the fries but the burgers are good and its open late. Parking is not easy at this location.

Review №92

Amazing place to be honest. People are very hardworking and helpful. Was a pleasure!

Review №93

Best burgers for the price. Double Double is the bomb.

Review №94

I was having issues with this INO... I would ask for KM instead or M instead and i always got spread. I checked receipt but it wasnt made correctly. My son and his great grandfather always went and they didnt double check... Which is understandable.. I know in n out would have kindly replaced them if i went back, but it was always during the dinner rush... So glad the last 2 time (last week) I went, my burger was made correctly... Thank you In N Out.

Review №95

Always a great experience. Simple door and menu, extremely fresh and delicious. There's often a line but usually you are "in n out" within 30 minutes.

Review №96

My burger tasted like a cleaning agent. They are probably overdoing it on the COVID disinfecting.

Review №97

The service is always perfect. Burgers are great, plain cheeseburger is always my top choice. I like when bun is well grilled and you can always ask for that and they deliver. Fries are okay, but are better with cheese as secret menu option. I love it that you can choose to order burger without a bun - just wrapped in lettuce. The place is always super clean and the crew is always dedicated to keep it that way. Shakes are okay. Once time drink from fountain soda tasted funny (we did not drink it) as it was something wrong with the fountain.

Review №98

Good and consistent. Satisfies every time. Double double animal style.

Review №99

Very friendly, courteous and personable staff..

Review №100

It's in-n-out... Great service, efficient, delicious.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:53 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 800-786-1000
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Diner
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Lunch restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–1:30AM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–1AM
  • Wednesday:10:30AM–1AM
  • Thursday:10:30AM–1AM
  • Friday:10:30AM–1AM
  • Saturday:10:30AM–1AM
  • Sunday:10:30AM–1:30AM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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