Dominos Pizza
40404 California Oaks Rd, Murrieta, CA 92562, United States

Review №1

This place is horrible, over an hour for one sandwich. I'm sorry but that's terrible. When you call the store the guy sounds like he's been getting stoned all day and no clue what you're talking about. My food still hasn't shown up.Update! Finally showed up, hour and 20 minutes. Driver forgot my drink and this is how well made the sandwich is. Terrible. And they wonder why they shouldn't get paid more than 8 dollars an hour.

Review №2

Dominos is awesome. I always order online and get delivery, and they are always fast and the food is always good. Keeps me happy in a time like this with covid and social distancing. I wouldn't order from anywhere else ️

Review №3

I ordered over phone. That was easy. Get to the place to do pick up, not so easy... They couldn't find my order in any way shape or form. They were busy.. Few minutes later they find my order. Yay. It took additional 15 20 minutes, and it tasted great. Little hiccup great taste!

Review №4

Usually they are ok at best. Don't believe rhe online tracker. Its fake. Said my food was already delivered and it was not. Waited another 40 min before it actually arrived 1.5hrs after I ordered. Manager would not talk to me and the kid who answered the phone did not seem to care.

Review №5

Hands down on of the best Dominos, I've had. I've tried many dominos at different locations and this is my favorite thanks for the great customer service and pizza.

Review №6

I've been buying pizza from this Domino's for years and have never had a bad experience. The staff is friendly and the pizza is always made properly and promptly. And of course, the pizza is delicious.

Review №7

These guys rock, well run place. The deep dish and thin crust you cannot beat for price and quality. Fast delivery. Just wish they still had the parm packets!!

Review №8

I call store at 9 55 p m nobody answers phone til 10 05. The guy tells me take out is closed, their open sign is on and after I tell the guy I'm in parking to wait for order, they immediately lock the door.I only wanted an order of the parmesan bites..very poor customer service

Review №9

The Murrieta Cal Oaks store has the worst service I have ever experienced in any Domino's store! Ordered my pizza online, drove to the store when the app said it would be ready 45 minutes later. When I got there the manager said I would need to wait an additional two hours because they were very busy. When I complained about the additional wait, she asked for my order number and cancelled it. Just like that, she got rid of me. Soooo unprofessionall!! Will never go back.

Review №10

They stepped their game up. Only pizza i get(fast food wise...)

Review №11

The worst pizza I have ever had and the worst customer service they are on drugs

Review №12

Apparently there is known issue when ordering via the app. I placed and order arrived shortly after the time prompted. I meet with store associate that told me the order was not made and I would have to. No biggie. Waited 15min came back and again was told that the order was not made. I asked why and he said he didnt know even after I spoke to previous associate. I asked for a refund and the manager. The manager said she was never advised of the missing order and that there is a known issue with the mobile app. She went inside and gave me a refund.Costumer service at this location is subpar to say the least.

Review №13

Love dominos!! They delivered hella fast!! The delivery guy was SUPER nice and professional. I like that. I felt bad cuz $2 tip was not enough. But was all I had. Hope this review helps. And thank you for staying open.

Review №14

Manager who's rude and yells at employees. food looks like a toddler made it, had the unfortunate time of dealing with her and her rudeness and unprofessionalism. FIRE HER NOW!

Review №15

Always willing to fix any problem and always use a smile!!!!

Review №16

This is by far the worst experience I've ever had. The manager who took my order and my money told my order would we ready and delivered in 1 hr . 2 hrs later , no delivery. I cAll and she hangs up the phone on me multiple times , until it turned 12 am and the store closed. No phone call, no delivery and no refund . I will not stop until this women and sorry excuse for a manager is fired

Review №17

I've ordered from here several times within the past 5 years of loving Domino's Pizza. Every time I order my pizza(s) are ready in less than 15-20 minutes. The service you get here is excellent. Mad props to whoever is running this establishment, I highly recommend this location for Pizza.

Review №18

Always making excuses for being late. I worked Dominos in Upland and other stores for 6+ years and this store is not nearly as busy(200 pie hours) ...time to quit the excuses and step up. Heard order taking talk at least 4 people out of ordering by threatening an hour + for carry out....pitiful

Review №19

Placed my order at 6:12 pm website stated my pizza would arrive in 63 minutes. I called the store at 7 pm just to be told that I would not be delivered until 8 pm. The girl on the phone was not welcoming and gave no resolution to this problem. After I let her know that the website stated a different time. Not happy about the service at all....

Review №20

Oh my gosh this location is wonderful! I just had the worst nightmare of a time with Pizza Hut at the Hancock location! But the manager Lenette was such a god send! She made my night so much better. Her guest service alone is magic, she knows how to handle customers and make people smile. I came in so upset over my ordeal with Pizza Hut, I wanted to cry! But she just calmly answered all my questions, kept my calm and got me a delicious pizza. Which is all I wanted! Her staff are fantastic. She clearly knows how to run a store and deserves a raise! She is a fantastic guest connections person. She should go train all the people all Pizza Hut. Thank you again Lenette for being so helpful and just super sweet!

Review №21

The best Domino's pizza is here. Always delivered fresh and hot. Fast friendly service which great deals. Definitely recommend.

Review №22

This Domino's pizza is very good over all. We have been ordering from them for over a year and food has been consistently good. We have tried the hand tossed and the handmade pizzas and they both are delicious.I would recommend using the Domino's pizza app if you get pizza regularly because After 6 orders you get a free pizza.

Review №23

No nakins

Review №24

Hi I was just trying to speak with a person on the phone and I had to speak quietly and the man on the phone was being rude and was like all of our calls are recorded because he thought I was prank calling or something but i just had to speak quietly. Also my friend started being annoying and I was telling her to stop that was why it seemed like I was calling to be annoying but I was just trying to order something

Review №25

Awesomeness Dominos!!

Review №26

It's pretty much hit & miss! Sometimes our order come quick and tastes great. Other times we wait for over an hour!Really too bad they up-ed the delivery fee to $4.50. I live .07 miles away. Sorry guys... It cuts into your tip :( That sucks

Review №27

I tried to order a pizza on line and couldn't so I called and the manager said that he couldn't help me. A 5 .00 difference.

Review №28

Ordered online, pizza arrived uncooked. had to go through three "managers" before I was told that they would expedite the replacement and the best they could do was comp a side. Appreciated the effort from Lynette...but store policy is pretty bad when they send raw pizza out and the best effort they can manage is replacing it. Definitely my last time at the store.

Review №29

I have had awesome service each time I order. The staff that answer the phone have pleasant customer service, the staff that deliver are pleasant. Plus each time I order, my food arrives in less than 30mins. Great experience, thank you!

Review №30

Good customer service excited to try the Pizza:)

Review №31

0 stars of I could choose to give!! I've ordered several times from this location. Never have I recieved a pizza in such terrible condition. Opened the box and half the pizza was smashed up against the inside of the box. Lost a customer for sure!!!

Review №32

I've never had an unfriendly experience with the staff, whether delivery or carry-out.

Review №33

Got a Text that the pizza delivery driver left over 30 minutes ago..., The online tracker says "Delivered"... I called the store, and was told "The tracker is ahead of what is really happening"... I guess I must assume the text that I got stating "Your delivery driver, Alvin is on the way"", 40 minutes ago... is "Fake Information" as well.... And, pizza finally gets here, and it was certainly far from hot and fresh.

Review №34

Pasta noodles was hard and very very dry, my cinnamon twist was burned and my pizza for free 2toppings order!? I don't even see the bacon on my pizza. I was so disappointed on my orders. I will stop ordering now with dominos.

Review №35

I don't like their crust and I ordered 2 without sauce and 1 came with

Review №36

I ordered online several times then drive there there aprx 3 miles away and its always done when i get there and correct good service never had a issue

Review №37

Love dominos

Review №38

The phones were ringing so bad that there wasnt enough help. There were people focused on the delivery orders then me standing there waiting to order. Young kid didnt know how to work computor and our order was all wrong. Got him and pizza was all over box and crust was raw and chicken wings wernt cooked well. The service sucked

Review №39

Good pizza decent price

Review №40

Online ordering process was easy and convenient. The delivery portion not so much. After 90 mins my order had not yet arrived. I finally called the store and spoke to a so called manager who said 90 min delivery times are normal (even though the store is only 1.3 miles away). Furthermore, the online order tracker said my order was "Out for Delivery" over 35 mins ago. The manager told me the online tracker is not even close to accurate and they don't follow what it says. He told me just to wait and my order (2 large pizzas) would be there shortly. After another 15 mins of waiting (almost 2 hours from time of order) my food had not arrived and I call back and canceled my order. Ten mins later the driver arrived at my house and I sent him back with the now cold pizza.This was not the first time something like this has happened with this store. I have had nothing but great experiences with other stores in the past, but this store just can't seem to get it right. Avoid this store, use Papa John's, Bella's Pizza, Maxx Pizza, Jersey's Pizza, etc. as an alternative if you live in there area of this store.

Review №41

Worst delivery in town

Review №42

They got here really fast and as always the pizza is great!

Review №43

Terrible service. Called in order, arrived at scheduled time and they claimed they didn't have order in the system. They told me to wait and they would make it in 10 minutes, but 30 minutes later, no pizza. Took 45 minutes to get out of there. No apologies or consideration offered from the poorly trained, ill mannered staff. Will not return.

Review №44

I get dominoes from the app on a consistent basis. Generally they do a good job at delivering when they say they will. At this time I watch the tracker for 30 minutes after I️t says delivered. I didn't get my pizza and called the store to see if it got delivered to the wrong house. When I called them they told me that I should just be okay with waiting even though they have been thirty minutes late after It said delivered. I told him I understand when they are backed up and proceeeded to wait another thirty minutes. When I called again they just hung up on me and I never got my pizza

Review №45

Always great service

Review №46

I placed my order on line. While it was still baking on the Pizza Tracker, I headed over (5 minute drive) to pick up. I was ready when I got there. But, the pizza looked like it may had been dropped and was cold. I asked for hearty marinara and I'm pretty sure I didn't get that. I wondered if it was already prepared and they just gave me an extra they had. Pretty sure that's my last time ordering from Domino's

Review №47

I have used this Domino's repeatedly since I moved to the area 2 years ago. I have had nothing but great food delivered hot and fast. Every driver is polite, and every time I call the store I am spoken to cordially and respectfully, yet directly. Great job to everyone there.Edit: I do not know what happened. Maybe a change in ownership, or management, or a general lack of apathy consumed the entire crew. Perhaps it is a mixture of all three. Regardless, it is directly affecting the quality of the food in a negative manner. I have consistently received pizza, wings, and bread products that are haphazardly thrown together and produce a "Frankenstein's monster" of food. Please, for all that is Holy, exorcise whatever demons have taken hold of this location and return to the quality and freshness that made me a fan to begin with.

Review №48

We order from here all the time and we love it. Food is always great and they have amazing service.And just a reminder to the silly haters on here, even if you had a bad experience this is a franchise so why would you recommend no one eat at any Domino's ever? Why not just voice your opinion and leave other people's businesses alone...

Review №49

So many pizza places but Domino's always tastes good.

Review №50

0 stars if that was an option.- I ordered a pizza through the domino's app, was checking the tracker every couple minutes to see how my order was doing . When the pizza was ready to deliver it said that the driver left at 6:32 pm, the driver didnt show up to my apartment until 7:15pm when i payed him he constantly kept asking how much he owes me back like as if he was asking for the remaining $11.00 change as a tip. Even though he was 40 minutes late i left a $5.00 tip. So i open my box to begin serving my daughters, both my pizzas were soggy and cold. I called the store to complain and as i was explaining what happened to the guy over the phone he hung up on me mid sentence. I call back to see why he hung up and i heard him pick the phone up and slam it back down to hang up. So i call a third time and the manager working at the time answered the call. I asked her why I was hung up on and she was basically defending the guys actions stating it was on accident which that does not just happened ! They have absolutely horrible costumer service , i asked for my money back which she said she could not do just give me a $15 credit which at this point i wanted nothing to do with this dominos after the lack of costumer service they had ! i asked for the store manager name or number which she also refused to give me. I stated i wanted my full refund back and that i will drive down there myself and bring them back there pizza which i did! I will never order from this dominos again!

Review №51

Use the Dominos App often .. Pizza always delicious and rt on time !! if you have never used the Dominos App to order pizza ~ you must .. it's so easy & convenient !! App also gives you an indicator display to let you know precisely when your pizza is on its way

Review №52

I ordered food and they forgot my sauces I ordered and I payed extra for them so they said they would go get the sauce and they never brought them to me

Review №53

App order accurate timing. Quick delivery. Order is always correct and warm. Pizza in a pinch, good pizza but not the best.

Review №54

Always have a good experience with this Domino's location. Fast and easy order process. Good food too!

Review №55

This place is fantastic. I get a "Welcome to Domino's" every time I walk in from the cashier, the pizza maker, the expeditor or who ever sees me come in first. Friendly staff and super quick to correct any mistakes. A+ location. Did I mention the pizza is delicious?

Review №56

Big improvement in the quality of their pizza.

Review №57

Food pretty. Staff always on point.

Review №58

Pizzas good. But the employees were making pizzas without gloves when picked mine up. I watched a guy put toppings on a pizza, whip his hands on his apron then continue putting on toppings. Yuck

Review №59

I guess I did accidentally click on the no cheese option but who the f doesn't want cheese on pizza so 2 stars for bad customer service. 2 words Pizza Hut

Review №60

Lol..worst dominos to order from..they just cant seem to get it right! I ordered a vegetarian pizza and low and behold was a huge piece of sausage on my pizza! Quality check is horrible and the delivery can sometimes be minutes... not even worth the trouble and their signature garlic sauce that's suppose to brushed across the crust is a hit or a miss! I wish that they would just close sad that a simple pizza cant ne made right, your better off going to Jersey Pizza.

Review №61

Disapointed. Ordered a deluxe prizza and received a cheese one. Also my delivery took 50 minutes to get here and when i called to tell them about getting the wrong pizza they sent me the right one and again the driver took almost an hour go deliever my pizza.

Review №62

The pizza here is always good and the delivery is always fast. Domino's has really stepped up it's game.

Review №63

GREAT PIZZA!! They also have some AWESOME customer service and I want to order in the pizza is at my house within 15 min. of me ordering it.

Review №64

Always great and fast service

Review №65

I recently went into this location, and I asked if I could get a pie without sauce, or sauce on the side. They said they could not do that. I thought it was not a big deal to make one that way. I am very disappointed. Overall I enjoy their pies

Review №66

The best pizza I've ever had from Domino's had to have been the one ordered on April 23rd, 2015. This heavenly masterpiece was crafted by a Goddess. Her name is Leanette.

Review №67

They usually do great with getting the orders correct, but lately I've been having wrong orders and delays. They said I would get free pizzas for the mistakes they did , but always give the runaround when I try and use my free pizzas!

Review №68

Ordered online . Dominos tracker came up..when it said it was ready I drove up. (5mins max.). Got here and cashier tells me it's not ready give them 20 mins...I say tracker says it's ready. He tells me oh those trackers are never accurate...the manager says the tracker isn't on us.. those things suck. Awesome service dominos !

Review №69

When not busy they do well however with allot of activity they seem flustered and if you do not stay on them they lose track of what is happening. Also my tracker said I picked up the pizza but I was actually still waiting for it.

Review №70

I order 3 pizzas got 2 right 1 wrong. Called to have them fix the problem they wanted to charge me for delivery even though they had messed up. Went back to get my right order and came back home and the ingredients were raw. Called again asked for a manager a lady answered and we told her the ingredients were raw laughed and put us on hold. Then a gentleman answered by the name Justin and said he was the manager and said he had gave us a free pizza which he didn't. I then told him what had happened again and told him we spoke to a lady manager and said their was no lady manager. So now I don't know who the manager is because he wouldn't tell me. Been coming here for years had never had any problems before but now with this I'm done with Domino's. Thanks

Review №71

It was ok. They messed up my order.

Review №72

They have gotten a lot better since the last time I stopped going to Domino's. I really enjoy their pizza now and their service is great.

Review №73


Review №74

They always deliver fresh hot food. The staff is always friendly.

Review №75

Fine pizza not great!

Review №76

Terrible service and the pizza was all messed up and we got a new pizza and that one was messed up. im supposed to it gluten free because of an allergy and the new pizza had wheat in it. I am extremely sick now. wish I could give 0 stars. hope you guys go out of business

Review №77

The 2 for 5.99 each is awesome its the best pizza ever and so scheap love you guys

Review №78

Pizza is fair price for carry out. Nice new clean place off Date st now

Review №79

They clearly dont care about their customer service. I have ordered from this store twice and both times my orders are incorrect. Today they crossed a line when my order was incorrect and I called them on it the "manager in charge " refused to give what was promised because of their mess up. I literally had an argument with them, they take no responsibility for them not doing their job correctly and they place the blame on the customer instead. Nothing but attitude was refused to be allowed to speak to a higher manager! If I could give them no stars I would you shouldnt have to argue with people for your order that they messed up and recieve attitude for them not doing their job right! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ATTITUDES!

Review №80

Terrible terrible terrible pizza! The dough wasn't even cooked all the way and everything was cold and chewy! Raw Ingredients does not go well with pizza never again will I eat at a dominoes food chain and I will recommend that none of my family and friends eat at a dominoes forever !

Review №81

Domino's app said my order was ready at 5:04 p.m. I walk in at 5:30 p.m. they told me 5 minutes I wait 12 minutes then they tell me there was a mix-up and they're just putting my order in the oven. I got a refund and left. Will not order from this location again

Review №82

Never again! Lost my order and the guy at the counter mumbled. Terrible customer service!

Review №83

These people are like my family. Always great service!

Review №84

I called in to pick up pizza they tell me 45 mins I go to pick up my pizza 45 mins later and they tell me it's going to be another 20 mins they haven't put it in the oven. Very poor customer service why did I bother waiting for?

Review №85

Maybe this location should hour more employees if theyre backed up on delivery maybe that will help them not be so backed up.

Review №86

This has got to be the worst Dominos ive ever ordered from. 5 orders in a row messed up. Unknowledgeable staff. After working at another pizza chain this place cant edge lock a pizza to save their lives. Dont order from here.

Review №87

I placed a timed delivery for my pizza. 30 minutes later it showed up at my house.

Review №88

Take so long wait when you pick up order. Every body say wait 5 more min every time you ask if your order is ready.

Review №89

Great bang for your buck pizza

Review №90

Got sick as hell from a cheese pizza here.

Review №91

Good pizza

Review №92

This dominos lies about there time and then when you call about your delivery they are rude

Review №93

Pizza was excellent, but the service was problematic.

Review №94

Avoid all Raja Enterprise Domino's stores, they serve expired product (found many expired foods they've used before at one of their stores) and they treat their employees unfairly.

Review №95

Always hot, fresh, and quick delivery.

Review №96

Literally the worst service I've ever had.

Review №97

2 for $12!!! The best ever.

Review №98

Why have my orders been so slow????? I order dominoes 2-3 times per week and a considerable amount of times they are late. get your stuff together,

Review №99

Online order was messed up and they refused to replace it. Told me to order over the phone next time.

Review №100

Thank you, great experience

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