1957 10th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

Ordered take out. It was good but not great. I order an 8 piece family meal. This included 8 pieces of fried chicken, two sides (mashed potatoes with gravy and coleslaw), 4 biscuits, and my favorite was the half gallon of sweet ice tea. The potatoes and coleslaw were just fine, the gravy I didn't like was too salty. The fried chicken was well cooked and crunchy but it had way to much breading. There was even one piece that seemed that it was stuck together but it was just a huge piece of fried breading.

Review №2

Food is good when they get it right! The last two times we have went we didnt get Bo Sauce that was asked for, Sweet Tea was given instead of Sierra Mist, ordered a 2 piece meal was missing a piece, a drum, ordered a kids meal (for a toddler!) and was given SPICY chicken!

Review №3

Love the steak biscuits. And they are on special 2 for 4.00... but their fries are great...

Review №4

It's always good i always get me some cajun chicken biscuits for 3 here was 8 $ that is too high

Review №5

Food is very hot and good....Staff was very nice ....I will be back tomorrow

Review №6

I've been to this location alot for lunch I regularly order a chicken Supreme salad with no cheese all the time more than 1x a week from this location. Normally don't have to many issues but in the last week I had bad tomatoes in one. Today I asked for the same thing and I got to the window and was handed my food and it had cheese I stated that I asked for no cheese then I herd the lady say she didn't say no cheese. I did because I order the same thing all the time. And then I get a new one with not the right chicken in it either so now I have a disappointed lunch and a place that I regularly go. Looks I will find a new location for regular lunch.

Review №7

Hands down the ABSOLUTE worst experience I've had from a fast food place. Tape all over the cups to seal them that don't come off easy.(whole cup broke trying) tape all over the boxes like its a puzzle just to finally get it and WRONG order. The next order was a 4 pc tenders but after tearing the whole box open we got 2 and a couple of burnt fries that don't even fill half of a small bag...... its obvious the business has very little management skills or anything like that. Love Bojangles but wouldn't be caught dead at this place.

Review №8

Its far and few when I experience great customer service while feeling welcomed and appreciated for dinning in any particular establishment. Today I did. Thanks alot Ken. I appreciate you. Go Jangles

Review №9

Bojangles I got on the drive-thru at about 9:15 p.m. they didn't have anything left they only had one breast they were out of like almost every side no coleslaw no hot sauce no butter I live up north it's hard to get to a Bojangles disappointing

Review №10

Ordered 4 cinnamon biscuits, when we got the the window after paying, the manager told us the biscuits were cooking and asked us to pull around to the side of the building and they would bring them out to us. We waited 10 minutes, and a car that was behind us and also pulled up to wait got their food before us. The young man who brought that cars food out asked us what we were waiting for, i told him 4 cinnamon biscuits. He went inside and we waited another 5 minutes and still nothing. Got tired of waiting so we left. I called and asked the manager how long cinnamon biscuits take to make, and he said 11 minutes. We were waiting outside for 15 minutes after he said they were already cooking.

Review №11

Ordered for the family 12pc meal...loved it...n the way they package their take out meals is much easier to carry n serve...loved the famous biscuit( not a fan of biscuits) but I lovd these ones...rice was on point, chicken toooverall..the meal was on point

Review №12

Tried the seasonal pork biscuit, was really good, will buy again.

Review №13

Fast service and love the way they crisp the bo rounds.

Review №14

This Bojangles is a drive-thru only, the servers were delightful friendly and accommodating I would highly recommend this Bojangles.

Review №15

Waited 35 minutes in line. Got no fries with my two meals. Had to walk up to the window between cars to ask for them. Got a bag and still only got one order of fries. Wow. Glad to know I get to pay for something and not receive it. Stay away folks if it looks busy because the workers can't handle giving you what you pay for and it's not easy to go back and ask a third time. Thanks for stiffing me. Won't be a second time.

Review №16

No inside business ! drive thru only and service was fast . excellent visit

Review №17

Good drive through service, food consistently good.

Review №18

Excellent service, food was fresh and HOT,awesome job Bojangles!

Review №19

Can't go wrong with a tailgate special great value for the family.

Review №20

In and out and the food has not suffered. Strictly a drive thru, no bathrooms.

Review №21

We are from the Charlotte area and have been a fan of Bojangles since there start...this was a small unique Bojangles drive thru-only but would definately visit again.

Review №22

I've given this place specific bojangles location chance after chance to produce good, seasoned, hot food and have been disappointed time after time. Tonight was the worst. Cajun filet biscuit was just awful, fries not seasoned, service unfriendly. Do better bojangles.

Review №23

As always Bo didn't disappoint! Love me some Bo!!!

Review №24

Bojangles has the best food and they are really close.

Review №25

Biscuits was good, chicken was ok.

Review №26

Great food always. Sometimes need a little more seasoning on the fries but no biggie.

Review №27

Got wrong order. Not very organized!

Review №28

The staff I had the displeasure of talking to was extremely rude and short. The food was decent excluding the one overly fried peice of chicken out of the four peice I bought. The drink I had gotten was dripping in soda from being overfilled and they didnt even remotely bother trying to wipe it off. Wouldn't recommend eating at this location.

Review №29

The girl in the drive thru argued that all the food was in the bag until we showed her. It was missing some items and she finally gave them to us. We will never go back to that bojangles.

Review №30

I am here now. They did not get all my order as I ordered. They dont read the order back and you to come around. At the window they wouldnt correct it and made us go around and reorder our food and wait in drive thru again. Haley and the manager were rude and will not be back

Review №31

My orders are always fast and correct

Review №32

Ok but not Impressed with them nothing Special

Review №33

I wasn't busy at the time so it wasn't no reason for them to be as slow as it was no utensils to eat with Donald men's not paying very much attention to the order

Review №34

Everyone was extremely rude to us at the drive through. Nobody has manners and seemed like we were inconveniencing them at THEIR own job.

Review №35

Food is hit or miss. Same with the service. I've had some really good experiences and some really bad ones. Will probably still stop here if I'm in the area and needed a quick bite for breakfast.

Review №36

Quick fast customer service

Review №37

The frys were cold and did not have seasoning salt on them....

Review №38

Unfortunately we were missing more than a few items from our to go order but what we did have was not bad. Kudos to manager for making the situation better the next day by providing several options to remedy their error.

Review №39

Ordered the family box and waited 40 mins outside, also they forgot one of my sides .....

Review №40

I'm from West Virginia we don't have this place and the food is worth the money I promise you that keep up the good work guys

Review №41

Great fast food as always!

Review №42

Always go there for chicken and fries love it every time

Review №43

I go here everyday for lunch and im always missing a fork my sauce and or my drink it never fails ive never gotten my full order

Review №44

Better than POPEYES ,KFC,Church's,which we had one in CLEVELAND...

Review №45

Service was good, but the food made us sick!

Review №46

Great food as always

Review №47

Great food and service.

Review №48

It's was good but the chicken was a lil spicy

Review №49

I ways go there and there food is good

Review №50

The food was as good as any of the other Bojangles locations. Our only recommendation would be improved speakers or maybe a screen to see what was ordered. It was very difficult to understand the employee taking the drive through orders.

Review №51

Great biscuit sandwiches.

Review №52

Nasty and greasy breakfast..but the workers was very nice and polite

Review №53

Very good hot and fresh. Will go up and beyond for freshness and customer satisfaction. I like these guys.

Review №54

Great Food fast friendly service

Review №55

Fast, courteous, efficient.

Review №56

Food was hot and very tasty. Friendly greetings and service. We always visit this location when we come here for vacation

Review №57

Don't know

Review №58

This location is drive through only. Food was no different than their restaurants that offer seating. Food was as great as any Bojangles.

Review №59

This locations is always fast and great with service

Review №60

Ask for cream and sugar at the speaker, have to ask again at the window.

Review №61

Best Fried Chicken!

Review №62

Love eating there! I feel like their buscuits are fresh

Review №63

Always good food & great service

Review №64

Lady at the drive through very rude.

Review №65

Three words... Dee - Lish - ous!! Always love Bojangles!

Review №66

Is so much to say about how horrible this Bojangles was is too much to say just keep your money and go somewhere else. #facts

Review №67

Cajun filet biscuit received with a tiny bit of actual chicken & even the 90% of fried batter with it was barely larger in diameter than the biscuit. Total rip-off at $4.30 so I ask for one “with” chicken.They offered to cook another one & promised a large filet so I sat at the window for 10 minutes and was rewarded with normal size filet that was completely raw in the center.I guess a one biscuit order was just too much for the half dozen employees standing around laughing to get right in only two tries.

Review №68

This is for Radford store...went thru drive thru ordered bo box supreme with mashed n white gravy git home had mac n cheese...really far from mashed potatoes n white gravy it ridiculous cant even get wht i pay for...use to love Bo nut they need to get their act together

Review №69

Love it there the cook is awesome

Review №70

Order was wrong!!! Ordered white but got dark meat instead

Review №71

It's hard for customers to get breakfast when it's not on the sign. Then start rattling off options but I want to see it and see the price.

Review №72

We ordered the 8 piece tail gate special and only got 6 pieces of chicken. We were short 2 legs. The chicken wasn't as good as I remembered, I won't be getting any more Bojangles chicken and I certainly will not be recommending you to anyone. Train your people and take care care of your customers.

Review №73

Got a pork chop biscuit for breakfast. You have to try it! Great service! Great food! I will be back!!

Review №74

Drove through. Ordered and enjoyed my chicken. The price seemed a little high though. But we can only get Bojangles outside of NYC. So it was worth it.

Review №75

Our food was so nasty was hard and cold only thing was good was my sweet tea...

Review №76

It was good. I'm a chicken lover so I know, but I've had better.

Review №77

While vacationing I expected to have some southern fried chicken from Bojangle's. I proceeded to the drive thru and asked for a few mins to review the menu. While ready to give my order I sat and waited for the young lady to return to take my order. I sat for almost 5 mins and to no avail no one never came back to take the order. But was ready and willing to proceed with the vehicle behind me. I will not be retuning to this establishment unless customer service is repaired and beyond exceptional!. Very unhappy out of state customer

Review №78

Fantastic service in these trying times!

Review №79

Food was great, staff was friendly, but they forgot our coleslaw after waiting for the biscuits to be done. Didn't realize it until after we got back to our room which is 15 minutes away from Bojangles. Wasn't worth the dri e back.

Review №80

One can never go wrong with bojangles! The sweet tea is reason enough to go tho you must try the supremes!

Review №81

Good food.

Review №82

Good food and friendly people

Review №83

Dont like their batter on the chicken

Review №84

Hey everyone, We waited forty-five minutes and drive-thru. Even after waiting, had to wait another 5 minutes for the chicken. this store has gone downhill so much that I don't even know how it makes money or how long you will stay in business. I hope they put a checkers....

Review №85

We went through the drive thru around 1pm for lunch. The line was all the way back to the entrance, but it moved very quickly. We had our food in hand within 10 minutes with 5 or 6 cars in front of us. I had the Cajun Filet Club, my usual go to, and this location made it better than any of the others. My mom had the chicken tenders combo with Mac and cheese. She really liked the chicken and thought the biscuit was delicious. I also had a small side of Mac and cheese. It was the only thing I wasn't impressed with. There are 5 or so Bojangles in the area, but I highly recommend this one.

Review №86

The new chicken and pimento cheese biscuit is amazing! Perfect compliment to each other. Coffee on the other hand needs some work.

Review №87

Great hot food!!!

Review №88

I'm normally not a bojangles fan. But my biscuits were nice and fresh. And my cashier was very friendly

Review №89

It was fast and accurate. We ordered 12 sausage biscuits and a bowl of grits. It was fresh and hot.

Review №90

This is the only Bojangles that stays open until 10pm. After 9:30 it takes awhile for drive thru but it's still well worth the wait.

Review №91

This is a sweet little drive through along the main thoroughfare going out of town, not too far from the airport. But as usual the sweet tea was fresh and fabulous and the bacon and egg biscuit was scrumptious. The car line moved very fast with almost no wait and the service was fast and friendly. A clean well kept location with pleasant surroundings.

Review №92

Good food!!

Review №93

The food was excellent, however we had several mistakes. We order the tailgate special and ordered 1/2 gal sweet tea and 1/2 gal lemonade, except we got to the window they had completely botched the order and did not even have it close (thought we had a 8 piece tender not the 20 piece tailgate special) once we got out food home we noticed there was no lemonade, only sweet tea (honestly not a huge deal as the sweet tea is amazing (newly transplanted northerner so forgive me if there's better out there I am still searching for it)). There was no sauces included even though we asked prior to leaving "are the sauces in the box" we were told yes, but due to being a drive thru only place we felt as though we didn't have time to check (partly our fault guess we should have checked if our order was correct before leaving). There was also no biscuits in our order even though there was supposed to be 10 of their "world famous biscuits" included in this $56 or so meal. Not too familiar with the menu and what not so forgive me if this was a mistake on our part... When we order the tailgate special we stated boneless chicken tenders (not sure if that meal comes that way or not so forgive me if it's my mistake) and we received chicken wings, breasts, and legs.Overall great food however the drive thru only location we went to could not seem to get the order correct. They did offer to correct the meal if we returned to their location, however due to time constraints with other appointments planned we could not make it back. I would definitely recommend Bojangles to anyone wanting great fried chicken, but go inside to confirm you're getting the right things.

Review №94

This is only for the one on Jake Alexander, the food is good but the service stinks inside, three other people and myself waited 10 minutes as the girls stood at the end of the counter and talked to each other and we all walked out, went to the drive thru behind 4 other cars and got served faster. Not all stores are this bad but the rice at all of them is extremely dry, that's bad because I love the dirty rice./

Review №95

Now Bojangles chickenare the best side Popeye's now Popeye's is better

Review №96

I have to stop myself from eating their sausage, egg & cheese biscuits. They are so good.

Review №97

Quick service and great workers!!!

Review №98

Great food

Review №99

Chicken was lukewarm at best and breading tasted almost stale. This location repeatedly disappoints in the quality control department.

Review №100

Everyone who has waited on me are very friendly and helpful

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  • Fast service:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
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  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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