California Dreaming
10429 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572, United States
Review №1

Chef nate Francis is a culinary genius. His preparation of the run of the mill menu here, elevated it to another level. The broccoli steamed to perfection. The prime rib , smoked to perfection. I will always recommend everybody here. We eat in the Charleston restaurant at least once a week. Then myrtle beach once a month. We summer in our house at debordue and make the 45 min drive just to taste his culinary artistry. I'm told he hand folds the puff pastry used for the croissants and folds in the buttery goodness. He truly deserves a seat at the FINAL TABLE, a show on net flix. When is Michelin giving this chef da perfect his stars!? My god give him his due.

Review №2

Beautiful restaurant!!!! My salad was so worth the money looking forward to returning..

Review №3

We had never heard of this restaurant, but decided to stop in for dinner and were very pleased! I ordered the shrimp po boy and it was very good! It came with a massive amount of fries! I was very impressed with the kids menu. It wasn't as expensive as I thought it was going to be plus it came with the entree, a side, a drink and ice cream! The ice cream was sooo good!

Review №4

I had the Hot Vegetable Salad which is the greatest idea ever. Hot red and green bell peppers, green beans and artichoke hearts with cold lettuce, scallions, hearts of palms, tomatoes and mushrooms. A warm croissant with a subtle, sweet glaze came on the side. So much flavor, oil and vinegar was the only dressing I needed. Service was wonderful and quick. Will definitely visit again when I'm in the area.

Review №5

I would like to commend California Dreaming for its treatment of Veterans on Veterans Day. No select menus, explicit requirements or limitations. Just if you're a veteran you get whatever you want on the menu (food only), at no cost. Now, that's how to honor our vets. Thank you for making this day special for those who serve or served in the Armed Forces. The food was excellent as was the service.

Review №6

Service was very good. Just ordered a appetizer (wings) and salad. The wings didn't have a lot of flavor. Just okay. Great looking menu. I'd try them again.

Review №7

California Dreaming honored my service in the US Army with their awesome staff and an outstanding gourmet dinner free of charge. I ordered the San Francisco and my husband ordered the prime rib; both were outstanding! I will definitely frequent this restaurant all year.

Review №8

This place was a really pleasant surprise. Our server was phenomenally patient and indulgent with a member of our party who was obnoxiously high-maintenance. The food was really good, and the portions were massive. The night we visited, there was an odd (but endearing) one-man act on the little stage impersonating Elvis, Willie Nelson, and Neil Diamond. None of his impressions were particularly good, but there was so much earnestness in his performance it was impossible not to enjoy it. Thanks for doing a great job in January 2020, California Dreaming! We'll be back.

Review №9

Our dinner was delicious! Mary and Taylor were awesome and took care of us. Incredible dining experience. We loved it!

Review №10

Great casual dining. She crab soup is wonderful. House salad is great too.

Review №11

This was the first bad experience ive ever had at California Dreaming, i ordered the shrimp pasta. The pasta was swimming in grease and very chewy as if it was a warmed up old dish... i never send food back but it was horrible.

Review №12

One of my favorite places. Crossiants are unbelievable and their House Salad with ham and warm bacon dressing is awesome.

Review №13

We were very disappointed in our meal. Our salmon was almost raw on the inside. Our wine was served extremely late. My granddaughter's shrimp were good but weren't ready until 30 min after the other meals came out. The manager offered to have the meals redone but we were just over it. I won't return.

Review №14

It was okay. My family tried it because we wanted something that wasn't available at home. The service wasn't good and we thought the prices were high for what were got. I didn't try to speak with the manager doo I doubt know if they would of tried to make it right were just wanted to get out of there

Review №15

First time coming; food was inviting in appearance; food was more than delicious in taste; excellent and friendly service; atmosphere was beautiful and well as cozy; the bacon dressing was out of this world, had to purchase some to bring home; will definitely come back very soon!!!!!

Review №16

So glad someone recommended this. Best bean burger I've ever had and my meat eaters were also pleased. Please come to Ohio!

Review №17

Here on vacation. Stopped in for dinner. Food was absolutely delicious. They certainly give you plenty of it. Our waiter Jeff was amazing . He was so very polite and helpful. Was first time there. Would certainly recommend to anyone to visit.

Review №18

Excellent dining experience. Our waitress, Vanessa, took extremely good care of us. She made sure we had a great dining experience, refilled our glasses without asking, made sure our food was prepared correctly, and was very personable. Our food was cooked to perfection. I cannot say enough about the steak I order. It was cooked perfectly. We've dined here several times in the past and have always had a good dining experience. Will definitely come back when in Myrtle Beach.

Review №19

Prime rib was done right. The house salad is excellent (warm bacon dressing, yum). Service was very good.

Review №20

Love the food and service here. Nice spot to eat a good meal with friends or family

Review №21

We had a fantastic dinner AGAIN on veterans day. The food and service was outstanding. Thank you for what you do for us veterans. You go above and beyond for us.

Review №22

Great Salads we get to go with The Blue Cheese Dressing but they need to supply more of the dressing which we would pay extra for

Review №23

Love this place. Great food and great atmosphere. one of my favorites !

Review №24

Salads are amazing. Little dark. Entrees are large. Kids chicken tenders are - eh - not the usual crispy tenders, but good. Be sure to try crosaints!

Review №25

Classy atmosphere at very affordable prices. The She Crab Soup was awesome and the steak delicious.

Review №26

We're are here for work and when we return after a long day the staff is amazing. They have even gone or off their way to accommodate us with food before we leave so early in the am. Great Staff!!!

Review №27

This place is absolutely awesome!! The customer service and the food was beyond my expectations, but I am now a true fan of this establishment!! Great job Myrtle Beach location

Review №28

This is an EXCELLENT alternative to the steak"house" down the "road" here in South "Carolina". The same croissants, very, very similar menu, good prices and barely any wait time! We had a party of 10 and were easily seated. I highly recommend it!

Review №29

My food was good. I ordered the 10 oz sirloin which was delicious but the mashed potatoes didn't have much taste. The waitress who brought our salads got them wrong and didn't seem to care that they were wrong. Our actual waiter was great though.

Review №30

Service was very slow, even though the place was pretty empty. Only had one waitress working the whole restaurant as the others did not show up according to our server.

Review №31

Good good food. Shrimp tacos are rockin. Blonde female waitress with glasses was on point. Like a classy applebees or chill cheesecake factory.

Review №32

I ate the salad it was excellent, needs a lot more meat for 12.95. I would have given a five but I felt it needed more value.

Review №33

Great food...awesome ambience! Good service and food options!

Review №34

Food was good. Although our waitress wasn't the best but the manager took care of that real quick. It's a nice place to eat if your staying in North Myrtle Beach.

Review №35

Croissants and House Salad made our 55th wedding anniversary dinner a great place to eat. The Prime Rib sandwich was like eating a Prime Rib steak. Food and service is always fantastic.

Review №36

Awesome food & service! We visit each time we travel to Myrtle Beach. The croissants are truly amazing with honey drizzled on them too. The manager Mike came by to check in when we were seated and at the end of the meal to make sure everything was to par. It's nice when you feel like management cares about your experience.

Review №37

Horrible service and even worse food. Wish I could give zero stars.

Review №38

Great food, great atmosphere, come here often.

Review №39

Food is always good. Good service

Review №40

Visited this location on our 4th of July vacation and it was absolutely amazing ️! Server was very attentive! Food was hot & delicious & plentiful. Management & staff worked together. Remarkable. Will return

Review №41

The food was absolutely delicious and cooked perfectly. Will definitely check out the other locations!

Review №42

Always a great experience, food is definitely delicious, service is always top notch

Review №43

Some of the best ribs I've ever had. The pork chop is awesome and perfectly cooked. I just wish they would offer a side of applesauce with them. Most entrees come with a very good house salad and a choice of sides which are also very good. The service is good and much improved from my last visit. Atmosphere is great with an excellent selection of music always playing.

Review №44

I enjoyed the sho crab soup & the crossiant rolls!!!

Review №45

Depends on the waiters/waitresses and if they are paying attention to the customers. Good luck with that one! !!!!!!

Review №46

Always love getting to eat here! I especially enjoy their Thanksgiving feast! Very very tasty experience

Review №47

Good food friendly staff enjoyed our visit

Review №48

Most tender prime rib I've had in a long time!

Review №49

Highly recommend!!!! Vacationing in the Myrtle Beach area for Christmas and the options were very limited on Christmas day but California Dreaming was open so we made reservations. We arrived 15 minutes early only to find out that we had made reservations at the N Myrtle Beach location which was about 30 minutes away. The Surfside location said it would be about a 2 hour wait so we called the NMB location and explained the situation and they said come on and they would save a table for us, glad we went. They had a limited menu for Christmas day but everyone's food was excellent and my prime rib was some of the best that I've eaten. Our waitress(Ashlyn) was terrific and we spoke to a manager(Mike) to let him know how good the food and service was and he was very friendly as well.

Review №50

For starters the nacho BBQ chicken is premixed with onions, why would you do that not everyone likes onions. The Long Island ice tea had more sour mix in it than anything else. It was nasty. The cole slaw wasn't good either. The pork chop came out to raw should have been cooked better. The shrimp tacos not worth $10.95 at all. The cream spinach nachos was good. Won't be going back to this place.

Review №51

It was wonderful. I had the nachos with creamy spinach and a salad. It was more than I could eat and delicious

Review №52

Overall very good food. Mac and cheese was too dry for me.

Review №53

Food was not tasty. We had been here before and it was pretty good. This chain is usually consistently good, but not this time.

Review №54

The food is good enough. Nothing extremely special. The service is excellent. The mixed drinks are a highlight. I highly recommend the Fireball root beer float, really interesting mix of flavors. However, be careful with the kids menu. The chicken wings they have on there are Buffalo wings. I have no idea why they serve spicy food to young children. The prices are a touch high for what they serve as far as food.Overall it's good if you have the spare cash to eat there, but not a must see venue.

Review №55

Good was great. Went in @ 1:30 and wanted to order prime rib from the menu they gave me but was told it wasn't served until 4PMWas a bummer I couldn't get what I wanted.They should have a lunch menu and not show items they will not serve. But food was great

Review №56

One of my favorite places to come...either for a Happy Hour, lunch or dinner! The food is fabulous, especially the broiled salmon salad! Everything I've had here has been delicious!! I've been to both locations and I love both of them! Both restaurants are clean and the atmosphere is perfect!!

Review №57

Great service and be sure you get the salad the best in the world

Review №58

I've ate here twice in the past couple of years and both times had very different experiences. The first time, in 2009, was relatively pleasant with reasonably quick service. We sat in the bar area with four people and just ordered a handful of sandwiches and drinks.The second time --a year later, however, was quite different. My wife and I headed to the restaurant for dinner at around 4:30pm (early bird special, right?) Once we got there we were seated pretty quickly, and a waiter was over in a couple of minutes --which is when the fun began.We ordered pretty simplistic food and nothing too crazy. I ordered a cheeseburger with grilled onions, and asked if I could substitute the French fries for a side salad. My wife ordered a Caesar salad with grilled chicken.The side salad was served quite promptly, and after a short period the order came out. The waiter quickly dropped off the order and took-off like a rocket before we could even say "Thanks!". I received the cheeseburger, and an onion loaf? So being a polite diner, I shrugged my shoulders and just started eating the cheeseburger and picking away at this tasty looking onion loaf. 3-4 minutes later, after I'd been picking away with my fingers at this tasty onion loaf, the waiter returns and tosses a small container of grilled onions on the table, says "sorry about that", picks up the tasty looking onion loaf and leaves.My wife and I looked at each other, then watched as the waiter delivered the pecked at onion loaf to another table a couple of rows over --at least I got first pickings!The Caesar salad looked alright; however, my wifes face stated otherwise after she took a bite of the chicken. Being the curious person that I am, I also tried it. Their chicken in apparently marinated, in a very thick, sweet substance. I personally like marinades; however, this was so heavy that it didn't even taste like chicken, it tasted more like candy marinated in chicken --this wasn't stated on the menu, nor did the waiter mention that the chicken had a sugary marinade to it.When it came to checkout time, we were billed for three meals instead of two, and they tacked on another $4 for the side salad which I 'substituted'. After questioning the bill, the waiter said "Oh, we charge for side salads, we just didn't give you the fries" --it would have been nice to know that upfront!The restaurant itself has a nice clean feel to it though it is pretty dark inside. For the most part the staff --which we dealt with at least, were pretty rude and didn't really give two craps whether you enjoyed the experience or not.This visit could very well be simply a bad waiter --did I mention my drink was only filled once --when it was first delivered --I only had water? However, it was enough to ensure we do not go back anymore.

Review №59

It doesn't get much better than California Dreaming. They have excellent food, service, and atmosphere.

Review №60

Love this restaurant. Food is always great. Not the widest selection but they perfect everything they serve. Kids meals come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which my little one loves. Staff are also very nice and professional. Very clean.

Review №61

Amazing food and service! So glad we went here the manager and our server were so kind and thoughtful. There are so many choices here and we are glad we chose California Dreaming.

Review №62

Always a nice place to go and have food

Review №63

Always great food and service.

Review №64

Food good as always....most of the staff was very accommodating. One guy in a blue shirt was a bit prickly...

Review №65

Fantastic steak and salad. Get the house dressing! It is to die for.... Awesome service. Our waiter was fantastic!

Review №66

Service was good, food was not as good.

Review №67

Great place. Great food

Review №68

Order 2 croissants...other food is very good too. Drinks are weak.

Review №69

The food is very good and the service was great! Must try the bread pudding!

Review №70

Excellent flavor! The salmon and steak were incredibly tasty!! No steak sauce needed.

Review №71

Great food. A bit loud because it was packed full of people. We went on veterans day and our meals were free. We thank them for acknowledging all service members. The food is always so good that reservations are recommended.

Review №72

Very nice place really fast service friendly people I ordered chicken strips around 16.00 but it was a large portion cost around 60.00 for two with the tip

Review №73

My favorite is their Chef Salad with their Honey Mustard Bacon dressing.

Review №74

My husband and I ate here during our anniversary trip and it was really good! The California Dream salad is AMAZING. My husband got a po boy and it was meh but everything else was great. Including the service. Thank you Hannah! Great service all around.

Review №75

Wonderful food and service. The rolls are.amazing!!!! Our server was awesome as well.

Review №76

Good for a chain. Surprising though that the same company owns New York Prime but their filets aren't as good a cut, and definitely now prepared the same way. But worth the price.

Review №77

Curb side to go had to go in to pay so not curbside, bar tender waited on everyone but me while zi stood and waited 10 minutes. It cost her a tip too, not cool. Food was great.

Review №78

A step above other sit downs,. Best hot bacon dressing on the salad

Review №79

The hostess did not really make us feel welcome we gsve our name she told us 15mins she came out twice call people names and they came after 25 minutes my wife went in and ask about us and she told my wife she came out and saw nobody when she came out teice and look directly at us

Review №80

Had a good steak service was excellent and I would come again.

Review №81

Nice family friendly elegant spot. They have delicious food!!!

Review №82

We are locals and this is one of our regular Friday night dinner spots. Food and service is always great. Great prices and guaranteed to be satisfied. The honey drizzled croissants are a must! Yummy!

Review №83

It is a very nice restaurant. Great atmosphere! Great Service! The Early Bird special was a good deal. The live music was pleasant. I would definitely recommend this place.

Review №84

Usually love eating at this place and the food was excellent, however, I'm not sure what was going on with our waitress. It was my Mom's birthday and we told them that but they told us they don't do anything for that, in a very rude way. She didn't even suggest desserts for us as an alternative. Overall our waitress was inattentive and rude. It put a damper on my Mom's birthday celebration for sure. We have been going to this location for years but will now reconsider.

Review №85

Food was good. Blackened chicken and pasta. Yummy. Service was good. Felt a little rushed. Would definitely go back.

Review №86

Good food server great

Review №87

We're locals and we eat here quite often because it's close to the house. It's usually very good but the past 2-3 times we went we had rude service and the food quality was not great my chicken came out burnt and dry the waiter didn't seem to care when I brought it to his attention and didn't offer to fix it in any way.

Review №88

So delicious! And wonderful service!

Review №89

Delicious salad and great waite staff.

Review №90

Not the best selection on the menu. Decent prime ribs and steaks. Love it for lunches, but disappointed with dinner.

Review №91

It was amazing. My second time going and it was still the best Restaurant. The best live music too. It really made everything come to together just right, very family friendly restaurant.

Review №92

Good food and service. Thanks!

Review №93

Great food good prices fast service. I think I said it all

Review №94

Very good! Early Bird specials are great!

Review №95

Good food but a little pricey.

Review №96

Part of my favorite restaurant group. Perfect quality and portion to price. I've never left disappointed or hungry. They have the best fries.

Review №97

I love there salads with crescent roll, by far my favorite place to go for salad.

Review №98

Went here for a fairly early lunch, was not busy at all. Food was decent except for slightly cold fries that we had to exchange for fresher ones. Service was good beyond that.

Review №99

Jeffrey the waiter was the best ever, Karina the bartender makes great drinks and the food was excellent. You have to go here. You will not be disappointed

Review №100

We use to go here every year when in town. Summer of 2018 was the worse experience ever. Food wasn't as good as it normally is and the waitress was awful. She dropped plates nearly hitting the children and not once asked if they were okay. When we got our bill we obviously didn't tip well seeing that she rarely checked in on us and complained everytime we asked for something. She ended up changing the tip total on our bill. The hostess was miserable as well. I placed a call to management and they said to ask for the manager next time we were in town. Like really. Then a general manager called and was going to send a gift card which they never did.Fast forward a year later we tried to give it another try. Called to make a reservation and they said okay. We waited almost 30 minutes past the reservation time. The hostess was seating people who came after us and when asked why she said oh we don't have a table yet for you. These were parties of 4 to 6. We had 9. She then started complaining to other staff near her about us asking for a table. Same hostess as the year before.Guests leaving the restaurant saw we were with younger children and said they are short staff I wouldn't even bother waiting. We gave it a little longer. The hostess continued to seat other tables. We left and we don't plan on going back. Go see one of their sister restaurant's instead. Gulfstream is our favorite (food and service is beyond expectations).

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  • Address:10429 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572, United States
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  • Phone:+1 843-663-2050
  • American restaurant
  • Bar
  • Cocktail bar
  • Restaurant
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Steak house
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Live music:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Braille menu:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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