Cicis Pizza
3550 Northgate Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588, United States
Review №1

With covid-19 happening they serve you (slowly). Didn't have much food cooked due to the lack of customers. Had to wait for food to cook and be put out constantly.

Review №2

I haven't been to cicis in years. This one was great with fun arcade games and a very cleanly staff. Everything was clean and staff was kind and quick. Loved it would absolutely come back if I didn't live 8 hours away

Review №3

Excellent place! Friendly and attentive service. Good selection of different styles of pizza including normal favorites (my favorites) supreme, meat lovers etc.. I love the price and the selection plus the ability to have a custom order pizza made to your liking without any extra charge!

Review №4

Dirty. Barely any food ready. Cleaned our own plates. Only one usable stall in the restroom which was leaking.Employees on their phones. Careless attitude. Bad all around.

Review №5

Love love love this location we ate so good. We will return to this location every time we visit. The customer service was awesome and the food was fresh

Review №6

Good pizza. They are taking social distancing seriously. They made it easy and convenient though and did it with a smile. Other places could learn a lot from how they are handling the pandemic. Very friendly staff.

Review №7

Loved it , always fresh food , great staff my kids always have a blast here and get so excited when they know were going to CICI'S PIZZA

Review №8

Staff was so nice and helpful, they are plating your food for you now due to Covid but it was delicious, fresh food great variety. Friendly atmosphere

Review №9

Observed staff (3 different ones) making salads using bare hands... no gloves... to pull lettuce from bag and place into clamshell containers to hand to customers wanting a salad with their buffet..... during covid!!! A big turn off

Review №10

You can get wings now and they are delicious

Review №11

Great food, great price, excellent service!

Review №12

We went and ate there for lunch so the Midas could get Mac and cheese pizza. After we had set down in comes 7 adults no masks and3 kids next 3 more came in no masks then one more no masks. Everyone else in the place had masks on. The manager was setting at one of the tables did not say anything to these people. The sign on the door said to ware face masks. I didn't have my phone with me I was going to call MB police officers. We won't be eating there again.

Review №13

Very yummy! Love the mac & cheese pizza. Miss the one in Ohio.

Review №14

The staff there were awesome. Unknowingly that they closed at 9pm, my daughter and I show up at 8:30. Due to Covoid-19, they were fixing your plate and drinks for you. They even fixed 2 different speciality pizza's for me even though it was 30 min before they were to close. Super customer service

Review №15

Good value and good selection friendly service

Review №16

Food was fresh and delicious! Very friendly staff. Will definitely return.

Review №17

The food was sooooo good and was amazing

Review №18

Our kids miss having cicis in our town, so we were delighted to patronize this business. They did social distancing and kept everything very clean. Good experience.

Review №19

Loved it just never get to go anymore

Review №20

Buffet is still open. They will serve you as many times as you return to the buffet.

Review №21

The food was old and it was really hot no ac

Review №22

This restaurant is HORRIBLE. On several occasions I have contacted Cici's Puzza corporate office and no one seems to care. There is no hot water in the bathrooms. There have been water leaks in the ceiling and NO REPAIR for 2 years. Multiple missing ceiling panels. The health department urgently needs to visit this location. I am sure they will find many other health issues. When I talk with current employees they are frustrated working in such a disgraceful environment. Some employees told me they are fed up with inactivity on the part of franchise ownership and they were quitting. Cici's corporate personnel needs to inspect this location and pull tbe franchise contract from the franchisee. I ate there 2 days ago after not eating there for 10 months. Same old dumpy restaurant with same problems. Do not eat there unless you want water dripping from the ceiling into buckets that you have to navigate around to get your food. Cici's should be ASHAMED!

Review №23

Good food, little understaffed but good.

Review №24

It's a buffet. U get what u pay for and u don't pay much. I will tell u this though. The employees are super friendly. I am a general manager of a big chain restaurant and wish my employees acted that happy and friendly. They genuinely mean it too

Review №25

They had to serve us our pizza but yummy food non the less

Review №26

Pizzas were under cooked wasn't happy with it.

Review №27

Excellent service, quality, and value! Place was very clean as well! Would definitely come back!

Review №28

Service was wonder. But food was old. Like it had been sitting out for a while. Also the salads were very old and cucumbers looked and were moldy.

Review №29

Fresh pizza tastes grrreat. Some of the stuff that let sit too long - shoe leather. Look for the fresh pizza. :) Service was good though. Didn't think the root beer had quite the right mix. And would have liked to seen empty tables bussed and cleaned quicker. Overall great pizza, great price, would go back without hesitation.

Review №30

We went to Cicis because they were a buffet that we could order a personal pizza made special where my daughter's food allergies would be able to be accommodated well though it looked at first that they had turns out there was pineapple on her pizza which she is allergic to. Thankfully my uncle saw the pineapple in time to stop her from eating it or they'd be in court so fast their head would spin.

Review №31

As always, great staff! They'll make almost any custom order you can come up with. The cleanliness is only three stars, it isn't filthy, but they don't try very hard to keep it clean.

Review №32

One of the cheapest buffets around! They are usually very good about keeping fresh pizza available and they have plenty of pizzas to choose from. You can also custom order a personal pizza if your favorite is not on the bar. Friendly staff and I've never had any problems. I would gladly go again.

Review №33

Good fresh food and workers were following covid rulesNice job!!

Review №34

Got there 15 minutes after opening, fresh hot pizzas and while we were there more kinds kept coming out! All were delicious. Two of us with drinks was about $19, including tax, buffet, and drinks. There was a lady walking around taking empty plates and cleaning tables. Very nice and active, told us the cinnamon balls were out! Friendly workers, great food, many options.

Review №35

Great service and delicious pizza

Review №36

Food is decent. For the price you can't complain at all. The restaurant was clean and for the most part well kept. Be aware that they do not accept American Express cards.

Review №37

Fast service. Employees kept the buffer stocked during busy lunch rush. The food was hot and fresh and delicious. Would definitely go back. Also ordering your own personal pizza is a nice option that comes with a buffet purchase.

Review №38

Its a hard thing to mess up pizza, but cicis has made a valiant effort. They can't seem to find a balance between overdone and underdone. The buffet is usually dwindling in items from the start. Around lunch You'll be lucky if you have 4 items to choose from. And dinners worse. The staff just complains to you if you ask about it, yes, the staff complains to you. Genuinely One of the worst dining experiences I've had in a long time. I don't recommend.

Review №39

Excellent experience with great value.

Review №40

Went for granddaughter's birthday and we had a great time. The pizza was great, the desert pizza and the brownies were too. They also have salad, pasta, soups and you can order special pizza if you want. The kids had fun in the games area. We always love coming here, it's a great price for all you can eat. We will be back.

Review №41

Great place to go! Can't beat the prices if you have kids that eat a lot. You can request a custom pizza, too. The Mac pizza is so good!!

Review №42

The service and can't be the price!

Review №43

They've changed their crust or something. It's horrible. The crust tastes like what you buy from rhe freezer section and take home to make your pizza. Tastes like cardboard....Sorry Cicis, you gotta change that crust back. I used to love going therw when my kids were little!

Review №44

Excellent food and service. Great prices.A must visit salad bar!

Review №45

Place is dirty the air conditioning is broken and the new way to get pizza sucks

Review №46

Inexpensive pizza buffet. Great if you have kids or are on a budget

Review №47

Visited for the first time yesterday. You can't beat the price for what you get! Pizza was great, fresh and hot. We really enjoyed the salad bar. The staff were all very friendly. We would recommend to anyone, and will definitely be back on our next trip to the area.

Review №48

Greatest staff ever. Everyone is very friendly! My favorite spot for pizza

Review №49

The place is messy and the pizza sits so long that the thin and crispy crust takes on more of a texture like hardened cardboard. They don't announce the rare occasion when a fresh pizza does come out. The salad bar is ok at best. The pasta is so waterlogged it's practically mush. Definitely not worth the money.

Review №50

The food is amazing and the people there are really nice but what ruined it for us was watching a gentleman sweep the floor then with that same broom sweep off a table. He then continued to sweep the rest of the dining area. Another family near us witnessed this and we both complained. Afterwards the manager never had him come clean the table and she didn't clean it either. It sat there waiting for an unknowing guest to eat off of. Absolutely disgusting! I warned a group who almost sat down as we started to leave and they moved to another table. Makes you wonder how many tables were swept off.

Review №51

I go to CiCi's because it is convenient. The food is good, and if you want something better you can always order a personal custom pizza as part of your experience. It's a buffet so double check your expectations. They have public WiFi and a small arcade so it's not bad for the family as a whole.

Review №52

It took me a while to try out their pizza. A colleague who loves their pizza dragged me along on one of her eats and from then on have become hooked on their pizza. They are quite generous with their toppings. Their service is also quite good. Can't compare to other pizza joints.

Review №53

We took a group of 15 kids to Cicis pizza and it was great. They quickly made room for us and sat us down. The restaurant was packed, but they kept the pizzas coming out. Great job

Review №54

Food was delicious!

Review №55

Could have been a little faster refilling empty pans.

Review №56

Was pretty good

Review №57

Pizza buffet with great choices. Salad bar is delicious!

Review №58

Everybody is so awesome is always fresh and filled

Review №59

Salad is really fresh. Pizza is as good as anyone else's.

Review №60

Fantastic and always fresh food

Review №61

The salad bar was well stocked when we arrived around 12:30 today, but the pizza bar was a little thin. There were several customers in the business, so my guess is that we arrived between stockings. After eating my salad, I went back to the pizza choices which were well stocked at that time. The pizza slices were hot and very good. The server in the dinning area was very friendly and kept the used plates cleaned up.Overall, we had a good experience.

Review №62

Food was great as always. Only negative was multiple tables had dirty plates, cups, etc. when we arrived and all of it was still sitting there when we left. A few booths had food under the table on the floor. The booth we chose appeared "cleaned", nothing on the table but looked as if all the crumbs had been wiped off the table onto the seats and left there. This was my least enjoyable experience at CiCi's.

Review №63

I really like Cicis Pizza buffet but the staff was very unfriendly. You can request a personal Pizza to be made any way you like it at the buffet. Very cheap and affordable to fill up your entire family.

Review №64

Hubby loves it. I am Not a fan of pizza. Ate the salad bar. Compromise the art of marriage. Clean great staff

Review №65

Good pizza!!! I love their wings. The only thing I didn't like it's that it seems like the AC is broken, and it feels really hot.

Review №66

Food was good and nice staff

Review №67

The pizza can be fresh and awesome but you have to know what days to go. You have to go on the day when the tall slim lady with the grey hair. Shes the manager and she's the best if you go when she's there the pizza is guaranteed fresh.

Review №68

We ate lunch at C Cs and it was great as usual. We go every 2 weeks and it's well worth the long ride.They've got some very nice people that works there. I would highly recommend you go there. You'll enjoy it if you like pizza and what makes it so good they'll make a specialty pizza for you. So go and try them you want be sorry.

Review №69

Always love coming here! Staff is super friendly and always willing to help, pizza is always hot and fresh and the selection is very abundant. Large bar and seating area. Always kept very clean

Review №70

Great price, good food

Review №71

What can I say, this is an all you can eat pizza, salad, soup and pasta buffet! Even Desert Pizzas ! Casual and very reasonably priced. Great family restaurant.

Review №72

Did not have a good variety of pizzas. Too many kids were playing over the food. Salad bar area was very messy.

Review №73

The pizza was good. Not great. The ac was broken I think bc it was super hot in the whole building. I noticed one worker not using gloves so that was kind of gross.

Review №74

2 Stars only because the girl at the register was very nice. Ordered 2 personal pizzas to go and when opened found almost no topping on the pizza. Not the greatest way to start a vacation. First and last visit to any Cicis.

Review №75

Food was good, price for the buffet is really reasonable... all you can eat soup, salad, pizza, and dessert. Chicken wings kinda pricey... all in all a good experience.

Review №76

Love the staff

Review №77

The staff is polite and so is the management and the pizza was great and so was dessert and salad.

Review №78

Great pizza. Hot and fresh for a great affordable price.

Review №79

Food was good decently clean manager was kind of a jerk they advertised like crazy that if they don't have the kind of pizza that you want on the bar ask and you'll get it I asked you three times for a certain type of pizza and every time I went up there to ask if they had put it out yet he claimed they already pulled up on the bar and it was gone there's no way three pizzas. Gone less than 10 minutes they were not nowhere near that busy he does never put it in and was making excuses you don't do that to customers

Review №80

We don't have these at home anymore. It was good

Review №81

As a former manager I can gladly tell you all to never set foot in this establishment. There's is a huge roach problem that the owners have been made aware of. The ceiling leaks and from previous company's estimating it they say if it goes unchecked the roof could collapse. Not to mention due to the roof leaks a tile collapsed on an elderly woman's head from it. I recommend you find somewhere else to spend your hard earned money. If you're lucky you might have a good experience but that's a big maybe.

Review №82

The pizza variations were tasty, especially the thin crust BBQ pork pizza and the spinach one. The thick crust was not as good as the thin crust. Dessert pizza was good also...if you had any room left for it. The only complaint is that the amount I was charged was hard to follow being that I had a few with drinks while a few were children's buffets.

Review №83

Review №84

This one was a little smaller and a little newer for me but the whole crew decided that we liked it after a long day hiking in the mountains of the Smokies.we were able to use our Groupon with no issue and saved a lot of money. We were really hungry and when we first got there they didn't have many flavor options but as soon as we remember that we could customize it and let them know that we had very very empty stomachs it seems like they were on it instantly and all the flavors are out and available for us to roam free.this one might not have the same experience as the one a few miles down the street that has a really really big game room and a lot more open space but hey new isn't always better but better isn't always better than old. Eat well my friends unlimited buffet coming your way.

Review №85

Great food. Staff kept the pizza rotated out so there was never anything cold or old on the bar. They also were quick in making the pizza I requested to make sure I had a fresh one ready to go as soon as possible!

Review №86

It was really weird with them serving you. slowed the process down allot also waited for ever to get a drink. the food was the usual stuff just felt a bit weird and it felt a bit uncomfortable.

Review №87

The price of the Buffett is good but the taste of the food is just ok

Review №88

Food was great! Nice lady fixed me a pizza "exactly" the way I requested it. Of course from items they already stock. Didn't want someone to ask for an outrageous topping based on my statement. All of the staff were eager to help and answer questions regarding their food and options. This is also the cleanest restaurant I've seen in a long time and we got there at the tail end of the lunch rush!

Review №89

The place had amazing pizza. Different style than what I was used to, yet managed to wow my taste buds. I will definitely be returning. My only complaint is that the place is rather messy and crowded

Review №90

Completely awful. They have a gaping hole in the ceiling that drips water all over you and the floor. It's a slip hazard. The tables are always filthy as well as the bar. Pizzas are always empty. Very unsanitary.

Review №91

Food is good.... But restrooms look like borad walk public restroom.... None of the employees were really helpful.and really need better serving station.

Review №92

My order was wrong. First I called in my order and got there it was not even in the back. It was still sitting on the counter. So she wrote it up again and rung it up incorrectly. One pizza had more on it then asked and I feel I was overcharged. I was not happy about that being on vacation and watching my budget.

Review №93

Cashier Helenna is very polite and has good people skills... Will recommend you go when she is there the food was delicious

Review №94

Good pizza n salad quick n fast at a good price all-u-can eat! They also make dessert pizzas

Review №95

Been there a million times and each time just getting better with theChoices of pizza

Review №96

Best buffet price in the myrtle beach area with great variety of pizzas

Review №97

It was great!! There was a great selection of pizza and we didn't have to wait for more pizza. They kept the bar full.

Review №98

Love the build your own pizza option could be a little cleaner place tho

Review №99

We were there yesterday 4/26/19. I give 3 stars because the food was decent, except for the very undercooked brownies. The employees were very courteous. Tables were clean and the area around the food was too. However the rest of the place is in dire need of a deep cleaning. The floors were quite nasty, they definitely don't get mopped daily. The windows could use a good cleaning too. The door to exit the place is so greasy over every part of it so much so the door slipped out of my hand. And don't get me started on the bathrooms. I didn't even feel clean after walking out. Also, my husband took our young son to the men's room and someone managed to defecate in the urinal. I most definitely would come back if they get their act together and clean the place up.

Review №100

Sometimes a wait for buffet items, but usually replaced quick and with hot food.

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  • Address:3550 Northgate Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588, United States
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  • Phone:+1 843-294-2121
  • American restaurant
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Italian restaurant
  • Takeout Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
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  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Reservations required:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Fireplace:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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