Cook Out
1800 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

I will start with the order taker named Tyler. He was patient and extremely informative. He explained everything we needed to know on the menu since we were 1st timers. The food is amazing. Prices are amazing. My experience with this place will be unforgettable. I applaud all staff here at the Myrtle Beach location. Tyler should be awarded for a great job done.

Review №2

Burger was tasty but chips were very salty

Review №3

Best onion rings I've ever had. Add their sauce and it's even better! Cheap meals quick if you only get a 30 min lunch break. Their shakes are well worth the extra pounds I've put on, too. Haha. Great place to go if you want a quick meal.

Review №4

This was my first time eating at Cookout and I was very impressed with the food here, particularly the 1/4 burger and hush puppies. Their Arnold Palmer's are also the best I've ever had!

Review №5

Great prices on their whole menu. You get more food for your money. Order takers was great.. I called out my order very fast to see if they could catch everything I was saying with no mistakes or repeats and the young lady had everything on my specific order correct!! This Cookout most definitely past the test and food was delicious!! Great Job!

Review №6

The food was very good but the order was messed up and we had to correct it twice before it was right. This is not the first time that we have had this happen where the order does not get filled as placed. Having said that, the food tastes really good!

Review №7

All of the chain restaurants do a magnificent job in South Carolina...Greensboro on the other hand has meetings on GIVING THE CUSTOMER THE SHAFT!!

Review №8

AMAZING. We had a big family ordering through the drive through. Even with our huge order the staff was excellent. $40 for 5 people. At first we thought it was a small amount of food but after eating we were all stuffed. Great food and experience over all!!!

Review №9

The line to order was super long, but once your order was placed you had your food within minutes. The food tasted good and was well worth the price paid. Prices are very reasonable.

Review №10

1 of the best Cookouts Ive been to in years.. this group needs to train others...... great portions and food fresh tasting food!

Review №11

Seems the food tastes better when you can eat it inside. Maybe it's the Pandemic or something. Burger had an old, soggy taste to it. Should've went back to Jersey Mike's.

Review №12

My Favorite fast food resturants. Great chocolate shakes with extra chocolate!!

Review №13

The food was very good. Left part of our order out so we went back and the staff was very friendly and apologetic and didn't give us any fuss and had the food ready when we pulled back up

Review №14

Great prices and food. I really like the hush puppies and corn dog.

Review №15

Long line went fast. Shakes delicious. The guy who served us was very friendly and upbeat.

Review №16

Walk up window is alot faster then the drive thru. Food was ready in about 3 mins or less. Was very good.

Review №17

First impression: Fries, hush puppies good, sandwiches average, shakes really good with unusual flavors in addition to regular favorites

Review №18

I was impressed with this Cook Out location. The line was very long but extremely quick moving. The food was some of the best Cook Out I've had at any location. If you need a quick bite that won't make your stomach hurt later, try these guys.

Review №19

Good food for a great price. Drive threw is fast an always accurate .

Review №20

Lady at the drove thru had an attitude. Other than that enjoyed my hamburger and quesadilla.

Review №21

Cook out's burgers are not like what you get at other fast food joints. I don't even really feel like it's appropriate to categorize cook out as fast food - because it's so much better than typical fast food burger chains. I personally love their cheddar style and out west style burgers, but everything is good. Crazy extensive milk shake options too....

Review №22

The lady who took my order was so polite! Food was hot and delicious!

Review №23

Honestly I didn't think too much of this place when we pulled up, but I'm so happy to say never judge a book! Food was amazing and milkshakes were even better.

Review №24

Amazing experience every time I come here! The people working are amazing at their job and everything tastes amazing and is perfect. AMAZING!

Review №25

The food was excellent fries were hot and crispy. very clean restaurant. exceptionally clean bathrooms. the employees were washing their hands constantly after touching like the register and stuff before they touched the food. great customer service. Will definitely be returning with the family

Review №26

Good food at cheap prices made to freshly made to order, this location was fast and friendly 0 complaints.

Review №27

Wow... if the touch of God had a taste it would be cook out... best burgers, best milkshakes, best fries. I feel so fat for even leaving this review but I had to testify!!

Review №28

Absolutely delicious! Fresh food! Great prices & quick service!

Review №29

Food was good but they didnt have drink holders and had no bags!!!!

Review №30

We ate at the cookout at 1800 in myrtle beach And we ordered 6 trays with milkshakes the lady that took the order was very rude and when we went to pay they charged us way more then it should have been. We told her and she acted like she didn't care. Her name started with a D can't remember how to spell it, it was different. But I would never be back to this one again. For 6 trays it should have been around 45 we was charged 67 I went ahead and paid cause my crew was hungry and was ready to just get back to the condo.

Review №31

Great staff. Fast food.

Review №32

Man I love there food and right next to my job

Review №33

Staff was very nice and food was great! Quick drive thru service.

Review №34

Fantastic food at an amazing price! The popularity speaks for itself when you go and see how many people are there. The atmosphere is not your typical fast food place either. They have high ceilings and a nice feeling just bring there. I wish there was one where I live!

Review №35

A very good greasy hamburger, almost five guys level of deliciousness, but from the convenience of a drive-thru window. And the shakes were very good.

Review №36

I love thier food for good cheap prices

Review №37

Awesome food and not expensive! Highly recommend!

Review №38

Wow, this place is delicious, milk shakes were excellent... will go again

Review №39

Always a great place when looking for something fast and cheap, id be willing to say its the cheapest mill in myrtle with actually good quality. I'll say it simply, if you've had cook out before its the exact same here, fast, friendly, and great food.

Review №40

Slaw was chop cabbage no dressing bbq tasted like dog food made me gag hush puppies full of fish yucky foid

Review №41

The staff and Management were exceptional especially during this covid crisis!! Taking all the precautions necessary

Review №42

Very good food fast service

Review №43

Long drive thru line ole regular smegular burgers & fries... Wasn't bad buy definitely not worth THAT wait!

Review №44

WoW...this place blew us away! Great burger, great fries and hush puppies and great shakes! Definitely be back before we head back home.

Review №45

If you're a fan of In-N-Out Burger then you'll find this as a far superior option. The food was great and tasted just like cook out food on a grill. Highly recommend as you also get a bang for your buck!

Review №46

Might be my favorite restaurant in the whole world. Wish we had one in NY. BBQ chicken tray with hush puppies, bacon wrap and choc chip mint shake two days in a row. So much food for such a low price. Fed my family of 6 for under $45.

Review №47

Good food. Prices were ok (dinner for 2 adults and a small child)for $18

Review №48

Fast food fast service good customer service

Review №49

Sonic is normally my fav but these burgers are delicious. Right off the grill

Review №50

The girl at the window! She there almost every night she does closing! She is absolutely so sweet! And so nice! And has the biggest smile on her face! I use to live in mooresville and I work night shift so I always go and grab something to eat if I get a chance while I'm running around and normally the people at cookout who work night shift aren't as nice and don't smile as much! But she smiles and everything! She a good worker! And you guys should definitely give her a raise!

Review №51

Great food! Terrific service!

Review №52

Food was tasty, good quality and delicious! Customer service friendly! The line was long, and this really was the best indication that the FOOD WAS PROMISINGLY DELICIOUS. If your from out of town, like me, please join the long lines and see what the Coot Out is cooking for you! 5

Review №53

Double meat cheeseburger and french fries pretty dang good

Review №54

I always absolutely love this place! Although I hate how long the lines are...when I'm hongray...I'm hongray! Lolol

Review №55

The food was ok from what I tried. My family talked up their milkshakes... it was ok, but definitely nothing to write the papers about

Review №56

This place was amazing!! They were quick to get us our food. Very nice people working there. We got to enjoy some Contemporary Christian Music while we ate as it was playing over their PA system. I would eat here every time we come. Also, very inexpensive as we ordered plenty of food for the four of us (wife, 4yr old son, 2-3/4 yr old daughter and myself) and it cost us less than $20. Seriously!!

Review №57

Always great service, just wish customers could read the big signs telling you to order at the next

Review №58

Mega fast, good good, BEST MILKSHAKES.

Review №59

Food was decent but aside from having the order taken, the food was slammed in the bag so onion rings got smashed and the hot dog with toppings was spilling. Had ordered 4 drinks, received 1 and had to keep requesting the rest in addition to napkins & utensils. Basically service was sub-par and my husband was not pleased at all.

Review №60

Slow drive thru, but lucky the food was good

Review №61

I love this place! Im currently on a vacation in South Carolina and thats when I tried it. I tries it about a day ago and I LOVE IT. Im gonna be really sad going back home without this delicious meal. My favorite thing to eat frim CookOut is there Chicken Nuggets. I wish we had this in OH

Review №62

I'm from RI, it's just a great fast food place with alot of variety and good sweet tea

Review №63

First time eating here I enjoyed it very hot delicious food

Review №64

Loved how fast drive thru was and always milkshakes are the BEST!! & GRRREAT food.

Review №65

Absolutely love this place great food nice people and really cheap!

Review №66

First timer, here. Food was really good, so were the shakes. Fries were kinda soggy, but overall, the food was good! Not a very long wait, either.

Review №67

First time my wife and I have eaten here. Great service, food and price. Will for sure be back next time we're in Myrtle Beach.Note: It's nice to go to a place that won't let the politics of religion stop them from playing Christian music.Update 08.2020My wife and I frequent The Cookouts when we are down south for vacation. They are all wonderful!

Review №68

Not expensive, they have almost anything you can think of and they are extremely fast!

Review №69

Always awesome first spot that we hit when we are in town. #Philly Carmel fudge milkshake for the win.

Review №70

The food has that cook out type feel and taste and actually was nice and fresh. Only thing is the burgers are just as thin as Mickey D's regular meat. I wouldn't expect for their burger to be a Jumbo type size meat but bigger than something that looks as if it's been rolled over by a steam roller. I actually thought it would have been just a really nice well portioned size burger just a very disappointment on the burger everything else was fantastic ️.

Review №71

This Cook Out really count the cheese bites... Now that's PETTY .. 5 cheese bites a serving... unbelievable.. Cook Out is still a great restaurant though..

Review №72

Burger was raw. Onion rings and fries were soggy and undercooked as well. Never had a problem before but . . .

Review №73

Stopped here for milkshakes...large variety of flavors to choose from...they are very thick...have to start eating with a spoon...

Review №74

Food is good and reasonable priced, only problem is the fries and the hamburger buns get really soggy because of the Togo container. I would have given the 4 stars but they gave us one coke instead of a Oreo shake

Review №75

Exactly what I have come to love and expect of this restaurant. Always amazing shakes and food "Always".

Review №76

Burger tasted like it came off of a charcoal grill- very tasty

Review №77

I have never eaten in Cook Out's before but I wish they did this at more Cook Outs. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and the preparation of my food this day. Staff seemed happy to work there and the environment was very convenient. They could host a party of 14 in this one corner. 2 min walk to the beach!

Review №78

Food hot and fresh. Always busy

Review №79

Peachtree CafeThis is a great place for family and business meetings with a exceptional menu. Staff and atmosphere is great. Highly recommended 5☆

Review №80

Awesome food and low price. They are quick too!

Review №81

Good food & a lot of different things to choose from.

Review №82

Good but they get the wrong milkshake

Review №83

I got the double burger, fries, cheese bites and a malt!!!!!Also they stay open pass 10 so try this if you spot if you're just getting here and on a budget

Review №84

It's just always so busy when I've visited . Always a good 15 min wait.

Review №85

Really nice workers and good food

Review №86

Great for fast food, quick service, good food, large menu offering, low prices, and you order is correct!

Review №87

Quick service. Great homemade taste. Very reasonably priced. Amazing banana pudding milkshakes. Absolutely will return.

Review №88

The milkshake and onion rings r the only thing on the menue worth eating

Review №89

Great value. Food was fast and hot.

Review №90

Great food & always hot and fresh, but it is always busy. If you like cookout then this is a good one to visit.

Review №91

Love the cheap prices and amazing food. I've never had an issue with my order being messed up.

Review №92

Very fast n made my milkshake perfect

Review №93

Food was hot and great, service was a little slow but it was fine. Filled my crew up!

Review №94

Nice people and good food!

Review №95

Great service, was really busy when I walked in. The cashier's were fast and friendly. Even though all the seats were taken, it didn't take long to receive my order or get a drink. There was even someone cleaning the area by the drinks in the middle of the madness.Great did selection as always.

Review №96

By far the best burger compared to national burger places including national chains.I wonder if there are franchise opportunities....

Review №97

Fries and onion rings were crunchy not limp. Burgers and bbq tasted fresh. Service was quick and friendly.

Review №98

I wish i would have tried this sooner. So good!!!

Review №99

I enjoyed the food but I'm a big fan of their milkshakes! Their milkshakes brings all the boys to the yardAnd they're like, it's better than yoursDamn right it's better than yours, they can teach you, but they'd have to charge lol

Review №100

We ended up going twice because the restaurants Google said was open wasn't the second night so this was the only thing open on our side of Myrtle. Both times the person who took our orders had a bad attitude. Also both times our orders were messed up and when we brought it to their attention, there was hesitation to fix the mistakes.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:1800 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
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  • Phone:+1 843-945-9770
  • American restaurant
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  • Chicken restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Hot dog restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–3:30AM
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  • Thursday:10:30AM–3:30AM
  • Friday:10:30AM–4:30AM
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  • Sunday:10:30AM–3:30AM
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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