Dave & Busters
1322 Celebrity Cir, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

Well this was our first time at any Dave & Buster's. Everything started out great until we ordered food. We waited an hour for chicken tenders and fries. We complained after 40 minutes. What got me is after we waited that long a manager did not come to talk to us. I had to go hunt down a manager. Jay, the manager, made it all right. He took care of our food, bought us dessert and gave us cards to play on. Made everything better.

Review №2

After walking along Broadway at the beach we ended up at D&B and we played and played got $25 on 4 cards which we still have plenty of points ok to use due to games being 1/2 on Wednesdays ! I got hungry AGAIN, so we sat down in one of the booths (which had entry from both sides, which was awesome!) and we were given menus almost immediately and we were able to squeeze in some drinks before 11 pm (Myrtle beach stops serving liquor @11pm on the dot, so last calls are right before; enough time for you to finish your drinks before 11) we were soo happy because we didn't know of this rule before coming out to the beach but anyways; the fire grilled salmon is a must try and our server was extremely nice and funny !!! We got served super fast and I loved it!!! The strawberry mango margarita is a must, it was super good!! I loved the strawberry and mango purée they Made it with!!!

Review №3

We were looking for a sports bar to watch NFL football and have some good lunch at the same time as we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach. We came across Dave and Busters and boy were we glad we did. What a fantastic place. Everything was spotless during covid. We felt very comfortable . They had large TVs and a lot of them. The food was fantastic and the waitress and service was top notch! Did I mention it was family friendly. A large arcade with all the best machines. This is is the place to be to watch a football game whether or not you have children! We would recommend it for a good dinner or lunch!

Review №4

I would give just 1 star for the reason that after playing at the arcade me and my boyfriend decided to dine-in. We were pretty hungry. Approach the hostess was seated but had to wait 20minutes and NOBODY like NO ONE approached us what our orders are. Mind you the restaurant was not crowded or busy, We can see workers just talking and chillin'. Went by the hostess who was busy with her phone, asked if someone is gonna take up our orders or not. She said she she's gonna ask if there are servers available.I don't think they care at all. We ended up just leaving.

Review №5

We were treated poorly. We tipped her, why, not sure... But we did anyway...wings were very dry. Asked for a replacement, and was told not by our waitress, but another staff,"that's how they come"!. I'm a cook, and definitely know otherwise. Definitely not going again. Games were fun for the kids, but dining there won't happen again!!!

Review №6

A little confusing at entrance ( could use a sign or two) as to where to go if interested in eating first, but customer service was very good. Food 'made with love' ( per my younger person accompanying me), although order was wrong at first (made better but by then she was no longer hungry). Fresh, tasty &, of course, gaming was fun, as always! Virtual reality game was very cool, just not long enough for $6/pp.

Review №7

I was very surprised! Too many times places like this are not fun because tokens go so fast. We were there for hours! We had 4 cards with $25 on them. The food was very good too. I'd recommend the nachos

Review №8

Great family place! Good games. They're just not practicing social distancing, or safe cleaning practicing. They're should be hand sanitizers station around each group of games and games should be wiped down after every use. They are not cleaning anything. The do provide gloves if wanted, but if people aren't wearing them, then games should be being cleaned between uses.

Review №9

The games were fun but the prize we got broke 2 times after sending it back for a new one.

Review №10

UPDATE: A day or two after receiving the reply from D&B on my review below, I called the number provided and left a detailed message. It's been two weeks and all I've heard nothing back.My Fiancée and I usually like going here to play games. There were clear signs posted everywhere that masks are required for all patrons by local law. So we masked up and headed in. Once inside, at least half of the people in the gaming area had no masks and no one did anything about it.

Review №11

My family and I had a great time! It was clean and all the safety measures were taken for Covid. This is a nice place to hang out and play games, shoot pool, watch a game, or have a meal.

Review №12

We visited today Sunday 9/20. Not friendly staff at all. The girl, I'd like to say woman; but was acting more childish, as she counted a drawer, slammed stapler and pens in front while I waited to get checked in. Was not friendly, helpful or courteous! I didn't know I could reload my card at a virtual kiosk which by the way has more personality and politeness! Fyi, avoid the front desk when going!!

Review №13

A little smaller than our Dave and busters back home but still so much fun. Can't wait for ours to reopen.

Review №14

The food was awesome and the tickets are so easy to get!!! I left something there I bought for 1500 tickets other then that it was fun

Review №15

Very Clean fun atmosphere. Great for kids and adults. Food was great.Did very good cleaning and sanitizing games throughout our visit.

Review №16

Not a very big game selection, but the food was good and the waitress was really nice. However, one of the servers that brought our food could have checked her attitude before slamming my plate down. Seriously, I only asked her which plate she was giving me because it was the same as my husband's just cooked to a different temp. She just slammed it down said I don't know and walked off. Like I said though the waitress we had was really friendly and helpful, and that's why I didn't give it 2 stars.

Review №17

Lots a lots a! Plenty of games, clean, and fun for hours at not a bad price! The game are was well supervised and friendly staff when a machine needed attention.The is the the wait staff in the restraunt area... not too efficient, slow to serve, and not so friendly. Had to flag another waitress down to locate our waitress...I think a little more training would help.

Review №18

Had an awesome meal, the Drunken Sirloin! One of the best and most tender steaks I've ever had the pleasure of eating. Service was good, but the noise from the game room was a little overbearing, but tolerable. Even though this meal was expensive, it was well worth it, especially since they honor veterans with a 20% discount. That was very much appreciated! I would highly recommend people visit a Dave & Buster's for a night of fun and food. Great for families, kids and adults alike. I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I did.

Review №19

Went for the Pizza pull apart. Not there anymore. Alyson is awesome!

Review №20

Dave and Busters is a great way to kill a few hours! The food and drinks are great and the game selection is very fun. Classic arcade games, modern additions, you'll be able to find what you want. There's also great sanitation available so you don't need to worry. Check it out.

Review №21

Dave and Buster's was soooooo fun man listen I was like a child!

Review №22

Not as many games as you would think. No pinball! We got bored very quickly, didn't even use up the card. Will us it back home. Ours has twice the games at least.

Review №23

Great service. Drinks are little high, but definitely worth it. Games are half off on Wednesday's.

Review №24

We came here for a date night and it was ruined by the rude and impatient staff there. Add in the fact that the power cut off an hour before they were supposed to close with no effort to turn it back on even though we were told by the managers the power would be on. The only good thing for the night was the drink we ordered.

Review №25

Staff was fast and courteous. Food was delicious. And the prices were way less than expected. Love this place

Review №26

My wife and I had a great night and enjoyed the Wenesday half-priced games. We had a blast and picked up something great with our tickets (Monopoly Gamer Sonic the Hedgehog Edition board game). Looking forward to next time!

Review №27

Had the best service at Dave n Buster from a server named Corey!!!! He was awsome!! I will be coming back for more of the awsome Salmon, mashed potatos and green beans from Corey!!! I will definitely be recommending Dave n Busters and Corey for a great place to eat at Broadway at the beach!

Review №28

Alot of fun. Little pricy. Don't understand why you get 300 points put games are 15 points or someother odd number...not sure why..Don't expect really good prizes unless you get into 1500 and more tickets.

Review №29

Kids loved it! I loved it!The food wasn't that good but we weren't there for the food.

Review №30

I was extremely disappointed in management of this establishment and will not be going back anytime soon. We have been avoiding D&B because of all the tourists but now that summer is over we wanted to go back. The staff didnt enforce masks AT ALL. There were "Masks Required" signs all over the place but it was for appearances ONLY. The staff and management didnt enforce thier own policy. Over half the customers in the arcade area (not food/restaurant) did not have on a mask and no staff members did anything about it. We were there for over an hour and saw a single employee wiping down machines and we didnt see anyone for the first half hour. Half the machines were down some for social distancing some were broken. The prize area was half empty and very disappointing. This is one local family that wont be going back anytime soon....

Review №31

Great place to go to have a drink and play some games or pool! Very fun!

Review №32

Great customer service .I had a guacamole and almost taste like mine which I make mine in another words "it was delicious "

Review №33

We have a great time everytime we visit here. Spend way too much money, but the food and games is worth it.

Review №34

Went here around 2 times, both of the times were PERFECT. lots of fun arcade machines and good food

Review №35

Good food, good service. Fun for everyone. Our servers were a husband wife team they were so awesome

Review №36

Dave and Busters is always fun. They need more seats for the restaurant but all was good.

Review №37

Wish there had been a few more food options on the menu.

Review №38

There food was great, they had games there but we just went to eat

Review №39

The kids have had a really good time, so much so, we've been here three days in a row.The games are fun, the food is good, and the staff have been great.

Review №40

Pleasant waitress and they even changed basketball game to the bigger TV screen for my hunny so he could watch it while eating

Review №41

Best place to have fun. Not just for kids. Adults can have a blast. We did

Review №42

Prices were high, but overall ok. Feel as though they need more games and the amount of tickets you need to get a prize is crazy.

Review №43

The service here tonight was of a different experience. Our two year old got sick at the dinner table. He was not able to eat and we suddenly figured out why, what a mess!! The mishap was attended to quickly, professionally and without any negative attitudes. It's our 4th time here at this location, the food is always amazing.Thanks D&B's.

Review №44

The game technician Steve was absolutely amazing. We were having an issue with a game we play regularly, but he was super nice and helped us with a positive outlook for us to enjoy our experience here. He is definitely one of the best game technicians we've had at a D&B.

Review №45

Overall we enjoy this place.. My triple bacon cheese burger was so flavorful, highly recommend. The fries were hard, cold, average and salty. The cheese bites appitizer was very salty. Other guests food in my party said it was good but same issue with fries. We sat at a table in the bar area in the middle. The waitress was friendly but it was very few and in between with visits to check on us and refill our beverages and take our old plates. We got two desserts, the cheesecake and the brownie. The brownie was horrible, like seriously horrible. I had them take it back and try again. Still horrible. Its cooked with a cookie inside and each time it was so hard it was like biting into a rock. I chose not to say anything a second time for sake of argument. I suggest it gets taken off the menu and they just do an actual homemade brownie with ice cream in its place. We played games after, that's always fun with the family hence the 3 rating. There is good and bad. Overall we have a great time. Establishment is always clean and we always feel safe and it is family friendly.

Review №46

The waitor was extremely nice and attentive. He tried to help us get as many drinks during happy hours as would could so we could get half off. The food was good and arrived quickly.

Review №47

Even though there are MANY signs saying wear a mask, while waiting to buy tickets, a group of people had no mask and the cashier said nothing to them. In fact, she pulled down her mask to talk to them

Review №48

Food was great, I had the chicken bacon avocado sandwich and the fries! I didn't get a chance to play any games. I was seated, before buying my points for games, after I ate, we weren't in the mood to play games, but we really wanted too.

Review №49

Had a great time. Played some games and had some food. Sanitizer was available along with gloves if you choose to use them. Mask were worn by everyone

Review №50

We come here when the weather is not good outside. We have been to many Dave and Busters around the country but this one ranks as one of the best! Very clean, great customer service and we always ha e a good time!!

Review №51

No hand sanitizer in container. Did not see anyone walking around wiping off machines.

Review №52

We recently went there for vacation last week. The food was amazing, drinks were yummy, and the wait staff was so friendly and kind. The kids had a blast and it was nice to be able to sit and relax with my hubby and sip a cocktail as kids were right there playing games. The only down fall I would say is the price of the games is pricey. They should lower the cost of the games. Other than that we had a great family afternoon.

Review №53

Oh, to be a kid again.... But as an adult you can pay for as much games as you want to play so it's almost better

Review №54

The games were fun, per the usual. We sat down to get something to eat and our waitress disappeared. Two waitresses and the manager tried to find her but to no avail. We ended up with another waitress who didn't listen too well so we paid and left.

Review №55

Finest place around, you can be a kid again. With a grown up beverage.

Review №56

Awesome place..really good food.. nice staff

Review №57

Make sure you grab the buy 20 gets 20 free coupon cause that made it worth the time.

Review №58

Great family environment and fun games for the kids. It's even nice for a date night at the bar.

Review №59

We had a Great time their... Food and Service was Good...

Review №60

Great place got a 20 percent first responder discount.

Review №61

We had never been to any D&B before. We walked in and asked how it worked. We were quickly explained how it works by a very friendly young lady at the front. We were seated fast. There were a lot of empty tables for a saturday evening. Our server started out slow but was very friendly as he came back a few times. It is fun in the game room. Little pricey but your eating for the experience. I feel like the Jurassic VR should be able to be taken off of the card you buy. Also, not sure why you have to pay an activation fee on a card you have to have in order to play the games.... if it's a requirement you should just get it.

Review №62

Our server was great, the drinks were tasty, but the food was mediocre. Pretzel pull apart was literally just 3 soft pretzels cut up and cover in pizza toppings. The Philly sliders were good but I paid $5 extra to get chicken tenders with it (golden fingers as they are called). They looked like 3 popcorn shrimp, no resemblance to any chicken tender I've ever seen. Go for the alcohol and games, skip the food. I know it's no Michelin star restaurant, but it's not worth what they charge.

Review №63

4/5 because the food was not great, but honestly most Dave and busters around the world do not have great food in my opinion. Drinks were okay and arcade was fun as always.

Review №64

Dave $ Busters will brighten any kids day..all while the parents enjoy being big kids!!

Review №65

Have come here twice now. This is a nice location! They have a large food menu and a huge game selection. They are running specials for food and game combos which are a great way to blow off some time. Lot of fun to come here with my wife and will definitely be regulars here. Wednesdays are half price game days!

Review №66

Didn't touch anything. Covid-19. Smh!

Review №67

Food was mediocre at best and the games are a bit over priced. All and all, we had a good time. Might go again once we are back in our own town.

Review №68

Kid friendly and adult friendly. Great food and drinks! I highly recommend Dave & Busters.

Review №69

Best place ive been. Food is amazing and always right as with the drinks. Games are amazing. The prizes are cool tooo.. So in my opinion this place is the best.

Review №70

This is a great place to bring the family or to even have a date night. They have a great menu and bar service. The big attraction are the games. The tickets stay on your card, so no fuss with trading in tickets. There are pretty decent prizes at the ticket exchange as well. The bathrooms are clean and there is a family bathroom.

Review №71

My granddaughter had her 13th Birthday party there on Feb 1st food was great the service was too. Lots of games to play had a great time.

Review №72

Was great as usual food,drinks and fun for the kids is all we need. Will be back soon to another Dave and Busters. Somewhere

Review №73

Great place for kids, but the waiting staff were either off their game or slow service is normal.

Review №74

We took the kids there for the 1st time tonight, and they had a blast! There are tons of games to pick from, and the staff was very helpful. Unlike other arcade places, they gave good ticket rewards and keep the tickets on your card so there is no chance of losing them. Unfortunately, we didn't try the food so I'm unable to review that at this time, but I will try and update this review the next time we visit.

Review №75

Great place to blow off some steam

Review №76

The people that night had gotten lose of their chains or were escapees. Factz over y'all feelings!

Review №77

Huge arcade, one of the largest Dave N Busters I have ever seen, just opened recently, go check it out!

Review №78

Greatplace to have fun just wish they would get new games

Review №79

At the front counter - she wore glasses and I believe her name was Alex.Literally the rudest girl on the planet. She needs to be reprimanded. We could not believe the way she was talking to us.The whole weekend, my friends kept telling me, "Ha, remember that girl at Dave and Busters? That was crazy."

Review №80

Great place for the family

Review №81

Love this place, always have the sports games on and tons of vintage games to play

Review №82

Just had dinner.....ohhhh wait, no I didn't.My food was never brought to the table, my family did at least get theirs. The server was too busy making sure she was off by closing time I suppose, to busy cleaning tables and putting things away.NOT EVEN a sorry....just "See...I rang it it"

Review №83

Pretty clean honestly was expecting more games. Mac n cheese tasted pretty bad as well.

Review №84

Amazing food, drinks, and games. Super family friendly. I came here almost a week ago for a birthday party for my nephew and our waiter was super amazing. The man deserves a raise. He's super patient and really helpful. Remember to tip your waiter. My waiter was Jamison.

Review №85

We waited an hour to sit down and when we sat down they had us wait two more hours. When we asked for the manager he had told us the waiter never put in our order. He also said it wasn't his problem. It was so unprofessional. Never again. You guys suck !!! I'm also pregnant 5 months. So unprofessional

Review №86

It was fun to be a big kid and play the games. Social distancing has a lot of machines shut down, but there were a lot open. We had 1500 points when we ran out of credits and didn't find a prize we cared about, so we have the points to a family before we left.

Review №87

Fun and food. Ask no great place. Wings are so good.

Review №88

I usually hate Dave and buster's but this location wasn't bad at all. Food was good and service was good! Shocking because any other location in multiple states you can't find that

Review №89

Lots of fun. Drinks were good too!

Review №90

I called this place and in the middle of asking a question the lady ended the call. She was very rude to begin with. I would not waste your money at this Dave and Buster's. Customer service is a joke.

Review №91

It was nice just went in to play a few games....

Review №92

It was a decent place to go. The food was good and the games were fun. The service was good. The burger was a bit greasy and the prices were steep, but it's a nice place to eat and play games as an adult.

Review №93

Clean and well prepared. They had hand sanitizer and gloves!

Review №94

Wanted to eat there this evening, went in receptionist was leaning on the wall trimming her nails, told us to sit in the center section wherever. Sat down and never got waited on. Left and now waiting to eat at hardrock

Review №95

Have been to several in different states. Always good food and drinks with friendly/ professional employees. We had a wonderful time here as with the others. Enjoy coming back and glad there is one finally close to me.

Review №96

Decided to give this place a try after a friend recommended it. We saw/heard about the unlimited play & wings they offered on Sundays and called Friday to make sure this location was doing this and we were told they were and that they'd be doing it Sunday as well so we decided to come sunday and try out dave and buster's for our first and last time. Service at the front was rude and unhelpful as we had no idea we had to seat ourselves then we finally sat down and after 10minutes a server finally came over and took another 5 minutes to get 5 glasses of water. Then we explained we wanted the unlimited play and wings and our server had no idea what it was nor did the manager. Eventually they figured out that they offered the unlimited play but not the unlimited wings and it still ended up being the same price even without the wings. We decided to do it anyway and ordered our food first. We finally got our food "nothing big just starters" and half the food was wrong and needed to be remade. Never received refills after asking until I asked 3 times and the manager only came over to talk to us after I verbally announced this place was trash. All in all I'll never be coming here again. Would have rather spent my time eating grabngo pizza on the beach.

Review №97

Great place, great fun.

Review №98

Great place. Staff was very nice and friendly. Definitely plan to go back

Review №99

There last year and it was big and awesome. If you can't find anything to do inside there I could tell you where else to go.

Review №100

I ordered the burger with bacon, good food and fun. Everyone was nice and friendly, would have given 5 stars but service was a little slow, burger was almost half gone before catch-up and mayo go to the table.!!

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  • Phone:+1 843-945-3500
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  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great wine list:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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