Five Guys - Coastal Grand
1772 Pine Island Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

My first visit to this hamburger chain. They were operating under the rules resulting from the overhyped virus. The staff was very helpful to a first time visitor. The facility was spotless. I don't know whether the double patty cheeseburger was worth eight dollars or not. It was acceptable, but nothing special. Parking was excellent. The service was fast. Very convenient location.

Review №2

Honestly such a delicious Burger. They do so much right with this place that it's hard to give him props for just one thing. Everything from the fresh fries cut daily and made to order. They top it all off with amazing service and a burger that you really won't forget. The sesame seed bun completes it all, it's a must-have for Burger Lover's. It is a bit more on the pricey side, so don't expect to go in there spending fast food money, but I promise you won't be disappointed!

Review №3

This is the best burger and fries you'll find anywhere! They serve up fresh cut fries, not frozen. The burgers are double patties of great tasting juicy beef topped with your favorites! It cost a bit more but it's worth it! The staff was friendly and the place was clean.

Review №4

They always have good hamburgers. Regrettably the prices keep going up. Two deluxe burgers and a single patty burger and some fries cost us like $37. TIP: Under COVID you have to request the complimentary peanuts at the counter. They are nicely bagged, thank you. The staff at this location do a great job and service is very quick.

Review №5

Food was fantastic but, the Music Choice other like I was at a heavy metal Rock concert

Review №6

The food is great, but it's pricey! 5 of us ate 5 burgers, 4 fries and 5 drinks for $79!! Free refills on your drinks and the fries are freshly cut potatoes. The burgers are very good though. The burgers run $6-8, the fries $3-5 and drinks $2-3.

Review №7

Clean, nice greeting, excellent burgers and fries, superb service, two people, 22 bucks, fantastic value for your money. Go here, you'll definitely go back.

Review №8

Sometimes it's been awhile since you had a certain food restaurant chain excetera. When five guys first opened in my town, we loved it the food was excellent. As with anything eating it everyday or every week get your little tired of it but I never had a bad experience with five guys. When we stopped at this location in Myrtle Beach on our way home it was a sad day leaving vacation, but my son and I in the blue Beastie my Ford F-150 pickup we're starving. This is the perfect storm for a five-star meal. The burgers cheese bacon perfection. The fries overflowing hot crispy and salt and vinegar to do my heart's delight. If you know about ocean City Maryland thrasher's french fries that's where five guys got it from. and I haven't been to ocean City in a good ten years but I can have a taste of ocean City Anytime with five guys. five guys however does allow you to have ketchup on your fries at thrashers the rule is no ketchup! so there we had it my son Junior and I devoured every bite of our burgers him a double me a single. We probably put down about 75% of the fries. thank u employee that day for suggesting we not get the large for two of us. so there you have it a five-star meal at five guys truly fantastic and it hit the spot that day and I wish I had some right now.

Review №9

Quick service, no wait and food was fresh. Five guys is the best.

Review №10

Food was good. Service was ok. White people, customers and staff staring like it was illegal to be in an interracial relationship.

Review №11

Delicious, hot, fresh made food. Just a little pricey for 4 people. $48.00

Review №12

Food was great! Even my 2 yr old picky eater ate his food. Always a plus!!

Review №13

2 of the 3 people preparing our food were not wearing masks properly (noses exposed). I had to ask them to put their masks on properly before touching my food. Not coming here again

Review №14

The food is good but fairly expensive for what you get. The staff is friendly-ish. The quality is very good. All toppings are included in the price. I am disappointed that they don't have chili even for hotdogs.

Review №15

Great service. love there burgers, real fries and great milkshakes

Review №16

A little pricy but the food was good and you could actually sit and eat your meal.

Review №17

Stopped offering curbside in middle of pandemic after months of going weekly due to "low demand" even though multiple cars were waiting for curbside every time I went. My business obviously wasn't appreciated so I won't be back.

Review №18

Was pretty good but there was a lack of that black buff boy swagger

Review №19

Just got five guys door dashed and I couldn't stop eating it. It was amazing and a overwhelming amount of food. 10/10 my favorite burger place to date. It was so good I didn't get any condiments on my cheeseburger and it was still juicy and full of flavor. Thank you guys

Review №20

Delicious food,fast service, Fresh cut fries!

Review №21

Great location, friendly service and delicious food.

Review №22

2/3 staff members not masked properly. No social distancing markings on floor. Won't be coming back.

Review №23

Great burgersThe best ever.

Review №24

Food was amazing first time trying this location, the large fries were huge.

Review №25

Five Guys are real good burgers but they are pricey.

Review №26

Asked for burger to be cooked more well done, got still pink inside. Asked for crispy fries well done, got soggy ones. Peanuts were old too. Prices are a lot higher too. Use to eat at a five guys all the time in Wilmington and Charlotte. Will not be back to this location

Review №27

Always great quality. A little pricey.

Review №28

I placed a mobile order and was charged 2x I called to try and fix it and they said a manager would call me in the morning. That call never came. Just now got a notification from my bank they reversed the charge, almost a week later

Review №29

The food was delicious and prepared just right.

Review №30

Got food poisioing will never go again!

Review №31

Best burgers and frys anywhere.

Review №32

Nice place. We enjoyed the burgers and my kids liked the cheese dogs. We always enjoy the free peanuts too! The employees seemed a little empatient today, but otherwise a great burger stop.

Review №33

I can't get enough of their burgers.Try one wirh fresh jalapenos, They are practicing social distancing and mask wearing.Customer for life.

Review №34

I was searching on internet for the best cheese french fríes at Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and oone of the firsts options was this one BUT I never will go back to there the WORST french fries i have eaten, i come from ny and they should go learn how to prepare them are horrible, burnt and soggy.

Review №35

Great service, great food, nice & clean restaurant. I have been craving another burger since!!!

Review №36

Although a lady kept washing the tables and the doors the place just felt dirty. With today's problems you can't just wash the table tops. You have to wash the sides of the table, the chairs, everything. You really have to mean it... And the fries weren't as good as other Five Guys.

Review №37

Beth wants it her way. lol. 5 Guys cooks there food one way. GOOD. Beth needs to go someplace else.

Review №38

Service is excellent and food is made fresh! 5 guys have done an excellent job of taking their small chain into a national brand with some of the best burgers in the fast food category.

Review №39

Best. Hamburgers. Ever. Better than mine and mine are good. More fries than you need but seasoned perfectly

Review №40

Overpriced , okay food , dirty

Review №41

Great burgers and fries!

Review №42

Very yummy Cajun fries!!

Review №43

Another great location for this brand! The burger was PERFECT....tons of fries as always. Great team!

Review №44

Love their Cajun fries. The burgers are good, just way over priced! $9 for a cheeseburger (Not a combo) is ridiculous!

Review №45

3 of the last 4 times my burger wasn't up to the standard I was used to at Five Guys.The meat didn't taste fresh amd the bun was smashed and damp.

Review №46

Not at the five guy's level. Fries not well cooked, very kind servers. Very good hot dog

Review №47

Great fries. Somehow, even though you pick toppings, burgers don't have much taste. Never any coupons. No senior specials.

Review №48

We love this place great food clean nice people come here often we are locals The Turners

Review №49

Great food, amazing fries, tasty burgers. Staff always nice

Review №50

Problem with order, have to ask for everything twice(salt, catsup, so I'mSpilled soda....not a happy meal.

Review №51

Okay place to eat good burgers but but if you're experienced and you need a job they won't hire you I have 16 years experience cooking they didn't hire me I had an interview there nothing happened and I deserve a job but I didn't get it

Review №52

Very good place to eat

Review №53

Excelente service.., good hamburgers and the French fries fresh

Review №54

Family loves Five guys!

Review №55

Hands down one of the best chain burger places around. Two thumbs wayyyy up everytime!!! Staff is always great and the place is clean and the food is always great. Local or from out of town...5 Guys will not disappoint!

Review №56

Delicious Five Guys burgers and fries. Friendly staff and great music!

Review №57

$90 in food and was not worth it and will never go backsame food and services is what you would get from Wendy's except for Wendy's do a lot more nicer to their customers

Review №58

Fantastic place to eat. Everything great. From service to food to atmosphere, all good. Worth the price.

Review №59

Bacon cheeseburger is awesome

Review №60

Good food fast! Nailed my order the first time and they cleared the line that was in house!

Review №61

Decent burger for price. Good for a family outing. Great service. If you are visiting I suggest River City Cafe over 5 guys.

Review №62

Delicious burgers, but get the small ones if you don't need a huge amount of food. Great job on the bacon! Nice and crispy.

Review №63

The perfect place to get a burger when you want one. Freshly made to order, no gourmet frills, so you can taste the burger itself. Fries are awesome, just like Jersey boardwalk fries, huge portions Service is quick and friendly.

Review №64

What I like about five guys, you will order it the way you want it and it comes out fresh, not like some other Burger joints,I always have a great experience at this five guys in Myrtle Beach the staff is always fast and friendly, and very organized, I will definitely be a return customer

Review №65

This five guys was sparkling clean. Order was complete within minutes of arrival. The food was fresh,hot and made to order.

Review №66

For a fast food restaurant it's good. Better than all the others.

Review №67

Nirger and fries were great. Staff were friendly.

Review №68

Better than I thought. Way better than Red Robin. Super nice people. LOVE THE FRIES

Review №69

Great burger. One of best I have ever had.

Review №70

A Lil expensive but killer food

Review №71

Delicious food every time. Some of the friendliest staff I've ever been around.

Review №72

Amazing burgers and best fries around

Review №73

Great food! One of the best burgers in town, especially at a quick service place. Order less fries than other places because the give you so many. One large is enough for our family with 3 young kids. During busy times it can take longer than other places, but it's worth the wait.

Review №74

Love five guys, never had a bad burger

Review №75

Food is always good, but $15 for a modest meal.... A bit much for the quality

Review №76

It's Five Guys. Always juicy burgers, always fresh fries. Best fast food. Need I say More?

Review №77

The best burgers around. I hope everyone had tried a five guys burgers.

Review №78

Sadly disappointed!When I placed my order, I expected a footlong for the price. I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to argue.It was the length and size of a 1/4 lb.. hotdog.Bottom line is the value for the price was non existant. If it were at a pro sporting event then maybe you could possibly justify it but not at hamburger and fries fast food joint.I refer 1000s of people to places to get good food at a good value. This one shocked me and lost my endorsement.

Review №79

This is a must stop, The french fries are absolutely wonderful and with great food with free drink refills.This is the only restaurant I think I've ever seen that you can buy peanut oil and bags of fresh potatoes,and free peanuts that you throw on the floor. They also have a sign up by the door of where they got their potatoes and how fresh they are.

Review №80

Great taste, clean eating area, fast service.

Review №81

Great hamburger and fries

Review №82

Guy with long hair was really nice and courteous when we went yesterday, and of course food was amazing as always.

Review №83

Great food but on the pricey side.

Review №84

Great as always!

Review №85

Love 5 guys! I get their no bun low carb burger bowl.

Review №86

Pretty darn good. I saw a solid snake meme pinned to a bulletin board.The burgers are really good too.

Review №87


Review №88

Who doesn't love Five Guys! Sometimes, you just have to have it. This particular establishment is located right near the mall and if you're coming from HWY 17, you won't be able to turn left into the parking lot. The reason I'm giving 4 stars is because of the prices. I feel they could be a little lower saying that this isn't exactly a fancy restaurant but rather a grab and go food place. It's most certainly better than fast food burgers.

Review №89

Good burgers. Pricey!

Review №90

Best burger and fries, hands down. Everything is cooked fresh to order. They give the largest basket of fries I have wver seen....Two people could get full on a small order!

Review №91

Fries were great as usual, but sad to say burgers were overcooked (slightly burnt around the edges). This is highly unusual, so we'll definitely give them another chance & hope all will be up to usual standards.

Review №92

Love Five Guys Burgers and Fries, but don't forget their delicious hot dogs too, just tried one on my last trip and it was so good!

Review №93

They advertised as having a gluten free menu when in fact they did not... the group we are traveling with has people with gluten allergies and they did not know how to prepare gluten free. Prices also OUTRAGEOUS

Review №94

The burgers are great and i love the homemade french fries! The burgers are messy but very good!!

Review №95

The burgers are too greasy

Review №96

First time at a Five Guys & very happy with my experience. Will seek them out when craving a burger & !

Review №97

It was my first time in. I'm glad they are a good long drive away because their fries are addictive

Review №98

French Fries are delicious! Plus you can get malt vinegar with them or the traditional ketchup. The cheeseburger was awesome (real meat). They offer a regular (my son got) and a mini size burger (perfect for me). Prices seem HIGH but for the quality of food it really wasn't, 2 burgers & 2 fries & 2 drinks = $25. All the toppings on the burgers were free and they offered EVERYTHING you could think of. Bonus = while you wait you can serve yourself FREE peanuts.

Review №99

A go-to place for burgers and fries, some locations don't have Shakes

Review №100

Great food and friendly service! We will definitely be back! Our order want made perfectly, but they were easy fixes.Remember, there will be extra fries! A large order was enough for my family of five, especially since some of the family was also eating the free peanuts!Also, they take gluten very seriously. Let them know if it is an issue and they have a separate prep area just for you!

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