Good Time Charleys
1302 Celebrity Cir #160, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Good Time Charleys
Review №1

My husband and I dined in on Saturday, we were very pleased with how they are following covid 19 guidelines. They are sitting every other table and requiring customers to wear masks to enter the building. We sat at the bar in the afternoon, the bartender Courtney was very attentive and nice to talk too, made our visit to good time Charleys great! The manager Kelly also came Over and talked to us for a minute, we were really impressed with how seriously she is taking the virus to make sure herself and her staff stay healthy and safe! Overall we had a great time at good time Charleys! We will be back!

Review №2

Great food, good prices, clean restaurant, clean bathrooms, friendly staff, great service.

Review №3

Went for a late lunch on a Thursday in September-around 2:30... there were a few outside tables seated As well as 2 other tables inside...and we sat at a booth inside..We were sat promptly in an area that worked for us with strollers which was nice. After that we waited awhile to be greeted by a server. The server told us she was tired.. she had her mask on but wasn't covering her nose.. we asked her what kind of tequila she had- she didn't know- what kinda beer was on draft- didn't know... ordered drinks... waited ten min for them...ordered wings... got them and asked for small plates... asked again 5 min later cause we hadn't received and we got 3 for 4 adults (also got 3 waters for 4 adults) ordered medium burgers- got well done, dry, probably frozen burger...ordered blackened chicken sandwich- not blackened at all... shrimp tacos soggy.... best thing were the French fries and wings... ordered another round of the same beers (that the waitress didn't know name of) and the waitress tells us “you really want another one? It's disgusting”...gratuity was included but not communicated so good thing we checked... never left a review before... but this experience felt necessary.

Review №4

Refused service because we didn't want to wear a mask 5 feet to our table. Mask mandates are not about safety, theyre about control. Henry McMasters mask mandate is not Constitutional nor moral. If people want to wear masks, that's fine. But we don't need to bow to fear and government for a virus that has a 99.9% recovery rate. Went next door.

Review №5

Good sandwiches but also a good wait if it's a busy night at Broadway. When we went it was a busy firework night at Broadway and it took about 30 minutes for our food. When trying to pass time on our phones, there was absolutely no service due to the concentrated amount of people. We tried to use their WiFi but it's too does not work. If the food came out faster I wouldn't be mentioning this but I feel people should know and the owners need to upgrade their network. Don't let this scare you though. It's about the food which is good; especially the fries!

Review №6

Myrtle beach continues to set the bar law as possible for unacceptable customer service and experience. We arrived with a party of nine, the hostess stated we can only sit tables of eight. To the right of us was a party of 11... then they proceeded to try to explain they didn't know how the party got there.Seriously?! Then the manager tried to play the same stunt. He told us there was a hour long wait and then wouldn't let us put our name on this list? Seriously?! On top of that, (before closing) they tried to turn customers away with plenty of time left to service customers. I will be reporting my second terrible experience at Myrtle beach to the business corporate office, because I know as a multi-location business owner how frustrated and disappointed I would be if my customers were treated this way. This is an 100% unacceptable way to operate a business and just because it doesn't directly affect the employees paycheck if the facility goes bankrupt due to lack of customers, it will when the owner has to shut down the restaurant due to terrible service!Side note: also completely unprofessional, the server was dancing instead of checking on customers to see if they needed anything, as well as ignoring new arrivals at the front.

Review №7

Truth be told, I went in initially because I have a cat named Charley. Pretty good food, very fast. I enjoyed my meal and so did my girlfriend. The server was very attentive. I would visit again next time I'm in town.

Review №8

Great place if rock hard stale bread and frozen greasy fries are your thing. $85 for 4 chicken finger baskets and a blt sandwich that was hard to even take a bite of. Lesson learned.

Review №9

We ate here last Friday. Big mistake. It was disqusting. Nachos were uneatable. Thechili meat tasted bad. Chicken tacos were gross. And the shrimp taco's were fishy. All of our stomachs felt nauseous after we left. I do not recommend this place.

Review №10

Stay away from this spot. The wait staff is inexperienced and doesn't care. Food is cold, staff is rude. Sara, our waitress brought silverware to our table holding it stating she needed to go roll it and would bring it back.We have to wear a mask but you can palm our silverware....geezz

Review №11

Our family visited Good Time Charley's for dinner on 07/26/19. Our waitress was nice but I cannot remember her name. The rest of our visit wasn't great as we waited for 32 minutes for food to arrive to the table and the order wasn't even complete. I would not recommend ordering anything from the bar because it tasted liked a watered down drink. Two of my family members ordered alcoholic drinks....some kind of Peach Tea drink and the other was supposed to be a fish bowl but they ran out of fish bowls so it was served in a cup.....yet charged the same. Burgers were overcooked and the "kids pizza" WAS NOT a pizza.. it's a toasted tortilla with sauce and cheese....absolutely disgusting. Good Time Charley's was NOT a good time but definitely a waste of time and money!!!

Review №12

Horrible service. Post COVID-19 visit. Walked in and was seated inside near the door. Had no less than six employees walk by. Never greeted, no drink orders, nothing. Left after more than 10 minutes of being ignored. We informed the greeter we were leaving and he could not have cared less. Will not return.

Review №13

Awesome food.. We tried calamari and shrimp tacos both were very very yummy.. Actually the food was beyond excellent.. Cant describe how tasty it was.. A definite place to try.. They also have a fish bowl. Cocktail.. Which we missed but we tried the strawberry mango mojita it was very fresh amd we were in merry mood before new year eve having some delicious cocktails here

Review №14

The food was great. So was the service. I dined outside while it was raining and it didn't bother me one bit.

Review №15

Had a wonderful time!!! Thanks Courtney!!! Food was great as was the service. Fun, cool place!!!

Review №16

This place is so good i had to review it! The mixed drinks were delicious, the service was so personable and great and the food was amazing! We were destined to find this place, one of the best restaurants at broadway at the beach!

Review №17

Fun little place in a very busy area. They prepared the shrimp app to meet our needs. No breading grilled with their house sauce very very tastey!

Review №18

First time going here an loved it. We sat on outside by the water scenery was beautiful. My fish bowl was amazing!!!

Review №19

Food was good. Alcohol we had was weak and not worth the money.

Review №20

This was our first time eating at Good Time Charlie's the hostess on the first walked in was extremely nice and helpful we had a wheelchair with us and she was able to accommodate that very quickly without an extremely long wait like some other places the three things we tried on this visit or does covered smothered nachos southern Burger and the carne asada tacos the nachos we're pretty good they were loaded I'd suggest ordering a second serving or extra nacho cheese the rest of the ingredients for plentiful my wife had the southern Burger probably one of the best burgers I've eaten at the beach and I probably eating every Burger joint at this beach it was extremely juicy the chili was the perfect addition made for extremely good burger I had the tacos although I'm not too fond of the small street-style tacos the carne asada steak on these tacos was done right had a ton of flavor and surprisingly was enough when I finished them the season cut fries make a great a compliment our visit was the last week in June so it was extremely busy the live music they provided was a solo singer it was very good I definitely recommend this place to anyone passing through Broadway at the Beach four great lunch or dinner

Review №21

Great service, reasonable prices for the boardwalk, friendly staff! Great food!

Review №22

Good food. But our waitress was at our table 4 times. We ordered then waited 30 mins for our drinks to come and another 10 mins for food then once we ate our food we had wait another 40 min for our check and had to ask another waitress for it. The supervisor took 30% off our order for the inconvenience.

Review №23

Went here with a few friends over the weekend and our waitress was very attentive and friendly. Sat outside because the weather was beautiful. The electric lemonade fishbowl was worth every penny! I also had the beach burger with seasoned fries which was delicious. Will definitely be returning next time I am in Broadway at the Beach!

Review №24

Really good food and great atmosphereI really liked this place

Review №25

Service was slow but waiter was friendly and kept apologizing. Food was mixed. My wife had the crab cake sandwich which was good. I had the special "surf & turf" sandwich which was just ok. The burgers are really good, but calamari was meh. If you go stick to the burgers and you'll be happy.

Review №26

Met my childs had one drink it was a cool place I would like to came back and try the food

Review №27

You get one shot at a first impression...surrounded by empty tables it took the kitchen an hour to make a chicken sandwich. Once i got my food it was quite good, but it was not worth the wait. So if you've got no where to be and a ton of time to kill...its not the worst place in the world to hang out.

Review №28

We ended up here by accident and it was the best accident of our vacation. Loved everything! Voodoo punch was perfect. The wraps were so good and the burgers hit the spot. Natasha was a super fun and friendly waitress who kept us laughing and the drinks full. Couldn't have had a better lunch on vacation anywhere else.

Review №29

Great food and atmosphere! The location is great! The only negative is the bathrooms are on the 1st floor only and there are quite a few stairs to climb up the second floor where we were seated. I recommend reservations.

Review №30

Good time Charley's was amazing our waiter tony was the best waiter I have ever had in a while respectful with good manners to me and my family and the other waiter cj came to us to check up on us because I thank tony was Busy with something so cj had our back and i just want to thanks tony and cj for the best Service

Review №31

My family and I are here on vacation. We come very often. We like to always try new things and someone in the inlet told us about this spot a fellow employee I'd assume. So we thought we should try. When I tell you I felt awful. I mean I felt awful. My family and I got sat by and older fellow in a dirty sticky booth. We waited for 30 mins or so. We understand the circumstances and how busy it was so we were fine with the wait. I witnessed 2 employees seemed to be crying. I thought it was from the pressure of the job. But what I had to witness was far worse. As I left I come to found out we were sat by the owner. I stopped what seemed to be a server and she apologized that we had waited. And told us that the man who sat us failed to mention they weren't taking any tables anymore. We nicely asked why. She started to cry and held it in with pain and told us “we're preping everything and we'll be open and sitting soon” and apologized. We started to leave and my wife and daughter needed to use the restrooms and she allowed them to do so. As I wait outside. I hear screaming. The owner is screaming across the restaurant at the servers. He called me them stupid. He called them incompetent And my wife recorded it on her phone my email is [email protected] Will be gladly to send. We were leaving and I seen a young lady outside crying her eyes out. I do not know or understand what was the situation but I know from working in a few restaurants back in the day that you should never speak to employees in such way. I felt awful to see such disrespect by the owner. Who in my eyes. Is the last person who should have a restaurant. I pray everything is okay with the two ladies and the other staff members. I will not return here. Ever. And I have reported this Incident to Federal Trade Commission. Who also mentioned they'd have previous reports for the same thing. All I can say is. If you can't run a business. Please don't. No one should be treated like that. Good time Charleys . Was most definitely not a good time.

Review №32

Our waiter, David T., was amazing. The food was great. Definitely coming back.

Review №33

Literally the host wasn't in the are . Finally got seated just to wait 20 min for no one. other people got seated and literally got someone right away! That was really annoying. Not trying to be rude but we where the only non white skinned people as well!!

Review №34

Terrible! I don't want to make this a long post, but everything took forever...EVERYTHING!! We were there for TWO hours for an appetizer and basically burgers and fries. Side note, they weren't even busy...maybe four other tables. Finally after eating our overpriced, mediocre $80.00 meal, I had to hunt down the waitress for the bill. My husband immediately handed her the card and she looked at him like he'd grown a second set of arms! Sad because we're normally exceptional tippers, but not today! The owners or manager really needs to step up and take ownership because this could really be a nice place...never again!

Review №35

The salad wanted was not in stock BUT I chose a different salad and the dressing was so good that I asked for another one. The waitress was so helpful. The restaurant was clean and spacious in our booth.

Review №36

Nice friendly employees. Fast Hot food!!

Review №37

I went here when I was on a trip with some friends and we were hoping to have fun order some drinks but instead we never got our drinks because we never ordered any, not because we didn't want to but because the waiter never came to our table the other tables were more important. The manager didn't talk to us he was scared he have to do his job. If the owner replies then I'll come back if he tries to fix the issue at hand. The waiter forced us to leave for no reason. I want to talk to the owner and have a decent conversation with him them seeing how the manager will not.

Review №38

Totally love this place! Good Time Charley's has become part of the tradition in all of our visits. The food is amazing! Burgers are cooked by folks who really know their way around a grill. The seasoned fries are 100% perfection. No trip to the beach is complete without a visit!

Review №39

Great staff & food. Signs on the wall are a blast!

Review №40

Good bar food. Decent prices. The sweet tea (fresh brewed) was really good, too. Laid back place to eat and chill. Waiters are very friendly.

Review №41

We were there during the off season. Place had 3 tables full. Po boy and fries chicken sandwich were very good. Service was good too. Had a good experience.

Review №42

Good happy hour specials $2.50 drafts.

Review №43

Great food and excellent service!

Review №44

Love this place! It has a great outside patio and yummy nachos!! Been here a few times and the staff has always been friendly. Will definitely be back to try one of those fishbowl drinks.

Review №45

We went inside. Empty inside with exception of3 people at the bar and 1-2 people finishing up. No one spoke to us when we walked in. Waiter, others walking back and and forth to assist patrons seated outside. A girl sat us at a booth where we sat extended period of time. Waiter got our beverages. He was not friendly and addressed us in passing. We waited another extended period for our food. Food came, sparse serving of fries with mixture of short pieces, hard pieces. Burger was warm. Party of 4 sat in booth behind us. Our waiter immediately created them in a friendly manner. They received their food with no wait. Fries looked fresh, full serving. Waiter greeted and check on them. He done with us as he literally passed by the table. Other patrons came inside; were seated immediately in courteous, friendly manner. Drinks & food served timely (no wait). I apprised our waiter of concerns. He stated we waited because he was doing other things when we came in. He nonchalantly said sorry and shrugging his shoulders when I said I would not come back! We came to the beach to celebrate my Birthday! I was very hurt and disappointed! I have been to Broadway at the Beach many times and have never been disrespected by any of the businesses. The waiter's name is the same as the name of this business. I hope he is Not the owner!

Review №46

Went here on vacation. Literally the worst place in Myrtle Beach. Food was terrible, bartender was not following Covid-19 Regulations, pretty sure she was high.

Review №47

Food was pretty good, however had to wait about 45 minutes to get it. There wasn't many people. We waited and watched as people came who came in after us, got their food before us

Review №48

Chicken sandwich was dry and no flavor whatsoever... waiter was prompt but that was about it, food was unflavorful

Review №49

Shrimp tacos were good but not worth $15, mexican rice tastes and smells like cardboard. Good amount of waffle fries and food overall was seasoned well. Drinks were good and decently priced. Would recommend anyone looking for any typical American bar/restaurant.

Review №50

Came in on a busy Thursday night with a party of 8 (4 kids) and were seated immediately. Drinks and food were delicious and our waitress Grace was a STAR! She was so sweet and kind to all the kiddos, not to mention went out of her way to please. Highly recommend.

Review №51

I love eating at this place. The atmosphere and the the staff are wonderful. Would definitely recommend to anyone who would think about going!

Review №52

On vacation with family stopped here for lunch. Service was great food was perfect. Our server Kirk or curt was fantastic. Will definitely be back next trip to myrtle beach.

Review №53

Food and service was great, I definitely recommend it!!

Review №54

On my last day of visiting the area I decided to try out your restaurant and order take out. I was able to place my order and pay however, one of your staff members seemed to be possibly having a bad night (not sure if this was the case but, only basing it on her attitude). Although I ordered take out, it seemed to take a long time to fix what I order (burger and fries), in which I was never given a time frame of how long it would take nor asked if I needed anything else. When my food finally came, the server handed me the take out box with a bag...which tells me, you have to bag your own takeout. Once this happened, I placed my things in the bag and had to ask for silverware. The server stated they would get it for me however, they went to take another tables' order instead. Soon another server asked if I needed anything and afterwards handed me silverware. After the experience I had with your customer service at your restaurant, I will surely not be returning any time soon. I understand that people can have bad days, but I felt more like a burden instead of a paying customer.

Review №55

We had the Cobb salad and it was wonderful. Our waiter could have been in a better mood but still can't complain about the service he gave us. Had he been more congenital I would have given 5 stars.

Review №56

Horrible service and tasteless food. Avoid this place like Corona Virus!

Review №57

We chose to eat here one night as locals. We will definitely be back. Our server Billy was very responsive, and personable. Great food and atmosphere.

Review №58

The food was delicious. Fries were some of the best I ever had. Burger was delicious all fresh toppings. But our waitress never even refilled our glasses. In fact we only saw her four times when she took our drink order, brought the drinks, brought the food and brought the change. She wasn't friendly either. The guy who greeted and sat us was friendly. Not sure I would go back since there is a lot of good places in same location to eat but it was good.

Review №59

Food would have been good if the waiter had come to our table. He decided it was more important to talk to parties of 3 or less than our party of 7. After coming to us never gave a name he just told us we needed to leave. No drinks or anything. Very dissatisfied and disappointed. Oh and their manager dose not exist apparently.

Review №60

Don't waste your time or money. The service is terrible. The food was NOT worth the price. Go literally anywhere else at Broadway at the Beach.

Review №61

Pretty good both taste and price! I was surprised.

Review №62

TERRIBLE SERVICE! BAD FOOD! After an hour of waiting our order was wrong. No one seemed that it was important to correct. When my daughter tried to talk to the GM she was ignored! The general manager turned mid conversation and walked away. Wonder if that disrespectful treatment had anything to do with the color of our skin?? HMMM. Did notice the white couple next to us was treated with smiles and chatting. RACISTS THAT SERVE TERRIBLE FOOD! Please do not give this horrible place any business. Mike the bartender and the GM are two of the worst people that I have had the misfortune of interacting with. Places and people like this need to be STOPPED!

Review №63

Great food, good vibes, excellent service. Henry, bartender/server, was very friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable which made the experience more enjoyable. If you want to come in for a cold drink and good food, you'll like the chill vibe in Good Time Charley's.

Review №64

Went for happy hour and bought a few beers and apps. The boneless wings and fried pickles were definitely cooked way before we ever ordered them and were dried out. Our side of fries never came. Nothing horrible, but pretty mediocre across the board.

Review №65

Tony was very accommodating for our large group of 21. Got us in and organized very quickly. Ricky was great and got all our food quickly. Everyone enjoyed food. Burger, blacked chicken, and ranch wrap were all good

Review №66

A group of my friends and I gathered here. We haven't see eachother for awhile we decided to meet here, food was great. I ordered the surf and turf tacos with rice the rice wasn't so good but I still enjoyed. We had Natasha as our server she was very energetic! She had to break the news to us that we weren't at senior frogs like we thought we were. I am glad that we did end up here ! Margaritas were excellent! Food was great and service was “on point” as she said she would be with us. We will most definitely come back

Review №67

Awful food. Everything is extremely salty. When we told waitress she said that is how we make our food. Family 4 paid almost $100 for horrible food. We even had to send the drink back. Save your money.

Review №68

Blake chx Alfredo end cheese burguer

Review №69

There were 6 of us. We sat at the bar and waited 20 minutes for someone to take our drink order. The bartender was pleasant. I had a Reuben Sandwich. I sent it back because the bread was burnt. I got it back and the corn beef was very dry and tough.

Review №70

SUPER great food! I am daydreaming of when I can go back!

Review №71

Our burgers were DELICIOUS! Great staff and good! Highly recommended! We also bought the bucket of beer and it was great as well. We ate on the patio out front and it was kind of cramped but no big deal. We enjoyed people watching.

Review №72

Food was good. About the going rate for cost. Its by Hard Rock. Service wasnt bad. Sat outside and watched the performers and able to watch people go by

Review №73

Beware! This place has a no return policy on speciality drinks. We ordered a Charley's Beer Rita, which basically amounted to $30 extremely watered down margarita with a Corona. We informed the server (who ghosted us for about 20 minutes) that we were unhappy with our drink. Next, we spoke to a manager who informed us that the drink was made with four tequila shots and that this was their most popular drink. The manager was pleasant and told us she was sorry we did not like our drinks; however, save yourself $30. Order something else because this drink was absolutely terrible.

Review №74

Food - 0Atmosphere - 5 (honestly was pretty ok)staff - ( negative 5)Management ( what management? there was none)I can't comment on the food because the waited forced us to leave because we complained... the manager didn't even care because he wouldn't come talk to us.

Review №75

I came here alone and sat at the bar, Trey took excellent care of myself and the rest of his bar customers! Very knowledgeable about every drink on the menu, Amazing service!! Will surely be back, thank you Trey!

Review №76

Our family came into town and we knew that going out to dinner with 4 kids under 13 was going to be a challenge. Good Time Charley's really hit the spot and the wait staff was very accommodating. The prices were great considering it is a tourist area. Our waiter was so patient as our 10 year old changed his order three times . we can't wait to come back!

Review №77

Food was horrible, along with the service and the 40 minute wait was terrible. Never eating here ever again.

Review №78

Limited menue

Review №79

We happened upon Good Time Charley's for dinner, not expecting much but was COMPLETELY happy with our choice. I had the surf & turf tacos and they were OUTSTANDING! The iced teas offered from the bar were liked by many at my table. I had a draft beer that was nice and COLD!!!! Everyone at the table enjoyed their meal.

Review №80

STAY AWAY FROMTHIS PLACE EVERYONE! Was happy to try this restaurant and had a party of 6 last night after being seated outside the waiter came to us and said he would be right back, after 25 mins this I went to him as he was at another table and told him we were waiting and he rolled his eyes at me and then continued to ignore us for 10 more minutes. When the guy finally showed us at the table he was nasty and we told us we could leave and he walked away from the table. I left a message and phone number for the manager and didn't even get a call! So glad all 6 of us have Google accounts as we all we be giving bad reviews for this place...never been treated so poorly by a place as this one

Review №81

Good food, slightly pricey but it all comes with the location

Review №82

Alright food but awesome drinks! My husband's steak was very well cooked and seasoned, but I was not blown away by the quality of my meal.

Review №83

Amazing food and service!

Review №84

Would give 0 stars if I could. Had to ask other waiter for condiments because ours only checked on us once. When she finally did she did not care that my steak was overcooked and did nothing about it. Just said I should have told her earlier and she could have gotten me a new one. I could have asked if she was able to be found. Subpar food for the outrageous price.

Review №85

Nice place nice people good food

Review №86

Very bad place! Waiter was not accommodating in any way and waited at least 15 minutes for someone to come to our table. Afterwards we waited another half hour for our food to come. Would not recommend for a quick bite or anything else for that matter.

Review №87

Prices are quite high for basic dishes. 10 boneless chicken wings (served as appetizer) was $13 and were about like a plate of Tyson Anytizers. Then they sent out only 8 pieces. I didn't hate it, but average food deserves average much competition there at Broadway on the Beach, must step it up.

Review №88

Great food! Great waiter! Decent prices!

Review №89

During a visit to Broadway at the Beach, my family and I dined at Good Time Charley's. It was a pleasant evening so we sat outside. It was comfortable and clean. We started with an appetizer of onion rings. They were great. Some of the best I've ever had. The rest of the meal was just so so. My steak sandwich was very tough. I could hardly chew it. I would try this place again though just for the service alone. The young man that was our waiter was awesome!

Review №90

Horrible service had to give 1 star because you can't give anything lower. I don't blame the waiter I blame the kitchen staff for not being prepared shouldn't take 50 minutes to just get appetizers which we only ordered nachos and chilli cheese fries. Only received fries never got the nachos. Said part waiter was going to pay for the apps and drinks on him, I left him a $20 because he shouldn't have to cover for the negligence on the kitchen staff. P.s.his name is Romeo nice waiter to talk to.

Review №91

This place was GREAT for a late night spot open til 3am was very worth it. I would definitely go back here again

Review №92

The outdoor patio overlooks celebrity square at Broadway at the beach, very entertaining . They had a fantastic singer with pleasant music. Our waiter was very friendly and attentive to our needs. The food is little better than average and fairly priced. A good place to have a relaxing meal with your sweetie.

Review №93

The waitress was fantastic, however the food is DISGUSTING. Yuck!

Review №94

Nice place with great prices, and good selection of beer and special cocktails

Review №95

Service was great, I was told salmon was fresh, I know fresh salmon and it didn't come off a boat that morning like I was told.

Review №96

We stopped here for dinner after walking all day at Broadway at the Beach. After a short wait we were seated. I had the crab cake sandwich that was a little too spicy for me but the rest of the family's choices were pleasing. They had a man making balloon animals for the little ones which was very entertaining. Not a bad choice for dinner while here.

Review №97

Our family came into town and we knew that going out to dinner with 4 kids under 13 was going to be a challenge. Good Time Charley's really hit the spot and the wait staff was very accommodating. The prices were great considering it is a tourist area. Our waiter was so patient as our 10 year old changed his order three times we can't wait to come back!

Review №98

Had a party of 6 and sat waiting for 30 minutes before being spoken to. After a small complaint we were asked to leave. Not recommend nor will we ever be back. Manager didn't try to rectify the situation.

Review №99

Distasteful service, wait there was none. Never got served for 30 minutes and we're we'r to leave by the server after complaining about the service we never got... Manger? There is no manager, that's the best part.

Review №100

Three of us had burgers at Good Time today...We like the quirky decor...Gives you something to look at while you are waiting for your food. We went for lunch. We were seated immediately. Our waiter was great! He was able to give recommendations and was very attentive.

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3.4 Rating
  • Address:1302 Celebrity Cir #160, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
  • Phone:+1 843-712-1990
  • American restaurant
  • Bar
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
  • Thursday:11AM–8PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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