Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries
Coastal Grand Mall, 2000 Coastal Grand Cir FC6, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

Ordered a door-dash an hour ago. I built my own order. It came with absolutely NOTHING on it that I ordered! Only thing it had on it that I asked for is tomato, cheese, and mayo. No carolina style (chilli and slaw), no lettuce, no pickles that I wanted EXTRA of. Just a very disappointing. Threw it away. Hwy 55 food is delicious but the service needs to do a better job when sending out deliveries and making sure they are correct.

Review №2

Good was good, service was good as well. It did take a while to get the food but I enjoyed it being freshly made. I would recommend to anyone as it has a great menu.

Review №3

During lunch time no one was behind the counter. After ordering my item wrong burger was cooked.

Review №4

I wouldn't recommend this Highway 55 to anyone. I posted a review on their Facebook page as well with a photo of the chicken platter I ordered. Both chicken platters had burnt chicken strips that were very hard to eat, had to throw them away. Ordered gravy fries and requested the gravy on the side and the special request was ignored. Requested honey mustard dipping sauce for the platters, received none. Ordered a shrimp platter and requested tarter sauce, received none and the fries tasted like they were fried in 4 month old oil. Very disgusting for the almost $40 spent hoping to have great food. This was our second bad experience with this restaurant location. We will be taking our business elsewhere from now on. THEY NEED TO FIRE AND REHIRE STAFF THAT KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING if they want this location to stay open... I do not recommend this location to anyone. Very terrible food

Review №5

Man I tell you this was delicious!! Hubby got a chicken gyro and I got the beef and lamb gyro. I would definitely eat here again.

Review №6

Waited about 30 minutes for food. Food wasn't right, was cold, and wasn't good at all. I had to go get my food because the buzzer didn't go off and I watched the people working there standing around doing nothing.

Review №7

We absolutely love Hwy 55 back home but this one was absolutely disgusting! Everything that was cooked on the grill (90% of our order) was dry and looked burnt but it wasn't. Was almost like the grill was never cleaned. $60 was way too much money to pay to only end up throwing the food in the trash. I was horrified and very disappointed. Waste of a lot of someones hard working money!

Review №8

Smells good taste good everyone come try

Review №9

I just stopped by Hwy 55 at 6:45 PM on Saturday, August 8 and the only worker wearing a face mask was the grill cook. I asked the young man waiting on me why he wasn't wearing a mask when there is an ordinance in Myrtle Beach requiring people to wear a mask. He said he couldn't hear people with a mask on and he said he had one in the back. There was another young man in the back working around food without a mask. Shame on Hwy 55 for not enforcing the ordinance for mandatory mask wearing especially when handling food they serve to the public.

Review №10

Pricy but good

Review №11

Disgusting would never ever again

Review №12

Best Cheeseburger I ever ate. Customer service was phenomenal. Would highly recommend this restaurant.

Review №13

Just had the Carolina Classic burger and it was AWESOME!!! Great customer service as well!

Review №14

Cool old school feel, and the Milkshake is really good... But it is way expensive for a burger and fry place... Otherwise, pretty good!!!

Review №15

I'm not a burger aficionado, but the food here is always top notch and priced very fairly. I used to frequent the Conway location about once a month, but I've only been to the Tanger location a handful of times. The service was always good and the wait times were minimal.

Review №16

Food was cold, orders weren't right and the guy at the register act like he didnt know what he was doing.

Review №17

I love this place. Best place in Myrtle beach to get a burger!!

Review №18

Great food. Burgers, fries, salads. Glad we found them. Will go back

Review №19

Tater tots were awesome! Didn't get anything else

Review №20

Excellent food

Review №21

Food is made fresh to order, staff is super friendly, shrimp PO BOY is my favorite and its loaded. My kids love the owner and they love the kids meals. Burgers are fat and juicy. Clean, price is right!

Review №22

Friendly staff and good food. My favorite is the Carolina classic cheeseburger and their hot dogs.

Review №23

Extremely overpriced, poor service and terrible product. Bread was dried out, meat sitting for a while before use. Time of day was 320 PM nor reccomend.

Review №24

Love a good Berger and it was good. But dont like to be forced to get fries and a soda since it was only sold as a combo. The soda glass was packedi with ice leaving little soda to drink.$10 after tax was not worth it to me.

Review №25

Was very busy but worth the wait for the shrimp po boy very large portions.

Review №26

I've eaten here many times in the last few years.. Shakes still great but the other food quality seems to have gone extremely down.

Review №27

Overpriced food and lackluster service

Review №28

I love their shrimp salad sandwiches and you will too great places to go with the family John

Review №29

My hotdog look like it had been sitting around all day. I could taste grit in the coleslaw but the fries was good.

Review №30

Great restaurant! The food is always super fresh, never cold, hot off the grill! The servers, cooks, and owner greet you with a smile and make your visit a good one.

Review №31

Wish I could get my food quicker (with it being in a mall) but good food does take time. Still longer than the dine-in HWY 55.

Review №32

This visit at Coastal Grand Mall was my first. The staff was very friendly & eager. I ordered the All American cheesesteak. It was good, but would have been great had the bun been toasted instead of steamed

Review №33

This place is an alright restaurant for a quick bite to eat. Busy at times and the prices are not worth the size of a Burger. This is a family place to go for dine in any day of the week.

Review №34

Great food. Can't go wrong with a burger from here.

Review №35

The food was fantastic and the staff was amazing and friendly and worked so well together. So glad we accidentally came upon this 50's style diner.

Review №36

Over priced, food not good

Review №37

DO NOT EAT HERE!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOU'RE TIME OR MONEY!!If I could give negative stars I would. We came here today, July 23, 2017 at 2:30pm long wait to even order... but not busy. We ordered the chicken "tenders" kids meal which came with 3 small chicken nuggets... small by chicken NUGGETS standards. By this time we were already packed in the car with two kids buckled into car seats. I was so sure that they mixed up our order with nuggets vs tenders that I climbed out of the car ran back in to have them fix our order. The girl at the front said, "those are our tenders" I was in SHOCK. I asked if that is normal by their standards of chicken tenders and her response was "they vary in size".... okay... so you should make up for the size difference. She got her manager and she approached me with "what's wrong?" Great way to treat a customer. She then proceeded to say they are already breaded and frozen in various sizes. I turned to the people in line behind me and asked if what I was holding was a chicken tender or chicken nugget... they all agreed that the small nugget I was holding was in no way a "tender" the lady at the counter then proceeded to say "I can ring you up for more if you want more....." wait... she wants me to pay for more?!?!? I told her I was not going to pay for more. That was that. They were not going to make anything else to make up for those sizes. It was my fault apparently. So I asked for my money back and could not have been more disappointed in customer service. HORRIBLE!!!

Review №38

Food was decent, but I had a hard time enjoying it because two of the four people working were eating on the line. Gross. And one was eating wings, picking stuff out of her mouth and went right back to work... never washed her hands. I almost asked for my money back! Who is in charge? Very poor 1st impression. Won't be back.

Review №39

This place is like walking into your uncle's backyard BBQ. DELICIOUS food and friendly service! Also very reasonably priced.

Review №40

I never had problems with their food

Review №41

Pricey, but good

Review №42

50's atmosphere all the way to the ice cream. Great place for a family meal that won't melt your credit card.

Review №43

It was amazing food but there were not enough people working so it took like 30 minutes to get food and I only had an hoir to eat

Review №44

One of my favorite places to eat

Review №45

The restaurant was very clean. The employees were very nice and friendly. Food is excellent !!

Review №46

Food was decent, but it took 45 minutes to receive 2 hot dogs. Changed my initial order because they were out of lettuce, tomato, and chicken. Very disappointing considering I enjoy other restaurants of this chain

Review №47

This food was old and was very dry! It was my first time at this place and will forever be ruined by the quality of food they have to offer!

Review №48

Awesome food and service!!!

Review №49

The shrimp salad was good

Review №50

Love the hot dogs and orange aids

Review №51

Staff could have been better...didn't seem like they wanted to be there

Review №52

Went there today on my lunch break, ordered a large chocolate shake....the milk was just sitting out on the counter, (in a container, not a milk jug) which should of been refrigerated ...my chocolate shake was more like chocolate milk....and it looked like a small... guess they only come in one size but the kid didnt tell me...i asked him to remake it... he asked a girl to remake it, she started makin it then he took it from her after he finished takin an order n went in the back n come back out with it...that made me wonderif he was doing something to my shake!...anyhow i get the shake and its VANILLA SHAKE smh! That wasnt even a shake, it was more like chunks of vanilla ice cream floating in milk! But i was frustrated at this point and had to get back to work! Bad thing is they were NOT even busy! They advertise themselves for burgers and SHAKES, false advertising cuz it was the worse "shake" ever! I will NOT be ordering them again! Ill stick to chic-fil-a shakes! Just they werent open on sundays! I work at this mall 7 days a weeks, so they lost an everyday customer!

Review №53

Good food, reasonable prices.

Review №54

Wait times are outrageous, prices are decent, food is good

Review №55

My favorite place to eat because its close to home

Review №56

Great Food and Great Service

Review №57

Decent food but service took a little long(20mins)

Review №58

Good food good phone

Review №59

Cute and kitschy. Good food, slow service. The fries with gravy was my fav.

Review №60

The food is excellent, if you eat in. To go burger buns get a little soggy by the time they reach their destination. Maybe put the condiments on the side?

Review №61

The food was ok. Nothing to brag about

Review №62

Great food! Love the Carolina style cheeseburger and fries! Very, very slow staff! 25 minute wait!

Review №63

I got a Billy John Boy burger. It comes with onion rings on top. The onion ring was breaded onion skin, no onion. I wish I could post a picture.

Review №64

Great place to try with family and friends

Review №65

Took forever to get served when the food finally came out it was dried out and cold

Review №66

Fast food, Philly was pretty good! For Mall food I think its very good!

Review №67

Little pricey food not all that great

Review №68

Andy special, good deal

Review №69


Review №70

My daughter said that it was the best burger she had ever eaten. I had the Philadelphia steak sandwich and really enjoyed it.

Review №71

Ordered from here via uber eats. Had to pay $5 plus tip for the uber eats guy to deliver my food, just to have to drive to the restaurant to get the correct order because they messed it up the first time.

Review №72

The food is amazing and the staff are really nice

Review №73

Philly steak was a little dry, it was overall

Review №74

Awesome food. Couldn't recommend more.

Review №75

Thought I was getting a veggie burger but it was black bean. Good prices there

Review №76

The service is sorry the wait is annoying. They can't get the orders right. Too busy with customers taking about jewelry and other things. This is THE 3rd or forth times i've didn't get my order right....

Review №77

Good burger joint, grilled burgers very tasty good place.

Review №78

We stopped for an early lunch, there was one order in front of ours. We waited 20 minutes for 2 BLT's and a grilled cheese! They were all cold, and the bread was charred on the bottom! They were not busy at all. The young man behind the grill with the blonde woman should NOT be working in ANY fast food capacity! The BLT sandwiches were made with broken pieces of bacon bits, slipped onto the bread that was charred. Barely any mayonnaise, lettuce, and only one very thin slice of tomato. I will NEVER go back to a Highway 55 again. Sorry, with the competition that place has in the mall.....they have VERY poor management, and literally NO professionalism!

Review №79

Cost was high her I eat at the 55grill a lot and never had to pay such cost ever

Review №80

Good food, good service and pretty accommodating.

Review №81

A really bad expierence bad costumer service

Review №82

The food tasted good but this place could use a good cleaning.

Review №83

The food is delicious!! Burgers are spot on!!

Review №84

Food was ok but took forever and was charged 70 cents to add mayonnaise to the burger.

Review №85

The ordering process and pickup is unorganized. Attempting to get to condiments not offered, a lid, straw, and napkins was like a full-contact sport with the opponent being hungry, disgruntled patrons of the same establishment. The highlight of the meal was the fries. Another bonus is the portion size for the burger.

Review №86

Love their french fries

Review №87

Good food and fair prices.

Review №88

Food is great better then the one in Tanger outlets.

Review №89

Wow! Great burger

Review №90

Good, basic food. Shakes we're yummy.

Review №91

Best Burger ever

Review №92

Great food and its cheap

Review №93

It's a fairly good hamburger place.

Review №94

The food is already very good

Review №95

Great place to eat and shopping

Review №96

Good food

Review №97


Review №98

Over priced mediocre burgers.

Review №99

Great Burgers fries and shakes

Review №100

I love hamburgers

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:Coastal Grand Mall, 2000 Coastal Grand Cir FC6, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
  • Site:http://hwy55.com/
  • Phone:+1 843-232-7564
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • American restaurant
  • Dessert restaurant
  • Diner
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–9PM
  • Thursday:10AM–9PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:10AM–9PM
  • Sunday:12–6PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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