1300 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

I visited IHOP for my free birthday pancake meal and had a wonderful time. The pancakes I had were their famous Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes, which included some lovely whipped cream on top as well as chocolate chip sprinkles. The taste was amazing! Elizabeth took great care of me today; she checked on me several times to make sure that everything was OK. I was also told that if I visited on my birthdate day that I would receive a free meal of my choice. Guess where I will be dining in 2021for my birthday :)

Review №2

The service and the food was great, little more expensive than home but it was still good.

Review №3

Omg I loved IHOP. It is the best in the town. Our waiter Alp was a terrific person. I only come here to see him. He is so good. He is very handsome and he has a very athletic body. The service he gives is ineffably awesome

Review №4

The service was PHENOMENAL. The staff is friendly and inviting. We have an IHOP in PA but this one was in a league of its own. Highly impressed. The kids were wowed by the sparkly blue syrup on the pancakes and we barely had time to go wash hands before the food was served. Very speedy service, indeed. Bathrooms were clean and spacious.

Review №5

Do not eat here!! Establishment is really unclean. Very unsanitary! There was dust hanging out of the ceiling light fixtures. I was eating and a bug appeared on my eggs. Manager on duty (William) did not show care until other people heard us and decided to leave!! We where then treated as if we were responsible for the bug!!

Review №6

I just wanna thank the guy at the front desk for being rude. Because of him we left and went across the street. That place had super fast service, great food and the nicest people. They got 5 stars.

Review №7

Our server was nice. The one who seated us, was not. There was a dog in the eating area. Food was good.

Review №8

Will not be coming back! They gave us moldy lemons inside the sweet tea we ordered and then when telling the waiter, she did not care at all. Very sweet woman up until we told her and then it was as if she wanted us to leave. No sir, never again with this IHOP!

Review №9

I come here every morning manages excellent Trisha is the best always customer friendly always clean I very good family orientated restaurant

Review №10

Roxy is the best waitress on the planet. Great service and a great attitude. Food was quick and delicious. Thanks!

Review №11

Staff were great! My daughter was being REALLY loud & one of the other waitresses (beautiful woman in remission) brought us an applesauce to calm her down. We both got samplers and the kids got specialty pancakes. Everything was delicious.

Review №12

Food not as good as other I hop's I've been to. Hash browns not even close to being done, along with my pancakes. Kids got the funny face pancakes that looked liked they didn't put any effort into actually creating a face on. Last time going to this IHOP

Review №13

Good service and friendly staff. Great food as well.

Review №14

The food was decent the service was alright. They said they stop having red potatoes, which for me is one of the reason I come to ihop. They also stated they do not give military discount or police discount. That's a bummer. If I had to come back might go to another establishment for breakfast. Nothing special about IHOP.

Review №15

I mean, what else is there to say? It's IHOP!!!I have been to this restaurant all over the country and still have yet to have a displeasing experience. Southwestern style omelettes are fantastic, and of course, buttermilk pancakes with plenty of butter and blueberry syrup!!!To complement the service, I left a photo below of what it's like eating there.

Review №16

So when I walk in and IMMEDIATELY get chewed on for not wearing a mask, and get this chewing in front if my wife, and another family waiting to be seated, I WILL NOT EAT THERE. Instead of eating here, my wife and I went to NHOP right up the road. Upon entering, we were asked if we had been there before, and the waitress was happy we were there. I will not be returning back to an IHOP anytime soon.

Review №17

Only place in town that would let our 7 year old daughter use the restroom, rather then saying sorry we don't want to clean it after she goes. So we appreciate the great understanding staff. Thank You

Review №18

Tasty burger and pancakes good customer service

Review №19

Our waitress this morning was great, very attentive and even with her mask on her personality shone through. Food was good. Great start to our trip.

Review №20

My family and I are staying here and ordered for delivery. My daughter has celiacs and wanted the pancakes. That's the only reason I ordered from them. When it got here 30 mins late it was missing 2 orders of pancakes and strawberries and cream for crepes. When I called the manager ,Trish maybe , had an attitude and blamed everything on doordash. DoorDash won't do anything because it was marked delivered. Never again will I deal with either one of these in Myrtle Beach.

Review №21

This place was so delicious!! And staff was very friendly and catered to all of our needs plus more

Review №22

Great experience! Jessica is the best .Very fast and friendly service.Food was very good too.

Review №23

Went to this i-hop for breakfast. The service was okay. The food was cold after several bites we relize the split decision meal had many hairs in it. The manager came out but refused to refund meal. Finally he took off one plate but we were stuck paying for dranks and grits. NEVER WILL WE GO BACK!!

Review №24

I haven't eaten at Ihop in like a year, so I am pretty sure I didn't go here. I don't even think they are open any more

Review №25

Breakfast was delicious. Sirloin tips were the best and it hit the spot. I'm not usually a breakfast person but it was too good to pass up. Our server was great too n did a phenomenal job.

Review №26

Service was...awkward?..strange?..I'm not sure what to call it. But food was good and it came out fast. Scrammbled eggs were a little undercooked. Was afraid because of the reviews but it was alright.

Review №27

Love their pancakes and omelets. Coffee is delicious.

Review №28

Food was not and fresh the waitress was very nice. BOO

Review №29

Came here, it was a ghost town quick service friendly staff

Review №30

Top tier service and great food. Only issue was lady at front was rude but otherwise it was a great experience

Review №31

Overall exsperience was great. all the rmployees

Review №32

Good overall. Was a bit nervous with the reviews it had but we still went. No complaints.

Review №33

Roxy took excellent care of us. The staff at this location was very friendly and accommodating. I recommend trying this location for breakfast.

Review №34

Very good food. Excellent service!

Review №35

Great food at a reasonable price and staff is very friendly! A favorite every time we're visiting the beach!

Review №36

Good food but took a little bit to get order.

Review №37

First let me start by saying i only gave it one star because zero stars isnt an option and the pancakes were great! However we sat down then shortly after that, two more tables were seated near us. Our food was brought out last. The rude girl bringing our food, brought my order of toast out and when I said I wanted it to come out at the same time as my order. She said my order was up and she was bringing it right out... 13 minutes and two tables later, we got our food. It was cold so we didnt eat our food we ate the pancakes and sirloin tips. When I said something about our food being cold she admitted our food has been ready and waiting to be brought our but she was running behind. The other plates where half eaten only because my eight year old and nine year old were starving, so they ate what they could, maybe half, maybe. We were charged for the toast, which I sent back. And bacon on a sandwich that we didnt order or get. We did not get refills on any drink and no one would wait on us after I questioned the staff as to why we are getting our food last and about my toast being cold. Sirloin takes a while to cook but that's what hit our table first! It was cold. My grits had already hardened. Eggs were all stuck together. I mixed it all together trying to make it edible. I couldnt do it. I called the manager over there and he said there is nothing he could do but give a 20% discount and was questioning why we ate any of the food. He then went and told the girl that was rude, Adrianne is what I was told her name was, to come out and apologize and we could hear her say very loudly that she wasnt coming out here so i can get smart with her. I never cussed any of them or raised my voice in way to draw attention, i said what i had to say to her when she was bringing the stuff out. Parts of our order was wrong also. Nothing was even said or done to even attempt to make the situation better. Everyone disappeared including the manager while we waited to check out. We walked out the door and the rude girl ran around the corner and locked the door on us. It was still four minutes til closing. Our bill being almost 53.00 after the toast was taken off and half eaten food. We dont mind paying for our meal, if it's worth it. Even if the food is bad as long as the service is good, I am happy. This was a horrible experience and I was the only one wanting IHOP since they are all closed where Im from.... wonder why. Needs new management and someone that can not be scared of the employees. I love IHOP but this one could do way better with better employees. Starting from management. I took pictures of our table and receipt incase anyone from IHOP plans on reaching out and would like to see it.

Review №38

Honestly if I could give less than 1 star I would. We came here on a Sunday morning and had the worst experience.1- Our server who was supposedly training did not speak English enough to understand what we wanted to drink 2- we specifically ordered two of our kids food to have no butter because they are allergic to dairy and their pancakes came out smeared in butter anyways 3. Several items from our order were not even brought out to us and we had to wait for them to make them and the make the kids pancakes with no butter 4. The waitress never came by to get refills for us so we sat with empty glasses. 5- We spotted another server standing at the register nearby and we asked very nicely for a refill and I told this server I'm sorry I know you aren't my server and she said, without even making eye contact “what do you want”... very rude. 6. The table cleaner/bus person literally took my food out from in front of me before I was done eating! Who does that?!? I did speak with the manager and he seemed really surprised that all of this had happened and he said that if we come back while we are still here on vacation that he will comp our next bill since I was still fully charged for everything today... unbelievable honestly. Worst service and experience I've ever had in a restaurant, I expected much much better for being in a tourist area and close to the beach.Edit and improvement---Today (Wednesday) we had our order replaced to go and Trish was so kind and apologetic, we appreciate her apology very much and we enjoyed the food

Review №39

Food was good. Service wasn't aweful, but could have been better. Biggest problem is thus is the Myrtle Beach location and it is absolutely freezing inside. I know restaraunts keep it cooler, but this was a bit ridiculous.

Review №40

It was nice and didn't have to wait long for your food

Review №41

Went there tonight for dinner. I believe the waitress was new and didn't have a clue what she was doing. I feel that management needs to provide better training before turning a new person loose. I ordered a 2 piece chicken filet dinner and was brought a chicken sandwich. My family ordered sirloin tips and already was almost finished by the time mine arrived. Worst experience ever

Review №42

The employees were very friendly and highly recommend

Review №43

Always great service Patricia is a asset to your company I managed hotels I know great customer service and she is it the reason I come breakfast everyone morning! Jay!

Review №44

We couldn't really enjoy the food because it was so cold. AC blowing directly on us. The most it has to be on is 60 while its raining and 75 degrees outside.

Review №45

Really enjoyed our meal. Server was great.

Review №46

Good food, fast service, clean, and a awesome waitress.

Review №47

Worse place I have ever been. I think workers there think they are doing a favor working there.

Review №48

It's an average iHop. The food was fine. My server was below average. The place needs a little interior touch up work. The parking lot smelled like a dumpster that day. There was only one other party there besides us. Restaurants that want to survive COVID slowness will need to be better than average. If you like iHOP, this will meet your expectations, nothing more.

Review №49

Great service, some of the food was cold when it came out.

Review №50

Service by Diego is fantastic. Friendly cooks and managers also. Deserves a good credit.

Review №51

The restaurant was not the squeaky-clean stream-lined quality I am used to from this chain of restaurants. The inside and outside were quite dirty. The floor looked like noone had mopped it in days. There was a folding table set up near our table piled high with all kinds of junk on it. A member of our party asked for sugar for his tea and they said they were out of packets, but later returned with a condiment cup of sugar from a bag someone in the kitchen "found." That was very bizarre. Workers were also carrying on yelling at each other. After eating here, my entire family had bathroom issues. Workers also were not taking COVID-19 precautions seriously. We won't be back.

Review №52

Vary nice and friendly ask for weston to be your waiter

Review №53

Never coming back to the ihop . I simply ordered a sweet tea with lemons . I received the sweet tea with mold on my lemons . To make it worst the waitress acted like she didn't care at all . It was no way I was going to wait for the food so I got up and left . Never coming back to this IHOP !!!!!!!!If I could give no stars I would !!

Review №54

Food always good terrible waitress don't think I'm going back to this one!!!

Review №55

My omlette was fantastic! My only complaint is if you are going to sit customers where they can see the servers preparing your meals, you might want to tell them that they need to be a bit more professional.

Review №56

I called to make a to go order. The lady told me to hang on a second, I was at home hoping to order my meal and then come pick it up. The lady obviously forgot about me, so I was still on the phone while leaving the house and driving to ihop. I wanted the chicken Florentine creep. They didn't have it on the menu. Which is ok, menu can change. I asked for smth close to it, a guy offered me a plate with eggs and cheese. How close is it to a chicken creep with mashroom? At least I wish I found out about it in the phone before driving to the place.

Review №57

Convenient location. Booth had some weird damage to seat.

Review №58

No issues, food was good. I saw them clean the tables and took a good amount of time to ensure was clean.

Review №59

Our food was good and our server was excellent

Review №60

We loved the food ! Fresh, hot & flavorful I would strongly suggest the Big Steak Omelet.

Review №61

Ms. Lisa is an amazing server. Awesome attitude and very attentive. Thank you!

Review №62

Sufficient serving portions

Review №63

Waitress was taking orders with a blue marker then this blue mark showed up on my pancakes. Hostess handed us the menus and pointed at the table we should sit at (that wasn't wiped off). Food was cooked well though!

Review №64

Roaches have to wat too.... when we let management know, she acted as though it wasn't a SURPRISE and continued on with her services.Just wow

Review №65

I had a issue with my order and the manager corrected it. For me and drove it to my house. I really appreciate it and i will always continue to eat there!️ I highly recommend this restaurant location!!!

Review №66

It was beach front service was good but it needs updating some. The room we stayed in was clean.

Review №67

Gabriel was the nicest server. hands down best food. fast service, was well taken care of. 10/10

Review №68

We Love eating here every Year !! Very Good Food !!

Review №69

I've been to this IHOP dozens of times in the past decade. I like it, and I'm sure I'll probably eat here again one day. I recently had a bad experience, which when coupled with all the past good experiences merely makes me think they just were understaffed and extra busy, but still was irritating enough to warrant a review of 3 stars.It took a full hour to get our food, even when people around us (who arrived after we did) got their orders first. We had simple dishes, nothing fancy, so it was really upsetting to sit for so long.As well, our server must have been new or having a bad day because she hardly checked on us and we found that many things on our table were leftover from the last people who sat there. We even had to ask her for silverware and napkins!It was a sunday at around noon, so I KNOW the church rush was happening and I'm sympathetic to that.The food is always good though. I've never had any issues with how my food comes out, so it's really hard to give a terrible review but still. The service could have been better.

Review №70

Friendly staff, quick service, amd everything tasted great.

Review №71

Good food hit the spot! Service friendly and courteous hungry go here!

Review №72

Good food but there was a couple of flies

Review №73

We've had brunch n early bites there for the last 2 days. Clean, great food & absolutely the finest serving staff we've had since we've gotten here. Give it a try, we're intended on adding my momma to the group in the am. Keep it up!

Review №74

Refused to seat us because my wife was wearing my hoodie wrapped around her face instead of a flimsy cloth mask that would have been taken off at our seat. No sense, no service.

Review №75

Amazing Service! Our waiter Zach was such a huge help. Our order was right. We got our food quickly, and our food was delicious!! Big 5 Stars for this restaurant!

Review №76

No chicken on the wrap. Hash browns tasted freezer burn. Eggs tasted like powdered eggs. Biscuit was not cooked all the way. Coffee container only had 1 and a half cup of coffee. No refills.

Review №77

We love it soooo muchWe like the om lattes the bestBut pancake is sooo nice, but it's too big for one person to eat it.

Review №78

A great place to work and to eat pancakes, burgers, omelettes, ️. . The employees are always welcome me and my family

Review №79

On July 3 the moritorium on wearing face masks went. Into effect. After reading the exemptions we decided to go to ihop for breakfast. My husband cant wear. A face mask due to medical reasons so when we walked into the resurant everyone except the staff was maskless . of course they were how elae would they be able to eat. So we ased tobe seated and we were told to leave because of. No masks. I saud noone us wearing a mask nd she said she wouldnt serve us because of the mask issue. Tgat was ridiculoys and we felt discriminated againt . so we. Left. .

Review №80

We always eat here when we are in Myrtle Beach. The scrambled eggs were not done, my husband said they were... I would not eat them. He did eat his and was sick the whole day. Order fries eggs so your not stuck with fake eggs.

Review №81

Great service. No waiting. Full menu. All the usual food items.

Review №82

Trish is awesome and very kind/friendly. Thank you for your southern hospitality

Review №83

Happy birthday breakfast for the wifey. Great food, customer service and prices.

Review №84

Delicious food, generous portions and not too expensive.

Review №85

Need to be more organized so they can get costumer in and out quickly.

Review №86

Bathroom dirty , restaurant cold and food ok

Review №87

The service was awesome they weren't to busy for the morning time so they were all overly attentive to our table the manager came out an checked on us he was making sure we had everything we needed an asking if We need anything else I was really surprised since last time we went about a month an half ago it wasn't that fast but this trip there was great defiantly will be back an make this our new weekly breakfast joint !

Review №88

The pancakes could have been done in the center and the fries was hard the burger was great

Review №89

Famy and good night shift and morningalways good attention and thank you because they're working on covid pandemic and they are still serving to us great.we appreciate our customers but first we apreciate our team that works hard every day to make it great for all our customers.

Review №90

Very friendly staff and good food.

Review №91

Great service and food. The staff are friendly

Review №92

Didnt see them sanitize anything. Wore masks part of the time, but our waiter did. Everyone was friendly. Pancakes came with meal and i asked for sugar free syrup, they gave me toast. They told me i couldnt have toast and pancakes. I said i didnt order toast and reminded the waiter i had asked for sugar free syrup. With that memory, he corrected it with the manager and i finally got my pancakes. He took away the toast. Most places would have left the toast. They arent suppose to serve it again. I wouldnt have eaten it anyway.Went to Friendlys the day before. Price was about the same but at IHOP i went away full.

Review №93

Fast friendly service. Food was good. Little wait time. The kids liked it!

Review №94

They said I had the best waitress there but I really couldn't tell! She brought my order but never came back! A waiter was kind enough to check on me an hour later and he also apologized for her slack. The food was great though!

Review №95

Great staff. Loved the food

Review №96

Aweful customer service waited in line outside for 30 minutes as a group of 4 had someone pull in 20 minutes after we did they got seated before we did ask the person said there was still 6 people ahead of us to be seated would not recommend this ihop to anyone

Review №97

Food was good steak tips & eggs.

Review №98

Went in late, food was good

Review №99

Great service good food

Review №100

Horrible service! The staff were to busy fighting and cussing each other to care for their customers.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:1300 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
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  • Phone:+1 843-626-0136
  • American restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
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  • Saturday:7AM–12AM
  • Sunday:7AM–12AM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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