Original New York Pizza kitchen
1101 Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

Went there today (11/7/20) pizza was bland. Drinks were watered down. Overpriced items. Extra charges for absolutely nothing. Automatically take gratuity out yet they don't wait on you. Didn't even give us condiments let alone service. Go elsewhere and get some good pizza and some service with no hidden fees!!

Review №2

The pizza was amazing! If you're looking for perfect NY style pizza, this is the place to go!

Review №3

Wow. The best pizza I've had in years. Service was excellent. Very good experience. We'll be going back every time we visit Myrtle Beach (and one more time before we leave).

Review №4

We had great service and the wings and pep pizza was one of the best around. Perfectly cooked and EVERYTHING was made to order. Perfect location and friendly staff with helpful recommendations

Review №5

The strange thing observed was restaurant is charging 50 cents for each foam cup for providing drinking water, while regular water is provided. Not allowed to get outside items. The pizza slices were dripping oil. Could not enjoy the pizza here.

Review №6

Food was great. Very fresh. The waiter Thomas was super cool.The waiter Thomas deserves a raise.

Review №7

Best Pizza I have ever had in my life..... Will definitely be coming back. Prices are also great .

Review №8

Great food but charge $4+ for a soda and 50 cents for a small cup of water

Review №9

Calzone was good but cheese steak could have used any form of seasoning

Review №10

A nice place and delicious pizza

Review №11

Really good pizza . Little over priced for slices.

Review №12

Excellent pizza I would definitely go back

Review №13

Decent but greasy af!

Review №14

Expensive but it's expected right on the strip..

Review №15

Pizza was good but wings were chewy and garlic knots were really dry

Review №16

Good big slices of

Review №17

It was delicious the stromboli was to die for

Review №18

The pizza was actually pretty darn good

Review №19

This place was horrible. The people wasn't friendly, my food was bad and roaches was crawling around on the floor and table.

Review №20

Crowded with not enough staff. Pizza was authentic but that's about it. Mozzarella sticks were salty and you could tell they were frost bitten. They also had an issue with a homeless guy in the location. The employee on register was pretty rude to him and I didn't witness him bothering anyone. Who knows what he did at another time but I was surprised none of the men that worked there stepped in to help her handle the situation.

Review №21

Our server and the guy behind the counter were both really nice! Gave my kiddos extra garlic knots for the road lol pizza was good too. Excellent oceanfront view of the Atlantic out on the deck.

Review №22

Great spot for pizza/burgers/wings/ salad too apparently, waitress was great and checked on us frequently, I will definitely visit next time I'm in town

Review №23

The pizza crust was very good.very good service,but the pizza was to oily and the wait was a bit to long for a slice of pizza that they had already made.

Review №24

Waitress wasnt very friendly and neglected to tell us about the refill charge or the extra charge to use my credit card. The whole experience was horrible.

Review №25

Not worth the price and food was not good

Review №26

Great pizza. I love coming everytime we are down to visit.

Review №27

Unsanitary and unsafe!! Watched kitchen staff handle a nasty mop bucket, then without changing gloves or washing hands handle food and food equipment. Waking to the back/trash and back to food prep touching everything along the way, all while wearing the same, torn, nitrile gloves and never changing or washing up. Super gross. We did not eat and walked out along with several others.

Review №28

This restaurant is one of the worst restaurants I've ever been to. The service consisted of a long wait and incompetent staff. The food wasn't even that good either.First off, our waiter did not know how to speak with customers. Every sentence he spoke was a quiet, broken, mutter. He seemed nice, but he does not know how to talk, nor serve. Sometimes he would go to our table, stand there for a few seconds, thinking of something to say, but then walk off. We were first being asked our drinks, but then walked off to another table.The food was not that great. I'd rather eat Caesar's Pizza than anything on this overpriced and useless menu. 50 cents for a cup of water in a styrofoam cup... That alone should be an embarrassment to the company as a whole. They even charge for refills. The stromboli was just a pile of meat, grease, oil, bread, cheese.The atmosphere was on the edge. Crowded, which is not their fault, but what this restaurant lacks is the ability to make you feel comfortable in a crowded space. Granted, it was a small space, but if a McDonalds can make me feel more comfortable than a local "New York" pizza restaurant, then this place does not deserve props for a good atmosphere.Now, what they claim as "New York" pizza is false, and should not be taken seriously.Honestly, this place is disappointing, and I would not even want my worst enemy to eat here.

Review №29

First thing I thought when I came in was the space. Way too crowded with very little staff. Waited a long time for the stromboli. The stromboli was alright but the wait was unacceptable. The cooks were just standing not doing anything. Also saw a cook drop a slice of pizza on the shelf and picked it up and served it to the other family. I dont write reviews at all but this place needed one. I definitely don't see myself coming here again.

Review №30

Only thing NY about that pizza was the size! It was good though.

Review №31

I've been eating here for years. We got a pizza to go like usual and when we got it, we just decided we would eat a slice real quick and take the rest to go. Well an employee told us "You order to go, you got to go" and basically kicked us out. We got an xxl pizza and some dessert, spent $35 on food for just two people, and to top it off they weren't even busy at all. Every table was open like a ghost town. I will NEVER eat here ever again. There is another pizza shop not even a block away, their pizza is great and the service is wonderful. I highly suggest you spend your money somewhere else that actually values their customers. I'm a regular and got kicked out 5 minutes after getting my food because I ordered to-go. I'm highly upset and very dissatisfied.

Review №32

Good food.and friendly people

Review №33

Good new york style pizza, great burgers

Review №34

Great place

Review №35

Great food, and great friendly service! Will be back when we come down again.! Highly recommend!

Review №36

The food was good but disappointed in charges. They charged $.50 for a cup of water after ordering two beers and then charged $1.07 service charge and another $1.07 processing fee, neither of which could be explained. Will never eat there again.

Review №37

Ok, I am a New Yorker, Born and raised, so I know what real NY pizza is, This is not it. The pizza was ok, The garlic breadsticks were really good. The prices were good so that added value. If your looking for ok pizza in Myrtle Beach, this is an good choice.

Review №38

Great pizza. Wish they had come zero.

Review №39

Very nice staff with good pizza. Big portions.

Review №40

This was a bummer. I came here seven years ago and swore that I was in NYC. Crispy crust, friendly and fact service. Fast forward... pizza was ordinary. Service slow and felt more New York rather than down south. Mind you, this could have been a one time anomaly, but was so disappointing since I made it a point to come back here after 7 years.

Review №41

Pizza was good, kinda sad you charge for water and refills. Havent seen that in a long time.

Review №42

Pizza is good but don't eat anything else there !!!

Review №43

Customer service wasnt the best. You have to pay for refills and water and it should been announced.

Review №44

If you can get the staff off their phones long enough to notice you, you're doing good. But once you get your food good luck on seeing the server again. Food was average, nothing to write home about.

Review №45

Friendly staff. No restrooms. Pizza was OK. Service was great.

Review №46

The place had a NY look but this Pizza is not NY Pizza to me. Sauce was good but more like a paste, quite thick. Crust was a little over cooked and the cheese and pepperoni not quite as done as I'd like it. They Do Not Take Credit Cards as you will see all over the restaurant. And I mean everywhere, a sign on every table, on every pole and all over the walls. They definitely got there point across. Now that was NY style.

Review №47

The pizza taste like the real new York pizza..

Review №48

Pretty good, stupod expensive $18 for a cheese pizza

Review №49

Pizza was amazing really huge, only thkngnis dependingnon shift manners suck. The night shift/mid shift crappy attitudes.Morning crew very friendly and food taste great

Review №50

Fair prices, pretty good food, Clean

Review №51

No. God no. What, have you never been to New York for pizza and decided to throw the city name on your pizza hovel to sucker unsuspecting tourists? Look, people, this is absolutely nothing like NY pizza. This is garbage. I'd be ashamed to put it in my trash in case bums found out and mocked me for once owning this drivel. Don't do this to yourself. Cherish your time at the beach. Enjoy it. Start by not eating here.

Review №52

No restroom or even a sink to wash your hands in and we were dining in. Not acceptable!

Review №53

Great bagel and rubins

Review №54

Great pizza spot food was delicious

Review №55

Pizza was ok not ny pizza but ok. We ordered burgers ,wings,tenders and fries . All were hot and ok but burger tasted frozen still. If you really hungry and this is the closet place than go but otherwise don't. Food isn't that great . Service was the only good part !

Review №56

Found hair in my food! Waited almost 20 mins just to place order. Then they made my food wrong and gave me an attitude about it. Very low quality food gyro meat was dry and hard.

Review №57

Food was great.

Review №58

Open sign was own and posted hours said it was supposed to be open but it wasn't

Review №59

Pizza was awesome

Review №60

It was good but so expensive, not worth the prices

Review №61

Great pizza and French fries

Review №62

Great place to eat! Delicious pizza and the best tea around Myrtle Beach.

Review №63

My caravan of 10 people had strolled into these seemingly savory restaurant hoping to satisfy our hunger. Boy we're we wrong. After telling our waitress REPEATEDLY that we needed to be in a hurry thus implying a fast quick and go dinner, our food proceeded to take 30 mins. While we were ordering she had no idea of what type of food was on the menu, my brother asked to order the chili dog she then asked him if he wanted the hot dog basket to which he replied, "No. I want the chili dog please." She told him that she had gotten it down but seemed a little unsure of herself, but we had reassured her that the chili dog (with chili on a hot dog) was on the menu. Even going so far as to showing her it's placement on the actual menu. That should've been the first clue. It was a domino effect as things got drastically worse. I ordered the ceasar salad w shrimp and asked me what type of dressing I wanted. What other type of dressing goes on a Caesar salad?? She then came back 10 minutes later to tel me that there was no more shrimp and she forgot what type of dressing I previously asked for. When the drinks arrived everything seemed dandy but then 5 minutes later we were told there was no more coke! I mean come on there are coke cups, coke signs, coke clocks, and coke pictures but NO there was no edible god damn coke! We were getting more and more frustrated and her capability to actually do her job. When she brought the food it was in waves. So not everyone was eating at the same time. Not to mention the fact that after previously stating at least 4 times that the chili goes on the hot dog, the waitress brought a bland hot dog and then some fries with chili on them! Chili fries! And then another person at the table didn't even get her fries! So many screw ups in so little time. When the bill finally arrived, there were multiple overcharges such as the shrimp ceased salsd (an extra $3) and an extra $3 drink, as well as the extra fries. Thankfully someone found the mistake and gave it back. Mediocre food with high prices, incompentent waitresses and slow service even with practically no one in the restaurant. Disappointed and dissatisfied. Purely awful. Don't come back here.

Review №64

Awesome pizza. . $5 special pop with slice. However it's cash only!! Big slices and cool waitress!

Review №65

When we are on vacation from NY we make sure to stop here to get a slice! Always delicious and closest thing to NY pizza!!

Review №66

Waitress was wonderful, food was good, took one star away because there are no restrooms, there are public restrooms 2 doors down and around the corner but were VERY NASTY

Review №67

Great place to eat, quick but still nice and hot! pizza slices are huge for the price!

Review №68

In short: expensive-Cash Only, flavorless, small portion sizes, very low food quality, flies everywhere.This place is convenient in the location/proximity to the beach. Staff could be improved a lot, our "server" was pushy. We were handed menu's as we walked to out table, immediately our drink order was taken (bottles only), and then she asked for our order of food. Felt like we were rushed, but asked for a few more minutes anyways since we didn't even get to look at the menu. She came back around, I got a chicken gryo and a side of fries, while my friend got a philly cheese steak. My gyro was super processed "chicken" with lettuce & tzatziki sauce. Fries were okay, kinda crunchy in the center still. Not good, would not recommend my meal. My friend said her sandwich was okay, but she has had better. All in all, I paid $14 for my meal and she paid about $10. Way too expensive for the portion sizes and food quality. On top of all that the staff would switch off taking smoke breaks every minute right by the front door. Also we had flies flying around us and our food the entire time-a lot of them.

Review №69

Not quite ny pizza, but pretty close

Review №70

Great place!

Review №71

Place was very busy staff was very friendly and the pizza was excellent. Will go there again pricing was within reason.

Review №72

Excellent good! Excellent service!!

Review №73

The ppl are super cool and the pizza is great...

Review №74

Very good place

Review №75

Nice pizza eatery

Review №76

Pizzas delishish. Very casual.

Review №77

Employees were unsanitary (eating food behind the kitchen), there were bugs everywhere. I will not be returning.

Review №78

Good but bland

Review №79

Food was extremely bland, server seemed distant and inconvenienced. Prices were average for the area.

Review №80

Very good

Review №81

Very good

Review №82

Good pizza

Review №83

Huge slices

Review №84

Just ok

Review №85

Awesome flavors

Review №86

Authentic food and superb pizza from a pizza snob. We come here every year our first dinner on our Myrtle Beach vacation.

Review №87

Best pizza in Myrtle

Review №88

Review №89

It was okay.

Review №90


Review №91

Best pizza in Myrtle Beach

Review №92

Good Pizza

Review №93


Review №94

They come to you to get your order and then go ae away

Review №95

Shady place

Review №96

Awesome pizza!

Review №97

The pizza was okay. I think it had been out too long, but it was only $5.00 with a drink!

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  • Address:1101 Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
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  • Phone:+1 843-945-2970
  • American restaurant
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Beer garden
  • Dessert restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Italian restaurant
  • Sandwich shop
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:11AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:11AM–12AM
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  • Friday:11AM–12AM
  • Saturday:11AM–12AM
  • Sunday:11AM–12AM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
  • Veteran-Led:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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