Paradise Pancake & Omelette House
1201 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

Had black spots in the potatoes. Yes I realize some of it is spices. Portion were small and over priced.

Review №2

First time bring here, I love non main stream restaraunts. This place I seen everytime I came to MB to visit so I thought I would give it a try. My waitress was perfect, dont know her name but she was very awsome. The food was good in my opinion, Fresh hot and delicious.

Review №3

We ate breakfast here this morning, the restaurant is super clean, from the time we came in we were greeted with a smile. The buffet is awesome, food is fresh and delicious, they have all safety protocols in place for COVID-19, our server was extremely friendly and always checked on us. This is the best breakfast spot we found in Myrtle Beach. Keep up the great work!!!!

Review №4

Very laid back atmosphere with great customer service. Made my 1st time traveling alone even better, thank you to the great staff!

Review №5

Awesome service good food. Our server April was polite and attentive to everything we needed. April did a great job with my picky kids and lots of patience. Its hard to find people like April in the service industry with the patience and professionalism that she used with my family. Thank you April!!!!

Review №6

Eggs where watery nut the bacon potato wedges grits French toast was Great. The bad thing was Monday thru Friday they serve you at ur table no fresh fruit or yogurts options. But Saturday and Sunday you can get served in buffet line and they did have yogurts and bananas few other options price was like 12.99

Review №7

My experience at this restaurant was good. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere was welcoming

Review №8

Excellent food. Fast. Worth the price. Our only issue is that each time we come we have to wait a good bit to pay. They have a cashier instead of letting the servers take payment. It's not that they are slow, they are just all very busy. We will still eat here every time we visit, just know if you are the types who want to eat and run (like folks with a little one) maybe ask to pay before you get the food.

Review №9

Staff and food were great .... Good prices & excellent service. Everything so clean.

Review №10

Good breakfast place! The pancakes are nice and fluffy! Prices aren't that bad either!

Review №11

Mark was our server. Very prompt and very courteous to us. Would definitely recommend for a quick easy breakfast or brunch. Thanks for the great service Mark.

Review №12

Not worth the $30+ we spent for 2 people. Too many good pancake houses in MB to waste your time here. Food wasn't that good either.

Review №13

Really not a good experience for me and my family. The eggs tasted like a cigarette ashtray and the total price for everything was over $65 for me and my two girls which honestly they jacked up their prices because of the holiday. Only one was great bout the place was the waffles. Never again....

Review №14

Prices and service were great. Friendly staff as well

Review №15

The food was very good. Our server was very nice and talkative. And it was not very busy at 8:30 am. We will be back!

Review №16

Granted, it was Thanksgiving morning so there weren't a lot of people here. Also, not many places open. So we decided to give it try. It wasn't bad. The staff were really friendly. Had the pancakes, eggs, hash browns, sausage, & coffee. It was made correctly and served quickly. There are a ton of pancake spots down here, this one is worth a try. They work hard to be good. You have to admire that.

Review №17

The food was not good the omelet was cold. They had one guy who wasn't a worker, walking around to the kitchen an back up front. Was not doing social distancing. A guy in the kitchen had no face mask. ponytail, long beard. Should of not been in the kitchen. We got French toast, omelet, 3 eggs an bacon. 3 teas an it was 40 bucks. Drive a mile an go to waffle house.

Review №18

The two men working the buffet were amazing. Service a bit slow due to short staff but overall great service

Review №19

The waitress was attentive and had a friendly attitude. the pancakes were nice n fluffy good taste but the hashbrowns were dry n undercooked n the scramble eggs were like powered eggs with no salt seriosly not worth the money

Review №20

Um it's okay instead of prices going up on frozen breakfast and plastic silverware it needs to go down! It's a mom and pop establishment been around for long time. Regardless of changes because of bs covid. Bare minimum is the word for 8.99 a plate.Sorry man, go back to real food.

Review №21

Its food. Nothing special. Nice people. But table was sticky, server picked up a ketchup bottle cap off the floor and put it directly back on the ketchup bottle. If your in dire need of food eat here...otherwise take a wait somewhere else.

Review №22

Wonderful place to eat. I highly recommend it

Review №23

Not the best food. Service was good. Kinda expensive. You are eating with plastic silverware and paper plates.

Review №24

Food was not that good 1/2of what we ordered never came

Review №25

Good very large pancakes. The regular 3 pancake order was too much for me though, should have gotten the short stack.

Review №26

Friendly staff, food decent at a decent price.

Review №27

French toast had no taste grits were super lumpy and our waitress kept reaching over our plates ! Won't be back

Review №28

Food was really good, great service, glad I found this place!

Review №29

Great Service. Great Pancakes. Not so Great Tea cause I had to add like 30 sugar packets to taste it. But overall 10/10 would recommend hope this helped.

Review №30

Food was good. Service was very good!!!!

Review №31

Disgusting! Tea was unsweet I ordered the 2 pancakes with bacon and eggs (add cheese) the under part of my eggs were slimy and runny like they didnt fully cook them the cheesy was slimy so I wasnt sure whether it was raw egg, old cheese, a mixture of both and grease but I couldn't eat it at all. The place gave me a Bad vibe overall

Review №32

Great friendly service. Waitress was informative and kind. Under new ownership. Omelet was hot and fresh. Sausage gravy with biscuits was super good too. Highly recommend.

Review №33

Do yourself a favor and go to iHop. I decided to go to a local restaurant for breakfast and this is what I got for $16. The cream turned to chess, it was so old. Everything they had, I had to check for expiration date.

Review №34

After a week in Myrtle Beach, my expectations were not very high, but this place was simply AMAZING!We were seated immediately and had hot delicious coffee in front of us within 5 minutes. The portion sizes are generous and the prices were reasonable. The French Toast was the best I've ever eaten in any restaurant, and the eggs were cooked exactly to order.The next time we come to Myrtle Beach we'll be visiting Paradise again! I'm just sad we didn't find it sooner!

Review №35

Friendly staff, subpart food. Eggs watered way down and overpriced for the quality of the food.

Review №36

Ate breakfast buffet. Biscuits hard and food okay. Probably would not eat there again

Review №37

Unfortunately we did not have the good service that others did. We were met with warm greetings but never saw that person again. Our waitress took forever to take our order. The food took over 40 minutes to come out. They were not busy at the time at all. And our food came out cold. When we told her she offered to warm it up. We had to ask for drink refills as well. We po only saw her when she took our order, brought our food and brought our check. Was very disappointed in this meal.

Review №38

New owners very nice and trying hard. Food is average.

Review №39

Food & service was great, but hostess was always playing with her hair.The kitchen staff, when bringing the clean plates from kitchen, to the front tableHad their hands all over the eating service area of the plate.Very unsanitary methods handling food items.

Review №40

Food was cold. Pancakes was awful. Biscuit had a piece of hair on it. Eggs wasn't cook

Review №41

Me and my husband ate here on 7/26/2019 and I must say it is a Yes for return trip when we come back to Myrtle beach! The service was friendly, no wait to sit which concerned me but I bet because it's not many reviews people don't know! We got the early bird special 7a-9a 2.99 breakfast! The breakfast was hot and fresh the pancakes are huge!!! If you are funny about your coffee just know they are the best on the beach! Check them out it's worth it. We enjoyed our breakfast in a cool atmosphere! The Egg plate was 2.99 we paid up for the Pancakes but we also shared this food and left 1.5 pancake. Enjoy ️ we did

Review №42

When me and my family visited Mrytal beach we wanted to support some local businesses so we decided to try out this new restaurant for breakfast.We all ordered just basic breakfast foods but my daughter ordered the stuffed French toast and her food wasn't even brought out with the rest of our meal. Once they brought it out, it was the wrong order all together. We finally got what she ordered but it took an additional 30 minutes to fix, on top of the 30 minutes we waited for our food in the first place. So we just gave our daughter some of our food, which wasn't great either. They didn't even offer to remove her meal, but to be fair we didn't ask for them to either. I gave it a 2 stars because a few of the employees (not our actual waitress) where really nice to us while we waited for that long time frame.

Review №43

Ordered an item on the menu. Mish mash was told wasn't in their menu any more. This was on a sunday. Guessing no manager on staff or one that didn't care about their job. Heard the cook say he wasn't cooking that [email protected] today. Si ordered something else. Scramble eggs not done , they were runny underneath. Last visit here. The cook will not have to worry about making mish mash for us ever again.

Review №44

After a week here .This restaurant was a surprise it was clean no odor Rest rooms clean also free of odors..Coffee was hot and fresh never allowed the cup cool down Food was served with a friendly smile. Greeted with a good afternoon and also a goodbye when we left this is a definite change from the fast foods that I have eaten at this week

Review №45

Service polite and speedy. Missing a few items off menu due to late truck. Food was delicious but not kept warm before bringing to table, needed to be reheated.

Review №46

The western omelet was the best I've had in ages!!

Review №47

I would not recommend eating here. There are 100s of places to have breakfast in MB but this is definitely in the lower 25%. Place smells of mold. I was in a hurry and didn't notice that until I was already seated and ordered otherwise I would have left. Food just didn't taste good after that. I left a good tip for the waitress because the experience wasn't her fault. Spent $10 for a ver unsatisfactory breakfast.

Review №48

Good food and quick service

Review №49

Very nice, friendly and helpful service.

Review №50

Brought coffee to the table and then never saw a waiter again. Left without eating.

Review №51

Food was good, however at the price is a little too much for the meal.

Review №52

Sad food was cold biscuits were so hard. Might have been just a bad day. Several families walked out. Only one sweet waitress.

Review №53

The outside of this building will not impress you and the furniture inside may not either, but the food is amazing! Makes it worth the easier - will be returning!

Review №54

There are too many good breakfast establishments in the area to settle on this place. Server was great, but the food just average. But the guy running the place who also sits at the front counter is a joke and a jerk. I spent 20 years in the military, so I usually ask for the discount, some give it some don't. And I don't care if a business doesn't, however when I asked this idiot he rolled his eyes and said no, only if active and in uniform will I consider it.. then basically snatched my card out of my hand and asked. “How much are you gonna tip my server?” Just a jerk all the way around

Review №55

The service was slow. We waited almost a hour for our food and they wasn't busy. On the flip side once we got.our food , it was good. When we left the hostess didn't acknowledge our visit. No have a nice day or come back to see us. We won't eat here again

Review №56

Came to eat here and regretted it. All the food was ice cold. The biscuit and gravy was congealed and inedible and the biscuit itself was so old it was just turning into dust. The eggs Benedict was gross. The grits had a chemical taste. The only thing we ordered that was decent was the chipped beef on toast. I debated posting this review because i hate to hurt a small business but I hate for someone on vacation to spend alot of money here and it be nasty too. It was also over 70 dollars for 4 people. Mainly because they dont let you buy items like biscuits and gravy separately you have to pay for a whole meal. I also politely let the waitress know the biscuit were not good and we didnt eat them at all. They never offered to even remove them from the bill. I paid, tipped and left. Just a heads up Myrtle beach patrons.

Review №57

Wonderful food. Great prices. Service was outstanding. Love all the breakfast choices. They never let your coffee get empty. They have flavored creamers. Food came out fast. Crab cake Benedict was great. Employees are friendly and kind. Would definitely go back again. Very clean

Review №58

Well it all started okay. We had excellent service, our food came pretty fast, and everything looked and smelt great. Until I put syrup on my pancakes and found SEVERAL bugs! Obviously none of us could eat after that.

Review №59

Ehhh! Truthfully, I wasn't impressed at all with this place. Food wasn't that good to make you wanna return. There are better places on the strip to eat at!

Review №60

Worse customer service my family has ever seen. The food was cold and undercooked. They will never see us again .

Review №61

Service was good but expected better

Review №62

Great and fast service

Review №63

Amazing good, good prices & excellent service

Review №64

Service & food were great

Review №65

Not worth the price! The food was cold and they did not have simple toast and jam on the bar.

Review №66

Another of the many diners scattered around Myrtle Beach. We stopped here because the reviews were good and we were not disappointed. The food was good and they have a few local favorites to help distinguish it from the others. They have an amazing and friendly staff that takes the time to talk to you and treat you nice. They're even kid friendly.!

Review №67

Breakfast was pretty good. The pancakes were a little too thick, but that's just a personal preference. This is a mom & pop southern establishment. No fancy menu items and cheap prices. What really stood out was our waitress Nicole! Best service I've had in a really long time.

Review №68

Nice and friendly staff!!!

Review №69

Everything here was slow. Slow to be seated. Slow to get drinks. Slow to get our food. And the food was just ok. The server was nice, but the general feel was that they could really care less since you probably weren't coming back anyway since you were probably a tourist. Basic tourist trap diner.

Review №70

Went for breakfast. Excellent value. Excellent service!

Review №71

Waitress was super nice... Unfortunately, do NOT expect to get your food in 30 minutes or less. It took an hour for every single table around us to receive their food. Everyone's food at our table of 5 was cold to the touch after we received it 48 minutes after ordering.

Review №72

Good breakfast. Good service. Nice people.

Review №73

Google gave us directions to the wrong place so we ended up here for breakfast. I never thought you could mess up a waffle. It's a waffle... Plain and simple... Paradise proved me wrong on this.... It was gritty and undercooked. Tasted/felt like cornmeal. Eggs tasted like egg beaters or something. The couple of good points for paradise was the staff was very friendly and efficient. It was within walking distance from our hotel.

Review №74

After reading so many bad reviews of other breakfast places in the area, we decided to try this spot. This place did not disappoint us, very warm friendly staff and the service is impeccable. The food is here is amazing, both hot,fresh and reasonably priced. Worth every penny, we will definitely be returning.

Review №75

Not crowded! The service was very friendly and the food was great! I got the French toast deluxe with scrambled cheese eggs and double bacon it was delicious! This is a very affordable breakfast and it is like 3 minutes from our resort. I would recommend this for breakfast in Myrtle Beach

Review №76

Made me feel like I was at Home!

Review №77

Great place for breakfast . Menu has a huge selection of yummy breakfast items, servings are huge, prices are perfect. Being Americans we should support local businesses which do not carry heavy name tags like Waffle House and IHOP. Erica, our server was simply fantastic.

Review №78

OMG do not stop here. Not only do you not get your money's worth but you can't substitute those nasty pancakes for anything!!!! An order of 2 biscuits and gravy is 6 flipping dollars and a half order is 5. 8 dollars for hash browns and 1 gravy biscuit. Ridiculous!!!!!. There is no room in the booths for people who are even slightly over weight, and last but not least, the cashier was a really nasty character all the way around. Dressed like a slob, unkempt hair, and really bad attitude. Stay away from this place!!!!!

Review №79

I usually eat there 3 times a week I love it!!!

Review №80

Food was good...staff was great!!!

Review №81

Good service. Public bathroom. Cheap pricing. Quick food service. Indoor seating only. Spacious. A bit outdated but clean. Lots of special pricing on most days. Several locations around the area. Hotel Coupon book has discount deals. Several meals were under $10. The only knock was the sausage links were poorly cooked. Overall, I'd return.

Review №82

Fast and friendly service. Typical breakfast menu at good prices. Very short walk from our hotel.

Review №83

Great food and staff.

Review №84

Good breakfast. Although the hash browns were a little uncooked. Waitresses very courteous and friendly

Review №85

I would give this place zero stars if I could. The employee was extremely rude when we called to inquire about the type of oil they use due to our daughter's extreme anaphylactic food allergies. I would avoid this place at all costs. He would not bother to read the bottle for her safety and hung up on my husband.

Review №86

Visit the restaurant a few minutes ago party of 15 and the cashier asked us to wait outside in the rain after our name was called to be seated. Two of us stayed inside with small child and the cashier sitting asked us to go outside. We went outside and went to Denny's across the street. I guess our money was not good enough.

Review №87

The pancakes were disgusting. The bacon taste like a mountain of salt. When the waitress was told about it she totally ignored me. The eggs and grits were great though

Review №88

I hate to give this place a 1 starlet because our waitress, Nicole, was amazing and the food was outstanding. Unfortunately, the behavior of the hostess, Dawn, ruined a completely pleasant dining experience.We arrived with a group of what would have been 8. Two of our guests were there first and already sitting and eating. Another guest decided to dine with us and brought 3 children which meant we needed 4 additional seats. The place was not busy and has several available tables directly next to us that could have easily been moved to accommodate the change in guest. They had initially planned to just take 1 of the booths across from us but we decided to ask if they could move the additional table next to our. Dawn began to yell that we told her 8 guest. She was so loud that other guests in the restaurant were focused on us. After repeating herself and reminding us how many guest we initially stated, another waitress kindly began to move the table, which could have easily been done by Dawn. The way she treated our addition guests resulting in them deciding to leave. They refused to spend money in this restaurant.I've been to this place several times and always had a great experience. Dawn should be given training on how to respectfully interact with customers. She single handedly could ruin the chances of people recommending this restaurant.I'd like to add that all other staff was wonderful! Other waitresses spoke with all tables, not just their own and everyone seemed pleased to work there. That in itself helped the experience.

Review №89

This place was awesome. My family was on vacation in Myrtle Beach for the first time, and this was recommended by the front desk at our hotel. The service was amazing. Our waitress Holly or Molly (lol) was absolutely amazing and sweet. The food was so good, my family left full and satisfied. The sweet tea was to die for. We're from NY, so the southern hospitality was a nice change. We will definitely be back on our next visit to Myrtle Beach.

Review №90

Awesome breakfast, awesome staff, awesome all around! Visiting from NC, I'm used to small breakfast places but none of them live up to here. The pancakes were fluffy and large, my eggs were perfectly cooked. Our drinks were always full! I cannot rate this place high enough.

Review №91

My breakfast was fine. I had a cheese omelette, I selected hashbrowns as my side and my meal also came with toast. My honey ordered pancakes, which came out impressively huge. He was underwhelmed with how they tasted, he said they tasted more like biscuits with the same texture/consistency. Not at all what he expected from a restaurant with "Pancake" in it's name. Too many other places to choose from in Myrtle Beach with much better pancakes.

Review №92

Good place

Review №93

My family and I had a great experience here! We went twice during our stay and was not disappointed. Our meals were cooked perfectly and tasted great. Especially the pancakes. Fast service the second day we went. The only thing I did not enjoy too much were the home fries. This is according to my taste preference. It was just too salty but how they prepared it seemed good. Everything else was perfect!

Review №94

I can't comment on the food because they were turning away potential customers. 7 open tables and booths and they refused to serve 3 other parties in our 1 minute attempting to sign in for service.

Review №95

Great little place to get breakfast and not be crowded.

Review №96

Great food and service! The chip beef and gravy on toast was outstanding.

Review №97

Hostess was a young teen girl who made you feel like greeting you and seating you was a chore. The server was much more friendly and also very efficient. I got a breakfast that included eggs, sausage, and a waffle. The eggs were some liquid egg product like I had seen come in 5 gallon buckets back when I worked for Shoney's. Didn't taste much like eggs. The sausage was cold in the center. The waffle seriously tasted like it was made with corn meal. Very grainy, salty texture. I was hungry so I ate most of what was in front of me, but I would definitely not go back for another round.

Review №98

Was there for over an hour and when we got our food it felt like it came out of freezer. I normally come to this location but the last 2 times just been terrible experience. I wont be coming back

Review №99

Really good food. Service was slow, but worth the wait!

Review №100

Shannon was our server. She didn't know the menu well at all causing us to get extra food we didn't need. Almost everything was cold and we ordered chocolate milks that were so chocolatey it was disgusting, not too mention only filled 3/4 full, of course we were charged for the one glass of milk to dilute them. Bad attitude and bad service. Definitely not returning.

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3.4 Rating
  • Address:1201 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
  • Phone:+1 843-448-5600
  • American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–2PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–2PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–2PM
  • Thursday:7AM–2PM
  • Friday:7AM–2PM
  • Saturday:7AM–2PM
  • Sunday:7AM–2PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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