RipTydz Oceanfront Grille & Rooftop Bar
1210 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

The waitress denied me alcohol because my ID was a expired even though we are in a world pandemic and the law states my ID is good until December 1st. She literally ruined my experience there and I won't be going back. My mom is getting married on the beach in a couple days and we wanted to celebrate there. Not anymore. We recommend the beach house bar and grill. Amazing service and the fish bowl was awesome!

Review №2

Awesome atmosphere - oceanfront...what can be better - Bartender (Javier) was great - Valley parking for who knows why? (Not needed!!) A valey for such a small parking lot is ridiculous!! Its just less typing for the staff.- He parked my truck 5 feet so good luck with that - Lobster rolls were great -

Review №3

Wow. This place was crazy and insane. After looking at the pictures, I would suggest this place. Great place! The wait is long, but worth it. Check out my pictures. They are great pictures.I would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting SC!

Review №4

It was too cold for the patio so we hung out in the sports bar area. The people were very friendly and a good place to watch the game. It could be a little loud at times. Drink were a bit pricey but very good. Food is average. This is definitely a place to go for the view. A good deal for sharing was the shrimp chips. You get a lot for the price and definitely a good shareable option.

Review №5

Best meal I have ever had in Myrtle Beach. What a great value and breathtaking location with excellent service! The drinks, calamari, and seafood tower were exceptional and not unreasonably priced as well. The view was a perfect complement as well. I will definitely be returning when I visit Myrtle Beach next time.

Review №6

Went here the evening of Labor Day. Was fairly quiet. We were seated quickly. The service was good. Had the OMG Burger and Coconut Chicken Wrap.My only criticism was that there was too much pepper on the bacon (on the burger) and the chicken in the wrap wasn't warm (I don't think it's supposed to be, but we expected it to be).Sitting on the Patio we had a great view of the ocean and the breeze made it cool enough to be very comfortable.

Review №7

The food here was fantastic Our pictures that were taken came out wonderfully by the photographer! I got the All Under The Sun drink & it was amazing! The second floor seating with the oceanfront view made it all perfect! I would certainly recommend this restaurant to anyone! Our server Maya was super friendly and always checked on us.Come here guys!

Review №8

Excellent day of great food, good football and amazing staff! Michelle is the coolest bartender! So friendly, welcoming and excellent service! Suzie took the best pictures and captured a fun day of memories for us! Highly recommend!

Review №9

In My opinion this is the best restaurant on the boardwalk. Love music entertainment great price meals and drinks! Great location is right in the middle of Myrtle Beach and on the water ocean front view. The downstairs play area for games is just an additional feature of this great restaurant venue. I ordered the lobster rolls and the fish and chips both were so GOOD and filling!This is where I want to come whenever I'm on the boardwalk at Myrtle Beach. Service was great food came out fast and they were very attentive to anything I needed. You'll have to pay for parking however and make sure to watch the meter or you can valet below the restaurant.

Review №10

Great drinks and views from restaurant or rooftop. By far the best happy hour in Myrtle Beach for someone that is visiting like I was. Cheesesteak sandwich was a big piece of steak and fries were great (golden crispy). Cocktail menu is really big, try the 64 oz mason jar drinks if you are up for it, it's a bigger than most fish bowls.

Review №11

Location Location Location!!!No social distancing was observed here which is creepy in this pandemic (taking a star off for that) We were lucky to get a corner table so not crowded.Food was great! Good presentation and tasty.Wait times are too much but with that ocean view right in front, I didn't really mind it. Also live music added to setting up a great mood.

Review №12

Service was great! I ordered the Rip Tyde tower which had EVERYTHING I needed to satisfy my seafood craving! Definitely enough food for 2 people! The cocktails were kinda weak but were served in a CapriSun-type pouch which was cute. LOL Overall it was a pleasant experience!

Review №13

Food was okay at best. Shrimp and grits had large chunks of vegetables that didn't quite seem to belong. Bacon, rather than being incorporated into the sauce, looked like it came from Costco.Must be a place where people want to be seen, as a photographer pounces on all diners offering to take pics. Fortunately he does not also serve as a men's room attendant.Covid-19 precautions are loosely followed in this fairly infected area.The perfect place for those who prefer style over substance.

Review №14

Went here with my family for dinner a few days ago. Our waiter was great, wish I remembered his name. He kept the conversation and was super pleasant. Got our drinks, order, and food was great all around. However, when we first got there, there were 3 hostesses at the stand. We got there pretty early for dinner and the restaurant was pretty empty. Not one of them greeted us or attempted to say hello. They didn't ask how many would be in our party or anything. I spoke up and said something along the lines of wanting to sit near the bar. They told us to walk on back and that's what we did. We took a table near the bar because we wanted to watch the football game that was on. We were pretty confused why we were seating ourselves but went back. Then a bartender asked if we had menus and we said no, we were told to come back. The bartender had to get us menus from the host stand and properly seat us. It was a very awkward and confusing interaction. Why were there 3 hosts at the stand, all very unpleasant, and looked like they were probably 15. First job? Just a very off-putting experience while getting seated. Other than that, like I said, food was great along with our waiter and bartenders. Don't expect a warm greeting from the crowded host stand whose hosts look at you like you're interrupting their gossip session! Looking at other reviews glad I'm not the only one who noticed this.

Review №15

Great view, food and service! You can get a 1/2 gallon mixed drink for $28! They have all kinds of games and even a few for the kiddos!

Review №16

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome Great place to be on vacation! And the photographer is amazing we took some awesome pictures that will be memories forever ️️️

Review №17

Parking is valet only. Our server was nice but a bit slow. We found out we were sat outside our waitresses section because we asked to be sat outside with an ocean view. Speaking of which, the tables on the lower part of the 2nd floor patio are too low. I'm 5'9 and my Fiancée is 5'3 and we both had to stretch up and look over a railing to see the advertised ocean view. The food was a little over priced but really good and, the portion sizes were just right. Average experience with above average food.

Review №18

I liked it! Couple of levels to the restaurant plus a rooftop bar. Inside and outside dinning. Good food, friendly staff. Lots of options on price from normal expensive to very expensive COVID friendly during entry and being seated.

Review №19

We had the fried seafood platter. It tastes really good and was enough for at least two or three people. But there could have been more shrimps and fewer fried pickles. I'm glad we could sit outside. The bar tenders inside did not even wear a mask.

Review №20

I had the shrimp and grits. They were very delicious. Portions were pretty big. Couldn't even finish it. The only thing I would say is to give less grits. Just felt like too much. My fiancé had the Dungeness crab legs, and cracked. Very meat crab legs and great portions. Would give a 4.5 if available. Will definitely return.

Review №21

We ordered low country boil steamer, spinach with berry and granola salad, plus 2 add on crab cakes. This was a pick up item for a 70th birthday dinner. Very disappointed from the start to finish. The person taking our order over the telephone asked if we wanted the crab cakes on the side or on the salad. I said on the side. So of course they came on the salad. Apparently the lemon vinaigrette salad dressing stated in the menu as coming on this salad was left off. This was a pick up order and we didn't bother going back just for the dressing. It was definitely a disappointment and with the variety of places to choose from on Myrtle Beach, I expected this to be a lot better all the way around. Mediocre food and not the best service. I did get to listen to the two girls gossip at the hostess stand while waiting for my order to be ready. I would not recommend this place to anyone visiting.

Review №22

If you get high off of disappointment, this is the place to be. Where do I start?We ordered some frozen drinks which were good, not great. Pretty average if you ask me. This was followed up with an order of calamari, fried well but oddly garnished with a sprinkle of cheese and tomatoes. Calamari was good, but again... not great. Nothing really stood out except for the view of the beach.Next we attempted to order dinner. Sorry, one of their main dishes Red Snapper, was out. My husband ended up going with a lobster po boy and crab cake, and I had a chicken wrap (which thanked my wallet but not my mouth). The chicken in my wrap was pre breaded and most likely frozen too. My husbands lobster and crab cake came with a side of shell that he coughed up while trying to eat the edible portions. To put it in perspective, our batch cooked cruise ship seafood was much better than the few items tasted here tonight.But hey, least we got free wet naps.

Review №23

Multi level bar/restaurant with fun on each floor. This place has a great view of the ocean and live music on the 3rd floor. The design of the restaurant and the decor are very thematic of a new beachfront bar. The top floor was my favorite. There is a giant projector playing behind the live music and a patio with amazing views. The music was incredible. I have to find the play list they are using. I was tempted to rank this as four stars only because of the server we had the first time. She was very slow, answered "we don't have that" to anything I wanted from the menu, and royally messed up my Berry Bomb. To be clear, I found out later they had the things I was asking for. Despite this one experience, this is the first place I am going back to next time I visit Myrtle Beach.

Review №24

Ocean view, stylishly designed atmosphere with delicious seafood and creative cocktail list. Terrific service! Something for everyone on the menu. Romantic yet casual atmosphere. Wide open massive windows outside to enjoy the ocean breeze. 3rd has floor open roof bar.

Review №25

Our server was super sweet but thats the only positive we had. We waited an hour and a half for our food. By the time it finally came I wasn't even hungry anymore. My steak was supposed to be medium. It was well well done. The steamer was delicious when it finally got there. Drinks were good. The manager did comp the steak so they kind of made it right. I MIGHT go back one day and give them a 2nd try but I'm not sure.

Review №26

Great view of the ocean and nice staff. The cut of Ribeye should have been better for the price but overall, a nice restaurant on the beach.

Review №27

Food was super yummy. I loved the chicken egg rolls the sauce really set them off. The crab stuffed grilled cheese was also an amazing experience. Didn't enjoy the upcharge on the fries and the chips are beyond bland. And drinks were super weak. But we will be back next trip. Great portion sizes.

Review №28

I've eaten here before and it was decent. Took family here that was from out of town party of 9 and I should of choose another place. Multiple bad experiences happened all in one sitting. First of all we had 1 waitress take our drink order. Then 10 minutes later another waiter came up and said he will now be our waiter. Still no drinks. So put our drink order in again and appetizers. Now we waited a while got our appetizers still no drinks. Finished our appetizers still no drink. Finally got our drinks all but my brother. He ordered a beer which never came. So he figures I will order another 1. Now 10 minutes later he got 2 beers at 1 time. At this point my water has been empty since we got appetizers. Never really saw our waiter just food runners. Waiter came took our order still no water. Wife and I ordered a side salad before our meal. Which never came. Finally after an hour we got our food and salad came out with food. I told food runner I did not want it now. Which I was asked 5 times if I was sure. My 1 brothers burger had a hair sitting on top of bun soon as it was delivered. He said something to food runner and runner just left it like no big deal. Still no water. My best friend got crab cake on bun which the bun was 2 times the size of the crab cake. The crab cake was very small. Through out eating my cousin stopped eating half way through because once again hair in her food now. When the bills came out half of them weren't right. Manager never came out.. All said and done it was a long 2 hours and I still didn't get any refill on water along with multiple other issues. Not very good.

Review №29

The restaurant has prompt service. We waited for only 10 mins. We were seated and waited on within 5 mins. Our waitress was patient and amazing with the kids. When we decided to go back, she had the food packed for us. The food was amazing. I had the seafood steamer with crab legs (king and Dungeness Snow), and lobster tails. It was delicious! And enough to eat on three times. Highly recommended. The amount of food balances the amount paid.

Review №30

Very good service and food. The drink menu is great and the entrees are well-prepared. The Mac n' Cheese is to die for! I recommend sitting on the rooftop bar area because it gives you an amazing view of the pier and ocean.

Review №31

This restaurant was amazing. My fiance, family and I ate here for my birthday weekend. It was my step fathers birthday as well. The food was delicious and they had a great photographer who captured this memorable night. If youre ever in myrtle beach make sure to check it out. Fellas they have the big screens to catch current sports.

Review №32

Nice view of the ocean from the rooftop bar or the dining room. Our server Marisa was awesome and took great care of us. We started with the Rip'n Shrimp, which was delicious. I had the Shrimp and Grits, which was spicy and filling. My wife and son had the "Mac'd Out"; a build-your-own mac n' cheese dish which they both enjoyed, but neither of them could finish it, it was so huge!All-in-all, an excellent dining experience!

Review №33

Holy heck! Great views. Very clean. Friendly and professional staff. Prices are a bit high, but portions are huge, so worth it in the end. Non-alcoholic drink sizes are massive, which was a plus. Husband had the arugula salad with goat cheese and I had snow crab legs. The crab legs were steamed perfectly!

Review №34

Always great food, great service, and an amazing view. We are locals and have been a few times and we've always have had a positive experience. The on site photographer is awesome too!

Review №35

We were having the worst experience coming to myrtle until we came here and met Shiner! Amazing service from him. Great food (smoked gouda egg rolls were mouth watering). We ended coming back multiple times but only during Javier and Shiners shifts. Great guys!!

Review №36

The only thing good about this place was the host who seated me and my guest. We were waiting for at least 15 min for someone to even ask if we at least wanted some water. I even took it upon myself to ask someone if we could get some service and you know what they did? Skipped our table and we to the Caucasian couples who were seated 10 mins after we were. We were never served after still waiting another 10 minutes so we left. I will not be returning here money spends just as good as anyone else!

Review №37

Fabulous view. Our server Grace was friendly and attentive.The food was tasty and the happy hour prices were standard. Can't wait to return.

Review №38

Has a great view of the Ocean while enjoy good food. Our waitress eas fun and full of personality which made our visit that much better. We even took an after dinner walk on the boardwalk and enjoyed a piece of Myrtle Beach night life next to the ocean. Valet made it an even better trip with all the traffic in the area. Just convenient...

Review №39

Its a lovely restaurant. Open deck and airy for lunch. Plenty of room. We had a seafood steamer, berry salad, 2 kids meals, 3 sodas and 2 mojitos for $110. Yeah its a little pricey but we are on vacation and it was our splurge meal. Taste wise it was yummy. Portions are big. Chips are homemade.

Review №40

Awesome service accompanied with great food and amazing views. Multiple levels of fun and entertainment. I'll have to admit I was a little skeptical going in thinking it would be a little gimmicky, but this place delivered. Food was great, staff was friendly and you can't beat the epic scenery. Valet parking available also. Stop by this spot!

Review №41

One of the best views in Myrtle and the food... is outstanding i couldn't ask for a better service. Please know I am not Bias because of where I live but I can tell you, you won't regret coming here. Period.

Review №42

The food here was very delicious I can tell they change the grease a lot in the fryer. Everything was great honestly the server was happy and she was smiling and the photographer also made my day. Chenelle from Hollywood Pictures is very nice and she took the best photo of our trip!

Review №43

We've been here before in off season. This weekend is busy due to the holiday. The restaurant was beyond busy, staff appeared overwhelmed, and exhausted. Our waitress was pleasant despite the humidity in the roof top area. The DJ was great. Just very loud, but you're in a bar. I ordered the shrimp and grits. A bit too spicy. Which took away from the flavor. The fried pickles are tasty, ribs fall off the bone, crab cake sandwich is tasty, and jerk chicken kabobs are flavorful.

Review №44

Having dinner is absolutely fantastic! Omg the mac and cheese build your own is AMAZING! The lobster rolls are FANTASTIC. Server Alisa is friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating and photographer Lauren is Extraordinary!

Review №45

Great rooftop bar/restaurant. Sandy area with corn hole at the bottom, enclosed restaurant portion as well. Great menu choices! If you order the mac n cheese it's enough for like 3 people.

Review №46

This was an awesome experience. Great food and service. The photographer with Hollywood pictures was very friendly and wonderful to work with. Great picture!

Review №47

Beautiful views on the rooftop!! We had excellent service, our waitress made excellent recommendations from the menu, needless to say the food was great! Chicken eggroll appetizers were to die for! Fair prices, definitely will be back next year when we go back to Myrtle Beach for vacation!

Review №48

Pretty cool place. I'm from Maine so I know Maine lobster rolls. I ordered because I haven't had Maine Lobster for years. The roll was pretty good considering but obviously not as good as home. We ordered fries but they sent chips we eventually got the fries it was a bit chilly with the ocean breeze but overall it was nice.

Review №49

Ambience was great, food not so good. Everything tasted like it came out of the freezer except for the wings. We were really disappointed. Perhaps, it's due to covid19 and not being able to get fresh ingredients?? I'm not sure but it really was a let down.

Review №50

Brandi was awesome. She was the best and most friendly of who we Interacted with. One was not very friendly but Brandi was great and beautiful pink hair.The place had a rooftop bar and it was warm and we could watch the storm roll in. It would be a really fun place to go back to eat and drink and play games and walk on the beach, but today wasn't the day to do that.I WOULD go back.

Review №51

This was the perfect end to our vacation. We had lunch here before we headed out of town. The food was great. Service was good and the view was perfect. They also open an hour earlier than most other restaurants so that was super convenient.

Review №52

Wonderful drinks and good. Thought that the oyster appetizer could have been prepared a little better was the only thing. I got steamed Lobster which was the best meal I had while in MB. I told my server I liked a sweet drink and he brought me out a really good one. Definitely would eat again!

Review №53

The wait was long but the food is worth it. Our server was also amazing! If you have a large party, go before 6 because that's when prime time starts!

Review №54

Chenelle was very friendly, open minded and understanding. She was able to deal with our many personalities in a calm tone and accommodate each and every one of us and still be full of life. She was the best. Thank you so much for being so wonderful and making our experience amazing!!

Review №55

A 9.00 glass of white wine needs to be in something better than a dollar store plastic cup that is only half full and teach them how to make an Irish coffee! Otherwise food was great and Cassidy was exceptional!

Review №56

Amazing atmosphere. Delicious food. Great service. We loved the rooftop ocean front view during sunset. This is a go to place when we are in Myrtle beach.

Review №57

Exciting atmosphere located in the heart of Myrtle Beaches famed Ocean Drive. Beautiful oceanfront dining. Rooftop deck complete with live music. Menu offers something for everyone. The staff are well trained and ever so helpful. RipTydz is a family oriented establishment. They offer valet parking which I highly recommend and an elevator for those unable to hike the stairs. RipTydz is a must for those visiting the area.

Review №58

Went to see local band. The bartender Heather was amazing. Food was good. However when the crab cake came out. It was on wilted dying lettuce. I would have preferred no lettuce vs dead lettuce. Kitchen needs to pay attention to detail. Simple as keeping things fresh.

Review №59

Nice rooftop bar. Good oysters. Recommend!!

Review №60

The food and waitstaff was amazing! Suzie and Anna at Hollywood pictures especially made our night!!! We got great pictures to remember a very chill night as a special moment! They are the absolute best!!!

Review №61

Excellent views of the ocean while dining. I thought the food was just ok, but I only ordered the chicken tenders. My friend ordered the grilled chicken sandwich and said it was amazing so, perhaps what I ordered wasn't the best thing on the menu, however, I still enjoyed myself! Pretty pricey as well.

Review №62

Very bland food. The shrimp tacos were tasteless and too crunchy. The calamari was too crunchy and they gave you marinara sauce, banana peppers and Parmesan cheese with it, which didn't go well together. My boyfriend said the burger was okay. Overall I will not be back.

Review №63

I took my family here for dinner and the food was ok but the manager on duty was very rude and disrespectful.We had a issue it was night time so it was getting cold and we asked to get the shades lowers to block the wind. Well that took about twenty minutes to happen both my family and my food was cold. And when the manager finally came to lower the shade he was about 3 inch from us and never said sorry for the inconvenience or even acknowledged our presence. He just walked away as if we were bothering him. I will never eat there again and my bill was 168.00 plus tip for a dinner of 6!

Review №64

First time the whole family had a awesome experience. The food was excellent as well we will most definitely come back, plus the photographer did a good job on our pics as well.

Review №65

This was one of the best places me and my husband ate at here at myrtle beach. Hands down 5 stars the food was amazing and also the service

Review №66

Cool atmosphere.. waitress was very nice and attentive ... over all the food was descent but not great .. alcohol drinks were okay as well...

Review №67

We sat on the rooftop with a beautiful view of the ocean! The crab legs and lobster tails are amazing and Suzie at Hollywood Pictures took really great pics of us.

Review №68

Excellent atmosphere, service and food were really good too. Definitely a must hit if you are in the area. At the very least for the view and a drink!

Review №69

The sea food (specifically the steamed basket) is amazing! The tacos are sub par, both in flavor and execution. Our server Kirk was wonderful; honest, funny, and good at his job. Thanks Kirk!

Review №70

Very good food, we had our Thanksgiving dinner here. Was a bit bummed they ran out of Prime Rib :(

Review №71

We loved our lunch at Riptydz!! Service was great! Food was great! View was even better! Anna took our pictures that looked awesome and even gave us a free postcard! Loved our time! You must come here!

Review №72

Great ocean view! Had the crab cake appetizer and fish tacos were delicious. The staff was very attentive despite how busy it was on a Saturday night.

Review №73

Fantastic view! Corn hole and games on the roof top. Overlooks the water. Food was excellent. Great drink prices. Nice size bar with lots of tvs. Ask for Diego the manager - super friendly and knows his menu very well!!

Review №74

Great food and drink selections. Beautiful rooftop views!!

Review №75

Food was very good and drinks were great as well. I would recommend the raspberry lemon drop martini and the mermaid water. The only thing was that service was a little lacking, and it took us several minutes to get silverware after being served our food. It did seem busy, though.

Review №76

Omg! The drinks are phenomenal. I had the drink called, everything under the sun. I asked for it in a mason jar. Fabulous!

Review №77

Great beach view food and drinks. Waiters were excellent and should make more $

Review №78

Anna was helpful and gave us a great picture. Hannah was very accommodating. Great meal with great prices!

Review №79

Awesome spot which has live music all the time. It's rooftop bar too so there's a breeze right off the beach which you can see right below you. Good drinks. Solid crowd. One of the places I frequent in MB on the weekends.

Review №80

We've ate at RipTydz several times since arriving in Myrtle Beach, the food is delicious every time. We especially enjoyed the Shrimp and Grits, and believe me, I never thought I'd like grits. Their steam pots, salads, and citrus mahi mahi are really good as well.

Review №81

The staff is absolutely amazing and I absolutely love the fact that Hollywood Pictures let's me take home memories of my husband and I celebrating our marriage on our honeymoon!Drinks are amazing, photographer is amazing and the staff is absolutely amazing!!

Review №82

My family of six and I ate here, and we were all very pleased! The food was great, as well as the service! Unfortunately due to the wind we were unable to use the doors to go down to the beach side at the time but obviously that was nobody's fault! We will definitely be visiting again on our next trip, and would highly suggest it to anybody else that visits!

Review №83

Went In The Off Season And Around 9:30 PM At Night On A Tuesday. Just Wanted To Get Away, Have A Drink, And Try And Catch A Little Of My TB Rays Have In Game 3 Of ALCS Against The Houston Astros. The Server Was Most Gracious In Serving Me And Getting The TV Changed To My Game. Thanks.

Review №84

I loved the atmosphere and my waitress was very friendly and helpful....I don't eat seafood so she told me about other options....I will definitely go back

Review №85

Fun place. Good view of the beach. Food and Prices just so-soGood place to take guests who are out-of-staters

Review №86

Rooftop atmosphere is cool, but the wait was just really long. Wanted to sit outside, but ended up just going inside bc we were so hungry. Our waiter was pretty inattentive.. to be kind. He didn't bring out enough silverware, even when asked. My sister ordered the crab legs, which were good, but he didn't give them any plates!! My husband and I ordered the tacos and they were decent, just not very hot. This place has potential and decent food, they just need to get the customer service in order.

Review №87

Great food. Amazing service. Beautiful view. Nice hostess and amazing photographer chenelle from Hollywood pictures

Review №88

Bairam, thank you very much. Our pictures was great! The service is outstanding, he did a great job

Review №89

I ate at Riptydz for the first time the food was amazing and had an awesome atmosphere!The photographer for Hollywood Pictures was super nice and took an amazing picture of my wife and I on an amazing date night!

Review №90

This place was amazing! Great food for decent prices. I love that you can make your own macaroni. The atmosphere was perfect.

Review №91

Absolutely amazing food and awesome service. We went back two days in a row because the food was so delicious! First trip my husband and I both had the blackened shrimp salad, and then today we had the lobster rolls and prime rib sandwich with Mac and cheese. Amazing.Our server both times was Tami H, and she was such a sweet heart! She remembered us, and what we drank the first visit. Now that's good service. Super kind hearted lady.Will recommend you anyone!! Can't wait to come back!

Review №92

Perfect place for drinks or watch the game. Great view of the ocean. The bartenders are attentive and the food was amazing can't wait to visit again

Review №93

Great place to enjoy good food with a view. The staff was fast and friendly service. They even went above service to confirm my order and make it just to my liking. Noodle's water bowl went missing and they went out of their way to make sure he stayed hydrated. Prices were really good for the portion size.

Review №94

We came here for dinner because of the online reviews of live music, great drinks and good views. Unfortunately, this experience was a bit disappointing. The views were great once we finally were seated. Even after we got our seats, a waitress came and asked why we were sitting in that particular table. We responded “because we were seated here ma'am “. She questioned whether we were even on the wait list. We assured her we had waited for 45-50 minutes before the hostess seated us. She ended up moving us, which was not so much of an issue as being questioned like we had just chosen the table on our own. The food was good. The drinks quite sub-par.

Review №95

Lauren with the free photography was super nice and took awesome photos! Beautiful view and great looking food!

Review №96

Awesome food! Wonderful place. Service was good.

Review №97

Awesome atmosphere, good food, and average service. There are activities for people to do while you wait to be seated or waiting for your food. My kids and I took advantage of the cornhole (FYI: you have to leave your ID with the bartender for bags.) Overall pretty good experience, but I thought the prices were a little high. Google gives $$, I'd give $$$.

Review №98

Went a with party of 12 hostess didn't greet us when we came in, she was busy using her phone. We ordered drinks some that never came and the ones that did come had bugs inside of them. Asked for the manager took 20 minutes for him to show up, after seeing how they drinks came out we canceled our food order. I'm guessing due to the pandemic the health department of Myrtle Beach are not checking up on them. Would not recommend this place to anyone three drinks with bugs inside of them is not acceptable. This place left a horrible taste in my mouth literally for this beautiful area.

Review №99

Bairam did great job taking pictures. Very welcoming. Great restaurant . Great ocean views.

Review №100

Great place and atmosphere I would definitely come back. And the girl who took our pictures her name is Chenelle from Hollywood pictures. I would definitely recommend her

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:1210 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 843-945-1204
  • American restaurant
  • Bar
Working hours
  • Monday:12–10PM
  • Tuesday:12–10PM
  • Wednesday:12–10PM
  • Thursday:12–10PM
  • Friday:12–10PM
  • Saturday:12–10PM
  • Sunday:12–10PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Rooftop seating:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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