Texas Roadhouse Grill
760 Coastal Grand Cir, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

Food was not as good as before as it was bland. They do gave prime rib every day and the cuts are large even for a 9 ounce. Green beans were not good. Covid safety precautions were in place.

Review №2

Meal and service was great! Steak cooked perfectly. Will definitely return next time in town.

Review №3

Customer service was excellent but the food was to die for! The shredded pork and ribs were cooked/smoked to perfection, fries were hot, beans were really good. Drinks stayed full, and appetizers came out hot and timely! Would highly recommend. We live locally and will definitely be back.

Review №4

Absolutely Amazing!!!!Definitely the best place we have been to in Myrtle Beach! Texas Roadhouse Grill is 10 times better than Texas Roadhouse! We had the best service too! Everything was hot and fresh. They definitely use a higher quality of food here.The Bacon Cheese Fries are fantastic and have homemade ranch!The bread is fantastic and so fluffy. Definitely would recommend the Smothered Chicken. Everything was so so good! Can't wait to go back!

Review №5

Excellent happy hour specials. Food was fast, hot and fresh. Enjoyed it.

Review №6

This isn't even a real Texas Roadhouse. I feel so fooled. I ate here with my boyfriend and I really thought I walked inside a real Texas Roadhouse but quickly I realized as soon as that bread hit the table, this wasn't it. Instead of traditional rolls they bring out a big stale loaf of bread. This place should be sued, tricking innocent people who like real TX roadhouse into eating they dry food. Not only that, when the server brought my food, his bare thumb was so uncomfortably close to my food, and it looked dirty. I'm sorry but this is just sad. Beware everybody

Review №7

We had a new waitress and she did an amazing job especially serving 10 people! Food was good. Steak could have used more flavor but it was still good.

Review №8

No wonder the restaurant was empty. We waited way too long for a server to come to our table. And then because he mumbled and talked low couldn't understand him. The bread was awesome but not even warm. The grilled salmon was absolutely awesome. Really good. Unfortunately the salad it was on top of was smelly. It was bagged lettuce and tasted awful. Price was good. Atmosphere was depressing . They were way too focused on making sure we knew they were not part of a chain . The decor was really cool .

Review №9

Our first impression of this restaurant was not great and it only kept getting worse. Upon walking in to a mask reminder on the door we came upon the manager at the hostess stand not wearing his mask as he didn't acknowledge us coming in. After being seated in a fairly empty restaurant we waited for our drinks only to notice they had placed sticky notes over the prices and new much higher prices were written in which did not match their website. After a long wait, some weird loaf looking dry bread and an exploding drink we decided to leave. The manager let me know it was a family owned establishment which was ironic since half the staff was indecently dressed in shorty shorts.Overall its a poorly done Texas Roadhouse knockoff, don't waste your time or money.

Review №10

Well let me say. I am very easy to please. I have never until now given two stars. However, we had a party of seven it was Saturday night to be fair. We waited for 45 minutes to get seated. I finally asked if we could just get two booths.. they did accommodate us(other open availability). I then waited another 10 minutes before they came to take drink order and get menus. I relayed that we had a flight to catch. The person never apologized and it took 20 minutes before they showed up with food. (No utensils another 10 minutes). Meal was cold, waiting for utensils. Finally received bill. Lack of customer service skills, poor service.

Review №11

Took my family out to eat at this restaurant and was extremely disappointed in the quality of the food I received. What was even worse was the attitude got from our server ( insert her name here but I'm not catty) when I mentioned it to her. She gave a nasty attitude and said “I'll go get it” then proceeded to talk to the couple a few tables over for about 20 minutes before addressing our concerns. I ordered the beef tips, with onions and mushrooms no gravy and a salad. My salad was frozen as if they pulled the lettuce from the freezer and threw it in a bowl. I got the beef tips with gravy in a plastic cup, and no onions or mushrooms. So I politely asked for them. When she brought them to the table she slid them across the table and said “here you go” and walked off. The onions were rotten and stunk really bad. I had others at the table try them to be sure it wasn't just me and they spit them out into their napkins. I know the industry can be challenging and we all have our days but when you spend $100 on a family meal it should be what you asked for. My family members all said it was the worst service we have ever received and we have lived here for over 10 years! I expected better from this restaurant as we frequently visit the other location at the beach and love it! We won't be going back and I will be sure to share my experience with all my family and friends so they don't waste hard earned money.

Review №12

Reasturant was clean and everyone wore mask. The steak you had too chew at least 30 times before you could swoll. Ribs fell apart and good. The onions tasted like lighter fluid. Cactus onion tasted good. Chicken was cold and hard. Shrimp was good. Bread was good. Bay breeze drinks where disgusting. Our server Kaci was not very attentative and only saw here 3 times. They where not busy had bread , plus drinks

Review №13

I grew up working in steak houses and this was awful. Cheap products, cold food, slow service, and old steak were the main highlights of this place. Do yourself a favor and go to the real Texas Roadhouse, it's 5 stars compared to this place.

Review №14

Server was so slow! We waited 10 minutes for him to make an appearance. They weren't busy enough for this kind of service. But the food was great.

Review №15

Too expensive.We left as soon as we looked over the menu. We had 2 meals inside the mall for the price of one of their meals. Maybe if you know how and what to order, you could get by or if it's a special occasion...Friendly staff.

Review №16

Food too highly seasoned, prices too high for the amount of the portions recived,friendly staff, facilities very clean.

Review №17

The food was good and the waitress was nice. However, they are not practicing social distancing here. Set a couple directly behind me 18" from the back of my head.

Review №18

Think this is part of the Texas Roadhouse Franchise/chain? So did I. However we noticed a sign that stated they were "family owned". I thought that just meant the family bought a franchise. After reading many reviews posted here, it seems likely that the family used a remarkably similar name and added the word "grill' to it and posted a notice that they were family owned in the hope of avoiding a copyright infringement lawsuit. Unfortunately they didn't copy the quality or service standards of their more famous namesake. I'll let you do the research to verify if they are associated with the Texas Roadhouse chain.The chain I am familiar with all used a very similar decorating style. They gave a feeling of the Southwest. The music star, Willie Nelson, is connected to the chain and EVERY restaurant had one table with his name in neon lights designated in his honor. This restaurant had a decidedly ski resort feel, the walls festooned with white tailed deer heads, antique snow shoes and skis. I saw no sign of "Willie's Table." Not that the decorations are bad, but they don't convey Texas Roadhouse''s trademark branding.When we arrived, we were seated promptly. After being advised that the waiter was waiting on another table and would be a minute, we were given menus. Maybe 5 minutes later, the server took our drink order. We didn't see him until some 20 minutes later. I can't fairly assess the drink quality as I had a Coke and my wife had wine.When the drinks finally arrived, the server also brought the bread and took our order. As to the bread, it was a half loaf of white bread, not the delicious yeast rolls I was used to getting at the chain. I thought the bread was just ok, my wife hated it. Because of the long wait, I started the stop watch in my phone.As to our Caesar salads, the bowl was nicely chilled. The lettuce was crisp, but the preparer hadn't bothered to remove the wilted edges on some of the leaves. As to the dressing, it lacked the depth of flavor to be expected. There wasn't enough lemon or garlic in the dressing, and the worchesrer sauce wasn't the High quality (and more expensive) Lea & Perrins brand. As a result the flavor wasn't there. It also wasn't creamy as would be a good Caesar dressing.Just under 30 minutes after getting our salads, our dinners arrived. My prime rib (ordered to be medium rare) was just slightly more done than raw. Moreover, it was tough and as stringy as a piece of stew meat. I it was the right cut, but either from the wrong cow, or a low quality one. I returned the rib and got only a slightly better slice. At least the second piece wasn't 25% fat and gristle.The meal was capped off by a 15 minute wait for our check. As to our server, I have no negative comments. The place was only minimally occupied and I didn't see any other waitstaff in our vicinity.I won't be back.

Review №19

Their smoked ribs are the best in Myrtle Beach. They fall off the bone. When I take my family, everyone gets ribs. We love it.

Review №20

Hard baked potato..med steak came well done...had to ask for a piece of bread ..and pay extra for it...potato soup..extra charge in place of a veg..no drink menu offered for mixed drinks...nope..ill find a better place next time..this is not part of a chain...you can sure tell

Review №21

Food not cooked properly. No Veteran's discount. Manager never addressed our undercooked food.

Review №22

Great food. Nice and courteous workers.

Review №23

Steak burnt, corn on Cobb and potato looked and tasted like left over from the day before. Sorriest food I have ever had from Texas Roadhouse. Will not be back !

Review №24

Staff was good. Cheese sticks were cold, they made it right. Shrimp was burned, again they made it right. Prime Rib was excellent. Fillet was ok, not great. Waitress brought our bill and then took 20% out of our change for a tip. We were a party of 4. I was not impressed with that. If she wouldn't have done that she would have had a higher tip. O well. Probably won't return.

Review №25

Excellent as always. Everytime, we visit Myrtle Beach, we make it point to eat at Texas Roadhouse Grill!

Review №26

Lunch with mom. Side salad and soup were good. Server was nice too.

Review №27

My family was in town for the weekend & decided to have a meal at Texas Roadhouse. Kalee was super nice but the food was absolutely terrible. There were 4 adults & 1 child in my party. Only the child enjoyed the meal. $120 later, not satisfied.

Review №28

Food and service were impeccable. Staff was great and prices were reasonable. My wife had the prime rib and it was enough for lunch the next day, doneness was perfect

Review №29

Did not like the atmosphere the service and the food for the money was not good. we paid 105 dollars and were very disappointed! It was my birthday and I ordered Filet Mignon, my husband had Prime Rib and my mother in law Filet Mignon, the meats were subpar and the sides could have been made by an unskilled 10 year old...service was disappointing and we are not people who chip the waitress so we gave her 20% due to covid and kindness. But it was not good service.

Review №30

Normally much better than today. We eat here everytime we come to MB. Today it was disappointing. But usually extremely satisfied.

Review №31

Awesome experience! We came to eat an early dinner on a Rainy Sunday. From the time we came into the door to the time we left out the hospitality was incredible!! Our waitress, Ms Kris (Wilson) was phenomenal from her bright smile to the way she checked on us and made great conversation! She deserves all the great praises. The food was hot and delicious, made me want to do a happy dance. And to top it off I had a strawberry lemon drop martini. Everything was just great will be back when in the area!

Review №32

Had way better experiences at other locations before. Our appetizers disappeared and never arrived. Took the waitress 3 tries to get our check correct so we could leave.

Review №33

Our chicken tenders were not comes done, sent them back and they came back still not done. My sweet potato fries were dripping with grease. The waiter and waitress was very good though. They were apologetic and tried there absolute best. But we will not be visiting here again while in Myrtle Beach.

Review №34

Great food .our waitress was amazing..very friendly and attentive. Definitely will return here

Review №35

We got terrible service tonight. Our meal was ready but no one brought it to us. Waitress had a don't care attitude. Even the tea was wrong. There was people coming and eating and leaving and we were still waiting! Never will I go back.

Review №36

What can I say good every thing been there before one of the places we always go to on vacation never disappointed

Review №37

Not the national chain Texas Roadhouse so that was a bit upsetting. Ordered a salad with salmon and not good for my liking salad was drenched in dressing. My daughter got a burger and bread was hard and burger was way over cooked. Also server was very slow. Will stick with my national chain.

Review №38

Food was excellent. Salads are huge. Service needs work... couldn't get some requested condiments.

Review №39

One of the best prime rib dinners I have had in quite some time! And the baked potato was actually HOT!! The prime rib was perfectly cooked to medium rare as ordered. And the service was excellent as well!

Review №40

Great service by our waitress and the chopped steak was perfect for my small tummy soft, delicious and well done. They also provided me with gravy so it made it more yummiest. Will definitely be coming back here on our next vacation!!!

Review №41

Not overly busy. Good food and service.

Review №42

Didn't feel like the chain and the bread was $1 a loaf. None of them awesome rolls TR is famous for.

Review №43

If i could give it a 0 I would, this is a fake Texas Roadhouse.Took FOREVER to get the food nearly 45 mins when there was almost no one there at that time, it was cold by the time we got it, and there was a forced tip!! Almost $20!!! So no I wouldn't recommend, we will not be going back.

Review №44

First time here in SC and it was amazing Jonathan was the best the food was great his service was fast and prompt and accurate. A1 customer service from walking in to walking out! Will definitely recommend to others.

Review №45

Food was really good and service was great but the fries were slightly undercooked.

Review №46

Did not get very far into the restaurant due to the hostess having a nasty attitude. I understand during the current crisis everything is stressful but, do not be rude to your costumers. I walked in she sat my boyfriend and I and we looked at each other and decided to go to another place due to her attitude.

Review №47

Not as good as it was a few years ago. Charged $1.00 for bread. Menu is more limited. Not an affordable steak on the menu. Might better stick with Texas Roadhouse (national chain).

Review №48

Roasted shrimp corn soup is what I believe they called it was so good! Large side salad with balsamic vinaigrette and sample of Honey mustard to dip the salad in filled me up. Generous portion of salad was fresh. Ribeye medium was a little underdone, tasty, but was told a little tough. Baked potato and baked beans he enjoyed. Excellent attentive yet not pesky server. Quick service. Clean environment with country decor. Handicap parking and accessibility. Visible from outside mall.

Review №49


Review №50

Good food good prices but remember you can't use the franchised gift card here

Review №51

A great place to eat plenty of great food good value for you're money

Review №52

The food here is amazing. Nothing fake in here!

Review №53

They service was terrible. He is rude and doesn't know how to speak to his customers and tells us it's to late to order bread when we just sat down for 5 min . Other then that , food great .

Review №54

Food was good. Different menu selection. First time experience was a win.

Review №55

Great food,great prices, waitress was very nice

Review №56

Middle of the road food. Definitely not Texas Roadhouse flavor.

Review №57

I dont Like the Bread. In Orlando the Bread is different. Very softly

Review №58

Wait staff was very friendly and the food was great! Got fried shrimp for lunch.

Review №59

Our experience wasn't the best but the service was pretty good.

Review №60

Go to McDonald's it will taste better and be cheaper. Poor excuse for a steak house.

Review №61

Food was good. Service a little slow.

Review №62

The food was great! Thank you to the server who gave my toddler a frisbee

Review №63

I really love this place great customer service and great food. But this one time it was awful food served half cooked and raw and I had chicken. And it tasted like Italian instead of teriyaki which I ordered terakyi. My sweet potato fries were cold and when they replaced them they were undercooked it was a total mess. It seems like before this pandemic when they were busy the food was awesome but now when there slow the food is awful. I will come back only when they go back to normal and if they dont well I'll move on. And there cleanliness was also bad. I was shocked about that. There booths and tables were ok. But there restrooms were totally awful and when told about it never saw anyone go to clean them. This is so not how this place used to be. I'm seriously think they hot a new management and this place may just ho down hill. I hope not.

Review №64

Great selection of food and huge portions. Their steak prices have only gone up two dollars due to COVID.

Review №65

Much fun tender steak love the hot bacon dressing precious friends

Review №66

Had a great meal, sitting at the bar. Got the prime rib and asked for the end cut medium rare and it was really good. Drink specials were a nice bonus. Server was friendly and attentive. Would definitely go back if we're in Myrtle Beach. Great location right next to the mall.

Review №67

Really enjoyed Happy Hour! Chicken wings and Potato Skins were very good! Margaritas were flavorful and berry flavors are only .50 cent more! 16oz. beers only $2.50 during HH! Aaron the bartender was spot on with service! We did not eat lunch or dinner but other guests sitting around us did and they said the quality was very good as were the portions!

Review №68

This was far from good lmao!!! The food the atmosphere everything horrible.

Review №69

This has become my favorite in Myrtle. The staff is Fantastic and the food always exceeds my expectations! Everything from the fried pickles and salads to the steak and flounder have been Great! Perfectly seasoned and cooked!

Review №70


Review №71

Great food and service 1st time going on vacation, will be back next vacation

Review №72

Usually a pleasant dining experience.

Review №73

Worst Texas roadhouse ever after 30 mins plus of waiting food was cold and there was only 3 people besides us server never came back to check on us even once or to refill drinks if rate lower than 1 star if it was possible

Review №74

My experience here was absolutely amazing. OurmOur visit here at texas Roadhouse was lastnight 05/27/20... we really enjoyed it. there were only 2 servers and a bartender working the whole restaurant and they did amazing and worked as a team. Thank you for making our visit nothing short of amazing!!

Review №75

The people working there were nice, but the food was not cooked right. The steak was supposed to be medium well, came out rare. The flounder was fried on the outside but the fish inside was mushy. All the meat/fish seemed as if it had been frozen and not thawed out properly before it was cooked. The past couple of days my family has had a stomach bug and it probably came from the undercooked food at this place. I usually dont even review stuff but I was expecting the food to be decent and wanted to give a family owned business a try. I paid alot of money only to still be hungry...we didnt eat much of the food, we lost our appetite.

Review №76

Fantastic for lunch and dinner. Clean. Polite staff, great food and drinks !

Review №77

Service was great! Steak was just ok and overcooked

Review №78

Food was great. But not great for over $20 and one flounder and 5 shrimps. And added there OWN tip. I eat all my food and could eat more. If there was any more. But Na never again.

Review №79

The grilled chicken was delicious and juicy!! The steak was cooked perfectly. And Melinda was a wonderful server :))

Review №80

Food was amazing!! Server Ryan was awesome! We really enjoyed our visit

Review №81

For a place that stakes its claim on being family owned and NOT a national chain restaurant, the experience was very mediocre. We were there shortly after opening and our food was promptly brought out. The steak tips I had were nice size and hot however the gravy was served on the side and cold. The side baked beans were clearly canned and luke warm and the garlic mashed potatoes appeared like some premade show as well. My wife's burger was cooked well and was served hot but the sweet potato fries were obviously frozen just quickly fried given a little sweet sauce to make it appear better.

Review №82

Food was cool, not even lukewarm. Steak was tough as leather, and the sauce on the ribs was poured over not cooked, it was if it was right out of the bottle and not cooked. Coke glass stayed empty. We use to eat here a lot and it was always good, not today, the ball was dropped.

Review №83

We dine there often and always get great food at a great price. The waiters and waitresses are attentive and very friendly. Love their small prime rib, barbequed ribs, and barbequed pulled pork.

Review №84

Great place to eat love they service very friendly

Review №85

Food was great and prices were reasonable.

Review №86

I'm long overdue on leaving a top review for this great restaurant. This local has been here many times now and have had a variety of their menu and have never had a bad meal or service. They are a great bunch from the front that I talk with to the back preparing the food for it has always been outstanding. Great food and great happy hour specials. Try them out, you'll be glad you did.

Review №87

The first time we came here, the steak tips were awesome. Large, juicy, and cooked to perfection. The salad was great. The green beans were nothing to rave about (canned). We liked it enough to come back within a couple of weeks. This time everything was different. While the salad was still great, the steak tips were small and dry. I didn't even attempt to get any of the veggies this time. The bathroom was also pretty dirty and toilets were kind of gross. The waiters we had both times were pretty good though.

Review №88

Steaks overpriced and way undercooked. Handful of cheese on top of potato never melted.

Review №89

We went for dinner with the knowledge that this is NOT a chain, but instead a family owned restaurant.Large portions. Delicious Strip, Prime Rib, and BBQ Ribs.Server was friendly and attentive. We had a nice meal in a local restaurant. Also, they give locals a discount.

Review №90

This was possibly the worst dining experience I've ever had. Service was terrible and we waited over an hour on our food and they weren't even busy .

Review №91

Well, this is ONE review you will want to read. Let's start from the beginning. We get a gift card, Texas Roadhouse, Google it and off we go to The Grand Coastal Mall. We walk in and there's a sign saying, "Please inform your server if you are paying with a gift card before ordering. Thank you Texas Roadhouse Grill" hmm ok so we get seated and when the server arrives with bread, plates napkins and so forth he sees our gift card and says, we don't accept that gift card. We are independently owned and operated. I ask ok so it's not a franchised restaurant but the same? He replies just we are independently owned. Never mentioning that the name is practically the same, the logo design about identical, just independent owners. That explains the sign at the entrance! Then asks, Can I take your order? Hmm, we order cokes and he leaves. My better half says let's stay so we do. We figure we will use the gift card another time at the correct restaurant. A quick search shows Texas Roadhouse Grill, 1 location, not what we thought it was, Texas Roadhouse. So we decide to try it. But hell am I gonna be doing a review as if I were Anthony Bourdain back from the grave! So here we go! The bread, soft, warm and supple, a bit too soft but that's a good thing as it won't fill you before the main dish. Breads is great, the butter a honey butter, soft, the house salad cool, crisp, had egg, croutons, had all the fixings, the ranch was thick and creamy. I'm thinking this was a wise decision! Then the food, I ordered the sirloin medium which is clearly supposed to be pink in the center with baby back ribs at $18.99 which seemed like a good deal. My fiance the Chicken Monterey which was covered in cheese and bacon. OUR dishes appeared in good time, I quickly realized why! The portions were a good size and I'm thinking, glad we stayed! Then we start digging in. The steak was well done, not medium, not a hint of damn pink! Kinda tough as in reheated or re-cooked. The ribs were kinda large for baby back, my guess adolescent. Probably a millennial pig from the west coast!! Again the outer ends of the ribs tough as in precooked, then reheated or over cooked, more tender towards the center of the rack It did get sliggtly juicier but far from good Baby Backs. It felt and tasted as it was previously cooked, reheated and then quickly coated with BBQ sauce. Why? It was tough, the meat was not hot but not warm and the bbq sauce was cool as it was applied right after it was reheated or recooked! All the main course food did taste that way, hence the quick service time.To be honest, I've purchased a half rack of BB ribs at the supermarket, the ones precooked where you reheat in the oven or grill and they were far tender, ALOT BETTER than here. My hopes dwindled! I asked my fiance to try her chicken and she says dry, cheese on top kinda brittle, she flags the server and asks for ranch! So all in all this has NOTHING to do with them denieing a gift card, after all we could have left. This review is strictly on the quality of the food, PERIOD. But it makes me wonder, if Roadhouse Texas Grill is willing to imitate and knowingly try to gain business on another franchise reputation and trick the general public, what else are they knowingly deceiving their customers in the back kitchen?! As I leave I look at the same sign, the word Gift Card is underlined as well as the Grill in Texas Roadhouse Grill. If they really wanted to be honest, the sign should have read This is Texas Roadhouse Grill, please check your gift cards as we are NOT associated or affiliated with Texas Roadhouse the franchise restaurant! Oh, while we were there, another couple was seated, they had a gift card and were told the same, they were obviously mistaken as many others were but smarter than we were, they left. I'd head to Logan's or Longhorns just a block away. I attached a picture of the Baby Backs bones, with a human hands for scale to size. Yes, I only ate what you see. So in the end, $48 poorer , it's your choice! Oh, the sweet potatoe was good!

Review №92

Upped prices of steak dinners by 3-5$ within 4months. Used to be our go to place but...

Review №93

Awesome tasting Black & Blue burger, highly recommended!

Review №94

Great place for a good steak , very nice bar area and friendly staff

Review №95

Nothing like the Texas Roadhouse chain restaurant! The name is definitely deceiving! The menu is extremely limited due to “COVID-19” Supposedly, they don't have access to sirloin steaks so they're pretty high priced. Highly disappointed.

Review №96

Food wasn't seasoned & drinks tasted like tap water

Review №97

Fake Texas roadhouse "grille". Burnt salmon on the outside and raw in MOST of the center. Forgot drink and silverware. Just a poorly run place trying to be like the real Texas roadhouse. Place sucked. Sorry I didn't take a pic like I usually do but was in hurry.

Review №98

Food was good. Restaurant was clean. Bartender was friendly. Good spot to have a bite to eat and drink. Steps outside of the mall. Outdoor seating here too.

Review №99

Excellent service and food that can't be beat! The portions are big too! Will be coming back very soon!!

Review №100

Not a real Texas Roadhouse. Food subpar but service was great.

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3.3 Rating
  • Address:760 Coastal Grand Cir, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
  • Site:http://www.texasroadhousegrill.com/
  • Phone:+1 843-839-9944
  • American restaurant
  • Steak house
Working hours
  • Monday:12–9PM
  • Tuesday:12–9PM
  • Wednesday:12–9PM
  • Thursday:12–9PM
  • Friday:12–9PM
  • Saturday:12–9PM
  • Sunday:12–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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