The Chemist - Craft Cocktails and Modern Cuisine
300 9th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
The Chemist - Craft Cocktails and Modern Cuisine

Review №1

The cocktails here were very basic beachy cocktails for the most part - not what we were expecting from somewhere that billed itself as a craft cocktail bar. The drink menu had no prices, which is find incredibly irritating - why should I have to ask for the price of everything? The food tasted kind of like it was just reheated Costco food or something. Not bad, but nothing special at all. The servers were nice, but absolutely no one working there was wearing a mask.

Review №2

Crafty cool food. Fun spot with friendly service.

Review №3

I want first and foremost mention the amazing staff they have!!! The food was good and drinks were good too. Loved this place! Wish they were located on the boardwalk.

Review №4

Stopped in here for drinks. Loved the chill, hip atmosphere. The drinks were all excellent, food just as good. Service was friendly and attentive. HIGHLY recommend the smoked maple old fashioned.

Review №5

Wonderful Experience️ The Chemist is my new go-to bar️ Incredible drinks️ Wonderful food️

Review №6

I had high hope for this place but the experience turned out to be very basic. The cocktails were basically normal cocktails with fancy names. We went there during happy hour but the server never mentioned about it. When we asked him specifically he told us it is only for tap beers and some basic cocktails. Also the website mentions "cocktail of the day" for $4, when we asked about that apparently there was no cocktail for that day, and it was a Friday evening! We ordered pizza spring rolls which was more oil than rolls.

Review №7

My favorite place to visit in Myrtle Beach. Best bartender for a craft cocktail. Food is great too! Stop by for a drink!

Review №8

Delicious food and great service! We loved the laid back atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff. They were very informative about specials, recommendations etc. Would definitely stop by again on my next visit to Myrtle Beach!

Review №9

Best food in myrtle beach by far great service and excellent drinks,they are taking mixology to a new level highly recommend, prices are great!

Review №10

Art, one of the workers at this establishment, comes off as extremely creepy and threatening. I did not feel comfortable being around a man like him and it made my entire experience here horrible. Will not be going back.

Review №11

Took the family and it was fantastic. We went with a 9 year old and an 11 year old so we go early to avoid the night crowd but when we were there it was not busy. The service was fantastic and the food phenomenal.

Review №12

Great place, good drinks, good food, and a great bartender. I love this place.

Review №13

It's sad this is off the beaten path, so much so that they had to change the molecular gastronomy menu. Once again an example of how the few alter the course of the many. This is an easy-going gastronomica, well within anyones price range. Again due to them attempting to stay with the crowd, the menu is small, ( super fresh) easy, but none the less devine.They have curated a menu to serve both the mature pallet to the cocktail small plate crowd. It lost some of its kitchyness trying to speak to the masses by dumbing down the food, but in doing so kept true to quality. I'm disappointed the dry ice effects at the table is discontinued, as that had a big bang effect and added to the kitch. This is a must save gastronomica. Everything on the menu is delish. I miss smoked duck under glass with foam infusions...But the scallops and flatbreads are still perfect. They have the cocktails down to a science.Not just for nerds!

Review №14

We were told that masks were required, but they really didn't care if you wore one. Staff didn't wear mask either (except the guy at the door).

Review №15

Art (tall man with brown hair) ruined my experience. Hope changes are made to make this place more enjoyable.

Review №16

So disappointed. We have gone here before a few years ago and loved it. This year we were really excited to go but we were so disappointed. My mother-in-law order salmon and they were out so she got tuna and when it came out the rice was under cooked. I got a hamburger that was extremely salty and my fries were at best room temperature. We got the bill and my husband told me the total and I didn't believe how expensive it was and thought the food was not worth that much.

Review №17

Very cool hipster vibe with extensive portfolio of cocktails created by the Mixologist. Food is deliciousRJ is very friendly. Great spot! Hopefully SerendipiTea will be in the 'mix' soon!!

Review №18

Amazing mixed drinks at a decent price!

Review №19

Unique place to grab a cocktail and some delicious food! The theme goes well with craft cocktails, and the way they use light, dry ice, and colors makes the experience fun. A bit out of place for Myrtle Beach, but definitely worth a visit of you are looking for a higher end cocktail. Check out Lucky and AJ for good conversation. Also, try their homemade fireball!

Review №20

This was a really cool place centered around science/chemistry. Apparently they usually have dry ice in the centerpiece "formulas" but there was none when we arrived (probably because they said they had a private event later). The burger was really good - I wasn't expecting it! And their sweet potato fries were delicious, as was their mixed drinks. Service was good. Their bathrooms are cool - the sink mimics a lab since.

Review №21

The service was great and mixed drinks were amazing.

Review №22

Pretty good experience overall. Drinks were good, service was friendly and the food was great!

Review №23

Great food and great service. Love this place!

Review №24

New ownership, great guy! I would make it a point to stop here every trip to Myrtle, cheers!

Review №25

The atmosphere and novelty of the drinks are quiet fun. However, we were there at 930 on a sunday, and the bar was virtually dead, only the bartender on staff, couldn't do food services. So that was a bit of a disappointment. I would have liked to go back and try out the food, as all of the drinks were delicious

Review №26

We took a trip downtown today to try this bar. We were so excited to try it, it seemed so unique and like it would be a great experience. But the latter wasn't true. We ordered drinks at the bar, and the bartender almost refused to speak above a whisper when we asked about the happy hour prices. Honestly, I know this sounds weird, but we were the only people there, the music wasn't loud, and we still struggled to hear him. Then after we got our drinks, he and the one chef working there literally UP AND LEFT the property. My boyfriend and I were the only people in this place for over fifteen minutes. Only after they came back did they serve us our shrimp (which they had to give us two plates of it at different times because they forgot the serving amount??) The bartender did not act like he wanted to be there or help us at all. To the point where after I got out of the bathroom I (very politely) let him know that there was no toilet paper or soap and he basically rolled his eyes.It's disappointing because we were honestly really looking forward to trying this place out. The restaurant itself looks great and the food and drinks were nice. But we went there for the whole experience, and it was sorely lacking.

Review №27

If you can read the menu (white print on clear glass) they have all sorts of neat drinks with silly ingredients! I had two different drinks some whiskey cocktail and I tried my girlfriends strawberry mojito both were a little too sweet for my liking but I suppose that's the nature of a cocktail. We also had dessert it was some sort of fried cheesecake and it was delicious but it was very small! If they quadrupled the size I would of been extremely happy!

Review №28

Lovely upscale martini bar, pricey but worth it for a classy meal and artsy drinks

Review №29

Visited this unique place during our late summer vacation. My partner and I ordered the Professor's Punch, Flux Capacitor, Sweet Tots, Poke Bowl, Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese, and Lab Salad. It ended up being more food than expected, but we were very satisfied. The food was flavorful and visually attractive. While the salad was very basic, it was actually perfect for me (which I didn't expect). The soup was also nice and light for a tomato soup, and the sandwich was nice as well. When we visited, the place was very empty, but that didn't seem to hinder service or quality. It did feel a little cheapened by it's location and could benefit from new menus and table settings. Also - there needs to be a periodic table hanging somewhere, jeez! Overall, a nice experience!

Review №30

Really enjoyed the unique drinks here. Altogether we tried 4 and they were each good. Didn't try the food (we had just had dinner) but was really fun. Bartender was attentive and personable. Look forward to visiting again on the next trip!

Review №31

Such a neat atmosphere - really tickles the science nerd's fancy! Good food, great drinks!

Review №32

Craft cocktails! They make their own simple syrup infused with flavors you may not expect and it adds dimension to your beverages! The food was fantastic! It's a trendy place with a fun twist on favors. It's anything but ordinary. It will be my go to stop when ever I am in town!

Review №33

Drinks were amazing. Got the German pretzels and good as well.

Review №34

Great cocktails that are very unique. Definitely worth a stop.

Review №35

Good food and drinks. Felt out of place in Myrtle . But thats a good thing;)

Review №36

Great place. The ambiance, the service, the menu, the cocktails, you would have thought John Taffer rescued this place. Loved it and will definitely return.

Review №37

Great cocktails and wonderfully made food!

Review №38

Walked by this place one day and decided to come back the day after when it was open. Only being recently allowed to drink I wasn't sure what I should try. I asked the bartender what sweet stuff they had and he recommended me a flux capacitor. It came in a little glass beaker and tasted great. i also tried the sriracha honey fried chicken, which came with fries. They also tasted really good. I really dug the vibe of the place and will totally come back here when I come back to myrtle for another vacation.

Review №39

Great selection of beer and drinks. Minimal food options, but we knew that going in. The biggest issue was we ordered the pretzels and the first batch was great. Then we ordered a second and they were a different shape and completely hard. I'm pretty sure they were frozen pretzels just fried. The place was rather dirty also. It has potential if they can clean up their act.

Review №40

Delicious craft cocktails. Small, quiet, intimate bar. The fun attention to detail makes the experience that much better

Review №41

Great place to visit and eat/drink

Review №42

We came here to have a drink and it was a great atmosphere, the drinks came in this cool glass and they set this glass with dry ice in it on your table and it really set the mood for the name. The bartender was super nice and I'd definitely would like to try their food next time! The drinks were pricey but it is to be expected.

Review №43

1st time here. Food was good. Drinks were good. Staff was friendly. What other requirements do you need? Enjoyed our visit to this place and would come back!

Review №44

Absolutely loved it...actually stopped in real quick to use the restroom on our way to Ocean Blvd...never made fusing it all with chemistry had us sold...the unicorn fish...heaven...Lucky was our bartender and took care of us...definitely on the list of return visits...especially considering they weren't even in the plans...5 stars...

Review №45

In Myrtle Beach, you can not feel more welcome

Review №46

Cute. Fun. Shrimp is delicious. Cocktails are fun. Location is good for younger crowd hanging on strip. More mature crowd should go early.

Review №47

The staff was very friendly and helpful and the bar itself was different. A good different too in that it wasn't your run of the mill dive bar that you typically find on Myrtle Beach. The theme of the bar was neat and something you don't usually see. hung from Charlotte there's a lot of different bars and none quite like this. Definitely somewhere to go while visiting Myrtle Beach!

Review №48

A well decorated place with great concept. But from other reviews it seems experience varies depending on the attendant. We're pretty excited about this place, however -1. Most of the items we asked for - they're out of it.2. The fancy drinks came without the fancy touch as they're out of some ingredients.3. At the end they charged 18% gratuity for our group of 4Unfortunately we noticed the bill break up after we left the store. Giving 2 Stars instead of one as food was good. This place has great potential, but messed up during our visit.EDIT: We visited 3 months back. Lost the bill, other was wanted to upload a pic of the same.

Review №49

Atmosphere was very interesting with alot of chemistry items. Each table had an element picture on it, with the atomic weight and number. The martinis have dry ice in them and come to your table smoking. I got the sriracha chicken burger with sweet potato tots. It was so delicious!!

Review №50

Awesome service. Thanks

Review №51

Stopped in for drinks and was blown away with the creative take on the bar theme. My cocktail was served over dry ice, not only was it very well made but the presentation was amazing. Definitely one of the best cocktails I had in Myrtle Beach. What I loved most of all was the bartender used fresh ingredients and not prepackaged ingredients.

Review №52

The menu is limited, then they were out of some food and alcohol. There was no desert,and nothing special about the drinks other than being in beakers. Lady said they have been out of dry ice for cool drinks for over a month.There were only two people working. One worker had to be waitress/and bartender, the other was cook and server.After reading some recent reviews I agree with them. We were completely disappointed and won't be back and will not recommend to any one.

Review №53

Food was pretty good and cool drink menu. Cool atmosphere

Review №54

I found this place online before visiting Myrtle beach, and it sounded like a lot of fun. On 6/18 me and my boyfriend went in the afternoon and though the drinks were good, the bartender barely acknowledged us. When you work at such a novelty place, you need a personality. He was more interested in bs-ing with the cook who ran in and out the front door about 8 times. It was just us and another couple in there at the time, and we had to wave him down to get his attention each time. Pretty disappointing

Review №55

Really was excited, but let down. No dry ice available for their famous drinks. Be careful ordering drinks, because they IPA based with unusual flavors. Will try again, to see if they make a better impression.

Review №56

This place is absolutely amazing! The flux capacitor and the sixth element are delicious. The food is amazing! If we ever come back to Myrtle Beach again in the future we will be here again!♡♡

Review №57

Had planned this in as one of the places we would try while in Myrtle. Had been so excited to go but was sorely disappointed. Had very little to choose from as their menu options. No longer have daily Martinis as part of their happy hour and no unusual, fun dry ice options much for The Chemist as a name. Should be The Boring.

Review №58

Great atmosphere really unique!! Food was amazing, drink menu was very pleasing, great beers on tap as well as a ton of great mixed drink specialties!!!I would absolutely reccomend this place to anyone!!

Review №59

Sat at the bar for cocktails and they were on point! Great mix and fresh/natural juices. The place has a cool vibe and decor - and the staff is very engaging and accomodating. The dry ice in a Erlenymeyer flask was a unique touch!

Review №60

This place should be an amazing spectacle, but falls very far from it. The service was mediocre and the food could have been a lot better. The drinks were bot too bad, but need to be more interesting, just because you give them a sciencey name doesn't make it any different than a regular drink.

Review №61

Good collection of desserts. The cocktails are very unique! And a good ambience in the heart of Myrtle Beach.

Review №62

Great atmosphere!

Review №63

My family and I do not drink, but we had a great experience at the chemist. We stopped in for a meal and loved the scenery, as well as the food. The decorations alone make this place worth visiting, but we thoroughly enjoyed our food too! The menu is nicely simplified. Friendly staff, good prices, neat place!

Review №64

Went there for dinner, around 7:30 or 8. Place was open but completely empty! We called out to see if anyone was there, no answer. Then two grubby guys carrying a bottle of liquor they had clearly been drinking from, walked over from across the street. Said, "we are open but the kitchen is already closed for the night." Very sketchy, we left immediately.

Review №65

My best friend and I were told about this place and rearranged our vacation in Charleston to be able to go here. It was worth it! I have food allergies and the waitresses/management were very accommodating to figure out what I could have. We both enjoyed our food choices and the drinks were great! The concept is fun and the wait staff is friendly.

Review №66

Great place. Very cool drinks and display. Novel. Cool. The tuna was solid also. Definitely check it out

Review №67

The sweet potato tots were off the chain good! Mix drinks nice and strong, and the shrimp scampi was delicious, will def come back on my next trip!

Review №68

Had a five day vacation planned to Myrtle Beach, unfortunately our vacation was cut short by Hurricane Florence. That being said we tried to fit everything we wanted to do in the 36 hrs. that we got to spend in SC. We decided to grab dinner at another restaurant and grab drinks here - to be able to go to both (both were only open for dinner). This bar looked really cool and we wanted to make sure we at least got to go. Arrived at the bar about an hour before close just for a quick drink so we could see it. The open sign was off but it was early, the door was unlocked so we ducked our heads in just to check. We were told by a waiter that they were not closed so we walked in and were looking to see where we should sit when a second guy behind the bar spoke up and said, "actually we are closed." As we walked out we heard the first guy we talked to ask the second guy why he would tell us that. Total bummer. Wish we had gotten to try a drink or two before we had to leave. Rated a two for the cool factor, can't really give credit for quality or service, unfortunately.

Review №69

Was excited when I heard about a craft cocktail bar. I don't understand how a place that serves alcohol so close to the boardwalk could close at 10pm on a Saturday in July. That seems crazy. Listed phone number also doesn't seem to work.

Review №70

Was very excited to come here mainly for the cool liquid ice drinks. We came two hours before they closed but were still the only people there. The bartender was not very inviting and my sister and I both ordered the martinis because those are the drinks they use the liquid ice with to look smokey. The bartender made them very lazily and did not even put the sugar rim that my sisters drink was supposed to come with and no cool smokey effects. Bartender did not talk except to open and close tab and just played on his iPad the rest of the time. To make it worse the bathrooms were pretty gross. I understand It's not busy season but there was no effort put into customer service or our drinks.

Review №71

Amazing concept, fun, great drinks. Loved this place!

Review №72

This is a great experience! Drinks are def smol expensive but HOLLY is so amazing

Review №73

The place is awesome!! Really cool concept with top notch cocktails. And you can't beat the bartender, Lucky. Absolutely awesome at his craft. We'll be back for sure!

Review №74

We stopped in here because the website advertised craft cocktails. I ordered a starwberry mojito which was horrible. There was no mint in it at all. The drink tasted like watered down strawberry syrup. There were no fresh ingredients that are essential to making a good craft cocktail. For over $10 a drink I expected much more. Save your money and go elsewhere.

Review №75

We were there as soon as the place opened. We were so excited about the specialty built cocktails. The staff seemed as if they were going to have fun and provide us with a great experience. I was wrong. The young lady at the bar was pleasant but immersed in doing her job- not very personable. The other staff member, R.J., completely disappeared. He went from the window near the kitchen to stand with his back to us eating, to the back office area, back to behind the bar, next to the window near the kitchen, to continue eating. I'd asked him for a recommendation on their signature cocktails from a short list of 3. We never saw him again. Also, it was clear that they dont care enough about the guest experience to clean their bathrooms. It smelled like a sewer and had trash all over the floor, with their trashcans full...clearly not cleaned. So sad for out of towners looking for the best places to visit. It was clear that they really didn't care to have us there. If you plan to go there, just don't waste your time. Walk across the street to Gordo's for the better experience..

Review №76

Found accidentally. Great drinks. Neat atmosphere

Review №77

Interesting concept, great craft cocktails but the chemistry theme doesn't quite land

Review №78

Awesome concept for a bar. The dry ice smoke on the bar is really cool. Great craft beer selection. Very creative cocktails.

Review №79

Just went here, now granted I'm aware we arrived on an Off season, but this should not matter! Paid 50 dollars worth of food that just was not worth the price! First of all the place was very quiet/dead, the bartender(s) saw us arrive, and took 20 minutes to do anything, drinks, food order, anything.. unless you were at the bar, you were of no importance. It's not the worst service I ever had, but it sure was terrible.. would not recommend, ever.

Review №80

Great style and theam, high prices. Definitely worth a trip

Review №81

Cool idea, maybe slow because of hurricane. But need to show some enthusiasm for the place

Review №82

Looked amazing from other older reviews and was excited to try wagyu steak. We walk it and it is dark quiet and bleak. No cool neon lights like on the website and online reviews. No gastrology looking drinks. But the wagyu was no where to be found. I had the sriracha honey chicken and it was good. I feel like this was a good idea that originally had good execution but went sour for who knows why. Would have paid a little more for the novelty and environment.

Review №83

Very good. Cool experience. Great craft cocktails. Good appetizers. Pricey.

Review №84

This place could be 5 stars. The drinks are in point. Bathrooms are disgusting and they don't care that they are disgusting

Review №85

We had a great time here. We did not eat just had drinks. The food looked great though. The bar tender R.J. was the best.

Review №86

After enjoying a great weekend attending the Run to the Sun car show, my sweetheart and I randomly found this little gem while in search of something more interesting than your "average bar food restaurant". The clever use of periodic chart elements as building signage gave much promise. Once inside, the staff quickly made us feel like their friends and not just another couple of tourists. 'Lucky' was the name of our waiter; however, it was we who were the lucky ones, as he paid attention to details that anyone else would have ignored.The food, which came beautifully presented, was simply nothing short of outstanding. The atmosphere and clever use of chemistry glassware and decor made for a fun and memorable experience. We definitely are looking forward to coming back here next year. Congratulations on achieving something so amazing in a difficult and competitive industry!Pen OsborneCharlotte NC

Review №87

Awesome ambience. Only one server/waiter/bartend for the whole restaurant

Review №88

I went with the specific intention of ordering the $4 cocktail advertised on the website. This does not exist anymore and the other cocktails are $10 to $11. I ended up getting a beer on tap which was nice and cold.

Review №89

Extremely disappointed. Waste of time and money. We came here a couple years ago and it was incredible! The food was amazing and drinks were phenomenal. We were visiting for the weekend and wanted to try it again as we had such a fun evening there prior. It has gone so far down hill that we were looking for the hidden cameras as we felt like we were on an episode of Bar Rescue. The point of the place was to focus on molecular gastronomy and there was none of that. They boast about modern cuisine but it was just boring bar food. We looked back at our pictures of the first visit and they got rid of all their molecular gastronomy food: no liquid nitrogen seared tuna with siracha caviar, shepherd pie with mash potato foam, smoked trout under a glass dome filled with smoke, removed all their desserts including liquid nitrogen truffles, and mango pana cotta (made to look like a fried egg) with candied bacon. The drinks we got as well were watered down and definitely not a craft cocktail. The original drinks (that they got rid of) had martinis that smoked due to dry ice, fun slanted glasses, and a absinthe drip fountain. The waitress was sweet but untrained and unprofessional. She kept talking loudly to the cook that they are always dead and barely have customers. They were completely out of a random things: no sugar for a sugar rim on a drink and no napkins. The place was unkept and the bathroom was dirty/falling apart. We were in and out under an hour. I don't know if they have lost their chef, changed management, or just got affected by the hurricane and never recovered but whatever happened it was not for the better. Sad to say we will not be returning unless they bring back the reason they actually opened, molecular gastronomy and craft cocktails.

Review №90

So disappointed.....I really liked Art burger and this place has the same owners....(so I'm told). I went in with some friends just after 9 and the place was pretty empty, which seemed unusual for downtown Myrtle Beach in June on a Saturday night. But, my friends and I were excited to try the place, so we just shrugged it off. The waitress told us we had 15 minutes to order food before the kitchen closed. (Not the greatest welcoming statement). But, ok....we can be fast because the menu is small. We ordered drinks and 2 apps and dinner immediately. The drinks were good (and for $10 each, they should be), the apps were fair. Not nearly as good as my expectations. The cheese sauce was grainy and lacking flavor, the maple bacon dip for the tots had zero bacon flavor. But, we still had dinner coming. I was still hopeful. My friend ordered a pasta dish, but they didn't have any she picked something else...salmon. Well, they didn't have any green beans (one of the sides for it). The salmon was well cooked, but the quinoa was flavorless. The BBQ chicken flatbread was at best, just ok. Even the burger was just fair. Our server didn't help to make anything better and we asked for another round of drinks before the food came because the waitress told us we couldn't order another drink after a certain time. As I said, the drinks were ok, but everything else was super disappointing. And at $35 per person for 2 mixed drinks, part of an app and a dinner entree, I would have expected better food. For that price, there are so many other great restaurants. Also, the bathroom didn't have any soap and the paper towels were on the counter. The toilet paper was on top of the holder. I really expected much better. I won't go back. And I only left a 15% tip (which I NEVER do because I used to wait tables) because our waitress (Anna was her name I think) was so rude and just acted as if she didn't want us to be there in the first place. We were literally out of the door by closing time sharply at 10pm. So, if you want friendly service and good food, try basically ANY other restaurant. I'm not even sure if I'd go back to Art burger again because of the terrible service. The only time our waitress was happy was when we got our check. I will say that the other employees were much more friendly when we walked by...and for that and the decent Salmon, I gave them 2 stars instead of just 1. I don't often post reviews, but I did in hope the owner will see it and correct the problems, otherwise I don't think they'll continue to stay in business, and I like to support locally owned businesses.

Review №91

Great place for a few drinks and food. Food was pretty good but some what overpriced for the quantity.. the overall experience for us was unique fun. Definetly would come back again.

Review №92

This is not only the best place I ate on our vacation to South Carolina but the most memorable place I have ever ate, hands down. The theme is great with foaming drinks and beakers to drink out of! The fries were crisped to perfection and the people who worked there were cool and friendly. I reccomend it to anyone within a thousand mile radius!!

Review №93

Very expensive for nothing ... the drinks are tiny the food is mediocre to say the least amd even their plates and silverware are cheap and plastic. Its very gimicki and corny . Looked cool from outside but definitly a weak experience

Review №94

Best drinks in town. Great experience !!!!

Review №95

We got a few drinks from this bar after the Myrtle Beach Marathon. The drinks were a little pricey but the environment and the incredible friendly staff made it worth the price. Our bartender " lucky"was a nice guy from Greenville he talked to us gave us free samples of different types of drinks and made us feel at home. I would highly recommend stopping by and having a few drinks in this creative little bar.

Review №96

Awesome Fun,drinks are great

Review №97

The shrimp salad was okay, but it wasn't anything special. The scallops (4 per order), while good, cost $17.50. Service was good, but they seemed understaffed.

Review №98

I had really high expectations if this place - but their signature (menu) drinks trend toward the sweet side. I guess thats what the kids are drinking these days. Not to mention this is the second time a hushed recommend from the local bartender to visit another local establishment (that I won't mention in this review) happened to me in the area. Still, if you're vversed in craft cocktails, there should be at least one bartender on duty who cares about the craft to serve you up properly.

Review №99

Disappointed, limited selection on the menu and cocktails. I guess because of the ingredients not on hand and staff not attentive to customer service.

Review №100

Cool atmosphere and cool drinks. However it smelled like a bathroom. Also, it is expensive. Went for happy hour and the draft cocktails were still $9 and we're WEAK. Who wants to pay $9 for a happy hour drink? Presentation of martinis with dry ice is very cool.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:300 9th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
  • Fine dining restaurant
  • Bar
  • New American restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Southern restaurant (US)
Working hours
  • Monday:4PM–2AM
  • Tuesday:4PM–2AM
  • Wednesday:4PM–2AM
  • Thursday:4PM–2AM
  • Friday:4PM–2AM
  • Saturday:4PM–2AM
  • Sunday:4PM–2AM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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