1320 Celebrity Cir #195, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

I've always wanted to try a Wahlburgers, being from Massachusetts myself, but maybe I need to head back to try it. The service was great, the food so-so. The bun was fresh and soft, the veggies on the burger crisp and fresh, the patty was cooked perfectly to order, I'm a medium-rare guy..... but the overall flavor wasn't quite there. There was not explosion of flavor. Like I said a good burger... but for what you're paying I figured I would notice even just Salt and pepper. And don't get me wrong, it's not that i didn't like it, I did. I just was a little underwhelmed.

Review №2

$35 for 2 double burgers fries and drinks take out. Kind of insane if you ask me. Food quality was very good but won't be back because of the price.

Review №3

Reasonably priced, average bar burger with fresh toppings, good thickness cooked just right. Just beware at this price you get just a burger. 4 side options like fries, onion rings, tator tots and/or sweet potato tots do come at an extra price. Love their special burger and fries sauce. Opted for the fries which were a thicker cut that were hot and enough for my wife and I to share. The place is clean and nicely decorated with Wahlberg Memorabilia. Love the movie title tiles of Mark's extensive movie work on the ceiling. (Only took pic of one tile. Was a number of tiles). Our waitress was very friendly and made the visit even more enjoyable. Was a beautiful day and wanted to sit outside where they have a large patio area but was told no service was available for that area.

Review №4

The food looked so good that I ate half my patty melt before remembering to take this picture. The food was excellent and I can't say enough good things about the wahl sauce. I really wish we had a bottle to take home with us. Also, our server Nick was excellent. He mad recommendations to both me and my wife and we both loved his choice. We will definitely be going to Wahlburgers again. If there's any way to get Nick M some recognition, that would be awesome!

Review №5

Minus the wait, they were at half capacity due to the pandemic, the food was good. I got the Double Decker with Swiss. I LOVED the grill crust on the patties!! Tried the honey garlic mayo(?) and it kicked it up a few notches! I will have to try the sweet potato tots next time.

Review №6

Very fast service and the food was really good. Extremely competitive prices as well.We were greeted warmly at the door before being seated and our waiter was really nice.Had the hamburger and fries which was tasty and a good sized portion. Consistency was there as I frequented the Boston, MA restaurant.Highly recommend this establishment!

Review №7

First time eating here and we've been coming for years. The food is pretty good. I really like the bun they use on their burgers. It gives it a pretty good taste. The sauce, meat and vegetables all taste pretty fresh. If I did have to complain about something it would probably be the fries. They were good but I've had better. Also the price is kinda steep for a burger but hey, look where you are!!!

Review №8

My entire experience at the Myrtle Beach Wahlburgers was amazing! Our server Nick was quite possibly the best server I've ever had. Nick was very helpful offering wonderful suggestions on what we should order. He brought out additional sauces for us to try with our burgers and fries. All of our food was delicious, we couldn't have asked for a better meal!

Review №9

Lots of hype, a little expensive... menu was limited.. everything was good to the taste, and the wait staff was sufficient.Would latronize again and again just a little too much money for my liking.

Review №10

Did a pickup order.. only thing forgotten was some barbecue sauce.. no big deal.. burgers were outstanding... worth every dollar... read some of the negative reviews.. ..none of those complaints seem to match the service we received.. will return in the future

Review №11

Service was great, wait time short, staff very friendly. Food for the price, don't waste your time. I make better burgers at home. I think y'all grew way to fast and are lacking quality control. 1st and last time eating here.

Review №12

The fish sandwich was good. The triple burger was "just okay" and the kids burger was dry. The fries were mediocre. Probably won't return.

Review №13

I've come to the Myrtle Beach location 9-10 times in the last 2years when I work here. I've never had a bad experience before Covid because of Mom's Sloppy Joe. But today(10/12/20) I ordered the crispy chicken ranch sandwich & was very disappointed!! It was old & freezer burnt on half of it & raw on the other half. I got a couple bites in when it started to taste really bad. Luckily the onion straws were great! I would of gave a low star rating, but the bartender was great, very talkative and a very hard worker. So I didn't even complain to her because it wasn't her fault. PLEASE check the CHICKEN before you serve it. I'm a person that never complains.

Review №14

I mean if your into trying new things as we are then go for it . For us left nothing to write home about . A solid meh .

Review №15

The food was disgusting and way over priced. My wife waited until the end of the meal to get her drink, The macaroni tasted like cardboard and the burgers were half the size of the bun. We were so excited to eat at a Wahlburgers on vacation but never again!

Review №16

My wife and I jokingly debated for years whether Donnie or Mark was the most talented Wahlberg. Well let me tell you, after eating at Wahlburger's it's obvious that neither of them are the MOST talented...that honor has to go to Paul!!! This food was delicious! My son and I both got a burger, and it was one of the best I've ever eaten. My wife, not much on burgers, got the fried chicken sandwich. I took a bite and almost regretted getting the burger because of how impressed I was with the chicken sandwich...seriously I did truly enjoy the burger. The chicken was just super good and very surprising how flavorful it was. The place was super clean, well staffed and everyone there was great. The food was top notch and everything was so fresh. Another star of the show that snuck up on me was the Yukon Gold potatoes they used for fries. They were nicely crisp on the outside with a creamy almost buttery smooth delicious flavor and texture. I high recommend giving it a try!

Review №17

Chili had good flavor, but was barely even luke warn, the cheese never even melted at all. Fries were warmer at the bottom of the container and literally cold at the top. Hubby's burger was a hockey puck it was so burnt and barely warm. Will not EVER go back even if they offered free meals. Wait staff was non existent. 1 person took order, a different person brought out the food and a 3rd dropped off the check. No one asked us how our meal was and no one offered refills on our beverages.

Review №18

First, the burger I got was obviously frozen and sent me to the bathroom 20 minutes later. Second, for the price you pay for the burger you don't even get a side of fries or anything.You're better off going to Burger King

Review №19

Mark Donnie and Paul...... i haven't been able to eat a whole burger in YEARS..... And i absolutely love that u call American cheese Government........ only people that have in chains and shackles would get that fine touch

Review №20

The BBQ Bacon burger is by far the best burger I've had! I got it med rare and it came spot on the way I like it. Service was great, fast, and professional. The atmosphere was bright and fun, even with the social distancing. It is a must to visit while at The Boardwalk!

Review №21

My family & I were at Wahlburgers this past Saturday afternoon. Although everything we ordered was delicious, the social distancing of the restaurant was not safe for its customers. The restaurant was at 100% capacity without customers and tables being six ft apart as well as customers coming inside the restaurant without masks & not being advised to wear masks. For our health and safety, we ended up eating outside socially distant from everyone else. I understand that the governor of the state of South Carolina permitted for indoor dining to be open at 100% capacity, although we are still in a pandemic, The proprietors should have considered first the health and safety of their customers before being GREEDY and opening up their restaurants at 100% capacity. Someone there made a bad and hasty decision.

Review №22

Wahlburgers was a great place to eat. Food was on target, employees were friendly, I was amazed how clean the restaurant was, I'll be back during my vacation. I just wish I could meet the Wahlburgers one day. Great people.

Review №23

Enjoy eating here every time. Missing the Thanksgiving Burger. Hopefully will be back soon. Recommend the Sweet Potato Tots

Review №24

This is by far the best burger place to eat at I can honestly say these are the best burgers I've ever tasted the government cheese is the best thing the government ever created it is truly amazing I never tasted government cheese before and now I don't want to have a sandwich or burger without one if the government would run the country the way they make cheese this country would be perfect and hats off to the wahlburgers for putting it on their burgers very smart move plus the prices are very reasonable and the service was great the restaurant was clean and nicely decorated the only way this place could be better is if they do a stuffed burger. will definitely be back every chance I get

Review №25

First time at a Wahlburgers...great experience....COVID protocols in place... excellent service & my Mushroom Bacon Swiss burger was AWESOME...Loved the onion straws too...wife bought tee shirts for the kids "Mom's Favorite" on the frontGotta give this place a try

Review №26

We were SO excited to finally try a Wahlburgers and we were not disappointed. The food was AMAZING!! Will definitely be repeat customers!

Review №27

Great atmosphere. Excellent food! Fair prices. Good customer service!! Will definitely be back! Thanks Walburgers for an awesome 1st experience!!!️️

Review №28

Pretty good burger . Hot fresh fries. Just a good burger joint but nothing super special. Good family atmosphere and great service at the Myrtle Beach location.

Review №29

Not a ton of variety but always a solid choice for a quick burger. Ask for extra ranch for your fries or tots. Its got dill and a little more garlic than your average Ranch and it's REALLY good!

Review №30

So Wahlburgers has been all the talk back in Pittsburgh, so when I had the opportunity to stop in Myrtle Beach I jumped on it. So the restaurant is nice and the service was excellent. We all ordered the “our” burger. The burger was tasty, not the best I have had, but better than most that I have had. The waitress raves about the tater tots, but in the end they were just tater tots. We also ordered the Mac and cheese and it was most excellent! I will give it another go once back in Pittsburgh, but when you have Tessaros in Bloomfield it is hard to beat.

Review №31

Family friendly atmosphere through and through. Friendly, welcoming, and accommodating staff. We started out with Wahlbrewskis and they were better than advertised. Crisp, refreshing, and perfect after a day on the beach. For our meal, our group of 6+1 child ate every bite of our food. I can't wait to eat at Wahlburgers again! I'd rate higher if I could! The only thing that could've made it better, would've been to meet Chef Paul, Donnie, or Mark. However, as I understand it, they keep pretty busy these days so we won't hold it against you!

Review №32

Awesome service...awesome food! I recommend the O.F.D. for sure! Syliac suffers... fear not.... they have you coverd!

Review №33

Very good chicken sandwich, burgers are delicious also. My favorite were the onion rings!!! They batter and fry thin red onions so not so sweet

Review №34

Excellent bartender. Food was superb. Service was speedy. Everything was nice and clean!

Review №35

My family stopped here for lunch and loved it, I had the burger melt with carmelized onions and bacon and it was delicious. My sister loved the jenns salad and my wife and niece got the regular cheeseburgers. Fries needed alittle salt but the tots were very good. Wendell was our waiter and he was great, our drinks never went empty and him and the other staff were very nice. I wanted to commend him to the manager but the restaurant got really busy. I wish they would open one in Virginia but I'll definitely be back when in the area again.

Review №36

Of course, it's so much fun eating here having watched the Wahlberg brothers in movies and on tv. But besides that the food IS SOOOO GOOD!! You have to try the tator tot appetizers! Their brother is a good a chef as they are actors.

Review №37

Burgers were very flavorful, our waitress was very nice. (Loved the option of the adult frappes, but a little too expensive for me, but understandable for quality of what is in the drinks) Nice, clean, bright and welcoming environment. Overall great experience. Thank you!

Review №38

1st visit... Outstanding service. Great food. Everything was excatly as ordered. Pretty good prices. No combos so its all separate but worth it!!! Wish we had one closer to home :)

Review №39

Entirely everything we had to eat was awesome! Will definitely come back another time before the week's out. Staff was courteous Anna had great attitudes.

Review №40

Used Wahlburgers online ordering system. Big mistake. I ordered our lunch at 1:15pm for a 2:00 pickup. That was the earliest pickup they had. I even received a email confirmation for my order. Arrived at Walhburger at 2:00 to pick up my order. The young at the counter went to check on it and came back to inform me they did not have my order. She went to get the manager for me. I told him I had a order confirmation and showed him the email. He wrote my order number. He never offer to have the kitchen prepare my order. I asked him if he could refund my money back to my debit card. He said no, I would have to call their corporate office. I asked for the phone number. He said he didn't have it. I told him you are a manager and you don't have your corporate phone number? Then he said he will go get it for me. I feel I was deceived and lied to. This charge is pending on my debit card.

Review №41

I had the salmon salad and the buffalo chicken dippers. Thumbs up!

Review №42

It's a famous restaurant. The burger was good. The fries were great. The Mac and cheese was not anything I would recommend. I don't know if it was worth the money. Maybe if mark Wahlberg was there in person it would have... Good service tho.

Review №43

The Chicken sandwich was amazing. Donnie Favorite was great. My party of 5 loved the food.

Review №44

We had really delicious burgers, salad,fries and onion rings.They also have a full bar with specialty cocktails. That food was served quickly and very friendly staff. Very uniquely decorated.

Review №45

Good food and cool atmosphere! The overall vibe here is pretty unique and fun. The employees are friendly and the food is good. Juicy and good tasting food. I was disappointed with the salad where some of the lettuce was brown, but overall it was very good. The fries and onion rings were good. Mac and cheese was just okay.

Review №46

The food is amazing. I hate onion rings, but their onion rings are amazing thin and crunchy seasoned just right. Their burgers are amazing and made to order as is all their food. I recommend stopping in and trying them out if you're in the Myrtle Beach area. As if their food wasn't enough to get you in there the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed and lots of movie titles to read that Mark Walberg has played in, and for those who were around during The New Kids on the Block era, well theres photos of them there too.

Review №47

Great food and service! Also prices were reasonable. Only disappointment was there wasn't any wahlburgs in there!!!

Review №48

It was very nice place, affordable prices, service was great as well, their Italian Margarita was just delicious. The chilli was not good

Review №49

Oh my word! So glad we tried it. Best burger ever.

Review №50

Arrived here with my family and waited briefly fpr a table. Unfortunately we were separated between 2 tables for some unknown reason. They had a limited menu, which we knew nothing about until we were seated. Food was okay, not worth the price by far

Review №51

Five Guys and Fries are 100% better they tasted like frozen patties from McDonald's

Review №52

Staff was ok. Food not that good.. hamburgers seemed to be frozen patties and had no taste. Their adult beverages are good. Tried it... been there done that.

Review №53

The food is nothing special, and the mojito was one of the worst I have ever had. Don't waste your time here.

Review №54

Good burgers, fair price, nice friendly service. The OFD burger is my favorite. And the tots are great with it.

Review №55

It's ok. Food is good and place is clean. Service was a little slow when went, but it's been a while since I've been here.

Review №56

Food is good, but nothing great about it. It was like eating at any other restaurant with burgers.

Review №57

Best burger I have ever eaten. This will definitely be a stop of mine each year

Review №58

Always awesome burgers and great Fries! The double bacon burger is loaded with lots of toppings and America cheese,, fresh lettuce and tomatoes with crisp pickles.Would today be a 5 star experience if not for the horrible waits, slow slow service and staff at the front that barely knows what is going in. Thankfully the cooks have it all together and the food will make it worth the slow wait and relatively poor service of the upfront staff.

Review №59

Excellent food and a real good gluten free bun.

Review №60

We came down on a Friday prior to having unexpected car trouble and me and my husband will say thus was one of the highlights of our trip. We were so comfortable and didn't feel rushed the burgers were delicious. Me and husband have now decided that this is our go to place while we are here. Hopefully the next time one of the brothers are there lol

Review №61

Good atmosphere. Good staff. Great food. Reasonably priced. Try the sweet potato tots for something different that tastes like dessert. No upcharge for gluten free buns which was a wonderful surprise! Great tasting gluten free buns and they also have gluten free bread for sandwiches and gluten free croutons for salads!

Review №62

Food and service were excellent!! I highly recommend for a great burger and great atmosphere

Review №63

Place is first class, service was friendly food was excellent. I went with the classic double cheeseburger for $8.95 and order of fries for $3.50. Well worth it. Very clean and well laid out. Plus whos not a fan of the family!

Review №64

Always Great Food.... just wasn't happy with the restricted Menu.It takes away a lot from the Restaurant

Review №65

I was not impressed. At all. I found the burger too small for the bun and lacking much flavor. Wasn't bad, wasn't good.

Review №66

I'm from Philly and I stopped here at random while on vacation. The super melt was so good, and the burger patty was nice and tender. I wish there was a location in my hometown. I would surely come back to Myrtle Beach partly so I could eat here again. The only thing I didn't like was that I couldn't get any whipped cream on my milkshake.

Review №67

There bunless burgers are delicious. Practically a salad.

Review №68

Excellent BATHROOMS! YES I SAID BATHROOMS! Cleanliness is everywhereThe service excellent the food excellent

Review №69

Great food. Very affordable! The only issue was our waiter. He seemed to be having a bad day or something.

Review №70

Love this place!! Food was great and caters to gluten sensitivity. Staff was warm and courteous. As you might guess by the name they serve burgers but they do chicken as well. Homemade sauces, homemade pickles, fresh beef and lots of flavor. This restaurant has earned a place on my personal top 10.

Review №71

Great experience! The food was awesome, the place was super clean our server was friendly and kept us all laughing. I recommend eating here!

Review №72

Very good burger. Could have used a little more sauce. Very crowded but seated in 15 minutes. Staff was friendly and quick.

Review №73

Awesome getting your food.and the best for last,awesome burgers!!! We will definitely be back again!!!!!!

Review №74

Decent burgers. Friendly service. Good for families. Show up before 11:45 to avoid the lunch rush.

Review №75

Stoped by on friday besides the fact it made my husband and I extremely sick it was ok. Foods nothing more than avg but our server was fantastic.

Review №76

Food was good, and service was decent. The wait wasn't too bad, as it wasn't near full capacity due to the pandemic, the only thing that got me was when the server got in a hurry to get to the other customers he rushed our food on the table spilling a bunch of our fries on the table.

Review №77

We've been coming to Wahlburgers at Myrtle since it opened. We've always made a point to eat here when we are in town. The last two times we've eaten here the food has not been good. Service is slow and sides portions are half of what they used to be. Unfortunately, after our meal yesterday, we are marking this restaurant off our list.

Review №78

Hamburger Joe's burgers were better! But mac 'n cheese good!

Review №79

This was the worst burger I have ever had. It did not even cover the bread and it was packed meat like plant base meat. I was so disappointed with the meal and the service. Our waitress was so not train to wait on customers. It was like she was in a big hurry. She did not have time to listen to us screwed our order up. I have not intention of returning nor recommending it to my friends.

Review №80

Great service. Awesome chili..

Review №81

Got the BBQ Burger, hardly any bbq sauce on it and was very skimpy with the jalapenos. Also the burger was small too.The shakes were kind of runny, I expected better for a national chain

Review №82

Our burgers were delicious as always. We ordered online and the process was simple and streamlined. The food was ready by the time I requested.

Review №83

In a word, our experience at Wahlburgers was fantastic! First-rate, wonderful, delicious, and other synonyms adequately describe our overall meal. The food: incredibly yummy! The BBQ Bacon burger was savory and cooked to perfection. The Our Burger is a tasty stable for any burger-lover. The Sweet Potato Tots were delightful and you can never go wrong with Idaho-fresh cut potato fries.The service: amazing! Our server, Syd, was great! She anticipated our needs, checked up on us frequently, and made sure everything was perfect. She was friendly and conversational, without being intrusive or overdoing it. As a former server, I recognize and appreciate quality service like she displayed. My family and I highly recommend Wahlburgers for good food and good fun!

Review №84

Just had lunch here, the staff was attentive from the moment I walked in the door. I could see the kitchen from my table and the second we ordered they were firing it up. Food came out fast and hot. One of the best burgers I've had in a long time! And the fries came out hot and crispy, nothing that ruins your meal more than cold fries, but no reason to worry about that here! Definitely making a return visit soon!

Review №85

We always love eating here! Great food, decent price, nice servers.

Review №86

So we just popped in to try the burgers and man were they awesome!!! Ask for Alex ,she was so wonderful wow! I never had to ask for a single thing she was on the spot 100% super nice very helpful and she knows the menu thru and thru . The food is very tasty and the sides yup good as well. I only wish they had a spot near my home lolol they would spank the local burger joints.

Review №87

Best food ever! I got Jenn chicken salad!! Delicious. Ricky got burger.. said better than 5 guys,! That's high praise from him. Onion rings best ever had️

Review №88

Great place, good food. Takeout only, they pack the place in violation of county guidelines currently.

Review №89

Awesome service and great food! Get the sweet potato tots as a won't be disappointed

Review №90

Absolutely awesome atmosphere. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Very clean and the burgers were fresh and delicious. The strawberry chocolate frappe was soo good. The mac and cheese with bacon could be a small meal in itself. The onion rings were thin and good when eaten at the restaurant but not recommended to bring home and try (the grease sets in). Wahlburgers sauce is spot on and really ties in the burger.

Review №91

Me and my family just visited the Wahlburgers in Myrtle Beach and I have to say that the food was delicious.Our server (can't remember their name) he was great. Very friendly.The management was amazing, very knowledgeable and extremely friendly.I will definitely be coming back and telling all of my friends to come. Prices were really reasonable also. Very satisfied with everything.

Review №92

So far I have had the pleasure of eating at Whalburgers located at Broadway at The Beach three times, and each time the food and service has been outstanding! Burgers have always been my absolute favorite food, and handsdown Wahlburgers is the best. The prices are cheap, the atmosphere is fun, the service is amazing and the food is delicious! You will be craving for more!

Review №93

Great atmosphere and food and service, BUT I froze, take a jacket!

Review №94

Great food friendly staff. Very cool restaurant.

Review №95


Review №96

Great first experience but not our last. My "fiesta" burger was fantastic! Also, the sweet potato tator tots were quite tasty. Beautifully styled inside and out!

Review №97

We all loved our burgers and fries here. Me and my friend both enjoyed the fiesta burger.

Review №98

The burger was amazing but the fries didn't have much flavor.

Review №99

Good food and good service. The ranch is great with the fries.

Review №100

This place is a disgrace. Our server ignored us to the point our food was cold the burgers where dry. This is a tourist trap and overpriced.

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