Captain Georges Seafood Restaurant
1401 29th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States

Review №1

They have all the proper precautions in place. Gloves for all size hands available for each visit to the buffet. Masks are also required. All the employees were wearing their masks correctly. The buffet had many many options even for the non seafood eater. The crab legs are replenished constantly. Really really good crab legs.

Review №2

TJ was our server on September 19th along with two other gentlemen. They were very attentive. Very helpful and very courteous. It was the very first time we had visited your establishment. And most definitely will go back. Thank you for helping make my 11th year anniversary a success.

Review №3

The absolute best seafood buffet in myrtle beach hands down. Other buffets claim to offer 170 items, but if you go in, there's maybe 50 items to choose from. Not Captain George's, they stand by their menu. I love that they enforce their mask and gloves policy. Will always return to this buffet whenever I'm in myrtle beach

Review №4

We have gone to Original Benjamin's for 30 years and were reluctant to try anywhere else. One visit to Captain George's and we now have a new favorite spot to eat crab legs. The restaurant is clean and beautiful and the food is delicious and hot. The crab legs are self-serve and they keep them full. Definitely recommend!

Review №5

Took my wife and son here to celebrate my 15th year wedding anniversary. I had to say, it was impeccable. From the decor, the staff, the food. It was indeed a special night. The food was great. The price was worth it. We had two waiters, Dan and Taylor, both were attentive. There is something here for everyone, seafood and land. Everything was fresh, hot and the flavors were delicious. The cornbread was yummy and the deserts were too. I cant say enough. Thank you for making a special night.

Review №6

Loved the food and service, but was very unhappy to see that guests were not being seated at tables 6 feet apart. Despite a very small crowd in a very big restaurant, everyone was being seated at tables back to back rather than being spread out. Unacceptable. Masks and gloves were required while getting food, but again, being crammed together for the portion of your visit which is unmasked (eating) in such a big restaurant is just not okay. I can't recommend this place until post-covid, at which point I'm sure it's a great place to dine!

Review №7

Crab legs were awesome. The rest was pretty much what you'd expect. 40 a person was pretty steep but I suppose understandable. Let's just say I didn't feel guilty going to the buffet for the 5th plate of crab legs.

Review №8

My family and I have been to the location in Virginia Beach and knew we would enjoy it. I have to say the food was great as expected but I was more impressed with the staff. They were very attentive and extremely polite. They made the experience that much more special for all of us. The servers we had were named Mike and Jada and they were absolutely awesome. Not many times when reading a review do i see anything about those who work there and how they added to the experience. That isn't happening here. A great big Thank You to Mike and Jada for being awesome and making my evening great!

Review №9

Clean. They did not play about masks over nose and gloves on at all times. Too much food to take pictures, but I couldn't help to take pics of the beautiful desserts. All of the seafood was fresh and delicious. Oh... the seasoned vegetables were the best!

Review №10

The food was fantastic, we went there on Veterans Day. The atmosphere was great and couldn't believe how huge the salad bar was. Absolutely loved the food! The only issue we had was our server had an attitude and made us feel as though we were on egg shells the whole time. Besides that, my husband was very pleased with the beer selection. We plan to hopefully come back for Thanksgiving!

Review №11

This is the best seafood restaurant buffet in Myrtle beach! They give you clean gloves to wear every time you go to the buffet line. There is every type of seafood on the buffet and crab legs are also all you can eat which most buffets you pay extra for them. There is also regular American food for those that don't like seafood. The desserts were a large variety also including ice cream! The price is high but it is worth every penny. So if you are a seafood lover this is for you!

Review №12

Let me start by saying I'm not a fan of buffets, seafood or paying $39.99 for a meal. However, that price included my appetizer, meal and dessert....very fair. Now let me say that the staff of this restaurant could definitely give some lessons on quality service! By far the BEST. The food was fresh and had amazing flavor. Every dish had it's own taste. Loved it can't wait to return.

Review №13

My wife and I drove from Raeford, North Carolina to have dinner at Captain George's Seafood. The food was outstanding, staff was warm and friendly and the place was very clean, warm and beautiful. The restrooms are outstandingly clean with a fresh clean smell. I recommend this place to anyone who like good food and great service. The price is fair for all you can eat with 50+ different selections to choose from. We will be making this a monthly outing for now on. Great job.

Review №14

Absolutely the best seafood buffet in town! Everything was fresh and perfectly cooked. The crab legs were fantastic and plentiful. The salad bar was so fresh it tasted like it had just been picked from the garden. Our server Bash was so attentive and fun he made our night. They provide gloves for use at the buffet and hand sanitizer so that was very reassuring. We are already planning our next trip so we can eat there again.

Review №15

We go here constantly every time we visit Myrtle Beach. Yes I do know that it's expensive but it's great food it won't make you sick. You have a good time with the staff as well. I do know they're cheaper places but the experience you get here is bar none. And yes during the coronavirus pandemic they take top precautions to protect their customers. Food is fresh and bathroom is clean. Yes for the man out there with kids who has to change their butts they do have a changing table and the restroom.

Review №16

Great atmosphere and food, but most of all absolutely amazing service! Alec, Josh and Gregory were an amazing server team! Together their prompt proactive and professional service was in keeping with the finest restaurants. In Myrtle Beach great food is a dime a dozen, to me service is everything. The people make the difference, we will definitely be back!

Review №17

We loved the place. As we got out of the car, on the parking lot, we had guys welcoming us with the umbrella as it was raining. I say that's an amazing service. Then, inside looked very nice, upscale, clean and the food was delicious. I had a bit of everything and it was all good. We picked the place randomly and we were not disappointed. My wine was on point too. And my husband's glass was all the time refilled.

Review №18

Food was decent, but I was not extremely impressed by it. I've had better, fresher tasting seafood elsewhere. However, they do have a huge selection to choose from at the buffet. I personally do not think it is worth the price, although I'm sure some people would disagree. The desserts they had were amazing though as were several of their non seafood items and the servers provided excellent customer service as well. I noticed a lot of people were getting the crab legs so if that's something you enjoy, then you may like eating here, but I didn't try them as that is not something I'm interested in.

Review №19

Pretty expensive for 3 adult buffets but there was an excellent variety in selection. I guess I just wasn't expecting to pay that much once I got the bill. Everything was good but the vegetables we chose, corn on the cob, green beans, broccoli, etc.) were pretty bland. I expected better for the price but I guess we paid more for the seafood since that's what we went for. The peel and eat shrimp and crab legs were delicious although my daughter and I didn't care much for the salmon. They are being very Covid-19 conscious which was very reassuring since so many people are coming through. Our server was very attentive and made sure we didn't have to worry for anything. We would definitely go back but will make sure to budget this into our plans better.

Review №20

Probably one of the more popular seafood buffets in Myrtle Beach. The building itself is very nice on the outside and inside. It feels much nicer than your run of the mill all you can eat buffet. Their safety precautions for COVID-19 are some of the best I've seen, and probably the best you'll get in a restaurant setting. All staff were wearing a mask, all patrons wear a mask until they're at their table, and anytime you go to the buffet itself you wear a mask and put on one time use disposable gloves to get your food. All of the tables are spread a part nicely, they really did an exceptional job in this department.The food itself was just okay. The variety wasn't bad but many items lacked any real flavor. The clam chowder and deserts were very good, but all of the fried items tasted the same to me. Both the steamed peel and eat shrimp, and the fried shrimp were not deveined. Which isn't a health hazard but still pretty gross. The crab legs were re-filled pretty regularly, I'm not a big crab leg person but my family commented that they seemed kind of small this time.The staff was excellent, our drinks were re-filled constantly and they were very polite as always.My overall feeling is that at $39.99 each, unless you are going to eat your weight in crab legs it's simply not worth going here. This isn't a reflection on the restaurant at all, I just don't believe the average person is going to get their money's worth.

Review №21

I have visited this place twice and would love to go more often. Their seafood tastes amazing and fresh! You definitely have to taste their crab legs because there is no other place that has amazing crab legs than this place. The place is nice and clean. Servers are amazing at what they do . It is usually pack and a long waiting but at the end it will be all worth it. Also it isn't that expensive so definitely go and try it out!

Review №22

Wanting to try a new seafood buffet, we decided to make the trip to Captain George.The restaurant itself was equal to many 5 star fancy restaurants. The decour was amazing. Entering through large glass doors down a walkway with an impressive wine selection on the wall. The staff that greeted us was super friendly and escorted us to our table.In the center of the restaurant was the buffet tables. Huge ship masts was on top of each.The food selection was more than an any buffet I had been to yet. It had, not one or two, but three crab leg stations.The food was really good and I will for sure be returning here again. If you are in the area and looking for a place to eat, I highly recommend here. The price was @$39.

Review №23

The best seafood buffet!!! This is my happy place. I really enjoyed it so much. If only I live in Myrtle beach, I'll be broke dining here everyday LOL. Definitely worth the price.

Review №24

Loved the variety of food. Everything tasted good, was my 1st experience with a seafood buffet style restaurant and it was good. Our servers were very sweet and very attentive. Couldn't give 5 stars though because I saw a fella with name tag with manager as the job title and he wasnt speaking kindly to the bussers, who you could tell, were moving as fast as they could to get to every table as busy as they were. I plan on going again. Cost is about $40 per person and I think it's worth it for sure

Review №25

This was my first time here and it will be hard to beat $39.99 for Thanksgiving lunch and the all you can eat buffet.The food was cooked perfectly and easy to find with their layout.

Review №26

The best restaurant I've been to thus far in life. Very clean, professional, abundance of food and superior customer service. You will pay for what you get. And you get high quality service in a clean environment. The buffet options are vast. Highly recommend.

Review №27

Ever wonder why all the other seafood buffets have coupons regardless of the time of the day, because they are trying to win you over because they know Captain George's is the best in SC! This place is 100% worth the money. Clean restaurant, friendly staff, food consistently being checked and hot pans kept full, lots to choose from. Definitely recommend this to all.

Review №28

Excellent buffet, very good selection of foods. Love the crab legs. Definitely coming back again.

Review №29

Amazingly good food of all types on several buffets in this beautiful restaurant. Wait staff was amazing. A little pricey.Highly recommended.

Review №30

Amazing buffet food! They really care about their customer's experience and health! Simple rules! They especially care about customer with dietary issues with the Manager walking you to the safe foods for them to eat! The Service staff was great!

Review №31

Great those crablegs!! They were awesome with providing gloves and masks during this pandenmic.

Review №32

Where to start! Our server was one of the best most professional sorry I can't remember his name.We got the buffet. Fresh and tons of options.Ate like it was our last day on earth was very, very reasonable for all the different seafood available. Its a must visit restaurant.Wine, the only thing I would like to see is some fruit wines. A personal preference. A big selection of wines though.

Review №33

That was really worth the price tag for the buffet. Don't go anywhere else this is the place you want to go. The dessert section was amazing! We ate all the the crablegs!

Review №34

Ate here for dinner while at Myrtle Beach. You must wear a mask and they have gloves for you to wear every time you go to the buffet. Seating is every other table so you are socially distanced. I only got crab legs and they were soooo good. They have the crab crackers at the buffet, but you have to ask your server for the little forks.My husband got some shrimp and ribs as well as crab legs, and liked that. Big variety of desserts and all good! The Baklava was scrumptious! We eat there at least once every time we are at the beach.

Review №35

Simply AMAZING!!! Their efforts to keep everyone safe should be praised.My daughter loves salmon but just seasoned and not with a sweet glaze, our wonderful server had a piece cooked especially for her without glaze. I was so grateful for that and I made sure she received a nice tip.We drive from Memphis at least once or twice a year just to visit our favorite restaurant.

Review №36

The seafood buffet is beyond belief! I have been to many buffets and this one outshines them all for only a couple more dollars. It is clean and disposable gloves were provided to wear while serving yourself! This is the only all-you-can-eat crab legs I will be going to from now on!

Review №37

It was good for a small buffet. Price was decent 40 bucks. Make sure you go during a rush so there is constant hot food. Also they have raw oysters but keep an eye on lil visters in your oysters... It was alive just chillin on my oyster, kind of turned me off for the rest of the meal, but the manager was very professional and says he has never seen that before and comped my meal. The Wait staff was great especially Alexis and Tyler, they were very attentive and kept the table clean and clear. Overall I have been to better tasting buffets. But the decor is one of the best I've seen.

Review №38

I am sure the food is wonderful. However, my husband and I did not want the buffet so we ordered oysters on the half shell and a seafood platter and it took over a half hour to get the oysters. Come on folks, it's RAW oysters. We have received the oysters, but no sides (crackers, cocktail sauce...). We finally received tartar sauce and ketchup. This is definitely a buffet only restaurant.

Review №39

I was visiting Myrtle Beach with a couple of friends. We thankfully stumbled upon this gem with the help of Google maps. No words can describe my visit to this fine establishment. Everything about this place is perfect. They have all kinds of foods and great dessert. Not only do they have the best food ever, but their staff is the friendliest staff on this planet. They really make you feel like an important guest. I don't care where I'm going for my next trip. If I'm within a 300 mile range from a Captain George's seafood restaurant, I WILL be there! Thank you very much for making my trip the best trip ever with your amazing food and staff.

Review №40

Went here with the family looking for a great seafood dinner and that's exactly what we got!!. All the food was hot plenty to choose from and safe during covid-19. Had a great dinner will return when I get a big pay check lol! Only reason I gave 4 stars not for food or service just expensive.

Review №41

I love this restaurant. I've been to all 4, and each one does a great job with crab legs. They refill the bins frequently so you can get hot crab legs often. Their large selection of desserts provides something for everyone. They are taking precautions during the virus, and made me comfortable eating with them as well. Gloves and masks are used for the buffet and they seat everyone with enough distance apart. Another great experience with them. To avoid lines, try to arrive before 6-630pm

Review №42

Great experience, food was awesome with a wonderful selection of fried, broiled and baked seafood. A large selection of non-seafood for the landlovers with a very nice dessert selection. Service was excellent and all staff we encountered were very helpful and pleasant. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great meal, clean location and friendly service! And of course the endless crablegs!!

Review №43

My family and I really enjoyed our visit - we even came two nights in a row. The service was amazing. Everyone was super nice and both nights our waiters/waitresses we're outstanding. They even went out of their way to give us a lil something for our 2 year old son on the way out. It really is the little things. We'll definitely be back when we come visit again!

Review №44

Food quality was fresh (not too salty) and all servers were kind :)

Review №45

We dine at Cpt George's every time we visit Myrtle Beach. Food is always good. Service is good. We were weary of the social distancing but went ahead with dinning. Buffet area was clean. Diners and servers required to wear gloves and masks around buffet areas. Glad to see everyone were doing so. The only thing that I would change are having staff hold entrance/exit doors for customers. So that hundreds of hands aren't touching handles, and doors. Also, gloves should be handed to customers by a staff b/c they were just sitting in a basket for anyone to grab. Again, same as doors, everyone hands are touching baskets or inadvertently grabbed more then one gloves then put them back for next diner. Other then that we enjoyed our meal.

Review №46

I honestly don't have a single complaint. This was my first time at Captain George's and I'm blown away! The food was great, the staff is amazing, and they are taking COVID super serious which is important to me. I will come back here every time I visit Myrtle Beach. Keep up the good work!

Review №47

I was very skeptic about a buffet. But from the time we walked in my doubts were squashed. The first employee to greet us also opened the door so a lot of different people weren't touching the doors. You must wear a mask and gloves while serving yourself at the buffet. Also they have hand sanitizer stations at all points of the buffet, and change serving utensils a lot. I saw just an employee who went around the buffet wipe it down. Customer service out of this world. Our server Destiny. Was so amazing. Very attentive. Never once asked for a drink refill. Not just her, but all of the employees were more than happy to help and serve customers. I would recommend this restraint to anyone visiting Myrtle Beach!!! Thank you for the amazing dining experience Captain George's!!! And it takes a lot to impress me, since I was a server for 8 years. They went above my expectations especially being a buffet.

Review №48

I don't usually like buffets because I have a gluten allergy and I was especially skeptical with the current climate. I have to say I was so completely blown away with first the attention to all safety measures and the food was AMAZING! When I mentioned I had a gluten allergy to the waitress, the manager came out and showed me all the items on the buffet that were gluten free and offered to prepare some items special if I would like. He told also told me of other items available to accommodate allergies and brought out items for my granddaughter. The food was continuously being brought out to replenish the bar. Well worth the money.

Review №49

Great food and service. Also has policy and procedures to combat any potential spread of Covid-19

Review №50

First time dining. Comforting atmosphere. Food was great & waiters very courteous & friendly. You definitely get a thumbs up here see you again soon!

Review №51

Impressive Covid precautions! Buffet was stocked full,staff was very attentive and environment spotless. Only suggestion would be with shrimp, a little too tough but overall great experience and exceeded my expectations. I say definitely worth the price

Review №52

Best seafood restaurant I've ever been too. From customer service to the actual food my family and I enjoyed everything. And for our first time visiting Myrtle Beach this made our experience a success. I surely wish we could have one down in Raleigh.

Review №53

Outstanding COVID-19 protocol, Customer Service and Food ..A+

Review №54

I usually always rate Captain George really high. Definitely the best sea food buffet around. And cant wait to go back. But I can't stand being lied to and last time i was there the food bar attendant told me 3 times 10 minutes on fried chicken. 30 minutes later and still no fried chicken and my party was ready to leave. I still got my money's worth but I love thier fried chicken.

Review №55

To me Captain George's is one of the best seafood buffets around ,never had a problem with the food, and the service was incredible in terms of the safety because of covid-19 they do a great job must wear a mask to and from the buffet ,must put on plastic gloves every time you go up. Every time we come to Myrtle Beach from Massachusetts we always go to Captain George's. One more thing I forgot to add ,our waitress Destiny was absolutely incredible, every attentive, and we are very happy with the service she gave us.

Review №56

Food was good. But, they have a deal of getting some money off of the buffet if you buy a shirt. We told them we were gonna do that. When we went to pay and pick out shirts for the kiddos they told us you have to have it added to your bill before the food. Then they would not give us the deal. They absolutely refused. Poor management.

Review №57

Clean with friendly staff. Food was great and the safety precautions in place due to Covid-19 was great. Everyone was required to wear gloves, stay 6 feet apart and the spread folks out well in the restaurant. Something I ate made me sick or maybe it was the combination of so many things who knows. Regardless, it was a nice restaurant and would recommend family and friends to try it for themselves.

Review №58

Great food and service. All you can eat (including crab legs) for a reasonable price.I was curious how a buffet would safely operate during covid-19. This restaurant requires fresh gloves and personal masks to be worn at the buffet at all times. Ironocally, this buffet is probably safer now than most are when we aren't concerned about a pandemic. I highly recommend.

Review №59

Great crab legs and clam chowder soup. Salad bar was great too. Had Lisa as a waitress twice and she was amazing. Thanks for the food and the experience.

Review №60

Food is constantly replaced and they kept the buffet clean. There were staff members of about 6 at every buffet table to call back to the cooks when they needed a fresh batch. We went Thursday night and Friday night because we were impressed with service and food!

Review №61

The food and service was less than amazing. Our server was very courteous and attentive to our needs. The atmosphere was very pleasant. I would recommend it if you are visiting the area. It can be pricey if you have many family members.

Review №62

First off the waiting staff is freaking amazing! Tons of choices at the buffet sea food and southern cooking. Over all great experience. All the safety measures taken made feel better eating at a buffet during these times, having to wear your mask at all times unless at your table, wearing gloves as you fix your plate. I wondered how a place like this would operate with COVID measures and all I can say is well done I felt safe and so did my family. Definitely will be returning when i visit here again

Review №63

Food was great and they had an awesome dessert bar, many options to choose from in the location. The service was fantastic and almost non stop (in a good way). We were not rushed out and everyone was super friendly. I wish I had taken more pictures to share but I was too busy eating a ton of crab legs/claws. Can get very expensive in bigger groups but you get what you pay for. Give it a shot if your in the area. And prepare for at least 50$ per person (including one drink on top of your buffet bill)

Review №64

That's really awesome place. Must see. Crabs are extremely tasty. Great IPA .

Review №65

Stopped in after a few hours on the beach. Wife is originally from New England and loves seafood like crab, lobster, etc. I am not too much of a seafood person myself, but their buffet had enough here to keep me satisfied. Wait staff is incredible by the way. Didn't leave us wanting for stuff like drinks being constantly refilled with no asking.

Review №66

Great variety. Had regular crab legs and Cajun crab legs. The gumbo was delicious! Much more. My wife loved the dessert bar. Also had disposable gloves for covid 19 compliance.

Review №67

LOVE Captain George's! Great seafood buffet! The all you can eat crab legs are SO good!

Review №68

If you are a big snow crab person like me they keep this readily stocked and flavorful. Love their Cajun version of it plus they have a special dipping sauce for your other seafood choices! You can still get your own stuff just wear your mask and glove up at the food bar way better than an attendant getting your food. Great job Captain George's two thumbs up!

Review №69

Was so fun and so many options! With COVID they was conscious with keeping everything safe. Loved our visit! It is a MUST if you love seafood. $40 per person but by far with it!!

Review №70

First, let me say, Taylor and his team are amazing! They're like magic!-Made our dining experience enjoyable, they moved around and every time I see them they were smiling.-Our table was cleared of mess each time they came by.The place has guidelines to be followed, explained carefully when we were seated. Direction of what items were where was a blur after Taylor mentioned seafood section where the crabs are. LOLThis place is amazing for crab lovers! I could barely remember the rest of the food I had.I had their fried scallops, and fried oysters were awesome too.I had sweet corn and some other stuff.Their crab legs are amazing. Perfect with butter / their cajun butter.They regular and cajun cooked crab legs. Massive in sizes and cooked well! The meat does not stick to the shell, I enjoyed pulling out the meat in whole each time.I didn't have time to record the place, my mind went in sync with my stomach. Couldn't stop eating, the crabs area kept being replenished. No shortage. Stomach just let mind think again after I got out of the place, this is why the photos are from outside.From GA to SC, 09/26/2020. This place made the trip so much special.

Review №71

EXCELLENT service by Chris!Went to CG's in VA. Beach back in the 80's when in the Navy.Excited to Find one in MB.Save some money and go to the "First Catch"At opening.

Review №72

$$$ $40 pr/p and worth every penny. Food Excellent, Service Excellent. Social distancing in place. Clean. Everything exceptional. Will be back in next trip to Myrtle Beach!

Review №73

Wonderful food. If you leave hungry something is really wrong with you. You can go as manybtimesxas you like and stay as long as you want. Staff is very attentive and keeps your drinks coming and playes cleared.

Review №74

Awesome place. Hostess and wait staff are very nice. Food is outstanding! The whole family enjoyed it. Will definitely visit again.

Review №75

If you're looking for crab legs, this is it. Although I felt everything else had too much spices added. Even the pumpkin pie had too much cinnamon. It really turned me away with the spices and made me not want anymore crab legs. Which I could eat 6lbs myself when I want to

Review №76

The food was fantastic and the service is great. Ask for Autumn, she's the most excellent awesome server. The atmosphere was great too.

Review №77

Very terrible buffet restaurant. Yes it is the prettiest Buffet on the Grand Strand but their food quality is below standard. The crab legs are always cold and never that great. Also they do not have steamed oysters on their Buffet. Also there discounts aren't as heavy as the other buffets. Captain Bennetts Calabash number 2 in Restaurant Row has a $7 off coupon in the monster book. And when you go to Captain Bennett's with the Big Red Roof in Restaurant Row you get steamed oysters, and crab legs are very warm not cold. Also a bonus they have terrific Calabash fried seafood at Bennetts Calabash. The fried seafood at George's is very Bland. I will agree there atmosphere is unreal. I also will agree it is the prettiest building for a buffet you will ever find on the Grand Strand. But what you get for the money is definitely not worthy of their high cost. I would even write the I would even write the Crabby George's Buffet, and the Giant crab in Restaurant Row above these people. These places have better discounts and much more food on the bar like American. They also offer more steamed selections without the extra cost of Captain George's Seafood Restaurant. But I will say the cleanliness Factor here is unreal. I would say the customer service is awesome. But they lose out on the third Factor which is cost effectiveness. May you seek God daily in your life. May God bless this country in this difficult time in American history.

Review №78

I had dinner here with my family earlier today, and to keep this short, it was wonderful!! Undoubtedly has some of the best seafood in SC, and it has loads of options :)Not only that, but the servers were the best. Of course, all were great, but Will and Chris were so so sweet, attentive, and kind !!Amazing employees, delicious food, what more can one ask for?

Review №79

The crab legs were very good. Everything else was great as well. There was plenty to choose from and they kept everything stocked and ready. It was our first time here but it won't be our last. Great food great service!!

Review №80

Fantastic, Food great and the STAFF AMAZING!! Our waitress was amazing. I'll definitely be back when I come back to visit.

Review №81

We went early at 5 pm to avoid long lines. Food was stale and cold, it was not replenished. I guess most of the people go there for their crab legs which I'm not a big fan of. Waitress Lisa was very nice, she got us some hot food from the kitchen. Many people had recommended this place to us but I didn't find anything special about this place or food. Didn't find anything flavorful! Desserts were good and so was the service. Cleanliness was good.

Review №82

The best seafood I've been to on Myrtle Beach. Very courteous staff, and attentive to our every need. They even gave me a Birthday cake to help make my visit more memorable.

Review №83

Food is good, service is good, selection is good....but $40 for buffet seemed too high.FOLLOW UP: Thanks for the response Lisa, I do appreciate you taking the time to reply to my review. I know it would be difficult to monitor and enforce, but a "single pass" buffet option (with desert) at a lower price would be great. We normally are not multiple plate diners but enjoy the variety of a buffet...well, maybe 1.5 plates sometimes. For us, we do not get $40 out of it. We also did not know the price before arriving, Google showed "$$" so we assumed $15-25/person. But we were already there and decided to stay. Thanks again for the response, and hopefully the "single pass" option might be available someday.

Review №84

Absolutely amazing. Food was great, and a wide selection. Crab legs were perfectly cooked. Service was exceptional. Very clean and friendly and a very beautiful place overall! And the variety of dessert was fantastic. Highly recommend the chocolate chip cookies! BEST BUFFET IN MYRTLE BEACH!

Review №85

We live in Pennsylvania and every time we go on vacation for many years if there are any of the four captain George restaurants in town we make a point to visit at least two or three times for dinner that week.we usually have relatives or friends in tow.everyone tells us how great everything was. The food the service everything is terrific. If you ever decide to expand near the Philadelphia area it will make our drive a little shorter thank very much!!!

Review №86

This place is impressive! From your first walk up to the building to the attentiveness of the wait staff, it's like going to Disney world. The food is mostly pretty good but it's a buffet, so how good can it be? Much of it has been in the warmer too long and is dried out. The collards were especially good, as well as the stuffed mushrooms. Sanitation appeared to be good in light of covid 19. However, it's a little unnerving seeing all those people eating with no masks (I know, you can't eat with a mask on, right!?). In the end it's an expensive buffet, costing me just over $500 to treat my kids and grand kids (a group of 11). As a treat for fun time at the beach, I suppose it's doable. But folks that like to feed at the trough would be more likely to get their money's worth. Personally, I'm not one of those people.

Review №87

Hope to come back again the food was delicious crab legs was off the chain friendly waitress good atmosphere hope to be back again

Review №88

Loved it. This was my first time at the Myrtle Beach, SC CG, because I always go to the Norfolk. VA one, but it was worth the drive!

Review №89

Worth every penny! We knew it was expensive before we went, so we planned our day to be hungry when we arrived. We were greeted and seated in a professional manner and our server and someone assisting him were both very nice and had great attitudes. There were plenty of servers and staff to assist with finding anything you needed and to answer questions, without being overbearing. I felt like I could have dressed up to eat here, but no one made me feel uncomfortable that I hadn't. Everything I tasted was very enjoyable and I had no room to have a second helping of anything because there are so many things to try. I probably only tasted less than half of what was available. The dessert bar offered well prepared and beautiful desserts that made it difficult to not overdo it. Multiple types of puddings, cakes, cookies, Flan, cobblers and ice cream. My families only suggestions were to put actual bananas in the banana pudding and butterfly shrimp (my mom could only find popcorn shrimp and peel and eat shrimp.) The crab legs came out of the shell very easily and tasted yummy with or without butter. There was also a different dipping sauce for the seafood that was amazing. My son said "this is like a bucket list for your mouth" and I agree. By far the best buffet I have ever enjoyed and it felt very classy with the linen napkins and impressive restrooms (elegant). On the way out, it felt like we were walking the red carpet with the velvet ropes to mark walkways and the staff person who greeted each of uswith an original phrase to wish us a good night.

Review №90

Great staff, helped immediately with gluten free choices. Best place we have ever been for gluten free foods and cooking stuff to make it gluten free when not on the buffet line. 10 stars if that was an option

Review №91

What a great experience ! We were seated on the lawn, just a few hundred feet from the ocean. Lilly, our server, was excellent. She truly loved her job, and was the face of this great establishment. The food was great, served perfectly to our desire.The only downside was the horrible live music. The young man had a great voice, but didn't know practically any of the songs he was singing (tempo/timing UGH!) . He played a guitar in somewhat of a rhythm, in three cords, and tried to sing various songs to the guitar . Needs work.

Review №92

Delicious food, very clean, they require face mask for employees and guest, they provide gloves when at the buffet and require you to use new gloves each visit. The servers were extremely nice, professional and do not rush you. I had a great birthday here. Delicious adult beverage selections

Review №93

Service was great. Our servers were very attentive and kind. Food was cooked perfectly not too dry or not salty. Very modern and clean. Definitely recommend it. Love the giant boat design in the center!

Review №94

Absolutely an enjoyable place. They are keeping to guidelines and it is well kept! The food was plentiful and delicious. Though can be pricey for a family, still worth experiencing!

Review №95

This is the best sea food buffet we tried hands down. Food quality is amazing and variety is staggering. My teen kids smile all evening and purr like cats eating snow crab legs and other foods. Don't expect fine dining quality, but as buffet this place is amazing.

Review №96

Truly unbelievable variety of seafood on several different bars. beautiful interior decorations. outstanding restrooms. very friendly and helpful staff..

Review №97

Awesome all you can eat buffet including crab legs! Anything you'd expect on a buffet and much more. Even the dessert offerings were more than your usual buffet and yummy. Self serve soft icecream if you have room. Someone comes around to take a photo and returns later with prints for sale. Hey you're probably on vacation so it's the place to splurge!

Review №98

Nice but be sure to hold on to your wallet. The full buffet is $39.99 per person. The staff was attentive and nice. Restaurant was clean and styled in a modern but relaxing atmosphere. Just so many options in the area, I don't see paying that much for buffet food.Also for COVID minded people, they were very attentive to masks and even gloves for people to use at the buffet. I did appreciate that.

Review №99

This is a wonderful restaurant the atmosphere is beautiful. The place is very clean. Food was constantly being refilled. The service was great we were never without drinks most of time they'd bring us a new one before we were done with the first. And the table was always cleared of dirty plates. All of the food was perfect and the wait staff were incredibly nice. It is pricey but it is well worth it especially if you go on Sundays between 12-4pm it is discounted to $34 per person. We tried another seafood buffet in the area and it was more expensive and nowhere near as upscale or delicious.

Review №100

We also tried that place with a Giant Crab on the building. There was no comparison. Capt George is way better. The food, the quality, the cleanliness all surpassed my expectations. From now on it is no place other than Captain George for us!

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:1401 29th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 843-916-2278
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Fine dining restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:3:30–9PM
  • Tuesday:3:30–9PM
  • Wednesday:3:30–9PM
  • Thursday:3:30–9:30PM
  • Friday:2–9:30PM
  • Saturday:12–9PM
  • Sunday:3:30–9PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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