The Melting Pot Myrtle Beach
5001 N Kings Hwy #104, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States

Review №1

This place is honestly so laid back and great for birthday party's and nice for 2-4 people its a slow paced meal. So you can sit and talk and enjoy the food and experience. The staff is phenomenal. Its a must try and couples or small family's. But it is pricey but totally worth it.!!

Review №2

Great experience! If you've never been & enjoy the experience of dining out as much as the food this place is a must try. Fresh & tasty food, the best service, & a unique and fun experience.

Review №3

We hadn't been to a Melting Pot restaurant in years but decided to go recently to celebrate a birthday. Having not eaten out much at all during the pandemic we were cautious about eating out. We were seated in a large booth in a room where we were the only people initially. Into the meal another party was seated in the same area but were at least 6 feet apart. The host and servers worn face masks. Our server, Sierra, also wore gloves. She was friendly and knowledgeable about the menu but it was difficult to hear her at times because of the face mask. Unfortunately when other servers brought food to the table they were not wearing gloves.Overall it was a typical Melting Pot experience. This restaurant, at least where we were seated, was dark. The table layout in the circular booth made it difficult to reach both fondue pots and the other items. It was ok, fun once in awhile, but there are definitely better restaurants fir the money.

Review №4

Fantastic as always with amazing serviceThe attention you get from the second you walk in is genuine and awesome. The Managers make you feel wanted and the servers are always awesome. We had the pleasure of celebrating our 32 wedding anniversary and had a perfect evening. Katie was our server, she was training someone and never missed a beat. She is amazing and one of the best we have ever had there.The food was awesome as it always is and you leave very full. They pay attention to detail and make sure you feel special and appreciated. One of our favorite restaurants in all of SC. Kudos to Katie.

Review №5

My girlfriend and I definitely enjoyed all 4 courses. The Wisconsin cheddar fondue was fantastic with all the bread, vegetables, and apples! We got the the classic and pacific rim for the entrees with the mushroom and wine base to cook it in. The sauces really complimented the meats nicely, especially the green goddess and the curry! The rice Krispy treat and the marshmallows were soo good in the chocolate fondue. Both the sunrise sangria and raspberry lemonade were definitely good but needed more than one! Would highly recommend to have a romantic date night with your significant other.

Review №6

Five stars for Nikki, our server, who was excellent. With it being our first time dining here, she explained the menu perfectly and answered our questions like a pro even though it was only her second day working there. We sure couldn't tell. Highly recommend her!!Three stars for the food. It was good but way to expensive. I guess we're paying for the unique dining experience (cooking our own entrees) one that I'm sure will be my last.

Review №7

Great experience as always. Today was their soft grand opening which allowed customers to have a complimentary meal if they RSVP in advance and gave a donation to their cause. Unfortunately they won't have their liquor license until Monday so we were unable to have their mimosas....which are REALLY GOOD.

Review №8

Came here on a lark. Good for a special night or nothing in particular. Excellent service.

Review №9

You can't go wrong with a 4 course meal. The cheese fondue is made fresh at the table in front if you. If you love Mexican go with the fiesta! They make it as spicy as you want with fresh jalapenos. My husband and I split one 4 course meal and added more cheese (for an up charge). I ate the strawberry salad and we went with the Classic fondue entree. For dessert we choose the Flaming Turtle and it comes with all sorts of goodies! Too many to name! If you wasn't to avoid the tourist trap food and possible food poisoning, pick The Melting Pot! Our server Erin was informative and attentive!

Review №10

I am a business owner of 3 companies and thought long and hard before doing this review. I decided to take a dear friend to celebrate his birthday with a party of 5. In the beginning all was ok then our burners continued turning off and many things would not cook properly. I tried to smile and enjoy however it was impossible. My guest were upset and the night was a disaster. I do not feel management handled correctly and will most definitely be calling corporate. When someone spend 400.00 for dinner it should be done correctly and with complete satisfaction. I am very disappointed and will not return. I had a bad stomach all night and have not felt well since our meal. I live in North Carolina and have a 2nd home in Rio de Janeiro. I love to travel and dine but I am very upset with this particular Melting Pot. Thanks

Review №11

Had a wonderful night. Everyone was properly wearing their masks, the table had a placard on it ensuring it was properly disinfected. They even had a rose and rose pedals laid out for our anniversary. Riley was our server, and she was super attentive.

Review №12

I was very unhappy with the service at this Melting Pot at Myrtle Beach. I work Customer Service and management as well. For the amount of money spent for our dear friends birthday. It was not worth it all. The GM did not handle this situation appropriately. Burners not on like they should have been. Waitress told us the Lobster was already cooked and it wasn't. I will be calling corporate and will never ever patronize to this Melting Pot at Myrtle Beach. I am very discouraged and my friends were as well. I am leaving a 1 star but it should be no stars

Review №13

Great experience!! Spinach artichoke fondue is everything!!! The land & sea made mojo style is the best!! Will be returning when I'm farther along in my pregnancy so I can really enjoy!!!

Review №14

This is a very romantic spot to take your sweetheart. The cheese appetizer is great, and the rest of the food is of the best quality. Love this place!

Review №15

Beyond excellent experience for our first visit to a Melting Pot restaurant! Our waitress, Erin, was phenomenal and was very attentive. Not a single bad thing to say about this restaurant! We didn't know that we were supposed to have a reservation (new because of COVID and limited seating), but due to a cancellation we were able to be seated right away. The food was absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend this if you're looking for a nice, delicious meal! We will definitely be returning again! Thank you for a great experience, Erin and staff!

Review №16

Anniversary dinner. Enjoyed the experience.Flaming turtle dessert was good.

Review №17

Came her for the cheese fondue. Originally I was skeptical to come to a restaurant to eat liquid cheese, but after coming here and trying it; I changed my opinion. The cheese fondue as delicious. We were able to fondue bread and apple and it was surprisingly good. There is a parking lot right out front. I would certainly come back and try one of their other fondues. They have an electric table warmer that keeps your fondue warm. Cannot comment on other food items as we did not try them.

Review №18

Great place for dinner. All of the staff were extremely freindly and made sure that you were taken care of. It was an anniversary dinner and they made sure everthing was perfect. Definelty recommend going for dinner. It is a great experience.

Review №19

Awesome place to have a quiet romantic dinner. Our server Katie was excellent and prompt.

Review №20

The Melting Pot is a bit pricey, and don't be in a rush, but its always a great experience. Our waiter tonight, Travis, was awesome. The place was clean and the food was excellent.My wife and kids had a great night out tonight and this place was a big part of that.

Review №21

The food is absolutely delicious. Everyone that works there is so very friendly. Will definitely return there on our next vacation to the beach.

Review №22

Nikki is great! Make sure you ask for her. Very personal and the food is amazing

Review №23

Great experience, staff even came by to talk even when they weren't waiting on our table specifically, and many went out of their way to make sure our visit was special. Great place and I WILL be coming back next time I'm in town!

Review №24

Great local spot for some good BBQ. Stopped by for lunch and got a hearty sandwhich. Waitstaff was kind, courteous, and fast service!

Review №25

Excellent, professional, and polite!!! Bartender made us a refreshing drink before our dessert. The host up front kindly found us a quiet area for seating. Thank you again! I've been to this location multiple times and will definitely return!

Review №26

Expensive but you can't go wrong with the Melting Pot. You pay for experience not just the food. They are wonderful!

Review №27

Very unique restaurant and style of dining. Very clean, intimate setting, and exceptional food. This is the place to go for a unique experience with food and the chocolate fondue at the end is amazing! Definitely recommend getting one of the chocolates that get caught on fire!

Review №28

If you are looking for a complete meal this is not the place. Me and my boyfriend were not pleased. We actually wasted about $80. Our dog enjoyed it though. Lol but we were happy about 1 thing and that was the desert. However, it's not worth going back for though.

Review №29

1st time there, food was plentiful and good. Service was great too!

Review №30

Staff was amazing - above and beyond hospitality, from every employee I encountered (including the manager, who seemed to give every table personal attention). The food was very yummy - the only problem is there's too much to eat! The 4 course is a lot, so come hungry or prepared for leftovers. Our server was very knowledgeable and took the time to make sure we were comfortable with the process, and gave excellent recommendations. A special experience!

Review №31

It was our first time going in and our waiter Carter made it such an enjoyable experience, from drinks to dessert he explained everything in way that made us feel comfortable and excited for the next course. The food was absolutely amazing! The atmosphere was quiet and romantic. Definitely will be returning for future date night with the Hubby!

Review №32

Amazing meal and service just like our last visit.Celebrating our friends 1 yr wedding anniversary

Review №33

Is first time we build to The melting pot. It was a little pricey but My family loved it. We started with the cheese fondue, becometh bread fruits and vegetables. When you see that meets you don't think you're getting very much , but you will walk out of their stuffed by the end of the courses. the flambe chocolate fondue, was so good we could just have that and we would have been satisfied. So I would definitely recommend a place. the shivers and the staff was very nice explain everything in detail how it works. So we would definitely will go back.

Review №34

Perfect place for a quick date with someone special. Dont be afraid to try a few things off the menu, everything is really good

Review №35

I can honestly say I have never had a bad experience at any Melting Pot restaurant. But, the service and welcoming atmosphere by the staff at this location has always been the best!! If you have never had Fondue meal before then please do the 4 coarse meal. It will not disappoint!!!

Review №36

Meagen are server was awesome food was amazing and probably the best meal I've had in a long time with a great server

Review №37

I've visited here multiple times and it's always a great experience with an awesome staff, and delicious food!

Review №38

Great place to eat, especially with someone that you care about. Courteous & attentive staff...I've taken my date there twice and both experiences were fantastic! Highly recommended!

Review №39

We decided to give this place a go as we had heard of it but never been before. It was quite a different experience from the normal restaurant. We chose the 4 course style. The cheese fondue was absolutely delicious and there are several choices of different cheeses. They give you a couple different breads, carrots apples, and broccoli to dip. The salad course was next with a few choices as well. The meat entree was also very good. Once again there are several choices of meat groups to choose from and you get to choose a cooking style. We chose what amounted to boiling the meat, along with the potatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli in a seasoned broth. You can also choose grill style as well. You cook your own food on the built in cooktop right on your table. They offer several different dipping sauces as well. The classic chocolate and peanut butter fondue for dessert was also delicious. It was a very enjoyable experience and our server Erin was very patient and helpful explaining the way it all worked since we were new. The entire staff we dealt with were extremely friendly and helpful. We will definitely give it another shot to sample some of the other flavors and cooking styles.

Review №40

Nice quiet atmosphere. It was very enjoyable.

Review №41

An amazing experience for all. Great food and great service.

Review №42

Had a great meal here, family was very happy, waiter wasn't that great, but food was good

Review №43

Good place to go and enjoyable place "Great experience, nice place for romantic dinning, great food, great service."

Review №44

This place is AMAZING! They are all friendly and helpful people. Our server was Austin R and he did an outstanding job! Request him when you go!

Review №45

Came to The Melting Pot in Myrtle Beach with my Partner. It was his first time experiencing fondue, and we thoroughly enjoyed all of our choices and the entire dining experience. Josh made great recommendations, as everything he suggested was delicious. Thanks for a great night y'all, and hope your Valentine's Day/President's Day Weekend goes well.

Review №46

Fantastic our watriss Carolyn was awesome. Explanation for everything on the menu and dipping sauces. But be mindful if you go and you do the whole experience its a few hours long and you will be full when you leave.cant wait to go back

Review №47

Such a fun and romantic restaurant. The staff was so friendly and welcoming. We will definitely be back!!!

Review №48

Waitress was well versed and knew the menu well. Even changed out our drinks when they began to get watered down. Food was delicious we booth did a delicious Caesar salad three course entree and had a debate over dessert. Asked the gentleman that seated us for his opinion and he brought us different chocolate chips to try. Went with the original (which was awesome) they even brought us extra strawberries! Fun experience and would consider doing it again for a special occasion.

Review №49

Soo good and so worth it for the experience. Second time going, and I would do it again!

Review №50

Our 22nd anniversary and they made it very special for us. EVERYONE was very friendly and helpful. Our waitress was very helpful and patient. The owner was very personable. If you're in the area I Highly recommend you stop by.

Review №51

Amazing atmosphere, great selection! We had a wonderful time here, and will definitely be returning at some point in the future. Also, Kate was outstanding and did a wonderful job explaining everything to us as it was our first time here. Highly recommend.

Review №52

It was such a fun experience. Definitely more of a date night place. We went for dessert and it was delicious. My 2 yr old was able to navigate everything okay which was a concern but he was able to dip like a champ and not get burned. We all left covered in chocolate but that's to be expected when you mix fondue and toddlers. The price is high so it's a special occasion type of place . The only downside is that your whole table has to get the same thing because there's only one fondue burner. Otherwise one person eats at a time which takes away from the experience. All in all it was a good time.

Review №53

Awesome experience. The food was great and the service was excellent. #ericandellasin #westilldo

Review №54

I know 5 stars is a rare rating for me, but this pace was amazing! It's pricey.. But worth it. My wife and I went there for our anniversary, the service was astounding, the food was beyond excellent, and the atmosphere of the place was perfect. We are greeted at the door, shown to our table and then given the menu and it was explained by our server in detail. Our server was on the ball and there for us whenever we seem to need him. We got the 4 course meal, which seemed to be the best way to experience the Melting Pot. Again it's a little pricey. But worth every single shiny penny I put into it. After a very gracious tip, which after the service I had no problem giving. Our bill came to about $170. Now this may seem expensive, but I have eaten at many fine dining restaurants, and as I said the price was worth it. You will not have a better dining experience

Review №55

Nothing beats the experience of the 4 course meal. Love going to The Melting Pot. Awesome fondue restaurant!

Review №56

We had an awesome experience! The food and staff were great. The atmosphere was very cozy and welcoming!

Review №57

Food is good and fresh also service is wonderful! can't wait to come back,, our server Ern explain everything..we will be back!!

Review №58

It was my birthday and we had the best service and amazing food!☆☆☆ Our waiter had only been there 2 weeks, but he certainly fooled me.... he was FANTASTIC! One of the FEW places to still find perfect customer service anymore! Thanks for helping my birthday become unforgettable.

Review №59

Andrew was great! Wonderful service and great food. He made great suggestions for drinks and food options.

Review №60

First time here and it was an awesome experience. The server was very knowledgeable and kind. The 4 course meal was very measured out so you dont over eat and had room for dessert! I truly enjoyed myself here and will return!

Review №61

Just wonderful. Always.

Review №62

We went here last night and Heather did an amazing job helping us make choices and give exceptional customer service. It is not regular food dining but more of and unique experience. We will be back.

Review №63

Great food and experience, so much fun! Slightly over priced but it was worth the experience :)

Review №64

Excellent service,amazing food,great establishment..highly reccomend

Review №65

Absolutely always a fantastic experience. Very much worth it.

Review №66

Visited here last night for my wife's birthday and it was awesome. The owner met us at the door and sat us at one of his favorite booths. Brittney was an amazing server. It was our first time to a restaurant like this and she walked up through every step. You 100% get what you pay for.

Review №67

We had a lovely dinner and very attentive waitress.

Review №68

Great food experience and lot of fun.

Review №69

Fabulous, a wonderful dining experience. High quality food and service.

Review №70

The food was good, the server was okay it took Erin our server a minute to warm up.

Review №71

It was great. Took my daughter for her 15th birthday. Always great service. I recommend this place highly. A touch expensive but definitely worth every penny

Review №72

Good food, good drink, expensive prices.

Review №73

Currently eating here but i am not even half way through my dining experience and blown away! came for valentines dinner and the set up was amazing and they all really went above and beyond. our server Daytona is stellaar. she took amazing care of us and was very happy with the service so far

Review №74

It was our first time there, the food was excellent, Carter our waiter was very informative and very helpful in suggesting what to order. I wasn't quite sure how my husband would like it, since he has never had any kind of fondue before. We both thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our 11 th wedding anniversary here. We will definitely come back again.

Review №75

Carter was our server for our first time at the melting pot. My boyfriend and I had never been here before, aside from the delectable meal and intimate ambiance, Carter enhanced our overall experience, he was caring, personable and attentive. He made great suggestions and was knowledgeable about the menu and any questions we had. We appreciated the manager coming to find out how our experience was, we will definitely be back and asking for Carter as well. Well done.

Review №76

This was so much fun. My fiance and I had a blast for my birthday. The food was amazing too!

Review №77

My husband and I have dined at The Melting Pot before and decided to go back for our 5th Anniversary! They had rose petals on the table as well as Roses waiting for us when they sat us. Sam was our server and he was very knowledgeable with the menu and went over the new options they offered. He was very professional and friendly and left us to enjoy our night but kept checking on us. The food and drinks were delicious as always and very filling! The only downside that happened this visit was as the night went on there were a lot of kids that were loud that kind of hindered the ambiance and atmosphere. Besides that we loved it!

Review №78

Great atmosphere and an amazing expierence. Staff was friendly and courteous. Food had great flavor - highly recommend the quattro cheese for starter and s'mores chocolate fondue for dessert.

Review №79

My credit card was charged over 65.00 for a tip I didn't add - was there to celebrate my daughter's 18th birthday and was waited on by Drew-- Buyer be WARE!!!!

Review №80

The people was nice an the food was great

Review №81

Do you like melted cheese? Or meat? Or chocolate? If you said yes to any of these than this is the place for you! You get to dunk stuff in melted cheese, cook your own meat in an herb pot and to finish it off you get to choose from one of their many mouth watering chocolate choices on the menu and then they melt it down and let you try a little slice of heaven. I will say it is pricey but boy oh boy is it worth it.

Review №82

All food gets boiled and not cooked.

Review №83

Great ambience for dining. I knew the Melting Pot is an amazing place for dinner dates and the one in Myrtle Beach is no different. Reservation was on time, service was superb and the food was excellent. Somehow all of the fondue dishes sound better with a Southern accent. Overall very good spot for dinner dates and fine family dining.

Review №84

Always nothing but the best service... thank you...

Review №85

Very expensive but a one of a kind experience. $$$$ 200 for 3 ppl

Review №86

My favorite restaurant ever. I've celebrated countless days including birthdays, valentines day, New Years, and graduations... My favorite location is the Myrtle Beach one. thank you!

Review №87

Raven and the food was phenomenal.

Review №88

The staff was very kind! I brought my daughter and the server was positively engaging with her and making sure we were both doing well. Thank you for being amazing!

Review №89

We always love dining at The Melting Pot- it is our go to place for celebrations or just a relaxing meal out. One of our children is GF and the restaurant is perfect for him with plenty of selections for all courses. Service is always great...the staff is well trained to answer any questions and conversation flows easily during your meal. Our reservations have been for as few as 2 people and as many as 16 people with no variation of the quality of service. Our teen daughter always orders a double serving of duck- its her favorite entree item. Our middle son loves the sirloin. Im a shrimp and tuna person. My husband eats everything but shrimp. Our youngest son loves the sirloin as well. Bar drinks are available and the Old Fashioned I had last night was well made. You will be hard pressed to not find something on the wine list you would like- love the variety of origins. Always, always leave room for dessert- this is very important. You may say, "Im too full or Ill just take 2 or 3 bites," but order it anyway. The presentation is beautiful and watching your server prepare the chocolate will suddenly make you hungry again. Dont forget to take a few pictures to remember your experience but other than that, put the electronics away...The Melting Pot isnt just a meal. Its a fun experience and meant to bring the guests together to laugh, eat, and try new things.

Review №90

Amazing! First visit so we did all four courses. Our server Robert offered perfect suggestions & he and the strawberry feta salad are the best ever! Beautiful atmosphere & fun experience. Highly recommend!

Review №91

Service was great in the beginning. However, towards the end my daughter and I were going to the bathroom and left some items on our table to retrieve when we came back, and I come out to see that my daughter (a 13 yr old) was handed the bill and the items. It came off as very unprofessional, rude, and incompetent to 'remove' people from their table in such a manner, busy or not. I've never had any restaurant do that. To top it off, the 'manager' was supposed to send me an email with a birthday picture taken. He stated he would 'do it right away' ... never happened. Again, rude, unprofessional, and incompetent. As soon as the bill was ready it was obviously back to dishonest business. I regret the money wasted there and the $20 tip. We will not be returning, nor recommending to anyone that visits Myrtle Beach.

Review №92

Meals are overpriced and underwhelming. Menu and pricing is confusing. I would only recommend the cheese and chocolate pots. Salads are basic and boiled meat is flavorless. Overall not worth the money. However, kudos to the establishment for getting people to pay for the privilege of cooking their own food.

Review №93

Amazing food. Staff was amazing and very friendly. Classic southern charm

Review №94

Great experience. Erin was awesome server, we had fiesta cheese, mojo style entree and white chocolate creme brulee. Would go back for sure.

Review №95

Excellent food and service. We went there for dinner after our wedding.

Review №96

I really enjoyed the food here. It was self cook, you can get many different styles and flavors, I had Marybeth serve me. She was very fast and had impeccable timing. She always knew when to refill my drink and when it was empty. It was dimlit and felt comfy. Definitely some spirit food. Would definitely eat here again.

Review №97

Absolutely perfect in every way! Best restaurant in the entire Grand Strand. Food was hands down the best. We had the 4 course experience. Beautiful atmosphere and our Server Heather was fantastic.

Review №98

Outstanding! Our waiter was awesome, and so was the food. Its expensive, but it's an experience, not just a trip to a restaurant. Love visiting these.

Review №99

Kate was a pro at taking care of us.The food was delicious. The experience was a delight.My favorite restaurant in Myrtle Beach.

Review №100

Great service and food

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  • Address:5001 N Kings Hwy #104, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
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  • Phone:+1 843-692-9003
  • Fondue restaurant
  • Fine dining restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:4–9PM
  • Thursday:4–9PM
  • Friday:4–9PM
  • Saturday:4–9PM
  • Sunday:11:30AM–9PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Takeout:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Lunch reservations recommended:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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