El Burrito Loco
318 W Maple St, New Lenox, IL 60451, United States

Review №1

The pro: The food is decent and the location is clean. They always have people in the restaurant. The con: the prices are high (extra meat is $2.50 which is a cost of a taco) and my burrito was not any larger than a friend who didn't order extra. The staff have an attitude and is not pleasant to deal with. We ordered a bunch of meals and they were acting like we were bothering them. We had 4 meals and we got 4 little sauces.

Review №2

Forgot my salsa, sour cream, and guacamoleBut food is excellent like always. 3rd tjme they for got the extras I paid for

Review №3

Great value/price/portion. Consistently good.

Review №4

I've been eating here out of convenience since it has opened. Very mediocre food worst mexican food in this area.

Review №5

Very good Asada Giant Burrito & Steak Milanesa Torta, nice place & service...

Review №6

I adore this spot! They provide first-rate dishes, they have a rich menu, The chef in that spot is a real pro, I enjoy very much tasting all their dishes. The dishes are consistently fresh, the service towards the guests is efficient. I often go to this place and I not even once was unsatisfied. I recommend it to all.

Review №7

Just waited 30 minutes. Never got order . Never started my order. Did they give it to someone else? Asked for our money back then left. If there was a zero star that's what it would be

Review №8

Call ahead and hit the drive through. Clutch

Review №9

The 4 or 5 times I have been there, I would get the Steak burito. Very filling. I go there whenever I visit my daughter that lives close by.

Review №10

A hidden gem in New Lenox, who knew. Order made fresh and as requested. Authentic!!

Review №11

They have genuine Mexican food and everything I've tried so far has been delicious. Their prices are reasonable. They don't have table service, but the food is served fresh and quickly.

Review №12

The price is right for a steak burrito made in the American style. They usually have very good coupon specials, cooked to order so call ahead if you are in a hurry. Drive thru backs up because of this.

Review №13

Amazing food, the best red hot sauce in this planet at this location. You won't leave this place hungry. The variety is great, they have everything. Keep it up you. :)

Review №14

Alwats busy good food

Review №15

Best food, welcoming staff, regularly good ambience. They charge reasonable prices and the food quality is good. Highly recommended.

Review №16

Love the food and pleasant service. Worth the trip.

Review №17

Workers were very friendly and helpful. They were so nice and patient letting our students order. Food is yummy. Will definitely go back to New Lenox El Burrito Loco

Review №18

We love this restaurant. Fast service. And super helpful cashier/order taker. The first time I came here I got the taco salad (which comes in a big taco shell bowl). I was unable to locate this item on the menu. I was also pretty adamant that this was not the item. The cashier took the time to talk with me to help me figure out what it was that I ordered. I also totally forgot to ask for hot sauce. But they had put some in the bag anyways. Thankfully!

Review №19

Great food, quick, friendly service. Clean facility. Try the homemade soups. Best "corn in a cup" in the area!

Review №20

I love Burritos & All of there Burritos are delicious. Good prices, friendly service & great authentic Mexican food. A stable of restaurants in New Lenox.

Review №21

Really like this place. Only concern is order taker asked do I want some guacamole and sour cream with my burrito, I said "sure". When I received the bill, she had charged an extra 2.99 for the guacamole and another 2.00 for the sour cream. So my only suggestion would be to mention to customers the extra cost involved when offering. Otherwise good food and friendly people. Will visit again.

Review №22

The place serves large portions and for affordable prices. nice staff. Fantastic work.

Review №23

Amazing food. I am a Mexican food addict. I enjoyed the service (super nice and friendly). The food was great. I got a giant steak burrito. Only available on flour (I'm gluten free). Ate the guts of the burrito and was fine. There are plenty of gluten free options. The restaurant itself was clean, but outdated and looked dingy. There was plenty of room for a family of 4-5 to eat. Tables are stationary and can not be put together for larger parties.

Review №24

Used to eat here all the time. Employees are ignorant. The two women who answer phones are unprofessional hags. Placed a pick up order over the phone because their drive thru is ridiculously slow and upon arrival was instructed to go thru drive thru. The drive-through usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes. Asked to speak to a manager and was put on hold indefinitely. Done with this place!

Review №25

YOU MUST EAT HERE!The staff is so so friendly.The food is perfection.Love the salsa. Ok, I gotta order right now & go get some. Yes,I am ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY serious!

Review №26

The spot is nice and roomy, the menu was enchanting and the rates were very affordable. fast, productive service and very friendly staff members. Will definitely recommend this place.

Review №27

I have always liked this location, unfortunately the last few visits I ordered steak tacos and burritos and I always seem to find a piece of Griz/fat in the meat... absolutely ruins the meal.

Review №28

Great food, always friendly service.

Review №29

My hubby and I love going to the Burrito Loco in New Lenox, even if we live in Rockdale it's worth the trip. Their service is excellent and always with a smile and the food just hits the perfect spot... Better than any other Burrito Loco we have been too... Worth the ride anytime!!!

Review №30

El Burrito Loco is a good authentic fast food restaurant, slower than a taco bell but better quality.The people are friendly and helpful. The inside is clean but could use an update.

Review №31

Great food.

Review №32

Been coming here for years, its nice to have a real taco place in town! Not sure if Ray is still there but hes a great guy always nice as well as the employees

Review №33

Pretty good burrito joint, like the red sauce.

Review №34

Very rude and unprofessional service. Took an hour for them to make my order when I ordered prior. When I got there, they did not even start my order....they instead asked what I ordered and made it again....not sure why. Avoid if possible.

Review №35

Best Tacos and Guacamole! Everyone is so friendly

Review №36

Food is delicious!

Review №37

Food is always good . Nice family place. Perfect for quick snack or full family meal. Authentic mexican food

Review №38

Wherever we are in New Lenox, Burrito Loco is usually on our list of places to stop. The hot carrots are one of our favorite add ons!

Review №39

Ray and his staff are always fast and friendly with their delicious food.

Review №40

Better than Taco Bell! Food was authentic, service was on the slower side, but quality of food is great.

Review №41

Drive threw can be very slow at times, aside from that great Mexican food and always a personal favorite

Review №42

Excellent food.

Review №43

The food is always well prepared and yummy, staff members hands over great service. I loved how clean it is and atmosphere. Will come back again.

Review №44

Amazingly nice and friendly owners and staff. They're the ones keeping me coming back! They give you what you pay for, and an experience to go with it. I extremely recommend El Burrito, if you've never been to one, make sure to check out this one!!! Keep up the great work guys!

Review №45

Customer service and food was great

Review №46

Exceptional place to grab something when in a hurry. Their service is fast, prices are fair, awesome ambience. Would recommend to others

Review №47

The best salsa of all the Burrito Locos, I go out of my way to stop by and load up on a 32oz whenever I am even relatively nearby.

Review №48

Great place to great real Mexican food at a great price.

Review №49

I come from a spanish family so Mexican fast food is not my thing but my czech-polish husband really likes it! :)

Review №50

If you want a decent burrito at an odd hour, this is a good spot. Quality has been good for a long time. It is not the most authentic, but good either way and the service has been friendly.

Review №51

The drive thru lady sassed my friend Tyler hubbs and kept cutting him off. We are truly sickened and offended by the situation.

Review №52

Everything feels premium and service is inviting. The customer service is superb!

Review №53

Their customer service is great every time I go there. They do a great job and I will continue to go there.

Review №54

Tasted authentic! Great portion size and great price. Lovely people

Review №55

The cashier was very pleasing with my special order.

Review №56

Really great al pastor recipe. It usually takes longer than usual to get the food but it's so fresh and delicious that it doesn't even matter.

Review №57

Been going here for years. The food is good and the people that work here are always very nice!The only thing I noticed is that lately they have been skimping on the ingredients in the Nachos Locos. They used to have a ton of lettuce and tomatoes. The last few times that I went there were only a few tomato pieces and enough lettuce for 1 taco. Maybe a way to keep the prices stable?

Review №58

They have awesome tacos & their guacamole is great!! Their burritos are good too.

Review №59

El Burrito Loco is the best restaurant. Their services are awesome. Recommended.

Review №60

Good food.

Review №61

Excellent service and food.

Review №62

Giant Burritos and a delicious Torta. Guac was good but the salsa is too funny for me.

Review №63

Great food

Review №64

I love the tacos, used to visit it alot when I was in cub scouts and made me look forward to meetings

Review №65

Never had a bad experience. Staff is friendly and Food is always great! Can't go wrong with the combo dinners- Carnitas tacos are my favorite.

Review №66

I don't understand why it takes 19 minutes to make a baby burrito! I saw 2 cars in the drive thru and the guy who took my order, get their food first. There was only 1 other person in the place. The food wasn't bad.

Review №67

Decent Mexican food!

Review №68

They are way over priced. The food is awful. They dont even put cilantro on their Mexican cuisine even if you ask. I have been there at least 5 times and they always screw something up and Overcharge the heck out of you. Taco place on Washington is MUCH cheaper and tastes way better.

Review №69

Food always Good and guacamole so good 5 Stars

Review №70

Good service & great Mexican fast food!

Review №71

The food was terrible. We go there a lot and this was the worst.

Review №72

Is good. but been eating tacos this place its a alright taco place. my al pastor is the same way i get to my fav spot.

Review №73

Elotes= Ah-mazing!! Sometimes their other food tastes decent, too.

Review №74

We catered for my work party. Everyone loves the food, very fresh and tasty. They gave us so much food. Delivery was on time and he set everything up for us. Thank you.

Review №75

I don't go there often but when I do it's always great

Review №76

Always excellent, everything is consistently the same! My guys love the steak and potato burritos and the 'baby' burrito is not really a baby! FYI, not all El Burrito Locos are the same!

Review №77

Great late night Mexican food

Review №78

Consistantly delicious. Outstanding Staff. Made to order. Worth the wait in the drive through.

Review №79

Giant burritos for a small price

Review №80

Great location, live the air and setup of the restaurant.

Review №81

Excellent food. Great service.

Review №82

Steak tortas, chicken caldo, very average burritos, and good churros. For being a local joint they make some select things REALLY well. The chicken caldo especially.

Review №83

The wait is longer than most places but it's definitely worth the freshness and taste

Review №84

Always good

Review №85

Excellent food. Clean restaurant. Speed of service is great and food quality is as good as always. Have been a customer here for years and do not have a single complaint.

Review №86

Food used to be good but slowly declined to be not so good

Review №87

Quick, inexpensive, delicious

Review №88

I just purchase a baby burrito on 2/7/17 and by far the best burrito I ever had from this place... Other locations usually do not wrap right or they don't cook the Tortilla but this one was perfect. Also the lady taking order was every friendly. It wasn't a ordinary "thank you" instead she said "thank you, be careful and drive safe" it's the extras things I appreciate. thanks guy! I would be coming back to this location rather then the other ones.

Review №89

Great local place for Mexican

Review №90

Nice little place for some Mexican food. nice staff. Muy agradables.

Review №91

Good food good service

Review №92

Depends who you get, they're nice unless it's Friday. Also if it's late your steak will probably be dry and almost crunchy.

Review №93

Good food, friendly service and fair prices. Shave a dollar off on the taco prices and they'd get 5 stars from me.

Review №94

We love El Burrito Loco! They have tons of vegetarian options and the portions are generous, so perfect for leftovers :) Their Mexican potatoes are delicious and their guac is a must!

Review №95

What's to say! I love love love El Burrito Loco! They have amazing food, great nice staff and it's quick and easy to get food. We definitely try to go there often.

Review №96

Very good will eat here again and often

Review №97

Efficient, good natured staff. Never had a bad meal.

Review №98

Food was okay, had my first chimichanga it might have been good if the burrito was really deep fried and not soggy...

Review №99

I used to love this place every time we go there it's at least 20 to 25 minutes to get a burrito half the time the order is wrong when you try to call and order in they never pick up the phone. This place has seriously gone down hill over time

Review №100

Great veggie tacos.

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