Kazus Sushi
5706 Main St, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

Review №1

It's been my go to sushi spot for 15 years, and traditionally my favorite birthday dinner spot. You can't go wrong here if you love good sushi and good service.

Review №2

I absolutely love how friendly the staff is here! They definitely make you feel like you are a valued and appreciated customer. My son was looking for somewhere to get a good ramen bowl & he definitely made the right choice. He said his meal was one of the best he's ever had. I ordered the bento box and it is so much food! Plus it comes with soup that was amazingly flavorful. I was a little taken aback when the bill came and I saw our soda refills were not free. It could have been mentioned in the menu (I didn't actually look at the drinks) and it's my fault for assuming, I'm just putting it here so someone else won't be surprised by it. Looking forward to dining here again soon!

Review №3

Fresh, tasty and beautifully served. Never disappointed. Love the Avocado & crab salad! Every bit I've been served has been amazing. Thanks for all the wonderful treats, Kazu!

Review №4

This is my wife and I favorite sushi spot. The atmosphere is great. They just moved to a new location so the place is way bigger but still has the cozy atmosphere! The sushi is great for the price point. It's tasty it is unique you most definitely get the most for money! So if you like a good roll or even some miso soup then you need to drop by and check it out!!

Review №5

Kazu's Sushi is by far THE best sushi restaurant in the area. The staff is always so friendly and attentive. And the food O M G. I can't describe the culinary extasy without breaking Google's family friendly guidelines. But I will say that once I've finished my meal I passionately make out with the plate to get every last bit of eel sauce. Mmmmm

Review №6

I am in love with this place.Why you ask than that they are getting 2 starsI get when the pandemic first happened cutting hours back.They have kept these hours. I no longer live in the area. Still work near by.Would love to indulge myself on lunchBUT NEVER CAN DUE TO TIME OF HOURS !!!Sad to say I have to find a new place...

Review №7

Great service, delicious sushi, friendly staff and management in the heart of downtown New Port Richey! A very clean and beautiful restaurant... and they have outdoor seating! Who could ask for more? Definitely the best sushi in Pasco County. I highly recommend!!

Review №8

I was there for his first opening and have always had a great meal accompanied by the warmth and friendliness of Kazu, his family and his staff. Whether I am in for sushi or the cooked food, it always takes give stars

Review №9

Have come a couple of times and always been very impressed! Delicious

Review №10

Amazing food. Beyond what i was expecting. Wonderful dining in.

Review №11

Food is Deee-lish!! Love the outdoor seating option as well, perfect for the "Downtown" feel of Main St NPR

Review №12

We love Kazu's Sushi! Great food, great service.

Review №13

First of all, we ate here about a year ago when he was at his old location. We have ate here twice now. Last year, we had I believe his wife as a server. Horrible, could hardly speak English, she screwed up our whole simple order and then he (Kazu) gave us a hard time and refused to replace it or fix it and tried to charge us for their mistakes. We walked out and vowed never to eat there again. Today, we were in the area, so we decided to give it another chance. New location is nice, had a different server, very nice. Food was excellent, portions huge, sushi was amazing. Was a great experience. Two times now, one total 1 star experience, this a 5, so the score is a 3. We will be going back again and see how it goes. Hit or miss for us, but I would give it a shot.

Review №14

Me and my girlfriend have been patrons of kazus for many years, way before they moved onto main street when they weren't very well known. I can honestly say the quality of the food has gone down and the prices have gone up to compensate for the most likely egregious amount of rent they pay to be on main st. Anyways tonight we ordered pick up and we both got donburi dinners and what we received was horrible. To start the donburi portions were cut in half and I know this because I have ordered it many times. Next, both our meals were supposed to come with soup but it was never given to us. When we called back, the woman working the counter who gave us the order said that the soups were sitting right in front of her on the counter. Ok if they were right in front of you on the counter, then why were they not given to us when we picked up the rest of the order? She refused to apologize and sounded like she was becoming annoyed that we called back and for that reason alone I will never eat here again. To top it all off, we were up charged for salad (which If you used to dine in you know was included with any dinner portion donburi) and we were each given maybe half of one handful of salad, enough that I finished it in two bites. Just to recap, quality and service have gone way down while prices have gone up. Would not recommend to anyone which is a shame because this used to be our favorite spot before they moved.

Review №15

Best Sushi in Pasco county, hands down!! Had the sushi appetizer and the Kazu's House Roll and every bite was better than the last. Do yourself a favor and visit this place!!

Review №16

Crab salad was awesome. Sushi not so great. Edible but not better than others I've had.

Review №17

Great first visit. Clean, Fantastic food and service.

Review №18

Miso soup good, good portions specialty order done to perfection, sushi bento great

Review №19

We ordered Takeout. Sushi and a bottle of plum wine it was all delicious, fresh and excellent as always. Arigato!!

Review №20

Melt-in-your-mouth Sushi & Sashimi.My 1st of many visits, right here on Main Street. New Port Richey, great addition to downtown. Prices were fair for FRESH Sushi, service was great. Try it, these folks are the real deal!!

Review №21

Excellent Sushi. Best I've found in Florida.

Review №22

Gas station sushi...service was great though.

Review №23

Ate at Kazu on Main St. on a busy Friday evening. Parking available in the lot in the back. Patio area not in use at this writing. Colorful decor, as it was previously a Mexican restaurant. Friendly and capable staff. Had edamame that were steamed and had perfect amount of salt. Tried a Tempura Udon soup. Broth was flavorful and a large serving. Udon noodles were good. Other diners in the group had Mexican, Asparagus, and California rolls. Quick service after a short wait for a table.

Review №24

Best and freshest sushi in the area hands down no questions asked.

Review №25

First time here! Loved it! So fresh tasting. Will definitely be back

Review №26

Excellent. All very fresh. Friendly staff. Very accommodating to groups.

Review №27

My boyfriend and I are in love with this place. It's our go to sushi place. Going anywhere else would be complete betrayal, that's how we are in love with Kazu's. We drive all the way from Tampa and it's always worth the drive.

Review №28

CONGRATULATIONS To KAZU & FAMILY for getting the GOLD For BEST SUSHI RESTAURANT.KAZU you have been the GOLD for us and our friends alway's

Review №29

Was pleasantly surprised this place has a great atmosphere and the sushi was fresh and food overall was awesome. Firecracker roll was delicious.

Review №30

There was no fish smell, which means everything is fresh. Great flavors, reasonable price and fun vibe. Staff was super friendly- lots of smiles. We will definitely be back!

Review №31

The best Japanese restaurant I've been to since moving to Florida. I lived in Japan for 13 years and this food is deliciously authentic. So glad I accidentally discovered it during BikeFest last year!

Review №32

Some of the best sushi I have ever had!!

Review №33

Great authentic food with a great staff, definitely recommend for anyone.

Review №34

I sure miss you guys! It's been 5 years and I still consider you the best japanese restaurant ever!!

Review №35

The best sushi I have had, great atmosphere.

Review №36

High quality food, very friendly staff and everything was very clean.

Review №37

The food is FRESH & AWESOME. I keep coming back. When you've had authentic, why go for Americanized. But you can get both here (California Rolls and such). I prefer the Sashimi. Service is always great.

Review №38

Kazu's is the best sushi place in the area. I live in Hernando and will make the drive every single time. I've been going here since it first opened over a decade ago and will continue to do so. I absolutely how good their eel and octopus is. It was the first time I've tried their kimchi conch and it was great. I honestly don't know if I've ever tried something at Kazu's and not like it. I highly recommend Kazu's. The owner cares very much about quality, freshness, presentation, etc. Very welcoming atmosphere and the staff is very patient and engaging with young children.

Review №39

UnremarkableMy husband and I dropped in for lunch on the recommendation of a local. I ordered the kimchi, chicken and tofu soup and my husband ordered a lunch special - spicy salmon sushi and spicy tuna suchi with a house salad. The food was good but not remarkable.

Review №40

The food and service was great!

Review №41

I got the Mexican and California rolls and they were well worth the wait 90 minutes which really isn't long considering what's going on. Prepared beautifully for presentation which I didn't expect on to go only thing not getting 5 stars I asked for yum yum sauce and soy and was told it comes with but only soy sauce was in the container. I drive from hudson so not worth driving back for. Honestly I did fine with the wasabi, ginger and soy sauce. Thank you!

Review №42

Hands-down our favorite restaurant. We eat here once a week, sometimes twice. The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff super-friendly, and the food outstanding. The Spicy Tuna Donburi and Firecracker Roll are favorites, but everything we've tried has been great. If you love sushi, you will love Kazu's!

Review №43

Good food and good service.

Review №44

Love this place. The food is always fresh and excellent. The service is friendly and helpful. I'm on a pretty strict diet due to health reasons and many restaurants make me ill because of grease or prep, when I leave I always feel full and healthy.

Review №45

Loved the buccaneer roll, the fish tasted extremely fresh and the outside stayed nice and crispy

Review №46

Simply the best sushi anywhere!!! Oh and the tempura fried ice cream? Yeah, that's heaven on a plate!

Review №47

Food was very good and the service was excellent too. Cant believe I just found this 0lace after all these years. Definitely a place I will be frequenting.

Review №48

Best sushi in the area. Great owners and high quality food. If you live in the area or are visiting, it is a must stop. I have lunch here regularly.

Review №49

I absolutely love this place. Great food, awesome sushi (very fresh) and a relaxed environment. I highly recommend to all sushi lovers!!

Review №50

The tempura appetizer left lots to desire. My food was very good, but the teriyaki chicken was lacking flavor. Service was good, but while they served Mexican beer, they don't carry limes.

Review №51

Love this place. never this place existed this whole time.

Review №52

Never a wait to get a table! Very efficient when you place your order. Servers are knowledgeable about the entire menu. I enjoy the atmosphere and how appreciative the owners are.

Review №53

I've been coming here for a weeks now (averaging a trip per week). I make the pilgrimage from Pinellas.I used to frequent Mike's sushi in Palm Harbor, but after Mike sold the place, I was pretty devastated. I've been trying to find a replacement for a while, but it's been hard. I've done a ton of research on all of the sushi restaurants in the Tampa area, and there's only two that I've found that are Japanese owned. Kazu's being one of them and the other being Yoko's in Tampa.I haven't found a single Japanese owned sushi restaurant in Pinellas county. They are all mostly Chinese/Thai, which irks me because they have no idea what they are doing.Everything I've had at Kazu's has been on point. The poke is just as good as I remember from Mike's. Everything has been fresh and I haven't had anything off-putting. The staff is friendly and it's definitely worth the trip to Port Richey.

Review №54

Great food and amazing service Kazu's sushi is the best sushi I have ever had! Susan is also an amazing server! She goes above and beyond in her job!

Review №55

Kazu's has a calming and welcoming atmosphere. The employees are friendly and the food is great. We have been coming for years, before they moved locations and will continue to do so.

Review №56

Best sushi around. Love the Kazu and staff. I have never been disappointed. You can customize your rolls with different wrap or roe. Great location downtown. Highly recommend you try if you have not yet .

Review №57

Take out, was very good. Will eat again.

Review №58

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh. The restaurant is clean, the food is always fresh and delicious. I'm only sad that they're not open on Sunday.

Review №59

Way over priced for what they give you..Would definitely stick with Tonbo sushi and grill

Review №60

Our favorite sushi fix. Awesome from their previous local to a better one, we will follow.

Review №61

Avocado crab salad, tempura Japanese bagel roll and the spicy tuna dunburi are insanely delicious

Review №62

Have been a customer for several years now, at the old location this was our first time at the new location. Food was good as always, especially the crab and avocado salad. Service was off very busy for a Tuesday night think they were shorthanded and new staff was a little overwhelmed. We will definitely be going back.

Review №63

Beyond great food! Always wonderful and friendly staff! The new location is further away but still worth the drive.

Review №64

Amazing place!! Fantastic food!!! Always

Review №65

So we went Saturday night 4 people we had a great experience prices are in line with the food Sushi is great we was surprised. Definitely we will be back great service

Review №66

My Family and I had another great dinner together at Kazu's tonight. Our server was Scott and he was awesome. He immediately had a recommendation for me when I wasn't sure which sushi roll I wanted and it was delicious. Even when it got busy, Scott managed to keep us taken care of. The food was great for all of us with no complaints what so ever. We will definitely be back.

Review №67

I have eaten at Kazu's for many many years and always had great service until my first visit at new location! Young kid working register has terrible customer service! I came in 15 mins until closed and asked if it was too late to order two rolls to go! He said it was fine but was I'll mannered the entire time I was in the restaurant! I will only order for pickup from now on!!!

Review №68

Tuna is excellent, portions are smaller when compared to other places but one can taste the quality.

Review №69

Loved kazu sushi for over 10 years. there new location is beautiful but i really HATE the new hours, so many times i have found myself hungry but unable to purchase food because they are closed between 230-4.thank kazu for being consistently great for many years but please reconsider closing mid day

Review №70

Great place for sushi and trying new things. We had miso, seaweed salad, and 2 platter full sushi. Good service as the waitress was new.

Review №71

Hot place. I mean literally hot. Go there during the cooler months and maybe you'll enjoy it

Review №72

Ordered ramen with pork and was severely disappointed. (especially for the price $14.00). The noodles are equivalent to the same quality that you would get from the. 25 cent package at Walmart. The broth (colored water) was very bland, and the pork was dry. I even wondered to myself, how could the pork be dry when it's soaking in the broth? Nonetheless, it was. Lucky if there's a total of. 75 cents worth of ingredients for $14.00! Maybe the other food is good (but I doubt it), I won't be back.

Review №73

I'll start off with the only reason I can't give five stars. It's always so loud in here that conversations are difficult without almost yelling. The acoustics must be bad. Other than that, everything I've ever eaten in the seven years I've been a patron of Kazu's has been outstandingly good.

Review №74

Love this place! Fresh food, great service and good prices.

Review №75

Food is ALWAYS good here. The quality of the fish they use is exceptional!

Review №76

Last Monday my girlfriend and myself were meeting a couple friends for dinner. We showed up at 6:30 and asked to be seated for a party of 5, which only 3 of us showed up. Every table was covered with previous visitor's dishes and there wasnt a cleared table in the restaurant. There were only 6-7 tables with people actually sitting and eating. It took 45 minutes to be seated, but not before 2 tables were given to customers that came in 10-20 minutes after us. Our order was taken promptly to being seated and I ordered a beer, the others in my party ordered sodas. When my beer was brought to me the server stated they were waiting on cups to be washed before she could bring the rest of the drinks. That took 15 minutes. Then our order was taken of 3 rolls as well as an order of Chicken teriyaki. It took 47 minutes to get our food after our order was placed. The salad was brown and room temperature, the soup was incredibly fishy and sour. The food was good beyond that. I can see why people dine here often, the sushi is above average. But the cleanliness and service blows. I work in the restaurant industry as a chef and know what it means to be short staffed. But this was terrible service regardless due to the amount of business during our time there. Dont think we will be returning anytime soon.

Review №77

Best place in the country for Sushi. Kazu is just wonderful. He remembers his guests and their families. The food is extremely fresh and it tastes so good. Nice atmosphere. He has Japanese television on both TVs. It is my favorite restaurant.

Review №78

Best sushi in town, I didn't have time to even take pictures before it was gone :)

Review №79

Wonderful tasting sushi in a small, unassuming mall restaurant that despite having a toys-r-us nearby is the true anchor. Very good prices and an enjoyable environment.

Review №80

Amazing flavor. The rice is the most important and they nailed it. However, the roll was loose amd the ingredients werent evenly spread throughout the roll so some pieces had this but not that. I can chalk that up to lage and busy on a Saturday night. I had 2 mexican rolls add cream cheese and a japanese bagel roll

Review №81

Excellent Sushi and Service! Will go again given the opportunity

Review №82

The best loved it.

Review №83

Our waiter seemed more interested in taking care of the table next to us. I ordered a glass of water with lemon with my glass of pinot grigio never got it. My husband ordered a octopus salad received a fried octopus appetizer when he did finally get the salad it wasn't what he wanted/expected. We ended up leaving just taking our sushi rolls to go. I don't know if we will go back or not.

Review №84

Excellent food and service!

Review №85

Wonderful staff, great service and great food!! Thank you!

Review №86

Delicious Chirashi sushi. I would not hesitate to take my guests from Japan for a treat.

Review №87

Hidden gem. Quality sushi. Family owned.

Review №88

What a great place with high quality food to enjoy a meal. The owner obviously knows how to present a product to the customer. Some staff however not personable. That's where I drop a star. The quality , price and presentation far outweigh the small inconsistencies with staff issues. I recommend you stop here and enjoy . I don't think your taste buds will be disappointed

Review №89

My husband and I enjoy Kazu's very much, great staff and delicious food, just wish they were open a bit later.

Review №90

You know its good when you have a visual on the owner and chef! Kazu!

Review №91

Great first experience and loved the food. Very clean and relaxing atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Review №92

I went for ramen, and it doesn't appear to be a specialty. Unfortunately the restaurant was under staffed, as explained by the host, and service was slow. The ramen didn't seem to be from a grocery store packet, but it wasn't that great. The sashimi platter was good and the sushi looked delicious, but I didn't order any rolls.

Review №93

Love this place. Delicious food and love the staff

Review №94

They messed up my order one time and had me bring the food back because they gave me somebody else's food now I just ate there and got to go the sever messed up and missed something we ordered now I notice what I got to go is wrong and I'm missing half the order

Review №95

Love this place

Review №96

Kazu is the best sushi chef in town!!! All their sushi rolls are delicious (my favorite of all time is their "Firecracker" roll) and so are the dinners as well!!! Great staff, great prices and the atmosphere in the new location is very warm and inviting!!

Review №97

I was introduced to Kazu's when they were located im the Toys R Us plaza and have been a super fan ever since.Kazu is an amzing chef and owns and operates an amzing restraunt with his crew. They prepare great food and nthe presentation is what ties the experience together. The new location in Downton NPR was an awesome move and they have done a beautiful job breathing new life into their work.This is a fantastic restaurant and I recommend this at top pick if you are going for sushi, Kazu's is the place!

Review №98

Very easily the best sushi in Tampa Bay. Kazu is a sushi chef who trained on Okinawa and he routinely turns away shipments of fish that other places wouldn't think twice about. His standards are very high. The sushi is if the highest quality. New location is nice. If you're serious about sushi, this is the place to go. Miles above the rest.

Review №99

Excellent food and service!

Review №100

This place is absolutely awesome! I have been coming to Kazu's since he first opened over by toys r us! He is never disappointed! If I had to use one word to describe Kazu's it would be"PHENOMENAL!"

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  • Wine:Yes
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