116 Lexington Avenue 28th &, Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016, United States
Review №1

Anjappar (Southern Indian cuisine) is one of my favorite restaurants in all of New York City. My girlfriend and I frequent the place at least once a month (for takeout now) but often more. I was first exposed to Northern Indian food on London's Brick Lane. The first time I had it, it was an explosion of wonderful flavors that I had never experienced before. I quickly fell in love then with Northern Indian food, the most popular Indian cuisine outside of India and I have fallen in love with Indian food all over again. This time with discovering Southern Indian food at Anjappar. Southern Indian cuisine, Anjappar's specialty, has introduced me to an array of incredible dishes and flavors that I never knew existed. And now, Southern Indian food at Anjappar is my favorite food on planet Earth. Lastly, the staff is really lovely, especially the manager. He takes great pride in what he does. I cannot recommend Anjappar more. If you are looking for extremely authentic Southern Indian food my girlfriend tells me (she's from Southern India), Anjappar is the place. And if you are new to Southern Indian food, but are looking for a new and exciting culinary experience that will open your eyes at the sheer possibilities of truly amazing food from another part of the world, then Anjappar is also for you.

Review №2

We came here for lunch on a Friday afternoon. They have good lunch specials and at a great price. We ordered two lunch specials and we could barely finish 1 plate between us. Good portions and awesome flavor. I would definitely come back again.

Review №3

Anjappar seems to have a handful of great items. If you order one of those things, you might give this place a 5 star. But they have a large menu and most of it is bland (as far as Indian food, especially Chettinad cuisine goes) or poorly prepared.

Review №4

We had Dosas and it was fun to eat outside on the sidewalk. One person, who was walking by, saw our huge Dosas and asked about them. Great food and great service

Review №5

One of the worst served restaurant in USA..Visited this place on 07/04/2019 (lunch), Can't believe this is an Anjappar, Worst in service and taste(specific thali/goat/chicken briyani)! specific don't believe the pictures/old reviews and step in to taste the food.

Review №6

Honestly I don't like this place. Food was okay not so great in taste. I saw their YouTube video and was impressed but in reality this is place is not so great. I am a foodie and was really disappointed.

Review №7

Food was below average, we got a great service from the waitress but unfortunately she was replaced with a very rude waiter. I order one of the unlimited lunch (only few stuff are unlimited such as rice, etc...) which is kind of misleading. when I ordered extra dessert the waiter told me laterally that I CAN'T SHARE with my friends, we thought he was joking but shockingly he was serious about it. I will never come back to this place.

Review №8

Visited this place with a group of friends. The menu is very big and you have a lot of choices. I went with the stuffed mutton keema paratha which was really good and my friends had the traditional meals. We also got a free biryani with our order which was nice. The only complaint I have is that the restroom wasn't very clean.

Review №9

One of the best South Indian food on Lexington Ave. Their Biryani = Wow.Their service and quality of food is amazing. Must try out place.

Review №10

Oh my god!! I could travel to New York just to eat here. Don't judge me. But that's absolutely true. We went on the thanksgiving day this year and they had a special menu going on. We had the kozhli rasam, chicken lollipop, natu kozhi biryani and mutton varuval. I usually get the crab masala but they weren't ready with that yet that day so I decided to try madras puzhu smth Kari. Everything was so freaking delicious.

Review №11

Average experience.. in from south India and the taste was more for NEwyorkers .. everything tasted less spicy. Chicken dry item was ok .. poondu kozhambu tasted really good but very liquidy (like Sambar or rasam).. loves the veechu parotta.. gulab jamun was outstanding too.. overall , wish it was more authentic :( good one for a once in a while meal. Service was good and quick .. keep it up guys

Review №12

Very tiny place but tastes great. Chicken gravy tastes too too spicy !

Review №13

This is the first time I ate at this location. Honestly, I do not like it at all. All of the food was dry.

Review №14

Nice staff, but the meal was lousy and expensive. I've eaten here before and it was good, but this time the portions were small and not very tasty. Very disappointed. Much better alternatives just around the corner.

Review №15

Place is run down but service was good. Food is decent. Better options exist on Lexington Ave!

Review №16

Yesterday was our first time we visited this fine restaurant. But It is obviously not the last time. We enjoyed the evening a lot with the excellent service, with the fine meal and wine and with the comfortable price. We will absolutely go back there soon.

Review №17

No attention to detail. Ordered appam and mutton biriyani. The egg shells were not peeled properly as you can see in the photo. Appam stuck to the plate, was difficult to eat. Chettinad pepper fry was tasting like egg. Extremely overpriced for the service and quality of food

Review №18

Location: It is easily accessible through metro 6. The entrance to the restaurant itself is very small. If you have stroller you will find it hard. I had been to this Anjappar 3 years back and it was good in the sense, probably different management. Not anymore. Also the entire restaurant is still remain old and I can see that sofa stitched and adjusted. Then comes the service, we had to ask again and again for stuff like salt, extra bowl. Don't even think of going to restroom here - it is by far the worst and smallest and you will get burnt for going in. No ventilation. And they don't clean it I guess. Then when we went this time the AC didn't work and they didn't take any measure for working it out. It was 86 outside. Worst experience. Food quality is fine. But thali is waste. Weekday no offers. Also they add 15% tip by themselves even if you go alone. Very rude.

Review №19

This is not best of anjappar! Briyani was not that great, but meen varuval (fish fry)was good. Ambience was good , restroom was designed for people from shire!

Review №20

If you crave for Chettinad style non vegetarian food then Anjappar is the place in New York. Food is a bit expensive and the quantity is less. But the quality of the food is ok. Try Egg kothu parotta or mutton Kari dosa. Service is pleasant. Ambiance is good with low lighting.

Review №21

One of the best Desi restaurants in the area

Review №22

Food was deliciousGreat and generous staff.I'd love to come back.

Review №23

Nice and beautiful place. Very good food. Very good hospitality

Review №24

Think twice before going to this restaurant.I am skeptical if this is an authentic Anjappar or not because of way this restaurant is maintained and operates. ??? Worst bathroom in any restaurant I have come across. I don't know how it can still operate in this condition. The bathroom is extremely small and water all over the floor. This brings the question how the kitchen is maintained.I have been to Anjappar in Dallas and it was excellent both in terms of quality, taste and cleanliness. Nayanthra's review will not attract more customers only a true customer experience will gain business.Mutton Briyani:It tasted like reheated food & less mutton pieces and the taste was not worth the money. The food was not hot.Fish 65:At least it was fresh and hot. Good quantity and the taste was ok, at least better than the briyani.The tables are setup uncomfortably close to each other. Average service.

Review №25

Nice Ambience. Suitable restaurant for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu. Quality of food is good. Veg and Chicken Thali is available during evening along with Ala-carte. Thali menu is ok. Taste is good. Not spicy at all. Ambience is very good. If the total order goes above $48, you'll get free chicken/vegetarian biriyani( to-go or can have there). You can definitely give a try !!!

Review №26

I really enjoy this place; it's nice to have a South Indian restaurant on the block. They make a good Kothu Parotta and I make sure to order it every time I'm there. The mutton chukka varuval is also really good. The staff have always been friendly and attentive.

Review №27

So good my favorite place in the city the food is fresh and reasonably priced

Review №28

Food and service were excellent but I was surprised they didnt have any lunch specials on a Saturday. I would recommend if you want a quality meal!!

Review №29

This is one of the best Indian restaurants I've ever had. Friendly staff, generous portions, good drinks and free street parking after 8pm! It does get very busy so I would suggest making a reservation ahead of time.

Review №30

Monday night dinner. For $20 (with tax and tip), one would expect something in return!Far from quality food. Anjappar Chicken Masala curry was bland, tasteless and pricey. Also, why do you need a 1000 item menu? Why not stick to what the cooks would prep well with a shorter menu?

Review №31

If you are here and you do not order the crab curry, you are missing out on life. Just watch the dude chewing the bones on YouTube.

Review №32

Food is not up to Anjappar standards, please improve. Restrooms are too small and little dirty. Price is reasonable as per Indian restaurants. Service need to be improved. Don't cancel order if customer complains about the food being not good. Try to redo and improve. The place is too dark inside. Can't see what I am eating.

Review №33

Nice and clean. Waiter had no personality.My friend and I are foodies, and the food there Lacked deliciousness. No desire to ever go there again!

Review №34

Service is good. food quality can improve a bit

Review №35

We ordered chettinad chicken roast. It cost us $15.95.. for 3 pieces of chicken..!! Since it's a "chettinad" restaurant we expected it to taste authentic. It was bland as cardboard. We paid premium amount for cardboard..! The tandoori came with a tsp of green chutney which literally tasted like nothing. Just some green liquid. It was the worst Indian food we ever ate in NYC.

Review №36

Came for the chicken 65, which is done well here. I also tried some curries (the Anjappar chicken masala and the mutton sukka masala) and enjoyed those as well. The dessert (gulab jamun with ice cream) was good but tiny - too small to share unless you only want a couple bites; just something to be aware of. Note: this is a South Indian restaurant so if you order a north indian curry and don't find it authentic that's really on you. Reminds me of those people who go to a steakhouse and then complain the fish wasn't good

Review №37

I walked into the restaurant and the lousy workers did not put the board for wet floor. I almost slipped and they did not even bother to see if I was ok. I would have sued these miserable junkies if I had slipped. Second, the buffet is another scam, they dont come to you if you are asking for second helping. Whats the point in paying for a buffet if you get only a single serving!!

Review №38

Quick service, tasty meals and not too expensive.

Review №39

Good flavourful food. Had the chettinad thali. Was given extra rasam when requested which was exceptional

Review №40

Biriyani was not that tasty. Kothu parotta was good. A bit expensive

Review №41

Loved the Idiappam and Mutton Gravy ( highly recommended!!!!!!). My better half loved the huge paper masala dosa! A must visit in New York!

Review №42

Average food. Uttapam is good

Review №43

We had lunch along with kids and friends in Anjappar. Tasty food but felt bit expensive considering location and proximity. The food is tasty and staff are very friendly. Excited to see an American chef preparing Indian dishes not compromising on the taste which is served in India. Paratas and dosas are yummy.

Review №44

There were so many problems with this place. They did not have stuff we wanted. On top of that the dosa we ordered did not taste good. The coconut chutney was just water. There was also a small rock or stone one of us chew into. We asked for something and they said it will take 30 mins even though on menu it said 10 min. By the way beverages come after food and they can't do custom food requests. Oh forgot to mention slow af.

Review №45

This place is good! Reasonable rates, large portions and the staff members are constantly very nice.

Review №46

Ordered soup and asked if it can be split as 1/2 in two bowls and the server responded on a hasty and rude voice saying “we don't do those things... We serve only in one bowl if you want you order two soups or I can give extra bowl” I have never heard such kind of answer before in any of the restaurants and was very surprised.Food was served and was good looking but couldn't eat as they took a while to realise and give plates to eat.Overall food was good. Liked the seeraga samba mutton biriyani and Anjappar chettinadu chicken.Final surprise was a bill with %15 tip (for a table of 3 ppl) included and was told its written on a the menu card. Additional gratitude was also requested on top of it.Was not happy with the customer service on the whole

Review №47

One of the worst service I have ever experienced in United states. Me and my wife were made to sit near a bucket which was placed to catch leaking AC water. We ordered two meals which is the basic and the fastest thing that any Indian restaurant could serve but we were made to wait for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the waitress came with a wrong order. Later she went back. And after sometime the waitress again came back with our order to only pour the hot sambar on my husband's pants. She didn't even have the courtesy to apologize, instead she was rude and walked away shouting at us saying she cant do anything. Ended up walking away with food untouched.So pathetic place to dine. I would definitely recommend not coming to this place if you want to spend a pleasant time. On a special note, the place is very claustrophobic.

Review №48

If you are a South Indian, you will like the food here. The restaurant could have been maintained more clean.

Review №49

If you are a south indian and want to go to this hotel just thinking it has the same flavor and taste of the anjappar brand, please do not visit. The goat biriyani looked and tasted like a masala rice. The paratha was the thickest I have ever eaten in my entire life. The inside of the paratha was not properly cooked at all, probably because of the thickness. They gave me an alternate one. But even that was of the same quality. The taste of the curry was not the authentic chettinad taste that we used to eat in anjappar brand hotels. So if you want to treat it as any other hotel and enjoy the average food, you are welcome to go. Do not go for the brand name. You will be disappointed. I'm giving 2 stars for the good service. If not, it will be only 1 star.

Review №50

Expected a lot but the food was below minimum in taste scale. Customer service was average too. Definitely not worth my money and also not gonna go back to that place ever again.

Review №51

Authentic Chettinad (South Indian) food. You can find some really spicy items. A must visit place for me every time I visit NYC.

Review №52

We ordered three Thali meals, all three meals served with spoiled white rice. Very bad experience and manager even put 18% tip on top of it.

Review №53

Worst ever Indian food. Extremely costly and definitely not worth for the quality and quantity of the food. Even after complaining about no salt in naan and curry, management was very rude and reluctant to change. At least for the price they charge, I expect them to be customer friendly and provide quality food, sadly none of that is here. Please avoid going to this place.

Review №54

Not worth. We spent freaking 600 and were not at all satisfied. Need to improve a lot.... management address your quality and taste.

Review №55

Visited here yet another time last month to give them a second chance. Back home this is a very well known restaurant. But the quality has further gone down. Stay away. All watered down dishes.

Review №56

Loved the food. Authentic tamil Nadu food. We tasted the seeraga samba mutton biriyani which was out of the world.

Review №57

Good food, reasonably priced. Go for it.

Review №58

I would not recommend this place since it's not an friendly environment, employees are very rude , briyani is too spicy and it's not for kids:They didn't ask me the spicy level when they take order . They are not ready to give one cup of extra onion raitha .Full of old people they have 0 knowledge about customer service.I don't understand how are they running this environment with these brainless rude peoples.Stay away.

Review №59

Definitely a must go if you are in the city. Think this is the only South Indian restaurant in NYC. Try their Meals, both Veg and Non Veg is good. Biriyani is not close to South Indian presentation or taste. If you are fan of Kothu Parota, you must try it here.

Review №60

I went for lunch on Friday with 5 more friends. Asked for starter and they bought in just 2 minutes. They are cold and not crispy. We asked to get fresh ones. Then they made them real quick without making sure if cegetable is well cooked inside (oil fry on high flame). Curries qre okay but biriyani sucks. Same feeling of not freshnessWe wont go again. There are awesome restaraunts like Bhatti beside and we made wrong choice here

Review №61

Amazing food and authentic anjappar taste

Review №62

Good food. The order taker got couple of items wrong. Which they did not take back and we had to eat. As long as you validate your order twice over the food is good

Review №63

The land of spice heaven! They got it all!!!

Review №64

Stay away from this one. Too spicy, Less quantity, Not for kids , worst attitude people.

Review №65

Not properly cooked rice in thali .no banana leaf . Less curries wrt other anjappar not so hot food .

Review №66

My experience in this restaurant was great. I came here with my pals to have South Indian food. It was my 1st time in this beautiful environment . When I 1st got here , I didn't anticipate this place to be nice and food to be outstanding.Food that we had was chettinad chicken masala, tandorri pomfret, 3 parottas, chicken lollipops, prawn 65, and natukozi biryani. They were all very delicious For drink, we had their special cocktail named chennai coconut, mango martini, and couple of kingfisher beers.Service, here is fast and people over here are way too friendly . Staffs are attentive and their hospitality is great I'd highly like to thank everyone out there for treating us in such a nice way.Overall experience was great! Will definitely come back with new people.

Review №67

Not the anjappar you see in India. Food was good. Rest all okay

Review №68

Very good food but a bit pricey. Some dishes are SP (special price) and are alot higher depending on the time of year which is fine. I was told one of those dishes cost $20 but when done, the price on the bill was $28 which is why the the rating is not 5 stars. Otherwise it was a great experience overall

Review №69

$7 for a mango lassi is crazy. And they taped over the price so you wouldn't know the price until the final bill comes.

Review №70

Pathetic food and the service. Not worth at all. Just they are running the restaurant with the name and no quality food, service was tooo too poor! So many south indian restaurants are around you guys can try it! Am not recommending at all.

Review №71

One of the worst service I have ever experienced in United states. Me and my wife were made to sit near a bucket which was placed to catch leaking acid water. We ordered two meals which us the basic and the fastest thing that any restaurant could serve but we were made to wait for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the waitress came with our order to only pour the hit sambar on my pants. She didn't even have the courtesy to apologize instead she was rude and walked away. Ended up walking away with food untouched.So pathetic place to dine. I would definitely recommend not coming to this place if you want to spend a pleasant time.

Review №72

Go to Sarvana Bhawan instead. Only 0.1 mile away. Disappointed with the Veg thali taste and quality. Run down place with below average food and quality. Won't go back again definitely.

Review №73

Great Seafood selection. Try Porgy or Pomfret whole fish fry or curry

Review №74

It's okay. Hard to find good South Indian food in NYC. There isn't really much balance in the flavors. Probably because they don't grind up the spices like they are supposed to.In all fairness, I used to like the spot before I had actually tried real South Indian food in Chennai or home cooked South Indian food. I guess “ignorance is bliss.”

Review №75

Poor service and awful food... Never recommend this place to anyone...

Review №76

I walked into this busy restaurant today as well. I'm a regular customer here. Today, I came here with my family. At first, the hostess told me it might take time to be seated but she ended up finding us table in jiffy. It was excellent because we got to sit asap.I always wanted to write a review about this restaurant but never got a chance to write it. I'm writing it today because I'm compelled to. I can see some negative reviews and I feel like that's totally not true.Service here is nice as always. Servers are very sweet , amiable, and they are ready to help anytime. Today, they all made us very happy and none of us were disappointed with the service and food.Food we ordered was crab masala, 3 parottas, 1 chicken lollipop, pomfret fish, chettinad chicken masala, 2 anjappar lemonade, 1 mango lassie, and a coffee. These food were outstanding. We loved it!! It was really delicious .I will certainly keep coming. By, now they all know me to as a regular customer.

Review №77

Don't go with kids. Providing too spicy food.when we asked extra raita for our kid they said can't provide.

Review №78

I wouldn't even give it 1 star. But had to post it coz I had to write a review. Every time we have gone to this restaurant we have had a bad experience. But we do go back coz of the brand name and good experience we have had in other countries and cities.Tonight was the worst experience. We had a two day tiring trip and we headed back to NYC hungry. Called Anjappar at 9pm to place order for pick up. The lady took the order and said they are open till 10.30pm tonight due to long weekend and that we can walk in and dine in if we wanted to. As we were 15 mins away and Manhattan traffic is unpredictable, Still to be safe we ordered for 1 chicken biryani and 1 mutton biryani to keep it ready for us.We reached exactly at 9:30 and they said they close at 9:30pm while the restaurant was still filled with people. The lady who spoke with us on the phone came to us and said she forgot that they close at 9:30pm. She also had the audacity to tell that she forgot to place our order for pick up as well. However she asked to sit at a table and told us to wait as she can check in the kitchen. We were sitting in the restaurant for 20mins waiting. Mind you they didn't even have the courtesy to serve us water. At 9:50 when we went and asked at the counter for updates, one lady said “no food, go home” in a rude harsh tone as if she was giving us food for free. We then asked the lady who spoke with us on the phone and also who told she forgot to place our order. She then went and checked in the kitchen and told us “sorry the chef has left.” When asked why were we seated without any reason, she again had the audacity to tell us that she forgot.Every time we go we've always spent from $150 for a party of a 2 to an extent of $400 for a party of 5. We've even brought in groups of 10 people. All friends and family who visit us would like to go Anjappar because of the good global brand it has made. But we've been shamed every single time by the bad conduct and arrogant behaviour of the servers.They have no feeling of apology or concern for customers. Especially regular local customers like us. If Anjappar wants to maintain its good brand name, they really need to change the management here.From over Anjappar experiences, a little aged man with glasses ( who was not there today) has always been a bitter experience as he thinks he gives us food for free. The two ladies with glasses - they are arrogant and have no conduct of treating customers. The other Asian lady who said “no food, go home” as well. Not sure if the whole troop of servers are controlled by someone who is the same kind or that it is lack of management, but because of this Manhattan branch, the real amazing Anjappar experience we've been having from other countries and cities will soon be lost.

Review №79

The food was nice and quick . The bad stars is for the attitude of the staff , horrible behavior , the old guy there wasn't kind at all. We were regular there and was recommending people but will stop and this will be the last visit .

Review №80

Great lunch specials and tasty food. Will be back!

Review №81

Good pick for south Indian chettinaadu cuisine and dishes. All chicken dishes are good, naatukodi fry is a must try.

Review №82

Food not as good as other Anjappar restaurants I have been to. Coffee good. Tea not as much. Waiter was an unhappy guy. All other employees were friendly

Review №83

Excellent South Indian food. Their Russam is to die for. I feel the veg, chicken and mutton dishes are good. Fish may not be as good. Overall, if you are in for spicy South Indian food, this is the place in NY to go to.

Review №84

Customer service is horrible. The waiter accidentally poured hot curry on my husband's hand. The waiter was sorry and apologized but the management was pretty callous. No remorse no regret nothing!!!!

Review №85

The food used to be good not anymore really bad quality. They also keep increasing dishes price. But my main complaint is food quality is bad now.

Review №86

Not a quality and tasty food, very costlier, we are expecting very delicious South Indian food.

Review №87

Very bad food.. they had a display saying unlimted lunch and it wasnt. They said have to pay extra. Also the food was really bad. Fish in fish curry (they said king fish) was like a piece of rubber. Gobi 65 was half cooked.. my friend order pomfret fry costs $50 but taste was okey. Biriyani rice wasnt cooked enough. However gratuity is mandatory for even a group of 4 or 5 people..A disgrace to the brand. Either change name of the restaurant or do justice to the brand.P.s. they have two a/c and i was sweating...

Review №88

Good place, tasty and great indian food. I only feel for the quantity and the prices. It could be over pricey for small amount of food. But the taste is great.

Review №89

Excellent service loved it. Infact they went extra mile to call me back and ask me to pickup food item that I left by mistake. Thank you Anjappar.

Review №90

Great Chettinad south Indian food. Lunch veg and non-veg thali's at a reasonable price.

Review №91

Giving 1 star as there is no option for 0. Food Quality has gone very bad. Asked for Mutton, all they gave is Lamb

Review №92

This is my third time to this restaurant and I just keep going back hoping it will be better, but all I get is more disappointment. The restaurant brand is so famous for it's delicious chettinad cuisine and everything about this place sings a different tune.The food is simply hot and spicy no flavor and no taste, I end up burning my tongue and tummy every time I go there. They really need to work on their flavors, the spices in the gravy feel so raw.I'm sure il go a fourth time jus for the love of the chain, hope they improvise.Interestingly the place always plays Hindi music though a South Indian chettinadu restaurant.

Review №93

Experienced a Bad Service during this trip...!looks like management changed since my last visit.... and doesnt fit apt to the hotel named style

Review №94

Great food. Maybe not as many options as some other places. Waiter forgot our appetizer. Or maybe neglected it. At least it wasn't on the bill.

Review №95

Very tasty food

Review №96

Not the authentic Anjappar Chettinadu Restaurant. Briyani wasn't that good. Not the authentic flavor. Service was also not that good. Made to wait for a long time. Never again NYC Anjappar...

Review №97

Good authentic Indian food. But the spices are on a lighter note. Couldn't get the expected kick from the Anjappar and Chettinad style curries they serve back in India. Rest the ambience, service and the food again are quite great.

Review №98

Food items are too expensive and quantity is not satisfactory as well. The cost of Briyani and Meals is high and the White rice in the meals not enough for a kid itself and you need to get the extra Rice with $3 must. The sides comes with the Veg/Non veg Meals is very less. Doesn't worth for the penny's we are spending. If you are a South Indian and looking to dine in think twice before you step in. Had a little bit bad experience.

Review №99

1 Star for service. Food was good as expected.

Review №100

Authentic South Indian dishes and taste. Chicken 65 is a must try for all the South Indians, it reminded me about Chennai.

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  • Phone:+1 212-265-3663
  • Indian restaurant
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  • Saturday:11:30AM–4PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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