Tortas Locas
6405 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Norcross, GA 30092, United States
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Great fries and tacos were all right. My burrito had lettuce in it for some reason. Burrito should not have lettuce in them. If you order one tell them no lettuce. Maybe those fries instead of lettuce.

Review №2

Customer. hand. washing. station.

Review №3

Absolutely amazing. I love everything here. There salsa for the chips are extremely spicy. The tacos are delicious. They always give you plenty of sauce to enjoy with your food. Do me a favor and eat traditional tortillas and not flour.

Review №4

Food was good as expected from Tortas Locas. There was a guy outside asking for money though, decided to buy him some food. Soon as i paid it, buddy dissapeared after soom looking we found him at the slots in the gas station. Kept the Quesadilla and carne asada, was great as well.

Review №5

Got the Nortena sub which I enjoyed. Try out their salsa bar, I had the Verde and one of the red sauces -I'd say they are mild tasting. I tried the Jamaican drink but will opt for mango or horchata next time. Don't forget to add lime!

Review №6

Postmates Driver: It really helps if you know Spanish. I know very little but it helps when you have to order and pay at register and girl doesn't know English. Food smelled good though.

Review №7

Food was Good, Double check the prices on their on screen menu vs their pamphlet menu... Prices are wrong that's my only complaint

Review №8

Food was ok. Didn't feel very welcomed

Review №9

I've been going to this place for a few years now, reminds me of real Mexican steet food. Wallet friendly and stomach satisfied. Salsa bar is outstanding, well at least before covid 19. Best Mexican sandwich spot in atlanta.

Review №10

My food and service was good but the guy I was riding with, food was wrong all together.

Review №11

Used to be a good place to eat but sometimes the cooker not really good and burn the meat for my tacos..

Review №12

The reason i give a one is cause your cashier , she can listen to your order and is not polite.

Review №13

It a hole n the wall, but good food. If can't go to Mexico, then go here.

Review №14

Very good food excellent service

Review №15

Not enough seasoning on meat

Review №16

One of the most barebones Taco joints around but it has arguably the best tacos in North Georgia. It's packed at lunch but the service is quick. I grab three tacos de asada and an apple soda every time I'm in the neighborhood.

Review №17

Amazing, strongly recommend the Georgia burrito...amazing!!!

Review №18

THIS LOCATION! Horrible!!!No flavor....!!Bad service !! Consome & Carne but no carne!!!?

Review №19

Authentic fresh and tasty! Be advised that fresh doesn't mean healthy, this is authentic mexican... a "hole in the wall" place as my grandmother used to say. Literally this one shares the parking lot with a gas station! But the prices are fair, cheap and the food is tasty!! Many patrons look like they came home for mom's cooking... lots of construction workers eating here. My total bill was $14 and I couldn't finish half of it there was so much food! Oh my and the salsas. You must try the self serve salsa bar!! Highly recommended.

Review №20

I love authentic tacos al pastor and this place has 'em, complete al trompo with pineapple.

Review №21

The lady that takes your order is nice. The other two in the back that get your food together forget something in the take out orders every...single...time. And god forbid you come back for it, they look at you like you just called them every word in the book. Save your time and just go to the Beaver Ruin one

Review №22

Good food

Review №23

Good place, good food, exelent service i liked

Review №24

Chicken burrito and steak quesadilla was delicious. Made to order quickly and decent seating. I'll be back for more.

Review №25

My steak quesadilla didn't have enough seasoning but place was otherwise good

Review №26

The very best tacos in town, but bring your spanish.

Review №27

The service was excellent! The food is was super fresh, my burrito was too packed to finish and the rice and beans.. ¡Delicioso! Food cooked to order. Prices are extremely reasonable, truly an authentic taste of Mexico. Highly reccomend this location, would have been 5 stars but chips were a little stale. You can tell they are homemade, which is a plus. 10/10 reccomend for a late night spur of the moment meal

Review №28

I used to get my check cashed next door and then get a Torta. Great food. THEN I see the place on Ozark! Now I need a Torta.

Review №29

Good, authentic Mexican sandwiches (tortas) and food.

Review №30

They are always so friendly and let's not even talk about the food! It's so good you definitely want to give them a try. Its easy to miss since its 'whole in the whole' kind of place, but it's delicious!

Review №31

Mmmmm, taco's.

Review №32

I had the Combo Taco meal! With beans and rice! I got the green and red sauce so it was delicious and hot as hell! Will be back for more! Authentic is priceless!

Review №33

Soft corn taco anytime.

Review №34

Best taco these ladys know what they are doing do not miss out

Review №35

They call me “The Taco Whisperer” because I'm always locating some delicious tacos. These tacos couldn't run with the best of them, but they didn't let a guy down. I had lengua, al pastor and chicharonnes, all decent choices. The salsa selection was quite nice, but beware those onions have habaneros in them! Not too spicy for me, but some may cry.

Review №36

Omg it was soooo go

Review №37

Good food there are alot of mexican joints but this mom n pop chain never disappoints me and my guests

Review №38

Great Mexican food at very good price. Perfect for To Go orders. They have some seats if you want to Eat In though. Las Tortas Locas are also in my list of favorite restaurants for when I am out on the field.

Review №39

Solid tacos. The asada was the best of the four I tried (pastor, carnitas, barbacoa, asada). Also definitely try that dark sauce; it's like a smoky chipotle oil and it tastes good.

Review №40

Its a good place to eat something Mexican, a little bit. Try tongue taco .

Review №41

I love all food there

Review №42

Very dry torta to me

Review №43

Great food and cheap?

Review №44

Really good food

Review №45

Friendly place from what I can see except I didn't go in but will definitely go in and try out some nachos!

Review №46

Everything was soo tasty Nd full of flavours!

Review №47

The food is always good but we stopped coming here as the pan handlers in the front have just gotten so out of hand, you ask them you leave you alone and they continue to bother you. The only relief is entering the restaurant. If could get the outside under control I would rate it 5 stars.

Review №48

Good authentic food. For a good price.Good job.

Review №49

The food was authentic the prices were Fair I love Tortas because of this place

Review №50

Hole in the wall places are my favorite for authentic cuisine.

Review №51

Delicious and Fast Mexican Food!

Review №52

Awesome sandwiches, actually the best!! The service is fast n staff very friendly!! Very affordable.

Review №53

Delicious tortas as big as your head, and for less than $7 each. Simple menu, and presented in English and Spanish. The workers and patrons were kind to me and my husband even though we are not Spanish speakers.I ordered the Torta Campesina, and it was delicious! The bread was fresh and the ingredients as described. There was more on the sandwich than just the main ingredients. It also included tomato, avocado, and a couple of jalapenos.Unassuming, kind of hole-in-the-wall vibe, but worth it. I will return.

Review №54

It used to be great food. I loved eating here. But I didn't come here for a while. But now the place got bigger but food got crappy. I order my usual chicken tacos and the meat was brown and tasted funny. They don't have the red sauce I love anymore. And to make it worse, all the lime was dry. Never going back.

Review №55

Fantastic for authentic food.

Review №56

Small location, very clean and food is cooked fast enough to order on your lunch break! fresh horchata made daily and costumer service is great!

Review №57

I can see why people come here. Order taker spoke English well. Food came out in reasonable time. Order correct, taste was very good. I'll come again and try the tacos or burritos. Sauces made on site and the salsa was very very good. Taco salad looks amazing. I think I was the only English speaker there so pretty authentic feel. Service was fine and staff friendly. Came back again and got the steak burrito. It was Massive, and very tasty.

Review №58

Good late nite grub. Traditional

Review №59

Homeless people hanging around outside asking for money otherwise no issues with the food

Review №60

Great meal!

Review №61

Best tortas EVER!!! - Real Mexican style tortas (cubanas, españolas, de milanesa) with all you can put on salsa bar. Fresh ingredients, excellent food, clean lobby and bathrooms and good environment for family and kids. -Highly recommended!!!

Review №62

It's a good spot for a quick bite, not so much room for a sit down spot. Management needs to focus on customer service, employees here are horrible, bad attitudes along with face expressions when asking or ordering.... all locations seem the same.

Review №63

Best food ever

Review №64

Fast food good service

Review №65


Review №66

Tasty tacos

Review №67

The tacos are okay but they get my order wrong EVERY TIME. I only ask for no cilantro and they put it on EVERY TIME and they have attitudes because they have to redo my order...

Review №68

Excellent authentic food. Great service friendly people, it helps if you can speak Spanish.

Review №69

Food is incredible. No one really speaks English very well which can be problemsome at times

Review №70

Food is great, every time i order food they have it ready by the time i get there.

Review №71

Delicious and filling!! True, authentic Mexican food!!!

Review №72

Quick fast and affordable. I always get it to go

Review №73

Great little spot! I love the Cubano!

Review №74

Food was great, fast service, clean restaurant if it wanst for the cashier and her lack of customer service i would have given this place 5 stars.

Review №75

Favorite place for real tacos

Review №76

Good consistent food. Can take a few minutes but it's because they are busy

Review №77

Great food and the cook is a really nice guy..

Review №78

Tacos are really good

Review №79

Very consistent. Solid tortas

Review №80

Very cool place, with great food, and you wouldn't expect it tucked in next to the gas station. Just make sure you brush up on your Spanish before you go. Definitely worth it.

Review №81

Similar to their restaurant on Roswell Road, this Tortas Locas has the same tasty food, but seems more authentic, with primarily hispanic patrons and servers who may not speak English. The decor is low-rent, but the food is worth it. Their Carne Asada Tacos are very good and reminiscent of street tacos, with a pair of soft corn tortillas containing chopped steak topped with raw onions and cilantro. Fix them up with Tomatillo Sauce and mountains of spicy habenero onions, and it's heaven.If you like more conventional American fare, I recommend the Carne Asada Nachos, which come with chopped steak, refriend beans, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, gooey cheese and a couple of other vegetables.

Review №82

Great Mexican cuisine. ... at lunch usually has long line and wait. Huge sandwiches. Bread looks and taste like it is fresh. Meat is a bit greasy.

Review №83

Very good food however should be bilingual to modify order.

Review №84

The food is really good here. The staff are real nice.

Review №85

The only good thing about the place was how quickly our order was ready, but there were some things that made us have a bad time.First off the cashier completely messed up our order, even though we repeated what we wanted multiple times. I mean it's understandable if you're new at it, we get it. But even after she charged us she asked one more time and we did tell her what we wanted. After we got home we realized that we were missing two tacos and the tortas we wanted were not the ones we got. I will not go back to this specific location.

Review №86

They got all of my order wrong and the employees are rude.

Review №87

THIS IS THE WORST TORTAS LOCAS LOCATION TO VISIT. The employees here honestly just don't want to do their job. I've tried this location on several occasions and each time we have a problem with the staff and the terrible customer service. We came tonight to eat in at 10:30 and this location closes at 11 PM. They told us we had to get our food to go and we could not dine in. It looked like they had already packed up most of the salsas and food in the fridge because they started bringing stuff out from the back after we ordered. My sister in law asked if they could open her bottle of soda and they said no because your order is to go. We asked to dine in and they said “we close at 11”. Normally I would've left but they had already charged us at this point. This location is terrible. Visit the Roswell Rd or Chamblee Tucker Rd location instead. Food is quicker and the service is a thousand times better.Español: Los empleados aqui no quieren trabajar en varias ocasiones hemos comido aqui con mi familia y cada vez hay problema con los empleados y el servicio pesimo. Mi familia y yo venimos a comer a las 10:30 y cierran a las 11. Veniamos con la intencion de cenar y irnos pero no's dijieron que teniamos que tomar la comida para llevar porque cierran a las 11. Se tardaron 25 minutos para entregarnos nuestra comida (me imagino porque tenian ya casi todo guardado en la cocina cuando entramos) el servicio aqui da pena. Mejor visiten el local de Buford Hwy o Chamblee Tucker Rd la comida sale mas rapido y el servicio es mil veces mejor.

Review №88

Chicken taquitos are the best, treat your self to queso. Also.this place was filmed in netfkix series Ozarks.

Review №89

Awesome tortas and reasonably priced for the amount you get. Me and my girl love to frequent this spot. We get the texacanno forgive the spelling, take this advice... Try this spot out.

Review №90

Hefty amouts.. great prices .. def delicious

Review №91

Yummy! Reminds me of back home :)

Review №92

Great food, but I like the one on Roswell Road right off 285 more because they have many more different types of salsa on their bar.

Review №93

This place is awesome. An authentic little "hole in the wall" with the most amazing food. The staff is very friendly and the chicheron tacos are to die for. Easy on the pockets and great food. If you love authentic mexican food as much as I do, you gotta stop by. Limited seating.

Review №94

Great Food

Review №95


Review №96

I am so disgusted with this place!!!!!!!! It is ridiculous that I have too call 4times just too get hung up on cause they can't speak English!!!!! They where very rude and disrespectful... the lady that answered the first time took my whole order just too give the phone too some one who doesn't speak English!!!! The lady who doesn't speak English says she doesn't speak English than hangs up!!!!! Like how unprofessional... than I call back by this time I'm frustrated because I've call several times and every time they hang up!!!! RUDE SERVICE... I will never give y'all a dime of my money again!!!!!

Review №97

Love their tacos!!!! Tacos pastor and the chicken burritos are my favorite. Don't forget to check out the mini salsa bar. Hot pickled carrots and onions or their salsa verde are my favorite. Be careful they are spicy but very tasty.

Review №98

I ordered a meal this evening for the first time and was very impressed. The food was very tasty and I truly enjoyed. I will come again.

Review №99

Good Mexican food ok customer service

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