Nothing Bundt Cakes
10912 S Cicero Ave, Oak Lawn, IL 60453, United States

Review №1

The cake was fine, but not what I ordered. Considering I ordered over the phone and gave them my card. I didn't receive a receipt to show I bought a lemon cake. I ordered pumpkin spice, it's October. When I called the day after my baby shower they asked me to bring my cake back. I couldn't call day of, they close at six. So no I didn't save a twenty person cake to eat to myself later, and had my guests eat the cake that was there. Honestly still haven't had their pumpkin spice cake that I heard was good, and don't care for my 10% off my next purchase.

Review №2

My first Nothing Bunt Cake order & definately will not be my last. So different than a standard birthday cake. Very moist & baked to perfection. The standard frosting excellent! Not too sweet, they totally have the recipe perfected! Decorations classy & cute. Loved that I could order on line and avoid a second trip. I will be back!

Review №3

Generally I have had great experiences with orders but today was so disappointing. I ordered a dozen of the min bundt cakes for a birthday and when I opened the box, the cakes were frosted unevenly, the cakes placed in the cake holder very randomly, and one had fallen over and ruined. The whole box was ruined and a huge let down. If I could post the picture I would :(

Review №4

This was my first time purchasing a gluten free cake from here and omg it was amazing! This was the best gluten free cake I have ever tasted. The cake was super moist and buttery. I will never purchase a gluten free cake anywhere else. Aside from the gluten free cake their other cakes are always a hit!

Review №5

Love this place the cashiers are always nice and friendly. I never met a bundt cake i didnt like. When my son turned 19 i got him 1 large and 9 little ones. Huge hit

Review №6

Was so satisfied with the service. Had a last minute cancelation on a birthday cake for my daughter and Erin was very helpful in helping me get a cake for today. The team was very patient with my questions. I will be back again!!

Review №7

The red velvet is delicious! I love to get these for gifts for clients

Review №8

One of my all-time favorite bakeries. The space is large, so it's usually possible to get a seat. Their cinnamon roll is amazing.

Review №9

1st time there pick up a 8inch blueberry bliss cake really good an pick up 4 small cakes for my wife red velvet, lemon, carrot,an white chocolate with raspberry

Review №10

I have always had nothing but good experiences with Nothing Bundt Cakes in Oak Lawn. The online ordering is easy, and in-store pickup is quick and efficient. Best of all, their cakes are delicious!!

Review №11

Very nice location.had plenty of inventory.I go here all the time.Staff is Always quick and Pleasant.will be back soon.

Review №12

I placed a cake order for 80$ and they didn't even give me a curtsey call to let me know I can come pick it up and when I realized what time it was the store was closed. So unprofessional!

Review №13

Amazing Red Velvet cake and the Lemon Raspberry is now my 2nd favorite.

Review №14

I Ain't Even Gone Hold You! That Red Velvet Issa Hit!

Review №15

Love coming here for great, affordable donuts and ice cream on how summer days! Friendly staff.

Review №16

I had preordered a cake online for Mother's Day. There were two lines separating those who placed orders and paid already and those didn't and were walking into store to buy that day.I arrived 30 min prior to my pick up time and the line was around the building.The store let the customers who didn't have a preordered cake into the store BEFORE the ones who had already paid and were prepared ahead of time!It made no sense at all. When it was finally my turn at the front of line, they told me it would be a “few more min”- (I had been waiting in line over an hour at this time) and that my cake wasn't ready yet.I really love the cakes here but won't be coming back anytime soon. You lost my business because management can't figure out how to properly run operationsRidiculous service!

Review №17

I visited this location yesterday (5/29/20) and had an awesome experience due to the great customer service of De'Shaun! De'Shaun was very helpful and pleasant the entire time!

Review №18

While the quality of their product is excellent, the customer service is lacking. I went in on TUESDAY, to order bundtinis for SUNDAY, and was told I had to accept a pre-packed assortment, rather than order my own preference, which was half vanilla, and half chocolate bundtinis. I don't consider this to be any kind of customer service whatsoever. It is serving the business, not the customer. Also, I find that their customer service personnel at the counter seem less than friendly, more like "processing" customers, than interacting with them. I don't need a lot of handholding in my day-to-day transactions. That's why I feel qualified to say that these folks don't seem to go out of their way for the people that pay their salaries.

Review №19

Amazing service. Amazing store

Review №20

Great customer service and awesome cakes. Make sure to sign up for their emails, you'll be glad you did.

Review №21

Very good customer service

Review №22

These cakes are so dangerous!! White chocolate raspberry, confetti, red velvet they are all delicious! The cream cheese frosting is the best part. Perfect dessert to bring to any event.

Review №23

I was helped by an employee named Felicia. She was very helpful! She helped me and my son pick out which cupcake to pick cuz they all looked so good! The inside was adorable and very clean. I recommend this location!

Review №24

Everyone knows they have the best cakes, but they also give back to their community, donating to many local charitable causes. Their ownership is so classy and generous. I buy their cakes for every single occasion. So good.

Review №25

I just stopped here to pick up a cake for my friends birthday. I pulled the door but I was so sad when it was locked! It was 505 and the store closed at 5. A sweet girl named annie came to the door and said I could still order what I needed. It was so nice that she did that because most stores would say too bad. I will definitely be back and thank you so much sweet Annie (as I'm calling her now).

Review №26

We stopped in to pick up a birthday cake for my daughter and Justin might just be the most efficient employee I have ever met. He offered me lots of options and samples too! He even wished my daughter a happy birthday! Store computer system was down, he apologized upfront for it and asked me if I was OK with my payment options. We go to this location often Justin deserves a high-five with an excellence star. Thank You Justin for being so pleasant.

Review №27

I hate how good their cakes are! I never liked cake until I had theirs, I have tried almost every flavor. They have great customer service, give punch cards, and if you get coupons you get sucked into the madness of deliciousness! The pecan praline is my go to cake, but they have so many other flavors!

Review №28

Their red velvet is to die for

Review №29

They are the best. Every flavor i have tried has been really good. I will keep coming back.

Review №30

I ve been there 3xs and the service is great the people welcome you and very friendly there cakes are just fantastic! If I drove I would be up there every day getting a cake

Review №31

Absolutely love this place! Excellent service and delicious cakes. Super cute decor, too. I have a little rewards card where you get punches each time you make a purchase and it adds up pretty quickly.

Review №32

I am a long time customer and I am part of their punch card system that I have redeemed numerous times. Today they would not honor a coupon and the customer service was not acceptable from the manager. Especially for a long time customer I won't be returning to this location. I'm very disappointed.

Review №33

Don't hold your breathe to be waited on at this location. Literally stood at the register with my credit card in hand and was ignored

Review №34

When they first came to town we received a coupon to try. Absolutely AMAZING! Now for any holiday, birthday, or family gathering we bring one. We just got one for the Super Bowl and every one loved how cute and decorated it was. The chocolate chocolate chip and white chocolate raspberry are to die for! Super moist and the frosting has just the right amount of sweetness. The staff is also very helpful and friendly.

Review №35

Very good cakes, and the secret weapon is the white white chocolate popcorn!

Review №36

This may have been said before, but I am not much of a sweet eater, however, this place will bring out the sweet tooth in anyone. I bake, so I know good quality baked goods. These cakes are addictive! I first had a piece when someone had it at work for their birthday. The cake is moist with that subtle homemade taste. The classic buttercream with just a hint of cream cheese frosting will have you licking your fork. These bundts are worth every penny. You won't regret it.

Review №37

If you haven't eaten one of these, you're doing yourself a disservice. I have yet to be disappointed by one. Always moist and scrum-diddly-umptious. Yes, that is a word in my mind and it describes these cakes to a tee. Five stars don't do it justice. 'Nuff said, I only stopped eating to type out this blurb. Go get some.

Review №38

Even with a toothache I could not resist the taste of deliciousness every piece of cake here is amazing..

Review №39

I want to say that I am very impressed and appreciative of the workers here at this store. I work for a non profit organization and I emailed this store asking for a cake donation, they happily offered it to me. Today was my event and I was running terribly late so I called and spoke with someone and he said they'd only be there about 15-20 mins after closing and I could pick up the cakes tomorrow. But I needed it for my event today, so I called again and one do the very nice workers sensed the panic in my voice and had Abby the manager speak with me and she said she'd wait for me as long as I got there before 6. I got there at 5:57 and she came out and gave it to me!!! They're all rockstars here and I'm so thankful at how they handled this and were basically lifesavers! Thank you! The cake sampler they gave me was delicious!

Review №40

Wonderful bundt cakes. Always moist and fresh. Delicious

Review №41

I was treated to a cake from here and it was absolutely delicious!Lemon is my favorite but they had samples of the cinnamon spice which was also delicious and made it very hard to choose my lemon.I will be back and will HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!

Review №42

Excellent customer service. Everyone in this store is very friendly and helpful. Excellent cakes, very fresh and flavorful.

Review №43

We ordered 4 10" cakes online for my nieces graduation party and wverything was awesome. The cake was great and so were the workers. We barely had cake left after the part to enjoy ourselves. We ordered: red velvet, vanilla, marble, and chocolate chocolate chip. Pecan praline is my favorite though.

Review №44

Great service...friendly staff...amazing cakes.

Review №45

Me and my neighbor share a birthdayShe was coming in from shopping.I went outside and said happy birthday to us She asked me to have a slice of cake she bought .I got a slice.I took a big fork full of cake and put it in my mouth and WOWIt was delish.It was so fresh and the flavors of vanilla,butter and sweet sugar jump out at you.they really use the best and freshest ingredients.I ran back to ask her where she got the cake from she told me Nothing Bundt Cakes.I went the next was clean staff was nice and friendly.Soon as you walk in they greet you and offer you a sample.A well deserved FIVE STARS And I have to add Justin is the best.....FIVE WELL DESERVED STARS FOR HIM AS WELL

Review №46

Absolutely love this place! Have been ordering Nothing Bundt Cakes for years! Their cakes are amazing! From the moist cake all the way to the best tasting cream cheese frosting ever! I get a bundtlet for everyone's birthdays and they love them!

Review №47

My phone order of birthday cakes had a small error. I called about the order. They were wonderful. I was even offered a delivery on the correction. We live close so husband picked up correct cake. The taste and freshness is outstanding.So nice to deal with . The cakes were a big hit. All loved the taste. Will return many times. Many flavors to try.

Review №48

Had red velvet cake with cream cheese topping... Best ever! Looking forward to their new establishment in Mokena!

Review №49

The staff are always nice. They greet you upon entry even if it's busy. There are usually sample which help make shopping here even better than great.

Review №50

Great customer service! Delicious cakes! So far I've tried chocolate chip and vanilla and the popcorn. All three were great!!!

Review №51

I love the cakes I havent been to this location but u have had the products are great

Review №52

DELICIOUS CAKES MMMMM I love this place especially their red velvet cake

Review №53

I love this place. The cakes are awesome and the staff is always super friendly!

Review №54

Very disappointed! Poor customer service, walked in the store wasn't acknowledged or greeted, Michelle the employee there was very unfriendly and seemed racist. Every white person that walked in was treated with respect except me, when I got Michelles attention and asked for assistance, she turned her head and started to talk to another coworker. This was my first time there and i wont be back.

Review №55

Cakes were ready as promised and staff was extremely nice. Will shop with them again.

Review №56

First time going there i know what the cakes taste like not what i expected i thought there was more varieties and the lady behind the counter was very pushy was going to buy a couple but i left without buying nothing she wouldnt even give you a chance to think or speak ill try a different location next time

Review №57

Food was delicious and had good service

Review №58

First time here and gotta say it was pretty tastee. Flavorful, moist, light and delicious. These things are addicting. Now I see what the hype is all about.

Review №59

I bought cakes for my club meeting and it was so successful. My club loved the cake and I came across as a culinary genius! One of my members just called and is going to have the bundt cakes for an up and coming meeting.

Review №60

Reasonable prices, beautiful decorations which are worth the money, and the quality ofOf the cake, is the bomb

Review №61

Friendly staff, amazingly delicious cakes and lots of other items in the store.

Review №62

So much goodness in one place! Staff is quick, professional and kind.

Review №63

Was able to order online & pick up next day!! Great cake & service!!

Review №64

My sister bought me the turtle cake for my birthday and it's the DEVIL... I mean sinfully DELICIOUS

Review №65

I enjoyed the red velvet cake, not the turtle.... i was expecting more nuts and carmel. Both of the cakes were very moist!

Review №66

Received this cake as a and was so pleasantly surprised by the moist cake and perfect icing. I'll definitely be a regular patron!

Review №67

Went to go ask about options for weddings and they were extremely generous, realistic, and helpful. Very cute options. And they are DELICIOUS!!

Review №68

Cashier doesn't know how much change to give when a customer gives a 20 for a 9.80 bill.

Review №69

They have thee BEST CAKE EVER. ALWAYS five ️ stars.

Review №70

My mom brought home the best baby cake from here. I love it!

Review №71

My boss bought cupcakes for our department at work. Most if us had never tasted these bundt cupcakes. Everyone loved them! I have been raving to friends and family about these delicious bundt cupcakes.

Review №72

Absolutely delicious fresh little bundt cakes. The frosting is perfectly sweet.

Review №73

The lemon is awesome! I love these cakes!

Review №74

Good cakes for reasonable price. Must go and try their bundt cakes. They usually have samples available.

Review №75

Not only are the cakes delicious but the staff is very friendly

Review №76

White chocolate raspberry cupcake !!

Review №77

I added to my order several times and they made the adjustment Top-Notch. Excellent Customer Service and The Cakes were DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!, WOW!!!!,

Review №78

The cakes are extremely moist and delicious and the staff is awesome.

Review №79

Love the cakes. The employees at the Oak Lawn store are absolutely wonderful.

Review №80

Very good product and friendly service.

Review №81

I luv these cakes ️

Review №82

Delicious cakes and excellent customer service!

Review №83


Review №84

Cakes are soo damn good!

Review №85

Excellent cakes

Review №86

Best customer service .

Review №87

Great customer service

Review №88

Amazing cakes

Review №89

Love it

Review №90

Review №91

Fantastic !

Review №92

Worth the trip!

Review №93


Review №94

Staff is rude. Wont ever go to this location again.

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Review №96

A different taste, I can't stop eating them

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