Panera Bread
2720 Portico Way, Oxnard, CA 93036, United States
Review №1

I eat at this location every once in a while for over 3 years now, most of the team members are nice,But venessa stands out, she is always extremely nice and helpful.She goes out of her way to make sure the costumers are pleased, she the delivers the highest quality of service! Thank you very much for creating an amazing dining experience!

Review №2

I love this place.....often I get deals. Their coffee ️ is fantastic and the pastry delicious

Review №3

A favorite spot for quality Cafe food. I will probably become a regular. Menu is like a place in San Francisco I liked.

Review №4

Panera Bread is a relaxing, cozy place with great food. We had the California omelette and the French toast & both were so yummy! We sat in the front window & watched the cable cars go by.

Review №5

Outstanding choice for late-evening take out. Handcrafted meals that taste homemade. Our pick tonight was piping hot onion soup with a fresh Cobb salad and green goddess dressing. Dessert was an orange scone and a layered Italian pastry with roasted almonds and drizzled lemon icing. Hibiscus tea is excellent.

Review №6

Always clean and friendly! There was a mistake with my order one time and they were so helpful and offered to fix it! Going above and beyond!

Review №7

My fav place for tasty cafe food. Nothing but pleasant experiences here. It has a good feel to it. This place has many good reviews for a reason.

Review №8

My favorite spot for Cafe food. Got there near seven, it wasn't very crowded. This place has a cool atmosphere.

Review №9

I ordered my food today to get deliver and you guys gave the driver the wrong order. The driver returned with the order. I contacted costumer service and waiting about 20 minutes and they tried reaching out to you guys as well as myself but your phone lines are disconnected. They also reached out to your manager and I had no response. It took two hours and had no response from you guys until the driver returned and said you could not give her my correct order. Contacted costumer service again and canceled my order. I will definitely not be ordering from you guys again. Very unprofessional.

Review №10

I am never ever ever EVER disappointed with this Parena location. I had a late start to my morning and was overwhelmed from looking to a public wifi location. As soon as I arrived, I felt like my day was about to get better. Also, I missed the call to pick up my hot Chai tea latte, because I;m engulfed in online work. I went looking for it and the kind lady here asked if I wanted it remade. I said no! Usually I have to wait a long time for it to cool down. But it had the lid and stirrer and when I started sipping it it was the PERFECT warmth for me. YOU GUYS ROCK Panera at the Collection Riverpark! I love you guy

Review №11

Food is great, service could always need work

Review №12

Great helpful staff. I enjoy my daily iced coffee. Thank you all for your hard work.

Review №13

Delivery can be a hit or miss these days, but Panera really came through! I ordered the Caprese sandwich and the potato soup in the bread bowl. Mm mmm!! I wish I hadn't waited so long to try Panera, I'll be ordering again soon!

Review №14

It was a beautiful day sitting outdoors having lunch.

Review №15

I usually like Panera but online ordering always seems to be a disaster with them. No dressing for the salads, no butter for the baguettes. Dry lettuce and bread just aren't my thing but at least I got a fork this time! Check your bags if you're picking up, if you're ordering for delivery, maybe make sure you have those items on hand just in case.

Review №16

Great white egg, avocado, spinach sandwich.

Review №17

Food was good. Had to wait for more than 20 min

Review №18

Good food love the turkey bacon avocado blt the mix juices are delicious the soup aswome

Review №19

All Panera locations and offerings have seriously gone far downhill! This location is the worst I've been to so far, after coming to these establishments for more than 10 years, it costs an average of $11 to get a substandard made soup and half sandwich, which used to be like $6.79. The bread used to be amazing, and now even that basic is doughy, and lackluster. See pix of the sourdough bread bowl that has zero crunch and is half full when brought to the table. This particular location is especially dirty.... had to go to 5 tables before finally settling and wiping off a "clean" one from the piles of debris. I can't bring myself to finish this or pay for this over commercialized garbage again at premium prices. Done. Sad....I used to be a regular customer, minimum one a week. Oh yes... and they didn't bring me a spoon for my soup.... and said they would be back. Never did till I reached someone down, and they gave me a to go plastic spoon lol. Keep it classy guys! Not.

Review №20

My wrap wasn't heated all the way through. So part of my bite had cold sections .

Review №21

Pretty standard for a Panera. Nothing special to note, but good service and consistent food

Review №22

Amazing service. I am a regular, its always great. but on my last visit my son became fussy and we needed to leave. They promptly made my order to go with no hassle. Thank you panera you are the BEST.

Review №23

My boyfriend and I both ordered hot soup and were given plastic spoons. That's tacky and dangerous because plastic spoons can melt in hot soup. This restaurant use ti offer real utensils. I don't know why they got cheap. Their prices aren't cheap. Plastic spoons served with hot soups is very tacky.

Review №24

Panera Bread as a company has had their image and reputation slowly slide over the past few years, and it has done exactly that in my eyes.Portions have gotten smaller, the food has also become much more sloppily made. Ordering a salad and sandwich used to be a nice relatively healthy option that was enjoyable, not nearly as much these days. I have a very good feeling that the cost cutting is getting in the way of good food and service at an acceptable price. These days, I find that its just not worth the price anymore.Walk 60 seconds across the street, and Whole Foods lets you slap together generally what Panera makes, at basically the same price, but without the tiny portions and with more competence.

Review №25

Definitely recommend the steak and white cheddar sandwich. They're BBQ chicken mac n cheese is good to.

Review №26

The foods good. I love their broccoli cheddar bread bowl, amongst other dishes. My favorite thing about Panera is the rapid pickup order option,(find it in their Panera app). Just order what you want, than what Panera location and what time you'd like it ready by and done. Just drop in and find your order on their rapid pickup shelves ready to go. Only reason I didn't give a 5 Star rating is because when you do order in, if you're not standing literally in front of the cooks, you might not hear them call your order up. That's been an issue for me a few times until I started standing in front of the cooks.. along with the 6-10 other people waiting as well.Suggestion: best thing would be to call out the order more than once, maybe two or three times or call out the order over an intercom/speaker system. That would make a lot of customers happy not just myself, believe me.

Review №27

Food was mediocre. The big problem was the cashier was not wearing a mask won't go back.irresponsible

Review №28

Excellent service

Review №29

Ordered ahead food was great but took 20 min. Once I finished ordering it started it be ready to pick up in 10 min.

Review №30

Sierra turkey sandwich is plain, not toasted, and tasteless.

Review №31

Welcoming staff. Nice service

Review №32

Dropped in on tues. this place has a good design. atmosphere is similar to a place in columbus i loved.

Review №33

We went in for a quick breakfast with minimal expectations. We were very impressed with the fresh, high quality ingredients. When we left, I accidentally left my purse at the restaurant. I had just completed a return and had my phone as well as quite a bit of cash inside. They held the purse, and when I came back an hour later all my money, phone and cards still inside! Honest great people work here!

Review №34

Feels like a place in Los Angeles I liked.

Review №35

My go-to place for fresh baked breads & pastries for breakfast whenever I'm in the vicinity of a Panera Bread right across the country. Soups and salads are fabulous too!.

Review №36

I come here often for lunch break, the chili in the bread bowl is delicious.

Review №37

Ordered their 'pick 2' combo. got a hot half panini sandwich with a cup of chicken noodle soup. from the service to the cleanliness of the restaurant this place rocks! price is great too! I paid under $11 for the combo meal without a drink.

Review №38

Great hospitality. I had a brother come into town and he asked me to go back here. Prices are reasonable I would say.

Review №39

This place is horrible! I wish I could give it "0" stars! Front counter was disgusting! There was food scraps and receipts on the counter from the morning before. I ordered 2 breakfast sandwiches, a coffee and a chai tea latte. The sandwiches and cup of coffee was consumed before having to ask for the tea to refunded. I never received it, even after asking for it again half way through my sandwich.Every open table in the dining area was filthy. It looked as if no one cleaned anything after closing the night before. It was obvious that the people that opened weren't going clean anything either.

Review №40

I go to Panera a lot, mostly for catering work events. This location has been one of the best experiences ever. Although their delivery prices are higher than most, the service and attention to detail are the best. Often times places forget the basics like plates, cups, creamer, sugar, etc... This location forgot nothing including special orders on food. Thank you to the staff there, keep up the great work!

Review №41

Good food (Greek salad/Modern Caprese/Almond Vanilla Cold Brew) & good service. Luv the new "coffee bar" choices.

Review №42

Really great service and good food with a nice atmosphere

Review №43

Good food. Nice atmosphere

Review №44

Stopped for some soup around 8:45pm and got great soup and service.

Review №45

Improvement can be made toward the rapid pickup service - most of the times, my order is not ready and it's usually a cookie or something that doesn't require any preparation.

Review №46

The food is decent but I'm giving them a two-star because their online ordering 50% of the time is never on time. Half of the time I walk in and my order hasn't even been started and I'm walking in these day 5 minutes or so after the promised delivery time. So basically if you're using the app or online ordering anticipator food is never going to be ready on time at this place. Very disappointed. I have spoken to the management multiple times but they don't make any changes because obviously this is a big chain and they have no real accountability

Review №47

Food is so good Turkey and gouda with bacon mac and cheese is delicious

Review №48

Quick service, my sandwich and the fruit juice were great.

Review №49

Fresh food and excellent customer service managment and staff are both amazing!!

Review №50

The internet in this location never works and the coffe place internet is always overloaded. But food is good

Review №51

The tables where dirty. I was served a Fugi chicken salad with no chicken. Less than stellar

Review №52

I came I. Saturday, it's Monday and they still don't have their toaster for bagels still is not working. This place is not as good as when it opened. Some times around 8:30 they already don't have bagels or souflles. However the staff on Saturday was extremely nice. Today not so welcoming. I asked the woman behind the counter for a plate and knife she turned back around continued making sandwiches but another female heard and gave me the plate she had a very nice attitude.

Review №53

Great food and service. However they never have any of the menu items I want. Why offer them if they're never available!!

Review №54

Don't fret if it's busy, it is worth the wait. the place has an awesome feel to it. not so close to my office, unfortunately.

Review №55

Nice clean and everyone is friendly and polite

Review №56

A bit pricey but good.

Review №57

Food is great, nice and fresh and tasty. I also enjoyed their many Ice tea choices. Service was good. Restaurant was clean.

Review №58

Best place to have a great bite to eat and have a conversation with people you care for.

Review №59

It's great if things like taste and flavor aren't on your agenda. I've had better meals when I was in third grade. But if you like prepackaged corrugated cardboard being passed off as bread and overpaying for a substance that is one rung below cafeteria pizza, go nuts!

Review №60

Yummy!!! Easy in and out place for a more health choice of a meal!!

Review №61

Always a great experience. Love the blood orange drink.

Review №62

Nice location with ample space, but a bit pricey and their food never seems to be as good as I hoped. I've gone here a few times and have tried different things, but everything always comes out tasting ok but no superb . I once ordered pasta for my son and he didn't like it one bit, which is odd because he enjoys different types of pasta. I tasted it and it tasted as if they had just boiled the pasta in water and that was all they did with it.

Review №63

It's always good.

Review №64

Best place in N. Oxnard for bagels and pastries.

Review №65

Tasty bakery with fast service.If you sign-up for their rewards program, they do frequent give aways. Like today, we got two free bagels (but did have to pay for the cream cheese).Also, they accept Android and Apple-pay.Sadly, they don't carry lox or cheese with the lox mixed in.

Review №66

Excellent soup & sandwich a little expensive

Review №67

I love the food here! Everything is always fresh and it's consistently good. I especially enjoy their fall soup selections. Only downfall is there's never enough variety of pastries or bread for purchase and they often run out of bread bowls.

Review №68

Service is slow

Review №69

Excellent service!! Love their salads

Review №70

Food is always good. Service is friendly but a few things when you go in the morning are "hit or miss"... On a handful of times when I have ordered ahead and requested a specific time, my order has not been ready and I have had to ask about my order once I get there. On each of these occasions, my order had not even been started yet. There have also been a few times when they have had empty coffee containers for most of the ones they had sitting out and you have to ask about and wait for them to get refilled.

Review №71

I was not having a good day rushing from work to the hospital. Typical of what I do every Friday it seems. I only come here because my daughter loves this place and maybe I'm a little hurt because I am a little emotional today. My daughter has chemo on Fridays and I come here because she loves it. The person who waited on me made me feel as if I was a bother because I asked if she could package a pastry in an individual package since I was dropping it off with her . I wasn't feeling great and it would have hurt her to smile. I feel awful. Maybe I'll be stopping at the one in Ventura moving forward. I wasn't asking her to ask me questions or to Assume I was having a bad day. Super hurt, super disappointed in the service from today.

Review №72

Great, relaxing atmosphere. The soups and sandwiches are great.

Review №73

Love their broccoli cheddar soup. I like the idea of the split 2. You can get soup or salad with half a sandwich or you can have both soup and salad.

Review №74

Overrated faux quality food in an overblown faux quality setting.

Review №75

Good food and fair prices, love the green tea!

Review №76

Excellent soups and sandwiches!Nice and quiet.

Review №77

Comfy, good service, good wifi, quiet nice for doing homework or art.

Review №78

Awesome service, great experience, will definitely go back

Review №79

Broccoli and cheese soup was delicious

Review №80

Kinda mean server but otherwise great

Review №81

Had a crunchy cinnamon bagel and it was very good

Review №82

Breakfast is very good there! Great service and great food! Order online thru their mobile app is easy and makes it even faster. Always correct on my orders.

Review №83

So good & fresh.

Review №84

It was very pleasant always enjoy eating and fellowshiping with friends.

Review №85

Great service, would love larger portions though... thank you

Review №86

Great service and food

Review №87

Great samples

Review №88

Good food, expensive, but great nontheless.

Review №89

Loved their soup not too salty. Chicken, arugula, apple sandwich is great.

Review №90

Food is always good, our order was wrong and the restaurant was not very clean.

Review №91

Delicious food and the people working there are very helpful. We attended their tasting party last night, it was great. Definitely worth it and fun to make our own bread!

Review №92

Love their bread bowls

Review №93

The food wasn't anything great. Everything was fairly bland and my wife found a hair on her sandwich. They did replace it immediately, however it was surprising to have to deal with that.

Review №94

Great, filling soups to choose from. The tomato soup is topped with crunchy croutons. However, they do not heat up the bread if you choose it as a side.

Review №95

Great pastery!

Review №96

Wonderful food, excellent CS, I recommend to visit whenever you can!! :)

Review №97

I ordered through the rapid pickup. Convenient and fast. The issue was my food was at the counter for pickup and the girl preparing the food was like wait we have to get manager to check it. I waited. The manager was not friendly at all didn't great me. Just said is this for you? And went on to read what the ticket had said without really checking, she just asked the girl who prepared the food if she did everything that was on the ticket. I appreciate the quality check although I believe this should have been done before placing the bag on the counter for pickup. The manager could have been much nicer and could have at least said thank you.The food it self was decent. I always get the Greek salad extra feta extra dressing. This time I also tried the steak and white cheddar panini. The panini was lacking flavor not at all satisfying as you would imagine a steak and white cheddar to be. A little disappointed with that

Review №98

Good food good people

Review №99

Had a great visit with an old friend

Review №100

I used to love panera but this panera is the worst, really?! Giving me a bread of 6.95 and it was doughy. I picked it up and it all fell apart.

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