2040 N Rose Ave, Oxnard, CA 93036, United States
Review №1

This is absolutely the best place to pick up dinner. Everyone is especially kind and goes out of their way to make your visit special. I've gotten to know many of the employees during my years of eating here, and I remain impressed with the kindness and hard work of each of them. I truly miss dining-in, where I could see them, but want them all to remain safe.The food here is amazing and is still my weekly treat.

Review №2

HEADS UP. Went to this location today and found a bug in my salad when I was almost finished eating. To my disgust, I went back and asked the manager if they get regular inspections. She said yes, issued a refund, and apologized for the inconvenience. Don't get me wrong.. the customer service has always been great at this location but the whole bug in my salad just made me decide to never go here again. I also don't usually write reviews but for this I had to.

Review №3

They are so organized and their food is always good. Even though the lines are long, they are quick and you keep moving. Thank you for being one of our favorite places to eat!

Review №4

This is the best Chick fila I have been to. They give you free stuff if you sign up for the app and the rewards points add up quickly. I have earned over $50 in rewards points just in the last 6 months of eating here occasionally.

Review №5

Always delicious! Such a good alternative when you just don't feel like a burger. The chicken is always juicy and tender. Plus the staff is 100% nice every time I've been to any location! This is one place I would rather take my child to get a kids meal. The real chicken nuggets plus the choice of fruit to keep it balanced. Not one negative comment I can think of.

Review №6

Excellent service and food quality. They always deliver a great experience.

Review №7

Great place to order food from. I work very close from it so we usually get kabobs or wraps.My son loves the chicken and the tomato soup!

Review №8

The main downside is the traffic around lunchtime but it seems like the workers have figured out the best way to keep the cars moving

Review №9

I ordered the grilled chicken nuggets and asked again if they were grilled not fried. She said yes, grilled. I got fried. I can't eat fried food since I have a bad gallbladder, so the seagulls had a nice meal. Thankfully the salad was correct.

Review №10

The 2 lines move fast & very efficiently. I was very impressed.

Review №11

I love this place, the excellent breakfasts, the delicious yogurt, the delicious nuggets, the bad too much line.

Review №12

Brought dinner at the Oxnard location for my family which included 2 sodas, chocolate milk and water. When server came out to give me my order, she quickly walked away. I noticed all my drinks were covered with I don't know what! I waited for her to come back out, advising that all my drink containers were dirty and I wanted all new drinks. She advised that it was residue from the sodas and she'll just wipe them clean. I insisted that she doesn't and I wanted new drinks!! I really don't know if she just wiped them off or gave me new drinks. With Covid, this attitude and service was very unacceptable!! I will NEVER buy from Chick-fil-A never again. COVID is to be taken very seriously and I feel this employee just didn't care and had an attitude about my concerns.

Review №13

Great food, I was shocked to be in only person in the drive thru at 7 am.

Review №14

Long lines, but other than that they make the food very quick, great service.

Review №15

Egg white grill is the best sandwich ever!! Just request some buffalo dipping sauce to go with it!!

Review №16

Horrible customer service! They take your money but not give you your correct order! Don't go to this restaurant!

Review №17

Love chik fil a! Excellent customer service! And they don't forget what's in your order or mess up.

Review №18

The food and the staff are always great. Expect the normal crazy long drive thru line, which actually moves fairly quickly for the quality product and service you'll receive. It gets a little crazy with the traffic directing being next to other food establishments.

Review №19

Decent, but seems like it was old product (heavier than typical greasy feel) which seems odd for mid day.

Review №20

Long lines but moves fast. Food is great.

Review №21

Longest drive through ever and one of the workers was a little rude but you still can't beat Chick-fil-a

Review №22

SUPERIOR customer service! Wasn't even waiting that long when I used curbside even though the drive thru line was long.They brought everything, even had extra condiments and napkins just in case. My order which was very specific was delivered correctly (totally surprising)The staff at this location was the most pleasant and friendly I've ever experienced

Review №23

Cheap food and the atmosphere here is excellent. the bill was decent for the quality.

Review №24

Love this place really good spicy chicken sandwich. Just the wait time during lunch (noon) hours is way too long.

Review №25

I normally really like this place, today I go in at 9am wanting breakfast after them being closed for a while. so disappointed all they are serving is lunch really its 9am way to early. if you want to do just a lunch service open at lunch time 11am.

Review №26

Super quick drive thru

Review №27

Great service as always, stays open late, with the drive thru wait!

Review №28

Well organized to get customers served in a short period of time. The staff very nice and efficient. The food can't get any better. DELICIOUS!!!!

Review №29

Weird drive thru line. Typical food love went a little quicker than anticipated.

Review №30

So busy yet so fast. Fixes issues with grace.

Review №31

I love it you should try it if you haven't!

Review №32

Overall a great place to eat and work at.

Review №33

I love this place great staff, great customer service, in good food,,

Review №34

First time ordering breakfast, biscuits with egg and chicken side of hash browns and coffe. So delicious definitely ordering again

Review №35

Best place to order a chicken sandwich. The salad options are great for a healthier option. The cobb with the avocado dressing is my go to. The staff is always pleasant.

Review №36

Waited over 15 minutes for two breakfast sandwiches to go and it wasn't even busy. People that were in line after us received their items first. The floor is always slippery in here and I've almost fallen every time we come here. We also saw an elderly woman slip and almost fall right in front of us. It feels like they clean the floor with chicken grease! The parking lot is a disaster and all of the parking to go inside is blocked by two lanes for the drive thru and mobile order parking Definitely won't be back here after experiencing the long wait from going inside and the constant slippery floor. After I told them the floor was extremely slippery, they put out caution signs.

Review №37

In terms of value and quality when it comes to fast food, Chick-fil-A is consistently great. Combined with their efficient and always friendly staff they set the standard by which all others should be compared.

Review №38

The spicy chicken sandwich was almost as good as it was hyped up to be. The sandwich just needs a little more spice considering I could hardly tell it was spicy. My only issue is that the drink dispenser is behind the counter when technically it's free refills making you walk up and ask having to cut through the line waiting to order.

Review №39

My fries where hard and the chicken strips tasted old. I got sick from my stomach after, 1st time having this experience and to top it off they forgot my ranch dip :(

Review №40

EXCELLENT service, food arrived in one minute tops! The staff always ask how you're doing when they pass by, and are super nice of course. Loved it! I got free mints too if anyone is into that. Very nice gesture.

Review №41

Loved there food

Review №42

Very friendly service.

Review №43

Super good chicken sandwiches and their waffle fries delicious and very organized in how to order and getting your food too

Review №44

Awesome service and food is always delicious

Review №45

Literally the ONLY location within MILES thus, it's ALWAYS PACKED. But other than that Staff is great food is good and my order is correct

Review №46

Great breakfast fast and friendly staff

Review №47

Just. The. Best. Always busy but worth the wait. Enjoy!

Review №48

How could you give out a burned chicken sanwich and little pieces of fries like that. this is the wrose chickfila i have ever been to.

Review №49

Outstanding service food is delicious it's worth waiting

Review №50

Order curb side if u can avoid during weekends and go to the ventura location better.

Review №51

Spicy chicken sandwich is the best! Extra pickles and double patty always, and they're so polite. Only negative is that it gets very crowded to park or go drive thru sometimes, so I have to go elsewhere occasionally. That is actually good sign that they're doing great but not when I'm really hungry and can't wait for the rush to die down. Otherwise great place for a chicken sandwich!!

Review №52

Never disappointed when I visit. Fast curbside service.

Review №53

We need one in Santa maria or pismo.I Got the #1 around 11 am. It was very juicy and fresh wow. And the waffle fires where delicious. I'd give it 9/10 for a fast food restaurant.The lady working the drive thru was nice.

Review №54

Great chicken sandwich.

Review №55

I have been going to Chick-Fil-A for a very long time, they have succeeded to keep me satisfied almost every time, but for some reason this time was different I placed my order at 4:26 and it is 4:58 and still haven't gotten anything. I am a very patient person but I have 5 kids and a mother to attend to so I really can't spend so much time just to wait.I only ordered a large Mac-N-cheese for 2 of my kids and 2 chicken sandwiches, and 8 piece chicken nugget. I feel the need to say that I will no longer be attending this Chick-Fil-A and I am very sorry to not give this location business but this wait is just ridiculous.

Review №56

If you like chicken then this is the place to go. Other then the fact that it's a little pricey the food more than makes up for it. They air fry the food so the chicken is juicy & not all greasy like most places plus the their French fries are delicious and different in the way their cut. Sodas are tasty and the carbon flavors off the tap are great!

Review №57

Always a great experience when I eat here.

Review №58

One of my favorite chiken burgers!

Review №59

Love their chicken! And the sauce! Peach shake with chunks of peaches was really yummy. The line was quite long. There was extra help taking orders outside. Took long but worth the wait.

Review №60

Food was awesome. Staff was friendly and professional. The ordering and dining areas were super clean and organized. I highly recommend Chicken nuggets. Its an actual chunk of white meat Chicken. Way better than the processed stuff everyone else serves.

Review №61

All day long its busy but food is good.

Review №62

Its a typical chik fil a

Review №63

1.31.2020: At night, they now block off the parking lot to feed cars thru the drive thru. Same thing happened with my fries, always about 75% full. My sweet tea was literally water filled up with ice. When there are too many people , quality gets forgot because they want to push the food out. But the sandwiches are still good.11.20.19: Great food! However, it seems like everytime I get a large fry, they fill it up like a medium.The last time I visited, about 2 weeks ago, I recieved 2 of the condiments I wanted each, I asked for two more because I ordered 2 large fries and 2 spicy chicken burgers, so I definitely needed two more packs of ketchup. The guy at the drive thru window said 'No', then I asked again and he said I can do just one more. Ugh, if I didn't have my baby in the car I would've gotten out and got more inside. So I deducted a star.

Review №64

As always this restaurant is so good. My favorite sauce is their sweet &s spicy sriracha sauce! Spicy deluxe sandwich was really spicy today and I always love their waffle fries!!

Review №65

Fast service and good food

Review №66

Love their food, all of it!!! The service is outstanding!!

Review №67

My favorite fast food...EVER! Love the chicken. Wouldn't complain if this was a daily meal!

Review №68

Too friendly. Fine line between being friendly and straight hitting on someone. Your drive through job is no place to find a date.

Review №69

Always fast service in the drive thru despite the long lines. They have a great system worked out. Food is always fresh and good. Plus I love what they stand for. Keep it up guys!

Review №70

While truthfully I don't care for the owner's politics, the chicken sandwiches are decent. I don't come here much, but the quality of the chicken makes this a notch better than other fast food restaurants offering their version of chicken. I appreciate they only offer chicken too..not trying to be a jack of all trades. Service here is friendly and prices are fine. The store is clean, as are the restrooms by the way.

Review №71

A lot of employees working to get people through the line

Review №72

Love chick fil a

Review №73

Love how quick there drive thru is.

Review №74

Always good.

Review №75

I love it chick-FIL-A and the Great great service

Review №76

Good customer service, drive thru

Review №77

Ordered a spicy chicken combo with Mac and cheese. We sat down and an employee informed us that the mac and cheese would take 16+ minutes. They offered us fries instead. They refunded a portion of our bill, but we never got fries. It would've been nice if they mentioned the wait when we ordered...

Review №78

When they get your order wrong and still doubt that you just bought what you said you did they can look at past orders but only do it when they feel like it from what I am writing what do you think

Review №79

The staff is very friendly and helpful. The lines move quickly. The environment is wonderful there. I saw team work in cleaning together and stocking up. The food came out quickly and was delicious. The staff interacted with the customers a lot, asking how the food was and if the customer needed anything else. I also went to the restroom and saw that it needed attention and one of the employees was using the restroom as well and he cleaned the restroom while he was there. I thought it was cool of him that he cleaned it while he was there and didn't just ignore it. Very good place to eat at, based on my experience and my observation.

Review №80

Best service

Review №81

Really Good Chicken Sandwich's!! The Customer Service is OUTSTANDING!! The People are SO Friendly!! What I like the Best is that they give everyone that works for them Every Sunday! What an amazing Company!

Review №82

Amount of chicken in my chicken sandwhich was so sad. Looks nothing like the picture. Bread tastes cheap. Everything else is 5 star: The employees, fast drive thru even though super busy

Review №83

Everybody knows how good the chicken mini's are, but did you know they sell tea by the gallon?

Review №84

It is so good it is the best food ever

Review №85

No parking at this location as it is used up as an additional Drive thru lane, and yet the drive thru is still slow. The food is delicious, but this location lacks the convenience of other fast food places.

Review №86

Fries were old and not crisp

Review №87

It was super expansive, that is the only thing that made me mad!!!!!

Review №88

Great food like always and they make the frozen coffee just right everytime.

Review №89

Gets the job well done, every time. Ever since '09 my usual is the spicy chicken sandwich with a side of fries and arnold palmer unsweetened. BBQ AND chik fila sauce always. Cant remember the last time I sat and ate there, I usually get to-go.03/05/20: Great place as usual, parking lot has been transformed, good chicken option. I threw you guys a softball today! And the workers reacted in a way I had foreseen .. good on the employee who gave me the patience to hand me a fundraiser form(will take weeks he says) and then kindly instructed me to move my car after I washed my hands(CVirus reminder)

Review №90

I love the nuggets. I'm not from Oxnard but I was in town and I stopped omw home. Line was long but it's expected.The nuggets were so disappointing. The breading was soggy not crispy like it usually is. And I couldn't even eat half of the nuggets I ordered. The chicken was full of nerves that you couldn't bite off the piece off. This is my first time at this location. Maybe it was an off day. But I won't be going back to to give them a second chance.Positive. Lemonade was delicious!

Review №91

The day they forget an item in your order will be the day of normality... perfection at best

Review №92

Love the food and I love that I can get grilled nuggets. I am allergic to wheat so breaded items are something I cannot eat. Always good service too. My only complaint is they still use peanut oil. Even though I ate grilled chicken, there was still some cross contamination because I had a mild reaction. I am also allergic to peanuts.

Review №93

Traffic getting food from drive-through or pickup is intense.

Review №94

Beware, it's always busy in the drive thru. Better to park and go inside.

Review №95

Tasty spicy chicken sandwich. Fries were limp and not salted which was disappointing. They changed the method in which they take orders. That seemed more efficient

Review №96

Always great service and great fast-food.

Review №97

The food was actually fresh and good, but poor service.

Review №98

Good quality food, but the customer service needs improvement.

Review №99

The people have always been nice. Service with a smile.

Review №100

Always freshly done and they don't forget your drinks or dressings like Ventura Chik fil a does.

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  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
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  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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