Tomas Cafe
622 S A St, Oxnard, CA 93030, United States
Review №1

One of my favorites in Oxnard. Some outdoor space, good covid protocols. Service with smiles. Takeout is available.

Review №2

Great food nice out side area to eat!

Review №3

Tomas Cafe is the place to be! Had one of the most memorable brunches with my lady on Sunday. Service was top notch, food was very good (in big portions!) and the atmosphere was very family friendly.You HAVE TO try the Mexican breakfast, the Cinnamon roll (best I ever had!) and the Spanish Omelet. Great coffee, best orange juice I had in a while, fresh fruits & vegetables and amazing thick cut bacon. Need I say more?

Review №4

I've only had them for takeaway breakfast, but I've just got to post this because everything I've ordered there has been absolutely delicious. The breakfast burrito is amazing, you will not believe the flavors in it and make sure you use some of their chili on it to the chili is spicy but it is delicious. I also have done the create your omelette a couple of times, and have not been disappointed once. Their portions are huge, and everything is delicious potatoes, even the bread.

Review №5

On our way home and stopped at Tomas this is hidden gem, the food was delicious. I got the red chilaquiles “” i would recommend this place. Check it out !!

Review №6

Food a bit pricey... service good, rice was cold and it was tasty

Review №7

It was very good given the circumstances. They have a very extensive menu and our food was very good. Can't comment on the atmosphere or the service since we weren't able to eat inside. But I'm will to try it again when things get back to normal.

Review №8

I recommend the High-protein scramble. Delicious and healthy food options.

Review №9

Thomas Cafe is truly a delight. Incredible breakfast and lunch options. I always get the eggs Benedict. Can't be beat! The service is very friendly and the atmosphere is simply lovely.

Review №10

My new breakfast spot. The Roja Viaja was very good. The cinnamon roll was large & delicious. All Protein Omelette & potatoes & Cobb Salad was fresh & good. Looking forward to enjoying my banana pancakes. First time using Toma Cafe - discovered on Grub Hub. I feel I made a good choice in selecting them. They got my order correct & included all the extra condiments I requested at no extra charge.

Review №11

A fav spot for delicious breakfast. visited on a wednesday i think.

Review №12

Very good chilaqulas. The food is always delicious. The service is not very good. We asked to substitute fries with hash browns and was told no. They should have more flexibility even if they charge for it. Don't go for the service. Get it to go!

Review №13

Friendly service, good food.

Review №14

This place is excellent. Delicious food. Family owned. There are many amazing selections to choose from. I personally recommend the Spanish Omelette with avocado. It is the only place with an outdoor patio downtown! GO EAT!

Review №15

The place serves big dishes and for fair rates. friendly owner. I recommend this place.

Review №16

Great food! Haven't found anything I have not liked here. Service always great!

Review №17

Great home town Cafe. Locally owned and serves the community

Review №18

I keep returning here. The food is always good. The service is friendly and efficient. Attractive interior. Outside seating is available.

Review №19

As fond as I am of Mexican food I have only tried American breakfast eentres so far. But they have been excellent. The 'Creator Omelet' is a build-it-your-way affair. Sizable portions lovingly prepared will show you why Tomas Cafe is so popular. When I have had the juevos rancheros or the chorizo & eggs I will update this review. Is Denny's cheaper? Probably by a dollar or (maybe) two. But Tomas Cafe has a great kitchen & the place itself is UNIQUE. See for yourself.

Review №20

Very good. Biscuit's & Gravy.

Review №21

Yummy food.

Review №22

Chilaquiles were delicious and so was the spicy scramble. If you got a sweet tooth I recommend the cinnamon die for!!

Review №23

Brunch and the scene here is very good. Everyone at our table was enjoying everything. Prices are fair I would say.

Review №24

Yummy food...

Review №25

Brunch, super delicious. Everyone at our table was enjoying everything. It has a great feel to it.

Review №26

Ok place for brunch. Definitely one of the best places in the area. The service was very helpful and welcoming. Prices are fair I would say.

Review №27

A favorite location for quality brunch. food was so appetizing. the service here is great.

Review №28

Love the outdoor seating

Review №29

Great food.

Review №30

Wonderful staff.

Review №31

Brunch, yeah, awesome. went there on a saturday. the service here is attentive. prices were average for the menu.

Review №32

They were closing when we came in for cinnamon rolls and let us wait and gave us some they just put in the oven for tomorrow and they're amazing

Review №33

Brunch and the feeling at this place is super good. Visited Sat afternoon. I'll return friends next time.

Review №34

Awesome breakfast. Friendly atmosphere!

Review №35

Food its good , the place its nice if you want to spent almost 2 hours to get your food served

Review №36

Service is wonderful, love to sit down for a nice cup of coffee here.

Review №37

Local Breakfast spot with loyal regular customers. Decided to try after a couple years living in OxnardWe ordered Famous Green Chilaquiles, Omelets with delicious breakfast potatoes, Blueberry pancakes, ! Good house coffee pairs well with yummy, homemade Cinnamon Rolls.The kids menu features a nice size hamburger for my grandkids, nice!Friendly service! Clean, quaint cafe with mission-style decor.Our bill plus tip for 4 people was about $65.

Review №38

Great breakfast, for a good price.

Review №39

The food is always great here... a nice place to sit down and grab some lunch, I usually go with the club sandwich or a salad. The service is really good too.

Review №40

Very cozy atmosphere with friendly service and comfort food.

Review №41

Brunch and the scene at this spot is very good. i wish there were more places like this around town. the staff was very sociable and kind. i can see why they have so many great reviews.

Review №42

Good Coffee

Review №43

Great Mexican style hot chocolate!

Review №44

We just ate there and it was excellent! Food and service was great. Met Roberto, the owner, and he was extremely friendly. A great family atmosphere.

Review №45

This place is horrible. First of all it's cold and the server was even colder. The lady at the front "Ms .Garcia" was so rude to me. She was mad when we were first seated and my mother and I asked if we could sit by the kitchen because I was cold. She threw her hands out and then when I asked what kind of toast came with my plate she said white. I asked if I could substitute it and she said no. I asked if there was any other toast and she said no. Then Because I heard another person ordering rye toast I asked her why she said there was only white and wheat and she got mad and said "well that's because that's what most people order" I ended up eating somewhere else. Now I'm reading other reviews about Quote: an "old lady with an attitude problem" and I think it's the same person.I won't be returning.Went to Heritage Coffee instead.

Review №46

Brunch and the feeling here is super good. There was quick and friendly service. The prices are good for what you get.

Review №47

Great breakfast

Review №48

Brunch, mmm, delicious. There was quick and friendly service. The prices are fair for the quality of food. Feels like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed visiting.

Review №49

Very good food!great cinnamon rolls

Review №50

Horrible! Food was cold and they didn't even have carbonated soda, it was flat... the food was very high in sodium and you could tell it had been sitting out for several minutes if not hours. I won't be coming here ever again! Oh yeah, the coffee was bitter and had been sitting out as well. If I could put half a star I would...

Review №51

Outstanding Chilaquiles and awesome cinnamon rolls. Coffee is also on point. Moderate size space, each time we've been here, they were quick to seat us. Overall service was great, quick and friendly and attentive. Parking is off street parking and can be limited at times. We'll be back.

Review №52

Great service, lunch was good. Going to try breakfast!

Review №53

Seriously the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had in my life! Everything I have eaten here is fresh and delicious. This is the first place I visit every time I come to Port Hueneme to see my Seabee.

Review №54

The BEST!! Try the egg breakfast sandwich! My absolute favorite!

Review №55

Brunch... quality stuff. The service here is outstanding. Prices are reasonable.

Review №56

Awesome service and food

Review №57

Excellent food and excellent service!!

Review №58

Food is fresh, tasty and plentiful. Seating area is attractive, clean and bright. Enjoyed the cheerful and helpful staff, as well.

Review №59

Love this place, frequent this place often when we used to live here. Went here the other day, food and service was as good as ever. Your coffee and water cups will never be empty either!

Review №60

Brunch and service here is better than most. The service here is friendly. It has a great interior.

Review №61

The staff are so nice and helpful. We had a last minute graduation party and they set up the private room beautifully. They were patient with everyone trickling in and taking a little too long to trickle out. Everyone loved the food. Great service.

Review №62

My favorite location for tasty Brunch. Service is typically great. The bill was average for the menu.

Review №63

The service was excellent. We were sat right away. Absolutely loved the older woman hostessing. She took care of us mostly, accomedated what we wanted to eat even though it wasn't on the menu. She checked on us regularly and realized we were missing some food before i did! Highly recommend this place! I wish we would have found it before the end of our trip!

Review №64

Good food and good services I go there for there Chile verde

Review №65

Always love going there..

Review №66

Consistently serving delicious breakfast that will have you leaving full and happy.

Review №67

It was the our first time there and it was very nice. We really enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the food.

Review №68

The old lady is so rude. Telling me my daughter can't share her food with her sister,, telling me she needs to get her own plate. This old lady has a freeking attitude problem. My wife was about to go off on her. We been here plenty of times cause the food is good but what makes this place a bad experience is this old lady. Also she had a problem cause my 2 year old was sitting in a chair belonging to another table is not like people were waiting to be sit or the table was busy. I don't recommend this place at all. This old lady makes this place get a bad name bad reputation and believe me every one will know how this place is getting worse by the day !!!! I give this place -10 stars!!!!

Review №69

This place has great food. Chorizo and Heuvos, wet burrito, and huge glazed Cinnamon Rolls. Can't go wrong with this place. Better than any chain breakfast place.

Review №70

My son and I found this place by accident. They had great service amazing food and an awesome atmosphere. We loved it.

Review №71

For some reason the pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes always taste like banana nut to me

Review №72

Tomas Café was an amazing breakfast. I have significant food allergies, and the wait staff was kind and helpful about recommendations and knew what was in their recipes.The service was awesome, and I never saw the bottom of the coffee cup!!Oh, and the food was GOOD!!!!

Review №73

Nice coffee shop.

Review №74

I had the best meal here! Everything was fresh and delicious. I will be back to enjoy something else off the menu, because the chicken fried steak was to amazing! I highly recommend this small wonderful place for a great meal.

Review №75

Love this place. Cute, cozy, and yummy food. ️

Review №76

My service was excellence!!!!!.I love supporting small businesses.

Review №77

The food was fantastic.

Review №78


Review №79

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. HORRIBLE customer service and LONG WAIT. My family has been coming to this place for over 20 years until today. We arrived this morning with a party of 10. They told us it would take 30 mins to get us seated. The restaurant was full. Then more people started arriving with smaller parties and they were getting seated before us. We were waiting at this point for more than 1 hr!They then sat a party of 6 who again, arrived after us.I spoke to the lady at the front and all she said was "sorry we're waiting for a table to be ready". I don't understand how they couldn't add a table to the empty table of 6 to sit us down.My family was so upset at this point that we were ready to leave.I asked to speak to the manager and explained the situation. He listened to me but didn't really care what I had to say, he was so busy helping other clients. All he said was, "I apologize but we don't have a table for 10 people". I also told him my family and I are about to walk out of here and if we do, we are NEVER coming back. He just smiled and said "I apologize".I have never been treated like that in any other restaurant before. It's sad that they lost an entire family of customers who had been going there for years.Update:Instead we went to BG's Cafe and we are beyond satisfied with the experience. Go to BG's cafe, don't waste your time at Thomas Cafe.

Review №80

Love the food and service.

Review №81

I like this place. The fresh squeezed orange juice is great. The cinnamon rolls are fantastic! Made fresh everyday. You do have to wait a little bit for your food but I don't mind because its all done fresh. Nothing sitting there and getting reheated when I order. Besides that gives me time to visit with the people I came with. I say people should try this place!

Review №82

Civic minded. Hosted Antonio Sabato. He did a great job. Some of the Locals tried to roast him but he was not moved by their efforts

Review №83

Food a bit pricey... service good, rice was cold and it was tasty

Review №84

Always great service and your civically minded. Always wanting to help other people who live in the area. I like to patronize the local people especially those who serve with a heart.

Review №85

We waited 40 minutes for our food, and it wasn't even that great. The eggs were unseasoned, the bacon had no flavor, and their custom made brioche wasn't that good. My girlfriend ordered eggs Benedict with ham and got salmon, normally not a bad thing but it was cooked in the same pan as the ham so tasted like ham. Then they charged us for the salmon even though she ordered the ham. We were also ignored by the wait staff, it took 10 minutes just to get a drink order in and then no one came by until our food was brought.Best thing was the orange juice, but that doesn't make up for everything else.

Review №86

Love this place but today was so slow we didn't get out of there for over 2 hours took a really long time to get our order taken then just as long to get our order.I ordered a cinnamon roll to go and didn't get it then even had to ask someone not our waitress to get our check. Disappointed

Review №87

I cant speak for the food, because we didn't ever get that far. The elderly hostess was very rude and disrespectful. Party of 5, including a high chair. She placed 3 adults on one side of the table then a high chair and chair on the other side. We moved around once seated because seating was tight on one side. Hostess came and yelled at us, "I put this chair here for a reason! You cant do this!" I responded we were squished, and the people she was seating next to us insisted it was fine, but she continued to make a fuss. The high chair was not even touching their table. I was mid sentence when she just walked away from me to seat them else where. There was a way to approach the situation, merely asking us if we could move the chairs into the way they were would be acceptable, but she lacks class and respect. Too bad, our server was very nice and polite, but I asked her to cancel our order, because the way we were treated was unacceptable and honestly, very embarrasing. If your customers mean anything to you, I would suggest getting rid of this lady. We found breakfast at another diner down the street.

Review №88

Great food, but..? Been here a handful of times & each time service has been subpar at best. Slow to greet to you at the door, & once you've been seated, thats when the "real" waiting begins. They seem like nice folks, but they really take their time about getting to you, once you've entered into this establishment. Oh yes, the hostess is NOT very warm & friendly...she took her time to acknowledge us, then once she did, she simply threw the menus on the table & walked away not saying a word to us, or any of the staff for that matter. Communication, & Teamwork is key.

Review №89

Food was good but not great. Great coffee and atmosphere.

Review №90

Brunch... awesome. I'll return family next time.

Review №91

Great place to spend with family & friends.

Review №92

Great food, great service! My wife and I have been coming since they opened. Love it!

Review №93

Hopefully I just picked the wrong item. The Ropa Vieja skirt steak with peppers, onions, scrambled eggs came out as a pile of uninspired goo. While the flavor wasn't bad, it had the appeal of dog food or worse. Rice was obviously not fresh. I had a few bites in the tortillas and bailed. Maybe regular breakfast fare is better? As noted by others the service was slow as well. Pass.

Review №94

Large portions, good wait staff, and great location

Review №95

Try the fried Green Tomatoes! Wow! Best tacos! Great presentation. Tired of the usual come here bring a guest and impress them. :)

Review №96

Today was buffet style, good selection. The fruit was fresh

Review №97

Fresh fruit EVERY time I order a bowl. Great customer service along with great cinnamon rolls! Best place to eat in Oxnard, CA.

Review №98

Great Denver omelette fair price

Review №99

Great place big portions and not pricy food is delicious as well no complaints

Review №100

Breakfast is always delicious. It is family owned and operated. Friendly.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:622 S A St, Oxnard, CA 93030, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 805-483-6633
  • Breakfast restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7:30AM–3PM
  • Tuesday:7:30AM–3PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:7:30AM–3PM
  • Friday:7:30AM–3PM
  • Saturday:7:30AM–3PM
  • Sunday:7:30AM–3PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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