Fuji Japan
72840 CA-111, Palm Desert, CA 92260, United States

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I was enjoying my food till I found a beard hair on my food now I would of not complain if the hair was on top it might of been mine or my kids but this hair was all the way to the bottom that's when I stopped eating, so I get up and ask the cashier if I can get my money back and he said no he can't do that not even offered to make me another plate which I didn't want no more, and he started saying they wear hair nets which they don't. That hair looked blonde just like the chef's beard that cooked my food. Never ever going here again. They don't deserve not even one star

Review №2

The manager was sooo rude to my Spanish speaking parents. My mom asked for noodles on the side and extra veggies and she said the extra charge was fine, and he said no this is you portion, and my mom said please , he cooked it how he wanted and then when mom mom repeated she paid and asked for extra veggies yelled at my mom “ give me my plate back and go eat somewhere else!!” Worst service and another client told me that shes dealt with the their bad attitude & service before.

Review №3

The owner is so rude. I ordered rice and shrimp and asked for noodles as an add on, he said yes with an additional fee. He ended up substituting the rice for the noodles. I asked where my rice was and he said "you didn't order rice." ??? why would I say "I'd like the rice with shrimp with noodles as an add on"? I would've just said "noodles and shrimp". He got so upset and said a whole bunch of things under his breath and then yelled over "just give it to her!". Damn. I apologized in Japanese but I shouldn't have had to. He could've gotten mad and handled it well, but he decided to talk sh** thinking I wouldn't understand. I won't be giving him any more of my money. sucks because I love his culture and his food is actually good.

Review №4

The Food is amazing I Love It the shrimp tho its so deliciousand the teriyaki its great well done and there noodles are delicious with the teriyaki sauce its to die for amd the rice is. Delicious with soy sauceand there sushi very goodand there new ice cream is great and they also sell mochi's I want to eat this everyday the "BEST CHINESE RESTAURANT

Review №5

The boba here is disgusting :/ i do not recommend. the lady was rude about it when i asked if i could switch my drink for a different flavor.

Review №6

Service rules

Review №7

Ive eaten here for 3-4 years, it is by far my favorite place in the mall. The taste of the food never gets old. :) 10/10 Would reccomend to a friend

Review №8

If I could give this 0 stars, I would!!! The customer service is horrible - bad attitudes. When we went, there was a bug in my teriyaki. When I confronted the owner about it, he was extremely rude and said,"No, it was from table." He refused to refund me or make me a new bowl. I just left the plate on counter and left. Also, my California rolls had brown avocados. When I asked the lady if I could have fresh rolls, she yelled at me saying, "it's fresh!! just made it!" However, we saw that they premake the rolls. Then, all of a sudden, the male owner screamed, "REFUND!If you don't like it!" The lady angrily shoved a void receipt in my hand, before taking the plate and slamming it in the back.WE WILL NEVER COME BACK TO THIS PLACE AGAIN!!!

Review №9

Very affordable. Great Chicken teryaki and Bubble Tea. My favorite place to eat at the mall hands down.

Review №10

Just wanted a Boba Tea, as the guy began to make the tea he knocks over the cup, he then began to use his hands to scoop up all the ice back into the cup which already had the tea flavor in it and then he filled it up. I kindly asked for my money back. He tried to explain then say “I'll make a new one”... NO! Place also looks dirty.

Review №11

Their Boba tea tastes like dirty water. Waste of 4 dollars.

Review №12

Worst service I've ever received, had clients with me that have special needs.. and they talked to them very rudely. NEVER COMING AGAIN.

Review №13

If I could give this place a 0 star I sooooo would this is the WORST customer service I ever had! I stopped by Fuji Japan while I was at the mall today, I got a number 5 (beef and shrimp stir fry) the shrimp was horrible had a rotting flavor, so I went back to the register and politely told the owner who was cooking the food and his wife at the register that the shrimp had a funny taste and I didn't like it. They were VERY RUDE about it the owner told me "WELL IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THATS YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINES" like reallllly?????????? And then his wife jumps in like "YEAH, IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THATS YOUR PROBLEM" they refused to give me my money back or give me something else, I felt completely ripped off and unappreciated for my business, I will never come here again.

Review №14

No Receipt given or number for order stood around waiting for my food for 15 mins and got skipped and it seems they will make you wait for your food if they dont like you for no reason

Review №15

The owner is very rude and disrespectfulDoesn't treat customers with courtesy

Review №16

Good for mall sushi

Review №17

Very rudeBad customer service

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  • Address:72840 CA-111, Palm Desert, CA 92260, United States
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  • Phone:+1 760-776-9182
  • Asian restaurant
  • Japanese restaurant
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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
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